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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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things need to change in this country. out of 35 developed countries, the united states has the second highest rate of child poverty. nearly a quarter of our kids are living in poverty. the only country where ids are worse off on this list is in romania, we rank behind latvia, the czech republic. this is not just a study, it's a wake up all. a sign that our system needs fixing. the only problem is people propping up mitt romney are doing just fine in this current economy. in romney's first 36 hours as the official republican nominee, he will have hob knobbed with some of the richest people in
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this country. tonight, he'll hold a $50,000 head fundraiser with meg whitman. of course romney's ties with whitman running real deep. she invested a million dollars in his son's private equity firm. next is donald trump. >> mr. trump thank you for letting us us come to this beautiful hotel, and being with us. >>. >> he didn't just paddle around with one millionaire? he also met with the casino own thaer pumped $20 million to newt gingrich. we all know that money is needed to run a campaign, but in this race it's different. ouide gop groups plan to pump $1 billion into this race.
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people with millions at their dispos disposal, we'll have more with that at the end of the show, but mitt romney is a perfect candidate, he will keep their pockets lined, keep the system rigged so they will have what they need. that's what willard's candidacy is about, and that's exactly what this president wants to see changed. >> see the job of a president is to lay the foundation for strong and sustainable broad based growth. not one where a small group of speculators are cashing in on short term gains. it's to make sure that nerve this country gets a fair shake. everybody gets a fair shot, everybody is playing by the same set of rules. >> values of everyday americans of hard work and fair play and shared responsibility. >> we're in this thing together, and america is not about just a few people doing well.
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it's about everybody having a chance to do well. that's what american dream is all about. [ cheers and applause ] >> this isn't about attacking people because they're rich. it's fixing a country where the people that are rich have taken nearly all the gains in the last 30 years. we can't let this continue. when we're dealing with a quarter of our children living in poverty, how do we turn our back on the fact that the rich are getting richer, and no one is adjusting to this level of poverty. we can't elect a president who thinks this is fine. america has a choice. elect a president whose policies only favor the company he keeps, or a president that fights to get the quarter of our children out of poverty. that's what this election is about and that's why this matters.
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joining me now is richard wolffe, and alicia menendez. what do you make of romney hanging around all of these billionaires? >> both of these candidates have to raise money, and that means they get to hang around very wealthy people and ask for money. what's different here is romney is already laboring under the problem that he is super wealthy himself and his policies disfavor the super wealthy. that's one perception problem for him. there's a bigger debate going on as well about economic policies. what you got from the romney campaign now is this argument that the president does not like job creators. that's what these investors are
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called now. when the president took office the market informs free fall, and it's almost doubled in value now. the wall street banks are on their feet because of this president taking very unpopular moves to prop them up. these so called job creators have done very well who are super wealthy investors through this period. they don't like this president has a individual. that's what it comes down to, it's personal. >> alicia, when you see the results of this new report, where we are second to last in terms of child poverty, countries that most of us don't even know the name of, or me not pronounce them right. my daughters will get on me for that. they have less child poverty than us. then you see this candidate hanging out with billionaires.
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he is with meg whitman who just announced 27,000 job cuts at hewitt packard, the company she is the ceo of. what message are we sending? >> i'm so happy you're talking about child poverty. it's an unsexy issue, so it's not something you hear about on the campaign trail. they do not have the money interest and advocates that you see are funneling into the romney campaign. so you look at what they stand to gain under mitt romney. they're the ones that are going to get a 209% tax cut, and they're the ones who will benefit when mitt romney does away with the estate tax. so they have lots to dane from this. children living in moverty, they
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do n -- poverty cannot go to to toe with the people giving romney money. >> this election is about fairness. when you look at willard romney's tax plan, it's a give away to the wealthiest americans. the top .1% would see a tax cut of $725,000. if you look at that gap and who that benefits in this country and put that on top of this report, it's unbelievable that someone would have the nerve to present that in a discussion on fairness. >> here is the problem, there is no discussion going on about the real economic of romney's economic policies. he talked about huge tax cut ais cross the board. not just extending, but 20%
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across the board above that. there is another side of what it means for us as a country that comes in. that's the kind of cuts that romney has to make to come anywhere close to his promise to cut the duff sit. he complains about this president and run away deficit spending, but with the tax cuts in place, he has got to have huge, huge slashes, unprecedented cuts in the kind of spending that would help children in poverty, families in poverty, those programs have to come to an end, because there's no way to pay for the massive tax cuts. not just the waeealthy. >> the ryan plan slashes funding for food stamps, medicare and medicare. for the first time their being
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fairly honest about the fact -- >> you're right, the ryan plan is $2.9 trillion of cuts targeted at low income programs including as you said medicaid, food stamps, so they're not even being quiet about it. this is an open plan he embraced as part of his campaign. >> and we've been talking about children in proverty, but a lot of those programs you brought up help the middle class. they help someone moving from the working class to the middle class. someone like my father, the first person in his family to go to college, it was largely through pell grants. you look at things like food stamps that people use in difficult times so they do not remain in a cycle of poverty. then you look at romney's plans. she getting all of this money from big oil, and time and time again he chooses these short term fissions that benefit a very small percent of americans
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rather than long term fissions that benefit us all. >> richard, when we look at the fact that big business has done fine under this president, no mistake about it, he just wants fair bs, but under him, the market has been up 4140 points. so the question is, why are we seeing willard romney getting more money out of wall street and big business when business has done fine under this administration, it's a question of who speaks for who. >> right, it's not just the stock market, the corporate profits went to record levels, executive pay has gone to record levels, and the gap is growing bigger. so you know, why don't they like him? well, when you kind of scratch under the surface this is what you hear. you hear he said nasty things about us. he calls people on wall street fat cats which is thin skin stuff.
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given what everyone was saying across the board, what tea party said about wall street, calling them fat cats doesn't mean a lot. and then the idea that he is bad for business because he is really a socialist. these people are far to smart and wealthy to dilute themselves into thinking that. they don't see him as one of them. and then regulation. what did they expect would happen after wall street crashed the entire global economy? they thought they could get away with nothing? >> i think that would be what they were hoping for. richard wolffee. coming up, democrats demand governor scott stop purges voters. so why are they comparing the purge to drunk driving check
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welcome back to "politicsnation." what would you do with $1.8 billion? think about it, what could you buy with that kind of cash. for some conservativeconservati plan is to guy the election. this hd made me stop today. gop plans $1 billion media
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blitz. this is an unprecedented amount of money. how does it break down? $400 million from the coke brothers, $150 million from restore our future. the chamber congress is kicking in $100 million. that's just from outside groups. there is another $800 million coming from the rnc for a gran total of $1.8 billion combined. i guess charles coke knew what he was talking about a year ago. >> we have saddam hussein, this is the mother of all wars. we've got in the next 18 months for the life or death of this country -- what i want to do is recognize what all of our great partners, but nose partners who
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have giving more than a million over the last 12 months, if you want to the kick in a billion, believe me, we'll have a special dunner just for you. >> the mother of all elections. he wasn't kidding. the republican financial plans are unlike anything seen before in american politics as politico wrote today. but this is the proof. now is not the time to run and hide. i know a think or two about fighting back when you feel that the odds are against you. now is the time to stand up and fight. joining me now is someone who will not every back down, lee saunders. his organization represents 1.6 million workers, and his book,
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the main street moment coming out this june. lee, let me start with you. you coauthored this book the main street moment telling the story of what? >> it tells a story of working families and people who are in the middle class and struggling to make ends meet ere single day. it personalizes the talking about joan raymond. it talks about a lady from the university of california who is a gardener, and she is fighting back the university as far as privateization is concerned. it talks about the need for our community to come together. those in our communities suffering every single day because of the policies set force. we have to fight back. that 99% of those putting bread on the table trying to pay their
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mortgages, they have to fight back and that's what we're talking about in this book. >> one of the things i just showed was the tremendous amount of money that some right-wing billionaires are putting out. on the other side, labor has not been to the tone of the same money, but actively been supportive and pro1r50viding tr. do you feel that is why labor an unions have been targeted? >> there is absolutely no question. >> you are fighting right now in wisconsin, we had a men on last night. >> absolutely right, they don't want to hurt us, they want to take us out of the ball game. what i with are v to do is fight back. not only back as a labor movement is concerned, but a community across this country.
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that's why the movement is so the important. we're fighting back in wisconsin, we fought back in ohio to beat back the attempt to silence voices. florida and new hampshire. we have to mobilize and organize like never before. i see the lfl of enthuevel of e growing every single day. >> the reason this money can be spent is because of the citizens united effect. the state of the union in 2010, the president talked about the citizens union decision. check out the justice's response. >> last week the supreme court reversed a century of law they
6:22 pm
believe will open the flood gates for special interests including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our elections. >> so had the judge said no, but it looks like what president said is upon us, bob. >> yes, and i think some of the people who are operating some of these pa these pacs are making themselves a lot of money. when you went through the litany of some of the financiers, you forget the common people and the raffle that donald trump was going to have, $3 a ticket to have dinner with donald trump. >> lee, when you see this kin of money, you write in the book coming out in june, that you have to deal with super pacs
6:23 pm
verses the people. let me read a quote out of the book. you say while the new super pacs are bundling together millions from a handful of anonymous corporations, a few are giving a few hard earned dollars a week. they're saving the american dream. how do we fight back? >> we can't compete with the money that the other side has. we have resources but we don't have the kind of resources they have. but what we do have is people power. what we do have is that 99% willing to stand up and say this is not the kind of country that we believe in right now. we have to move forward, not take the country back ward. we cannot let that 1% control the wealth and the power at the expense of the 99%. i believe that's what's happening in wisconsin, ohio, and all over the country.
6:24 pm
we have communities and self-rights organizations and women's groups coming together and fighting back. >> those videos you're seeing there are people in wisconsin where it started to come together and they were fighting back. bob you have covered a lot through the years. do you feel is the energy out there to really build a people movement? to counter all of this money? >> to be honest with you i'm not convinced. it will either be a people's movement, or whether it's going to be, let's call it an oligarchy. as an example in wisconsin right now, it looks like there is a good chance the recall effort will fail. the people's movement will not have succeeded in wisconsin. i think before anybody says people hour always succeeds, i
6:25 pm
think a real question is whether or not that is true or not. >> what do people need to hear to make a people movement work? is it appathy or make it not true? >> this is organizing one on one. you have to knock on doors and talk to people about their future and the future of this country. in wisconsin we're optimistic. we're throwing the polls out the windows. we're stressing to folks they must vote on june 5th. there is a chance we could lose. there is a chance we could lose. this is about one election. we have to continue this movement, this main street movement to fight what's going on in this country and to continue to build upon a proud history rather than tear it apart. >> al, you used a word they
6:26 pm
think is really important. when you have a billion dollars plus to flood us, the keyword is confusion. you can confuse the issue, and make people whose interests are so mixed up they vote for the one causing the problems. >> all right, lee saunders, the book is "the main street moment" coming out in june, and certainly bob franken, thank you for being here us with tonight, congratulations on the book by the way. and let me say this, you that are watching this, the fight is up to all of us individually. you don't fight because you guaranteed that you will win the fight, you fight because if you don't fight, you're guaranteed to lose. still ahead, we talk to a woman who says she was forced by bain
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we're back on "politicsnation" with the true story of a company ravaged by bain capital. the story of workers sacrificed for profit is not the story mitt romney likes to tell about bain capital. >> i worked to become very involved in other businesses. helping start up businesses, helping big companies that we acquired make it through tough times. sometimes i was successful and we were able to create a lot of jobs and sometimes i wasn't so successful. >> tonight, the story of one of
6:35 pm
the times willard wasn't successful and thousands of workers were fired. in 1994, a group of investors in bain capital paid $450 million to take over dade international. just $30 million came from bain. a year later romney's team at bain pushing company to buy two more companies. let's be clear here, romney and his buddies at bain were not pouring their own money into this company. they forced dade to take out loans and increase their own debt to buy up companies. but bain decided dade was becoming a liability. they closed a plant in puerto rico, 300 employees were firing, and then two plants in yam where
6:36 pm
850 workers were laid off. the cuts weren't enough for romney and the rest of the bane management team. so they came up with a new plan to make a profit. in 1999, they strong armed dade into buying back half of the shafrs belonging to bain and other investors. in the end, bain walking away with $242 million, and said behring went broke. nearly 3,000 jobs were slashed from the said behring thanks to bain capital and mitt romney. stacy saw it firsthand. she was a human resources manager and was forced to fire hundreds of employees. she worked with president obama's campaign to talk about that experience.
6:37 pm
thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you so much for having me. >> cindy, tell us what happened when bain announced they were closing the miami plants. >> well, initially when we heard they were closing the miami plant we were shocked. we were told that the dade east plant was the most profitable in the company. when we closed puerto rico and moved them to miami, we gave them, not guarantees, but assurances that the miami plant was safe. we asked specifically when they were considering coming over, any considerations or discussions of this plant in miami closing and we were were told absolutely not. it was incomprehensible to me that 60 days or so after the people moved from puerto rico, it was announced they were
6:38 pm
closing the miami plant as well. >> you were totally taken by surprise then. so you said having to fire people at said behring was one of the worst times you ever felt that you had to do something and it was unethical, tell me more about that. well, i have been involved in human resources and reorganizations and people get laid off. what was unethical in my opinion is they very heavily recruited critical staff from puerto rico, moved those americans, persuaded them to come to miami to maintain their jobs, and after they gave up everything and left what they with had familiar, and those americans came here, they were laid off here. i don't think any of them would have come to miami for temporary jobs. that's basically what they turned out to be. the worst part was when it
6:39 pm
became known as soon as they were told, they came to my office and started saying we were told there was no discussion of this. we want to go back to puerto rico where we have families and support networks and we don't want to stay through the closure here. and the company said they would go after them and make them repay the relocation costs if they did not stay until the company was completely done with them. i felt that was a horrible way to treat people. if it was truly unplanned and unexpected and a mistake, then you don't take advantage of people. you don't make them stay when they know that the job is temporary. when the employment market is getting progressively worse in puerto rico and it would be harder for them to find a job in puerto rico, it's not like they
6:40 pm
can pack it in a u haul and drive home. >> when you hear willard mitt romney talk about being the ceo of bain, what do you want people to know as one who worked and had to terminate people. >> i'm not arguing the validity of venture capital. there is just a big difference between the values and skill sets that we would want in a business person whose goal is to create wealth for your investors and a president who we want to take care of everyone in the united states. i really, really find his claim that's he created jobs to be offensive. they were entry level service and retail positions, not ones that gave people a living wage. the jobs he eliminated in our plant absolutely were. the 850 jobs lost in miami that
6:41 pm
would allow people to send their kids to college and put food on the table. there's a tremendous difference. i really fear that romney's policies will create a further erosion of middle class, and i am concerned that we're going to just see more and more people slipping away from the american dream no matter how hard they work for it. >> cindy, stay with me. i want to bring in tad de vivin. he helped create the original ads criticizing his work at bain. giving your work, does her story sound familiar sne. >> it's amazing, these are the same words i heard from indiana in 1994. what they did there and at said
6:42 pm
behring years later is the story how they made their money. they went in, took over companies, leverages them with enormous debt, paid themselves back, and then left town. they left unemployed people and destroyed lives. it's a true story. >> ted, i'm very glad you're specific. because we're not talking about being against capitalism or private equity firms or business, we're talking about how they chose to do business under the leadership of willard mitt romney. we're not making a sweeping indictment of all of that industry, we're talking about how this company operated under this geo. -- ceo. >> that's right, romney is saying his business was in job creation. his claim that he created
6:43 pm
100,000 jobs has been debunked. his recent claim now that 80% of the companies that bain invested in grew revenues, well you know, it's amazing david behring grew revenues because they borrowed money. i mean it's really shocking when you look under the micro scope at what they did. all they just destroyed companies left and right. >> looking at the company that's you had to deal with, and you see the profits that was made by bain, i mean, what can you say about people who have those kind of ethics in terms of how to do business. >> again, i don't have an issue with capitalism, i do think there is something inherently
6:44 pm
wrong when the objective is to make enough money to draw funds out of an orgs, and you don't care how many bodies you leave in the wake, families destroyed, or people who lose their jobs. and the reality is, the impact was much greater than the 850 employees. it was, the families of those individuals, the businesses and communities that benefits from them spending their pay with those businesses fp was a tremendous -- it was something like a $30 million impact on miami-dade. i just think that does not qualify you to be president. i hope the president would not be trying to create wealth for an elite group of individuals and would look out for all
6:45 pm
americans and would make sure that we're creating job that's are sustainable that provide a living wage here rather than sending jobs overseas. >> tad, let me quickly ask you. really he made it relevant by using his ceo leadership at bane, his calling fard for being a job creator. >> that's exactly right. he is saying he understands the economy better because of his appearance at bain. he understands how to make a lot of money for themselves and other people. when he had the opportunity to demonstrate that he could create jobs in massachusetts as governor, he was 47th in job creation in the nation. when you look at his record, you look behind the story he is putting out, you will find he doesn't create jobs, he created wealth for himself and others. >> thanks very much for your time tonight. >> good to be with you. >> ahead, we'll talk to the
6:46 pm
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between elizabeth warren and scott browne for the senate seat. there is another candidate on that race damaging on the democrat side. her name is marisa de franco. she supports health plans, green jobs, and capping federal funds to wall street. she has 10,000 signatures, and hopes to get enough delegates this weekend to get on the ball ballot. will she be able to do it? she is joining me now. mrs. de franco, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you for having me, it's a joy. >> you're unfamiliar to a lot of my viewers with b what should they foe about you? >> that i have been a practicing attorney in the commonwealth representing people from all walks of life.
6:51 pm
and using that real world advocacy to get results and help people solve problems. i want to bring that talent and skill to representing people from the state of massachusetts into the united states senate. >> why are you a better match up against scott brown? >> i'm better because i have real world experience that speaks to all voters. we need to win more than just the democrat base in massachusetts because we have a majority of independent voters and they're looking for representatives that talk to them straight and have real world experience on the ground working with them, next to them, in their homes and businesses in the commonwealth across the state from the western part to the south shore as well as boston. i'm the one with that experience and i'll the one to take the case against scott brown. >> doesn't warren have that?
6:52 pm
>> quite frankly, i'm the real fighter in this race because i have the real world experience. we're working with people and representing them. i don't have a big university behind me, a federal government salary behind me. i do grass roots everyday in my office, representing people on a shoe string budget and fighting the federal government when they're wrong and winning my client's cases against those huge odds. >> i understand you challenged mrs. warren to a debate, what would you say to her? >> i would say let's talk a serious plan about jobs. i'm on the record of being an ndr-style democrat. i want federal dollars for putting people back to work. we had $800 billion to give away to the banks with no rules. i want to create two million green jobs. we have that money and we should be investing it in the american
6:53 pm
worker. i have not seen a jobs plan from my opponent. >> do you feel that mrs. warn is too much of an insider for you? >> i'm clearly the outsider and i was in this race long before she got in. i was in march of 2011. i set out to prove there is still room in this commonwealth in this country for a candidate who is a real grass roots candidate and not just the candidate of money. someone that can actually come through from the peel as a representative of the people, and bring the people's case to dc to actually get some things done. that's what i do in my practice and in my real world life, and that's what i want to do for the people of massachusetts. >> marisa defranco, we invited mr. warren. i would love to come back any
6:54 pm
time. >> thank you, ahead, willard romney released his own birth certificate, but the questions are mounting. here we go. wake up!
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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folks, we're back with the birther madness, and for once it has nothing to do with president obama. i get a lot of flak for calling mitt romney will lard, look at the name, willard mitt romney. i wasn't making this up, his name is willard mitt romney -- or is it? and let's take a look at his birth place. it says he was born in detroit.
6:58 pm
guess he wasn't born in kenya, or was he? now folks, there's a reason i'm sceptical. i want you to look closely. what do you see? you see a certificate of live birth, not a long firm. i'm not raising the question. i'm not saying he wasn't born in this country, i'm just asking the questions, right donald? >> don't tell me about some long form sere testify case of life birth. >> why he he spend millions of dollars try to to get out of the bir birth willard, it's time to
6:59 pm
release theong form. a group selected 20,000 signatures asking mitt to prove he is human. they are calling for him to release his long form birth certificate. you see when we all start with these distractions, that's why we should be talking about the economy and health care, instead of hanging out with donald and others. if you continue this,ly have to support those activist, demand that long form, and i'll have to make sure it says will ard. lumped with trump. let's play "hardball."


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