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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 23, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> basically it was supposed to be the deal of the decade and it turns out investors lost a lot of money. no doubt morgan stanley that led the deal wants to make good and see if they can retrieve any money, especially with the stiff regulatory cocktail that's getting mixed up. the big issue is whether morgan stanley adjusted internal estimates and disclosed that to certain investors and not others before the deal took place. the lawsuit from this morning filed on behalf of investors also lists facebook executives as defendants for the first time claiming they were aware of this. the ipo process is also of issue to washington because with the large component of individual investors in the deal many congressional members have constituents that lost a ton of money as well. a source close to the situation tells me it wasn't just morgan stanley, it was everyone at facebook's 33 banks that as an analyst covering internet stocks so 21 of them that did the same thing and that the adjustment came off facebook admitted in its own filings that its ability to make money off of mogul facebook users could be impaired
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even if the disclosures were legal why the banks then raised the price of the deal if x and increased the amount of stock offered if estimates were floundering, that's a big question as well. of course, nasdaq not off the hook. they have been hit with a lawsuit and regulatory inquiries and after the glitch everyone has a target on their back. >> facebook released a statement saying in part we believe the lawsuit is without measure skpit we'll defend ourselves vigorously. that's a part of the statement. how is it going today for facebook? >> stock is up about 3%. it is trading at one of the best levels it has seen in the last couple days at least, but that's because there was a report from an analyst over at needham saying it was a buy with a $40 price target and she believes there will will be a lot of growth but there is still a lot of headline hammering and i think there is a lot of risk in this stock. >> thank you very much. one of the articles on the huffington post is titled facebook stock collapses, contributes to mistrust of wall street and joining me, the
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huffington post chief financial writer mark gunnloft who kroet the article and michael smerconish who talks to people all day long who i imagine some of them not expert that is saw this coming and let me start off with you on this. you have according to the report maybe 21 other banks including morgan stanley who may have disseminated information but not widely to shareholders. that would be illegal. >> it is potentially he will legal and even if it is not illegal this is not the first rodeo. this he have done this before and claimed they did it on the up and up. even if it is all legal, it is a pr disaster for wall street at the worst possible time because it just confirms what individual investors have up issed all along is that the game is rigged, the casino is rigged for the insiders and the banks and not for them. >> that's what so many people say about wall street, it is a glamourized casino and no different than the grandma who goes to atlantic city and puts a dime in the slot, and that's unfortunate that it is seen this way because we know it affects
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our entire economy. >> it affects our entire economy. if people don't trust the stock market or the ipo market or the next facebook, they won't put money into it and it makes it harder for companies to raise money. >> what is your major concern right now being the financial writer for huffington post and knowing this game better than i do. >> the major concern is people are walking away from the stock market and pouring all of their own into a bond market at a time when they're at record lows and today the u.s. treasury will hit a record low and not getting money in cash or bonds and there is a risk that this contradiibu to the flight of confidence in the market and there is plenty of good reason not be to confident but they're taking on bigger risk by their behavior. >> michael, let me bring you in on this. the article with mark is that people at least this adds to the perception or the mistrust of wall street. what's your take here? >> i thought mark had great observations about the distrust this might fuel in wall street.
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what i hear from listeners is about internet stocks in particular. i think there is a difficulty that some of us have in wrapping our hands around whether there is any there there, and we of course had an internet bubble collapse back in 2000 or 2001 and i think that some people from this are going to feel reluctant to invest in these sort of stocks that are not making wijets for lack of a better description. >> most people did not have an opportunity to capitalize if they thought on friday that that would be something they could take advantage of. it was very few average consumers if any would be able to get in on this, michael. >> they do now. >> obviously. they do now, but obviously on friday you had a great number of experts, and i have been reading several articles where people on friday, thursday, leading up to this were saying this is the most amazing thing and some of those same individuals today are calling this an utter disaster and it reminded me a lot of the housing market when you had a
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lot of these same experts who were saying the housing market, this is where you put your money, you can flip it, and folks followed that information and we saw what we got, a big egg in so many key states right now that we'll be watching in november where the housing market is still decimated, in nevada one place alone. >> well, it is interesting that you say that because when i talked to callers at the end of last week, they were feeling left out. many wanted to get in, wanted to be able to take advantage of the ipo and couldn't, and in the last couple of days this week the sentiment is one of thank god i wasn't able to get involved in the ipo. >> that's right. >> absolutely, mark. go ahead. >> i was going to say that's right. you saw this not only in the dot com bubble but all through the financial crisis and maybe people are starting to learn their lesson about the over hyped stocks and the other big risk is this stock was taken over by high frequency trading robots and run into the ground and that is still a huge problem for the market.
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>> which, mark, you point out you spoke with one spesht who said, quote, when a stock is this volatile it is very profitable for a short-term trader to zip in and out of and that would explain some of the volatility, the volume of trading that we saw. >> the volume of trading and the volatility and it is a big reason why if you're sitting there saying i can get this at a 20% discount, you should stay away until it really settles down and the risk is that you don't know where these blowups will happen next. we had the flash crash two years ago and just keeps happening where you least expect it. >> and with this response at least at this point from facebook that they believe the lawsuits are without merit, is that enough? do they need to say more. >> they need to say more. zuckerberg needs to come out and say this is a problem but we're a strong company and we can plow through this and it is a huge p.r. blow but it is also a huge p.r. blow for wall street and there is not much they can do to fix it. >> we know that congress has 11% approval rate and we have so many hearings these days. do you believe this is something
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they need to step their toe in as we wait to hear word of these hearings, whether they will be official or not some. >> i think it might be a subject that warrants congressional involvement. in congress can get involved in matters like steroids it seems to me an ipo this widely touted is something that should garner their interest as well. one of the things i hear from folks, they don't get the business model. they fn they go to google and enter something into a search engine there will be an ad or responses tailored to what they're looking for. when i ask do you take advantage of the ads that you see on facebook, i often hear they're too small and i am disinterested in them. that's not why i am on facebook. when you combine general motors getting out of this last week, i wonder if there is something more deep seeded among members of the public that will come back to bite facebook? >> when with you bring up the general motors pulling out its ads, ford went in double down and said perhaps it is the way
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general motors is advertising. that kind of in some ways squashed the gm theory. let me read morgan stanley's latest information. they say they are reviewing every facebook trade and will make price adjustments for retail customer that is paid too much during the debut last week. that's according to an internal memo out there. quickly before we let you, i know you have to get back on the radio. our gut check question is does this add to the mistrust some people have in wall street and what's your answer? >> my answer is it does, and in particular about internet stocks and whether they can hold value. >> all right, michael smercon h smerconish. mark, great pleasure having you on for the first time as well and for the first time since president obama vowed to continue attacking mitt romney's bain experience, romney responds. . >> i spent 25 years in the private sector. that obviously teaches you something that you don't learn if you haven't spent any time in the private sector.
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mitt romney is firing back at president obama for the first time since the president made it clear that romney's record at bain capital is fair game. the former governor told time magazine's mark halp.e. rt he welcomes the president to examine his career while at bain. >> the fact is that i spent 25 years in the private sector. that obviously teaches you something that you don't learn if you haven't spent any time in the private sector.
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the president's experience has been exclusively in politics and as a community organizer. both of those are fine areas offof of en der but we have an economy in trouble and someone that spent their career in the economy is more suited to help fix the economy than someone who spent his life in politics and is a community organizer. >> let's bring in ann corn blue, deputy nation at political editor for the "washington post" and strategist jimmy williams and let me bring you in first. mitt romney says it is fair game but seems his supporters when bain has been brought up, i don't want to use the word spin, but certainly turn it into an issue where they say the president is attacking private equity, so which is it? do they want it on the table or not? >> i think the answer is both. they certainly want it on the table when talking about mitt romney's successes and in what he described as being in the economy and it was interesting to hear even mitt romney himself turning back onto president obama's performance as
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president, and you heard him do that when he was first asked about how he did at bain. later he said, yes, of course that's my experience, too, but i think what we heard from him today is really a guide book to what he is going to be saying, how he will be rebutting these. there are difficult things to try to answer about his time at bain. obviously the ads that the obama campaign and their backers have put out in the last couple of weeks, people who are laid off after companies had been taken over by bain, so i think he will try to talk about the successes and then ask people are you better off now than you were four years ago? >> jimmy, part of our nbc news poll, the new one out asked the view on bain capital. 9% positive. 19% negative, 53% have no opinion. that certainly could be they don't have enough information, just getting engaged in the story line, and if you choose to look at it that way, 53% of the people out there at least in this poll could certainly go one way or the other. they could see the president and his team's argument that this
2:15 pm
matters and bain's background matters or at least as it relates to mitt romney or it doesn't, but that's 53% that one side or the other could pull from. >> when you have 53% that don't understand it or know it, that is a huge variable and you're right, it can swing. here is the problem. i don't think if you ask kids 30 and under kids, i say that as a 45-year-old, if you say anyone 30 years old and under, what's private equity or venture capital, they will say banking and wall street. that's fine. it is sort of within that realm if you will, but what matters most here is how romney taxes and just said immediately deflected back to obama's record. now, if romney wants to do that this by the way, that's politics, but if romney wants to do that, it is certainly fair game for mr. obama to do exactly the same thing about two things. first, romney's record as governor when he was governor, 37th in job creation. today it is tenth.
2:16 pm
he leaves and goes up 27 states. and his record at bain. no one wants to bash private equity. no one wants to bash venture capital. venture capital is what palo alto is built on and creates millions of jobs. the record when you were there and what you did to real people every single day that's a record. if you don't want to run on it, don't run on it. the obama campaign will run on it. >> regarding real people, the governor, a surrogate for the obama team was on and pointed out an example of one company that bain capital took over, went under, and they made great profit, but rather than, for example, offering a pension or health care to those people who last their jobs, the company simply took its profit and that is an example as you pointed out regarding real people that we haven't heard mitt romney discuss. >> well, listen, romney has a problem -- let's go back a month or two months ago when i would come on and i would say romney
2:17 pm
has a problem relating to people. not only does he have a problem relating to people, something we understand and know about, but now he has a problem understanding exactly his ramifications or the effects of his business decisions upon those people. i am not suggesting that mitt romney is a bad guy. i don't think he is a bad guy. i don't think he was a bad businessman. clearly he was a good businessman. when you are running a private equity company that's job is to maximize profits and you want to become president, you can't just care about prfts. you must care about the people and that's the job of the president. that's a huge distinction. >> and let me play this clip from joe scarborough this morning regarding what he believes the obama campaign should go after when it comes to mitt romney. >> you want a clean argument, it is this. oh, governor romney is good at creating jobs. really? 47 out of 50? i don't know. where i come from, my parents wouldn't even think i was doing well in class if i was 47th out
2:18 pm
of 50th. >> that likely may come. right now the president is starting hitting at bain and his team may certainly move to the argument of records for the record for governor romney when he was in massachusetts but one of the other concerns according to the analysts if you bring up massachusetts, he then does not look like a severe conservative as he attempted to portray himself early on. >> correct. i think that the obama campaign has been very deliberate and deliberated about how they want to roll out their efforts to define mitt romney. they started by talking about what he himself is talking about which is bain and his business experience. i would expect even salt lake city and the olympics to come into the discussion because that is another pillar where he talked about being a turn around artist. the time as governor, we will hear them talk about that and not just being 47th out of 50, not just his relationship with the legislature, but also how he did health care there which of
2:19 pm
course is so similar to what president obama has done. that's perhaps more of a defensive argument on their part when health care does come up. i think every aspect of his public life, those three in particular, will be examined by the time this is over. >> but just looking at the clips from the interview with governor romney, ann e, you have to wonder if he knew this was coming. you have governor perry during the primary refer to him as a vulture capitalist and now it is vampire but the original story line of bain capital started with republicans in the primary. with all that far said, governor romney has had a lot of time to formulate the view of himself that he would like to present and you look at that interview with mark halburn, and you have to wonder when is he ready to fight back on this or is there no fight back? >> i think he is hoping it has been that he has been in the real economy and to argue that president obama has not. he got this during the primary. there was a severe backlash to
2:20 pm
the republicans that argued it, the accusations. >> because they knew it was hurting him and all assumed that he would not nominee, not because as many tried to point out that somehow this was a story line against capitalism and businesses being started. they knew it would hurt their presumptive nominee. >> right. that said, i think democrats who sometimes are on the receiving end of accusations that they're not entirely capitalists will probably tread somewhat carefully. some of what you heard from democrats already and also democrats who themselves have an interest in the private equity industry, so, yes, i think you have heard that mitt romney has basically made his answer and there may not be much more of one. he created the jobs he created. you heard him also say that even though one of his advisers says the jobs he created in massachusetts, whatever the ranking, were still more than the number that president obama has created in office, and i would expect that every time this comes up they're going to point back to president obama and try to keep the conversation on bain as limited as possible. >> all right, jimmy, your last
2:21 pm
word on this when we look at the new polling that shows that romney does have an advantage when you bring up a businessman or business record people certainly have responded positively at least in that regard, but the conversation still continues on what i understand could of -- i know that anne just used the language creating jobs, and i think that's the linchpin with this bain capital debate on creating jobs or downsizing and making a profit for investors. >> listen, the country is still in a period of unease. there are many questions that people are asking themselves. is unemployment going down, yes, it is. are jobs being created throughout the country, yes. are us howing prices going up, in many pockets of the country, absolutely. is it enough, though, and if it is not enough, then that's the window. that's that small door that rick santorum in i can walk through and say i am a businessman, i know how to do what i am doing, and i can do it better than the guy currently sitting there. that's a stark contrast. at the same time if the economy
2:22 pm
continues to improve and we get through the summer months, and into the conventions, i am still of the belief that the debates between the president and governor romney will not linchpin. they will be the barn burner if you will that will decides this election and if that's the case, mitt romney has to stand up and talk about his record just like he did in the republican debates and that is not a good sign for mitt romney in my opinion. >> jimmy, anne, thank you both. i greatly appreciate your time as always. a big i am sorry from arizona's secretary of state after an outcry from people in his own state over his demand to see the president's birth certificate. just one of those things we thought you should know. we'll break down the new nbc news poll we talked so much about, senior political editor mark murray will join us and president obama's handling of the economy gets a 43% approval rating. is that enough to get him
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[ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ still ahead, four of the secret service agents who lost their jobs over the prostitution scandal are now fighting back to get their jobs. plus. >> we're doing an interview, right, and he says, man, you know, like he is a reporter and says i am your biggest fan, can i have a hug. >> oh, my goodness. >> will smith explains why he slapped a journalist that tried to kiss him on the red carpet and we'll play more on news around the nation. voters in egypt are turning out in such great number that is polls have been extended for an extra hour. they're casting their ballots in the first ever democratic presidential election that will put an end to six decades of military dictate or ship and comes off a long time are you le ma bark was over thrown last
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to me, that's the membership effect. welcome back. new allegations of misconduct by secret service agents during a senate hearing today over the prostitution scandal out of columbia. senator joe lieberman cited secret service records showing 64 allegations of sexual misconduct in the last five years. secret service director mark sullivan apologized and eight agents implicated in the scandal have been forced out and four are now fighting to get their jobs back. they say the agency is making them a scapegoat. sullivan is disputing that claim. >> over the last six years we have done 37,000 trips around the world and had no situation like this one before and again i am confident this is not a
2:31 pm
cultural issue. this is not a systemic issue. the overwhelming majority of the time they make good decisions. >> and joining me luke russert on capitol hill. as point out senator lieberman has this report showing 64 allegations in the last five years. that is why some people believe this is a culture that should be of concern. >> you're absolutely correct, tamron. that was one of the things that director sullivan had to answer about today and it should be noted today was his first public apology since the incident came to light, but the point you touched upon was this just a specific isolated incident and that's what director sullivan said it was or was this something that was very much indem i can of a culture that we see in the secret service often? susan collins, republican senator from maine said it had to be because these agents when they came back to their hotel rooms used their real names when signing in, gave the real names of the women who they believed not to be prostitutes, they say, they signed them in and, it happened amongst a varying
2:32 pm
different amount of groups of secret service agents who are out that evening. that led to questions saying how do you think this is just an isolated incident when they had no fear of getting caught by being so blatant using their real names and using their real names of the women. sullivan said he truly believed this was an isolated incident and nothing more and he still continues to enjoy, tamron, pretty favorable ratings on capitol hill mainly because he has such good relationships with senators and members of congress. if you talk to folks around the halls of congress they say director sullivan always gets back to you and keeps us up to date and always briefing us and we think he is trying to do the best job he can. the question becomes if there are more scandals and congress finds out the secret service agents were not scared and this was routine behavior and this happened more than one and 37,000 trips around the world, which many think it did, then it becomes does he have to resign at some point or does the secret service need a real overhaul. as opposed to what he wants to
2:33 pm
do, he said he wants more polygraph tests to agents to see whether or not there has been any lying before. >> luke, what about those trying it get their jobs back? >> that's an interesting thing that came out in the "washington post" recently. they said they were going to try to fight for it. director sullivan said today in the panel that he made the decision administrative decision that they should be axed and the question becomes whether or not they try to fight that and get their jobs back saying we're being scapegoat and had this happens all the time and he said this is isolated incident and seems that would be harder but the legal process will play its course, tamron. >> luke, thank you very much on capitol hill. to a closer look at the results of nbc news wall street journal poll. if the election were held today, 47% of those polled say they vote for president obama. that's a 4-point lead over mitt romney but down from the president's 6-point advantage last month. when it comes to the handling of the economy, 43% approve, his lowest rating since december.
2:34 pm
when asked whether romney has the right idea to improve the economy, 12% were confident, 40% were somewhat confident, 30% had no confidence in governor romney's economic ideas. the question is as our first routine points out is whether those numbers are reelectable numbers for the president. mark murray joins us live to break it down for us. i love the point you make, comparing certainly some other numbers we have seen in the past, specifically in 2004. >> right, tamron. peter hart, the democratic half of the polling team point out the similarities we saw in 2004 with george b. bush's numbers and where president obama's are now and virtually identical on economic handling, george b. bush was at 41% in may 2004 and president obama was at 43%, and george w. bush's approval rating was 47% in may 2004 and president obama's overall approval rating is 48%, and george w. bush at this stage was leading john kerry by 3 percentage points, 48 to 45, and
2:35 pm
in our poll as you just point out you have president obama with a 4-point lead over mitt romney and 47 to 43, and big similarities. i would point out one difference. the 2004 election was always seen as a national security election coming so closely after 9/11, and this has been built up more as an economic election. however, it is still is worth noting that there are those similarities. >> mark, chris was on with andrea mitchell in the last hour and raving about the fact that you take a look at different states and swing states and that certainly will be watching on that big night in november. >> and that's right. one thing that our pollsters did in this survey, tamron, was they actually took a look at all the toss up top battle ground states and actually showed president obama with an edge there of 6 points, and that's worth noting. we're going to be seeing a lot of different state by state polls between mitt romney and barack obama over we have seen some earlier and we're going to
2:36 pm
see brand new ones tomorrow that nbc will be putting out and it is important to study all of those and that's actually where the presidential election will be won and lost if those race to 270 electoral votes. >> one of the things at least i have been receive ago lot of tweets about, the number of people asked about bain capital and their view because i think it was like 52% had no opinion. explain what that means. >> tamron, we have been talking about bain capital for the past two weeks and even longer if you go back to the republican primary season. in our poll 53% said that they didn't know about bain capital, didn't have enough. for the people who did, bain had a 9% positive rating and a 19% negative rating, so in pollster parlors it was minus ten and that leads us to believe as more people learn about it and you see more negative ads, the numbers have the potential to get worse for mitt romney and
2:37 pm
particularly when mitt romney when he talks about his past business experience doesn't talk about bain capital, he actually talks about his business background and keeps it generic at that. it is something that we're going to continue to track in our remaining polls and certainly going to be something as you pointed out mitt romney has almost that business halo or business background seems to benefit him and where the obama campaign is trying to dent that by raising up bain capital. >> all right. mark murray, great pleasure having you on again today. thank you. now to mitt romney's fight for the hispanic vote. romney speak in front of the latino economic summit and he did not address controversial issues including immigration laws currently in front of the supreme court or his own comment of self did he par station highly criticized, and he did focus on education. >> here we are in the most prosperous nation on earth, but millions of our kids are getting a third world education, and
2:38 pm
america's minority children suffer the most. this is the civil rights issue of our era. it is the greatest challenge of our time. >> this speech comes as new numbers are out today from that same poll we have been discussing as well as telemunicipal fund owe participating. it shows among latino voters president obama's lead is a whopping lead, 61% to 27% and peter alexander joins me from washington and obviously, peter, the economy is number one no matter what race or gender you are. many people expected mitt romney to tackle some of the more controversial issues, particularly his comments of self depore. >> he noticeable did not use immigration once during the course of the remarks and the focus as the advisers said it would be was on education which polls as one of the most significant issues for latinos across america. you heard from mark murray a second ago speaking about the
2:39 pm
similarities between george w. bush in '04 and president obama in 2012. consider this difference. george w. bush in 2004 got more than 40% of the latino vote but right now the number you showed shows that mitt romney is pulling below 30%. just 27% right now. let's show you some of the other new figure from our nbc news wall street journal poll. one of the other things you will find i think significant is this fact. the feelings towards obama and romney. look at mitt romney, his positive rating among latinos 27%, the negative rating 35%. what's significant about the latino population and let's be clear, they do not vote as a monolift, there are many different opinions within this community made clear to me today but there is a separate figure, and it is the fact that the obama campaign while they enjoy the fact latinos are generally more optimistic about the economy do face a challenge, the obama campaign does, in trying to get out the vote among latinos.
2:40 pm
81% among all voters say they have high interest in the election but among latino voters the number is just 68%. president obama knows he needs to score well among that group and it doesn't just mean having them show up for him, it means getting them ready to show up altogether. >> marco rubio will be seeking at the same forum within the hour. right now president obama is greeting this year's graduating seniors at the air force academy. you see the pictures. 1,000 of them. the president delivered his final commencement address of the season telling them they're entering a different world where there is no osama bin laden and americans are no longer fighting in iraq and we can see the end of the war in afghanistan in sight. the president also said he was, quote, new feeling about america. >> i firmly believe if we rise to this moment in history f we meet our responsibilities, then just like the 20th century the 21st secentury thereabout anoth
2:41 pm
great american century. that's the future i see. that's the future you can build. >> nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker traveling with the president and he remarked on the number of female cadets in the class of so many there. >> reporter: absolutely. we have heard a lot of female names being called out, a lot of females coming up to accept diplomas. what's so fascinating about an event like this is it really under scores the built-in benefits of being president during or being president during an election year. the president can come out to events like this and give the commencement address here at the air force academy and talk about some of the things that he perceives to be his foreign policy achievements. as you mentioned, he talked about the fact the iraq war has ended, afghanistan is coming to a close. he had a bit of a campaign like tone and also struck a patriot i can tone. take a listen. >> the cadets as i look into
2:42 pm
your eyes, as you join that long blue line, i know you will carry us even farther and even higher, and with your proud service i am absolutely confident the united states of america will meet the tests of our time. we will remain the land of opportunity, and we will stay strong as the greatest force for freedom and human dignity the world has ever known. >> reporter: now, of course the president gets high marks when it comes to his handling of foreign policy. they get a little lower when you look at the handling of the economy, and that of course is going to be the big issue during this election year. the big issue for voters here in this swing state of colorado, this is the president's second trip to colorado this month. this is the state that he wants to win and mitt romney wants to win and the president won colorado by nine points back in 2008 and is fighting to hold on. consider this. if he wins colorado, he can lose some of the other big battle ground states like ohio or
2:43 pm
florida, so this is certainly going to be key and campaigning is not far from the president's mind today. when he leaves he will be heading to three separate campaign events, one in colorado and denver and then two events in california later tonight. some stars will turn out including ben harper who will be performing at one. certainly at the campaign not far from the president's mind as he uses the pulpit here. >> i appreciate you trying to finish your report. i have to tell you, it is tough to compete with those smiling cadets shaking the president's hand on what certainly is one of the most exciting days of their lives. i appreciate you hanging in there with a pretty tough sight to compete with. thank you. up next, a new report reveals top government officials granted hollywood film makers unprecedented access to secret information about the osama bin laden raid including an interview with the seal team
2:44 pm
member that helped plan the raid and there is a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. former first lady nancy reagan is recovering after falling and breaking several ribs. this happened six weeks ago. the executive director of the reagan presidential library where the first lady was supposed to attend a speech made the announcement only last night even though the accident happened six weeks ago. they said they told her to avoid large events and she is 90 years old. arizona's secretary of state, well, he backed off from his request to verify president obama's birth certificate. he says he now apologizes and that all he wanted to do was address the concerns of birthers in his state. bennett also back tracked on the threat to keep the president off of arizona's ballot this fall. he backtracked after receiving thousands of e-mails and what he said he was not anticipating a huge backlash. the late donna summer is among the new entries in the national recording registry. the library of congress announced the 1977 hit i feel
2:45 pm
love was entered and prince's 1984 hit purple rain made the list and 25 recordings are added to the national recording registry every year. those are the things we just thought you should know.
2:46 pm
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with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade. i am martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour mitt romney calls the latino vote and makes a startling promise to overhaul education in america. plus, general collin powell with blunt talk for the republican nominee and i think mr. romney may need to apologize. back to tamron. >> just a short time ago the pakistani doctor accused of helping the cia find osama bin laden was convicted of high trees on and sentenced to 33 years in prison today. he ran a vaccination program that collected dna to verify bin laden's presence and the
2:49 pm
secretary of state has called for his release but obviously the story getting a lot of attention as he was believed to be the doctor to help lead the c.i.a. and the seal team to the location. homeland security committee chairman peter king says the c.i.a. and defense department jeopardized u.s. security by working too closely with film makers producing a movie on that bin laden raid. king first raised the questions last summer and says he is suspicious and was confirmed after a government watch dog group released a report claiming administration officials allowed director katherine big low, quote, unprecedented access to top secret information. they won an academy award for the film the hurt locker. carney called the claims ridiculous and says we do not discuss classified information and i would hope as we face a continued threat from terrorism the house committee on homeland security would have more important topics to discuss than
2:50 pm
a movie. new details released in a notorious school hazing case that tops our look at stories around the nation today. prosecutors released hundreds of pages of evidence in the hazing death of florida a&m drum major robert champion. witnesses describe how champion was beaten as part of a hazing ritual on a school bus. 11 band members of the a&m famous marching 100 have been charged with felony hazing and could face five years in prison if convicted. this video, unbelievable, shocking video of a new jersey dad putting his toddler in a washing machine and it has gone viral. authorities are still trying to track down the boy's family 12 days after the child was trapped in the spinning machine until an employee was finally able to cut the power and get the child out and even with all of that video they have not found the dad. will smith after slapping a photographer who tried to kiss him while promoting his new
2:51 pm
movie, well, he explained exactly what went down and he told david letterman last night. >> what is that? >> i don't know. that's what they were saying, oh, no, we're sorry, you know, it is just his stick and i said that's why it got stuck. >> okay. news nation gut check is up next. do you believe that the facebook fas co-adds to mistrust of wall street these days and check out our tumbler page with behind the scenes pictures. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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time for the news nation gut check. facebook is fact it will definite its vigorously over lawsuits from the ipo last friday. mark zukerberg among those being
2:55 pm
sued and the lead underwriter morgan stanley being sued and congressional committees and the sec reportedly taking action. all of this comes after facebook shares fell drastically following friday's initial offering. do you believe the facebook fas co-adds to the mistrust some people have of wall street? take a look at what news nation said about yesterday's gut check. we ask mr. new york mayor's cory booker could survive the political fire storm by calling president obama's attacks on bain capital nauseating. 87% of you say yes. i am sure he is happy to hear that. 13% said no. that does it for this addition of news nation. thanks for joining me. i am tamron hall. martin bashir is up next. perf. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa.
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and here's what's happening. >> wake up. wake up, wake up, wake up. ♪ [ laughter ] >> when i am president, you won't wake up every day wondering if the president is on your side. >> this is not a distraction. this is what this campaign is going to be about. >> we have seen layoffs, cutbacks. >> i didn't hear anybody jumping to his defense, did you? >> what would a romney presidency be like? day one. president romney immediately approves the keystone pipeline. >> wake up. wake up, wake up, wake up. ♪


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