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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  April 30, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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k tt or bh r es and thank god -- thank god that dick cheney, a man with his knowledge and experience and background is our vice president. >> that's interesting. because today republicans are apoplectic over a new ad from the president using the imagery and story of 9/11 to sell his second term. >> what sees us through tough times? or.edom, s ae. th w a bshreleio fr 04 ll std. e n is actually this ad featuring president obama that has republicans making the claim that he is using the killing of
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osama bin laden for political gain. it has become a hot button issue with charges leveled by many that mitt romney would not have issued such an order and they use romney's own words from 2007 against him. mr. romney that, it is not worth moving heav o nn nthe ctf llghe nesnsle f e rsect aroty americ soi dain nehampshire, romney anlsed back. >> you would have given the order? >> of course. even jimmy carter would have given that order. >> and just moments ago at a news conference with the japanese prime, the president was asked about that romney comment. here's what he said. >> i hardly think that you've seen any excessive celebration. i said that i would go after bin ey omhis we had a clear shot at
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th i wulgo aea dle th ela it l's g rgho pal this afteronn washington. msnbc political analyst richard wolffe, msnbc contributor jonathan capehart, an opinion writer for the "washington post" and with me here in new york, ron christie, former special assistant to former president george w. bush. now, richard, what is your take on the republican outrage toward the president having mentioned theneump a ntnfite j a tirafcaie anberehegave secin frt troops, and a banner saying mission accomplished. when the mission wasn't accomplish in iraq or afghanistan. the notion that this is
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outrageous or out of bounds, you have to put into some context. this was president clinton giving testimony to the presidential decision, the priorities, the character test that all come together in that one mission. it is not just about giving thee d toe le binpoti toive tat oerorhe miio soai game. its aair issue and it is pretty downplayed in tone compared to what we've seen from previous presidents and previous election campaigns. >> that's right, isn't it? the president was very measured. he is not encouraging excessive celebration. you've just seen him in the press conference. what he did say was others, i assume he's referring to mitt romney, must stand by their own words. >> let me say one thing. i still applaud the president for having given the order and the decision to go ahead with that navseatrebo, yev harr
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thstwarinahuinon whe e id she tug t pridt'ne ad w despable with. what she took issue with, which i do, was to question governor romney's patriotism. it is as if he said, i, barack obama got hill of you, mitt romney wouldn't have given toefrl you can't say. that i think any president regardless of the party affiliation would have given that order. >> as you know the criticism of the president has gone-on what he was playinging about the decision. they're saying that he is spiking the ball. hbre ssnacmpshn prariofo hreleio t i nppprte r e esen t evenmentio the killing and capturing of bin laden. >> i accept the premise. >> that john mccain is wrong in his criticism of the president. >> no, i don't. i work in the white house at
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that point. i was in senior staff that morning when we saw that mission accomplish banner. i thought that was a mistake. you've heard president bush ireblanartrngght that was a dls to wnwaor yprisy, imissio accomisd, ist ? >>yes, martin, it is. richard said all of the points that i would have said in response to your current question. president obama donned the flight suit. he landed on that aircraft carrier. gave the speech saying mission accomplished. and the war went on and on and on. and a lot of lost lives, american lives, coalition partner he'she tng thati
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trblg. i think the present is wiin his right and his administration is within its right to talk about the fact that the world's most wanted man was capture and killed on his watch by an order that he gave. where i take issue, this is where i agree with ron. the idea of questioning whether mitt romney would have given the same order, given what was said back in 2007, if he were sitting in the oval office. i think any person sitting in that chair in the oval office when given the same information, nod o in nof rnecong n rkcocintlywi doh ulnimoow th anniverry of the killing of bin laden. that seems pretty crude from a political point of view. >> i don't know that it is crude. i don't know that it is something i would do. >> was he not trying to co-opt something. >>? of course he is. >> that's what i meant by crude. i don't think that's the tack that i would take.
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i think this is something that should be beyond partisanship. we should come together as americans to mark this anniversary for what it is. ki oa n deink either side shoul foiswn puos. yothk at's wngs wel. >>hawa wngbohe miion aomplisdanr was jonatn and others have said, the war is over. what he said, the mission accomplished was was the uss abraham lincoln coming home. it was a wrong decision to put that banner up. i'm being consistent both ways. >> forgive me. you are. richard, john mccain has released a statement that read in part, shame on barack obama. but it completely side steps attt romney's heaven and earth . caabo ue mmt. itak drof nve thinking h meaning bin de is not an element in the struggle against radical islam.
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say what you will about the ad, the quote at the heart of it, that's not very good for mitt romney, is it? >> no, it's not. i applaud the even handedness of this discussion. and yes, all sides shouldn't politicize anything. let's just remember that we've been through almost a year now of the republican presidential nomination contest where candidate after candidate has e amicsenieas apogedorera. thk at's omy'li everywre so saying that he took a tough decision and again, it isn't just about the decision. it is the steps that lead up to it. this was a candidate and now president who that that iraq was a distraction. that there hadn't been enough resources committed to taking the fight to al qaeda's core leadership. these things don't happen by accident. you don't just end up in the
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position to give an order because you're in the oval office one day. there has been aourighf inllen,hrghifre ndof opatn. d asuionwh happenedhroughhe bush administration but it has taken a singular focus. so given the criticism, given the record, this is be just acceptable. it is not just okay because the bush people did something similar. it is an important part of what this president has done. so john mccain has got many other problems and many other issues. maybe he is trying to work them out through these statements. >> maybe he is. i guess from the president's point of view, evenfie. and pealthrear enouoacto 20 wn meha tame, wne sa ttfhe had aidtable intelligence, he would go into
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the territory of an ally to take that person or those persons out. then to see what actually happened a year ago. that he said what he would do and then he did it if you were him. of course you would gladly talk about it. because you said what you were going to do and you did it. that's what the american people have been for for a long time. >> arff aoscoia scsi. ay witus ase t brk,we wto sh u lve picture ing on at new york's freedom tower right now. you are looking at the newly installed column of the 100th floor which makes the tower the tallest building in the city. stay with us. i'm al ways looking out for i'm al small ways to be more healthy.
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more on the president and is mitt romney going full tilt after the question brought into sharp relief. for the president, it was the white house correspondents dinner and a chance for him to reintroduce himself with an alli ct uandovno mn w csed,heasd sta -g someql time on the merv griffin show. >> merv griffin would be a great venue for mitt. unfortunately and sadliering passed away in 2007. while the president did take some digs at romneyering also turned the jokes on himself. as he did, he could not resist a jam at one form he vice presidential hopeful. >> even sarah palin is gettinge"
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sh wch mis a d yi wh'sheifree twn a hoey momnd apit bull? a pit bull is delicious. >> yes, there were plenty of shameless jokes, including a fake anti-obama ad told from the perspective of bo obama, the president's dog. >> you need to join mitt romney in sending a message this november. i'm an american and dog gone it, i ride outside. >> hang on. the president is not the only natural comedian in tieo ske evywre dendis caide'prti fny bo. st lisn hi laous descriion of romney as merry prankster. >> one of the troopers who was assigned to his protection detail short sheeted his bed. the governor, in order to turn the tables on this trooper, sat down and composed a letter as if
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it had been written by the hotel manager, apologized for the bad housekeeping and the short sheeting of his bed and informed him that we have taken action to fire the chamber maid responsible. the governor shoirmads atlde me hiris. de, rasac th us chd ole, jonathan capehart and ron christie. the romney camp said they find the president's humor off key which is rather humorous which is hilarious. >> if the president gave $1 million to charity, they would say it was the wrong thing to do and unpresidential. that's what opposition candidates and campaigns have to do. it is hard for them to make the
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he le isnd h ebity t exut i. d s any bte cic itg d dliry tan jimmy kimmel did. i have some sympathy for what they are. they would be much better off saying our guy isn't funny. but he knows how to run a company. and just leave it there. it is not a fair competition. >> ron, the president, of course, last week was out on his college loans push. and mitt romney also had a moment to inspire the youth vote at a college in ohio. take a look at this. emoli t naont ofodi wit princies thaare anol a th a powerful. that the individual is sovereign. that we're free to elect the people of our choice. that we're free to pursue happiness as we choose. >> that was another scintillating performance by governor romney. why not market some of his speeches as a homeopathic cure
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for insomnia? >> come on, martin, cut it out. i think -- >> do you think that was an inspiring speech. >> i think he is a very experience ask av ne vernme tt sulbe inlv i erhi. c s whe n? trngo fuy? , w not. was trying to be serious. that's the distinction. look at how cool president obama is. >> but eric was saying look how he is very funny. >> that's eric's look. i know governor romney. i've spent a lot of time with him behind the scenes. he is a very funny guy. >> he is? >> he is a very funny guy. politicians on camera and off camera are two different people. what america is looking for, do you want a serious candidate or mr. cool?ct indo ise onsri ario
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ito pblor mn? eye trie t sge that the presidtisust a celebrity. all that's done is kind of draw focus and attention on romney's awkwardness and problems. >> right. i think that's one of the reasons mitt romney and his surrogates and campaign are zeroing in on the cool factor of the president. that's one of the president's strengths. the fact that he is funny. and also the fact that in poll after poll after poll, el 50ispeon faraliatgsren the low 6 -- inheid to high 60s in some cases. so what romney and his campaign are doing are going right the at the president's strength and trying to turn it into a weakness. you can be serious and cool at the same time. unfortunately for mitt romney, he might be serious but he is really, really defish enon the cool factor.
3:20 pm
not that that is vital. >> it shouldn't matter. i think the distinction -- >> it shouldn't matter that 3-1, the president is liked? suin mf bity yoreayg oe'taer atyat 3-1, op in ts cnt prefer president obama to mitt romney? >> what we're saying here from a ratio of 3-1 is the president's personal approval ratings outmatch his job approval ratings. i think what americans will look at when you talk about the cool argument, is it cool that unemployment remains the way that it is? is it cool that americans don't feel this country four years later is moving in the right direction? that's what this contest will be about. these other side show issues of how cool obama is or is not isn'thmeno . its athe esenis ghweht at wt eyesain bycorast, at r s en
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gug romney is serious. this president is plenty serious. one has one harvard degree. the other has two. they are both intellectually minded. this isn't about making the country like europe. there is a big difference between the two of them. seriousness is not the problem for either of them. the question is whose policies have helped the economy and whose would make itk jo bhn ca ewa wen bbh d nosee. ayitu >> wa to proct won's health wt to prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer. that's what this fund is for. >> that is just nonsense. there is no women's health issue here. we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual.
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despite his promise to call it a day tomorrow, gingrich gik says he will need one extra day of campaigning which means he won't bow out until wednesday. dividing his current debt by the e y ts rmly rkshe's campaigned e th uli udtsho wk cas p off tir lons, candidates much prefer to go for a bailout. in return they offer an endorsement which could be the subject of the phone call newt and mitt reportedly shared last week. like sex scandals, this is one of the truly bipartisan aspects of politics. the president's fundraising machine is being asked to help
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ohhs14 esenalid ddn ral en uil20 th iwhhe c finall closed out his campaign with some debt unpaid. so perhaps you can learn from mr. glenn's presidential moon shot. the next time, shoot for the stars. star with us. the day's top lines are coming up. >> every president starts campaigning but i think it is campaigning but i think it is time that maybedot felennnc ] init iosbl toede e look of ines teju o u? inagn. [ ma aouncer ] with olay regeri wnk rolution, it's possible to reduce the look of wrinkles in just 10 minutes.
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remr enheotr raiearndounomf beer tomorrow? that was hilarious. >> the president's name is barack obama. >> when you drive lindsay home, make sure you don't run into a gray goose. he looks like the guy who gets unhooded at the end of every scooby doo episode. rothnk h wess rbeerhaes weo hve dre om rvd. tk f hours o tee euer game. it is about games where they
3:31 pm
brutally savage each other. i'm sure this was a great change of pace. he asked his staff if he could get some equal time on the merv griffin show. >> the president and i have a me tinmes alis aely t ru >>ar on wmeis th. att h bn ead t moat >> when men haveedical issues, they're medical. when women have medical issues, they're political. >> the republicans won the women's vote in 2010. it could be argued it was the american women that really voted out the first woman speaker. >> it seemed natural to them. let's take the money out of women's health. >> male politicians concerning the decisions of our wives and mothers and our daughters and our dn
3:32 pm
reorndolniorhe hi, refine eyork, krystball, analyst and msnbc contributor. we spent the weekend talking about the real and the manning asked the war on women has been fact rickated by women like to you divert attention away from the economy. that's right, isn't it? >> absolutely. actually, crystal and i were in a back room most of the weekend scheming. >> i'm so glad youndwire ta tatay me leshre ll ith stctf luia uer the sto stl t dicit iss. me and again, john boehner seem to say there's no problem. from his perspective, there's not. yet time and genl it is one of the first things they like to put on the chopping block.
3:33 pm
>> if republicans are so pro women, why is it the republican party and so many state ha . harm. >>ndhe a,0 prisnsha renoded toheta lgiaturesla yearelngom wt they can an can' do. that wasn't republicans' fault. interestingly here, just like alec, american legislative exchange council is behind the stand your ground laws across the country. is behind the voter suppression across the country. there is an equivalent at eyccsf th wkithleslor
3:34 pm
that ty pusho truce it and they provi pnts. briefi books. they provide expert witnesses. >> there is a real constructed -- >> there is an actual group behind the war on women that is backing these republican legislators. >> you heard the president in top line speaking to women supporters friday evening. here's another bit of sound from those remarks. take a listen. froelaon d vememdlg. itoe'te t bth tm wh i me e ll health. >> is that because they understand freedom in a different way than you and i do? >> i think it is because they have a much better understanding of a woman's physiology better than we ever could. we need men to tell us what medicines we should be taking because we might take the wrong
3:35 pm
things. on a serious note, one of the things that i want to mention here isrit ith a trti weno venoh see d tusngitus o nibty tma se the ciononurow >> wat a ridiculous suggestion krystal, mitt romney is obviously aware of the gender gap. boehner said there's no war on women and so on but there is a problem with women voting for him. theou think with the pub ihiisonmpti at poibit i ine obably has ppl lling m at wou n a
3:36 pm
d id. as you appointment t, john mccain made a similar calculus in 2008. he thought if he had a woman on the ticket, the women who had supported hillary clinton would naturally vote for him because women just, we cannot tell the difference between issues. we're just going to see a woman on the ticket and we're going to go that way. right? it's not that simple. he will have to actually come one some , icy maels. is into dcitewomen rtullyoo me oee prisns for thehire in the form of head start and medical care. >> you've heard me say this before. one of the things they don't understand, the issues themselves are horrible. and gutteding these program are horrible. but also the tone of the conversation that we've heard from mostly republican men has
3:37 pm
reallyeaed abt a rll diesctl dom a yi aenono . weilha bn yi teio scelk at pped with the susan g. komen incident. women who were never political got activated very quickly because women do not like to see these kinds of issues politicized and they don't like have to our sense of self and liberty and our perspective question that had we might not be able to make good decisions for ourselves. >> 's obm. xt mttet dro g baru. w ide sed t mto
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>> they went to the process. it is exactly what mitt romney told them to do. consider that the crown jewel. the only economic success that president obama has is because he followed mitt romney's advice. >> roh e na nkpt ocs. w a sllarf. th bridgestone of $80 billion. republicans realized they don't have a strong argument on the auto industry save. they don't have a strong argument on t.a.r.p. or stimulus. what they want to do is muddy the waters to take away the itk yby lluy thatne
3:43 pm
>>asid f aan o h bn rnng esenfo f yrs to dem writin op ed pieces that would have damned the motor industry? >> it is the gift that keep on going if you're a democrat. why go there? he cannot really rehabilitate his image on detroit. his 2008 op ed in the "wall street journal" stands the test of time. this is what he has said. he has effectively repeated that claim and even some right wing pundits were saying onmp a filb aid onem th uemoynt wulha bn hierndth wulha bn cple mlsnernd t ne anlad sugin onomy. >> the roey strategy, it seems to me is one of co-ment onning and claiming the president's achievements as his own from the auto bailout to sanctions on
3:44 pm
iran. even to the death of bin laden. but doesn't this attempt at historical theft, if you like, actually point to the fact of syro.y's hollowness? ialst ggtih adcad acyhatwe dn th osama bin laden killing. it goes to the central point about where the republicans are today. i think that they believe that they can not win the argument in making the contrast between obama and romney on both foreign policy issues and on economic issues. what they're trying to do here is muddy the waters. ntst wh r istrng t ds
3:45 pm
sa igredih ama did. >> heas the iginator. >> you'reeeing a bi of republican jiu jitsu. it seems to pioneer by karl rove and before him, lee atwater. you take political opponent's strength and try to turn it into a weakness and failing that, you co-opt the success to try to have your own kind of weird version of reflected glory. that's a lot of what you're seeing. limi alk about detro pocyetitaid. anbeus oba' teenonits rsth it was fo. at's not true ther. >> sorry. you wanted to butt in. >> i was going to i is a it is a judo flip but nobody is buying it. to joe's point, in april, may of every single presidential season, you see parties trying to draw contrasts.
3:46 pm
you see republicans running away from the philosophical differences and trying to muddy the waters. i think they've losttharnt mt r caai. dsn he otf ps going r m. >>oroouhear theayg about why the obama economic plans have failed and what they would do that's fundamentally different. right now we're looking at government spending of about 25% of gdp. the house republicans advocate we lower to it 22% or 23% of gdp. the significant, the differences between what the republicans are arguing and what obama is aet lo
3:47 pm
thtrin ek thk e rdrenove well weitng ith red. you n see the s&p is below the 14 hundred mark. the dow is down by about 23 points. that's it from us at cnbc. first in business worldwide. enia rostater
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to the white house now, and the subject, a growing diplomatic crisis in china. a blind dissident who escaped house arrest isthhy t sje i fhe esentoy ul'toe it >>visl i'm aware of the press reports on the issue in china, but i'm not going to make a statement on the issue. what i would like to emphasize
3:51 pm
is every time we meet with them, the issue of human rights comes up. >> kristen, the president wouldn't even say if the dissident is in beijing hands. there is talk of him being in c american embassy. >>t treasome prre bwe t u.nd cha,hath we cin toth oisesika syria, north korea, al china's exchange rate. this situation makes all of that all the more uncertain. that is why in part the president didn't go near it today. you heard him talk about the fact that he brings up human rights issues whenever he sits down with china's president, but he really wouldn't delve into the facts of this case. his top counter-terrorism adviser john brennan over the weekend sort of laid out whythka
3:52 pm
rtstesan esrehi thu gh ariit t rvee ur a dthrit inin es tes onsnc but also has to have a relationship with china. as you know, martin, the u.s. has been expanding its presence in the asia pacific region so china is certainly a country that they need to work with. so this is an incredibly tricky situation. secretary of state hillary clinton, as you mentioned, heads to klein tonight for diplomatic discussions, conventional wisdom with the escaped dissident is going to monopolize those discussions. d hla cnt hju in cung t presiden mitt romney has been jumping in for months saying obama wasn't tough enough on china. and he issued a statement about this situation, making
3:53 pm
protecting the dissident's family a priority, and also urging the obama administration to address the issue of human rights and political liberty. a lot of people looking at that calling it a slightly unusual step, and then when you put it in context of the president's iotyrks mi mnf cos tin f ys ttckth pridt orgn li. yknw, tpridt has played the card that he killed osama bin laden. so that is certainly something he has got a boost from in the past, so mitt romney sort of trying to find any opening on that front. >> good luck with that. kristen, thank you as always. we'll be right back to clear the air. [ announc iftash
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sew thrrots from my rm makt ke that ne steaal staallythmilk creamightad. dad can see... ysdon't you th stouffer's s perfect bag should g some it? my milk. [ femannouncer ] w from stouffer's. farmes taste so good we'll bethe farm on it. what ? customers didn't like it. hys he basn'tomers didn't like it. to erso/7,you an hell ally bank. no nonse just people e.
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it's time now to clear the air. and the great thing about mitt romney's plan for the economy is that he doesn't need to be elected for us to see it in action. we don't need to see a presiden atnt ie, der eaas y, i e roeyyan budgetnacio mromneynd hi 59-point plan and his affirmation of what he calls mr. ryan's marvelous budget would do the following: cut corporate taxes, reduce government spending and decimate regulations. this is almost exactly, word for word, what the british and spanish governments have been doing for the last 18 months. political leaders in both those countries have said that tackling the deficit is their central priority, and they've ressn.anunat d da tepashornnt ofcilycctethit,
3:58 pm
to i bk in recsion. in plbritain, in the first thre months of 2012, the economy shrunk by .2%. at the same time, the rate of inflation is at 3.5%. in spain, their economy slank by .3%, and our unemployment is now at a record 24.4%. this is the romney-ryan plan for america as alreadybldi res ceio bereourehe sh reefthe wry is that europe's ills will become contagious and region the united states. if a serious disease is known to be percolating in a particular part of america, do you go there or do you avoid it like the
3:59 pm
plague? that's a question america will answer this november. don't say you haven't been warned. thank you so much for watching. dylaniseronhi moayndea tta y rt >>heighi authe fitshapoceot knlee thatt s the collap in venue as a result of theousing crisis and the spike in unemployment that created them. you can't cut your way out of it, you have to bring the growth back, you have to fix the labor market, you have to fix the unemployment. >> why, when tat seems so obvious to someone as astute as yourself, is that not shared by so many policymakers who say that what european economies have done is exactly what we should be doing here? >> because our politicians don'x laonip r viae ony,utineadh st me upit me


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