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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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speaking of paycheck and fairness, what if mitt romney and a discreet friday night drop of his personal financial disclosures showing his personal fortune remains near $250 million. a little half million in gold over here, a few million in those three dozen plus bain funlds over there. who is counting really? he's managed to do pretty well for himself despite the mass sell-off of stocks before he started running for president including walmart's mexico operation now, royaled by payoff allegations. somebody obviously knows what they're doing here. but it's got nothing to do with romney, of course, because his mad money is governed in a blind trust. and blind is perhaps the operative word for how he would like voters to approach his wealth. dropping the freighted documents friday afternoon. you might recall he dropped his tax extension application at the same time in april. harvard business school wasn't
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lost on mitt, no, sir. while mr. romney said he is very proud. his record as a businessman, you don't hear as much about his record as governor and a new obama ad helps us to understand why. >> instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut tax for millionaires like himself while raising them on the middle class. and left the state $2.6 billion deeper in debt. so now when mitt romney talks about what he would do as president -- >> i know what it takes to create jobs. >> remember, we've heard it all before. >> now, that's got the folk at karl rove as super pac americans steaming mad. is it trembling in fear in their new ad? >> hey there, fair share. >> they want even deeper cuts. >> whammed happened to hope and change? now it seem he is coming right out of the box with these old-fashioned negative ads.
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>> if you don't have a record to run original you pain your opponent as someone people should run from. >> that's subtle, isn't it? you can purchase your very own shepherd style poster at the american cross roads website. i don't know. i am starting to sense a theme here. what do you think? >> i really believe there is a sense in the country that we are in danger. >> the one thing we all fear the most is a weak america. >> goodness gracious. but mitt and his minute 81s can't let this go. if president obama wins another term, the presumptive nominee stands to pay an extra $5 million in taxes. no. can't let that happen. let's bring in our panel now. in philadelphia, professor james peterson is director of africana studies at lee high university and a blogger for the "huffington post." and here in new york, author of
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the book, "money and power." if i can start with you. there is no doubting mitt romney's financial successful. >> he is good. >> we can't even calculate. somewhere between $83 and $255 million. given certain investments have been dropped as he run for president. how blind a trust is this? >> look, when it come to blind trusts, one really never knows. it is the same way super pacs are supposed to be differentiated from the candidate who the super pac is supposed to serve. you can always have the trust teas, friends of yours whom you've known a long time who can have a nonverbal communication, if you will, about winks and nods. >> help the they? >> how shall we say it? they know each other well. they know what he wants. i don't know who is in charge of mitt romney's blind trust but this is an interesting coincidence that he was able to sell at that time and other
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stocks in walmart. mexico in a timely fashion. >> just coincidence. he rails against the president repeatedly. haven't romney done rather well since tleks. that he went to $12,600. >> absolutely. in march of 2009 it was at 6,500. he's basically had a double during the president's ten you are. the guy is worth $250 million. who knows how much that has been as a result of his investments in the stock market that have doubled during the president's tenure in office but he is not one to complain. he shouldn't be complaining about the economic policies of the president. >> he should be very grateful. professor peterson. romney has dismissed the idea that voters see him as rich mitt pointing out, other wealthy presidents like fdr and jfk. isn't there a stark difference between those presidents'
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policies and mitt romney's? fdr raised tax to $94% on income over 200,000. >> that's right. listen, both of those presidents who are great presidents historically had a certain kind of compassion for the american people. and a certain capacity to connect with the american people. you're talking about president ken. he comes from a family it has been being compassionate and compassionately engaged in connectioning with people on a day-to-day basis. unfortunately romney is the opposite of that. if problem with the blind trust is obviously it is politically coordinated so this is precisely the thing that people were so skeptical about with respect to the 1%. that there is a different set of rule. you play by these unfair rules and people cannot really stomach that any longer. especially when it comes to economics. >> it is a blind trust.
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mitt romney believes he knows absolutely nothing about where the invest manies are made. who has purchased. who has dropped. >> we know that's not true. fannie mae is also something he invested in. he made money in the thing that were part of undermining our economy. people are not dumb about these things. you can call it a blind trust. you can release the financials but at the end of the day, we understand it is this sort of maneuvering that is responsible for the challenge that our economy faces right now. >> when you think for a moment, bill about, the way romney deals with his money, there is a difference between the way he approaches economic policy as compared to someone like fdr. mitt romney sets aside $100 million in trust for his kids. he joins himself to the ryan budget which will eviscerate everything from meal on wheel to transportation for disabled people. here's a guy who is very, very wealthy independently. what is his view?
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that everyone else should do the same as him? >> i think he is of the view that lower taxes, unbalanced budgets and somehow not solving our fiscal problems is going to trickle down to the rest of us just like it must have done for him in the reagan era. he was obviously in the right place at the right time. he did not create the financial engineering that allowed private equity to thrive in this country. he was a beneficiary of it when he got to bain consulting and then at bain capital. other people had created that system that he basically benefited from tremendously by taking other people's money and investing it in these company, claiming that he created jobs. we all know that he only created the 35 jobs for the people at bain capital. >> really. just 35. >> not even close to anything like 100,000. the ceos of the company that he invested in, yes, those people created jobs. not mitt romney. he has never created more than 35 jobs. the people that he hired out of
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harvard business school. >> what did you think of the american cross roads ad which is going after the president in this extremely negative way, suggesting that hope has been in some way transformed into fear on fire? >> well, you know that their tactics are going to be about fear in some ways. this is how they sort of attempt and pander to certain areas within their base. fear mongering in politics is nothing new and certainly is nothing new from the right. it seems to me that it is a little bit early for this. that this is kind of a last-ditch effort you might see later on in the campaign. i'm not surprised by it. my sense, or my hope is that we kind of rise above this. fear mongering has no place in the political discourse will. >> yet, everything we hear from romney, his wife, mitch mckonld, paul rib, all of these individuals are creating this climb of fear. almost for boding. when actually, there are some signs that things are getting
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better. >> look. you can almost, his joy was palpable on friday when the market fell 2two 200 points. he's clearly found a way to try to connect. this guy who can't connect with individuals, who can't relate to the common person is trying to play on this fear of things getting worse and saying we cannot continue the president's policies. he hasn't come one anything that would actually solve any of these problems. >> is this going to be a problem as the days pass and it becomes more obvious that mitt romney wants to celebrate every single dull and unimpressive indicator figure until the election. are people going to think, hang on a second. does this guy want us to do well as a nation or fail badly? >> the american people are fully aware that economics is a behavioral science. what people say and how they respond to certain things
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actually shapes and impacts the economy. we do need to be optimistic and we need our leaders to be optimistic and forward thinking about policy. i see this as back firing. romney cannot be luke warm about the progress nor can he be. that's not presidential. that's not fulfilling the role he thinks he wants to have in 2012. i would argue for romney, the best case scenario for him is to be much more measured around the different fluctuations at this critical time. >> professor peterson says it is not presidential. it is also unamerican to be oppressive and pessimistic all the time. i'm an outsider. i love this country. you do wake up and think, it is possible for to us make things happen. >> as we all know, part of the american dream is that anything is possible if you work hard enough. it seem the republicans, their whole strategy for the last two years has been to stand in the way of what is right for
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america. it is incredible to see romney and his colleagues celebrating poor job number or celebrating a down day in the dow and then slipping out his financial information at the 11th hour friday night. this is so cynical. it just drives me up the wall. i don't understand why these people cannot get their act together and focus on what we need to do too solve problems in america. they say they will in november. thank you so much. next, the president draws some star power. is it enough to get his moeg ever mojo back? [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24.
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some say the president's mojo may be in need of help.
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87% of the people who gave at least $200 through april of 2008 have yet to give that am this year. so how does the president's team inject some juice back into the campaign? well, like so many companies with a product to sell how about a celebrity endorsement and a chance to win a free trip? >> okay. the guy who ended the war in iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want, and the guy who created 4 million new jobs, that guy, president obama, and michelle, are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th. and i was not to be there, too. >> back with us is dr. james peterson and joining us now, the former dnc communications director and msnbc political analyst karen finney who was trapped in traffic but she made it now. i'm delighted that you're here. the president is at two fund-raisers today with former president clinton. he has got bon jovi at a concert tonight and of course there is ferris buehler.
3:16 pm
do you get the feeling the president's team is name dropping to get some excitement going about the campaign? >> it certainly doesn't hurt. you know, and i mean here's part of the challenge and i think the campaign legitimately has. how do you, you can't possibly recreate the energy and enthusiasm from the last time by virtue of the fact it was something we had never seen before. so they're trying a lot of different creative ways to try to do some different things. the idea of winning chances to sit next to george clooney at a fund-raiser or sarah jessica parker. they're just fun ways to try to again, not only encourage people to give but also to do something a little bit different. mix it up. >> let's be fair. mitt romney has donald trump. a new york celebrity every bit as famous as miss parker. though one i guess less likely to do commercials for hair products. his celebrity endorsements aren't exactly winning as he goes around these farcical and
3:17 pm
ludicrous comments about the president's place of birth. >> i'm so sick of the whole birther talk piece. i hope we can set that aside soon. look at the difference between surrogates for the president's campaign versus romney surrogates. look at the organic relationship between the people from hollywood and from the media who are standing for the president versus the ways in which donald trump is pushy and trying to beat up mitt romney around these crazy issues of birtherism. it is a completely different seventh circumstances. >> professor, what could be better than rush limbaugh, ted nugent? these are magnificent individuals in this country. >> it goes to this very, very important question. what constituencies do romney surrogates deliver for him versus the president's? he is obviously getting women, young people. who is romney getting with donald trump? i don't really know the answer. birthers? >> birthers. >> he already had those. so i think strategically as well as just the organic nature of these relationships.
3:18 pm
it seem to me favor the president. >> okay. karen, the president does have substantive achievements to run on. >> yes. >> so why is his team having such a difficult time communicating? let's talk, for example, about, you know, saving the economy at the beginning of his presidency. the motor industry. and creating a health care law that has taken people who were previously denied coverage and giving them coverage. protecting the welfare and social welfare and safety net for many people. are these just worth nothing? >> absolutely not. they're worth quite a bit. and that's why you've heard the president and the vice president talk about them repeatedly on the campaign trail. and i think some of the surrogate dozen a really good job. we've had a few issues here and there. i won't name names. i think the president, part of the rhetoric that the republicans are trying to push is that the president doesn't want to run on his record. and yet, the president is consistently talking about what
3:19 pm
he has done. but also, what he wants to do. what remains to be undone. i think that's part of laying out the choice for voters. i think he has talked about health care reform and one of the things we'll be about regardless of what happens with the supreme court decision on the health care reform law is what happens to the people if that law goes down to the people who already have health care under the president's system. and i think with regard to jobs and the economy, the president has been very frank in his conversation and his assessment about where we are and what needs to be done. but i do think that the right likes to have this narrative out there that says somehow the president is ashame or doesn't want to be about his record. when ironically, it is mitt romney who says you can't talk about my record at bain. we're not going to talk about my time as governor. just trust me. >> to your point, i want to put this to professor peterson. governor romney left massachusetts ranking only 47th in the nation in job growth. here's how his team has now
3:20 pm
redefined that statistic. listen to this. >> when mitt romney arrived, massachusetts was an economic basket house. if you throw d.c. into the mix, we were 51 out of 51. >> when he took office, it was number 50 in job creation. 51 if you count the district of columbia. >> by the time mitt romney left four years later, we were in the middle of the pack. we were 30th in the nation in terms of job growth. >> when he ended his term in office, his four years in office, it was number 30. >> professor peterson, that is obviously revisionistic. you have to acknowledge the superior level of discipline amongst republicans. >> well, the bottom line is no double standards. if you give the president, this particular standard, then we can account for it. the economy would have been a lot worse off if the president didn't do what he did in the early stages of his first term. >> let's point out that stephanie, who responded to eric in that clip from the other network, made the point that the reason the number went down is
3:21 pm
because people left the state. i mean, that's a very important point to make. if that's how you're going to define your success, that people left the state and you have to throw in d.c., come on. >> karen finney and dr. james peterson. thank you so much for joining us. coming up, joe walsh. the mouth that roared. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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red, the duchess of cambridge, and of course, prince harry. the palace says prince phillip is likely to be hospitalized for a few days and he is understandably disappointed to be missing the remaining jubilee events including a concert tonight with performances by sir elton john and paul mccartney. but the duke's an sense is most likely to be felt tomorrow when a service of thanksgiving will be held. this will be followed by a carriage procession and an appearance by her majesty at the palace. this marks 60 years of her majesty on the throne. the second longest reigning monarch that britain has ever had. we extend our congratulations to prince phillip and her majesty. and to my fellow countrymen. >> somebody said because i brought up the birth certificate, i'm a racist. i just picked arsenio hall? give me a break.
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here are the day's top lines. >> because i brought up the birth certificate, i'm a racist. i said, how can i be -- i just picked arsenio hall. give me a break! i would just like to see place of birth. programs it will say hawaii. perhaps it will say kenya. what the hell does this have to do with racism? >> they're complicit in this thing. jesse jackson does want blacks dependent upon government. >> i don't really like talking about the place of birth. >> you lied to me! >> the biggest handy got was when i mentioned place of birth. >> i don't agree with all the people that support me. >> i think he's very happy. >> just a tiny bit of credit to
3:30 pm
the president. >> national policies. >> alive had some impact. >> the guy who ened the war in iraq. the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want. the guy who created 4 million new jobs. >> it's not that we don't think this president is trying. >> no one is arguing whether he would be president. >> a mustang and a chevy pickup truck and drives a couple cadillacs. >> instead of high fiving each other on days where there are bad news, they should stop sitting on their hands and work on some of these answers. >> he should be running on what he's done. how about saying this. my way is the highway. we're going to build this country the way eisenhower did it in the '50s. >> i'm going to be involved in a dinner and i hear it is selling like hot cakes. >> mitt romney will join us for the dinner. >> i'm looking forward to getting one of these pancakes. >> let's get right to our panel.
3:31 pm
the chief investigative reporter ken vogel joins us live from d.c. from the nation's capital, "washington post" columnist and msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart. we just heard the bloviating idiot explain that he is not a racist because arsenio hall was the winner on his reality show. i have to assume you're entirely satisfied with that. >> reporter: i believe the term of art is bloviating ignoreamus. >> it was intentional for brevity. >> either one works. for the donald to say that he doesn't want to talk about this. the biggest line is when he talks about the place of birth and bringing up the birth certificate issue. this is something that has made donald trump the darling of the far right. a darling of the birther conspiracy movement. that even though the president has released several times his birth certificate, both the short form and the long form. there is a constituency out there that still believes barack obama is not the legitimate president of the united states.
3:32 pm
mitt romney will ride that wave as long as he believes it is beneficial. what did you think of his defense of not being a racist by saying, look, i selected arsenio hall. that proves i'm not a racist. >> remember, this is the same man who said he had a good relationship with the blacks. >> right. that's another example of him not being racist. >> that doesn't mean anything. just because you've hired arsenio hall, that doesn't make you a racist? that's not a defense at all. >> that's a hopeless response. ken, moving to you. the rnc has a new video out. it is an attack on the president's fundraise we are anna wintower and sarah jessica parker. but romney romney has supporters like ted noog end, rush limbaugh and of course, trump. republicans don't have much have a leg to stand on so why do they keep making this kind of an
3:33 pm
attack? >> it is this game of sort of surrogate gotcha. there is no end in sight. there are surrogates who feel emboldened by their importance or their perceived importance coming in to the race. then by their affiliation with the campaign to speak their mind in ways that are totally unhelpful to the candidate they're purporting to be helping like donald trump. donald trump, the number one reason why the romney campaign sort of continues its affiliation with him is because of this perceived fundraising ability he has. i don't know if he is that big of a draw. certainly personally he is not that big of a check writer. he has only given 2,500 to the romney campaign and has not to date given any money to the romney super pac. i would convenient you are to say that romney is being hurt more by trump than he is being hemmed. i don't think you can necessarily say the same about
3:34 pm
anna wintour though obviously republican wos like to use her affiliation with the obama campaign to suggest that he somehow is out of touch with the common worker. >> i think anna's wintour's hair is better. let's talk about mitt romney. we're learning more about mr. romney's substantial fortune. it is held in a blind trust. he says he has no control over those investments. here's what he had to say about blind trust. when running against senator kennedy. >> the blind trust is an age old ruse which is to say you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do. you give a blind trust rules. >> an age old ruse. which romney do we believe? from today or 1994? >> there is no question that this guy acts in what he believes mitt romney's interests and desires.
3:35 pm
i was on this call where they first unveil the trust. the guy who administers the trust admitted he speaks with romney about once a year about the invest many strategy for the trust. there are assets in that trust that there is no way the independent wealth management adviser would select were it not for this belief that this is what mitt romney wanted them to buy. including a lot of interests, obviously, in bain capital as well as interests in this private equity fund set up by mitt romney's top fund-raisers. >> romney has stood up and said he knows nothing better where the investles are made. he said it is a blind trust. there he is saying that's an old ruse. everyone knows it is a con. that's basically what he's saying. >> i think the truth is where in between. clearly this is not something he
3:36 pm
has some guy at t.d. merry traid picking up a bunch of stocks for him nor is he making the trades himself. again, it is difficult to believe that he has no input in picking the investments, nor do i think that he is the one controlling it entirely. >> and a final question to you. what did you think of romney and this document dump, the first friday after the memorial day holiday hoping nobody is really paying attention and then guess what, he is worth between $83 and $255 million. >> reporter: it's a classic ruse. the friday afternoon around maybe 4:00, 4:30 document dump. you figure that if anyone is looking, it will go into the saturday papers which are the least read papers of the week. i always say the most important day of the week is saturdays to read. that's where you find the stuff people don't want you to know
3:37 pm
about. they have to put it out there. in this age of twitter, facebook and this rolling 24/7 news cycle, you can't get away with anything. you can't hide anything. especially if you're running for president of the united states. >> if i can just point out real quick, not only did mitt romney request a two-week extension on filing these forms with the federal election commission on. top of that he requested another three-day extension that took him to that friday. were it just the two-week extension, he would have had to release it on tuesday. >> that was a total accident and a total coincidence, as you well know. i will not have you suggest anything other. thank you for joining us. >> next, the fight for the good land. wisconsin. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles
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3:42 pm
by just three percentage points. good afternoon, john. this election is being referred to as a bellwether for the nation and with national repercussions for the unions. how high are the stakes? >> they're enkridbly high. you can telling that by the fact that so many of the major players in politics on both sides have been involved. not always on the surface. not time beneath the surface. if you look at both of these sides, you've got the major pollsters, you've got the major money people. and on friday, you had former president bill clinton in at roughly the same time that south carolina governor nicky haley, a rising star on the right, was in. obviously for different parties. >> but john, why hasn't the president made an appearance? given that all the commentators, indeed, including yourself in this interview have said it is
3:43 pm
of such an importance. >> it is a vital race. barack obama has always been a medium cool political player. he doesn't like to get into deep tight passionate fights. he like to float above them of he's chosen to do this from the start. >> does that indicate that the president may be less than confident about the result tomorrow? >> i don't think so. i think he has stayed clear of this from the start. i'm saying that's what he's done. it is notable that mitt romney who, back in april, was up scott walker all the time. isn't mentioning him either at this point. so i think both of the presidential candidates are staying a little clearer in the wisconsin fight because it is incredibly volatile. the passions are so high and the intensity is so great that i think that these national
3:44 pm
players like the president and mitt romney ten to see it as something that might burn them if they got a little close to it. >> right. you've written about what you say is the rank hypocrisy of governor walker when it comes to this recall election. what do you mean by that? >> governor walker in his previous job as the milwaukee county executive. one of the highest ranging local officials in the state, came to that position after a recall drive forced the previous county executive out. and in 2010, not a long time ago. just in 2010. governor walker cut a video in which he praised recall elections as expressions of democracy that gave people hope. now in this election, suddenly he has discovered that they're horrible things that shouldn't really be allowed. he is trying to suggest that we ought to get rid of a lot of our recall laws and dial it down. it is rather amazing how much he
3:45 pm
shifted in the last two years. >> maybe he's learn his revisionism on saturday. on saturday, walker deny reports he is the target of an investigation into allegations of political corruption while he was serving as milwaukee county executive. listen to this. >> 100% wrong. could not be more wrong. just more of the liberal scare tactics desperately trying to get the campaign off target. the recall was about our reforms. >> what are you taerg about this story that walker described as liberal scare tactics? >> you noticed that he used the term liberal scare tactics rather than the very simply uttered term, i am not a target. the interesting reality here is that 13 of the governor's aides and campaign donors have taken immunity in this john doe criminal investigation. five of his aides and donors
3:46 pm
have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors. and so the notion that a governor with so much going on around him knows nothing about it and has nothing to do with it just doesn't seem all that credible to a lot of wisconsinites. >> thanks so much for joining us, john. and a remind per ed schultz will have much more on the wisconsin recall story tonight on the ed show. 8:00 p.m. eastern. and right here on this broadcast, when ed will be our guest tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. guess who is off today. boehner and the boys. yes. call for action to job numbers can't trump another day off work. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ?
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that was some motivational speaking to help you get through another monday. all very rouzing stuff. especially the republican leaders who were talking about jobs. based on that, you might think bain and company were in the office this morning, just chomping at the bit for the chance to create new jobs. you would be wrong, however, because congress is off today. they took a long weekend. luke ross is still on the job after a long weekend. why aren't you chain smoking on a golf course? >> well, martin, i came in today because it's my job and we have to work monday through friday here, and the senate is in today, so watching a little of
3:51 pm
their briefings on the floor where they're talking about how to figure out a different way to pay for the skwequester, which s you know, last year it diverted the death limit deal, and they want to figure out a different way to make up for the billions of dollars we go through when we cut programs. >> how do they stand up on friday, celebrate the somewhat fragile economic recovery, the less than brilliant job numbers and then go off for another long weekend. >> the idea is, martin, i brought a prop for you. this is the republican plan for job creators. every house republican carries it in their breast pocket. here they say we have 30 bills passed by the house that are job creators that go over to the united states senate, but they're sitting there and some of these are called the defense regulatory relief act. a lot of these refer to deregulation which the senate
3:52 pm
will not touch at all because it upsets the house constituency at they serve. we're waiting for the senate to act, they're not going to act and they're happy running on that. whether the american people say that's enough, that question will be answered in november. but the idea there would be some far-reaching legislation that the company needs, like some tennessee valley authority, if you will, for 2012, martin, a big spigot of government money to go in and try to help the economy, that's not going to help with this because they don't think it works, and president obama is more than happy to paint the difference out on the campaign trail. >> we sometimes see the white house say there are those on capitol hill that are literally rooting for failure. spokesman jay carney was asked about it. take a look at this. >> i think where you have a situation where action is not being taken on capitol hill, where it is obvious, as outside economists will tell you, what actions congress could take to create jobs, that there is at
3:53 pm
least a failure to act. >> very quickly, luke, he's right, isn't he? >> it would seem that there is a desire on capitol hill not to allow the president to look good in any capacity. have you seen the president always do well when there is a bipartisan deal in the lame duck? it helps his poll numbers. republicans don't want to let that happen. a bipartisan is not producing that well. >> he's right, and thank you for joining us. >> take care, buddy. >> we'll be right back. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550
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3:57 pm
the federal commission was done in the hope that it would attract as little attention as possible. nevertheless, we learned that romney's wealth is estimated at being somewhere between 83 and $255 million drawn from his vast investment portfolio that contained everything from shares in rupert murdoch's companies to large amounts of gold. what's interesting about mitt romney is while he rails against the president for failing to reignite the economy, his own personal finances have done pretty well since the last election. and this is a consistent theme. because while romney quietly admits that bain capital had some winners and some losers, he almost always came out on top, regardless of what happened to the companies that they had invested in. some went bankrupt, many lost their jobs, but mitt romney in variably made money. when he was governor of massachusetts, the state may have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs, dropping 12% according to federal data.
3:58 pm
and romney increased fees for everything from driving to marriage licenses, but he served a single term and was gone just as it became apparent that the state was 47th out of 50 in job creation. and now he's running for president. and that's what venture capitalists do. they see an opportunity and they exploit it for their own financial gain, and bully for them! they're good at it. but a country is not a business. the people are not a corporation, and the president is not a venture capitalist. that's why making huge sums of money as mitt romney has done does not qualify him for the most important role in the free world. and up until now, that's all he's had to offer. thanks so much for watching. dylan ratigan is here for the next hour to take us forward. dylan, how are you? >> i'm very well, i'm very well, martin. i'm not one to nitpick, and especially among friends, but may i offer one shot with what
3:59 pm
you're saying with t best of intent? >> no. >> shall we begin the show, then? >> please. i said no to your question. >> i'm not going to say what i was going to say. i'm going to respect you as a guest in your home here. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> i just wanted to say that it seems like you're being a little rough on one of your guests. you were kind of hard on somebody there. who was that? >> we're trying to go for the truth, as you well know, as you do every single day. >> you're rough, you're rough. >> and you get in there and you got to do the job. >> if you've seen the pictures of martin on twitter with his biceps out, you know he means business. the show starts now. you guys think i'm kidding. go to twitter, you'll see. that's why i respect the states. a anyway, good afternoon to you. i'm dylan ratigan. another


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