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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i'm chuck todd. i need two hours this morning and let me get to the first read of the morning. i'll jam it this morning. if you're going try to kill the king, you better make sure you succeed. state democrats didn't come close to succeeding. walker easily beat back tom barrett, 53-46. it was almost identical to the first time the two ran against each other and over 2.5 million people voted in a summer recall election and more votes were cast, nearly as many as in the 2008 presidential election. walker actually got more votes than john mccain won in wisconsin in 2008 and there was a more electorate in 2008? look at this, as you can see the numbers, 38% in 2004 to 38% in 2012. what did we learn here in 2004,
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2008, 2010, and 2008 might be the anomaly. rebecca governor rebecca kleefsch. he held on to his seat. the balance of power hangs on the final results of the 21st district with democrat john lehman. at this hour the a.p. still has not called the race. as you can see, less than 1,000 votes separate them. walker's feat reflects the fat that he may soon be dealing with a democratic state senate and he tried to strike a conciliatory term if he has hopes of governor for the term. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. tomorrow we are no longer
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opponents. tomorrow we are one as wisconsinites, so together -- >> if you got whiplash listening to walker, you're not the only one. here is a far cry from conciliatory just 24 hours earlier. >> we're not going get down in the dirt and in the gutter like they have been. we're going to talk about the truth and the facts to move our state forward. >> one big thing democrats are doing now is wondering whether it was a mistake to create a rematch. they were afraid it could allow the campaign to slip in 2010 which is exactly what happened. walker was helped by 8 to 1 and democrats wonder whether barrett was the right guy for this fight. look at this reaction last night. >> the state has been deeply divided and it is up to all of us, our side and their side to listen, to listen to each other and to do what's right for
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everyone in this state. >> adding insult to injury, barrett was slapped last night by a supporter who thought he had conceded too early. the bottom line is this, the biggest take from our exit polls last night and it goes's long way by explaining why they were obama supporters. look at this. just 27% said recall elections were for any reason by comparison. 60% recalls were legitimate for misconduct. and 10% believe recalls are never appropriate. they would pick obama over mitt romney by a 51-44 margin. go back to the recall. labor never made a case that the recall was legitimate. they got the signatures they needed, but never made the case. this was the legitimate use of the recall and that's clear in the exit poll results. now what do last night's results tell us about november? everyone is spinning like crazy.
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they echo beyond the boards of milwaukee. the governor has demonstrated that sound fiscal policies can do to turn the economy around and i believe in november, voters across the country will demonstrate they want the same in washington, d.c. david axelrod tweeted, bad night in wisconsin. it raises questions for mitt. it will cost democrats money to carry their wisconsin this time around. republicans saw good sign, specially when it comes to their own turnout organization. team obama is taking calls, and our exit polls show the president's slightly ahead of romney on who would best improve the economy, 42-38 which begs the question are the constant reminders by walker and the republican governors that the economy improved in wisconsin and we see this argument in other states. is it helping the president in that state and in other states. we learned that it might be. the republican party may beat a
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democratic party that is all in. if anything, it will be slightly more democratic simply because you had a whole bunch of young voters who were not there because college is out, if you will. that said, it is clear, wisconsin is more 2004 than it is 2008 and it will be more of the more closely contested states in the battle ground which is why we moved it to toss-up. the hot story for about an hour were the headlines coming out of president clinton's interview with cnbc which that he was for extending the bush tax cuts. he cautioned doing anything that would contract the economy now. here's what he said. >> they would have to probably put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now, but the republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts permanently for
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upper income people and i don't have a problem with extends all of it now including the spending levels. they're still pretty low, the government spending levels, but i think they look kind because there's a recession. >> clearly the headlines were -- and he left it open for interpretation and clinton was forced to clarify in a statement. his spokesman said, quote, as president clinton said he supports extending all of the cuts in 2010, but does not believe the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans should be extended again, and the long-term agreement on spending cuts will be reached until after the election. you have to say that hillary clinton and obama staffers both had a chuckle at this comparison like my pal john dickerson. he called clinton a st. bernard bounding around the political landscape and they want to quiet
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him down if he says something that might be slightly off message. it's what the obama campaign continues to learn, oh, all of the time. all right now, back to wisconsin where governor scott walker became the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall vote last night. >> fresh off his recall win is republican governor scott walker. govern oor walker, good morning sir. >> good to be with you. >> do you have a mandate and what is it? >> i think it's to move on and move forward. obviously, this state had a passionate debate. i think now it's time we woke up as i mentioned to supporters, that the election is over and we're no longer opponents and we're wisconsinites and the real test for us now is how do we take the successful victory and apply to it to getting things done. one of the things i'll do on the social side is invite all of the
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senator, republican and democrat alike over for some brats, burgers and wisconsin beer to talk about where do we go from here because there's been a lot of tension in the state and i think we can get beyond that if we stay focused on small businesses to create jobs and the overall quality of life for all of the people of the state of wisconsin. >> looking back, do you have any regret of going at the issue of collective bargaining itself? that, forget, you were -- you got all of the concessions you wanted on the numbers front, but to do what you did on the collective bargaining and cl any regrets on that front? because there are still republicans who say, you know what? you poked at tiger that maybe looked like you were going for a political kill rather than focusing on the policy. >> no, i think in our case we documented more than $1 billion into savings. for the first time in ten years, property taxes went down on a
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medi median home. and i think what i would do differently is i would spend more time last january and early february talking about what we're doing instead of rushing out to fix it. if i mentioned, for example, last january before our reforms and most in our state had to spend tens of millions of dollars because they couldn't get the insurance out because of collective bargaining. if i said in the case of the city of addison because of collective bargaining and overtime abuse, the bus driver there makes over $150,000, most taxpayers be they democrat or republican would say fix it. >> you believe -- >> you believe that communication problem when youio got into office? >> i think i was so eager to fix it, i didn't talk about it. most pol tegzs talk about it just never fix it. in the future, we need talk about it and bring people into
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the mix and we need to be transparent and inclusive in the process and we need to work together to move our state forward which is what i think we can do. >> it seems among the -- among the most important voters you had were people that told our exit pollsters that they supported you and that they would prefer the president over mitt romney. so there was a chunk of voters that said democratic voters or voters that are supportive of president obama that also supported you. what should mitt romney and president obama learn from that? >> yea. the first part, clearly, i heard it. i've heard it for the last couple of weeks overwhelmingly which is something that started resonating in the end of the campaign and people come up to me at breakfasts and other things that tell me they voted for my opponent last time and now they voted for me. they said someone had the courage to take on some of these really tough issues facing our
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state when it comes to fiscal and economic crisis in the nation. every sthaep we took, for them that was important and where that goes from beyond just me to the candidate of president and the president itself from governor romney is for either to be the candidates of wisconsin. that ultimately, they're going take on the equally if not greater challenge that we face as a nation. i think people are hungry for that leadership. i don't care about the next election. i care about the next generation and here's what i'll do to fix it and that's what i think people are hungry for. >> i know you're a political junkie and you care about this stuff. is mitt rommy. >> still an underdog that had you winning and in those surveys always had the president leading mitt romney? >> i think he is an underdog. i think he'd acknowledge he's an underdog, particularly in
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wisconsin, but anyone looking at the results last night would also acknowledge that it's now competitive of wisconsin. it was in 2000 and in 2004. in both those elections wisconsin was the broadest state in america and then barack obama was just to the south in the state of illinois, but the key for governor romney to be competitive enough to win is he's got to lay out a clear platform and something similar paul ryan has done along the way and if he does something like that and he makes a case to the people of wisconsin that he's willing to take those kind of risks to get america back on track for our kids he can win. >> governor, very quickly, are you comfortable with the outside money that came in. most of it benefited you. yes, was there outside money. you were the prime beneficiary and are you comfortable with the amount of money that frankly, overwhelmed tv stations?
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>> we have a chance in the recall process. most people in the state didn't wake up saying they didn't want to go through this again be they democrat or republican. they should be about misconduct in office and not just open ended and that would change the process because the recall law itself and the portion of the constitution that enables the recall allows far money to come in. >> it started last february against me and it started out with the national special interest on the left and it finished off with every special interest in the state. we get focused on fixing things in wes wiisconsin, and people i wisconsin want to change the law and want to change the constitution, if they were used for things like misconduct. that would change the money and the focus, and for most of us that would end the permanent
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recall elections and the permanent election cycles that most are sick ever. >> republican governor scott walker. it sounds like you're losing your voice, but that's no surprise. >> in high spirits, but no voice left. >> that's what they're for. thank you, governor. >> thank you. still to come, results from those other big primary contests across the country and up, in, equal pay for women, senate republicans when they would have mandated equal pay for women in the workplace. barbara boxer joins me next. a look ahead at the president's schedule. as some of you noted, you saw marine one land on the front lawn because the president is on his way to the west coast for a bunch of campaign events. a lot of campaign events today and public events tomorrow. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ surf's up everybody get your boards and your wetsuits ♪
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senator mccluskey's bill says you can't be reprimand order punished because you're trying to find out if you're being paid fairly. that's why we have to pass this law and anyone voting against it is taking a stand against women, is taking a stand against fairness, is taking a stand against justice and is taking a stand against our families. >> that was california senator barbara boxer who is pleading on behalf of the pay equity act and failed to vote any republicans who voted unanimously to keep it from advancing. the bill is supposed to strengthen fair labor standards by requiring employers to -- and
9:19 am
workers asking about pay discredi discrepan discrepancy. the truth is it never expected to pass and some suggest the whole exercise was more about politics and policy. will california senator barbara boxer joins me now. let me ask you to answer that last charge that this was, that we'll see all too often and i'm one who has gott eten cynesizedd it is to create an ad in three months. >> that's respect, with all due respect to your cynicism. women with earn 7 cents for every dollar earned by a man. women are faired for simply asking for being paid fairly. this is wrong, and 90% of the people support us. so here's the point. if we're never to bring anything forward because the republicans
9:20 am
say they're going to filibuster it, no know will even know about these issues. this is a representative government. where 90% of the people think something's wrong, we need to fix it, and so i feel if the republicans choose to filibuster this and stop us from even voting on it where we have a majority vote, the people need to know who is on their side. it's as simple as that. >> do you think that in this bill itself that you guys didn't make it clear enough on how you would implement this policy. that is how republicans would keep all of the members because they made the argument. trial lawyers is always a favorite bogeyman of the right. they have the loophole and it will have a bunch of money for them, and did you have a better way of how you would implement this law? >> chuck, if that was the case we would never pass a civil
9:21 am
rights law. wie we would never pass any laws protecting people and protecting consumers. you have to see that when the republicans bring up trial lawyers, it's a way to distract from the fact that they're doing the bidding of the wealthiest few who are employers who just want to pocket that money. now i need to tell you that if you have a friend who is in the workplace, a female and a male friend and they're degree the same job and she's making 77 cents for every dollar earned by that gentleman, over the course of her life time she will come out over $400,000 short. $400,000 short over the course of her life time. now think of what that means to her family. think about what it mean, if she's a single mom where she lost her husband or she's divorced or the sole breadwinner
9:22 am
or even if it's a dual couple or dual workers in a family. so this is a very serious matter and to say throw out the word trial lawyers. every lawyer you pass you have to enforce it. >> right. >> and so that's what they say. so, no -- >> i guess my question is what's your suggestion. >> we could spend five days -- my suggestion -- >> what is the best way to implement it? >> every law implements it. you have a law and it's enforceable in the courts. that's how we enforce laws. you have to obey the law and you cannot discriminate against a woman. you cannot fire her and if you fire her then you're going to get sanctions by a fair court and a fair jury. that's how we do things in america, and i don't know what the republicans are talking about, if you said there would be no enforcement because some lawyer might be getting a paycheck from it, you would have
9:23 am
no enforcement of laws. it's just a complete distraction, and i think you've got to get back to the point we're making here. lily leadbetter, i think you had her on your show. she's phenomenal. for years she worked and was manager at a tire plant and doing the same, exact job as her male counterparts and she was paid far less and when she went to sue it was years because she couldn't find out and when she found out the supreme court said you waited too long. so we fixed the statute of limitations there, but we had to also make other fixes and i think bob mccluskey is right. we'll go out there and we'll tell the truth to the people that we stand for equal pay for equal work. republicans don't think, they give every excuse for the world. their vote speaks volumes and issue they think is key, it's the war against women and it continues in one form or another. >> okay. >> this is one latest chapter in
9:24 am
it. >> let me ask you another question. yesterday, you walked over with your republican colleague and handed a transportation bill to the house basically as a gesture. what is your sense -- >> everybody talks about the two parties don't work together. in this case, the senate, you guys have come together on a transportation bill. what is the sense that this will make a difference in the house? how were you received? >> we were received very well. unfortunately, chairman mika was on a plane, but his chief of staff accepted our offer and it's not a bill, it's an offer, and we sat down and chatted with him and said the clock is tick. it's been four weeks. 3 million jobs are at stake and i am so proud that senator inhofe and i are working so well together and it's a part of this bill, tim johnson, richard shelby and kay bailey hutchison
9:25 am
and others. it's a clear difference, but i hope you would invite leader cantor on your show and ask him what he's doing to make this happen. we're hoping he wants a bill, but we hear he doesn't. he said oh, he absolutely does, but that's what i'm worried about, frankly is that there's a leadership issue over there that says just let it go because it's 3 million jobs. it's critical to this economy, it would boost this economy and some cynics say they don't want that over there. >> well, i will leave it there. democratic senator barbara boxer from california. speak of california, i have a whole bunch of results we'll go through in a moment. thanks for coming on. >> that. >> if it's wednesday, it means it's results. california, and all of the races and the memorable viral video to punish a congressional candidate
9:26 am
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9:30 am
special election to finish out giffords' term. and he's in a dead heat with republican jesse kelly before next week's special election. barber who served as one of his top aides and took two bullets was hand picked by giffords to be her successor and kelly is facing a tof race. in 2010 by losing to two points and in a way he's running against her again. giffords will campaign along barber in a rally and one of just a handful of public appearances since the shooting last january, but republican groups have poured over 1 million dollars that focus on another connection, that to president obama. >> obama care, a national energy tax? lost jobs? more debt? ron barber supported it. can we trust barber to challenge washington? of course, not.
9:31 am
rubber-stamped ron barber, more that fails arizona. >> he doesn't mention the president on the campaign trail and not even a picture of him on barber's campaign website. why? of the 625,000 registered voters in this version of arizona's state district and i'll tell you why i say that in a moment, republicans outnumber democrats by 25,000 with independents, the rest of the electorates. any attempt to focus barber and obama is an attempt to distract from jesse kelly's past's statements. and kelly wants to eliminate social security and medicare with the most damaging blow of late may be this ad of late by a democrat party super pac. >> two years ago kelly said this about gabby giffords. >> now she stands there with that smile and pretends to be
9:32 am
some kind of hometown hero. she's a hero of nothing. >> do you want jesse kelly representing you? >> the important point here is that kelly made that comment before giffords was shot. in a criticizing vote she made in congress that it's marked with the date, local papers have criticized the ad as misleading. in a race this tight even something like this could be a difference maker. by the way, it was one of those bizarre instances which the new district is actually more democratic, but that doesn't get voted on until the november general election. this special election is taking place under the old lines and slightly more republican. >> joining me now is the republican congressional candidate mr. kelly. i simply want to ask you to respond to that ad. those were your words and you had rhetoric in 2010. you have changed your rhetoric.
9:33 am
how do you respond? >> that was 2010, it was several months before the tragedy and it is taken completely out of context and it's meant to mislead the voters and it's sad to see the democratic party trying to exploit the tragedy. no other way to describe it as that. >> let me say something that you said in the campaign trail have been used in tv ads. you refer to social security as a ponzi scheme and now you say you're going to protect social security. how did you change your views on social security so quickly in less than two years? >> well, nothing actually actually changed, chuck. what we said before and what we're saying now is we have to protect the benefits that seniors have earned while giving choices to future generations. this is another lie that the other side has told. >> hold on, ponzi scheme is not a compliment to any, and when you refer to all of social security as a ponzi scheme.
9:34 am
that's not complimenting the program at all. it's not complimenting the politicians because they didn't take the hard-earned money and saved it as they said they would. they took and did what politicians always do. they spent the money and they turned around and are poor, and it's not fare for seniors and others as long as we give them choices. >> at some point we need to phase it out. that's what you said in 2010. what did you mean by that? how do you phase out medicare? >> the same way with social security and that is to give people choices. right now medicare recipients have been getting less quality care because the government won't pay its bills. doctors are trying to get paid for the medicare patients and they're not getting paid by the
9:35 am
government and give them choices so they're not stuck with anything bad. >> i want to ask you about some stuff if you do get elected and the big one might be this issue with student loans. how would you -- first of all, are you in favor of trying to fix the interest rate on stount loans so that it does not double? >> i'm in favor of it, but i'm in favor of taking carry of that after we take care of the most important things right now and that's stopping the obama tax increases. that's making sure we don't increase the debt ceiling about spending concessions and it's things like that that the congress is sinking its teeth into. >> let it double because it will double in july 1st, double with it now and deal with it later? >> deal with the huge problems right now. >> deal with it retroactively. let it double and people pay it and you would somehow give them a rebate later? >> right now, chuck, the businesses in this country, the
9:36 am
businesses have $2 billion to stimulate the economy and they won't do it until the obama tax increases are stopped. this race has always been focused on lower taxes and using american energy on creating jobs and that's where the focus needs to be. >> if you come up short on this special election, will you run in the fall for sure? >> absolutely. jesse kelly, republican nominee in the special election out there. thanks for coming on. friday on my show with democrat ron barber who faces off against jesse kelly. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits... so they stick with you, all morning long. kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal. [ mini ] yee haw! a big breakfast in a little biscuit.
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today's the day i wish i had two hours. the panel is here, but before we get to them, in california, the biggest race incumbent democrats against each other, berman and sherman, no matter who won, they face off again in november in the state's top two primary
9:40 am
bizarre system. let's call it what it is. the berman-sherman showdown resulted with sherman out on top. and it's a sprint for the two men to come out again. pete stark, and and it's a six-point edge on swalwell and swalwell will pose a significant threat this fall. one more race of note that i'm jumping out on the 31st district. miller and button would square off. and in the high-profile california initiative, it has failed. rick hill pete stapleton, and the two are vying to replace
9:41 am
switzer. and hector balderas by 17 points and heinerich, won over wilson. in new jersey, another member-member race, longtime congressman bill pascrell wiped the floor with weiroth marb wip the floor. he could not help barth, for the congressional seat and he lost by 44 points and he will have a tough fight against republican christy nome. those are a few of the races and ter o'donnell, what jumped out at you in those races. >> i was amazed by the pas pascrell margin.
9:42 am
>> california has to get some seats. >> absolutely. i'll get the full hump day political panel including hearing from my friend hunt. soup of the day, this is the soup they should be serving to w wiscons wisconsin democrats. you can watch "the daily rundown" on msnbc. it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at pull on those gardening gloves.
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9:46 am
almost as far away from wisconsin as president obama did. >> he did. he hasn't been to the state since he won the primary there back in april, and you haven't seen the kind of glee from republicans in the last 24 hours and you saw scott walker saying while he's still an underdog while you did say jim mess ina from a governor there to a toss-up. >> i look at it and it kind of looks like pennsylvania. if they won a land lied, 52%-53 of the vote. >> when you talk about toss-ups in the sense -- >> you do toss-up, finger on the scale, you're right. we were talking about wes wiis being truly in play, then the president does have bigger problems elsewhere across the country. >> kelly, the thing that jumps out at me is labor.
9:47 am
we've been chronicling the labor demise, if you will, as a political power. they're still financially a power, but boy, tactically, here in wisconsin, they seem to come up short time and again. they get two of the seats that they need when they did a state senate recall and they seemed to make them mad and they never made the case that there was a legitimate april. >> when kasie mentioned, there were more signs about the recall than anything having to do with the presidential race, but labor was there, too. they were there protesting romney and dogging him through the state, and i think what you still have is organizational ability, but you don't have the kind of fervor that i have certainly seen in past elections where you will have the t-shirts from whatever the local is or the different type of union and you get a real sense of enthusiasm.
9:48 am
you feel the fact that they're perceived less influential now and that has dampened their ability to get out the vote. that coupled with the state of affairs. >> i had one say to me that basically labor can make the difference in one state, truly make the difference in one state in a strong way and that's ohio. >> and look, that's where they battered kasich on the referend referendum. >> if they can make that in ohio. >> that's the game. >> in 2004, labor in urban areas and getting out the vote and surprising what republicans are doing in rural areas and the anti-obama vote, start to play out in rural areas of ohio. >> before the results started coming in, the shiny metal object for about an hour last week was bill clinton and what he did say or didn't say on the cnbc brew, what he said he was for temporarily extending the
9:49 am
bush tax cuts. somehow or another, temporarily didn't nation on any of the reports or twitter. it was so bad that clinton felt the need to put out a statement to was clinton misinterpreted or could he have done better? >> this is clearly not the first time or it already isn't the first time that we're going to see something like this from bill clinton throughout the course of this election cycle. the issue is the extensions for those in the wealthiest tax brackets. you've already seen the romney campaign jump all over it. there's a fake twitter feed from your friends up there in boston. >> it seems like two, three months. that's what everybody's talking about. nobody is talking about two years. >> pelosi has already put it at the 1 million mark. that's upsetting to harry reed, who wanted it at 250. the democrats have to get on the
9:50 am
same page. >> pelosi and reed not on the same page in a different direction. trivia question, before alaska and hawaii, which was the last state admitted to the union? the answer was arizona. february 14th, valentine's day, 1912, arizona became the 48th love of america's life. you're watching "the daily r rundown." the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do.
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let's bring back our panel. i know you guys are all poll junkies. a lot of people want to trash it and say doesn't look at the data now. the weighted exit poll is weighted correctly. the biggest myth is we did not do a survey of absentee voters. we believe, our estimates,
9:54 am
absentees accounted for 15, maybe as high as 20% as absentees. you've seen the boiler room, nathan, at these things. you know how this works and why the data, as it comes out and gets reweighted is pretty accurate stuff. >> i agree with the camp that says it's not the exit polls that are the problem, it's the people interpreting them. >> frankly, we shouldn't be giving you the information before we have it all. the whole point of it, it is a tool for us to figure out both how to help -- can we call the election, which nbc news was first, we knew it, we saw it, our stuff, we were able to match it up pretty quickly. but second, to find out how people voted, you wait for the actual vote. i know a lot of people are going crazy on that. kasie hunt, shameless plug, what
9:55 am
do you got? >> the bad news babes, we're playing against the women of congress. >> so it's women of of the press corps -- are you in on this? >> i'm an adjunct player. i go every year and cheer like hell. against members of congress. >> wasn't andrea like -- didn't see -- wasn't she play by play? >> yes. >> and sonia usually shows up, too, which is great. i do my favorite predictable follow me, kellyo. >> you have a great handle. >> tomorrow i'll have a story where you can find enti tire research books on line about candidates. >> way to go. >> and the republican who pushed orrin hatch into the primary will be coming up tomorrow. coming up next, chris jansing. have a great wednesday. bye-bye.
9:56 am
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good morning. i'm chris jansing. democrats and republicans both spinning the results from wisconsin this morning. a memo from the obama campaign's wisconsin director says "we are coming out of this effort with a stronger democratic organization and more engaged supporters and volunteers." mitt romney released a statement saying the results will echo beyond the borders of wisconsin. >> we're looking into the results last night. we'd also acknowledge that it's now competitive in wisconsin the key for governor romney to be competitive enough to win is i think he's got to lay out a clear platform, something similar to what our friend paul ryan has done just down the way. >> and mayor tom barrett literally got slapped by a woman who thought he conceded too early. but does this election deliver another kind of blow that's felt around the country? i want to


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