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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> he was just smart enough to hide it. and we could not find the evidence. >> and wa do you get for your diamond jubilee? a bobblehead doll. only in the uk. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, the economy gained only 69,000 jobs in may, the lowest number of net jobs in a year, way below forecasts. that bumped the jobless rate up to 8.2%. it's evidence of a deepening concern over the global outlook and a potentially devastating development for the president as he tries to persuade voters to rehire him. chris cillizza is managing editor of post and here with me. these numbers are really bad. there's no silver lining. we'll be talking to maria bartiromo in a moment about the economic side of it. the political fall out is, how does the president keep saying as the white house did today in our statement, we're bumping along. there's volatility. it's the 27th straight week of
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jobs growth. >> positive growth. here's the problem. the fundamental question of the election, if it's up to mitt romney is are you better off than you were four years ago. that's it. that's what mitt romney wants to frame the election on. >> it's 19 0 all over again. >> when you see reports like this it's very hard for barack obama to pivot and do what he must do, which is find a way to say to the american public, yes, things are not where we want them to be, but yes, the policies i have put in place over the last 31/2 years are in fact working. numbers like this particularly if we seepts two more months of this heading into labor day makes that case virtually impossible politically at least for the president to make. >> the president is not blessed with his surrogates. you couldn't have a more high profile surrogate than bill clinton. yet, bill clinton gets into the comfort zone talking to an old pal harry weinstein on cnn. and boy, let's take a longer
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look at what he had to say when asked about bain capital, which is the fundamental criticism of the obama campaign. >> i think he had a good business career. i don't think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. this is good work. there's no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and you know basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who's been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. >> now, bill clinton was just in wisconsin, you know, campaigning for milwaukee mayor barrett in that recall that is on tuesday. and he only alluded to this in passing. let's take a look. >> the great thing about not being president is you can say whatever you want. nobody has to care anymore, but you can say it. >> well, people do care. they notice it. >> you can say whatever you want
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but you know, the last five seconds or so of that clip you showed where not in wisconsin but prior in which he says he's got a good record. it's a sterling business record. people say he's just speaking off the cuff. let's not hold him with just a word. if that doesn't appear in a mitt romney ad sometime or an american crossroads ad, some conservative group ad between now and the end of the election, i would be very, very surprised. that's the problem is yes, most democrats and democratic surrogates are supportive of the attacks on bain capital. but you don't need but three or four high profile people to make an ad that suggests that there are problems -- that there are -- >> cory booker, no the as though he didn't have warning. with carl quintanilla just now, mitt romney asked by carl about donald trump and trump doubling down on the birther issue. >> yep. >> his reassumption of the
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birther issue has made some uncomfortab uncomfortable. if you disagree with that, why not tell him to knock it off? why would that be so difficult? >> i disagree with it. i think there's no question, but the president was born in the united states of america. i don't go around telling all my supporters what they should think or say, but he knows what i believe about this. i believe the real issues in this campaign and the issues that america cares about are not issues of the president's personality or matters of that nature but instead, the issue is the president in a position to lead america. >> well -- >> he's given another chance to disassociate. >> i do not get it. i do not see how the benefit of keeping some association with donald trump outweighs the costs after absolute and total free agent who is looking out for donald trump first, second, third, fourth and fifth and mitt romney 274th. >> he clearly thinks it's helping him with somebody but i
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don't know how much. president obama is about to speak in minnesota. he will be facing a challenge finding some good news in that jobs report that is dragging down the markets and could have a similar effect on his own chances of re-election. maria bartiromo is anchor of cnbc's "closing bell." help us understand, look at these data and tell us, what is the good news and especially as an indicator of where we are going forward because of the revisions of the last couple months. >> that's great question. thanks for having me. i think there is not a lot of positive in today's jobs report. the only good news i could say would be that over the last several months, it has appeared that we're moving in the right direction. but man, it has been very, very slow and today's numbers indicate that in fact, job creation has once again stalled. and we continue to see a real reluctance on the part of business today to create new jobs because of the uncertainties that they're faced with. they're not sure about the
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regulatory environment, not sure about the demand picture out there and afraid of taxes going higher. and so they're sitting on their hands. the corporate sector right now is the probably the healthiest we've seen in years. you're not feeling it business is just sitting on cash because they're not sure where tax rates are going and not sure the regulatory environment how it will change for them. they're going to wait. i don't expect a lot to happen before this election. >> some bad things could happen given what we see happening in europe. there could be further contagion and really bad negative effects if it spreads toe pain and particularly to italy. what can is the white house do if anything? what plan could the president announce or any kind of fixes or is it only ben bernanke who has answers or does no one have answers? >> the bottom line is the president needs to take leadership on open-ended issues out there. we've talked a lot about the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. massive amounts of the bush tax cuts expiring at year end.
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coupled with the fact that you've got a lot of spending programs that will expire, discretionary spending, unemployment benefits all of that goes away year end unless we see the two sides come together and policy to change that. the more we don't hear anything about it and no leadership on this subject, the more we will see businesses do nothing, sit on their cash, sit on their hands and we will see this jobs market continue to suffer. and so we need leadership. we need to hear some you know acknowledgement that there are real issues. we are looking at them and we are going to get our arms around them and come to an agreement in fact, give some certainty out there, some clarity so the that business can actually put plans together for 2013 in terms of hiring plans. we're not seeing that. i think the best thing that the president can do right now is to actually take leadership, address the issues that everyone's talking about, the fact we've got a $15 trillion debt, the fact we've got all these tax cuts expiring and make
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a statement so that business feels like it has clarity. today the stock market's down better than 200 points. why? because investors are acknowledging that thing have worsened. >> couldn't agree more. i think from when i talk to business leaders they say we want to hear something from the white house and from the hill about simpson-bowles, about revisiting that. but the white house keeps pushing back. you still get the blame game and everybody blaming each other for busting up the grand bargain. it doesn't look like anything's going to happen anytime soon. maria, thank you so much for taking time out. i know it's a really busy day over there. >> thank you so much. legal experts meanwhile doubt that prosecutor can try to retry john edwards after they used their very best evidence, got a lot of good rulings from the judge and failed to persuade the jury to convict. after the verdict, edwards seemed to be trying to seek some sort of political redemption with a public confession. >> i am responsible.
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and if i want to finds the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly, i don't have to go any further than the mirror. >> we have a star panel here. nbc's senior investigative correspondent lisa myers in greensboro where she has been throughout and nbc legal analyst savannah guthrie in new york and john heilemann with new york magazine, and an analyst and co-author of "game change." all with us now. lisa, first to you. you've been down in greensboro throughout. do you see any way the prosecution can retry this case given the fact that they put their best stuff out there and it's very clear from those juror interviews they don't believe andrew young, the key witness? >> no, i think andrea, you're absolutely right. jurors say they did not find andrew young credible. they told us partly because he kept pocketed so much of the money, powder much of it into a fancy new home. i think the other problem is beyond on the counts on which
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the jurors could not reach agreement on each -- on every single one of them, a majority of jurors were voting not guilty and only a few jurors were voting guilty. so the prosecution couldn't even get a majority of voters -- i mean a majority of jurors on any single count. it's hard to see how they take from that that they can possibly have a better chance with another jury. >> savannah, what do prosecutors now do? i know white collar crime is a lot harder to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. this is a case where so many people on all sides were questioning just the legal strategy involved. is this a real setback coming after the ted stevens case and other case zmz it's really hard now for the justice department to justify what they did. >> i think so. it is something of an embarrassment for the justice department. this was a controversial prosecution, absolutely, from the get-go. actually just talking to some of the jurors this morning when they were up in new york for the
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interviews, it underscored to me the complexity of this case because on the one hand, they all raised their hand when asked, do you think that john edwards is guilty but on the other hand, they did not think it the prosecution had the evidence. and some of them talked to me about just how confusing the jury instructions were on these issues of what really is a campaign contribution and did john edwards have that requisite level of intent? it was a very high bar for prosecutors to meet. they had to show that he would have known these mistress payoffs, these monies used to hide rielle hunter would have been considered campaign contributions, a point that even campaign finance experts disagree about. it's unlikely that the department of justice pursues this case, number one, the star witness andrew young has been completely discredited and rejected uniformly by these jurors. the legal issues aren't any clearer. >> when you refer to the "today" show interview, here's a bit of those jurors on the "today" show
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this morning being asked about the case by matt. >> raise your hands if you think john edwards was guilty on at least some of the counts against hi him. >> so look at that. john heilemann, what about the court of public opinion because john edwards clearly was talking to the public when he said that he's a sinner, that he only has to look in the mirror and talked about his love for all of his children for the first time mentioning frances quinn, his child with hunter. does he really think that he can somehow resume a public life and even a political life? >> the important thing to remember here is something that mark halperin and i reported in "game change." even after quinn had been born end of the summer of 2008, john edwards still thought at that point he could be barack obama's attorney general, that he trade his endorsement and have a role in the obama administration. that was a sign of profound delusion in 2008. i think he's as deluded now as he was then. that part of the speech where he
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focused on quinn and he had nothing inappropriate about a father being proud of his daughter no matter who the mother is, but had it not been for the affair that produced quinn, he would never have been on the courthouse steps. he not only talked about her but talked about her with a degree of emotion in his voice. he seemed to choke up at one point. he talked more about her than his other children. it was a little weird. in the context of god is not through with me yet, i think he is still a little bit, i don't want to say mentally unstable but he has delusions of grandeur. he will never be in elected office again. regardless of the verdict, the depth of the country's revulsion at john edwards is still pretty pro found. he's not going to be able to rehabilitate himself i think ever in his life. >> lisa myers, just play for a moment one of his aides because you're -- i'm talking to other people who were close to the edwards politically and especially to elizabeth edwards, of course. and this was really cringe
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worthy. but this is chris kofinis, one of his aides during the campaign. >> when i went to work for senator edwards, i had a 6-month-old and i left my wife alone. you do that because you believe in someone. this is what you do in campaigns, you believe in a candidate. i lied to me, to supporters, to the american people again and again. so the question about rehabilitation and coming back politically, it's not going to happen at least in my opinion and i don't think it's something he should even attempt. >> lisa, that was chris kofinis talking to thomas roberts. you've been down there surrounded by all of them. you watched the heartbreaking testimony and the reaction of people in the courtroom. do you think that john edwards could ever be back in politics? >> no, andrea, i don't. i don't think he thinks he could be back in politics. i took what he said yesterday, actually abby lowell had used similar words in his closing statement in the courtroom. i took what he said yesterday
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about doing -- that there were good things left for him to do as meaning he has talked before about doing a public interest law firm to help poor people and talked before about doing more work in poverty. i took his comments along those lines. i mean, i don't doubt, look, this is a politician. this is a man who aspired to be president. i don't think there's any question that he has visions of grandeur. but i never have gotten any sense from anyone he believes he could be in politics again. the people who came to the courthouse often said to us, we despise john edwards and think he did terrible things. we're ashamed. he's embarrassed our state. but many of them felt he had suffered enough, that he did not need to be found guilty and that in fact, had he not committed a crime. and actually, that's kind of where the jury came out on this case. i think there's probably a decent amount of support down here for the way the jury threaded the needle and found him not guilty of a crime but
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didn't exonerate him because there was a mistrial on all the other counts. >> savannah, the campaign finance law has changed so dramatically because of citizens united and the super pacs that people are, frankly, befuddled. we who are supposedly experts on this are completely confused by campaign finance law. that's why people get away with murder who are contributors. it's hard to convict someone under campaign finance law. >> these are not incredibly clear. the whole case turned on what is the purpose of this donation. was it to influence the election? but the law is not helpful. it doesn't state whose intent mattered? is it the doper's or recipients intent? when you think about the new terrain of campaign finance law, it has some bearing on whether or not prosecutors retry the case not because citizens united that 2010 case really governs the facts in the edwards case at all because it doesn't.
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it's just the things have changed so much, it would be harder and harder for the federal government to justify this incredibly expansive and aggressive interception of the federal election laws in a new climate where it seems like the trend is to loosening restrictions, not tightening them. >> thanks to you, savannah, and to lisa for your tremendous coverage throughout this trial. we thank you so much for joining us today. john heilemann, as we sit here, president obama is taking the is taken right now in minnesota. and he is making a case to try to pressure congress for passing these jobs programs for veterans. that's enormously popular, of course. this is running against congress, which is a good tactic. but he still has to deal with this overhang of the bad jobs number and the economy. he's got to be responsible for it. it's offly hard to keep blaming george w. bush. >> the obama people believe that the country appreciates how deep
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the hole was that he inherited. and when they did polling on this back years ago and they're asking this question all the time, people said they thought it would take five years to get out of the ditch. they still think even now it might take another two years. they think the country is open to the argument that thing shouldn't be all great by today. the problem is that thing are not even getting a little bit better in a linear way. they've had fits and starts and false dawns. a couple months of good jobs reports and then we step back. this number today if you take in revisions net job growth of this month, 20,000 jobs. that's pretty close to zero. so you're heading in the wrong direction and as chris cillizza said earlier, if this foretells two or three bad months of jobs reports going into labor day, even in chicago the two things they worry about, republican money getting outspent and external realities. jobs numbers, europe, iran, things like that. this is kind of their nightmare scenario a situation where they get outspent and be looking into
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a declining economy rather than one that's gradually getting better. >> right now the president is talking about the economy. let's join that speech in minnesota. >> high gas prices a month, two months ago and they're starting to come down. you know, they were spiking but they're still hitting people's wallets pretty hard. that has an impact. and then most prominently most recently, we've had a crisis in europe's economy that is having an impact worldwide and it's starting to cast a shadow on our own, as well. so we've got a lot of work to do before we get to where we need to be. and all these factors have made it even more challenging to not just fully recover but also late foundation for an economy that's built to last over the long-term. but that's our job. from the moment we first took action to prevent another depression, we knew the road to recovery would not be easy. we knew it would take time.
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we knew there would be ups and downs along the way. but we also knew if we were willing to act wisely and boldly and if we were acting together, as americans, if we were willing to keep at it, if we were willing to roll up our sleeves and never quit, then we wouldn't just come back, we'd come back stronger than ever. that was our belief. and that continues to be my belief. we will come back stronger. we do have better days ahead. and that is because of all of you. that's because all of you. i place my bets on american workers and american businesses any day of the week. you've been fighting through this tough economy with
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resilience and grit and innovation. honeywell's a great example of a company that's doing outstanding work. i want to acknowledge dave cody here who's been serving on my job council and doing a lot of great work. that's why our auto industry's come roaring back. it's why manufacturing is consistently adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s. all that's happening because of you. everybody here plays by the rules. you work hard. you meet your responsibilities. and you deserve leaders who do the same. leaders who stand shoulder to shoulder with you and do everything possible to strengthen the middle class and move this economy forward. that's what you deserve.
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look, we can't fully control everything that happens in other parts of the world. disturbances in the middle east, what's going on in europe, but there are plenty of things we can control here at home. there are plenty of steps we can take right now to help create jobs and grow this economy. let me give you a couple examples. i sent congress a jobs bill last september full of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that would have put our fellow americans back to work and help reinforce our economy against some of these outside shocks. i sent them a plan that would have reduced the deficit by $4 trillion in a way that is balanced that pays for the job-creating investments we need by cutting unnecessary spending but also by asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes.
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and you know, i'll give them a little bit of credit. congress has passed a few parts of that jobs bill. like a tax cut that's allowing working americans to keep more of your paychecks every week. that was important. i appreciated it. but congress has not acted on enough of the other ideas in that bill that would help make a difference and help create jobs right now. there's no excuse for it. not when there are so many people out there still looking for work. not when there are still folks out there struggling to pay their bills. it's not lost on anybody that it's an election year. i understand that. i've noticed. [ shouts of four more years ] >> but we've got responsibilities that are bigger than an election.
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we've got responsibilities to you. so my message to congress is, now is not the time to play politics. now is not the time to sit on your hands. the american people expect their leaders to work hard no matter what year it is. the economy still isn't where it needs to be. there are steps that could make a difference right now, steps that can also be as a buffer in case the situation in europe gets any worse. so right now, congress should pass a bill who help states prevent more layoffs so we can put thousands of teachers and firefighters and police officers back on the job. now, layoffs at the state and local levels have been a chronic problem for our recovery, but it's a problem we can fix. congress should have passed a bill a long time ago to put thousands of construction workers back on the job rebuilding our roads and our
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bridges and our runways. now, since the housing bubble burst, no sector has been hit harder than the construction industry. and we've got all this stuff that needs fixed. remember that bridge here in minnesota. so this is a problem we can fix. let's do it right away. instead of just talking about job creators, congress should give small business owners a tax break for hiring more workers and paying them higher wages. we can get that done. we can get it done right now. let's not wait. right now, congress should give every responsible homeowner the opportunity to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage. we've got historically low rates right now.
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now, i was with a family in reno, nevada a couple weeks ago. they got a chance to refinance even though their home was underwater. put that money back in their pockets because we had taken some steps as an administration to make that available for those who have mortgages held by government agencies like the fha or government guaranteed. but not everybody has those kinds of mortgages. i want everybody to have those same opportunities. i assume there are some folks here who could use $3,000 a year. let's get that done right now. that means they're going to be -- if you have $3,000 a year extra, that helps you pay down your credit cards. that helps you go out and buy some things that your family needs. which is good for business. maybe somebody will be replacing some thing a ma jig for their furnace. they've been putting that off.
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but if they got that extra money, they might just go out there and buy that thing. right? look -- right now, congress needs to extend the tax credits for clean energy manufacturers that are set to expire at the end of this year. you know, i was talking to dave cody. the issue of energy efficiency and everything we need to do to shift away from dependence on foreign oil we're making huge progress. you know, we're actually impo importing less oil than at anytime in the last eight years. we're down under 50% but we can do more. and these clean energy companies, they're hiring folks. they're helping us break dependence on foreign oil. it's part of a package of stuff that honeywell is doing a lot of
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work on, but almost 40,000 jobs are on the line if these tax credits expire. why would anyone in congress walk away from those jobs? we need to pass those tax credits right now. we need to pass them right now. it's long pastime we started encouraging what a lot of companies have been doing lately, which is bringing jobs back to this country. you know, and some of them are coming to minnesota. the governor and i were talking in the car about some companies coming back. red bull, right, coming back. but let's give them more incentive. it's time for congress to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. let's use that money for moving expenses to cover expenses for companies bringing jobs back to america. that would make a job right now.
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so those are all steps that we could be taking to strengthen the economy, to provide us some insurance if the situation overseas is starts getting worse so control our own destiny, keep this recovery moving forward. which brings me to the last thing congress should do to help businesses create jobs. that's why i'm here at honeywell today. i believe that no one who fights for this country should ever have to fight for a job when they come home.
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and for congress, that creating a veterans jobs corps so we can put our returning heroes back to work as cops and firefighters, on projects that protect our public lands and resources and they should do it right now. they should do it right now. but if we're going to serve our veterans as well as they've served us, we've got to do even more. we just observed memorial day, which makes us think about the extraordinary sacrifices so many make. but we've got to make sure we translate words into action. we can't just be in a parade. can't just march. we also have to deliver. for our veterans. over the past three decades, over the past decades rather, more than 3 million service members have transitioned back to civilian life. and now that the war in iraq is
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over and we're starting to wind down the war in afghanistan -- over a million more of those outstanding heros, they're going to be joining this process of transition back into civilian life over the next few years. now, just think about the skills these veterans have acquired at an incredibly young age. think about the leadership they've learned. 25-year-olds, 26-year-olds leading platoons into unbelievable dangerous situations. life or death situations. think about the cutting edge technologies they've mastered. their ability to adapt to changing and unpredictable situations. you can't get that stuff from a classroom. i mean, these kids, these men,
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these women, they've done incredible work and that's exactly the kind of a leadership and responsibility that every business in america should be wanting to attract. should be competing to attract. that's the kind of talent we need to compete for the jobs and the industries of the future. these are the kinds of americans that every company should want to hire. and that's why here at honeywell, you've made it a mission to hire more veterans. and let me say, you know, dave is incredibly patriotic. loves his veterans, but
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honeywell is doing this not just because it feels good. they're doing it because it's good for business. because veterans make outstanding workers. so today i'm taking executive action that will make it easier for a lot of companies to do the same thing. i've told the story before of a soldier in the 82nd airborne who served as a combat medic in afghanistan. saved lives over there, earned a bronze star for his actions. but he came home here to minnesota. met him on our way to cannon falls. when he first came home, he couldn't even get a job as a first responder. think about it. this guy's out there taking care of troops who were wounded in action, couldn't initially get a job. then he took classes through the post 9/11 gi bill, classes that he could have taught. just so he could qualify for the
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same duties at home that he had performed every day at the war. let me tell you something. if you can save a life on the battlefield, you can save a life in an ambulance. >> president obama in minnesota appealing to pass the measures he's been asking for from congress and talking about the struggling economy and also of course, talking about veterans benefits. with me, major garrett, national journal. he's talking about helping with refinancing of homes, obviously, so many people underwater. he's talking about job benefits for veterans. where is the money and where is the will in this republican house in particular to pass any new benefits? >> well, the money is there if both parties have the will. it's not a question of money. you can finance things you're willing to cut here and cut taxes here and move things there. either one of those things is not existent.
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the other thing that's worth noting in his remarks, for the first time he has links the deceleration of the recovery which is a fair way to describe it to what's happening in europe. this is the first time he has publicly said at any great length that instability in europe, anxiety there over the euro and the euro zone within that sphere is having a negative effect on the u.s. economy. >> had he an emergency crisis call with european leaders earlier this week. the video conference. this is a real crisis. it's hard for americans to understand the effects. but the linkages given globalization, what happens in greece affects spain, what happens in spain aches italy and italy is a country with an economy too big to be bailed out by the european bank. >> no question, unless there is some massive global fund put together and in congress, for example, using the international monetary fund is very much opposed by republicans on the house side and skeptically by house republicans. >> people would say let germany do it. >> the germans it appears have
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reached the end of their rope on this. i said this would be the biggest x factor for the president and the economy for the remainder of the next four or five mons, and it did not look promising two and a half weeks ago, looks even more dire now. white house economists fear it will grow much worse in europe before it gets better. one of the few promising rays of news in the gdp report early this week was we were exporting a bit more. that was one of the few pieces of good news. one of our largest if not the largest exporter is the eurozone. if they move into deeper recession, our exports will diminish and that will complicate things for the president. >> we were talking to maria bartiromo from cnbc. this uncertainty hanging over investors and companies, they're not hiring. they've got record breaking profits. they're sitting ontarilyions of dollars but not going to spend it, not going to invest because they don't know what's going to happen in europe and because of the uncertainty with our own
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deficit and tax structure. >> indeed, all of that uncertainty is being intensified by inaction here in washington. it's not on any of the issues the president talked about. those would make a difference. a resolution this summer on the fate of the bush tax cuts, all or some, the fate of the president's 2% payroll tax due to ex at the end of this year, that would provide some certainty. wh's going to happen to dividend tax rates. what's going to happen to capital gains rates. if you're planning as a small, medium or large business, what is your financial climate going to be in the first six months of 2013? the answer to that is you don't know. if you don't know, what are you going to do? you're going to hold back. those who held back a quarter ago are saying i probably made the right bet. >> we talked about how mitt romney on cnbc with carl quintanilla was asked about the birther and donald trump issue. he also took the opportunity to sort of gloat a little bit about what bill clinton had to say about bain capital. let's watch.
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>> i think bain capital has a good and solid record. i was happy to see president clinton made a similar statement today and called my record superb. i certainly believe it's a record that shows i understand how the economy works. >> it's going to make for an interesting fund raiser in new york with president clinton and president obama on this very issue. and i think it's not coincidental that mitt romney says something like this embracing bain even more than he did last week in his interview with "time" magazine on the heels of big clinton's endorsement or semi endorsement or at least a sense that is bain capital is not where the president's best campaign rhetoric ought to be directed. but the white house and the campaign are going to stick with this issue. they don't really care as much about what bill clinton's think about it as focus groups in the seven swing states where they've tested it and they believe it will continue to resonate. >> yesterday, condoleezza rice
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and george schulze endorsed romney. and last night nancy reagan. this still photo, we see she's back up on her feet. she had had broken ribs and was not at the reagan library for a speech last week by paul ryan. there she is with the romneys. it says a lot nancy reagan is conferring her blessing on the republican presumptive nominee. >> and saying that ronnie always has been, always would be, would be impressed with romney's business record and background. not necessarily his ideologic march through his political life which with ronald reagan became ideological throughout his career. you can't say the same of romney. she emphasized the business background. >> she's looking down at your issue of the national journal. your story is that the sort of scary rhetoric and nasty ads that have been kind of a horror show so far in this campaign, it's really not that.
1:40 pm
it's really all aimed at a certain sector of women. >> a certain sector of women, noncollege educated women who are very responsive to the bain ads. peter hart, the democratic pollster talks about a larger cultural construct in america where people as consumers and eventually consumers become political actors when they vote, separate the world very quickly into are you my partner or my predator of mine. and the predation sense is what you hear in the bain and the romney rejoinder on obama is, look what he did with your taxpayer money in solyndra. in troubled times, he wasted money. both sides are trying to scare but also embrace voters and say i'm your better partner. that's what some of the dynamic of this election appears to be about. >> up next, countdown to the queen's jubilee. never before seen home videos of the royal family. the windsors at home. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? at e-trade, our free online tools
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not since queen victoria has a british monarch ruled for 60 years. so to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee, our british cousins are staging an olympic style celebration. it all started at dawn today and the release of never before seen home movies of the winds sores at hem and play. here a young queen playing with prince charles and his younger sister princess anne in 1957. is the monarchy hopelessly outdated or unique bond that helps a changing nation survive modern challenges? two special guests, katty kay and martin ba she host of the martin bashir show on msnbc. katy, first to you. those of us who look longingly at the royals and the coverage of royal weddings and the outpouring of grief over princess diana, what makes it so
1:45 pm
unique about the british monarchy? >> i think the queen herself is something of a bull washing against change but also for many brits a symbol of specialness. it's not just here that people might look longingly at the royals. it's within britain, as well. every single institution in britain seems to have lost in popularity ratings, parliament, the press, the police. you name it across the board, people seem to have in recent years felt a sense of dissatisfaction with british institutions and the one extraordinary exception is the monarchy. their approval ratings up at 80%. republicanism is a known factor. something like 20% of the population for the last few decades. brits whatever their divisions are, the country is in more ways more divided than when the queen came to the throne in 1952, we still seem to revere and love the monarchy.
1:46 pm
it's partly the institution which harks back to our history and reminds us we are special with centuries of history but part lit elizabeth herself. >> to that point, there of course, have been a lot of downs along with the ups. martin memorably, you did the famous interview with princess di. documenting the troubles in her marriage. there was also in 1992 the burning, the accident that turned windsor castle, part of the castle and what the queen called the annus horribilus. listen to prince charles talking about his mother and the way she pulls them all through. >> the queen has provided an amazing record of inner devotion and dedication and commitment. that each year, doing the same -- following the same patterns which help her to i think anchor us a bit and give
1:47 pm
reassurance that something is there which is perhaps a little more timeless than other things which are changing all the time. >> now, clearly he's speaking about the nation. coalso be speaking about the family, about the windsors. >> i think so andrea. i think the other thing to katy's point is that the queen represents a commitment of service to the country. something that although these, of course, the beneficiary of luxury in the form of various palaces, in terms of her practice, she serves the nation resolutely through many difficult times. of course, the last century marked by wars and the royal family themselves involved in being supportive during bombings in london during the second world war. it's kind of been a practice of we do voegs and public service which really has marked this family out. i think one of the difficulties for them is that prince charles has not really developed that
1:48 pm
kind of reputation. his mother is resolute and dedicated in her service. for many people, prince charles is slightly unhinged. he gets some interesting ideas about various issues. but ostensibly was cruel to his first wife. and hasn't really been somebody that has represented or at least embodied what his mother has done. and there are many people and katty will know this as well, who feel if prince william were to become the next heir to the throne, that would be preferable supposed to prince charles. so i think the monarchy has changed with the times. but there's still going to be something of a blip at the point at which her majesty the queen either passes away or decides to allow her son to succeed to the throne. because at that point, i'm not sure that the popularity rates this will be as high as they have been of late. >> of course katty, we've bean the publicity machine with things that are hardly an
1:49 pm
accident with prince charles and camilla going on bbc and doing the weather in scotland and then in toronto spinning some records. so he is trying to humanize his image. >> yeah, he is trying toyeah. he is trying to humanize his image. that's a double edged swords for royals. part of what brits like about her majesty is that she is somehow removed from us. that she stands above us. she doesn't get involved in the kind of day to day swings, the emotional swings and the swings in fashion. you would never see the queen doing what prince charles did in toronto. it is unthinkable. i think that's part of what we like about her. it has been really interesting, living here in america and comparing the two systems where you have in your president all the ceremonial expectations of the country, as well as the elected head of state. and we've divided those. we have the queen and we have an
1:50 pm
elected prime minister. and somehow in a way, it is a system that works pretty well. you can question the prime minister and drill down on him and hold him accountable for his policies while keeping the queen in reverence for what she represents for the country and for patriotism. >> i would slightly dispute that. because i think john boehner is actually king john in many ways. he is like a monarch who does absolutely nothing. so i don't think the distinction is so great. >> we're going to have to leave that comparison right there as we celebrate the queen's jubilee in advance. katty kay, of course we can watch you on bbc america. don't miss martin bashir every day at 3:00 p.m. weekdays. sun protection on a beach day. now, i wear it every day. because damaging uv rays are everywhere with olay daily complete uv, its possible to block 92% of harmful rays for naturally beautiful skin in any light. olay daily uv.
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for the worst week in washington, joining me now, daily fix person. >> that's it.
1:54 pm
>> logger. >> you got all of them. >> we got all the titles. who had the worst week? >> we gave it to elizabeth warren this week, the massachusetts senate candidate. this was a woman who oversaw the t.a.r.p. congressional hearings. >> running against scott brown. >> very high profile race. for a month she has been dealing with these questions about when did she tell harvard and the university of pennsylvania law schools that she was native-american? she initially said she hadn't told them. on wednesday night she told the "boston globe," well, i did formally tell them. does this cost her the race? not by a long shot. does it make it clear that she is an inexperienced candidate who needs to grow on the stump if she is going to beat scott brown who has already proven to us he is a candidate. not a good week for her. >> not something i'm always sitting in terror that i'll win worst week. >> i'm sitting in terror. there will come a time when we will award it to myself. >> that won't happen. >> i'm knocking on glass.
1:55 pm
>> thank you, chris cillizza. that does it for us. for a great weekend for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tamron hall has a look at what's next. we continue to follow breaking news. the markets tumbling in reaction to the unemployment report and the showdown over how to fix the economy between president obama and mitt romney. the president says congress needs to do their job and stop playing politics, and quote, sitting on their hands. mitt romney said it is the obama administration who is scaring so-called job creators. plus, former president bill clinton is in wisconsin trying to fire up voters before next week's recall election of republican governor scott walker. "the new york times" reports, whoever wins will, quote, send a message about a larger fight over labor in this country. plus, the latest on bill clinton going off message and calling mitt romney's business record, quote, sterling. if paula ebert had her way, she would help her child. deoxyribonucleic acid. he knew that.
1:56 pm
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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "newsation" is following breaking news. reaction to today's job report. there is a sell-off on wall street. the dow is down 260 points and all the gains for 2012 are gone. president obama reacted less than an hour ago while in minnesota campaigning there. he pointed the finger at the crisis in europe and also took dead aim at congress. >> congress should pass a bill to help states prevent more layoffs. congress should have passed a bill a long time ago to put thousands of construction workers back on the job, rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our runways. instead of just talking about job creators, congress should give small business owners a tax break for hiring more workers and paying them higher wages. >> also responding to the jobs report, mitt romney who reacted just over an hour ago during an interview on cnbc. governor romney took direct aim at the president.


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