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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 9, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and joining us is jonathan capehart. thanks for your time. let me start with what you know regarding tight lips and we're expecting a small clip around 3 mm eastern time. what have you heard? >> as much as you have heard, that this is a hastily arranged interview with robin roberts from abc news, that we're also hearing that the president is going to clarify his views on same sex marriage, and from my pe perspective if that indeed is what happens today what, we're going to see is the president have his words match his deeds. we're talking about a president who has done lots of things that would signal that he is in favor of or supports same sex marriage. he is no longer having the department of justice defend the defense of marriage act against court action and supports a bill sponsored by diane feinstein in california that would repeal the so-called defense of marriage
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act and he has also had also expressed his opposition to the ballot initiative in north carolina, and in other states, so what we could see come 3:00 when this first clip of video comes out, if that's what they're going to share with us at 3:00, we could possibly see finally the president's words matching his considerable actions. >> jonathan, you bring up the vote in north carolina. the white house did release a statement that said in part president obama has long believed that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as straight couples and is disappointed in the passage of this amendment. with that said, jonathan, several people have tweeted the expectations are now high with all of this hype starting before this interview even airs. how important is it for the president to be absolutely clear? i think your headline was will obama's evolution on same sex marriage be televised? >> right. it is very important. i mean, leave aside the hype.
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his position has been, again, a little unclear because on the one hand as i explained before, he has taken considerable action that would lead you to believe that he is in support of marriage equality and yet he has been so reticent to say the words and say his evolution is complete. i think anything that he is not crystal clear, whether he says yes indeed i am in favor of marriage equality or if by some unbelievable stroke he says he is not in favor of it, at least, you know, one or the other we'll have an answer and should have an answer later this afternoon. >> all right. jonathan, thank you. joining me, brian multon. what would you like to specifically hear from the president in this interview? >> well, certainly the community would very much like to hear the president come out in support of marriage equality as jonathan
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just detailed for you. he has been an incredible advocate for the community, done a tremendous amount and we certainly consider him to be a friend and it would be great if he could take this next step. >> were there behind the scenes pressure before joe biden went on meet the press and said he absolutely supports same sex marriage? was there a more quiet movement to put some pressure on the president here? >> i think actually the community has been pretty public about calling on the president to support marriage equality. >> not to this degree. i guess i am asking were the vice president's words if you will the straw to break the camel's back for some members in the community to support this. >> i think hearing him come out was a tremendous thing for our community and certainly made them wonder how the rest of the administration feels about this issue, so i think it is certainly brought the conversation back to the front of people's minds. >> listen, this has been repeated many times. i will ask your thoughts. 32 times since 1998 gay marriage has come up for a vote.
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32 times antiguy marriage advocates have won. what does that say to you? you know so many on the right point when it is put up for a vote people do not side on this issue that where you stand. >> sure. well, you know, i think it certainly tells us we have to keep having these conversations with the american people. >> let me ask you, we need to keep having the conversation. what is missing though from the conversation do you think here? >> i just think that like the president a lot of people are still struggling with this issue and fundamentally support fairness but are trying to square that with the idea of marriage equality and the conversations just have to keep happening and help people move along in the right direction. i think have you seen from the public opinion polling and the way the place that younger americans are on this issue, that that is where things are going. sometimes we just have to be patient with the pace of the change and keep trying to move the ball forward >> with that said, with the patience word that you just brought up, anything short of the president coming out and
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solidly supporting same sex marriage are you willing to still have patience? >> well, you know, again, the president has done a tremendous amount for the community and i think people will continue to see him as the friend that he is, certainly we would like to see him come out for marriage equality and i am hopeful that's what we're going to hear shortly. >> brian moul ton, thank you for rushing on and responding to this breaking news. we'll see what happens next. news nation is following marriage back lash against mitt romney for trying to steal credit for president obama's auto industry bailout. romney plainly laid out his opposition to the auto bailout. you certainly recall back in 2008 in an op ed titled let detroit go bankrupt. today the architect of the plan that saved detroit slammed romney for what he calls a rewriting of history. >> great ceos do not have this muddled message where every day it is a different message and nothing makes much sense. some of what romney has said
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that's been the most ridiculous he said in op ed pieces where he is presumably had time to reflect and say what he really thinks as opposed to stump statements on the campaign speech. >> it is not just the president supporters. laura ingram was tangled up in her effort to defend the presumptive gop nominee. >> there were a lot of people that ended up getting shafted in that bailout and a lot of auto parts manufacturers and people that didn't get the returns that they hoped to get out of the wonderful -- >> then why would you say to take a lot of credit for the fact the industry has come back? >> rick santorum . >> romney is romney. >> what does that mean? joining me michael smir connish and ae stoddard and nobody knows radio better than you. she says romney is romney. help me understand what happened there. >> i don't know if i can.
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i will try. i think that governor romney here is trying to take credit for the whole totality of the deal that went down. he can rightfully lay claim for having been supportive of a managed bankruptcy but not for the bailout, and i think that he is playing loose with his language and saying what they did is what i was supportive of but that's just not accurate. that's half the story at best because the bailout component which was necessary because of a lack of other funding opportunities was something that he opposed. he can't say this is what i was for. >> and i guess, michael, it is always the warning where he believes he will get credit for it rather than maybe saying, a.b., listen, part of what happened i did support which was a managed bankruptcy, but in the beginning you need the bailout. to say you deserve credit, this is the same person who slammed the president for saying that this country went in at his leadership to get osama bin laden and obviously that is an extreme on on one side but he
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wants to claim credit for the auto bailout here. what gives? >> as michael said, this is a big stretch for rick santorum in i and republicans know it. it will be tough to defend him and the statements he made. i can understand that he has designs on michigan and trying to campaign there even though it is not a state the obama considers in play. however, i can also understand him saying when talking to people in michigan who supported the bailout maybe the "new york times" was not fair to me and made up this headline that said let detroit go bankrupt and it is not actually what i was saying and advocating for managed us bankruptcy. there is a with a i to explain himself but to say the president did what he promote and had suggested as michael points out is just not true. he said that he wanted banks to proceed federal loan guarantees at the time the obama administration said because of the financial crash in late fall of '08 and there just wasn't enough liquidity and that the government had to step in and provide the bailout funds.
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it actually isn't true and i can understand why he would try to explain himself to those voters. he really overstepped. >> to your point of it not being true, rachel maddow, i believe months ago, a.b., she presented her side or at least a case in why so many people believe that mitt romney has an issue with the truth or a blind spot, michael, for lack of a better description when it comes to the truth. let me read what bob king, the uaw president says. he says it is tone deaf blind and without government financing and it would have led to a chapter 7 liquidation there. i mean, fast and loose with the truth, whatever you choose to call it, this guy has a credibility problem with those who see him as a flip-flopper. why dive into this pool, michael? >> i watched the interview this morning on morning joe when steve ratner who was at the table called in and explained all of this and it makes perfect sense to me to hear him tell it that there just were not any funding alternatives beyond the
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government. that's why it was necessary for the bailout as part of the managed bankruptcy and that's the part that governor romney isn't sharing with this explanation. >> this is another portion of the op he had, a.b., from romney. it says if general motors, ford and chrysler get the bailout you can kiss the american auto industry goodbye. it won't go over night. its demise will be virtually guaranteed. let me peninsulalay what ted st left-hand that to say. obviously he supports the president. >> romney talked about remembering a parade that happened years before he was born. he falsely claimed that his dad marched with martin luther king. he lied about his hunting record and about the guns he didn't own. mitt romney's hi pock increase seems to know no bounds. >> does he need to explain this or give better clarification? we're talking abo clarifying sa
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marriage and before he stands. does romney need to claim ae deserves a slap on the back. >> it depends how much pressure he gets from inside the republican party for those who are working on his campaign and want to see him win. that could be considerable. that's why we'll see what his reaction in the coming days. it is true that i am actually remember that quote that you just read, that he said if the bailout continued, that the industry would just disappear, and that is wrong, and he will be called on that. obviously by the president in the debates in the fall and the campaign to come and advertisements, but it will be interesting to see if he has to answer that question with voters in michigan and on the ground where he is trying to campaign on that issue and by himself a little credibility on that issue as well. >> a.b. stoddard, michael, thank you. >> with the defeat of dick
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lugar, only six moderate republicans would remain in the senate next year. that could be music to the tea party candidate that defeated lugar. >> bipartisan ship should consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view. >> we'll go back to breaking news this hour, president obama expected to clarify his views on same sex marriage and a brand new interview that is being conducted we're told right about now. we'll get an update and join our conversation on my twitter page @tamronhall. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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is the unl questionable defeat of republican senator dick lugar of indiana proof that moderate republicans are on the verge of ex tingsz? he lost yesterday's primary in a land slide to tea party backed richard murdoch.
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murdoch won 61% of the vote and he joins a list of 20 other moderate republican senators that either have been defeated or retired since 2006. in the meantime murdoch who said the problem with washington is there is, quote, too much bipartisan ship defended the comments today. >> i certainly think that bipartisan ship ought to consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view. he with wanted to be a voice and hope to give more of a national voice to the idea that republicans and conservatives would be in the majority of the united states senate and the house and hopefully that we have a republican in the white house. if we do that bipartisan ship means they have to come our way. >> jimmy williams and a.b. stoddard back with us. bipartisan ship means coming to my way or hit the highway. >> imagine, tamron, if you had a democrat challenge another democrat for the senate for a seat and had gone on tv and said bipartisan ship is when
2:17 pm
republicans come to our side of the aisle. the press would have gone absolutely bat you know what crazy. this is ridiculous. here is a problem with the senate today. if you go and i just did a quick count. of the 100 sitting sfwhors 73 were elected to the senate after bill clinton's impeachment. that's had this town behind me turned for the worse and a.b. may want to comment on this. that's a problem. almost half of sitting senators are former house members which makes them more partisan. this is a big problem. the chamber has changed. i spent seven years in that chamber as a top level staffer and i have never seen a more dysfunctional chamber of any form of government sitting out there in a democracy. >> that may explain the 11% approval. let me peninsula i what senator lugar had to say last night. scathing words about at least the tone that jimmy is speaking of. >> we are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. these divisions have stalemated
2:18 pm
progress in critical areas and these divisions are not insurmountable. >> are they not insurmountable, a.b.? >> i don't know. i don't have a good feeling as jimmy does either about the prospects for bipartisanship in the congress. i ask republicans and democrats every chance i get what is going to happen next year, if romney is president, if president obama is still president, and are we going to have tax reform? are we going to get to the budget reform we need? i don't hear a lot of reassurances but the sad truth about the defeat of senator lugar and his primary is that it really doesn't have so much to do with the move to the right within the republican party happening for a long time and there are dozens of cases to prove it and that is definitely true, but we're also talking about the fact that americans have lost faith in all of their institutions, government the most and can the banks, church, public schools, and professional
2:19 pm
sports coaches, you name it. in government you have to listen to your -- you have to listen to the followers and listen to your voters and stay connected with them and you can't live outside the state in this time of anger and anxiety and you cannot just run on the fact that you have been a statesmen and you have had an incredible record in the united states senate and that the senate still needs someone like you. you have to one on what your voters are saying now and what they're angry go now and lugar was definitely out of touch with con sit wents and that's the primary reason i think he lost. >> according to the man that defeated him, he believes, murdoch believes, the marching orders are not to be bipartisan and you hear that same thing from people who come out on the winning end and are backed by the tea party. they seem to be less likely or at least verbally less willing to compromise and all of those things you say certainly are true about mr. lugar. when you look at murdoch this morning on with chuck todd.
2:20 pm
he seems to believe the marching orders are follow what the people that voted for you are saying which is don't compromise with the democrats at any cost. >> i listen to that interview this morning when it took place and i was fascinated by his remarks. i agree with you. >> fascinated or worried? >> it is not a good harbinger for bipartisan ship. i think if he was more in touch he may have been able to defend off richard murdoch. as for the tea party, it is very unpopular rate now. popularity is way down. members backed in the republican at least on the house side by the tea party republican members are watching their backs and concerned about the primary prospects and their re-election prospects and we'll see what happens this fall as far as the force of the tea party. it is true that on both sides there is a lot of polarization and not just true on the republicans side and there is only about 20% of the seats in the congress now that are actually subject to swing.
2:21 pm
most of them have been decided on no matter where you are and the primary process and makes those candidates more extreme. >> i have to hold you on this. tell me what democrat you have heard come out to say that bipartis bipartisanship ought to consist of republicans coming to the democratic point of view. >> i think that they learned not to talk that way, and none of them are saying that in public. >> you can't name them. >> no. >> jimmy, no names presented. while a.b. ponders a name we'll play what senator kerry said just today. >> he refused to allow this march to an orthodox about ideology and partisan politics to get in the way of what he thought was the responsibility of the senator and indeed the need of the country to have people come together and find the common ground. >> jimmy, i presented that fact six moderate republicans are
2:22 pm
expected to be in the senate next year. combine that with senator kerry's comments and i know a.b. said it was interesting but is it worrisome? >> it worries me. theres no single senator in the senate right now more responsible for fewer nuclear warheads point at the united states than dick lugar yet what john kerry just said which is loyalty to your country first, now, think about it. when you take the oath of office to be united states senator and you put your hand on the bible and you stand at the senate well, you don't swear an oath to coat pink from the left or the tea party from the right. you swear on oath of loyalty to your country first and then your state. i get, i agree with a.b. i think senator lugar may have lost touch with where he was from and did not visit as often as he should, but there is a fundamental problem which is it is country first, not party first. i want to remind people that when john boehner was elected
2:23 pm
speaker right before he became speaker of the house after the take overin 2010, he went on 60 minutes and gave an interview and she asked himt about the corresponded compromise. he refused to say the word compromise. she asked him three times. i think john baner is a fabulous man. i don't understand that. i don't understand how fringe elements control the majority of what happens in that dome back there. the majority of the country is not on each side. they're down the middle. seems to me you can be as liberal as you want but you have to work across the aisle and you can be as conservative as you want but you have to work across the i'll. when you don't, you have a 13% approval rating. that kind of stinks. >> a.b., we're out of time since jimmy went into the southern sermon. i am sure a lot of people watching are saying amen there. thank you, both. >> sorry about that, guys. >> it is okay. i love having you both on. we'll see you soon. thank you. >> there is developing news regarding that failed al qaeda bomb plot. the government launched an investigation into who leaked
2:24 pm
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2:28 pm
committee claims the leak could in fact hurt national security. >> this leak could have been certainly devastating and still could have and significant long-term damage and i believe it is absolutely essential that a full investigation be carried out as to who is responsible for this leak. >> pete williams joins me now. obviously help us understand the timeline here and why this leak is such a great concern, at least for congressman king especially. >> i think what members of congress are saying and we heard this from everybody who got briefed yesterday in the house and senate intelligence committees, the concern is that while the operation was still going on, this top secret very sensitive operation to try to get somebody into the heart of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and get the bomb out before it was completely wrapped up, word of it began to leak apparently to the associated press and at least as early as last week and possibly ten or 12 days ago and the concern is that it shouldn't have leaked out. that's what the members of
2:29 pm
congress want the government to investigate and indeed the justice department has started a leak investigation. >> specifically when congressman king says it could hurt national security, do we know what he was specifically referring to? is it the fact that this person was a double agent or dual agent or that the bomb itself is now in the possession of the u.s.? >> no. i think what he is talking about because when he spoke actually it had not been widely reported yet that the person that al qaeda thought was the bomber was in fact an informant. that hadn't even come out yet when peter king made those comments yesterday after the house intel committee got a briefing. what he is talking about is the mere existence of the top secret plan leaking out before it was over. what he is concerned about is that as these things become public, it is going to make it harder for the united states to get its allies, especially intelligence services to cooperate and of course now obviously what summer is saying
2:30 pm
it it could be more difficult to get operatives back into al qaeda, another informant into the inner circle. that's the government's concern. >> pete williams live on the latest investigation into the leak surrounding this bomb plot that was certainly stopped. thank you very much, pete. a day after north carolina voters convincingly decided to ban same sex marriage, there is word this hour the president is ready to make his position clear on the issue. sommer is saying the evolution will be televised with the president's first remarks since vice president joe biden opened the floodgates when he said this on meet the press. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled the same exact rights. >> where the president stands is the topic on gut check. we'll let you know how you can tell us your thoughts. be sure to check out the tumbler page. we post new pictures every day
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[ male announcer ] try the new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. we continue to follow breaking news. is president obama ready to voice his support for same sex marriage? at my moment he'll wrap up an interview where he is expected to clarify his position on the issue. all of this of course comes less than 24 hours after voters in north carolina voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage. politico editor joins us and i will give you all the praise you deserve. i need scoop on what's going on here. >> whatever you want to call me, tamron. >> okay. says that this interview was kind of hastily put together. obviously the white house sent out the president's feelings regarding the vote that went down in north carolina. very disappointed i believe was the wording there. what are we hearing now regarding this interview and what he might say? >> we know the "new york times"
2:35 pm
reported that the white house want this had interview and wanted to put it together and they know they will get asked about gay marriage and a couple of things to consider here. tonight, tonight, in hollywood is that big fundraiser with george clooney that's expected to not record-breaking fundraiser in presidential history, $12 million, sold out, and that is a place where he can't not only person in the room who hasn't evolved to be for gay marriage. on monday there will be a fundraiser in new york with ricky martin, aimed specifically at the gay community, so we thought it would be very difficult not to hear the president on this for a week or so after biden's comments and i think we may hear something about it tonight. >> let's talk about the expectations here. you point out the timing of all of this, but we also know the ball perhaps really started to roll ahead full steam after the meet the press interview with joe biden. we perhaps would not be here
2:36 pm
with the president clarifying what he means by evolution and if he has in fact evolved were it not for the big moment with joe biden. >> i think there is a tremendous amount of risk potentially. you're going to get punished if you come out and it is inconclusive, you know, if swing voters, if suburban voters who in our polling are kind of split on this issue, and then you see what happened with the same sex marriage ban in north carolina, so overwhelmingly going in favor of that ban. that's a moderate swing state. that's where the convention is going to be. they were hoping that they could expand the map a little bit and there is a bit of a risk. now, the risk on the other side obviously is that the worst thing you can do in presidential politics is to look like you're waffling, and that once it became clear that obama was evolving and that then you had biden's comments, you knew that he was going to have to probably
2:37 pm
say something at some point. >> considering the fa account that mitt romney was judge u.s. in colorado and asked again about same sex marriage as it was blocked from a state vote in colorado, he obviously does not support same sex marriage, does not see a door, window or any evolution happening in any near future with them. with with that said, does he have an opening in any way to go after the president if when this interview airs the president does in fact come out fully in support of same sex marriage? is there an opening for the republicans to capitalize on? >> i think it will be very difficult. i don't think that republicans want to talk about this really. i think that what mitt romney in particular is going to want to talk about is the economy. he wanted to talk about energy and gas today in colorado and of course, though, with what happened last night with civil unions, pretty ruckus event going to midnight where the republican leader didn't want to bring the issue forward. he had to talk about it when he was asked with affiliates and i
2:38 pm
would assume that tonight on their 6:00 news that's what you'll be listening to, not necessarily romney's gas plan. >> quickly, with north carolina again your first routine points out the president will be accepting the party's nomination in a state that has right to work laws and a constitutional ban against gay marriage and a stadium named for bank of america mind you. do you think they're regretting selecting north carolina? >> you know, i don't know if they're necessarily regretting it. they may be rethinking it at this point. i think they would have liked some of these controversies not to have taken place in addition to what you listed there. one of the other bubbling issues has been the sexual harassment scandal within the democratic party. you have a governor there who is now running for re-election because she would have been vulnerable. all of those wouldn't have been a focus had they chosen some place else. at the same time, this is an expand the map strategy. they'll try to use activists and young voters to organize and
2:39 pm
that's what they used the convention for in 2008 and they're hoping to do again with north carolina. >> thank you very much. get ready for a battle over "star wars," yes, the ease coast version. we're talking about a recently unveiled republican plan for a new missile defense shield on the east coast. among the sites being discussed ft. drum in up state, new york, joint the two sites on the west coast at forth greeley in alaska and van den berg in central california. republicans say the new site is necessary to get ahead of the rising threat from iran. luke russert joins us live and we're talking about this when cuts with being discussed and something like this is put on the table and up are for grabs if we need this. >> it is an interesting issue. take a broad look here. one of president obama's
2:40 pm
strengths, republicans will admit to you privately has been his foreign policy since he has gotten into office and killed osama bin laden and wound down the war in iraq and winding down the war in afghanistan and they have been looking for a way to hit them and they feel that missile defense is one thing that could work with. what you're seeing is republicans put $100 million in their defense appropriation budget and they're going to try to have a vote on that today in committee. it will most likely pass and that $100 million would go to building this missile defense site in new york state. democrats say this is ridiculous, a complete hit job by the republicans trying it make the president look weak on national security where he clearly isn't and they have a divide about how much this costs. democrats say this will end up costing $4 billion which is simply outrageous considering the pentagon they believe is overly bloated to begin with and republicans say it is 2 billion and we need extra protection against iran, against other north korea, other countries that could do us harm. keep in mind there is some issue
2:41 pm
with this in regards to how we play abroad. the russians have never been too happy with the missile defense idea. it is something floated around in american politics for dozens of years. there is still questions about whether or not the system would actually work 110%, but when it gets down to politics, it is something that will most likely pass out of the house and has an unclear future in the senate and a way for the republicans to try to make the president appear weak, the voters will ultimately decide whether missile defense is an important foreign policy issue. >> luke, to your point, since the president is the real target and big picture has the white house commented at all? >> so far they have not. they have not put out how they feel specifically about the issue. remember, this was a big issue during bush versus gore and kind of died down after the 9/11 attacks because missile defense was not seen as much of a threat from abroad, more as islamic terrorists boarding airplanes and things like that. it brings it back into the
2:42 pm
national purview and see if it sticks. republicans hope it does. democrats hope it doesn't. >> thank you kindly, luke. coming up, mystery in the sky, a russian super jet disappears from radar while taking a test flight. we have the latest details. first, there is a lot going on today and here are things we thought you should know. wisconsin's republican governor scott walker will go up against democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett in next month's recall election. barrett beat out three other democrats in yesterday's primary and walker beat barrett in the 2010 governor's race and you can now call her a swiss miss. congressman michele bachmann has become a citizen of switzerland in addition to the u.s. her spokeswoman says she was eligible to become a swiss citizen because her husband's parents were raised in switzerland. she says the children recently won a dual citizenship so she went through the process as well. two lawmakers introduced a bill to make military members eligible for purple hearts if
2:43 pm
they are victiming of terror attacks at home. troops right now can only receive the honor if they're fighting overseas. the lawmakers use the attacks on a recruiting center in little rock and fort hood as examples of members who would be eligible for the honor. the results of yesterday's primary contest were expected and the surprises were the margin. president obama won west virginia's primary and only within 20 points and convicted felon sitting in federal prison in texas, keith judd, is serving time for making threats to the university of new mexico in 1999 and richard murdoch was expected to beat incumbent lugar and not by 20 points. and the ban expected to pass but not by 20 points. tomorrow president obama heads out west to raise serious campaign cash. he will hold a lunch in seattle with musician guests like dave matthews, $17,000 per person for
2:44 pm
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2:48 pm
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you can join the news nation on our twitter page right there. we continue to follow breaking news. moment as way from what is expected to be a major announcement from president obama. he is expected to clarify his position on same sex marriage in an enter vie with abc news. joining me, a white house reporter for politico. your website reported this was hastily put together. what else do we know? >> well, we know that, and you know this is something that people expected the president to come out and support at some point, marriage is kind one of the least surprising secrets in washington, and i think just the timing of it right now clearly forced along by some commence in recent days and given the fact that they have not tried to tamp
2:52 pm
down the speculation led to speculation he is going to take that step today. we're still waiting and not sure yet but all indications suggest that he will be making news and administration officials have suggested as much. >> do we know if this is a result of the vote in north carolina? we know the ball started rolling with biden's remarks and arne duncan on with morning joe said a similar thing. was the real push or the final push what happened in north carolina because th president's statement was that he was disappointed. >> that statement is similar to statements he made in the past just generally inching towards this. i don't think we know quite yet that north carolina was the catalyst. i think it will be hard to say that it was. i think this has been a long time coming just developments in recent days and just really made it hard for the president and for his staff, campaign wise, and in chicago and in d.c. to be talking about anything else but this, and most likely we'll learn more about this after the
2:53 pm
interview comes out and the back story how they came to the decision and it was really distracting and quite obvious where the president was heading regardless, so it may have just been a combination of all of those things. >> the timing is also incredible. you have fundraisers with the hollywood heavy hitters shelling out thousands of dollars and many of them very vocal obviously about their support regarding same sex marriage and as i point out you have north carolina and also, carrie, the jay carney daily briefing, i believe on monday, where he just took questions from left and right and seemed to be completely off guard and how to respond to this. there is no one else other than the president that can get control of this situation at this hour. >> yes. the big thing here with the president is his brand as how he portrays himself as a leader that will tell you what he thinks. this is what he said on saturday
2:54 pm
when he announced he was running for re-election. we can't under estimate the damage they think this was doing to that brand of him being able to say it, call it as he believes it, and this was really under cutting that message of him and that brand that they tried to cultivate so carefully over the last four, five years. so i think that is a part of this calculation as well. >> all right. we're waiting to hear more of what the president will say. we expect at least a clip to be released we're told around 3 p.m. eastern time. the suspense is building. thank you so much for joining us. good to see you again. >> same here. thank you. >> take care. >> does your gut tell you? does the president need to clarify his position on same sex marriage? go to to cast your vote. jones says no, he does not, he already stated the position and to change at this point would be playing the mitt game. another person wrote to us
2:55 pm
saying that it is a bad p.r. move by the obama administration. he will seem fake if he fully supports it. those are two viewpoints out of so many on here and obviously you can go to my page and see what they're saying this hour. that does it for this addition of news nation. tomorrow on news nation i will talk with a former army blackhawk pilot that broke nearly all of his bones in a crash in afghanistan and he is part of a new campaign helping vets return to civilian life. hear his incredible story tomorrow on news nation and martin bashir is up next. hey sis,
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
>> obama has it in the bag. you think not. >> no, i don't. >> wake up, america, this is real. >> you're up 5, 6 points in the latest poll. there are a number of polls you're up by 1 point head to head. among independents up by 10 points. >> will you run for president in '16? >> you'll have a republican president. >> liberals in the past. >> those liberals. >> those old liberals are wrong. >> wake up. wake up, wake up, wake up. >> indeed. last night was a wake-up call and we have breaking news at this hour as we await the president reportedly endorsing same sex marriage in a key interview at the white house this afternoon. a quick moving development just hours after north carolina pass the a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions. the president giving an interview to abcs robin roberts and we


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