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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 16, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the meeting speaker boehner pushed back against criticism he would hold the economy hostage. >> i am not threatening default. what i am trying to do is encourage people on both sides of the aisle, both sides of the capitol and both sides of pennsylvania avenue to be honest with the american people and ourselves and to begin to tackle this problem in an adult like fashion. >> and add this to the pot this morning. on the daily run down democratic senator barr ra boxer alleged that republicans are making up a crisis here. >> they're setting up a big might, mcconnell and boehner over the future debt ceiling, making it a crisis when it isn't a crisis. they want to create a crisis so people say, oh, my goodness, maybe if we change everything things will be better and maybe we need a different president. >> and joining me now democratic congressman james clyburn of south carolina, sir. thank you for your time. let me get your reaction to
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senator boxer saying this is a made up crisis here. >> sure, it is made up. it is all the manufacturing of crises that we have seen for two years now and the fact of the matter is we should be focusing on jobs and opportunities and we ought to stay away from these phantom issues like the debt ceiling. we ought to ask ourselves why do we have a debt ceiling in the first place? it does absolutely no good. how many countries have debt ceilings? this is a made-up issue. it is manufactured. the issue itself is phantom. we ought to be talking about jobs and creating opportunities and four our young people many of whom are coming out of school this week and next and going to be looking for opportunities to pursue their life's dreams and here we are talking about something that makes absolutely no sense.
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if we did not have a debt ceiling, what would we say then? this legislation doesn't have real meaning except that it is legislation that we imposed on ourselves and should not be there in the first place. >> let me point out our first read team says the gop is coordinating a well across the -- as well as they have in years, the entire gop message machine has turned toward the debt issue from boehner to romney to cross roads, that super pac, all in an effort perhaps to help romney strengthen his economic message as we move closer to november. is this all about helping romney pull out a victory if that is to happen? >> sure, that's what it is about. they feel if they can hurt obama's credibility, it will help romney. this is a made-up issue. we ought to be talking about job creation. what are we going to do for these students who are graduating, for students finishing high school, real college education, post
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secondary education be there for them. they don't care anything about a debt ceiling because it is a phantom. talk to any economist and a lot of them will ask you why do we even have that in the first place? >> the house speaker says he is warning that the growing debt is hurting the u.s. job creation and the president at least through carney today said i am ready to have i a bipartisan conversation buzz it has to be a balanced approach. the president acknowledges there is room to have this kfrg and the debt ceiling and debt is not something he wants wiped off the table to focus on his to-do list he feels is being blocked by republicans in congress. >> that's quite true. once again, i believe that the president and this congress need to work in tandem on how to create opportunities, on how to grow the economy, and how to get
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jobs into communities and what to do about our transportation bill, our crumbling infrastructure. we can fix that with two-year bill the senate has over there and get people back to work and while firming up our infrastructure in the process. this is an argument that's nothing but politics. we all know that. if we were to raise the debt ceiling or if we were to do it by executive order, you may recall the last time we had this argument i was saying to the president all the authority from the executive voter and go ahead and do it and then going to the next issue. >> yeah. >> that still is is there as far as i am earned. i hope will not get roepd into this foolishness. that's all it is. >> thank you so much for your time. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> joining me now michael smerconish. you heard congressman cli bourn
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there. first read says boehner is vowing for a sequel, call it kill bill and everything else and they are referring to the fact everyone was hurt last summer and approval dipped to a number beyond our approval, 11%, i believe it is, after americans watched the debt ceiling debate go on and eventually hurt the credit rating of this country. >> i agree with congressman clyburn it is all about politics. i think politically speaking it is a net loser for all because the republican, particularly the house members are going to be perceived again as being object sti nant and wanting to put roadblocks in the way of the president on any issue and this time it happens to be the debt ceiling. i think it is bad news however for the white house because it is a reminder the debt continues to grow and, yes, we're in a recession and there are a lot of reasons for that but it happened on the president's watch and i think that ultimately there is a perception that they just can't get anything done and that they
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fight about stupid things like this when in the end you know it will be raise and had it is a question of when. >> obviously they're calling it risky business, the republicans could be banking on the fact the president would engage congress and be tied up in that as congressman clyburn pointed out would be his concern is that the president in his words roped into this battle over the debt ceiling and they also point out that this could give the republican party leverage in the lame duck session with president obama and the democrats holding the cards on the expiration of the bush tax cuts and the defense spending sequester, so i want to play what richard wolf had to say on the show last night about what he believes is happening here. >> it is interesting watching republicans try to squirm their way out of a deal they made. they're also trying to change the triggers, the sequesters and the defense cuts. this is the whole unpicking of a deal. these are people that say they understand the private sector. no businessman can try to undo a
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deal they just did. that's what they're trying here. >> what i enjoy about hearing from you is i talk to people around this country and bring it up all the time. you get to the heart of what folks see from their vantage point of what's happening in that town. >> i will give it to you then. i think richard wolf's analysis is accurate but too cerebral and instead the republican play is to reinforce the narrative they created that the president is a big spender and, oh, look, here he goes again, he needs to raise the debt ceiling because they haven't made any cuts and beyond that i think you lose folks in terms of their attention span. that can be a narrative that could work. >> also back to the narrative senator boxer and congressman clyburn alluding to the fact some people will see this as a man made crisis, as an unnecessary crisis all in an attempt to give mitt romney if possible leverage. we showed michael video of mitt romney speaking and that clock as it ticked and there is a
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coordinated effort to make sure that the presumptive nominee and the gop leadership are all on the same page on this topic. >> it is a good issue for them. it is an issue that plays to governor romney's strong suits as being a businessman capable of reigning in the out of control spending and i am not surprised at all that frankly for the first time since he has been the presumptive candidate they're reading from the same him natural but in the end it is a loser for the white house and the republican party because i don't think any gained points with independence as this plays out. >> michael, thank you for joining me. comin coming up -- >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> vice president joe biden blasting mitt romney and
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republicans, just a few moments ago, a few hours ago in ohio. next on news nation our political panel will weigh in and play more of the fiery remarks and in less than an hour president obama will award the nation's highest military honor to a vietnam war hero killed in action 42 years ago. >> i am full of pride, very proud of him. i wish it would bring him back, but i know that won't happen, so this is my way of him coming back to me. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
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we are back with vice president joe biden going on the attack in a very personal way speaking to voters in the swing state of ohio just a couple of hours ago. the vice president hammered those he calls, quote, rich guys
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who talk down to low and middle income americans. >> i resent when they talk about families like mine that i grew up in. i resent the fact they think we're talking about we're envy, job envy, wealth envy, that we don't dream. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> let me bring in our political panel, jimmy williams and associate editor and columnist for the hill a.b. stoddard. this is what the president was referring to on the view, the passion that vice president biden, the connection, that he is able to bring. what's your take on those remarks in ohio? >> i think they're pretty risky, tamron. i understand what he is doing.
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he is trying to energize would-be supporters who would not vote for mitt romney anyway but may be disappointed with the president's first couple of years with some of his policies and the state of the economy and may not be really excited about this upcoming election and i know that he speaks effectively to those people and you could hear it in the crowd. it is very risky because so many persuadable voters that they're trying to win over in order to make it over the top and be reelected in the fall are turned off by this type of i don't know if you want to call it class warfare or this pop lichl. they are not so much resentful of rich people of a system they feel treats them unfairly, but i think going after rich people the way the vice president did today is actually a risk when thur trying to win over swing voters. >> it is interesting. it worked for senator santorum when he talked about his
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background, his family, working in pennsylvania, his grandfather, and as well as newt gingrich when he won south carolina. i am intrigued by the fact you believe it is risky for vice president biden but sure worked for a decent period of time for newt gingrich. he may have blown it on other issues but along those lines it worked and kept rick santorum in a race that many people and he would admit the first week or month thought he would never survive. why would it be risky for one side and not the other? >> i think those are two different cases. i don't think it worked for newt gingrich. >> it worked in south carolina. go ahead. >> he saw the republican party rally around mitt romney in defense of a free market system and start to criticize him openly including senator jim demitt and other influential leaders in the party. for rick santorum who refused to jump on mitt romney in those following days after this 30-minute bain video came out from the super pac that favored
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newt gingrich, rick santorum refused to actually jump on the gingrich bandwagon and also attack free market system and capitalism, so i think that what rick santorum is doing is saying i come from a humble background and you know where i have been and you know where i am going and i understand people like you and it didn't work for him ultimately. he is not the presumptive nominee and mitt romney is. vice president biden and president obama need to win over people who are skeptical of both parties and not republicans or democrats and mad at both parties and they need to many of them can be small business owners and who believe that starting a business is risky and sometimes people lose their jobs and they might understand that the bain capital story is actually -- there are exceptions to the stories but sometimes there is risk and reward and people lose their jobs and they might think attacking mitt romney that way and saying rich people don't understand us is a mistake. >> a.b., going back to that point and correct me if i'm wrong, there were republicans
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including congressman ryan who felt that it had gotten so ugly that the bain capital line of attack was hurting mitt romney and they wanted it to stop for fear that it would exactly play out the way we're watching, that the democrats would rightfully go after mitt romney on this weakness. did that not happen? >> i think there is a difference here, though. you can scare people with those -- with the bain capital ad that the obama team released this week. it is terrible to watch men say i worked for 28 or 30 years and my livelihood was destroyed and i lost my job and they took everything and left us debt ridden and bankrupt. it is awful. it is obviously a compelling argument against mitt romney because he was involved in private equity and it was not something that you invest time and energy in to create jobs. it is an effort to create wealth. it is not an effort to create jobs. that's a fair ground for attack. i think had vice president biden gets up and says they don't get us, those rich people, it is
2:18 pm
something that can be perceived by people who are not democrats, who are persuadable voters, yet to make up their mind about this election as an attack upon rich, successful people, and that is a risk for the democrats. >> let me get you in here. do you see it as a risk you move by the vice president coming out and saying they don't get us and referring to as he did and a.b. points out rich people? >> oddly, i am going to agree with both of you. hear me out on this one. i think in states like wisconsin and minnesota and some of the midwestern and pennsylvania and labor states, i think the bieden message, the santorum message, the pop lis message, the fdr message rings well and people like it. i think in other states that are battle ground states southern states that are right to work states like north carolina, va virginia, and places like florida, i don't think it plays well and i agree with a.b. from that perspective. what matters here are independents and independent women ages 30 to 50.
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in certain states they can certainly relate to that but in many states they probably don't like the tone of it. i think it works and it all depends on where you're trying to do it. >> you mentioned florida and not working there, jimmy. the miami herald, i have it here, part of the article, 815 jobs were lost while romney led bain to this company in miami, 850 jobs were lost, and with romney at the head of bain it has been well documented they say and also the tampa bay times talks about medical technology facility, that same company, dade bering, saddled with debt, wound up shutting down two medical facilities in miami, 850 jobs lost. that doesn't sound like a location or state to state problem. i don't care where you are, you lose your job, 850 jobs, that's a hot topic. >> a.b. was right when she said private equity, there is an upside and a downside to it and what the obama campaign is doing and by the way they have the right to do it is pointing out
2:20 pm
the downside to it. florida, two parts to florida. there is the panhandle and there is the rest of the dag gone state. it is a very different place. the panhandle, the red neck rif era, ask joe scarborough, that's the south. they still fly con 23ed rat flags and the middle of the state used to be a farming area, a huge suburb now and southern florida, very, very different places. you're right from the perspective that when you -- when someone comes in, corporate raids, you lose your job, you have lost your job. you have lost your house. you now had to move and move in with family members and that is a bad, bad story to have to be told over and over again. by the way, the obama campaign will do that again and again and again all across the country. >> to your point, a.b., let me bring you in the first points out, the bain story continues to chase romney as he is in south florida, miami, and then onto tampa. if it is risky business with joe biden and some of the language that you're not fond of that he used in ohio, is it risky
2:21 pm
business for mitt romney to -- if this narrative of the rich guy who doesn't care continues to chase him? is it risky for him to give the appearance that he is running from it and not facing it head on? have we heard strong enough language from mitt romney defending bain capital, his role, and how that would incorporate and what kind of president he would be for this country? >> you're right. the team obama is attacking not private equity they say so much as the fact that mitt romney has used his years to describe himself as a job creator and they argue that's not how you create jobs. mitt romney is not offering an adequate response to this story. his campaign, the top of the week, when the obama ad came out said, well, he was gone by the time that happened. he had already left. that -- he is not going to defend private equity. he needs to actually define and you are right, tamron, what exactly he was doing, what the risk and reward system is for a
2:22 pm
businessman whether you're in a small business or a huge business, and that is the kind of thing he needs to defend if he wants to win the election and describe himself as a better steward for the economy than president obama. >> all right, a.b. always a great pleasure having you both on. thank you, guys. i will talk to you soon. developing news in the john edwards trial. we know closing arguments will begin tomorrow and why the defense rested without john edwards, his daughter cate or his former mistress, rielle hunter taking the stand but gm says it will no longer advertise on facebook just takes before the social network's initial public offering that could be one of the biggest ipos ever. by the way, it is our gut check what fm is doing. we'll find out what you think about it. here is a quick look at wall street for you. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade.
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update on the j.p. morgan mess. investors have filed three different lawsuits against the nation's largest bank. they claim the bank misled investors ahead of last thursday's surprise announcement of a $2 billion trading loss. meanwhile, fbi director robert mueller confirmed the agency has opened a preliminary investigation into j.p. morgan's house and senate committee's also plan to examine that massive loss. and former president bill clinton fires back at mitt romney after romney invokes clinton's name in an attack on president obama. >> that etch-a-sketch guy, he said they ought to give him a promotion, he told the truth. >> the "new york times" standing by its controversial new poll that the obama administration called biassed. it is just one of the things we thought you should know. this... today training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell.
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president obama will preside over an emotional ceremony in the east room of the white house. he will present the highest military award, the medal of honor to army specialist leslie savo being honored for hero he can action during the vietnam war. he was killed in 1970 in cambodia during an ambush on his platoon where he managed to save the lives of several fellow soldiers. joining me now some of the records of specialist sab o's actions that day have been lost for years. >> right. it is interesting the fog of war and the details are mixed up and 42 years ago this man was 22 years old, a newlywed, serving in what everybody thought was vietnam. he was in cambodia at the time. his wife then a new widow of course tragically got the news and told her he was killed while guarding an ammunition dump, what they originally told his widow and family and it was only
2:31 pm
not only until years later when the truth came out, the details of this man's bravery and award this medal of honor former to her aus conduct and bravery and self sacrifice and once you hear the details you will understand why he is getting this word 'had you mousily. this man charged in enemy position, drew fir fire away from comrades and charged against at the enemy's flanking maneuver and threw himself over a comrade to shield him from a grenade and in the process taking shrapnel himself. he was shot. he approached the bunker once again and threw a grenade that took out the bunker and in the process he lost his life. so 42 years later he is going to be honored for those merit and unparalleled acts of bravery presented to rosemary sabo brown, his widow, from pennsylvania and on her way here to accept the ward on her
2:32 pm
husband's behalf. here is what she had to say ledding up to the ceremony, tamron. >> i am full of pride, very proud of him, and i wish it would bring him back, but i know that won't with happen, so this is my way of him coming back to me. >> so wonderful and yet a tragic story. 42 years ago he lost his life. his brother george will be here along with his widow, tamron. >> that coming up in the next hour. thank you, mike. one of president obama's allies goes on the attack against mitt romney. >> the budget he put out in the primary according to a lot of independent sources would increase the debt over and above what's going to happen by a trillion dollars or more. >> that's president bill clinton taking on romney's budget plan. at the 2012 fiscal summit in d.c., the criticism did not stop there. >> the moderate republican
2:33 pm
friend of mine in new york who is going to vote for romney by the way, said, gosh, you know, that etch-a-sketch guy, they ought to give him a promotion. he told the truth. >> this all of course comes as mitt romney peppered two speeches with references to bill clinton over the last week, both with attacks against president obama. let me bring in senior political editor mark murray. mark, as you know, so many people intrigued by the relationship between the former president and president obama and here in that bill clinton classic way just smoothly slipping in what he wants folks to talk about. >> right, tamron. you talked about the context. in the past week mitt romney invoking bill clinton's name saying bill clinton was a guy that supported a lot of things we republicans like and all in an effort to brandish bipartisan credentials and basically say, look, i like bill clinton and i don't like barack obama but i might like bill clinton. as you saw in the remarks there, that is an easy way to swat away
2:34 pm
the line that mitt romney has been having when bill clinton says i am not supporting mitt romney, i am supporting barack obama. >> the a.p. put out a report, a fact check on mitt romney's speech that he gave regarding the debt and fiscal issues and it says that romney falsely claims that president obama doubled the debt according to the ap he actually increased it by half, 10.6 trillion before president obama and now 15.6 now. and they have gone through a list of these things with the speech, mark, which obviously is what we're going to see i think the first he point out mitt romney has put ideas but no real meat behind some of them. >> what was interesting yesterday and also today that mitt romney really pivoted away from the economy and was talking more about the spending and the deficit and in a state where he was yesterday in iowa where the unemployment rate is 5.2% t makes sense he is going at the debt and the deficit because that's actually one place where things -- there hasn't been a
2:35 pm
whole lot of progress, the deficit is still very, very high where you're hearing democrats counteract and even that a.p. fact check point out a lot of the drivers of the deficit accrued from the bush administration due to the iraq war, the war in afghanistan, the bush tax cuts and things like that, tamron, and so that's the democratic defense and i will say if the economy does improve, the unemployment rate goes down a tick or two between here and november, you will hear mitt romney talk a whole lot more about the deficit and debt because that is on ground where i think that they feel like they're even stronger. >> it is interesting in the same a.p. report. it says romney on spending referred to obama's prairie fire of debt pledge to stop it, but they take note that a study by the non-partisan committee of responsible federal budget concluded early this year romney's plan would not make a dent in the deficit and could worsen them considerably. obviously that being one agency noting this comment by romney when it comes to spending. >> that's a vulnerability for
2:36 pm
mitt romney, so he actually does have a detailed plan when it comes to entitlement reforms and how they would have savings in medicare, medicaid, and even social security, but mitt romney in addition to those things has actually said that he wants to keep the bush tax cuts and lower tax rates for the wealthy and increase military spending, and when you do that, it is very hard to see how you reduce the size of the deficit and even balance the budget unless you have huge, huge, huge spending cuts in discretionary spending. >> and back to the headline with former president clinton. might we see an adjustment in mitt romney's talking points or speech now that we have clinton responding to some of these things? >> i think so, probably. it is not -- it wasn't a bad attempt by the romney campaign to actually have a little bit of wedge with democrats and also for mitt romney to kind of stake that independent ground. you will probably see them doing it in other ways. i think it would be worth noting if they decide to put any money behind this and tv ads we know that it would be a real
2:37 pm
argument, but as we saw with bill clinton swatting that away, i am not sure there is a lot of there there. >> mark murray, thank you very much for being here now. we appreciate it. developing now, the house of representatives is debating a republican sponsored measure to renew the violence against women act. a vote is expected in a few hours and it is expected to be close. the republican bill is opposed by democrats and women's groups and the white house is threatening by the way to veto it. they all say it does not go far enough to protect undocumented immigrants, native americans or gays and lesbian who is are the victims of domestic abuse. >> if you look at the bill and what is in it, you will see that it is centered around our victims, the services for victims, making sure the funding is is there and going to the victims and victim services. >> let's call this bill what it really is, not the violence against women act, but the open season for violence against women act. >> the cantor adams bill sends a really powerful message to these groups of women that they're
2:38 pm
invisible, that their victimization is not going to be taken seriously and sends a powerful message to abusers that they have the power. >> the senate version of the violence against women act passed last month with strong bipartisan support and democrats are calling for that version to be passed in the house. some developing news regarding the john edwards corruption trial. the jury could get the case as early as friday. the defense rested toads with a no testimony from edwards, his daughter cate or his former mistress rielle hunter. jay gray joins me live from greensboro, north carolina. we expected one or maybe even two on that list. we did not get that. now we could learn very soon the fate of john edwards, former presidential candidate and senator here. >> yeah. a lot of people watching this trial from the start, tamron, saying the defense really went out with a wimper here. it took the prosecution three weeks to present this case to the jury. after three days the response from edwards' defense team is over at this point.
2:39 pm
you can take that two-ways. first of all, they will tell you that they feel confident that the government never did anything to prove that john edwards violated the campaign finance law here and understand this is a law that's never been tested legally, so this is really a benchmark case here and no real way of knowing exactly how to defend it according to some of those in the john edwards defense team. what we do know at this point is that the lead attorney for that team, abbey lowell, hinted that we could hear from cate edwards, we could hear from his mistress, or from edwards himself to close the defense, but the man whose labeled himself as a gambler for so long made the safest of plays by saying we are done and we don't think the government has done anything to prove that john edwards broke the law. what comes next here? we will hear closing arguments, and they will be vital. that comes tomorrow. there will also be significant argument over exactly how the judge instructs this jury.
2:40 pm
again, since this has never been tried in court, it will be very interesting to see exactly how she tells this jury to go about their business and then the deliberations begin. that likely on friday. a lot of people waiting to see how it all comes out. >> absolutely. jay gray live for us in north carolina. thank you very much, jay. new details in the investigation into the death of trayvon martin, what george zimmerman's medical report by a family doctor reveals. first, there is a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know, the "new york times" says it is standing by its latest poll numbers that show mitt romney leading president obama and that two-thirds believe the president's support of same sex marriage for political reasons. the obama campaign claimed the poll was biassed partly because it used the same people interviewed for a poll last month. the times says it used the callback method because it wanted to analyze changes in public opinion. one republican who has been
2:41 pm
called a possible vice presidential pick is criticizing mitt romney for his views on immigration and in an interview with "newsweek" new mexico governor susanna martinez and she said, quote, self deport, what the heck does that mean? virginia's governor is con keming the vote to block an openly gay prosecutor from a judge ship in richmond. bob o'donnell says if anybody voted against tracy thorn because of his sexual orientation, it would be disappointing and unacceptable. early tuesday morning the house of delegates rejected the judgeship with conservative rnz saying thorn beggland would take an activist agenda on the bench. and new jersey governor chris christie, the team has a new video out showing him having fun with cory booker, made and shown at the new jersey correspondent's dinner. >> governor, stand back. >> i got this. i got this.
2:42 pm
>> booker. >> governor, governor romney, governor romney, yes, yes, that was me running into the fire. yes. i do shovel snow as well. yes. you're very persuasive, but i am not a number two guy. i am not background singer. mitt, sir, with all due respect, i know you need a big -- >> excuse me, mayor, i got this. >> christie are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind...
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2:46 pm
bestowed upon an army specialist that made the ultimate price. now back to tamron. an attorney for trayvon martin's family says a new report detailing george zimmerman's alleged injuries is suspicious. zimmerman says he received the injuries during an altercation with trayvon martin. we have more details from nbc news national investigative correspondent michael in sanford, florida. >> a source familiar says it was compiled by george zimmerman's family physician and shows the extent of zimmerman's injuries the day after the trayvon martin shooting. police brought zimmerman in for questioning the night of the shooting and the next day the source says zimmerman's doctor reported zimmerman had a broken nose, swollen lips, black eyes and lacerations on the back of his head. also in the medical report the source says the fact that
2:47 pm
zimmerman declined hospitalization that day and his doctor recommended he see a psychologist after zimmerman reported he got nauseous thinking about the shooting. legal experts say the findings in the medical report could play a pivotal role in the defense's case. >> the fact that real injuries were apparently suffered is certainly going to help self-defense claim but it doesn't answer the question of who started what happened to being a fatal fight that night. >> under questioning from zimmerman's attorney mark o'mara at a bond hearing last month the lead investigator admitted he never asked for zimmerman's medical records prior to his being charged with second degree murder. >> have you ever had your nose fractured or broken. >> no. >> you know that was an injury that mr. zimmerman sustained, correct? >> i know that that is an injury that is reported to have been sustained. i haven't seen any medical records to indicate that. >> have you asked him for them? >> have i asked him for them? no. >> the state does have the medical report which was included in a large trove of evidence that o'mara received
2:48 pm
from prosecutors this week including witness statements, 911 calls, photos, video, and more, all part of a routine exchange of information between prosecutors and defense attorneys that typically occurs before trials. a summary of that evidence was released to the public on tuesday containing a list of possible witnesses including trayvon martin's parents and brother and george zimmerman's father and 18 sanford police officers. in addition, the evidence includes new surveillance video from the night of the shooting, from the 711 store where he reportedly purchased skittles and iced tea and from a clubhouse in the complex where martin was shot by zimmerman. >> an attorney says trayvon martin was fighting for his life and we have to put this whole thing into context. an emotional start to the long awaited war crimes trial against a boss any an military leader that tops our look at stories around the news nation. he is accused of killing muslim
2:49 pm
civilians during the boss any award in the mid-90s. he made an angry gesture towards the families of alleged victims. he face it is 11 counts that include genocide and terrorism. police are urging a newlywed to turn himself in after his wife was found stabbed to death. they accuse him of first degree murder in the killing of the 26-year-old found dead in her bathtub on friday shortly after the couple celebrated their wedding. and o.j. simpson's new attorney launched a new effort to get the former football star out of jail. it faults the previous attorneys for their strategy at trial. he was an convictsed of kit napping and armed robbery and claiming he was trying get sports memorabilia back. gut check is up next. have you heard, gm says we don't need to advertise on facebook because the ads are ineffective. do you agree with gm? we'll tell you how you can weigh
2:50 pm
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join news nation on twitter. find our page at news nation. we monitor it pretty much 24 hours a day. time for the news nation gut check. despite the buzz over facebook's ipo expected on friday, general motors is downplaying the impact of the social media networking site. gm is pulling its $10 million ad campaign from facebook after deciding they aren't paying off. gm is the first major advertiser to express disappointment in facebook. meanwhile, ford announced it is revving up its ads on facebook. it took a jab at the rival tweeting it is all about the execution. our facebook ads are effective when strategically combined with engaging content and innovation. that's a dis.
2:54 pm
what does your gut tell you? do you agree with gm the ads on facebook don't work? do they affect you? do you buy into it? go to to cast your vote. take a look at what they're saying about yesterday's gut check. after the california kbof inner proposed cuts to help the $16 billion budget gap we asked if the cuts are necessary. 63% said yes. 37% said no. that does it for this addition of news nation. thanks for hanging with us. i am tamron hall. tomorrow i will be joined by judy chu to talk about the violence against women act with passionate words and martin ba shier is up next with the emotional white house ceremony that president obama will present the medal of honor to an army specialist killed in action during the vietnam war. in one. new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines... and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time.
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♪ >> oh [ bleep ] not again. >> the issue here is the debt, almost $16 trillion worth of debt. >> like looking across the prairie and seeing a fire in the distance. >> mitt romney hitches his wagon to john boehner but he just can't shake bain. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> good luck, boys. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, i am not threatening default. >> anybody under 65 i find very young. ♪ >> we begin with a tale of two presidential campaigns with the president and mitt romney laying out two very different economic visions for this country. it was vice president joe biden who was unleashed in ohio this afternoon going for the jugular against multi-millionaire mitt
2:59 pm
romney and firing up his youngstown crowd with a vigorous blue collar battle cry. >> i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy, job envy, wealth envy, that we don't dream. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> it was that fire that brought biden brought to balgs ground ohio putting the president's economic agenda in very simple terms. >> this election is going to be a choice between two fundamentally different philosophies and that choice is about whether or not we're going to rebuild the middle class or continue to help those at the very top and hope everything works out well. >> now, contrast that with one mitt romney hitching his wagon to congress's favorite hatchet men and down in florida this mornin


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