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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 15, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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switch? and if it isn't the hacking, it could be the cover up. rebekah brooks and her husband are charged today in the uk scandal. the first criminal charges there. and a high-powered couple replaces by france's new socialist president and the couple's first unmarried first lady. plus, the ladies of "the view" give president obama a pop culture pop quiz. >> what's the controversial sex book that's on millions of women's bedside tables? >> i don't know that. >> good. next? >> i'll ask michelle when i get home. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, who is better equipped to fix the economy? that is the battle ground and this week both sides are jockeying for advantage. susan is the washington bureau cheap for usa today and you have
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a new poll which has interesting data on both sides. each side can claim some victory here. >> one things we americans agree with is the economy at the moment is bad but americans are increasingly optimistic that it's getting better and they think their own financial circumstance is going to be better a year from now than it is today, which is good news for barack obama because we know the economy is the biggest single factor in president's winning re-election but also good news for mitt romney because americans have more faith in handling the economy and making it better than they do with president obama. >> now, on "the view," elisabeth asked the president how he would fix himself. this is the president obama on obama. >> so how do you grade yourself on, honestly, in terms of how you've done in terms of economics in this country? >> you know, i won't give us a letter grade. i think it's still incomplete.
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we still have work to do. what i can tell su that because of the steps we took, the economy is much stronger than it was when i came into office. >> now, as far as the usa today gallup poll, mitt romney gets a better mark on who would be better to fix the economy. >> so four years from now, if mitt romney is elected, 50% say yes. if president obama is ee reelected, 46 said that the economy would be improved. so clearly an advantage for mitt romney. we think that comes from her reputation as a guy who thinks that he has an experienced ceo. president obama still has an advantage among women, the gender gap favors obama? >> we still show a gender gap. women are strongly supportive of president obama by eight points over mitt romney. men, by three-point support. we continue to show the same gender gap that we've shown all
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year. >> barbara walters was asking on "the view," the criticism of mitt romney by the president's team that is he a rich guy who doesn't care about working people. let's watch that. >> there are some critics who say that mr. romney is a rich man who is out of touch. is that accurate? >> you know, my sense is that he loves his family, i think he's been very successful and we should applaud success in this country. but he has a different vision about how to move the country forward. his theory is that if you -- if you slash taxes even further, if you leave business, banks, whoever to do whatever it is they want, then everything will be okay. >> what you learn from your poll about what people think about who is sflich. >> well, we asked, is mitt
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romney rich? eight out of ten americans said yes. is president obama rich? six out of ten say that he's rich. and then we asked, is it good that there are rich people in the united states? 60% said yes. at least they have the opportunity to be doing those ranks themselves and become rich. >> the whole aspirational thing, it could backfire. susan page, thank you so much. >> thank you, andrea. there will be hearings held to examine what went wrong with jpmorgan's $2 billion mistake. on "the view," president obama talked about the high-risk strategy which was known as wall street's best-known management banks. >> jpmorgan is one of the best managed banks that there is. they still lost $2 billion and counting. since these banks are insured, backed up by taxpayers, we don't
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want you taking risks where eventually we might end up having to bail you out again. >> senator bob corker joins me now. senator, thank you very much. this is all going to come right in front of you. do you have any problem with the way that the president characterized this? >> no, not at all. i think andrea just in looking at the regulator's responses, this has been a very complex trade. i think all of us wanted to see higher capital standards in our financial institutions and fortunately jpmorgan has a huge capital base. this is a couple months of earnings. this is no threat to the system or threat to them. but i think all of us want to understand, you know, i think you know and household conversations you know that we have this thing called the volcker rule and the question is, if the volcker rule was fully implemented, would this trade have been permissible or
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not? and are these kinds of trades things that hedge against risk that the bank has in their portfolio or do they make them more risky and all of the regulators involved have sort of stepped back and said, you know, this is a really complex transaction. we're not really ready to weigh in. i just think it would be very good for the senate banking committee to have to dig into this issue to understand and to see that -- see the policies that we've creating have been appropriate. so i'm looking forward to that t looks like maybe the majority is going to grief for us to have a hearing and hopefully we will gain some understanding. >> he will with, the issue is, not to be too complex, was it a hedge or a proprietary trade? did the volcker rule apply and perhaps watered down the way it was jamie dimon.
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>> well, i think what you've just said is true. was this a trade or a proprietary he proprietary hedge, period. i know that you follow these things carefully. we had one hearing on volcker and it was really a personality hearing where he came in. there was no other discussion and it became law and i think what's happened in realtime -- and i know that you know that the regulators are prom gating these rules. there's been comments from industry and others and here in realtime we have this episode that, again, is not life threatening or anything but it's an episode that says, what have we really done here and, again, are these vehicles things that help hit gate risk or are they not? and one thing that i think comes out loud and clear, any time you have human beings involved, mistakes are going to be involved. in businesses there are going to be wins and losses. these capital standards are the things that help us, you know,
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soften those blows and ensure that the large institutions helped ensure that they stayed healthy glt fact is that jpmorgan chase was well capitalized. there are other banks that could have easily gotten involved in this kind of complex trade and not been as well capitalized and take a big loss and actually jeopardize the system again and the question that occurs to me was there were 40 regulators from the federal reserve embedded in jpmorgan, went to work there every day. how could they not have spotted this? how could jamie dimon not have spotted this? how could the folks that work under him not have known and it was risky rather than hedging against further risk? if it's that complicated and regulators did not see it that there were there, don't we need to have a better regulatory system. >> well, again, you can't regulate all risk out.
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you don't want to do that. otherwise you end up with -- >> jamie dimon himself has again told shareholders this was stupid. >> yeah. >> so i know you can't regulate all risk. banking is risky business. it needs to be risky. but this is stupid. >> i won't agree with you. we have been talking to jpmorgan about this since we first began hearing about a london trade and there's no question that this caught jpmorgan off guard. there are engs pla nations about what have occurred here have evolved and so this definitely caught them off guard. i think it's caught the regulators off guard and there's another part of this bill called title 7 that talks about clearing houses for derivatives and there's been some speculation that if that were more active, there would be signals and it's a really good
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time for us to examine these policies and really answer the question for things that are laid out and give us an understanding of where we ought to be in this policy making place. >> let me ask you one more quick question before i let you go. i know you need to go. the size of the banks. jpmorgan is now bigger than it was before the crash. the other banks are bigger than they were. do we have to downsize these banks to hedge against further risk for potential risk of the taxpayer? >> well, you know, i think you know that i was really involved in dodd frank and yet i voted against it and it was for the rereason that you're bringing up. i really saw what we were doing was going to cause the big banks to get bigger and really put a pressure and cause them not to be competitive. a lot of people have said, if we had glass in place, this
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couldn't have occurred. the regulators i've talked to if volcker was fully implemented, some regulators were saying not so. some people were saying, like you, maybe if the banks were smaller but they would still -- it would just be an order of magnitude difference and even though they were smaller they would still have these kinds of risks to deal with. i don't know that we've come up with the right policy yet but i think all of these questions are interesting and i think we ought to have continual hearings to make sure that we end up striking the right balance between a system that really supports our economy and we don't try to regulate out all risk but we do those things to make sure that the taxpayer aren't at risk and, again, in live time, in the middle of all these things being prom mull gated by the regulators, we've had this issue come up and i
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think all of the questions are legitimate and certainly pose the fact that we need to have a serious hearing on this to really understand what has happened since no one really knows on the regulator's side, or at least they have not comfort, no one really understands exactly what happened. >> i sure don't. but -- >> let's have a hearing and see. >> senator corker, hang in for just a second. i want you to hear this because there's now another endorsement for mitt romney and listen to this in terms of back-handed endorsement. former president george w. bush in town today has broken his month-long silence about the republican presidential race and the rorning abc was there that president bush said as an elevator door was closing today, i am for mitt romney as he was leaving an event. he made that endorsement just as the elevator doors closed. now we know the former president is endorsing the republican
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nominee. >> i'm sure that's not any surprise to andrea mitchell at all. >> not at all. but thank you. senator corker, thank you so much. thanks for being with us today. and the attack on bain capital with the head of the pro obama super pac coming up. and we'll go live to syria where there has been another bombing. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. still have doubts about taking aspirin for tough pain?
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four walls and a roof is a structure. what's inside is a home. home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance, where the cost to both repair your house and replace what's inside are covered. so your life can settle right back into place. to learn more, visit today. the pro obama super pac is trying to portray romney as a candidate who cares more about
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profits than the workers. spending nearly $800,000 in five battleground states focusing on the steel company in missouri. >> romney's objective was to make money. whether the companies that made money or not was ir rerelevant. bain capital always made money. it's as simple as that. he will give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. >> incidentally, cons didn'tly or not, the obama campaign proved its own television ad on that same subject, out for only one day in the same five states. coordination, that would be wrong. bill burton, it's about the same steel company. how does that happen? >> when you have mitt romney running for president, you're going to talk about bain. it's not that big of a surprise. if you talk to some of these workers, they would say it's a fair analogy. they had their lively hoods ripped from them by a company
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led by mitt romney who stripped the company down to all of itsing a sets and put the workers out on the street with no jobs. >> bill, to paraphase bill ratner who did the auto bailout successfully, he said, that's not a fair characterization. it could be a fair characterization of that one company but the overall record of bain is more winners than losers. it was creating more jobs than not. the whole turnover of what he did at bain capital, he had a remarkable record. i'm just saying what the experts said. >> there are a lot of people who said the way mitt romney made his money is fine and nobody is saying that you shouldn't be
1:19 pm
able to make money but what he was doing was about job creation. that is not true. what he was doing was wealth creation and jobs meant nothing. and whether or not jobs were gained or lost, mitt romney made money and it's a whole different system than the capitalism that you and i and most people participated in. for bain capital and mit rom me when they went in, they made money. no matter what, no matter what the cost to middle class families, mitt romney made money. and whether or not that helps him become president of the united states. >> should president obama should not have been at the home of a big hedge fund blackstone group? raising money in new york last night? >> well, he's running for president against mitt romney and mitt romney's decisions are on trial here and the american people get a chance to decide whether his time in private business, where he was making millions and his partners were making bill minutes would make him a better president of the united states. we already saw when he was
1:20 pm
governor of massachusetts, they went from 37th down to 47th in job creation and what's he going to do for the whole country? if he's president. >> are you surprised in the results of the gallup poll which indicate that mitt romney has an advantage on who would be better to fix the economy? and people think that mitt romney and six out of ten think that mitt romney is rich and don't think it's a bad thing to be rich. >> well, i don't think president obama if he were here would be say it's bad to be rich. mitt romney is doing fine, he's doing fine. nobody is saying that's the wrong thing. the economy is going to be in a better place, the underlying point is that the american people are hopeful and you have mitt romney in iowa and a place where unemployment is the lowest that it is in the country. so he has a tough road to ho,
1:21 pm
especially where they are doing better than -- >> before i let you go, i want to revisit your analogy in your opening answer here. you're not suggesting that anything that happened with the steel company in missouri was criminal. why compare mitt romney and what he did at bairn capital to don dillinger. >> in fact, what most americans think th think is that the rules are rigged against them. the problem is that he didn't break any rules. and that everything that he did was perfectly legal. but the question is whether or not him operating in a perfectly legal way would be making him. >> thank you. >> thank you, andrea. what will ron paul's role be at the convention?
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ron paul is effectively suspending his campaign. the long-time republican said that he will no longer campaign in upcoming primary states. joining me now is ken from politico. he has been going to caucus states in particular and really rolling up delegates that people had thought were in the romney camp. >> that's right, andrea. his statement was kind of vague but also what he didn't say left some clues as to what he's trying to do here. he said he's not going to campaign in states that have not yet voted leaving open the possibility that he's going to continue to campaign and have a
1:26 pm
presence in states that have voted and actually allocate delegates. as you've noted, he's done pretty well through the convention process. he's actually won the plurality of delegates in maine and nevada and we should expect them to continue to push to have success in other states where the processes is ongoing. >> in fact, he actually may have come out ahead in iowa. iowa may have another winner, a third winner, because he had his people go and work that convention that comes so many months after the caucuses and a total of 104 delegates which isn't bad considering the relatively little amount of money that he's spent. >> that's right. he's actually done very well and that's because he has this energy. this very devoted group of core supporters who are going to continue to stick it out through these convention processes.
1:27 pm
however, that also has a downside. we've seen their enthusiasm boil over to disorderly incidents, including one recently where they booed one of mitt romney's sons speaking on behalf of mitt romney and ron paul's supporters are very concerned that these instances could actually diminish some of what he's accomplished during his primary campaign. >> ken vogel, they are true believes, the ron paul supporters. they are not going away. thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea? which former secretary of state was subjected to a ttsa patdown? in this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. seem like the stf of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals,
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john edwards. the defense is on day two of his defense of misusing campaign couldn contributions to hide his affair with rielle hunter. henry kissinger was patted down at laguardia. he was in a wheelchair when a tsa worker patted down the former and celebrating another new york bestselling winner prague winter. rebekah brooks, her husband, and four others were charged today with trying to conceal evidence from the police. brooks faces three separate allegations equivalent to u.s. charges of obstruction of justice with a possibility of penalty of life behind bars. she responded publicly to the
1:32 pm
charges that she calls baffling. >> one day the details of this case will emerge and people will see today as nothing more than an expensive sideshow, a waste of public money as a result of an injust and weak decision. >> rebekah brooks accompanied by her husband. jim maceda is with us in london. there are all of these parallel inquiries and this is the criminal case which has now been lodged against her. >> that's right. and we know that these accusations, andrea, are serious. they stem from the second arrest back in march, if you'll recall, in connection with what they are calling here the preversion of justice of british jargon for a coverup. she's accused with her husband charlie and four other aides to hiding computers and documents
1:33 pm
and hard drives, that kind of material from scotland yard back when the phone hacking scandal exploded back in july. rebekah brooks and charlie brooks -- you saw them making that defiant statement to the cameras. charlie brooks went on to say that they have been made scapegoat and the pressure on his wife is like a -- and i quote -- a witch hunt. rebekah brooks angry that her husband and staff and two security people have been dragged into this unjustly. the six accused will be charged formally in a court at some later date. if they are tried and convicted, as you suggested in your lead, andrea, they could face years, even life. back to you. >> jim, before we let you go, i know you covered the french elections. so let me take you across the channel. today was the official transition of power and you had
1:34 pm
nicolas sarkozy leaving and the first socialist president coming into power and, of course, his not wife but the new first lady of france, they are not married. this is not a big deal and he came in and riding a wave of public anger, high unemployment, low to no growth at all and valerie i'm getting used to the name, came with him today to effectively take the keys of the palace, of course, in hollande's case, it was the key to the nuclear weapons code. two strange things happened out of his control today. first of all, while he was riding along to go and light the two of the unknown soldier, he was absolutely drenched by rain but it got much worse on his
1:35 pm
flight to berlin. he was to dine with andrea merkel. both were very anxious to smooth out the rough angles over how to treat the debt crisis. hollande's plane was hit by lightning and had to turn back but now it's been reported that it's heading towards berlin. >> my goodness. that is really incredible. thank you, jim. good to see you. meanwhile, the violence in syria spilling over into lebanon. it's threatening to evolve into a much bigger come r conflict. dozens have been wounded by
1:36 pm
syrian soldiers. >> you've been on the ground now -- there was another bombing in syria against a car and u.n. monitors. it seems that the whole u.n. initiative is on life support there. >> absolutely. when you ask people how did they rate the u.n. plan in the first place and they will tell you, yes, any number of those people has not stopped the killing entirely and that in itself is the clear indication that it has all but failed. and among many people here and in the region, the fault lines could spill over and cause more problems in lebanon as we've seen over the past several days and that is really the seriousness at which the peace plan now finds itself in. many assessments are that it is
1:37 pm
slowly unraveling and they have not been able to slow it. and came under attack and indeed the latest evidence that violence still continues here in syria. andrea? >> thank you very much. be safe. >> the obama campaign and its super pac both attacking mitt romney. joining me now is romney adviser kevin madden. the bain capital attacks, bill burton from the super pac priorities compared what bain did with one steel company in missouri to what john dillinger had done. when i pressed him on it, he said he's not alleging anything that either broke rules or laws. but this attack is certainly
1:38 pm
zeroing in. >> they are extremely scornful of business at a time where we need businesses to strive and they are extremely scornful of the private industry and private capital industry when we need capital to flow. so i think what you're seeing right now is we're seeing it as an opportunity to talk on the issue arena of the economy which is central to what i think voters are going to use to decide whether or not they want to rehire president obama given the poor performance of the economy and lacking the job creation to put the economy back on track and have better employment numbers, i think it's clear when they see governor romney's record on this and their experience in the private sector as well as a successful governor as well as somebody pointing towards the future and giving everybody an agenda that that's going to put us in a big
1:39 pm
position. >> president obama was on "the view" and the ladies asked him about his posture on business. >> governor romney, and the financial industry have been arguing that this is unnecessary, that this is impeding capital formation, it's making it harder to lepd to businesses, et cetera. it's my strong belief that we need to have vigorous enforcement of these rules that just passed. >> doesn't jpmorgan chase -- let me button this down by showing you what governor romney had to say to an affiliate on the day that jpmorgan chase story broke. >> the president's program, this dodd frank is far too massive. it's weighing down the financial services sector and frightening the sector, making it harder for this economy to reboot.
1:40 pm
>> don't we want to frighten the sector to do other things that others could not? it's a complex trade. there's a problem. >> i think that is the difference. i think that this administration and this president, they look at whether they will frighten or punish. we want to incentivize good behavior, smart risk, and incentivize formation of capital and you have to look at what went wrong and i don't think that this means that you have to go out and punish business. and senator corker was on the problem earlier and i think the
1:41 pm
difference between governor romney and president obama on the issue of regulations is that president obama is looking at a very punitive argument and what are the most start efficient regulations in order to invent advise businesses to grow and hire? that's the big difference. >> actually, what president obama said was that jamie dimon was one of the smartest barvnke around, that he came through the crisis better than others. he wasn't slamming them. he was just saying if it's too complicated for them to get it, don't we have a problem? >> absent the jpmorgan example, this is a president that has talked about businesses and the private sector and industry as fat cats and making too much money and i think looking at the tax regime in a punitive way to what is american success and businesses that need to thrive and i think that's a fundamental difference that we're going to have to have. >> we've always said that we're
1:42 pm
happy to have president bush. i don't think it comes as a surprise to everybody but of course. >> i didn't see it coming in a great big moment as the elevator door closed. >> this is a contest between president obama and governor romney. >> got it. >> good to have you. >> thank you so much. an inspiring success story. and a special note, on wednesday we'll bring a conversation with the reverend joel hunter, one of president obama's closest spiritual advisers. pastor hunter told the president while he does not agree with his position, he will continue to help president obama on matters of faith. starts relieving pain r and kills more types of infectious bacteria. neosporin® plus pain relief. for a two dollar coupon, visit
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more confrontational and definitive. i'll speak with ryan grim about the top five examples that the websites uses as proof of the president's strategy. also, president obama took a little time to enjoy "the view." our panel will weigh in on the president's interview that just took place. well, what you didn't see behind the scenes of "the view," i'll speak with courtney about that and jamie dimon keeps his title and cash after a big jpmorgan shareholders' meeting just wrapped up. when you talk about the american dream t. brings to mind the classic immigrant experience coming to the promise land and realizing the dream never has that been truer than in the story of gac filipaj. he arrived finding a job as a custodian at columbia university. after holding down a full-time job and clearing trash and
1:47 pm
taking courses in the classics this week on sunday, in fact, he received his degree from the elite ivy league university. gac is now a university of columbia graduate. thank you so much and congratulations. i am so thrilled to meet you. i've been reading about you. your story is simply inspiring. let me ask you about the study of classics and how you managed to study for all those years while holding down a full-time job. >> yes. i worked the second shift in the afternoons in order so i can take classes during the day and when most of the time after i returned home after work after midnight, that was the best time and the time that i actually effectively studied. >> what was the emotions when you were walking in the
1:48 pm
procession, frankly, for you, walking through that campus where you had worked for so many decades, wearing the robes, the beautiful blue robes of columbia university, what did it feel like? >> it feels great. it feels that time for reward for so many years of hard work is right there. >> and what about your fellow graduates? the classmates, first of all, knew that you were working, did they know that you were working so hard doing double duty? >> some of them did and some of them did not and whenever it happened a couple of times that my classmates came to the hall
1:49 pm
where the building i worked and saw me in the uniform and pushing the working truck or mopping or using dust pan and broom, they quite surprised but they -- i believe they were even more respectful towards me knowing what kind of job i do and what kind of school i go to. >> what do you plan to do with your degree? your degree is in classics, i assume in greek and latin. what are your plans now? >> my plans are to look for a better job at job at columbia. i would like to stay at columbia. if i can make it to enroll to master's program, i would like to continue my education to go further. >> well, you are all of our american dream. and a real hero and we thank you and good luck to you. with your next studies. and i hope you can take a little bit of a rest now that you have achieved this important goal. >> thank you very much.
1:50 pm
i will take for a bit, a rest and then i will see and start and hopefully i will be able to go on. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. and what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance. ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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1:54 pm
while people feel that the economy is getting better, they do think that, particularly "the new york times" poll, that mitt romney is the one who can better handle the economy, better handle the deficits. so this is a good way for the former governor to try to change the rgs could have away from social issues, such as same sex marriage, and back to where they think they have the edge over the president. that's the economy. >> let me ask you one of the quotes from his speech this afternoon in iowa that they have prereleased for us to use. a prairie fire of debt is sweeping across iowa and our nation. that fire could care less if you have a donkey or an he will fan in your front lawn. it is still coming to your house. >> cute. i mean, mitt romney is right. and as we've seen here in washington, there is one, it is one thing to say that on the campaign trail. it is another to be here in washington as a sitting president, as a sitting member of the house or the senate to actually do something about
1:55 pm
those deficits. so mitt romney were to actually become president of the united states, he will find out very quickly that it is a lot easier to say these things on the campaign trail than to actually accomplish them in office. >> jonathan capehart. good to see you. that does it for us. tomorrow on the show, president obama's spiritual adviser, the reverend joel hunter. plus, senator joseph lieberman and mayor antonio villaraigosa. in our next hour, the "huffington post" says president obama is taking a page from the gop playbook by being more confrontational and definitive. we'll look at the top five examples listed as proof of this strategy. ryan graham from the "huffington post" will join me live and president obama took a little time to enjoy "the view." plus, what you did not see on your television screen. courtney hazelet was actually in
1:56 pm
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this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. hi, everyone. the "news nation" is following the tuesday tango or tussle over the economy. both mitt romney and barack obama are drawing lines when it comes to the economy but in very different venues. in the next hour, romney is expected to deliver a speech in iowa where he will say, quote, a prairie fire full of debt is sweeping through the state and the nation. while president obama's interview aired a short time ago at abc's "the view," interesting comments from him. it is the second day in a row the president directed his message to a large audience of women. it was the all female barnard college on monday.


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