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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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devastating. you've got kids coming out of college that can't find jobs. kids coming out of high school that can't find work. people whose homes are underwater. you've got a lot of middle income families that wonder whether the job they've got, they'll be able to keep. this is very bad news for the american people. >> let me take you inside these numbers. it shows employers put the brakes in hiring in may. just 69,000 jobs were created. less than half of what was expected. the unemployment rate ticked up a tenth to 8.2%. it is the first increase in the jobless rate in 11 months. let me bring in, we've got a number of people for you. let's start with a.b. stoddard for the hill newspaper. we're waiting to speak with my colleague, sue herrera at cnbc to talk about what is at issue here. why the reaction on wall street? you have a lot of economists who point to the crisis in europe. the president brought that up as well. you have mitt romney saying that there's a fear factor here that the so-called job creators are
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afraid to bring people in and hire them. >> i think that's right. i think these monthly job report numbers have a real psychological impact. and i think it is the metric by which the public measures the state of the economy most of the time. the number ticked up because labor participation rose and more people who had been jobless started again and came back into the system. and that makes that numbering up higher. but there's not a lot of surprise here. maybe just how bad it is, but i think the administration knew it wasn't going to look very good. the january and february numbers were terrific. but the growth estimates that we had projected for the rest of the year weren't strong enough to support 200,000 plus jobs per month. and they were expecting this to drop down. the bad news this month is obviously, 69,000 jobs created but also, that they've altered the rates for march and april and those numbers went down by 49,000. this is really not a good outlook for the window of time
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during which vote letters make up their minds about the economic right or wrong track of this country. we're looking at the summer of 2012 today. it june 1. they're going to make up their minds about the direction the economy is going pretty soon. there's not a lot of time for any surprisingly good reports to come and change their minds. and the economists who look at the numbers are not expecting a good report. >> a lot of the jobs lost were in construction. 28,000 of those jobs. the president, his supporters point to the fact that congress in their words have stood in the way, blocked bills and things that could have stimulated this economy. especially when you look at construction jobs. it is warm outside and a lot of these projects could have been underway. >> that's true. the president will find ways to blame the congress for not following through on an issue he believes would help a small business and hiring in general. the republicans are also going to hammer the president on the regulations they think are onerous to business that hinder the hiring of jobs.
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we also have, tamron, a bipartisan reality at the end of the year with the lame duck session, with some $8 trillion in the balance. an economic cliff that businesses all around the country are afraid of because they don't know which tax cuts will be extended and which ones will be expired. they know the unemployment insurance which is so critical to consumer demand is already ending. people are already starting to see the last of their checks. that there's going to be this big economic hit between the november 6 election and christmas. and there's only going to be a few weeks for these very partisan congress to figure this out. and people around the country are getting into a hold, a freeze. they just don't know what their tax policy is going to look like next year. this is the part, really the fault of both parties. >> we have five more jobs reports before people go in and decide who they want in the white house. mitt romney was on cnbc earlier. we'll play some of it. he was asked what he would do. he went back to the issue of
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taxes as well as repealing health care. you know the easy push back on that is if the bush tax cuts had worked, we would not be in this situation that the economy is in right now. that is a very easy thing to push back on, it would seem. >> well, you know, the president extended the bush tax cuts at the end of 2010 much to the surprise and dismay of his own party. i think the economy has many factors at play here. president obama is right about the head winds from europe. he's right about the challenges that we're facing here at home. the republicans, in a lot of their arguments are right about the fact that raising taxes in a really fragile economy is going to be more detrimental to the economy. everyone is right but no one is really, on their points, but no one is coming together in a bipartisan way to take care of what i just mentioned. this looming crisis at the end of the year that people are at
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who are employing in this country and it is having an effect on hiring. >> let me bring in sue herrera, c co-anchor. carl asked him about the impact of the crisis in europe, the global situation that is perhaps why we see the dow down significantly. he kind of brush that off and feels why he feels that should be happening here and criticizing the president. so let me find out your analysis of why we're seeing the dow react. is it solely the number on the screen regarding the joblessness? >> no. i think it is a combination of three things. europe is really at the breaking point. they have some crucial meetings and elections coming up if they don't pull this off. europe is in big trouble. they're already obviously in trouble but there are some key dates that are looming very large for wall street. second, china overnight reported some numbers that were much, much weaker than everyone thought. and that is linked to the lack of demand from europe. they export a lot of their goods
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to europe. and china has been the global growth engine. if china slows down dramatically, that is not good for anyone. and then on top of that, it was really a triple whammy. we got these jobs numbers this morning that were so much lighter than what everybody expected. all of that combined really has sent wall street reeling. we're down 273 points on the dow jones industrial average and not only the dow but a number of the key indices have moved into what is called correction territory. that is not good for the market and for investors. it is a really tough day down here on the floor. >> and sue and a.b., the president and governor romney both re. first let me play what president obama said regarding the head winds the country is facing. >> we had high gas prices, a month, two months ago and they're starting to come down. they're but they're still hitting people's wallets pretty hard. that has an impact. and then most prominently, most
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recently we've had a crisis in europe's economy. >> so a.b., that's the point sue was talking about regarding the crisis in europe. the president again acknowledging it. while on cnbc, governor romney diminishing that part of the equation. is that the proper strategy? stick to the story line of what's happening domestically and ignore the impact of what could be happening in europe on our economy? >> well, you know, that's interesting. republicans do talk about what is happening in europe when they talk about the need for us to face our debt crisis. our own debt crisis. which is going to turn into something worse and greek-like if we don't address it. so that is often something they raise when trying to push for a plan and some urgency behind a plan to cut the deficit and attack the debt. so no, they know full well. mitt romney knows full well that this has an impact. as sue points out, the chinese do what their exports and imports do. it is all connected and it will have an effect us on.
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i'm saying our own numbers -- yeah. >> let me play what governor romney said while on cnbc regarding where we should be. let me play that, please. >> of course, the developments around the world always influence our jobs. but we should be well into a very robust recovery by now if the president's policies had worked. if he had been able to get america back on track, we would be at what happened in europe as being a problem but certainly not devastating. these numbers are devastating. >> so there you have it. yes, he acknowledged the situation in europe. but obviously, putting the heavy load on decisions made by this administration which we would expect him to do because he wants to get in the white house. >> well, he's running on a message, tamron, that he is a better steward of the economy than president obama because of his businessman experience. and he is trying to convince the voters that he would, that he knows the right policies and he would put them in place and he would be able to turn the economy around and bring us away
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from recession, deep into a strong and robust recovery if he was just in the white house. that is the best message for him. it is not talking about syria or anything else. >> let me bring you back in on the notion that these jobs creators are afraid to do anything, this looming fear of what could be happening with health care, with their taxes. are you hearing a lot of that? i know you talk with so many of these people who we depend on to hire folks here. >> i do think there are some deadlines looming very large over corporate america. the tax policy is. health care is changing. and corporate america doesn't like uncertainty. whether it is the uncertainty in europe and keep in mind, a lot of the kimes that are listed right here on the floor of the new york stock exchange, they have large operations in europe. if business drops off, they don't hire them don't hire it here and they don't hire every off there. then if you add to that the fact that corporate tax policy and personal income tax policy will
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change, and they don't yet know what their health care costs will be, which is a huge part of the budget. all of that makes them sit on their money. american corporations have large bank rolls that they're sitting on but they are not going to deploy that by hiring or investing if there is that kind of uncertainty looming large over their heads by the end of the year. >> thank you very much. i greatly appreciate you both following this news with me. our coverage of the jobs report will continue. up next, the politics of the number. and what the strategy on the ground will be for the president and for mitt romney. plus -- >> it doesn't sound ridiculous. one doughnut won't hurt you. >> one day after announcing he wanted to ban the large size sodas from restaurants, large size sugary drinks, the new york city mayor michael bloomberg is celebrating, wait for it, national doughnut day. what does that say about irony there? and join our conversation on twitter.
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we continue to follow the news. wall street's negative reaction to the jobs report and the situation in europe. the dow is down 280 points. the nasdaq is down 78 points as well. so what could the disappointing job numbers mean for the president's re-election efforts? this headline from reads white house panic alert. it calls the may jobs report one that only mitt romney could love. republican leaders in congress also jumped on the president over the unemployment numbers. the house majority leader eric cantor had some of the strongest words early today. >> this is terrible. these job numbers are pathetic and i think it just really cries out for us to actually try something new now. >> in response, democratic leader nancy pelosi came out, of
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course, defending the president, telling republicans in congress to stop obstructing policies that would create jobs. >> it's time for the republicans to stop stalling. to stop stalling on the transportation bill which will create jobs. >> let's bring in "news nation" political panel for this friday. washington bureau chief for the chicago sun time, lynn sweet. contributor jimmy williams and "newsweek" columnist cnbc contributor, zachary, let me start with you. you've talk about the fact that people need to get used to higher unemployment numbers. this has less to do with the president and more in the direction that we are going in as the country as well as the global economy. >> yeah, look. the spin about reality wouldn't have been any different if there had been 100,000 more jobs or 150,000. it wouldn't change the relatively static job picture. now you have this political hyperbole arena where the republicans in a way that is
2:16 pm
really, really distressing although utterly predictable are in some sense jumping on the bandwagon, isn't it great that things are this bad so now we can rehash saeft argument that's things would be so much better if we had a different president. that's fantasy land. >> even the president is saying that policies he wants to put in place, a so-called to do list, he believes would have resulted in job for people out there. particularly in the construction market. you heard pelosi refer to the transportation bill. so those are policies they believe could have made a difference. >> yeah. and again, i think that that, too, is more wishful thinking than reality. the fact is construction, or manufacturing related construction has been one of the few areas where there have been relatively decent job creation over the past months. nobody gets into an office and says we have a long term, or decade long structural problem that won't get better in the next two years but it would be
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better to underpromise and overdeliver than this climb for the democrats or pretending if you just cut taxes and spending, imaginally, job creators and businesses would hire a million people. >> well obviously, governor romney on cnbc, he didn't say it this time around but he said in the past, 4% unemployment rate. if we president here, he also focused in on a lot of the fear factor he claims exists with these jobs creators that we like to refer to in this ominous fashion. and i say that with a little smirk because we hear this. it truly has turned into the constant talking point. that the job creators are afraid, if they don't get a great portion of what they want, which is obviously be to see their taxes increase. >> i hate to break the news to the job creators, they're sitting on, a, $2 trillion worth of cash. cash. per unadultated cash. green bucks profits. they're sitting on them and not spending them. they're not using it to hire
2:18 pm
people. secondly, i'm remarkably sure that the taxes are exactly what they were in 2001, 2002, and i can keep going but that would waste precious air time. there is not a single corporation, small, medium, large or a small business in this entire country whose tax rate has gone up since the day barack obama took office. and i would like to remind folks, and this is a political statement. but it is a fact. when barack obama took office, we were losing over 700,000 jobs a month. and if we only gained 69,000 this time, i would suggest gaining 69,000 is better than bleeding 700,000. >> so you just spoke far more passionately than we heard the president speak in minnesota today. he came out saying that obviously, the crisis in europe plays a big role. we had sue herrera, one of the best in the business when it come to following wall street also pointing to the fact that today's numbers are not solely impacted by that 8.2. it is also that crisis i. the president kind of going on
2:19 pm
to what he said before. better days are ahead of us. he believes in the america worker. did we need a little more from him? not panic as the headline in salon. you go to "huffington post" right now. don't stop watching this show but if do you later, there is a picture of the president grimacing with a sad face with this image on what is absolutely a progressive if not liberal website there. >> the president -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i want to say the problem today, the political problem today is that obama is on the defensive for whatever reason, china, europe, eurozone and the job rate. his political problem now is that at the end of the week, the conversation is on mitt romney's court. on his terms. this is the political issue, just having obama say i wish i could have done more but congress won't go along. to have the democratic allies. pelosi, unions say he had a great idea but he couldn't get it done. that's not the presidential
2:20 pm
message that i think will have the impact for the independent voters. >> what is the message he needs to have today? we're going to talk about it a little later in the post skrip. the sunday morning programs will be flooded with this topic, rightfully so. it is the topic that matters, not donald trump and the insanity we watched in the beginning of the week. it is people getting back to work. >> it is. which is why the obama campaign would like it to be about bain capital and the record that mitt romney had as a governor in massachusetts. that's what they're going to try to do on sunday. when you ask what is the answer, i think the answer is, for the moment, until the obama campaign keeps up, thinks of something better. the best answer is it would be worse under mitt romney. romney's challenge is to somehow explain to people how he won't have the same problem with congress that barack obama does, because he surely will if the houses are divided. >> quickly, zachary, this report also indicated more people are entering the job market.
2:21 pm
why is that not seen as optimism that may be people see a brighter, what is it? i'm not good with cliches. the tunnel, the light at the en. the bottom line optimism. >> it is just a .2% increase in the quote/unquote labor force, participation rate. it is not as if there is this massive surge of people going, now is the time to look for work. tame, what you've basically got in this report, i'll say it again. it would not have been a lot different if there had been 100,000 jobs created in so far as there is a big population who have been out of work long material. and college graduates have an unemployment rate less than 4%, around 4%. >> lynn brought up the president is on the defensive. what does he need to say or have his surrogates if they can stay on talking points here, what do they need to say? >> the president needs to come out and speak for something. he needs to come you with three things and hammer it home and drill it from now all the way to
2:22 pm
the debates. one thing he can say. i'm the president of the united states. i'm going to send a bill to congress when they get back from their vacation. i'm going to raise taxes on millionaires. i'm going to take that post money and rebuild every school in the united states that is over 70 years old. and guess what that does? that's a real thing. it creates real jobs and he dares the congress to do it. by the way, every mother and father sitting out there listening to that right now, what are their kids sitting in in their schools? they're sitting in trailers. and little teeny trailers next to the schools that are crumbling. >> they've tried that. there have been crumbling school initiatives. his problem is that there is not enough time left necessarily to get a major initiative through congress right now. >> thank you. i love the combination. jimmy, lynn, zachary. great pleasure. refusing to the against years. i can't russia and china both against backing a u.n. resolution to blame the regime for the massacre happening
2:23 pm
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the dow is down 248 points. a combined reaction to the jobs report and the continued crisis in europe. we continue to follow what has been obviously very partisan reaction to those dispointing jobs numbers. today president obama took straight i am a at congress while mitt romney blamed the president's policies for what he says is scaring employers from hiring. >> i sent congress a jobs bill last september full of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that would have put our fellow americans back to work and help reinforce our economy against some of these outside shots. >> what the president has done has made it less and less likely for investors to want to invest in america, for employers to want to hire in america, and that's the indictment that you're seeing on this administration's policies. >> joining us now, the execive
2:32 pm
director. patrick, thank you for your time. let me get your reaction to governor romney on cnbc blaming the president's policies, saying this is a disastrous report today. >> of course it's no surprise that mitt romney would be politicizing the economic challenges that we have as we've worked to pull ourselves out of worst recession since the great depression. we've now had 27 straight months of private sector job growth, 4.3 million jobs added in this economy. the president is right, of course, that we have so much more work to do which is exactly why he has push congress on passing a bipartisan jobs plan to put construction workers back to work, to protect the jobs of teachers and firefighters and to make sure that we have infrastructure in the long term. as i said, it is no surprise that mitt romney would be cheering for a failure in this economy right now. he is trying to score some political points. instead he should be out there speaking to republican congressional leaders to get them to do what they need to do
2:33 pm
to put americans back to work. >> what did he say that would back up the statement that he is cheering for failure? >> when you come on television after we've had 82,000 jobs grown in the private sector and certainly not what we need to have a full recovery but 82,000 jobs grown, 27 straight months of private sector job growth, to come out and say this is somehow at indictment of president obama's record is silly, political posturing and flies in the face of what all independent economists say about all the work that we've done to turn the corner on again the worst recession since the great depression. >> let me ask you though. with this 8.2 unemployment, how much of this does lie on the president? and decisions that have been made? does he bear no responsibility for the number. >> the president absolutely has responsibility for the fact when he took office, unemployment was hovering at 10 percentage points. it now down to 8.2 and we've
2:34 pm
grown 4.2 million jobs in the private sector. when mitt romney hits the trail, and he talks about our record, we have a responsibility, of course, to not only defend our record but to talk about his record as well. and i speck that he'll get a lot of questions about the kinds of promises that he made when he was running for office in massachusetts and what his record was as governor of massachusetts for those 40 months when massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50th in this country in job growth, when he bled manufacturing jobs at twice the national average and when he inherited an economy where massachusetts unemployment was lower than the national average and higher than the national average when he left office. it is all well and good that he'll be out there stumping on the economy now. we should examine what his record was when he actually had an opportunity to do something for the residents of massachusetts and actually took them backwards. which is what his policies would do nationally if he were successful in november. >> let me take you back to what
2:35 pm
the president said today regarding the jobs bill and the obstruction that they say exists when you look at republicans in washington, d.c. the president said about this jobs bill, here we are, five more. five more jobs reports here. no one expects the republicans to, if they are being obstructionist as the president said, to change from that position so what does the administration need to do? >> it is not right to say no one expects them not to continue to be obstructionist. the american people expect and it demand it. they sent us to washington, d.c. to provide leadership and to grow jobs in this really tough economy. there's the expectation when we go out, we talk to folks in ohio, in north carolina, pennsylvania, they have the expectation folks will come together. be responsible and pass sound policies to continue to right this ship. the president will emphasize
2:36 pm
that the bipartisan measures he pushed out in september and we'll continue to put pressure on republicans in congress and republicans on the presidential campaign trail are trying to sell folks a bill of goods. >> speaking of pressure, i know that the re-election team really wants to put pressure, as you've pointed out, on governor romney's record in massachusetts. his record with bain capital as well. i have to ask you about former president bill clinton. let me play you a little of what he said regarding mitt romney's record that you want to go after. let's play it. >> i think he had a good business career. i don't think we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. this is good work. there's no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man has been governor and had a sterling business career, crosses the qualification threshold. >> so he's pushing back on the bain capital attacks as they've been dubbed. he also referred to governor
2:37 pm
romney's business record as sterling in an interview a few hours ago. one of the first things mitt romney brought up was the praise from bill clinton referring to his record as sterling. how do you react to that? >> well, president clinton is a great leader and one of the best surrogates we have for president obama's accomplishments. president clinton was saying much the same of what president obama and our campaign has been saying. mitt romney was successful in the private sector as a corporate buyout specialist and it was his mission to maximize profits for himself and for his investors. which is exactly what he did. but there was considerable cost to the workers in those industries. >> that is not what i heard the former president say. we can play it again. i get what you are saying. but that is not what he said. on cnn. was he off message? >> respectfully you just played a 15-second clip of an hour-long interview president clinton had where he said very, very clearly that there is a choice that the
2:38 pm
american people have to make here. one between the kind of president who helped to right the ship of the american able while mitt romney was saying we should allow detroit to go bankrupt. and president clinton laid out two models for growth. one is a model where you invest in the american worker as president obama has and one where you're really taking care of the privileged few who are at the top of the corporate structure which is what mitt romney did when he was head of the private equity firm, bain capital. so president clinton made it very clear that the american people have a choice to make this november. he went out in that same interview to say he beliefs firmly when folks look at these two candidates, they look at their record, their accomplishment and their rhetoric, that they'll place their bet on obama. >> we did play the ed it version of that because we wouldn't play an entire interview from another network. the bottom line is he referred to the record of mitt romney as a sterling business record without the caveats that you
2:39 pm
just presented. the heart of what i'm asking, because this happen a little with deval patrick. we know the infamous words by cory booker. the surrogates may be outstanding but is there a problem with keeping folks on record or on point when it comes to these bain capital attacks which you obviously need the momentum in presenting things regarding governor romney's record that you just laid out. more eloquently than some others. >> i suspect that mitt romney has challenged to maintain discipline with surrogates like donald trump and jon huntsman who is off studying a third party. bill clinton, cory booker, governor deval patrick all said very, very clearly, that mitt romney keeps elevating his private sector experience as the principal reason why he should be president. you can see workers suffered while he burdened companies with debt, offshore jobs, eliminated pensions and benefits and
2:40 pm
retirement benefits. so ultimately that record will be examined in this campaign. folks will make a clear choice. we'll come out on top as a result. >> thank you so much for joining me. thank you. now to our "news nation" political post script. normally we look at the stories that have dominated the week's headlines. all of that is pretty much a blur after today's jobs numbers. they're sure to dominate the political discussions as we move ahead including on "meet the press." joining me now, nbc news deputy political editor domenico, we want to talk about governor romney's record in massachusetts. bain capital, despite what may have been off the cuff remarks from bill clinton. the reality is the conversation and the jobs numbers. >> those jobs numbers definitely overshadow everything from this week. the fact of the matter is these jobs numbers not taken in one-month increments are a blow to the president. but not because it this one month of 69,000 jobs.
2:41 pm
you look at the last three months and you've seen sluggish growth. like polls, you look at jobs reports in the same way. for all these mini narrative that's have been pushed out there about whether or not this attack on bain is fair or if it's negativity that is hurting the president. really, it's not the negativity or any of these mini narratives, it is the economy. these jobs reports measure what happened last month. when you see narrowing of two to four points or so, it is because people are probably feeling less optimistic about the economy. because there are fewer people who are getting jobs versus the number of people that are coming into the market. when we think about all these mini narrative that's might get pushed, it is about the economy. it is always about the economy. if the trajectory looks like it is going in the right direction, it is good for the president. if it goes the other way, that's good for mitt romney. >> we looked at some of the key
2:42 pm
states as far as the unemployment rate. you're seeing some key battleground states that have an unemployment rate that is either lower than the national average or ticking down, which could be good news for the president, despite these number that we've seen today. >> it's interesting. in a lot of the states, you have republican governor who's are the case that the economy has gotten good in their state but still making the case that the economy is bad nationally. you think about people like scott walker, in wisconsin who is one his recall race on tuesday. with the auto bailout being part of that. but the economy and their state gotten better. virginia with governor bob mcdonnell and making the case that they have a great economy that is going strong but you have a lot of federal government jobs here. and of course, mcdonnell is somebody who could be considered for mitt romney's ticket, and of course, it is one of the toss yum states. >> thank you so much. i want to bring some breaking news in to you this friday. our own kerry sanders has send out a note saying that the judge
2:43 pm
has ordered george zimmerman to turn himself in. his bond has been revoked. again, kerry sanders, our reporter on the ground in florida who has been covering the death investigation of trayvon martin in the case against george zimmerman. the prosecution today filed a motion to revoke bond for george zimmerman. we should have more information here. actually, i'm being told we have kendall coffey, a state attorney in florida. are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> all i have right now is that george zimmerman has to turn himself in. his bond has been revoked per kerry sanders. what usually is happening behind the scenes when something like this goes down? >> well, it appears the prosecution had a couple different grounds to request that his bond be revoked. one was that zimmerman had misrepresented his finances. you remember he portrayed himself as essentially indig enwhen the $150,000 bond was set.
2:44 pm
a bond that provoked some controversy in some quarters as being too low. perhaps even more serious from the standpoint of whether there is a flight risk or not is in fact there was a second passport, according to the prosecution, that zimmerman had and he did not turn in the second passport. that's a huge concern because as we know, he has family in a different, in south america. and in a murder case, there is always a concern that somebody might take off if they see things going against him. the fact that he apparently withheld from the court, the fact that he had a second passport that might enable him to leave the country is a very serious matter which could certainly contribute to a judge's decision to revoke bond. >> one of our producers just giving me more information here. the judge said zimmerman engaged in material falsehood about his finances which you just pointed out as well. the judge could not occurs with the motion to revoke the bond. ask zimmerman to present himself. he has 48 hours.
2:45 pm
does that mean he will be held in jail nfl his trial? >> that's what it means for now. they can file a subsequent motion on the part of the defense in order to try to explain things, try to propose other safeguards so that he doesn't remain in jail. as it stands right now, he is headed for jail and he will stay there. that has huge implications in terms of how a case proceeds. among other things it puts a lot of pressure on the defense to move fast where their client is incarcerated than opposed to being at liberty. so this is potential lay game play unless the defense can find a way to undo the considerable damage. >> i'm curious again, having thankfully never being charged with a crime of any kind. you have george zimmerman and his attorneys. wouldn't they discuss the issue of the finances?
2:46 pm
certainly when he is asked to turn over his passport, does an attorney look to the client and say let's make sure. you've turn over. i don't even know who has two passports but he has a second one here. isn't this hashed out to avoid something of this nature? >> it is supposed to be. and i'm certain his attorney asked him the right questions. the average attorney wouldn't think his china has a second passport. that's a fluke. an attorney would. that's the kind of thing by the way that zimmerman may have very well withheld from mark o'marra. with respect to finances, of course the attorney goes to that carefully. you keep asking, are you sure that's it? are you sure there isn't any other money? one of the thing any criminal defense lawyer will tell you is that you're going to hear things from your client that are not always so. it is part of the challenges of the job. >> thank you for getting on with us with this news. george zimmerman has 48 hours to
2:47 pm
turn himself in. his bond has been revoked. wake up!
2:48 pm
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we're following news. a judge has revoked bond for george zimmerman, the man charged with killing trayvon martin. right now, prosecutor bernie dela rhonda is speaking in. >> when he was aware of that money transfrg from one fund to the other and there was plenty of money. >> as soon as given to the defense attorney, the statements and then he will be released. >> i'm be going to get into what we did or didn't do. i'm not going to comment other than what i've said on the record. i understand you have a great need to find out, as we stated. we'll try our case in the courtroom. i am only here to come about what happened in the courtroom. that's it. >> would you be willing to
2:51 pm
release the calls? >> i have to comply with public records requests so we will do that at the appropriate time. >> there will be another bond hearing. what will your -- >> when that happens, i'll make a statement at that. >> did you believe the judge would take it to this level and call him back? >> we argued the bobbed should be revoked. the judge makes the final decision. all we can do is make the request. >> there was another issue today brought up about public records. one of the statements representing the media was that if there was an issue in terms of whether things have changed with the way the internet environment is dealt with public record, that that is an issue for the legislature. not one for the judge himself to legislate from the bench. how do you respond to the idea this belongs to the legislature and not in the courtroom before a judge? >> i know that my boss, that will be one of her priorities in front of the legislature. it is ridiculous, the amount,
2:52 pm
and i know you have a job to do but we have to make sure this defendant gets a fair trial and the state gets a fair trial. it is ridiculous the amount of stuff that is released that should not be released in our humble opinion. we're living in a different world where everybody blogs. we've got people's lives at stake here. i'm about witnesses. we need to care about them. >> is there any evidence that they've been threatened? >> i'm be going to comment on that. think about in the future, not just this case but in the future, do you think somebody will report a crime if their name is going to be blistered out there and they'll find everything out about them? would you? would any of you reporters, if you see a crime, give the information to the police and then be subject to, where do you live? who is your family? do you have a daughter? do you have a son? where did you go to school? imagine that. do you think witnesses will come forward? i know you all have a job to do
2:53 pm
but think of the greater good here in society. thank you very much. >> that is prosecutor bernie de la ronda. commenting briefly on the judge rebail for zimmerman. the judge said he engaged in material falsehood regarding his finances, as well as disclosure of a second passport. and nonetheless, right now, 48 hours, george zimmerman has to turn himself in to the courts. the judge revoekting his bond after discovering finances that were not disclosed, as well as this matter of a second passport. mark amara representing george zimmerman. expected to comment a little later. right now the break news on this friday. the man charged with killing trayvon martin. the unarmed teenager in sanford,
2:54 pm
florida, has had his bond revoked by a judge and he must turn himself in or present himself is the wording here within 48 hours. there have been plenty of high drama in this case. obviously starting with the death of that young man, trayvon martin. kerry sanders is standing by. you were the first to put this note out. the information regarding the bond being revoked. what else can you tell us about the circumstances that led the judge to this decision? >> reporter: he has about 48 hours according to the judge to turn himself in. this is built on the prosecutor's claim that george zimmerman and his wife shelley lied to the court when they were requesting bond. first, that he did not reveal that he had another passport. the first passport that he owned was one that he apparently had told the u.s. government that he had lost. so he requested a second passport. but that second passport was not
2:55 pm
revealed to the court at the time of requesting bond. and then there was the question about the amount of money that he had been gathering from his website. and on that website, the money that he had been gathering, that he had full access to, he did not reveal to the court that he had that money. and so his wife was talking about having very few assets and that they were having to wait to get some money from second mortgages. from be only his parents, not only his parents but his grandparents. in real the judge says he had access to this money and the prosecutor says there is even a record conversation where george zimmerman in jail is talking to his wife in some sort of code language about that money. so it is enough to force george zimmerman who is accused of killing trayvon martin on second-degree murder to turn himself back in now in 48 hours. >> thank you. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for joining me all week long. we'll see you on monday.
2:56 pm
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good afternoon. it's friday, june the 1st. here's what's happening. it's a celebration on capitol hill. >> these job numbers are pathetic. and the american people really deserve better and i think on a, the right leadership, we can do better. >> i'm be going down the path of i'm not an economist. >> we need a course correction. >> i think the president ought to get out of the bad mibton game and get into the rugby game in front of him. >> the most significant thing we can do in the near term is get a new president. >> a sour job market means even he could become president. >> i think there is a sense that we are in danger. >> what is your fear? >> the one thing we all fear the most is a weak america.


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