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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 30, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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seeks help from the united states. new reaction from the white house expected within the hour. and news right now. one world trade center, the i hey there. we're following the latest heated exchange between president obama's re-election team and the presumptive nominee mitt romney cause the before the killing of osama bin laden and a few days after a much debated web ad was released, that features bin laden touting the decision to take out the al qaeda leader, romney is responding to sharp words from obama campaign adviser robert gibbs who sa n denoonr was h pnebecause o the avtecioand t bravmen and women in our
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military. and mitt romney said it was a foolish thing to do a few years ago. >> even jimmy carter would have given that order. >> we'll talk about that. much is being said and written about former president clinton narrating that ad and about he and president obama teamingit gis s ry son o "et thprs. wh dyoma o sreti in >> tnk it wt 'r heinfr a lot of peple. that maybet wasn't appropriate for the obama campaign to be politicizing the death of osama bin laden. but i would point out to you this. on mitt romney's campaign website, when in a certain foreign policy sections that he has, at the very top of one of
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his issue positions, it does say president obama deserves credit "mt e es" ud mn'swn wos,eay ait myig, inng outoheact that mitt romney said he would not move heaven and earth to have gone after bin laden. is it fair game? we played a short clim of arianna huffington really upset with the obama re-election team. >> i think we've heard now for probably a year when, since mita cicay ry s ne aerim oorgnocy whh u un astoshg
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nsering e resme this president and his team. >> if you're going to say he lacks leader sxip and then give him credit for getting rid of the worst terrorist. a mitt flop. >> is that because it's so severe you see it repeatedly? >> he said it before. and robert gibbs is right. i would not send someone intoth bbt sison colied tatiraf caie we cld nver fgetha ime the fmer president. some said he even appeared to be in costume because it seemed so inappropriate at the time. let me play what ed gillespie said regarding this bin laden ad. >> this is one of the reasons president obama has become one of the most divisive presidents in american history.
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he took something that was awor is vy men ate ll rkn cpl o y >> wl -- t answer is yes, isn't it? let's put it on the table. do you think, maybe not mitt romney but someone in the publicity party, do you believe for a moment if all those s.e.a.l.s did not come out of their safe and sound, someone would not have attacked this president. to quote what was said t ohi lnggeid orred is. mdethcio
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athti w takng cret fot thn. we can't go back a say if it wasn't successful, the fact is that it was successful. and i think the reason the obama campaign put this ad together, they may have known they would have gotten reaction like this. people saying that they're politicizing it. d erarnoas god strategy gameha onhe ecom thcomysothgth hahu himoioly. that is a k thing for this cycle. they want to be more about foreign policy. that's the bottom line. >> it's not as if mitt romney has not been talking to b to jimmy's point, what he says is a weakness regarding foreign policy. this is a response to the attacks from mitt romney even witnessed in the debates so it is not as if we're talking about foreign policy because the obama re-election team isrina
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huinonasai dot nt opo in thriciisu ci omhegh >> i thinkt ohing to lebratthe fact that tey did such a great job. to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can. do it is the same thing with the 3:00 a.m. call. you are not ready to be commander-in-chief. and it is also what makes politicians and political leaders act irrationally when it comes to war. th w aayheba tt ulbearedy puics. sig? ion kw s is rit orwrng
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here's wt i'll say about arianna. i respect her and i like her very much. i happen to disagree wholeheartedly. i think when you're the president of the united states and you go in and you take out the number one terrorist in the world and 27 others, you decimate al qaeda all across this world, you ought to be able 0%.est on thoseho hncininaar r spent me ithpron camp. et cera, et ceter ed gillespie is right. the country is divide. john mccain won more than 47% of the vote. and barack obama with virtually no foreign policy experience got osama bin laden and beat john mccain. it must suck to be on the other side of the shoe on this one. >> to the dynamic duo or super friends as we're calling them, utlaonipbad ndanpresident ctob
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li. esencltobeevghe eseni bbeer i esenoba is reelected, aaron. >> of course bill clinton thinks that. he's a democrat. but also, bill clinton is need very badly by president obama. he is a very popular figure. he wants to be needed. but this helps him with his legacy. this helps him stay relevant. and i think bill clinton really likes that. >> that's what action he had rod ledil ts tigondors. sue. enark am n e imy backn 2008, i remember there was a huge meeting with the clinton donors and the obama
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folks. i think it was at the mayflower in washington, d.c. i have to tell you, that was not a pleasant meeting by all accounts. consequently, to see them progress to these stages is good news. i want to remind folks at the th gof whdo wee alang neinhe ndx. tnkouaaon greatlappreciate your time. m being told we need to go to downtown new york. we've got news. they are placing this final beam that will make world trade center -- one world trade center the tallest building in new york city. these are live pictures. new york city officials are there marking this amazing milestone.pedeng t pogss ul en
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the sne whe so many thsas losttheirlives. one world trade center becoming the tallest building in new york city. an emotional time. the unfinished building now stands more than 1250 feet high. additional floors are still being built. before the tower reaches its full height, that is expected to be next year. up until today, the empire stat2 et ig at jstignghoea ov troof othe observation deck of the empire state building. it is expected to reach its full height for at least another
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year. they will have 408 foot tall needle that is expected to be the tallest building in the u.s. and the third tallest in the world. that is the goal with this building. again, counting this 400-foot tall needle that willtais mo t dece wndinf wld er lkpohis sit dee e pride an feel the comfort of knowing that the city, the nation recovered from this devastating day. this is one of the milestones we mark together watching this. and while we're seeing two workers labor, this is certainly something that we all feel in our hearts and our soul to see this occasion, to mark this milestone.
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rlanthhiath >> cing,a f t a's leer tregn ate other series of incidents involving a patdown of a 4-year-old. and agents sneaking drugs through a major airport. >> protect the american public and the traveling public. heh vect, the new york times aneswh, iallel. [ shivering ]
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one of the reasons that we enjoy such a strong alliance between our nations is because it is rooted in the deep friendship between our peoples. i felt it in my own an oo isinct:4 p. the meth thearth shook. mr. prime minister on, behalf of the american people, i want to say to you and the people of japan, we continue to stand with you as well. we stand with japan in honoring the loss and the missing.
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19,000 men, women and children who will never be forgotten. we stand with e as pif dbendecse ensitha fus ot rdorathome,jan has ner stped leading in the world. it is a great tribute to the japanese people and to leaders like prime minister noda. i'm told that over the past year, many japanese have found strength in what they call the bonds of solidarity between friends and neighbors, bonds which cannot be broken. mr. prime minister, the same na sinrs dsd of the bo ffe. enri misr ndand fit t isteerwe agedo merzeur alliance
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meet the needs of the 21st century. and mr. prime minister, i want to thank you for the personal commitment you brought to this effort. you called the alliance our greatest asset. in our work together, we've seen your trademark determination and humility. in fact during our discussions today, the prime minister compared his leadership style to that of mehi si pt ofur alan. i'ro t aoueha w vegrd t aew jnt vision to guide our alliance and help shape the asia pacific for the days to come. this is part of the broader effort i discussed in australia last year in which the united states is once again leading in the asia pacific. first we recognize that the u.s./japan alliance will remain the foundation of the security r teagnmecany of our
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rc i pa iseectsourefrto morne ari's defen posturinhe asi pacific with forces that are more broadly distbuted, more flexible, and more sustainable. at the same time, it will reduce the impact on local communities like okinawa. second, our joint vision commits us to deepening our trade in investment. we're already among each other's top trading partners and our imst uptionjapan andree fo fo ijan inuding lerizg ad a plin leadg role in asia
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pacific's economy. we instructed our team to continue our consultation regarding japan's interest in troing the trans pacific partnership which would benefit both our economies. and we agreed to deepen our cooperation on nuclear safety, clean energy and cyber security to enhance our economic competitiveness. thonci vitino iednd er dpus a soed acul. ch w ntueur close consulations on the provocative actions of north korea which are a sign of weakness and be strength and only serve to deepen pyongyang's isolation. we discuss the changes underway in burma and how our two nations can encourage more reforms that wplfothnaumt gh
2:21 pm
chaganhe ntha o the tanti i afhanist, jan is plning for donor conference to sustain development there. i also want to take this community to commend the prime and japan for showing such strong leadership with regard to iran's nuclear program. the regime is now feeling the economic screws tighten and one eoner reasons asod d ue gba ad. nay,uroi vio mmits teeni the tes beeen our people this includes new collaborations between our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to
2:22 pm
foster innovation and it includes new exchanges that will bring thousands of our young people together, including high school students to help japanese communities rebuild after last year's disasters. so again, mr. prime minister, thank you for helping to revitalize our extraordinary fo a ure at e ri ts pst yer. rehaev, tmeca pelerero cllyo a frndndonedtoall you anally. and before i turned over to the prime minister, i want to warn the american press that the prime minister once considered himself a journalist and instead he became a judo expert. he is a black belt. so if you get out of line, i've got some protection here.imng o,
2:23 pm
potgud, inoth wll ta t icphe. th iheirvito unedtas by the japanese prime minister in the bilateral context since the change of government took place in japan. i wish to thank president obama for the warm welcome and hospitality angs how busy he is with official duties. i had a very good exchange of views with the president today s weerle t nfrm fm brde psptis t pse daignificanceof the japan/u.s. alliance and where the relations should be headed in the longer term. the president just now spoke about support and i would like
2:24 pm
to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the unsparing support given by government and people of the united states. starting with operation conducted by u.s. forces at the time of the great eetwihe mies ay aern w paedway bu w ok re of ilenntil the very last moment following the great east japan earthquake. i also met with representatives of the fairfax county search and rescue team who came immediately following the earthquake, deployed in the disaster affected region to help the people. so
2:25 pm
jan'ipma. hangad conversations -- unshakeable. [ speaking in foreign language ] owi schcoitnswe e
2:26 pm
e dteins n ub i ionto realize the new u.s. forces plan in accordance with the security consultant committee joint statement released the other day, and to step up bilateral security and the defense in a creative manner. we need to work with regional partners and to build a multilayered network that is open, comprehensive and built in
2:27 pm
shl aoo cna whh aimrtrtr. ialso iportan tt japan and the united states cooperate to promote necessary rules making in the areas of nontraditional threats such as terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and piracy as well as human security. and peace building to open assistance, space and cyberspace. cotrs,il wknegnal adnd veme res mangithviewo building the free trade area of asia pacific. from this vantage point as well we shall advantage with the view to participating in the transpacific partnership
2:28 pm
negotiations. the shared vision also calls for the strengthening of energy cooperation as we discussed in e chamg uthhrgh chenavrs a the u.s. initiative. japan/u.s. alliance has reached new heights. together with president obama, i shall firmly advance these steps. m
2:29 pm
ine disdeed chen guangcheng, would the united states grant him asylum? and prime minister noda, how would japan respond to a nuclear test and what would you like the u.s. to do to respond? >> obviously, i'm aware of the press reports on the situation in china. but i'm s hits meu i o bli tt n oly ttheig thin to do because it comports with our principles and our belief in freedom and human rights. but also because we actually think china will be stronger as
2:30 pm
it opens up and liberalizes its own system. we want china to be strongtga b retish wl tat mh rongerndhi wl th mu me prosrous and strong. as you see improvements on human rights issues in that country. i know it wasn't directed to me but i'll make a quick statement around north korea. this was a topic of extensive discussion between myself edh s thk flti w poanouallianis nojutourwoouri buto theeon a whole.
2:31 pm
and what i tried to do, since i came into office, to make sure that north koreans understood the old pattern of provocation that then gets attention and somehow insists on the world purchasing good behavior from them. that that pattern is broken. and what we've said is that the more youllnd coeral. d thghwe can ancite, d doato hypothize what might hapn in e coming that's on, i think pyongyang is very clear that the united states, japan, south korea, other countries in the region are unified. and insisting that it abide by its responsibilities, abide by international norms, that they will not be able to purchase
2:32 pm
anything fromh an esenoba eli,ith regard to e soalled launch of satellite, the missile launch, we shared the view that it undermines the efforts of the various countries concerned to achieve resolution through dialogue. now in the latest round of a missile launch, they alsona ,beevth ases incoorednhe rent.n
2:33 pm
seri cnc chrman's atent ne tbe complied with. and among japan, u.s. and korea, as well as china and russia, we need to communicate with each other fully. and also stress that china's role continues to be very important and cooperate with china whileesesa. anle m aim frotbfr pao ask a question. from tbs television. i have a question for both president obama and prime minister noda. how do you regard the relocation issue in the context of the joint statement? although you did not refer exntificallyli
2:34 pm
at d y tnkhe ssily tt will be relocated? it is most meaningful in the two plus two joint statement as well as the summit meeting today, that we were able to confirm that our two countries will cooperate in the context of deepening bilateral alliance towardth iytangin co erealignment approach that
2:35 pm
is being taken is consistent with the security interests of both japan and the united states. we think we found an effective mechanism to move this process forward in a way that is is ao oime thdensooraonbeee ou tcotrsnd the alliance that is the lynchpin not only of our region but the region as a whole. we're confident that we can move forward with a, with an approach that realigns our base posture or our deployments but also, is continuing to serve the broad based interests of oursshas
2:36 pm
lgeng ioularal laonipor qteom ti kristy parson? >> thank you, mr. president. we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the killing of bin laden. i wonder if you would share some thoughts on that anniversary. and i also wanted to mention that your likely opponent said anybody would have made that call, even jimmy carter. so i'm curious pridt amsrerd hre an ouhiran teatnapepeiv t s. islaying itight in marking this anniversary or if
2:37 pm
you think you might advise against excessive celebration. >> well, let me make a couple points. first of all, i hardly think that you've seen any excessico bnggousce seb whkied er 3, ofur cizens. and it is a mark of the excellence of our intelligence team and our military teams, a political process that worked, and i think for us to use that time for some reflection, to give
2:38 pm
f amyersonro a wh oer folks would do, i just recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume people meant what they said when they said it. that has bee terar oershoaine inanno sgehe wld setngls wod l them explain it.
2:39 pm
>> translator: president obama has been standing at the very forefront in the fight against terrorism, and i hold him in ebemi vry dirsrd for thails ns . amgsth, beterrosm, for example. between japan and the united states, cyber security as well. so we shall work together to rout out terrorism as well.ul ao
2:40 pm
. ers no direct reference to china in the joint statement. what sort of views did you have on china in toward stability in the asia pacific connected with their advances in the oceans and spifnthe military weecni inas aaj rtr t regio in our exchange of views, both of us confirmed that viewpoint. china's development is an
2:41 pm
opportunity for the international community, for japan and for the asia pacific. now i explained in the meeting to president ova mtuly neci ratnspad mm satictest a that i wl rk eadilyo implement this. i also told the president, i wish to realize a strategic dialogue among japan, usa and china. with a view that was a success.n
2:42 pm
stnd fmlbelievwe lcome a acully rising china. we have developed a very important strategic and economic dialogue with china. we think what they've accomplished in empls the lifting million of people out of poverty is good for its own mean note we lieh cha ctinues togrow, as its influence continues to expand, that it has to be a strong partner in abiding by international rules and norms. whether those are economic norms like respecting intellectual
2:43 pm
property, whether these are norms of dispute relvg esisue acss toawe wt cna toe ptnitus a venthinertialul and norms that everybody follows. and i think as china makes that transition, from a developing country into a major power, that it will see that over the long term, it is in its interests as well to abide by these rules and norms. eo all of our actions are not ecd al un prpesu
2:44 pm
>> thank you very much. president obama concluding his news conference with prime minister noda. a lot of topics addressed. of course, north korea, this new web ad for president obama is released referring back to the decision to tst acblenghr enskbohe deathof ambilan. u rcanmeet e essterd, campgn adviser robert gibbs says that mitt romney when asked would he have made the decision to go into pakistan, obviously this was prior to the events that took place. he said he did not need to move heaven and earth to go in and kill the al qaeda leader.
2:45 pm
the president loosely referring t bo tsromney's word d vet tcknd foh. uc td istdi wa talkboutor kore as welas theigtof the day, china. the blind activist who may have sought refuge at the united states. regarding the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden and critics coming in on this web ad. >> reporter: i would say there are two note worthy ways the in pite y.r th co ting tug w
2:46 pm
interesting, he wanted to remind people. frankly a statement he made during the campaign in 2008 when he talked about, he would be willing to go it alone in pakistan if necessary. and by going it alone, that was criticized at the time. it was this question about violating the sovereignty of pakistan. a supposed ally. sometimes ally. however you want to describe aylelyheast cud t doctipot t ats wre h w going th ths. he wanted to say, hey, i said i would do this. i made it clear and i took a lot of heat on it at the time. >> let me quickly play what the president said when he was asked. we don't have that yet. let me move on to the questionsa
2:47 pm
y sing heeeand i awe tprs pos, tt rt, at's like ste e in nfirming. they're not confirming it but they're not pushing back on the idea that this is happening or may have happened. in talking to a press aide off cam remark does the united states even have a specific policy in how it's handling dissidents that, in china, when they are looking for u.s. ene wa. thunedtas nte rel,ot looking like they're meddling in internal affairs but they want to make sure we know they bring up this
2:48 pm
issue, particularly with this gentleman. the blind dissident in china. that his treatment of his family has been brought up previously so they bring that up. we're at step one of confirmation on this. they're not confirming it but about enone'in tiann sqre >>epte o of ththg thisdministratn t up every six months, there was a high level meeting of at least secretary clinton and secretary geithner with the equivalent, there appears in every six months, either in beijing or here in the united states. that's about to take place in china this week. now here you have all this tension. it is mostly about economic issues. of course, i
2:49 pm
itlft meshemos an tea. treas beeheum th ty' auto a laeres o tirnuea power becaef the embarrassment of the missile launch that was not meant to be. one thing that struck me by the way. and japan has been going through their own domestic political turmoil over the last couple of years. this japanese prime minister clearly a more low key prime mi ditea e' spafo a il oorlk wfoow jane licsi' sre at s nteresto the >> lot of them were tweet in with great interest. let me respond about the
2:50 pm
anniversary of bin laden's death. let me play the ad. >> i just recommend that people take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan andth m cei id goftin lan wead car ot a hi di tre you he it. earlier we played mitt romney was campaigning, he was out. a reporter asked him. he said kind of flip antly, even jimmy carter would have done that. >> i think you'll see this anniversary noted throughout the week. and to watch where the republicans are trying to do
2:51 pm
and how do you speck them to be? primaries are very personal in
2:52 pm
nature and i think president clinton had some issues during the campaign. it took a while. they're seeing that there is more of a comfort level between the two of them than they had thar.before. o ad wodn besurid i is coorlel y'rsing beeethe t othpublic now ter and yowill see the obama campaign turn on the cameras and say, okay, let's do this on camera. >> it all makes chuck todd, thank you for sticking around. s you a 50% ann. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!"'s ♪an. cpe wante
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good afternoon. it's monday, april the 30th. president has said there are no excessive celebrations when it come to the killing of osama bin laden but that it's right we should mark the anniversary. tomorrow is the looming anniversary of a night and dayi fitanary oth death of omainlen mkheciogovern tt romy seto tvel right here to new york city. not far from ground zero. accompanied by none other than form he mayor rudolph giuliani. interesting. mayor giuliani of course became america's mayor following that unspeakable attack. his actions that day were remarkable. giuliani then of course spent the next decade reminding us that foremost among this country's saving graces that morning was the presidency of george w. bush. here he


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