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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 23, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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of former presidential candidate john edwards. edwards arrived early this morning for the first day of his corruption trial in north carolina. during arguments, opening arguments, prosecutors said edwards had dangerous ambition and denied, deceived and manipulated to cover up his affair. his attorneys told the jury, while he did commit many sins, he committed no crime. edwards stands accused of using campaign money given to him to cover up his extra-marital relationship with real hunter. 00er is the mother of his child. edwards who is 58 years old faces 30 years if he is found guilty. the governor's star witness is andrew young. he is expected to take the stand as the first witness any minute from now. joining me outside the courtroom, steve handelsman.
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the first witness to take the stand but already what the prosecutors said in the opening arguments is enough to talk about on its own. >> reporter: the facts of the case are pretty tough. the facts aren't really that complicated. john edwards, running for president, very ambitious politician, not doing well. at the same time that the married edwards' wife was ill with cancer. he was having an affair, having a child with a photojournalist. then the payoffs. about a million dollars. the criminal question is this. that's what edwards is really on trial for here in greensboro, north carolina. did he know, the illegal size payments, $23,000 a person is the limit. they were totalling almost $1 million. did he know they were going to his girlfriend? and if he did, the prosecutor's argue here today, he must have known those were illegal
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campaign contributions. that was the key. let me read you a couple of quick quotes. he had too much ambition. it can be dangerous. the prosecutor in his opening statements to the jury said, it would destroy his campaign. walking about john wards. the mistress was a loose cannon. experts said he made a choice to break the law. he knew the money was being paid and that he approved of it and took part in it. the defense says he didn't. that's basically the defense in this case. that he didn't know the money had been paid and even if he did know, it wasn't a crime. it was just a personal favor, the defense will argue. a personal favor. a couple rich been factors trying to help out a guy in trouble. he was in trouble then and he's in trouble today in greensboro. >> yes, he is. he faces up to 30 years in jail
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if he is convicted. we'll have more on what's happening. his former aide will be the first person to take the stand. breaking news out of chicago where singer/actress jennifer hudson has taken the stand in the case of the man accused of killing her family. william balfour has pled not guilty to killing her month, brother, and her 7-year-old nephew back in 2008. prosecutors say he became enraged in hudson's sister, his estranged wife had started dating someone else. we are monitoring the developmentes on jennifer hudson's testimony. we'll bring you the latest live later on. envelop the news that actress jennifer hudson has taken the stand in the horrific murders of her family members. her mother seen in the video with her. her beloved nephew as well as her brother back in 2008. we'll have much more on this breaking news and what jennifer hudson testified while on the stand out of chicago. we're also following developments in a rare spring
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snowstorm. there are pictures. we have from western pennsylvania, as well as upstate new york. the storm is now threatening parts of the northeast. look at some of this video. can you believe it? and we're in april. we're supposed to be about april showers. widespread power outages. pennsylvania's governor has declared a state of emergency saying the storm has the potential to close roads and damage a lot of property. strong winds coupled with wet heavy snow could bring down tree limbs, and they call it a possible recipe for a disaster. they're now comparing this nor'easter to that october snowstorm that left millions of people without power. that happening just before halloween. the weather channel's eric fisher has more from somerset, pennsylvania, where it is still coming down. >> reporter: good afternoon. that's the latest news, the governor signing that allows the work to be done more quickly. if you're a local town, a local government furcal need to get something done, that says you don't have to go through the bidding process.
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you can hire who you need to and get the job done. if trees fall, a house is damaged, if roads are closed, if they need more plows. all of that is more available. it frees up the national guard so they'll be on standby if they are needed to go into a communicate. they will do just that. the areas most impacted here in pennsylvania by far will be the towns that are above 2,000 feet. an elevation storm. that's something we see typically in the spring time. the highest snow totals so far, about 14 inches of snow in laurel summit. snow still coming down this afternoon. accumulation probably won't set back in until later tonight. the big concern from the governor's standpoint is we've seen some power outages. that situation is improving right now but it is later this afternoon, tonight when the winds really ramp up. anything coated in snow or limbs that have been weakened. they can come down causing additional power outages or additional property damage. that's the story we'll be watching. the storm slowly works off to east. we should have snow in the air all the way through the day tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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now to politics and a headline in the atlantic which says, no one wants to be romney's vp. less than an hour ago, mitt romney appeared in pennsylvania with one of the most talked about republican candidates. at least on the list that has been floated around out there. the florida senator and tea party favorite marco rubio is just one of those who publicly, if you want to call it rejecting, the number two spot on the republican ticket. rubio joined others on speaking on the subject on sunday. >> i can't speak for governor romney and i can't speak for senator rubio. but if i was on both sides of that conversation, i would ask and i would hope that marco would accept. >> that's very nice of jed. i hope he'll say question if future president romney asks him. >> does that have a ring to it? i think rubio has a better ring to it. >> i think i would demand reconsideration and send mr. romney a list of people i think
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could suit better. >> joining me now, the nationally syndicated talk show host and contributor michael smerconish, the columnist for the hill, good to see you both. let me start with you, michael. i know people are supposed to at least pretend to be modest when their name floats about. you don't want to say, yes, i should would love for him to give me a call. the way these gentlemen wiggled out of the answer, what do you make of it? when they say i would tell him to call the other guy. >> it reminds me of prom season. i think they're all interested but they don't want to expose themselves in a way they're left hanging and therefore embarrassed. with the exception of jeb bush, i think each would be thrilled to take on that responsibility. >> do you believe it is like prom season? where you really want the cute guy to ask you out or whatever but you're pretending you don't? or the cute girl. whatever your thing is. >> i think that it kills your chances to get out there and try
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to soak up the spotlight. you need to be modest and say there are other more qualified people. we all should respect this process and bg our other business. i think that's the proper response. i think for the people you're at, there is a very good chance that governor chris christie and congressman paul ryan, senator marco rubio, may go on to run in 2016. they may say i never really wanted to run. they'll be planning for seeds for their own future. they're all young and they're all on this hot shot bench the republican party has. they weren't ready for this one. i think the proper response is to either say you're working on your own future or that you're just too busy in the senate and you really aren't for this. because otherwise you're going to sink your chances. >> i believe we have the jeb bush response. many are saying he's slightly
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left the door open with this news max interview. let's play it. >> he believes in absolutely nothing other than what's the next step for him in a path. >> okay. actually that is the incorrect sound bite. he said i would consider it but i doubt i'll get a call and i don't know if this is the right thing for me to do. when you look at the other responses from rubio, daniels, i agree, michael, they could be playing modesty here. we have people in the past who have said if my nation calls me, if this is the righted thing, i would certainly consider it as opposed to saying, no, no, call michael smerconish. he might be available. why not handle it the way jeb bush said, hey, i would consider it. >> it is kind of refreshing. it is one that passes the smell test. but you don't hear it that often. i'm hard pressed to identify anyone on the usual suspect's list who flat out wouldn't give it consideration. i think they all would.
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i think that mitt romney is going to make his first rule, do no harm. i think sarah palin changed the rules that were now going to apply where you used to look for someone who would bring you a geographical or an id logical advantage. i think post palin, the first rule is pick somebody who won't embarrass you. >> i want to read what george will, the conservative commentator had to say about jeb bush. this is from our first read team. if jeb bush is to be romney's running made, it would mean in seven of the nine presidential elections, there would be a bush on the republican ticket. oxley we know the numbers here. but he goes on to say, and it gets hard to argue that we're not a tribal society at that point, a.b. >> well, i think that you're at a candidate that was the, considered the most electable in a weak field. mitt romney is not a candidate the republican party is terribly excited about. and because his last name, as popular as he is and different
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as he is from his brother, it is a risk to put a bush on the ticket. period. for the republican party in this election. they really have a shot here. they're going to rally behind this candidate that they certainly did not love and wouldn't have chosen had he not just been the most electable. but jeb bush would really create an opening for the democrats that the republicans don't want to give them right now. >> let me switch to the other topic. the president will focus on young people, student loans, and some of the cuts that we could see that could potentially, michael, affect a lot of people. i know your kids will be heading off to college. the other part of the dialogue is that some of these new voters i.d. laws, according to a new report out, could effect that youth vote that would be very important to the president. hence the reason he is focusing on the young voters this week. >> i think the rules of the game have changed. it is primary day in my home state, as you know, tomorrow. and we're giving a test run to
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the new voter i.d. bill. it doesn't seem to me from my perch that the state is ready to implement it. in one of the areas, which you've identified. the whole student i.d. question. the president is not in the position with youth voters the way he was in '08 for a number of reasons but this is chief among them. whether their i.d.s will be sufficient form to vote. >> the polls show obama is leading mitt romney among 18 to 34-year-olds, 60 to 34%. he is not lacking in the numbers. he is though lacking in the enthusiasm, so you have him talking about student loans, interest rates, things that hit home and might motivate them. the counter to this is the information that the new voter i.d. laws in many cases, pushed by republicans, could hurt a key voting bloc for the president. >> it is a key voting bloc. it was critical to him in 2008
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and he oxley leads mitt romney with this voting blocks. but it is not an engaged bloc of people. elder voters get out and they vote in heavy numbers. young voters are just not inspired this time around. they're really struggling. so they might support the president. whether or not they'll get their act together and come my with new voter restrictions is just another question entirely. and in places where he really needs to make up ground with as many votes as he can find work the many new voters as he can register, that will make a critical difference. >> as we point out, the president will push congress to prevent college loan rates from doubling. we know that today during his remarks made, romney picked up on this as well. they both know how important these young voters are. if these voter i.d. laws stand in the way of some of them getting out the cast their vote
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in november, that would be as she said, a real scandal. thank you, both. the family of an illegal immigrant said he was beaten and tased to death by border patrol agents. now there's disturbing video of what happened at the scene. up next, the new call for justice in the case and how the government is responding to the video. and george zimmerman's attorney apologizes for his client's apology to trayvon martin's parents. we saw it on the stand on friday. what is the attorney saying now. plus? when peace and violence on the hardwood collide, metta world peace, a.k.a. ron artest. it is our gut check. join the conversation. you can let us know what your
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we're getting more on the testimony of oscar winner jennifer hudson. she is on the stand in the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, her 7-year-old nephew and her brother. apparently jennifer hudson started crying when prosecutors asked her about the last time she saw her family. she said the last time she saw them was sunday before they were murdered. according to the information being released, jennifer hudson broke down when prosecutors handed her a photograph of her mother. prosecutors say william balfour killed jennifer hudson's family after becoming enraged when her sister, his estranged wife, started dating someone else. according to the information, jennifer hudson struggled to
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hold back tears as she told jurors her family had not wanted her sister to marry balfour, the man now charged and on trial for their murder. so emotional and heart-breaking testimony from jennifer hudson in a courtroom in shirk. new questions over the actions of border patrol agents as they secure our nation's borders. disturbing new video has surfaced over an illegal immigrant being tased by agents in california. this happened last year, in 2010, i should say. he was in the process of being deported when witnesses say he endured a beating by bored he agents that last for 30 minutes. a reporter recently discovered eyewitness video of more than a dozen officers standing around while row has is being tased over and over. this is some of that video. the clip aired friday during a documentary on pbs. pasht of a join investigation. the pbs broadcast need to know
2:20 pm
and the investigative fund of the national institution. rojas later died at the hospital. one witness said she felt like she was watching someone being murdered. joining me, the investigative journalist who tracked down this video. thank you for your time. >> it's a pleasure. this issue is about this man and the circumstances surrounding his death. as you pointed out in your report, it is also about the border patrol and perhaps. >> this is a videotape that is 2 years old. there are no criminal proceedings. the justice department has remained tie lipped about this. as far as the border patrol is concern, they acted according to their protocol. there are no charges. in the video we clearly see there is a man handcuffed behind
2:21 pm
his back. he is also hog tied around his ankles. there are over a dozen border patrol officers. a taser is used five separate times on a man who is incapacitated on the ground. not only that, the man holding the taser keeps shouting to the man to quit resisting even though there is no resisting going on. that's probably intended for the crowd that is gathering all around. so as far as the justice department and the border patrol, this is business as usual. >> in your piece, you write with insufficient training and oversight perhaps it is no surprise that since may 2010 tlfb at least ten documented cases of unarmed and noncombative immigrants resulting in deaths. in this case, the family has filed a civil suit. i want to get the government's view. it says cbp employees and officers perform their duties with honor and distinction
2:22 pm
tirelessly to keep the country safe. we do not tolerate abuse within our ranks and we fully cooperate with any criminal or administrative investigations. you talk about how many new agents have been hired to monitor the borders and the lack of training in some cases. >> just in the last couple years we've double the size of the border patrol of there were about 11,000 in 2008. now there are over 21,000. requirements were relaxed by the border patrol. you don't even need a high school diploma to become a border patrol agent. background checks in many cases were thrown out. high decker tests were stopped. we basically have a rookie forceful half the force of the border patrol has less than two years experience. so with little oversight and little accountability, all of the officers involved you mentioned eight killings in the past two years. aus of those officers involved, we don't know their name, their
2:23 pm
backgrounds. everything is tight limited. >> why is that information to be held? why can't that information be released or obtained? >> it is a great question. we would like to know why. as far as we understand, it is because they're under the department of homeland security banner. and they're treated differently than municipal police officers. so we're not privy to that information. >> government is saying in this case where this man was allegedly tased to death, that he had violent behavior, adding to the stress on his heart. that he had meth in his system and a preexisting heart condition are the things that government points to when responding to the civil suit filed, john. >> as far as the meth question concerned, the toxicology report shows the. a meth was negligible. it would not exacerbate any sort of a mood issue or contribute to a heart attack which is what he suffered from. as i said, he was tased five different times. he had five broken ribs.
2:24 pm
his teeth were misaligned. he had bruises all up and down his body and scratches. this man was handcuffed for over a half-hour and beaten by border patrol. so regardless of whether he was combative, i hope this is not border patrol policy, the way they deal with a combative person. he was unarmed in a secure area. he was in the process of being deported. and i'm hoping that at least 20 agents who were in this area can handle a single man who is unarmed and handcuffed chrg it does not appear they did in this case. >> what is next in this case. what is next? >> we're hoping members of congress see this and there is some sort of investigation. the department of justice is not forthcoming with any information. we don't know the officers' names. there are no criminal proceedings. the family has been waiting for two years for an answer from the federal government and has received absolutely nothing. we're hoping that members of congress watch this and push that stone up the hill a little bit further. >> thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it.
2:25 pm
we'll take you to another breaking news story. the police chief in sanford, florida, bill lee, will resign from his post effective midnight tonight. the chief's resignation comes a month after he temporarily stepped down as police chief in the wake of the outrage over the trayvon martin case. again, news this hour. the sanford, florida police chief had taken a temporary leave from his position. bill lee will resign from his post effective midnight tonight. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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midnight tonight. the chief's resignation comes a month after he temporarily stemmed down as the chief of police in wake of the trayvon martin investigation. again, bill lee out as the chief of police in sanford. the other news story we're following is out of chicago where oscar winner singer and actress jennifer hudson has taken the stand in the trial of the man accused of killing her family, prosecutors showed jennifer hudson a photograph of her mother as she fought back the tears, describing the last time she saw her family alive before they were murdered. we'll have a live report on both these breaking news stories after a quick break. ummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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we begin this half-hour with news out of sanford, florida. police chief bill lee will resign from his post effective midnight tonight. the move comes a month after he temporarily stepped aside after the nationwide protest involving the trayvon martin shooting. kerry, what's the latest there?
2:33 pm
>> reporter: the chief will make the announcement or the city will at 4:00 here today. the chief had been on the job for ten months. it was his department that investigated initially the shooting that took place here in sanford late in february. now, the police department at the time as they investigated made a recommendation, we believe, because a lot of this was still locked up in documents. but made a recommendation to the state attorney's office to bring charges. but it was the state attorney's office that decided they could not bring charges based on florida's stand your ground law. the chief got caught up in the turmoil here. he stepped aside. he is a veteran of law enforcement. before he join as the chief. here, he was a deputy with the sheriff's department for 20 years here in this county so he is a known quantity. but the turmoil ensued. he stepped down. and now he is going to step away from this job completely today. effective, we're told, by the
2:34 pm
city at midnight tonight. meantime, trayvon martin's family is dealing with the release of george zimmerman from the jail here. george zimmerman just around, shortly after midnight. posted his $150,000 bond. exited the jail wearing a bullet-proof vest. there are concerns among his family and lawyers that he is a target which is evidenced by some of the death threats that we've even seen popping up on twitter. the attorneys representing trayvon martin's family say that they respect the law that allows somebody who is not convicted of a crime to be released on bond but it doesn't mean they like it. >> a heavy heart. they had to watch the killer of their son be released from jail last night. they would rather he had stayed in jail until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings. >> reporter: the trayvon martin family is remaining relatively quiet today.
2:35 pm
meantime, the attorneys representing george zimmerman will not say where he is. won't even say whether he has left the state or not. they say that their paramount concern is his safety. >> do we know any more about the timing? why it came down today? >> reporter: we don't know why it came down today but it would be possible that we're beginning to see some of the court documents being released here. now what actually was released was quite minimal. mostly procedural documents. but there will be more documents and specifically everything associate with their investigation. and maybe there's something in there that is something that he doesn't want to answer questions for. i don't know. we don't have it. we're beginning to see that develop today. >> kerry sanders, thank you for that. we have another breaking news story. this one out of chicago where oscar winner jennifer hudson has taken the stand a short time ago
2:36 pm
in the trial of the man accused of murdering three members of her family, including her mother and 7-year-old nephew. nbc's katie joins me live from chicago. as i understand it, the reports are that jennifer hudson fought back the tears. she was shown a picture of her mother. what else can you tell me regarding her testimony? >> well, there was a lot of questions about whether or not she would testify and when she would testify if she would. it turns out she was the one one after the opening statements. she was definitely very nervous and emotional. the judge had to ask her to speak up and speak more slowly. he said can you point out william balfour in the courtroom? and she did. she said her family never wanted her sister julia to marry balfour. that they didn't think he was any good. of course william balfour is accused of murdering hudson's mother, brother and nephew. he was the estranged husband at that point of hudson's sister,
2:37 pm
julia. in the opening statements, the prosecution said that balfour threatened to kill julia hudson and her family in early 2008. that he did so about 24 times, if not more. he started doing that because he was forced to move out of the southside home. the prosecution said he wasn't idle threats. he said if you ever leave me, i'll kill you but i'll kill your family first. prosecutors said he was at the house at the time of the murders and he was on his phone all that day except the time in april. the defense says this is all circumstantial. that there are no witnesses to the crime and no physical evidence that links balfour to the murders. there was no dna on the gun. the murder weapon. no fingerprints on the suv in which the 7-year-old nephew was found dead. they say that jason hudson was a known drug deal exercise the police never question asked never investigated whether the murders stemmed from jason's dangerous business. and of course, the judge in this case is extremely worried because jennifer hudson is such
2:38 pm
a famous person. the singer and the actress can be a very sympathetic character to jurors and they're very concerned that he is not going to be able to get a fair trial because of that. >> katy, back to jennifer hudson's testimony today. the court situation surrounding it. as you pointed out at the beginning of your report, it was a question of whether or not she would be sitting outside, if she would be present during the opening arguments here. she is the first witness called. it is certainly a powerful moment, i imagine, her fiance present there as well. >> certainly. she was not there for the opening statement. she was in the courthouse but not within the courtroom. that could have been because she was getting ready to take the stand herself. it is a bit surprising that she is the first one out of the gate. it could be so that she can take a back seat now and watch the rest of the trial unfold. she said she will be there for every day of the trial which could last up to a month.
2:39 pm
what i found interesting is that legal experts were saying, if she is noticeably emotional during the trial. if she has outward emotions. if she gasps or cries, there is a lot of concern that that could lead to a mistrial. the jurors might be so focused on her instead of the testimony that balfour won't get a fair trial because of that. >> all right. thank you very much for the live report on this news out of chicago. to developing news regarding the secret service prostitution scandal. the u.s. defense official saying the number of personnel is at 12. the big news is that we're learning more regarding one of the individuals, the latest individual identified. let me to go kristen welker live at the white house. what is the news? >> reporter: we are learning that there are now 12 military personnel under investigation. that 12th person with the white house communications staff. but still, we want to make it clear that still falls under the d.o.d. this is still someone being investigated under the d.o.d. the other big piece of news here
2:40 pm
is that the white house secretary jay carney just announce that had the white house counsel conducted its own investigation of white house advance staffers. they say is part of their due diligence just to make sure they were not involved in the misconduct. carney said it turned out there was no misconduct on the part of the white house staffers. when we asked why weren't we told that you were could that ducting it, jay carney said we want to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned. here's more of what he had to say. >> there is no indication that any member of the white house advance team engaged in any ill proper conductor behavior. >> reporter: as you know, in addition to that investigation, there are a number of other investigations going on. the secret service has its own internal investigation. the military has an investigation as well as the number of lawmakers who had
2:41 pm
written letters to director mark sullivan asking him to inquire to see if there had been any previous instances with prostitutes and to make sure no lawmakers were involved. peter king and senator grassly. so those are some of the questions that they wanted answered as well. the white house saying that it has conducted its own investigation and there are no instances of misconduct and it clear that they didn't conduct that investigation because there are any known allegations but simply to make sure they are doing their own due diligence. >> and another significant part of this, this 12th individual, as i understand it from reports, was actually at the hotel where president obama would stay a week later after whatever these allegations are against this individual. >> reporter: that's right. the 12th person under investigation with the secret service we have learned was staying at the same hotel as president obama.
2:42 pm
so that has really raised the specter of concern here. that that person would be staying at the same hotel as president obama and then being engaged in some sort of misconduct. what's important to know about that instance, is that occurred about a week before the president arrived. having said that, it is certainly something that investigators are quite concerned about. so they are looking into that quite closely. still ahead, an awful mystery unfolding in tucson. two days after a 6-year-old girl disappeared from her family's home, investigators are keeping away her family from the home. we'll have more on why. the chevy cruze eco also offers 42 mpg on the highway. actually, it's cruze e-co, not ec-o.
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new details of a missing 6-year-old girl. investigators say they found
2:46 pm
what they're calling suspicious circumstances and a possible entry point at the home of isabel. her family said the little girl went missing from her bed friday night. investigators won't say why but they are keeping her parents away from the home. classes are underway at a religious school in oakland, california, three weeks after a deadly shooting rampage there. officials at the university spent the past month fixing carpets, removing blood stains and even repairing bullet holes in the building. the suspect in the shooting is charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. a 16-year-old boy in japan said a soccer ball that washed up on an alaska beach and believed to be piece of debris from last year's deadly tsunami said it is his ball. the boy's family's home was destroyed by the tsunami. he said the soccer ball was special to him. all of his friends signed it when he transferred schools.
2:47 pm
metta world peace faces a possible suspension after he elbows his opponent on the court. he said it was unintentional. do you believe the former ron artest? it is our "news nation" gut check. these are live pictures from one bad boy to some good guys. the president is presenting the commander-in-chief trophy to the football team. all smiles there. very handsome in their uniforms. ♪
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join the "news nation." that was a joke. i do not need a cigarette. it's time for the gut check. it kearns controversial elbow to the head delivered by los angeles laker forward metta world peace in yesterday's game against the oklahoma city thunder. after a slam-dunk, metta world peace former known as ron
2:51 pm
artest. james harden handed face down on the floor with by the way, a concussion. world peace was called for a flagrant foul, thrown out of the game. he now faces possible suspension. after the game he apologized. >> i got really emotional, real excited, and it was unfortune that james had to get hit with the unintentional elbow. i hope he's okay, you know. and playing for a championship this year so i really hope that he's okay. i apologize to the thunder and james harden. such a great game. it was unfortunate, you know, so much emotion was going on. >> joining me now, dave, the sports writer. we've had ron artest on the show before. i lived in chicago the same time he was there. i'm going to put it on the line. i believed it was an accident. go ahead. shoot away. >> he wasn't trying to give him a temple rub.
2:52 pm
he threw that elbow with the intent to hit somebody. did metta world peace attempt to give james harden a concussion? no. i don't believe that for a second. but the tragedy of being metta world peace, formerly ron artest, is that today we're not talking about the fact that he won the nba's citizenship award a year ago or the incredible work that he's done in terms of raising awareness about mental health issues in athletes, which is not an easy thing to do. to raise that curtain on that very macho world. instead we're talking about, or people are talking about the malice in the palace. i've met him. i've interviewed him. about as nice a professional athlete as one could ever hope to meet. >> he really. is he's talked a lot about battling depression and opening up about his own mental health struggles. pat mcafee's show tweeted, metta world peace got a bit ron
2:53 pm
artest. i would hate to see what metta cold war is capable of. someone else tweeted, after a little elbowing, his his name should be metta world war, not metta world peace. so the hits keep coming. you don't think he could have been like the adrenaline. these thing happening on court. to your point, maybe he didn't mean to leave the guy where he was which is on the floor face down. i don't know. from different angles, i have to tell you, from different angles it looks different to me. i don't want an fbi investigation. it is all based on our investigation. his history is the key. the guy that we saw run up in the stands swinging on people. i think that's the key. >> yeah. look. and obviously, you don't have to be oscar wild to make meta world peace jokes. people are having a field day with. this all kinds of wits. you might remember in 1992 when charles barkley famously dunked in the olympics and hit a player
2:54 pm
from angola in the chest with an elbow. it is something that he did out of adrenaline and afterwards it was treated like a big joke, look at charles doing that. i do believe that if that was kevin durant, the same elbow would have been thrown, it would have hit him right in the chest and we wouldn't be talking about this right now. but there are three actors in this story. metta world peace, james harden, and then there is the concussion issue which is so sensitive right now in sports. there is no way this was not going to be a big story. >> you're right. and every time you look at i, it is more frightening and it looks vicious. i don't know. he says it was an accident. nevertheless, the bottom line is the nba gets the last word. should he be suspended? i do think he should be suspended even though i thinked it is an accident because it is not clear. and your history does matter. you are able to rehabilitate yourself but your history matters. >> which is sad once again. i can't think of any other
2:55 pm
athlete in american life who has done more to rehabilitate themselves. through their actions, through their deeds. than metta world peace. >> if that's true, why don't you believe him? >> because i have played basketball before. i didn't play at the level of metta world peace but you know, when it came down to the new york city quaker schools, i was pretty -- i was a bad man myself. and let me tell you something, when it came to quakers, i could play some mean ball. i threw some elbows in my day. it is part of the game. >> right. i'm going to end it at that note. >> granted, it was very below the rim. >> i'll bet it was. next time i'll lift you up so you can dunk. with that said, we'll see if he gets the suspension. so metta world peace says it was an accident. a lot of you have started tweeting us your thoughts. what does your gut tell you? do you believe him? go to"news nation" to cast your vote. that does it for this edition of
2:56 pm
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dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. good afternoon. it's monday april 23rd. here's what's happening. mitt romney looks for a dance partner. >> do you still stand by, i wouldn't accept it if he -- >> i'm not even going to discuss the pros he anymor i'm going to be respectful of the process he's put in place. >> i would ask and i would hope that he would accept. >> i'm not asking to discuss it. >> how about rudy? he has just endorsed mitt. >> i didn't go to the nicest drx i went to the best doctor. >> yes. mitt romney. the candidate who reminds supporters of prostate cancer. good luck.


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