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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 15, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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chance to define his opponents' fiscal views with "the view." >> his theory is if you slash taxes even further, if you leave business, banks, whoever to do what they want, then everything will be okay. time. what makes him think it will work this time. >> that's my argument. ultimately the great thing is the american people will settle it. >> let me bring in strategist jimmy williams and real clear politics reporter, erin, thank you both. erin, let me start with you. we'll hit on the fact yesterday the president was with a younger group of women. barnard college, toward get out there and get their first jobs. the audience watching the view, women already programs in the work force, struggling to get back in or watching their husband or significant other maybe out of work as well. the strategy, two days in a row, hitting up the women. >> he is. and of course, president obama needs to win women in order to
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win the election. he needs to win them by a big margin. he would have been them in 2008. but in order to beat mitt romney, who is winning men, the president needs to win women in battleground states specifically. you see him targeting suburban women in all the battleground states. they're using barack obama on the campaign trail. very effectively to talk about the couple's personal struggles and how they relate as parents, as people who had student loans eight years ago. inle ways, they're targeting their message on a family oriented basis. >> and jimmy, the president talked about same sex marriage after being asked about the question but he seemed to want to stay on the economy. let me play what he had to say. >> there are some very stark differences, legitimate differences between the candidates and between the parties in terms of how we are going to make sure that everybody in this country gets a fair shot. every kid is getting a great education. how we create businesses, how we
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create more jobs. that ultimate lay will be what determines how this election goes. >> he is trying the line in this soft venue. not because it is geared toward women but a more casual chat so you can lay these facts out. the distinguished differences between the two. >> the president looks very relatable. when you see him in this sort of a setting, he is doing something remarkably interesting. he is to mothers. mothers matter. mothers swing elections. we all know this. women 30 to 50 are the women that made the difference when's it -- they have the last three elections. the last three election cycles. but also, he said something about fairness. the fairness equation. what do moms do? they talk about being fair. they tell this to their daughters and sons. women will make this election. and i completely agree with erin. the theory of what women do in battle ground states, north carolina, ohio, virginia, florida, wisconsin, minnesota, those are the states that matter and don't think for a second that the obama campaign has a micro targeted literally by the
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block exactly where those women are and how to get them out. that was a very good thing to do. >> i want to talk about mitt romney releasing his speech early. he is expected to speak in about an hour. let me bring in courtney hazelet. courtney was in the audience when they taped this "view" yesterday. you were trying to gauge the audience. what did you see on the screen? >> what you do see is this very friendly not hostile at all environment for him to be relatable. as people are shuffling in and out, being inconvenienced by the long waits and securities, you have a jovial crowd who is saying, i might not agree with obama's politics but i love the fact that i got to see this side of him. one of the other things that he discussed on the show was volunteering to coach his daughters' basketball team. about how michelle obama doesn't let him get away with anything. all these things. have the title 9. >> he brought up the anniversary of title 9 and how important that was and how at the end of the day, all these different things ctribute to what he sees as the big goal and that is
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if you live in america, no matter what you look like, you have a fair shake. that's what comes across, no matter what you thought of him going into these tapings. >> that's what you read from some of the people that you had a chance to talk to. >> that's what people were saying. leaving the show. and it doesn't hurt that this is an environment where gets to be charismatic and he doesn't have to go along with the speech and have a big crowd. it is just about 200 people. an intimate setting. >> let me bring in what mitt romney is saying. a different setting but nonetheless, the route he has chosen today. part of speech that has been released. mr. romney, governor romney will say a prairie fire of debt is sweeping across iowa and our nation. and our first read team points out the contrast here. iowa has a 5.2, i believe, unemployment rate which is basically one of the lowest, if not the lowest. so you're making this argument in an area or a part of the country that certainly is not suffering like michigan, for example. >> exactly. and it is a bit of a pivot.
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not only does iowa have this lower unemployment rate. so does new hampshire. so does ohio where some of the obama policies like the auto bailout have helped workers in ohio. they've lowered the unemployment rate. he has to pivot to talk about debt. honestly, tamron, is a good issue for him. in massachusetts when he was governor, he started out with a $3 billion deficit and he moved that to a $2 billion surplus. so as the economy slowly recovers and opportunity employment rate goes down, he has to shift a little bit to talk about the deficit and the debt in order to have a good contrast against the president. >> another excerpt from the speech. today america faces another financial debt and what it means to be american. here in the heartland, you know your heart, that is wrong. we can spend another four years talking about solving a problem that we can only make worse every day. he is talking about the heart and what you know. this is contrasted against that powerful ad released by team obama. now being put up in a number of battleground states by his super
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pac where you see the heart of america, a guy who work at the steel mill saying mitt romney and his company came in and they tore us apart and left us with nothing. with that said, how long can everything with this message as opposed to directly hitting the bain capital problem that hovers over his head and that also helped newt gingrich put up a good fight in south carolina, your home state. >> right. a year ago all we talk about was debt, debt, debt. and for a long while now, we have not talked about that. here it comes back. this is not happen stance. this is a pretty good message for mitt romney. what do women have to do every single day when they get home? they have to look at their checkbooks. go online, balance the budgets and make sure they have enough money to go to the grocery store. especially single moms. this is a smart ploy. contrast that -- >> but he is not doing well polling with single moms. >> he's not. but he sees this as an opening. i think it is a slender opening but if he can thread the needle, it is a smart way to go.
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compare that to the obama campaign, the bain capital thing. i happen to think that that was a bit, i don't like that ad. >> you might not like it but some see it as being effective and will he have to come out. >> it goes back to the fairness issue. >> nam out in this new usa today gallup poll showing one year later, 58% of the people out there believe the economy will be in a good situation and a good place, jimmy. >> that's good. in the sense, we all think in one year we're in a better place. we thought that a year ago and we are. it is just not happening fast enough. that is that same, that's where romney has that window. that small sliver of a window. debt. we're not where we should be. obama made it worse, et cetera, et cetera. i don't know that it is a great message, especially if the economy continues to pick up. >> speaking of best message, left me pivot back to courtney as well as erin, since we're talking about female voters here and an effective way to reach this group will make a difference. does romney need to go and show a lighter side on "the view"
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while weaving in a message of, i can fix this economy. >> i think it is essential. mitt romney has been on the view but it was part of a book tour. it wasn't any environment like what obama had yesterday. he has to go on the view on, those morning shows. he has done the cop ten list on letterman but even that is not the right, to hit this type of audience that will be so essential. >> does he need to? what does the show say? show a little side of the view or something? you need to show that point of view? >> i think so. but the romney campaign wants to keep the focus on the president and his record. they're trying not to get so much into mitt romney and his personal side. sure, they'll show ann romney. >> but not telling stories about how it was growing up but being able to talk about the economy as the president did today in that forum. not taking the substance out of it. i'm not saying going to how, what i ate for lunch yesterday but talking about the economy in
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a more, i guess, warm environment if that makes sense. >> and how it relates back to him and his family. and i tried to ask the campaign this today. in the last couple of days. i haven't gotten a response really yet. the president keeps using his daughters. malia and sasha to talk about their aspirational goals. he talks about michelle and their own struggles as a family. he talks about life as a parent. what it is like to raise kids in this economy. he is doing fine at a president. he does speak in personal material where mitt romney doesn't. will we see him do it? he might have to. that's where the likability gap is between barack obama and mitt romney. barack obama talks about his personal life in many ways and mitt romney just doesn't. >> what you're doing, even if you don't delve into those more deeply personal shows, what you're could go by going on these shows is getting an audience who is not watching town hall meetings. they're not necessarily watching cable news. they might have the tv on while
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doing something with the kids or straightening up. it is a completely different set of people. and that's yith it is essential regardless of what he talks about. you're going to get in front of people you would not have gotten in front of otherwise. >> thank you so much. great pleasure. is president obama taking a page from the gop play book? that's the question. the "huffington post" seem to believe it has the answer saying the president has been more confrontational and definitive. they have a list before six things they point to as proof. plus, a new poll shows president obama slightly trailing mitt romney in the general election. but the president's approval rating is at 50%. first read says this new poll number out in the head to head match-up is one of those things that makes go, hmmm, why do they say that? n. news senior political editor will join me live. we'll get into that number and see what mark comes up with. and a wild ride for france's new president hours after he was sworn in.
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francois's plane was hit by lightning while on his way to berlin to talk to the german chancellor. the plane turn around and went back to paris. the new president got on to a second plane bound for germany. what a first day, right? [ fabriflapping in wind ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever. nissan. innovation for all. ♪
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back to politics and president obama's strategy to become only the second democrat to win reelection since fdr. is the president taking pages from the gop play book to get four more years? the huff post howard fineman wrote, it is more confrontational and definitive than the model used by bill clinton who won election twice but never with an outright majority. essentially by blurring his
2:15 pm
party's differences with a conservative gop. let's bring in "huffington post" washington bureau chief ryan grimm in. he has pointed out this was an article written by howard fineman but he writes down some of the items he said to consider from this play book. first describe the gop play book, how it was rensing? >> well, it is one that is aggressive. it employs cultural wedge issues and it exploits national security in a way that democrats are generally uncomfortable with. but we've seen democrats, we've seen obama do that a couple time already. he was asked, romney says that you're weak on defense. you're not able to make a decision. obama shot back, oh, yeah? ask osama bin laden. that's not the kind of thing that a stereotypical kind of weak-kneed liberal would say. so in many ways he has adopted some of these more aggressive tactics. >> again, the wording was
2:16 pm
confrontational and definitive. was howard referencing the definitive part when discussing same sex marriage? >> sure. both same sex marriage and immigration. typically, democrats are the ones that are getting hit with the wedge issues like they did in 2004 with same sex marriage. they got hit with crime and with welfare all throughout the 80s. so much so they just completely threw their hands up and basically gave up defending welfare. and so instead of that posture, you have obama defending same sex marriage. and you have him calling republicans basically bigots for their immigration position. trying to box them into a corner in a way that democrats really haven't tried to do as howard said, generations. >> also, howard points out, paint your foe as out of the main stream. and mitt romney being an elitist. we started the week talking about this two-minute bain ad
2:17 pm
and now the pro obama super pac. it is now going up in five different states. colorado, ohio, pennsylvania, and virginia. with its own so-called bain ad going after mitt romney and his business pass and not in the way he would like. >> sure. romney is simply unable to connect. say whatever you want about george bush but he was kind of an affable guy. he was easy to hate for his policies but even a lot of people that disliked him, disliked him as a president would say, yeah, i guess he seems like a nice guy. eight years in, that kind of, that kind of didn't wear very well. with mitt romney, there is no sense of that. there is no sense that he could sit down and say, talk about college basketball like the president does. and he really exploits that. sitting down for an interview with espn and as noonly about
2:18 pm
sports as any spb commentator. >> to be spare, people aren't voting for your knowledge of sports. we would be doomed if that was the case. with that said, ryan, with all of the things outlined in this piece, we know even the president acknowledged on "the view" during his interview this will be a tight race. with all of those things that howard woints out, he may be doing right or doing the gop way and fighting. it is still very tight. whether you believe the latest polling out or not, this is what the president and his team has clearly indicated they are expecting. >> right. and look at the things that he is fighting on. immigration, same sex marriage, national security. you did not hear the economy mention asked that's for a very obvious reason. the economy is in the tank. and so no matter how effective the president might be as a campaigner, for people who are going to make this a referendum on the economy, he is going to be in serious trouble no matter what. >> all right. "huffington post" ryan grim.
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good to see you. >> see you later. developing news, a big meeting. have you heard? of jpmorgan shareholders. they just wrapped it up. and jamie dimon gets to keep his title and his $23 million pay package. but what's happened to his reputation? plus, the latest call for reform. and as much has been said about mitt romney and president obama's years in grade schools in college, believe it or not there is one guy who went to school with both president obama and governor romney. and he is talking. we've got what he has to say about these men. first in today's money minute. [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard
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some developing news.
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the fbi in new york is leading a justice department inquiry into jpmorgan chase's $2 billion trading loss. the bank is head quartered in new york. meantime, the firm held its annual shareholders' meeting in florida and the share holders give a major vote of confidence to ceo jamie dimon. they endorsed his $23 million pay package and voted to keep hill as chairman of the board. i should point out the fbi says it is not a criminal investigation but this is just a part of trying to piece together what the bank did here using its own money. not taxpayers' money but nevertheless, it is a concern. second federal agency looking into this trade. the securities and exchange commission is also examining it and that is the bad news today for jpmorgan. good news down at the share holders' meeting. they expected big fire work. there were very few. about a handful of protesters. as you said, the executive pay package was overwhelmingly approved by a 91% of the share
2:24 pm
holders voting in favor of not only paying jamie dimon $23.1 million but also the chief invest many officer who yesterday was forced to retire because of the $2 million loss in those complex trades that were done out of the london office. her pay package, $15.5 million. one thing that was not discussed was the issue of clawbacks and that's where they could actually take money from people. somebody like ina drew and say, no, you caused us to lose money so we're going to take some of your compensation away. that's called a clawback. dimon said after the meeting he told a group of reporters that yes, those are under consideration. but there is no definitive word on when that might happen. >> as mentioned, president obama did a wide interview to view. quite naturally this mess with jpmorgan came up. >> jpmorgan is one of the best
2:25 pm
managed banks there is. jamie dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we've got and they still lost $2 billion and could you pleasing. it will be investigated. this is why we passed wall street reform. >> jamie dimon talked about the relationship between this administration and business. he has some questions as a democrat, whether this administration has been good or pro business. and his timing is very questionable to some. >> it's horrible for jamie dimon. he has been very outspoken about how the white house has handled this financial crisis i. he feel the white house has put way too much blame on the banks and big business. and he is very upset about that. he has also been leading the charge for loosening regulations, for not having as tight of restrict on the trading. on these risk making ventures that the bank got involved in. so for him this timing could not be worse. and not only bad for him but
2:26 pm
from the banking industry point of view, it is bad all along. he was the one person who was untarnished until last week. >> as the president noted. what are we at with these dual investigations? >> i think you're looking to see if there's any criminal activity and how this impacts jamie dimon's investigation. >> thank you very much. great pleasure seeing you. developing news in the john edwards trial. will john and elizabeth edwards' daughter kate take the stand? and why she is considered a key witness for the defense. california is in the red to the tune of $16 billion. governor jerry brown proposed severe cuts to welfare and health care for the poor. but critics say they are going way too far. it is our "news nation" gut check. >> plus, be sure to check out our "news nation" tumblr page.
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the new poll the obama campaign is calling, quote, flawed. the poll is leading romney leading by three points. that is within the four-point margin of error but the same poll has the president's approval rating at 50%. many wonder how half of those polled approve of the president's performance. yet when he goes head to head against romney, he gets 43%. today on the daily rundown, the obama campaign dismissed the poll as unreliable. >> we can't put the methodology of that poll aside. the methodology was significantly biased. it was sampled, a bias sample so they rebiased the same sample. >> senior political editor mark murray joins me live. we heard there the methodology
2:31 pm
being questioned. what is the methodology of this particular poll? >> it was important to know it was a callback survey. a normal poll you is get about 1,000 people. you doitd scientifically. you're able to call them on their phone or cell phones and get their results. with this new york times cbs poll was, they actually called back people they had interviewed back in april before president obama's gay marriage announcement. they were able to reach about two-thirds of the folks that they had interviewed back in april and they had a group of 568 registered voters. so they were not able to contact everybody. and that's where some of the people say is one of the shortcomings of a callback survey. you're not dealing with a big pool of registered voters or respondents. >> we know politicians like to say they don't pay attention to the polls. there is clear indication that this particular poll certainly got their attention. what stands out to you and why the methodology doesn't gel?
2:32 pm
>> they were on the defensive and it is never a good place to be on the defensive in campaigns. you want to be able to cite polls that put your campaign and candidacy in favorable light. what is interesting about this survey, it is the first national poll that was taken after president obama's gay marriage announcement. it also comes after the president's campaign kickoff. the osama bin laden kickoff. the anniversary, the april jobs report. a lot of people, there has not been a poll since all those events and people are a little skittish about what everything shows. one thing that was eyebrow rating is that president obama's approval rating is at 50% among all adults in the poll. he trails mitt romney 46-43% among registered voters. normally that job approval rating and that president's top line in the ballot on the head to head ballot are normally one and the same. so that was a little bit curious. i will say that the colleagues over at new york times cbs poll,
2:33 pm
they have a very good poll and as somebody who does nbc, helps out with the poll, people always like to criticize when they don't like the numbers. >> absolutely. you're coming out with a new poll in about ten days. >> in about a week. it will be really interesting. i think it is important for the viewers to note that one poll doesn't tell the whole story. it is very important is what all the polls look like. when you see work the three, four five polls all showing the same thing, you have an idea where the race is at that point in time. >> all right. mark murray, look forward seeing the your poll when it comes out in about a week. >> nbc news has launched a new politics app for your ipad to bring you inside the 2012 election. you will find the interactive battleground map. videos and game from the best team in politics. download the app at the app store. to one of those strange but two political ads. what are the odds that one man would have gone to school not only with president obama but also mitt romney.
2:34 pm
sydney barthwell attended the exclusi exclusive cranbrook school in romney and later. he was not considered one of the top scholars and said that romney was a bit of a prankster. he added barack obama is a very nice guy. a smart guy. he is a magistrate in misch. thanks for your time. >> good afternoon. >> let me start out with asking, how did you find mr. barthwell? did he come out with his story or was this somebody through research you discovered? >> it was kind of through both. i actually have, i actually have a couple of acquaintances, really good friends of mine in detroit who web to cranbrook. and that alumni base is very, very, very tight. so they okayly all speak to each other. and i happened to get word that mr. barthwell was the lone
2:35 pm
african-american classmate of mitt romney and we just kind of made a couple phone call and he was more than willing to tell the story. >> speaking of the story, i'll zero in on this cranbrook school on many reasons because of the "washington post" report last week. this is the school where this alleged incident happened where mitt romney, according to the report, participated in this hazing or bullying of this student. the family of that student has rejected the story saying it was a political agenda. but did mr. barthwell call or know anything about this story? >> he honestly said he didn't recall much about it. but he also said he was that really surprised that it could have happened. the whole thing was, he said, it probably was essentially a very bad idea of a prank. it was a prank that wasn't well thought out but it was really a bunch of teenage boys doing what really, doing what teenage boys do and it turned out that it
2:36 pm
became a really, really bad idea that kind of spiraled. nobody figured 47 years later that it would suddenly show up in the "washington post" and become a massive story that would fall the same day the president makes his statement about same sex marriage. but it all kind of ran together. i guess what he wanted to say, what magistrate barthwell wanted to say was that while that may have, while that may have occurred, that was not a real reflection on here felt mitt romney was. it is just a couple of teenagers just acting like teenagers. >> now fast forward from grade school to college. this guy ends up being classmate of now president obama. the quote was, he is a very, very smart, nice guy. what else did he say? >> he said that now, the way that it happened. people are trying to figure out how it hampden. barthwell graduated in 1965. he didn't start law school until 1987. magistrate barthwell said he dropped out.
2:37 pm
he didn't go to college. he dropped out after a couple years to work in new york and eventually work for his father who own numerous drug stores here in the city of detroit before finally going back to school in 1984 and finishing his undergrad. he shows up at harvard and by chance meets the future president obama a year later when he starts and they worked together on a couple of law reviews and with mr. barthwell being from here in detroit and president obama coming from chicago. he said they used to ride each other about the pistons and bulls in the late '80s. he said that president obama was a really down to earth guy. the quote that i best recall is he said that in a city of upright people, he really, really stood out amongst everyone else. a really genuinely good person. >> it seems that he has fond memories of both these men. did you ask about the politics of it all? who is he voting for? has he made his mind up? >> he's keeping his mouth shut,
2:38 pm
partially because of his position as a judge. you don't want to put too much of that out there. he said he had a great relationship with president obama. had a very solid relationship with mitt romney. >> okay. you know what? i think it was a great report and it is intriguing. you always hear the lottery odds. what are the odds your classmates would be a president and one who wants to be president. great job, your first time on with "news nation." you knocked it out of the park. >> thank you very much. developing now, the daughter of john and elizabeth edwards could take the stand in his defense in the corruption trial at any time now. kate edwards is the oldest daughter. she has set with him almost every day of the trial except for when she actually left the courtroom in tears during testimony about her mother's reaction to her father's affair. the question is what information can kate provide for her father's defense other than personal family stories? jay gray joins me from greensboro, north carolina. they're calling her a key witness for the defense. how is she key to all of this? was she working with her father?
2:39 pm
>> reporter: she was in the inner circle and i think she will be key for the defense in a couple ways. first they hope she can humanize john edwards. for almost three and a half weeks, he was demonized. he was cast as a greedy politician, a liar, and someone who allegedly covered up his affair. hiding it not only from his wife but from the public as he ran for president. also, she can really provide a picture of how that drama unfolded within the edwards family really giving jurors an up close and personal look at what was going on as all of this unfolded. it has been a very busy day inside the courtroom. you've heard of speed dating? one of the analysts calledett speed defending. they say the defense is moving at a pace unlike any they've seen in this trial. five witnesses just in the morning session. call. those very important form he fbi agent who outlined that fred barren, the texas millionaire and friend of john edwards, continued to deposit money in
2:40 pm
rielle hunter's account long after his campaign ended which kind of undercut's the government stance that all of this was done to cover up the affair for all of his campaign. it has been an interesting, very important morning and we could hear from cate edwards this afternoon. there's a new report out about the price you're paying at the pump. gas prices going down just in time for memorial day weekend. it is in our news around the nation. plus, california governor jerry brown calls it a day of reckoning. he is proposing drastic cuts to deal with the state's $16 billion shortfall. it is our "news nation" gut check. plus, the star of the new usa series common law will join us live to talk about how he is trying to raise awareness regarding one of the deadliest form of cancer. we'll talk about his new movie and hit tv show. first there is a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. a little love for active duty service members and their families beginning saturday. military members can pick up an annual pass to enter all of the national parks for free.
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the program is part of the joining forces initiative launched by first lady joe biden. it is, by the way, arld forces day. and the first lady is sharing her workout play list to get you moving. her favorite songs include signed, sealed, deliver, whip my hair by willow smith and move your body. it is her move theme song and those are the things we thought you should know. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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duck congress looking even lamer if that is possible. and david beckham at the white house? what's going on? back to tamron. falling gas prices are expect to fuel continue crease in travel. the national average for regular gas, $3.73 a gallon. 18 cents cheaper than a month ago. 23 cents cheaper, or lower, than a year ago. because of that aaa predicts nearly 31 million americans will hit the road this memorial day week. that's more than half a million travellers from last year. arizona police have released the cirrus 911 call from the father of 6-year-old isabel celis. she vanished nearly a month ago. >> i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> is mom there also? >> she had just left for work
2:46 pm
and i called her and told her to get her butt home. >> police have not name any suspects. the father's access to his 10 and 14-year-old sons have been restricted. law enforcement sources tell nbc news, the father has given inconsistent statements to authorities. and new fallout from the tabloid phone scandal in britain. criminal charges were filed against the former news of the world editor rebekah brooks as well as her husband and four others. the charges include conspiracy. she responded to the charges which she is referring to as baffling. >> one day the details of this case will emerge. and people will see today as nothing more than an expensive side show, a waste of public money as a result of an unjust and weak decision. >> brooks had been a favorite of news corpse mega media empire
2:47 pm
man rupert murdoch. and it has made a mere $12 million. it was made for a near $12 million. it knocked out the hunger games right out of first place. now think like a man is still in the top three at the box office and on track to hit the $100 million mark. it is an extraordinary feat for a romantic comedy featuring an almost entire african-american cast which is still considered a rarity in hollywood these days. one of the standout actors is now starring in a new usa network show called common law. get this. he plays a homicide detective who is constantly fighting with his partner so they're sent to couples therapy. >> critical people are often just trying to keep the world at arm's length. particularly the ones they love because they don't think that they deserve their affection. >> wow! >> that's so you. >> absolutely not me. >> that's him. >> and you, i suspect you have no problem charming your way into pretty much any situation.
2:48 pm
but i wonder if you have trouble sustaining meaningful relationships. >> nailed him. >> michael is here. before we talk about your new show, i have to talk about the work you've done. you recently participated in the pancreatic research walk may 6th. it is something that you've gotten involved in. the many things you can be involved in but you clues to gif your time to this. >> i like many people have lost someone important to me to pancreatic cancer. it is one of the most devastating cancers out there if not the most devastating cancer. when i was able to meet the founders of the foundation, i was able to try to work with them. i told them i want to get involved, to create awareness and help out to let people know there's something we can do about this.
2:49 pm
all of the walks they have around the country, every single dime that they raise goes to the research. all of the administrative costs are underwritten by cablevision. >> it is important that you made the time with your busy schedule, as i mentioned. think like a man was made for $12 million. that was the budget. that is not a big budget. some people's commercials are that much. $12 million. and you're on track, $100 million mark. did you see it coming? did you know there was an audience thirsting for this romantic comedy with a mostly african-american cast? >> i did know that there was an audience out there that wanted to see themselves represented properly. when i first read the skrip, i felt like it was the kind of movie that would kind of showcase normal people who were not just african-american. although they look african american, they are african-american, you can relate to this no matter who you are.
2:50 pm
that's i think what transcended. >> this was based on steve harvey's very popular book. i hear there's a sequel in the making. is that true? >> this is hollywood. any time you make some money on a film, they're going to make a sequel. >> we'll be seeing sequels and so on. let me talk to you about this new show, common law. people don't see you as a comedy actor. most of the time your roles are very serious. this is the side of you your family knows. >> this is my more playful side. my family is beyond thrilled. this is the side of me that they recognize the most. when i go home, i spend time with them. i'm such a prankster. and i just, because i am so serious all the time. >> and a lot of your characters are very serious and intense. >> i think i was drawn to drama because i never had any in my life. i was blessed. i never had any in my life.
2:51 pm
the comedy for me is so much harder. so much more difficult. >> when you read the script, were you intimidated? you have an opportunity to be a little more free. you don't have the restrictions of network television available to you. >> not intimidated. i knew i had a challenge. i don't get intimidated by a role but what i do. if i feel like it will be a big challenge and i feel like i'll be putting myself out there, then i know it is a challenge. it is easier to hide in a dramatic role. >> a summer hit in the making. congratulations. there was like a calendar countdown by the ladies of "news nation" to see you on. >> is that right? >> that's right. >> good to be here. coming up, our gut check is up. we're focusing out west in california. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more?
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california state legislators are discussing alternatives. governor jerry brown announced yesterday california is facing a $16 billion budget gap that is much worse than the $9 billion deficit he predicted in january. to help close the gap, the governor wants public employees to take a 5% pay cut and also wants to cut social services and health care programs for the poor, the he tolderly and even disable. critics say it goes too far but the governor warns there could be even more devastating cuts ahead if voters reject his plan to raise the state sales tax a quarter percent and raise income taxes on the wealthy. >> the biggest source of our spending without question is the schools. so when we have to have a massive cut, the schools take that massive cut. that's what will happen if we don't get our tax revenues. >> he says these drastic cuts are necessary. what does your gut tell you? do you agree? go to"news nation"
2:56 pm
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the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. good afternoon. it's tuesday, may the 15th. here's what's happened. >> attack, attack, attack. >> bain. >> bain. >> bain. >> bain capital. if we lost, they made money. >> mitt romney's business experience wasn't about job creation. >> romney tries to dig his way out. >> i don't dig graves from the side. but i probably dug a couple hundred graves. >> grave diggers. can he really feel their pain? >> over the long haul, mr. romney has had many more successes than failures. >> my income comes from investments made in the past rather than ordinary income. >> oh, i'm going to win.


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