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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 6, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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nichols back with us. john, i will talk with you first. you were on the ground in wisconsin and joined necessity live yesterday. glen tlush puts it this way, there is only one story in wisconsin although you wouldn't know it from from the high powered news analysis. it is m-o-n identify e-y. is that the resounding word from wisconsin. >> absolutely. simply no question that scott walker owned the air waves and intriguingly enough we often portray political races as an air war and people who can pay for ads versus a ground war where they can put volunteers out. scott walker had hundreds and hundreds of paid people on the ground knocking on doors. he bought not just an air war but a ground war. >> we talked a lot yesterday regarding democrats and they were very enthusiastic about the ground game and they thought that it would make up this incredible difference in money. as i mentioned, some reports put it 10:1 between barrett and
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walker. do you see it as it is all about the benjamins the day after here? >> i think it is mostly about the benjamins and my perspective is from the outside looking inward, not having been on the ground. i think an additional factor and chuck todd has written and spoken about this is how in the internal exit polling numbers you have 60% who say absent mal fees ans or grois misconduct it is not the proper option, to wait the next go round at the ballot box and vote him or her out at that time. >> it is interesting as first read point out that democrats went for the kill, that early on with the protests we were watching over many months that the public opinion and the court of public opinion seemed to be on the side of labor and on the side of the state's democrats but when they put the extra step to put the nail in the coffin
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for governor wauker and his big dollar supporters who wanted to see him come out the victor, they went too far. >> right. there are a lot of democrats here who were uncomfortable with the recall. most of them don't support governor walker, and you might have seen the exit poll numbers showing people are evenly divided 50-49 on the collective bargaining reforms, but even when you have a sliver of people who are uncomfortable with the recall election, that causes problems in an election like this that is so close. >> some of the number that is came out, michael, you referenced the exit poll, presidential preference among walker supporters, 17%, obama 76%, and that actually is wrong. let me skip that. that's wrong information. let's move onto talk about the president. i loved the world about the benjamins. the president is california trying to raise money. when you look at the dollars again, 49 million from
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pro-romney support, 9.6 million pro-obama and that's an incredible amount of money. might we see the sail thing in wisconsin in the larger general election? >> we might. politico is estimating there could be a billion dollars out there in opposition to the president, pardon me, from sources that are not directly connected to the romney campaign. the whole thing is out of control. i think people on both sides of the aisle, at least i hope so, recognize that money is king and the whole system now is polluted with money, but the question remains what exactly are we going to do about it within the confines of citizens united and those options thus far are very few. >> michael, you say polluted with money. that's the game these days. we know that. >> it is. there are some races, tamron, that can transcend the dollars. some would argue money is very important in a presidential race but because of the saturation of
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free media that in the end it can't over turn whatever the will may be of the people. if the polls are accurate, and i believe that they are, where you have a 45-45 horse race at this stage and ten states in a swing capacity, money absolutely can and will make the difference if this is the way that it stands. >> john, let me bring up an article i found in mother jones gavin. he says obama raised about 120 million more than mitt romney in no small part because of his bundler supporters who maxed out their individual contributions and gone onto solicit money from others to donate in one large bundle. he points out many of these 2008 bundlers, the people who made the obama campaign the richest ever have yet to step up in this presidential election. does wisconsin inspire these people, what we saw play out in wisconsin? does that inspire the democrats to come in and bring in the money that we saw the first time around with this president? >> it certainly has inspired
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some democrats and not always in good ways. let me tell you that president obama and the democratic national committee were very, very cautious about putting money into wisconsin and everybody knew why. it wasn't that the president didn't like the democratic candidate, tom barrett. in fact, tom barrett was one of the closest mayors in the country to barack obama. the problem was that the obama camp is terrified, terrified they're going to be in a bad position money wise, particularly with the super pacs, so they have become incredibly cautious about spending money on anything but the presidential campaign and they have also begun to really go back to those campaign donors again and again and again and say please give to the president. this is actually causing some frustration among democratic candidates for the house and the senate who are saying, look, we need a piece of this action as well. i think the obama camp is very, very focused on this and there
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is a challenge there because ultimately money is a finite resource in politics. >> daniel, let me play what patrick, executive director of the dnc just on with andrea mitchell talking about the money game from wisconsin to the larger conversation of what we might see in november. let's play patrick, please. >> we always knew we would be out spent in wisconsin when you consider, andrea, the coke brothers alone spent more than twice the amount that mayor barrett raise and had spent in his campaign and tells you something about the environment we find ourselves in right now in the wake of the citizens united decision. >> anyone in an environment, daniel, you assess the environment and you change the game accordingly. as mentioned the president is back in california. are we seeing the obama campaign change the game while they are against citizens united and the president is very vocal, that's the feel, we're not on the soccer field. we're on a football field and that's the game of play. >> he certainly changed the game in how he approached wisconsin, 2008, 2009, 2010.
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he was here all the time. in the last 16 months he has been here once. as john said, there was some concern as well that he didn't want to be associated with the campaign that wasn't going to win. it is not just about the money. the money is extremely important, but it is also about getting the vote out, and this is an incredibly demoralized democratic party. i was at mayor barrett's party when he conceded and it let the air out of the room and i have been talking all day to democrats. they're incredibly frustrated that the president didn't come here once during the recall. >> by the margin, daniel, at least according to first read, there is no indication that the president visiting would have made a difference. this is the same margin of defeat when walker and barrett had their first showdown. >> i actually think if he had appeared here the week after the primary, once or twice, during that time barrett used up most of his money and walker's people
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pounded him. his negatives went from -- mayor barrett's negatives rose to 46%. if the president had been here or somebody else who was able to gather free media for him, i think it would have been incredibly important. >> and, michael, because i love the fact you talk to people all day long from different states here, the reality, when you look at a sheldon adelson who has millions to shell out and someone who lives in pennsylvania, sheldon jones, do these people really see themselves as the same, the guy making $40,000 when he sees or she sees that sheldon adelson's bolt seems to certainly have a higher price tag with it? do they feel defeated when the story line is big money matters? >> the people who are engaged, the sort of people that i hear from absolutely are offended by the weight that's afforded to these financial resources. the question i guess remains
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those who are not so engaged but are nevertheless going to go and vote who probably are having their minds made up by the influence of that money without giving it a great deal of thought. that's what you really have to be concerned about. >> john, daniel, michael, thank you so much for your time. i greatly appreciate you coming on with me this hour. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> coming up, secret e-mails from mitt romney telling the governor revealed just how involved romney was in pushing the individual mandate in massachusetts health care law. will this affect the way obama campaign votes after romney's massachusetts record especially on health care? might we see more in the future? bill clinton, yes, again, forced to clarify another comment, this time it is regarding the bush era tax cuts. we'll play what he said and his clarification. republicans are calling on clinton's comment -- they're calling it a gift from heaven. we'll play more so you can hear
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back to politics. par part of the obama campaign strategy has been to go after his jobs record during his time in massachusetts. so far the campaign has not launched a major offensive on the governor's push for an individual mandate in the health care law he signed in 2006. it is something romney now says of course he is against. now once secret e-mails obtained by the wall street journal show governor romney fought for the same type of provision part of president obama's health care law and is now before the supreme court. wall street journal reporter mark marmott broke the story.
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thank you for your time. let's talk about the background of the e-mails obtained by the wall street journal. are these between the governor and his staff? >> well, first of all, as you said before, these are e-mails that the governor and his aids didn't want known because at the end of his administration in 2006 they wiped all of the e-mails off a computer server in the governor's office and carted away 17 hard drives from all of their personal computers. so just by accident a few of these e-mails survived on a backup server from one of the administration officials and we filed a public records request to get them. >> we actually spoken with the boston globe reporter who is part of the story when it broke that these hard drives had come up missing and the computers were wiped. one of the e-mails that you have in your report, i will read it to the audience, spoke and he isn't ready to sign onto the deal as of yet. i am confident a deal can be struck. important, we are not to tell
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anyone where he is on these because he will have to make his own trades down the road perhaps. what does that mean? what is he talking about there? >> well, there was a whole back and forth. the democrats in massachusetts were in favor of especially putting the onus on employers to make sure they had health shurnz for employees and they were more the individual mandate which as he know is controversy, so there is another e-mail in here where travis then said and he and his people put forth a plan that called for individual responsibility, not individual mandate. in other words, encouraging individuals to have insurance but not requiring it. governor romney's health secretary was ready to governor romney and saying, look, this is unclear whether where this is going and we need to have an individual mandate to make this
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work. so clearly governor romney and his aids were in favor of the individual mandate and pushing it on us somewhat reluctant democratic majority in the legislature at that point. >> and the e-mails also show that then governor romney stressed that the individual mandate was a market friendly alternative to a government-run system. all of this obviously might play a role as we move closer to november, but, mark, you and i both know that at least the attack line from the obama campaign has been the jobs record. they say it was dismal jobs record or jobs creation record for governor romney. why haven't we seen some of this information come forward, at least in defending health care by this administration? >> well, i think that the -- it was probably more of a political issue for governor romney in the gop primary where he was portrayed as on the liberal wing of the party and somewhat of a flip-flopper on this issue.
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i think the problem for the obama campaign is that they're is sort of an agreement or seemingly an agreement with governor romney circa 2006 on the individual mandate. the question is can they turn it to political advantage? i think one of the reason it is hasn't come forth until now is because these e-mails hadn't come out although it was known before that governor romney was in favor of those, and wasn't known some of the sort of back and forth and the way they were dealing in confidential ways with the democratic legislature wasn't quite as well known. >> as indicated in your piece, the romney campaign has declined to comment on these e-mails. we have not heard anything from the campaign? >> nothing. >> and i imagine you don't expect to at this point. you also point out or we have a wall street journal op-ed where governor romney defended the individual mandate he wrote at the time because health insurance will now be affordable and subsidized. we insist that everyone purchase health insurance from one of our
2:18 pm
private insurance companies. we also should note in his official portrait as governor at the bottom there is a medical seal symbolized the first in the nation universal health care law he signed in april 2006 at the bottom there. you're right, it was probably more of an issue during the primary. however, there is just an article yesterday there are still conservatives who are not enthusiastic about governor romney, still unsure, he still has some i guess some room to grow if you will even within his base and that perhaps is why he is teetering closer to the right. that's why we saw him in texas yesterday, a solid red state, and not a place where perhaps there are a lot of independents who may need their minds changed and i can say that because it is my home state. >> yes. i think it is pretty clear that governor romney has moved from essentially the way he governed here in massachusetts as a centrist and able to work with the democratic legislature and when he ran for president
2:19 pm
particularly this time he called himself a severe conservative and at least in the primaries was running as a much more conservative person than he was telling the massachusetts populous when he was governor. this is what obviously what happens in political races. the question is whether the obama people or whether this will somehow come back to haunt governor romney. i will say that we found four different versions of the op-ed piece that you refer to that where governor romney was personally drafted the first draft on a saturday and sent it and pretty good writer as a journalist, i can say that, and so he was back and forth and he used language about the individual mandate in there that never did appear in the op-ed and it was pretty clear that he was in favor of the individual mandate and saying that the alternative to it is to basically let people go uninsured and then the taxpayers pick up the bill which is
2:20 pm
precisely the same argument that the obama administration has been using, so i think that this probably will come back into the campaign at some point in the next few months, particularly if the supreme court strikes down the individual mandate. >> mark, thank you so much for your time and coming onto discuss your report. thank you. coming up, does scott walker's win in wisconsin help president obama? the first read team says walker's message about the economy improving in his state is counter to romney's message. plus, details on the real life drama playing out between two actors in new orleans in a courtroom. why steven baldwin is suing kevin costner over the bp oil spill. first, in today's money minute here is a look at wall street. ♪ i'm making my money do more.
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developing news right now. today is the deadline for florio officials to respond to a department of justice letter over the state's controversial voter purge issue. the feds say the state is violating several federal voting laws. florida republicans including governor rick scott are demanding or defending i should say the program. they say that it is intended to keep non-citizen from voting but democrats say it is suppressing the vote. according to a report 87% of the voters that have been purged are minorities. i am joined by mark caputto of the miami herald. thank you for your time. florida plans to respond today. do we know any more regarding this letter is what they're expected to send in response? >> well, from what we're able to piece together, looks like the state will be arguing that the justice department doesn't know its own federal laws. the justice department cited the voting rights act and said
2:25 pm
florida can't do this under the voting rights act and the national voter registration act. florida is saying it already got permission under a previous law from the non-citizen voter purge and also says that the citation that the federal government is giving saying you can't do this sort of thing within 90 days of a federal election is actually wrong because they're allowed to get rid of people who were never eligible in the first place, that the law actually is silent on non-citizen voters so they can go ahead and no one appears to have been purged who has not admitted that he or she is a citizen. that is people who the only people struck from the roles right now are those who said, look, i am not a citizen, i shouldn't be on the roles. it is probably about 13 or 15 we're trying to square up that number right now. >> what about the report in the herald that 87% of the voters, the purge is targets are minorities. is that accurate? >> i am the one who did it. i ran the numbers. the statistics are the statistics. those are folks on a potential non-citizen list.
2:26 pm
what happens when you target people who are potential non-citizens, you target people who are recent immigrants and in florida recent immigrants are going to be hispanic and haitian, so this is the pool you will come across the people that happen to be again hispanic or haitian and not because they're hispanic or haitian but because they're recent immigrants. >> thank you for the clarification. chris cape is the spokesperson for the secretary of state and says our letter will address the issues raised by the d o.j. and emphasizing the importance of having accurate voter rolls. that's as much as they're giving regarding the letter and what it will state. >> yeah, that is. earlier today heritage foundation lawyer, a former d o.j. lawyer who is controversial among liberals made the poent that appears to be or will be raised likely in the state's response which is that, look, folks who are not citizens should never have been on the rolls in the first place. the national voter registration
2:27 pm
act is meant to strike people from the roll that is became ineligib ineligible, people who became felons or are dead or mentally incompetent and these folks never should have been on the rolls in the first place and therefore the voter registration act doesn't apply and by the way it does apply in this regard. it is a criminal, federal felony for a non-citizen to register to vote. >> what about the heightened partisan feud you mentioned as well is that if there is a stare down with the doj, both sides will feel they have fair complaints and only increases the divide as you point out in your piece. >> yeah. i think you're seeing common sense getting thrown out the window and partisan rekrim nation becoming the norm of the day. it looks like the scott administration is going to say, feds, if you don't like it, take me to court. there is also a possibility the state may sue the feds. there is an argument the federal department and the department of homeland security should have provided florida access to a federal immigration database to check non-citizens but the federal government has refused
2:28 pm
and hasn't said why. under federal law they're supposed to make the data available according to plain reading of the statute and many republican lawyers interpretation of it. >> thank you very much for your report. thank you for your time. we'll see what happens by the end of the day. thank you. coming up, are labor unions in trouble? two cities in california deal big blows to organized labor just as wisconsin votes to keep scott walker in office. we'll give you the latest details there. until i got a job in the big apple. adjusting to city life was hard for me. and becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but we had each other and he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. always there for you.
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we're back with politics and whether the republican message on the economy is backfiring. mitt romney's cam pab add cross the country telling veeter the president obama's policies made the economy worse. that message contradicts much of what we're hearing from republican governors in battle ground states who claim their economies are improving. scott walker touted the success in his state just this morning. >> for the first time in 12 years property taxes went down
2:32 pm
on a medium valued home and from a $3.6 billion budget deficit to $164 million surplus. >> mark murray, you and the team say is the gop's message of economic optimism helping obama? you focus specifically on the battle ground states as mentioned like wisconsin who are doing a little better than other parts of this country right now. >> tamron, when you look at a lot of the ads that scott walker and his allies aired in the wisconsin recall it had this message that wisconsin is adding jobs, creating jobs, and it was a very more optimistic message than what you were hearing from romney and a lot of republicans that say the country is on the wrong track, especially scott walker was making the message that wisconsin is on the right track. when we look at the exit polls from last night it showed that when it was asked who does a better job on improving the economy, barack obama or mitt romney, obama won that very narrowly. so you could make the argument that in states like wisconsin n ohio, in virginia, states where
2:33 pm
the unemployment rate is much lower than the national average and where the republican governors touted a lot of the economic growth in those states, whether that could actually help president obama in the fall. >> you could make the argument and we know some of the republican governors are making the argument it is their decision and their guidance and let's play, for example, governor bob mcdonald of virginia. let's play what he said about it. >> i can't think of a specific policy of this president, certainly in virginia, that helped to lead to the fact we have a 5.6% unemployment right here. voters are smart. they will credit the person whose policies are getting the results. >> so there is a tug of war over who gets the credit? >> now, governor mcdonald and in another interview ended up giving some of the credit to the economic stimulus that he said did help virginia in 2009 and 2010, but i do think that what's going on here we paid a lot of attention to democrats like bill clint object being off message for what the obama campaign is
2:34 pm
saying when when you have republican governors that say the economic progress is made under a republican governor, that that does cut at some of the core message that mitt romney and national republicans are making that the economy is awful, that the country is heading down the wrong track and only a republican in the white house can change things around. >> you mentioned former president clinton. i want to play this issue that many brought up regarding whether it was off message again and the clarification. let's play it, please. >> the point i was trying to make is that you have examples of private equity doing good and bad things over the last decade. i think the president was on stronger ground i thought when he went after what he disagreed with in governor romney's record as governor because that is something that's out there in the public domain. we don't have to dig for the facts. we don't have to wonder what the case was. i just don't know enough about the other thing to have a
2:35 pm
judgment one way or the other. i don't have any problem with the extending all of it now, but the real issue is not whether they should be extended for another few months. the real issue is whether the price the republican house will put on that extension is the permanent extension of the tax cuts which i think is an error. >> so at the heart of this, mark, is whether the former president was saying he supports the extension of the bush tax cuts or not. >> right. in his office put out a clarification later saying that they are 100% in agreement with president obama on this issue, that tax cuts from the middle class should be extended and those for the wealthy should not. i would tell, tamron, that bill clinton is a fantastic communicator and one of the reasons why he won the presidency in 1992 and re-election in 1996 and he has often been off message when campaigning for others. we saw that with hillary clinton in 2008 in south carolina where
2:36 pm
he said some things that actually put her campaign on the defensive and at inopportune times. it is sometimes the trouble. they help you a lot but sometimes can get you off message. >> mark murray, thank you very much. another glance at first read there. thank you, mark. >> thanks. >> the outcome of the wisconsin recall election is widely seen as a major blow to organized labor, particularly the nation's public sector unions. conservative columnist rich lowry writes it may be remembered as the death rattle of public sector unions in the state that first created them. joining me, democratic strategist contributor jimmy williams and a.b. stoddard with us as well. jimmy, is that the death rattle we heard yesterday for unions? >> i don't think it is the death rattle. i will say that i think labor unions have been on the decline in the last 10 to 20 years, ever since ronald reagan busted the strike of the air traffic controllers back in the early 80s.
2:37 pm
we have seen a steady decline of labor membership throughout the country. you now have more right to work states. i did labor issue when is i worked in the united states senate. one thing that i remember the most about having to do with issues is every single time the labor guys would come in to see me, they were never for something, they were always against something. they never said, so a trade agreement, we would say, all right, here is a trade bill on the floor. can you help us? no. we're against everything on the bill no matter what it is, we're against it. that's the problem that most americans see with labor unions today. here is another problem. they made a technical mistake about two-and-a-half years ago. they wrote a brief to the supreme court in support of citizens united. they thought they were going to be able to compete with the coke brothers when it came to money. i am not sure what they were smoking down there but it didn't work so as well. >> let me play are richard trumpca had to say. take a listen.
2:38 pm
>> our ground game is going to continue on. it will not end on election day. it will continue between elections. we'll continue to build. >> so the ground game is still on but, a.b., have you this new report regarding two california cities, san diego and san jose where voters approved a ballot initiative designed to help balance the budget by cutting retirement benefits for city workers. so from wisconsin to two cities in california here. >> right. i think that the victory of scott walker and the recall election will lead to more of this elsewhere. you know it has been tried in a couple of other places and governor kasich was turned back in ohio but other fiscal conservatives will be emboldened to try this for public workers in other states to try to trim budgets. do they have to strip the collective bargaining rights for probably not, but it is going to be a new way to get at the
2:39 pm
numbers, and it is definitely a defeat for labor. they probably picked the wrong fight. i think it is good for them to say they're going to keep on fighting, but their members are disspirited by this defeat. so are wisconsin democrats who are not allied with labor. this was a very tough fight to lose. i think you saw so many voters, independents and democrats alike supporting scott walker or staying home because they really didn't like a recall election and didn't believe it rose to the threshold that is required to take someone out of office. >> jimmy, he is saying the ground game is going to continue. those are his words. what would be the ground game? if you couldn't get it going in wisconsin of all places, where does your ground game get the steam after yesterday? >> i respect trumka and he is a smart and able leader but they were out boxed last night. it is a simple fact. >> is it just because of the money or the message. >> it is the money. let's just be honest about the money. they had more money to mobilize more people to do more get out
2:40 pm
the vote gotv and did it so well. bill clinton, remember bill clinton, the guy that help founded the doc, pro business, this is a guy that got labor behind him. yet traditionally 30 something percent of labor unions for republicans every election cycle and last night that number was almost 40%. they got out gunned by their own people. >> what is it this, looking at what happened and saying put collective bargaining on the table, i have support, they may be silent but when i need them they can be lethal. >> oh, i really think that as jimmy pointed out, the membership is down anyway in labor unions. it is becoming harder for them to find the resources to wage these political battles and the fact is that public sector unions are under attack more and more in the political debate because we're looking at a big
2:41 pm
fight over diminishing resources in state and local and the federal government in debt and everyone is struggling for dollars that are few and far between and to balance the books people are saying these promises that were made to these workers cannot be met and they cannot have gold plated health plans. they cannot collect the pensions that they were promised awhile ago. this is a new age and so a walker defeat may have spooked some people but certainly the victory in the recall with that record behind him as i said before is going to begin i think a new movement at the very process of cutting in that same way because it is a way without slashing services to find some money on the books and balance the books in these cash strapped governments. >> all right, a.b., thank you very much. plenty of tweets regarding this. everyone teams to think they have a solution or that they think the death rattle has come to unions. thank you both.
2:42 pm
right now a real life hollywood drama playing out inside a new orleans courtroom. kevin costner and steven baldwin are involved in a bitter lawsuit over a machine that would separate oil from water and we talked a lot about this during the gulf oil spill. in fact, kevin costner was on television saying at the time he had a solution to end that horrific oil spill. baldwin says costner cheated him out of millions and tricked him into selling his shares of the company that made these all important machines. i am joined by pop culture correspondent courtney hazen. courtney, this is a serious matter. this is not some movie script they're fighting over or some role. this could result in a lot of money from one person to the other. >> about $18 million worth of money, tamron, actually more like $21 million. that's what baldwin is suing costner for. what you have here is baldwin contending that he was basically dooped out of being a part of this big deal with bp.
2:43 pm
he says that the really important meeting took place with costner and bp and he wasn't -- he wasn't told to be there. he wasn't told it was important, and because he missed that meeting he had no idea they were about to strike this enormous deal because of that meeting and bp put down 18 million on a $50 million plus investment for these parts, and after that meeting baldwin says that's when he decided to be allowed to be bought out of the company by costner. that's what we're trying to figure out in court. what's interesting is these types of cases legal experts will typically settled out of court meaning they never get to the point where there is a judge and jury like we have right now. what that means is costner's camp thinks there is an entirely no base to this lawsuit and willing to spend what they have to spend to fight it. >> and they're both showing up every day in court as i understand. >> the judge said you both have to show up and the judge said to the jury do not let this hollywood aspect fool you. there is no place for hollywood in this courtroom. listen to what the facts are in the case.
2:44 pm
>> thank you very much. coming up next -- ♪ baby don't you want to go >> a couple of months ago he was singing with president obama and today buddy guy joins the news nation. it is my great pleasure and honor to bring buddy guy to you live after the break. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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researchers state while most of the damage is temporary, regular exposure can cause permanent damage. >> i am martin bashir. at the top of the hour deep in the heart of bush country, bigger and better in the lone star state for mitt romney to the tune of $15 million. we'll talk money and message on the campaign trail. plus, the risk of stop and frisk and sarah palin mother goose. back to tamron. >> today we bring you the scoop from music legend that not many people get to jam with the president. when buddy guy saw the chance he took it famously calling on the president to grap the mic and sing a little blues with him. ♪ >> i heard you sing al green. you started something. you have to keep it up now. ♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ >> yeah.
2:49 pm
♪ same old place sweet home chicago ♪ >> in his new book he talks about his junior friday picking cotton in rural louisiana to redefining how the guitar is played. it is called when i left home, my story and it is an honor and pleasure to have buddy guy with us. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> what finally made you decide to write this book? >> i think i might be myself and b.b. king may not last two from the era to give you some kind of information straight from the horse's mouth should i say. i had a chance, i was a very young man to come into chicago and play with the late howell and water and sonny boy and i could go on until tomorrow, and that is something that eric calpton looked at me once and said you have something i don't have and i said, that's true, money, and he said no, you played with the greats.
2:50 pm
>> all the people that we consider greats, they point to you, the list goes on and on and you were telling me that you never thought as a little boy in louisiana even a kid who fell asleep with his guitar that you had this kbift inside of you. >> no. when i learned it was like if you play the guitar, you got something very few people got. you didn't find as many people to play instruments back then as now. i have a kid i am promoting and i put him on my record at seven and he just turned 13 and i want to you watch him. you quit listening to me when you see him. you learn how to play back in my days and muddy waters and b.b. king and for the love of music and now you find a young person, i guess they say i better play for the love of money. >> it was a love of music and also a significant way out. the option staying down south, picking cotton or following your dreams to chicago of all places
2:51 pm
and making it what it is now which is something to great. >> yeah, but you know, when i got to chicago i was kind of disappointed because i thought they was doing better than what they were. the jim maries and muddy waters and all of those guys were being ripped off. they wasn't doing as well as we do now. >> you saw the ugly side much music. >> yes. >> and how artists were being taken advantage of. >> yes. >> how did you survive. you had clubs and places around the world and people still back in to see you. how did you survive it? >> i didn't learn anything in school. i learned everything -- my education is the street education. i looked up at walter and b.b. king talked to me and said we was just making it from one gig to the another one. i said, well, i didn't get a high school education but i am going to get one in music, so i just tried to step back and keep
2:52 pm
my mouth closed and eyes and ears open, and i saw some of the things and i tell every young person now i am not trying to beat you out or nothing, but listen to me, don't go that road. >> you and the president, did you have that plan in mind? did you know you were going to tell him to sing? >> no. no. everyone told me he is from chicago. >> of course. >> and he may come up and sing sweet home chicago and i saw him make the speech and started to step down and i said, no, you at the apollo theater and you did the al green, come on, give us our hometown stuff, and he smiled and come back and i thought i messed up. >> you didn't mess up. that was a perfect time. it is such a pleasure. thank you. thank you and i miss chicago very much. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely, sir. we'll be right back. follow the wings.
2:53 pm
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>> that does it for news nation featuring buddy guy, featuring me because you're the star.
2:56 pm
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good afternoon. it is wednesday, june 6th. here is what's happening. ♪ >> the money glow of texas. >> thank you, texas. >> yes, thank you, texas, for a $15 million haul for a candidate flush in cash. >> i met a guy yesterday, seven-feet tall. yeah, handsome, great big guy, 7 feet tall. >> yes, mitt, things are bigger in texas. where is the governor? >> the governor has been a great friend. >> no, mitt, he hasn't. you just stick to the cash, not the facts. >> you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. >> bain capital on the other hand appears to me were vulture capitalist


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