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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  May 3, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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lieutenants within al qaeda. what it shows again is that while bin laden was still intent on attacking american targets, he even asked for his lieutenants to come up with a plan to assassinate president obama, that the lieutenants knew that al qaeda itself had been so decimated by airstrikes over pakistan, they were incapable of carrying out that kind of operation. bin laden was at odds with affiliates in yemen and other places because he thought they weren't concentrating enough on attacking the united states and, in fact, were killing too many muslims which he thought was bad pr for al qaeda. there was one other thing in there, in my brief read so far this morning that was very interesting. according to the analysts who looked at this, they found no direct connection to any individual within the pakistani government. of course, it was long suspected
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that pakistani officials were cooperating, and in fact may have helped conceal bin laden the the there, but what bin laden refers to in his writings are his trusted pakistani brothers. but no names were revealed. chris. >> more to come. jim miklaszewski, thanks for the early read on those documents. mitt romney is closing the gap in several key swing states and a big part of the reason is the question. a brand-new quinnipiac poll shows romney edging the president by a point in florida. things there too close to call, obviously. the president takes the lead in ohio but same deal, within the margin of error. only in pennsylvania is the president comfortably ahead with an eight-point lead. that is a state he carried back in 2008. let me bring in columnist from the "washington post" and
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politics reporter. good morning. >> morning. >> no one has won the white house without carry two of the three states. what appears to be keeping romney in the ball game at least in florida and ohio is the perception he can better fix the economy. erin, we get these new unemployment numbers tomorrow. how important could they be? >> the unemployment numbers are always important because the republicans make a big push every single month saying the recovery has not been fast enough. if we go back to some of those numbers in ohio, pennsylvania, florida, yes, the president is doing better on the economy, in pennsylvania it's always been a strong democratic state in the last couple of elections. i would point out this just yesterday the romney campaign announced romney would be campaigning in pittsburgh because they certainly want that one on the map. every time we talk about the electoral college no one won the white house without winning ohio.
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mitt romney could lose ohio and win pennsylvania instead and win. >> unbelievable. let me play a clip of mitt romney on the campaign trail yesterday. take a listen. >> it was the most anti-small business administration i've seen probably since carter. who would have guessed we'd look at the carter years as the good old days when was why does he keep brigging up jimmy carter. the other day he said even jimmy carter would have gone after bin laden. what is he trying to do? >> jimmy carter lost in a sland slide to ronald reagan. >> does he think if he says jimmy carter enough that will happen? >> a magical in cantation. the problem is on the foreign policy front jimmy carter had the effort to rescue the hostages that failed, obama had the successful attempt on osama bin laden. i don't think it's functional but i think he'll keep doing it. to go back to the poll, i think there's good news for romney but
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good news for obama here. romney had very tough primaries in florida and ohio, and i think that was probably holding his vote down there. he seems to be consolidating the support he ought to have there. i think those are going to be dog fights right to the end. i think it's significant that obama has finally gone ahead in pennsylvania. he's been weaker there than a democrat ought to. obama would desperately like to put pennsylvania away. erin's organization, real clear politics, has a good map where he keeps track state by state. they have obama 253 electoral votes, if everything stayed the way it is now, with nine states undecided. that means obama could win either with ohio or florida, he doesn't need both, or with, say, a combination of virginia or north carolina or with a trio of states, colorado, iowa and new
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hampshire. so i think at the moment, unless the job news go crazy, obama has more than romney has. >> let me talk about more. i want to bring in secretary of labor hilda solis. good to see you this morning. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> the new job numbers coming out tomorrow, what are you expecting? >> i'm not going to speculate on that report yet because we'll talk about that tomorrow. all we have to do is look back a year, two years ago, we've now seen more than -- close to 3 million private sector jobs created. we continue to see steady, slow progress in manufacturing, leisure, hospitality, business and professions. the good news is that the automobile industry is coming back. we see people purchasing items. we're hopeful. we have to keep our eye on the
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ball, make investments. a lot of our young people are suffering. we're holding this initiative to help provide initiatives for summer youth employment. the president has kicked that off early in the year to increase corporate america's giving to set aside slots and nonprofits to hire up young people throughout the country. we know that they have been hit really hard in this recession. their unemployment is about 16%. we certainly want to continue our efforts through volunteer work. we can't wait. we focus in on getting companies. we've got 95 around the country willing to put up paid slots for 90,000 students and a total of 300,000 slots for mentoring, tutoring, job shadowing and job coaching for many of these young disadvantaged youths. >> mentoring, at the titutoring are not paid positions. >> we have 90,000, banking,
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wells fargo stepped up, bank of america, a bunch of other different entities across the board are helping us including work experience and paid positions in national parks. so those are good things. what we're doing also, make sure you navigate to go on and download information free. students can look to see where those jobs are as well as postings of those jobs. we'll give credit to those companies that want to come on board. >> we did that, went online, searched summer job banks. in new york it was thin. throughout the entire state we only saw 10 jobs or internships. >> part of what we're doing is reaping out to local elected officials, nonprofits. we have, for example, the ywca. we have many, many nonprofits as well as others already involved with us. that's the whole purpose, to get this information out now. typically these students start
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to work come july 1st. we want to make sure we're capturing everyone. we even partnered with some of our mayors. i was yesterday in philadelphia with mayor nutter. he's also looking at increasing the number of jobs created there and bringing in industry. bank of america was one of their big sponsors. >> you did mention, and i think this is important, you said you wanted to get this information out. is that what this is? are these new jobs being created? it seems to me, again, we went on the site, looked at the jobs. obviously summer is always a seasonal hiring time. obviously state parks would already be hiring. localities like the cities you mention, mayor nutter, parks and rec hiring, getting lifeguards. is this anything new or a place to aggregate these jobs. >> actually, in many ways it is now. we're not just aggregating but encouraging nonprofits as well as small businesses and large businesses to join us. so yesterday bank of america
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joined us there with mayor nutter. we talked about increasing the paid positions there. as i go around the country, i was in los angeles as well, we heard the chamber of commerce members stepping up to the plate saying they would open up paid slots for people, for young people. so i think it's very encouraging. it's something the president is pushing out. we're not going to wait for congress. they didn't give us any funding for this program this time around, so we're going to keep pushing this out. we want people to go online as i said. >> labor secretary hilda solis, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, chris. >> let me bring back our guests. what does this sound like to you? does this sound like a good job plan or good marketing? >> a little bit of both. they are trying to do the best with what they have. if you look at the jobs numbers over the last year, one of the most striking things, you've had more private sector job growth than you've had growth in the public sector. indeed, the public sector under
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a democratic president has shrunk because so many states and localities have had to make very severe cutbacks. you actually had more government job growth in the reagan recovery. from my point of view, i think it reflects a mistake that the congress made in not trying to fund more aid to state and local governments. i would be very surprised if that doesn't affect the availability of summer jobs. local governments when they have money like to fund summer jobs for kids. i suspect there will be fewer of those than we have known in better times in our country. >> when you go back to the poll, aaron, again, i reiterate, have you great tracking polls on your website. where voters two to one in florida, ohio, pennsylvania we shouldn't be in afghanistan, most approve of the way barack obama is handling the job. it's obviously been a huge issue this week. but is this sort of a side distraction to the big picture which part of we'll get
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tomorrow, those new jobs numbers? >> i don't think it's a distraction at all. foreign policy is a very big part of the president's portfolio. for this president it's been very good. we might not hear very much of it over the summer, but once we get into the fall campaign and mitt romney and president obama start having general election debates, we'll see a lot more of the differences. i think you'll see a lot more of the obama camp pointing out mitt romney doesn't have as much experience on foreign policy. so it's maybe a distraction now. it's going to be a very important part of the fall debate. >> in fact, you wrote about it in your column, obama's winning strategy on foreign policy. let me read from that column. republicans finally seem to realize that driving foreign policy out of the campaign all together is their best option. is this going to move the needle in obama's favor? >> it's going to help him a little bit. obviously i think if the economy gets much worse, it will
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override everything else. george h.w. bush, the first president bush, was very highly rated on foreign policy and lost to bill clinton. it appears that people think the economy is getting better. in that circumstance, i think it helps obama. this the first election, really, since the 1960s when the democrats -- the democratic presidential candidate seems to have a decisive advantage on foreign policy. some of that is a reaction against the iraq war and the second president bush's foreign policy. i think on balance people think obama is a pragmatist on foreign policy. he's prudent like the first president bush, and they kind of like that. so i think it's an advantage for him, again, assuming the economy stays on track. >> great to see both of you. thank you. some new diplomatic
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uh... okay. everybody say "awkward." protecting your family fun. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the apparent suicide of nfl superstar junior seau is focusing attention on retired football players paying the ultimate price for the hard hits the game dishes out. seau is the third to commit suicide in the last year. his fans in southern california are stunned, his heart broken mother inconsolable. >> i pray to god, please, take me, take me. leave my son, but it is too late. >> i can't believe he's gone.
10:17 am
>> i was devastated. i couldn't believe he was dead. >> i'm joined by dr. bales, chairman of the department at nor shore hospital system, he's on the committee of brain injuries and hall of fame new york giants linebacker harry carson. gentlemen, good morning. >> morning. >> harry, you said you're not shocked by this? >> no, i'm not. this is something that i sort of saw years ago. i was diagnosed in 1990, two years after i left and i started to learn about the condition. i learned a lot from the doctor by taking part in various seminars and so forth and began to learn about the situation. >> what was happening to you? >> i was losing my ability to articulate the language i wanted to use. the brain controls so many different things. i really wasn't aware of certain things. there were headaches i was having, blurred vision, bouts of
10:18 am
depression and on and on and on. i had these situations during the course of my career, like in the early '80s, but really didn't manifest itself until after i left football when i started doing television. i'd be doing live television and lose my train of thought live on the air. so it gave mae reason to sort of question what's going on with me. it wasn't um i wept to my doctor and discussed it with him. he referred me to a specialist and i went through two days of testing and i was diagnosed with mild post concussive syndrome. >> before we get to the statistics with junior seau, let me ask in general what does the research tell us, what do we know about football and other contact sports like this and concussions and things like depression and suicide? >> well, we know they may be linked. we know it's not in every case, but we know there may be certain
10:19 am
ones that are predisposed, maybe depending on the amount of exposure, hits they have had, and maybe not the known concussion but subconcussive blows make accrue and take a toll. there may be a genetic component. we're still in the evolution of our following. >> the autopsy of junior seau is expected to be completed but his ex-wife did say he had suffered concussions during his career. is it possible 20 years of tough hits and tackles could have played a role here? >> it could. he played 20 years in nfl, played several, probably three in college and high school before that. it's not necessarily just the nfl experience. it's everything that may accrue again with many, many factors we're still beginning to uncover more and more. >> it's something i'm sure you talk about with other former players, isn't it? i'm wondering what the conversations are like? >> we talk about it now, but during the time i played we didn't talk about it. we joked about it because we didn't know the significance of
10:20 am
it. if we had looked ahead and looked at some of those players who played in the '50s and '60s and had seen those players with dementia and alzheimer's, it might have been really an opening for us to understand what our futures might be like. the whole condition with, you know, players committing suicide, that is when a player gets to a point where he feels like he's all alone. he's going through situations that no one else can identify with. but reality is, so many players go through the same thing. they have depression and so forth as a result of their transition from the game but also some neurological issues that they might deal with. >> we talked about this coming into this, but just a couple weeks ago former atlanta falcons ray easterling shot and killed himself, a chicago bears star
10:21 am
duerson took his life. both families suing over injuries. there are a lot of former players doing thc. is there something else the nfl could be doing to protect their players? >> i think they are doing a whole lot and i'm not sure what they could do. we're going to look at youth football, limit the number of hours and practice. i think the league has done an unprecedented amount of change in the last couple of years. so that's all good. we have to take it down to the lower levels of play, youth level. i think getting the head out of the game is one of our big objectives. i think that's got to occur. >> what skeptics are saying, i've reported on this before, youth concussions, back in the conversation, critics are saying what's behind the nfl push to get stricter standards about youth concussions, stabbing a baseline, testing kids that take
10:22 am
a hard hit, testing their products, they want to keep them healthy so the good ones are okay to play in the nfl. do you think that's taking it a step too far? is that fair? >> i don't necessarily know if that's fair or not. there are a lot of great lessons you can learn from the game of football. football isn't for everyone. it is a contact and collision sport. you cannot eliminate concussions from the game. it is part of the game. and unfortunately when you have players, whether young players or guys that are 20 year veterans running around colliding into one another with the force they are doing it, you know, you're going to sustain concussions. the nfl is obviously going to stake a claim at some point to try and get more safety out there for the younger players because they would like younger players to continue to play. obviously the younger players flow up to the high school level and college level and then to the nfl level. so yes, they are looking out for their commodity, so to speak.
10:23 am
but you know, the game us ju just -- there's so much information coming out about the condition that it really is a firestorm for the public to see that the players they are rooting for might have lingering long-term effects years after the game. >> for those of us, and there are so many who had so much pleasure over the years of watching you play. >> thank you. >> the thrills we got. you paid a price for it. we appreciate you coming out and talking about it and getting involved in it. do you, dr. julian bailes, thanks to you as well. >> my pleasure. you're welcome. senator scott brown makes the shot of his life and plenty of guns on hand at the next gop convention. politics now is next. great foods a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with our drivers
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other things like water guns, pieces of wood are already off limits. he wanted to add guns to the list. governor rick scott said, "it is unclear how disarming law abiding citizens would better protect them from dangers and threats posed by those who would flout the law." newt gingrich officially dropped out of the race. he won't drop the issue of his moon colony. >> my wife pointed out to me 219 points, give or take three, moon colony was not my most clever comment in the campaign. i thought in my role providing material for "saturday night live" it was helpful. but the underlying key point is real. >> this is great video. senator scott brown visiting with kids at the youth center in massachusetts totally nailing a half-court scott. staffers recording while the
10:28 am
third grade cheered him. look at that. in his college days he played basketball at the university. nothing but net. only one thing this morning, a big reaction to must read, about the woman who dug a million dollar lottery ticket out of the trash. the ticket buyer sued to get the winnings. our viewers overwhelmingly said fineders keepers. today's must read, what the judge ruled. it's on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. leave your comments. what's inside is a home. home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance, where the cost to both repair your house and replace what's inside are covered. so your life can settle right back into place. to learn more, visit today.
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making news this morning back to the facts today in the john edwards corruption trial after what was the most emotional day yet. edwards daughter kate left the courtroom in tears just as a former campaign staffer testified about her mother's pain and rage after being betrayed. the staffer said after tabloids revealed edwards affair with
10:32 am
rielle hunter elizabeth edwards screamed and yelled you don't see me anymore and tore off her shirt. they said it's relevant to the legal aspects, it's to make them dislike edwards. four students face charges in the death of a drum major, facing a maximum of six year in prison. the family was hoping for murder oremans charges. prosecutors say champion's death cannot, however, be attributed to any single blow. a college student is suing the dea for $20 million after he was forgotten in a holding cell for four days without food, water, or even a toilet. daniel chong was picked up in a drug sweep near the university of california san diego but never charged or arrested. when he was eventually found he had to be hospitalized for dehydration and kidney failure. >> i kicked the door many, many times. even my neighbors, i guess, were
10:33 am
getting annoyed with me and telling me to shut up. i hallucinated by the third day. i was completely insane. by that time i was trying to get my sanity back. i didn't care if i died, i just wanted to make sense of things. >> chong's lawyer said his treatment constitutes torture under international law. the dea has apologized. well, there's never been anything like it in politics. campaigns are finding all sorts of new ways to engage voters in what's called micro targeting, going after specific slices of the voting subject usually using the power of the internet. for example, the obama campaign wants to get pet lovers. they are using first dog bo as a presidential pitchman urging voters to bark for barack. i'm joined by publicler and former chief of staff to senate republican conference. good morning to both of you. >> good morning.
10:34 am
>> it's not just pet lovers, "the washington post" said obama campaign aggressively is micro targeting women, african-americans, students, military families, and a lot of others. how do they do it? >> the way -- first of all, obama did this in the last campaign. i said that was the swing vote. what he does on the internet will make all the difference. right now today he has about 15 million followers on twitter compared to romney's half million. there's an application on twitter called dapper. that means if you're a 45-year-old female who is going to vote based on a faith-based issue they can target you with a specific message. >> how do they do that? >> everything you do on the internet, everything, you're leaving your digital fingerprints all over the place. that's how they know what you're interested in. advertisers do it, fortune 1,000 does it. everyone copies what he's doing in corporate america to sell widgets. he's doing it to get elected.
10:35 am
>> if you're looking for a place to buy pampers, they know it pref obama for babies. >> google advertising, a military family typing in a certain interest and they get mitt romney. if you're on facebook, advertisers can target you like motorcycles, from the state of florida. you're going to see a facebook ad. if you use pandora online music company, they will have an ad that will pop up every 20 minutes. based on your zip code and age, they will put a mitt romney up for you. so anywhere you go, really, you're going to find the personalization of politics online. >> do you think this could be the difference? do you agree? because the general conventional wisdom is that the obama campaign is pretty far ahead of the republicans. >> i think the difference is going to be voter enthusiasm, where they stand on the issues,
10:36 am
and will people feel like they are better off than they were a few years ago. technology is going to help. i think republicans are catching up big time. rnc just unleashed a facebook application, social victory center as a home plate for republicans online. they are capturing voters. obama has done a good job but that doesn't mean he's doing to capture the vote in november. republicans are going to be very, very competitive. a lot of money is going to be spent on this. >> eric is this about the enthusiasm gap? because if you, for example, target people very specifically about things they care about, it gets them excited. >> that's appealing to people on an emotional level. yes, it will make a difference. very close election. when we're appealing to people's emotions, it's going to make an enormous difference. obama does that spectacularly. we keep a social media scorecard in one of my magazines every single month where we compare engagement in social media. we project obama to win the election just on that.
10:37 am
>> ron, can you overdo it? people get sick, frankly, of stuff constantly bombarding them. if they are not into it, they just dismiss it and don't realize what it is. >> if they are not into it, they click off, not pay attention to it. but if there is an ad on facebook that jumps out at them, they are likely to gravitate towards that. the online advertising is dedicated towards your interests. so you should be automatically interested in looking at it. it's unlikely you'll get turned off like critical advertising on cable. >> how do you craft that so it's not something, again, you dismiss like we all do a million times. is it music, a picture. >> what's so novel, why politics is changing so much, these ads, these messages are showing up where i show up. so i have a dog. i'm interested in dogs. if i'm at a dog website buying pet food and barack obama shows
10:38 am
up, i might find that musing because i'm a pet lover. it shows up where i'm interested in, not in general. it's not like watching a debate on television or a tv ad about an issue it's exactly my interest. >> thank you for coming in. thank you so much. $100 for carry on luggage. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. they can't be serious. >> apparently they are, chris. here is what spirit airlines said in the statement. we don't want any of our customers to wait until they get to the boarding gate to pay for their bag, that delays the boarding process for everybody. they expect the new $100 fee charged for those who wait until they get to the gate is reasonable. you have been warned, spirit airlines currently charges $45 for a carry on bag. as of november 6th if you wait until the boarding gate you have to fork over $100. any bag that needs to fit in the
10:39 am
overhead is considered a carry on. if you've got a handbag or small bag under the seat, that is still free. when you think about it, chris, $100 may be more than what some people have actually paid for their ticket. it's quite incredible. >> let's keep this going, you can have drinks with richard branson. >> fancy a drink with him. if you fly in the top class of virgin atlantic flights this month, you get your wish or the closest thing to it. you're going to have a little mini ice cube that has the likeness of richard branson staring straight at you. he does all kinds of antics. he's kind of known for that. they have whispering flight attendants who talk to you really softly, that kind of thing. this little ice cube, if you ask me, it's kind of creepy. if you thought things could not get weirder, airlines in taiwan and the japanese they have a
10:40 am
hello kitty themed. everything on it is hello kitty themed. i don't know. i mean, airlines doing what they can these days to get bums on seats these days. >> bums on seats. that's the quote of the day. cnbc's mandy drury. thank you so much. not a lot of people could afford this. one of the most famous paintings in the world sold at a record price. after intense bidding, the scream went for nearly $120 million to an anonymous buyer on the phone. during the auction the canvas was flanked by two guards. the top five most expensive. cat by pablo picasso, one of the three by the artist. thumb four, picasso, number three, a sculpture walking man,
10:41 am
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♪ i so in love with you >> well, you know, that was at the apollo in january. the president later told "rolling stone" i can sing. i wasn't worried. some new insights in the very cool side of barack obama. excerpts from a new book, excerpts published in "vanity fair," including a young obama's love letters. msnbc's richard lui, just how intimate a look does the book offer. >> reporter: you say love letters. just left los angeles, moved to manhattan 1981, harvard law was next. along the way two girlfriends in their 20s then, older and talking about a young barry obama. there is a "vanity fair" article that has excerpts from the new barack obama biography. in it ex-girlfriend genevieve cook shares her journal entries. one of them from 1984. she says, how is he so old
10:46 am
already at the age of 22? i have to recognize, despite play of write and mocking smile on lips, that i find his thereness very threatening. distance, distance, distance and wariness. the two mo met at a christmas party in 1983 would spend a lot of time together according to these excerpts, mostly at his place. despite that, she felt some distance. saying his warmth can be deceptive, though he speaks sweet words and is open and trusting, there's a coolness. i have an inkling about some things about him that could get to me. one of those things is this says "vanity fair." when she told him she loved him, his response was not i love you, too, but thank you, as though he appreciated that someone loved him. the book excerpts are not only about dalliances but range on his thoughts of being of two races to every day life. in a letter to his ex-girlfriend alex mcnear shows not only his
10:47 am
love of running but also his love of writing. he says moments trip gently along over here. snow caps the bushes in unexpected ways, birds shoot and spin like balls of sound. my feet hum over the dry walks, talking about running in manhattan. the journal of cook, his new york ex-girlfriend offered one prof equity entry that obama's ideal woman was black, very strong, experienced, and a laugher. >> she nailed that one. >> she did. >> let me bring in two msnbc contributors, publisher karen hunter. good to see both of you. era of reality tv, tmz, paparazzi, isn't this like gossipy, juicy tidbits or does tell us something about the president. >> it tells us something but tells us too much at a time when the office of presidency should
10:48 am
have respect and decorum. i was disgusted and intrigued at the same time because i'm human so i read every juicy tidbit. why now? why not wait until out of office. it's too personal, too many details and i don't think it elevates any discussion about this man and whether he should lead this country, which is what we should be talking about right now. >> i thought, he's got two little daughters. they don't need to be hearing this. having said that, i want to get to something else. his girlfriend genevieve said his warmtd can h can be decepti speaks sweetness but there's a coolness. i wonder if this could be a metaphor. >> i read the excerpts, a lot sounds like what he wrote in his book himself, he was ank rishd in his 20s, talking about his identity, being black and white, had to reconcile that growing up
10:49 am
international but living in america. in his biography filled out by his memoir but i did learn more about him through seeing them. >> i got a laugh when somebody says i love you and he says thank you but what 20-year-old guy hasn't done that. >> you know, that he telling. he's normal. do you know what i'm saying? at the end of the day -- >> normal to the point where what guy in college writes about running like that. either you think that's just a little bit much or you think, man, i could fall in love with him overnight. >> i don't believe she beat him in a sprint. i'm like really? >> i'm talking about the literary nature of it, you're talking about the competition. >> that was the thing that stuck out for me. as i was reading through this, i was struck by how deep and in o incide introspective and highly intellectual this young man was at a young age. at the end of the day how difficult it must have been for him to live these double lives and try to fit in here and there
10:50 am
and not find his place. where he found home was in the black community. where he found a space where he could put on a sweater, albeit a christmas sweater from genevieve was in chicago, this community. says a lot for somebody that never lived in it, about his comfort. >> when you're that age, who knows he didn't think he was going to be president of the united states at this stage in his life, perry, but you wonder if 30 years from now there are a lot of politicians regretting little tweets they sent out or facebook messages they sent former girlfriends that maybe could come back to haunt them. i don't know. i think there is a little bit of a factor here of at what point is it too much. do you think so, perry? >> i think we're seeing this week the guy romney hired to be his national security spokesman resigned. part of the controversy was about his twitter messages. we're seeing it already in that facebook and twitter and what you put on social media has a
10:51 am
big impact on your future in some ways. these letters in 20 years will be facebook posts. i assume the budding presidents watching should watch what they say on facebook. >> word to the wise. perry, karen, great to talk to both of you. today's tweet of the day, "huffington post" michael calderone says it's dangerous and they have been fretting about it. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
10:52 am
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hi, everyone. the apparent suicide of former nfl great junior seau is leaving family, friends, and the sports community shocked and confused. why seau's memory is bringing more of the connection between football injuries and difficult pregs. a former aide testifies about elizabeth's reaction to the affair. so upsetting kate edwards left in tears.
10:55 am
romney and obama camps put a laser focus on the female vote in swing states. wasserman joins me in the next hour to talk about that chris. thank you. a lunch. little jack unfazed posing for a photo when this liones thought he was lunch. the big cat keeps pawing, evening opening her mouth at times. zoo keepers think the toddler's outfit might have made him think it was a zebra. >> "star wars" fans, ever wonder what obi-wan ken obi's mug shot would look like? here it is. he legally changed his name as part of a radio contest. the force wasn't with it, unlike the cinema obi-wan. a man in north dakota
10:56 am
painting bright colored polka dots on an apartment building. the man says he's creating a landmark. the city says he's protest acdeal the city had to buy the home but that fell through last year. seeing double in west des moines, valley south woods freshman high school has 16 sets of twins. it's a guinness world record. wow. that wraps it up for this edition of "jansing and co." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) reduced stroke risk 35% better than warfarin. and unlike warfarin, with pradaxa, there's no need for regular blood tests. that's really important to me. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding.
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shock and grief after the death of a former san diego chargers star junior seau killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. his death the latest in a string of nfl suicides following depression or dementia. could they be related to repeated blows to the head. swing state showdown. new polls show mitt romney catching up in key battleground states. team obama makes a new pitch to


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