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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 7, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning from washington. it's thursday, june seventh, 2012. this is the first reads of the morning. president obama had been stuck playing defense for quite a while now. if it's not outside of interrupting him, it's his surrogates. it may be the natural posture for any reelection campaign when you are dealing with 60% of the country believing it's on the wrong track. it is not exactly an optimistic message. this was the president with a supporter lgbt crowd in los angeles. >> what they are going to do is say you know what, you are still not satisfied, it's obama's fault. that's their campaign. very easy to put on a bumper sticker. it's obama's fault. >> the president went after an easy target, by the way. washington.
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>> people are not paying attention to the day to day stuff in washington. it all seems cynical and negative and dysfunctional. >> even when the president ticked off the list of accomplishments, the joking sounded more like an attempted persuasion. >> i keep a checklist in my desk at the oval office. i have a to do list. every so often i take a look at it. i say we are doing okay. >> it has been a tough few weeks with democrats over the bain bashing. bill clinton was trying to explain why he called mitt romney's business record sterling. >> i didn't have any idea when i was giving that idea that i was in controversy in the campaign.
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i am not part of the ads and i'm note following it. >> he said the bush tax cuts should be extended that republicans gleefully jumped on even though clinton was their favorite surrogate. >> extending all of the current tax rates for at least a year is really important. even bill clinton came out for it before he was against it. >> worry bill clinton's remarks and larry summers's remarks, it's obvious that the economy needs the certainty of the extension of the current tax rate. >> to quote former president clinton, they will have to put it off until early next year. >> president clinton gets it. >> bill clinton said temporarily extend them. a lot of times, most of them missed the word temporarily. the president turned the debate on romney last night. >> his basic idea is if those of
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us at the top are doing really well, then everybody else presumably will benefit too. it's not enough to continue the bush tax cuts. we are going to tack on another trillion worth of tax cuts. if we blow a hole through the deficit, the only way to make it up is to cut out the things that we have doning to to make us stronger. >> that was at a fund-raiser. it wasn't the cheeriest president. his other problem is two other big disruptions that are coming that could knock him off message. the supreme court ruling for or against all or parts of the law. the festering european crisis. the president will be dealing with that. the obama campaign feels they may not be struggling to change the narrative. it may explain why a majority of the campaign's ad spending last month was positive and they are
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spending as much time and money going negative hitting romney in the record as massachusetts governor. one group that did welcome him is gay supporter who is gathered and the president's two-day-trip from the fund-raising in los angeles and san francisco, his third visit to california in a month as he looks for campaign cash. it is paying off. the related committees raised over $60 million in may, biggest month yet and 572,000 donors, the best fund-raising month of the campaign. of course may with george clean. all the tough attention and what we might have expected it in early summer and defining the challenger after he wrapped up the gop hasn't taken off. yesterday in texas, he talked to supporters calling walker's victory saying it will echo in the fall. >> the blue state said weave
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seen a conservative governor and he cut back and held down taxes and stood up to the unions and we want more of that and not less. i think you are going to find that in a decision that is being made in november. >> this texas trip has been about money. last night at a houston fund-raiser, jim baker said there is a good news out there tonight and it's not just the recall election. the romney campaign raised $15 million and 5.5 million here in houston. romney hit the president on taxes. >> the president's proposed raising the tax rate from 35% to 40%. noti now that means the business can keep less capital and hire fewer people. it will kill jobs. >> the higher rates a ploy to wealthier americans and romney attempted to tie the struggling economy to the president's health care law through a
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selective reading of a book by the new republic's shriver. the kouchbt decision that is the president's economic advisers made in the first months of office. >> the idea that they knowingly slowed down our recovery in order to put in place obama care which they want and they considered historic, but the american people did not want or consider historic deserves a lot of explaining. >> actually what that was about was the issue of whether to movo to a new topic after they had passed the stimulus. there wasn't much that could be done until you put the stimulus in place. one thing they have done to push that hasn't broken through is an outrage to hispanics. he rolled out the team and the campaign believes they don't have to crack the message specific to latino voters and believing that a singular focus on an economic message will be
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the best way to sell romney to hispanics. they will hit on the message when he visits a hispanic-owned business. last thing was to start a nationwide movement to cut retirement benefits. across the country, state and local governments are struggling with mounting debt. they are looking for someone to blame. san diego and san jose found a scapegoat in public workers to vote in the eighth and 10th largest cities. residents in favor of curbing pension benefits. 70% voted in favor of pension reform. in san jose it was 66%. many americans on the left have gone after the banks and the wealthy, conservatives are focusing on what they consider government bloat considering the rising cost public employees. >> these benefits cost too much. they're expensive and the city and the taxpayers and the
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employees can't afford them. >> up until how, they have been able to count on pensions, but the price tag for the benefits ballooning. they went from $73 million to $245 million this year. 27% of its budget. here's what's going on. when there is an economic downturn, politicians want to hand them somebody to blame. democrats and wall street and the rich. big business. look at the guys letting you off and not investing and out sourcing jobs. the right, their own version of class warfare saying no, no. you don't have a pension. you don't have guaranteed jobs, but the government workers have pensions and guaranteed jobs. it's a divicive tool. democrats, their way of dividing and democrats are going after government workers. house leaders are playing politics about who wants to work
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harder for you? minority leader nancy pelosi sent a letter asking him to cancel the next recess to go create jobs for the middle class later in the day. speaker boehner one upped her and sent a letter to president obama urging the president to cancel his rally in las vegas so they can focus on measures to create jobs. joining me now with more on this, nbc's capital hill. all these letters exchanging, it feels like they must want to go on the next recess and that's why they are threatening to stop it. >> sounds exactly right. the battle of the official letterhead. if you have a point to make, get out the official stamp and send one off to either the president or opposition. what we have is say continuation of the argument you just made. how to frame the current events to try to get voters to think one party or the other has the advantage working for the public. who is the bad guy?
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that sort of thing. when nancy pelosi asked them to put off the recess, she pointed out it's the ninth one this year. recess is a term that is loaded in many respects. it is an election year and members like to go home and raise money and they want to be visible. she said let's cancel that and work on the issues like the transportation bill and student loans. some of the hot button issues that need to be resolved and the clock is ticking. the speaker's office said it would be more appropriate if leader pelosi would send the letter to the democrats who run the senate and they believe have been blockading their work. they offered kindly before they get on to majority leader reid. house speaker boehner also sent a letter saying put off rally for las vegas. let's get to work. they are trying to show each side saying they are more
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prepared to get down to the business of the people. they do have the underlying real strong differences about how to approach these things. whether it's student loans or transportation that would try to fix the highways and provide jobs and all those things. by fighting over a recess, that's a political win because there is the perception in the public that you don't work hard enough. it's a potent tool. >> quickly, there is all of this john mccain took to the senate floor and wanting an investigation on supposed national security leaks. i understand democratic senator dianne feinstein is jumping on this. >> the leadership with both parties and the house and the senate who are in charge of intel and really keyed in on the issues saying they have really concerns about the number of leaks that have been coming out related to the high national security issues. whether it's the drone strikes or details that related to the
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radio that took osama bin laden. what we read in the paper and what is being talked about, there needs to be a careful look and they will have the director of national intelligence and john mccain is calling for hearings and where is this coming from and are they doing enough to clamp down on leaks? that can be a violation of the law if officials with knowledge tell reports and make public the sensitive things. >> on capitol hill, kelly, thanks very much. up next, that battle for control of congress. democrats have a climb to take back the house and california may have made it a little steeper. congressman steve israel joins me next. first a look ahead at the president's schedule. john boehner let people know he will be in las vegas later today talking about student loans. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc.
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after watching governor scott walker, democrats are pressing the panic button 15 hours after results came in. the chairman sent this e-mail to supporters, calling on them to send money or risk seeing what happened in wisconsin repeated. i long said that republicans didn't beat democrats in 2010. karl rove and koch brothers did not do that after the citizens. steve israel joins me now. i was shocked by a press release
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you put out. i get the e-mail and this press release you put out yesterday, you were begging for a creation of the super pac and the donors. >> there is no begging, but i will tell you why. the stakes can never be higher. democracy is being bought by a handful of people who can write anything they want. i tell you what. as you know, i'm a big baseball fan. i never have been to a baseball fan where one side is told they don't get bats and gloves. if we want to win the house back and defend medicare instead of allowing republicans to defend millionaires, we have to be able to compete. wisconsin told us that these republicans, this small group of people who can write unlimited money and buy elections had free
9:18 am
reign. we can't afford to let that happen for the middle class or medicare. we have to compete. >> when i hear this term and 2008 and president obama overwhelmed john mccain. he was able to carry states that democrats had not carried in decad decades. when you say someone bought the election, you are assuming the voter is not bright and easily distracted by a television ad? >> voters are very smart. they have the right to know who is buying these elections. that's the whole issue. under a house democratic majority, president obama supports the disclose act. it's america. you want to make a contribution, go ahead. people have the right to know who is making these contributions. under the supreme court case, there too many instances where
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one or two or three individuals are beaming into a district and never have been in and don't understand it. writing big checks and electing people, why even have congress? why have a white house and let the koch brothers decide whether we should continue medicare or the bush tax cuts or whether we should help the middle class or reduce the rate on student loans. that's what's happening. a small group of well-funded operatives are able to go into the districts without people knowing who they are. spent anything they want in secret money and buy these elections. people have the right to know. >> you feel as if the only way to beat this back is to find our own group? >> i believe the only way to beat it back is to elect a majority so we can pass and disclose and let people know who is funding the elections. >> let me ask you about the road to 25 seats. a little bit of a bumpy ride.
9:20 am
the new crazy way they do things. a target district, you don't even have a democrat that made it to the finals. 31st district. when you look at the target map, that's one less seat. how narrow of a path is this? >> we have the bumpy rides and they have theirs. we had a set back in california, no question about it. we were projecting the 5 to-seat potential pick up in california. i will take that. on the other side, in michigan they had a republican incumbent and a fairly competitive district who failed to qualify for the ballot. they have their bumpy rides and we have ours. this is not about the bumpy ride and the process, but who is standing up for who. we are standing up for the middle class and they are standing up for millionaires and we have a path. i am not saying we are going to get the majority, but we have a path. >> give me numbers here.
9:21 am
how many target seats do you feel like you have? what are you telling people. >> we need 25 seats to take back the house. there were 63 districts in america that have incumbents voting for either president obama or senator kerry in 2004. those 63 seats are in play and i think in addition that, another ten seats in play. some more seats will come into play and drop off the boards. bottom line, we need 25 seats and we have more than double that consistently through election day. >> how much do you need for president obama? >> depends on the state. no question the president will help us in most states, but it's really about what the republicans have been doing in the house of representatives. this election is about house republicans that have chosen millionaires over medicare that have been about their own perks and privilege.
9:22 am
in 2010, they come to be the solution and part of the problem. they have been so partisan they allowed their own partisan agenda to disrupt progress. that's what the election will be about. >> we will see if you are successful in making the election about that. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> back in the black. stock have their best day of the year days after suffering the worst day of the year. the market whiplash -- run down is next. when was the last time a sitting member of congress of the u.s. house of representatives was on the republican presidential ticket? the first correct answer. i expect you to have this before the commercial stops. wake up!
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>> minutes away from the opening bell. time for the market run down. becky, the market just goes up on a gut feeling that europe is going to solve its problems? >> it's a gut feeling that europe is getting its act together. i am not sure why they are thinking that. it's this idea that even if the economy doesn't pick up and europe has troubles yet to go, it's the sense that central bankers will step in and prop up the markets with more policy. the chinese bank cut by a quarter percent. the dow will open up by 80 points after the massive rally yesterday. we will hear the big deal and in about a half hour, they speak to a joint economic committee. the expectation is that he will have to say that if things don't
9:27 am
improve and the economy doesn't step up, they will step in with quantitative easing. how many weapons they left at the disposal and at least at this moment, that's what they are looking for. again, chuck, 10:00 is when they will be hearing for the man himself. >> up next, hatching a plan, six-term senator o ren hatch, saw it coming a long time ago. we are taking a deep dive into the growing primary pressure that many established republicans face. the man who is forcing him into the first primary since 1976. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. see how much you could save with allstate.
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age, may 8th, 20 sten a good place to start. they ousted the incumbent senator bob bennett. the utah state convention. the message was not lost on oren hatch. they are taking a closer look at the primary in that state, hatch's real challenge since he came into office 36 years ago in a primary less than weeks from now. it's a battle he has been preparing for since the moment bennett went down to defeat. take the support for paper and bipartisan communication. he voted for t.a.r.p. and took note and spend the last years easing concerns from the tea party right. in 2011, he voted against ofs to preserve the children's health insurance program, a program he helped create in 1997. he went from backing a health
9:32 am
care bill that included the mandate to declare clairing it unconstitutional and became a vocal opponent of no child left behind after spending a decade defending. the shift has not gone unnoticed. they jumped from 88% in 2009 to 100% the following year. the senator was endorsed by sarah palin who said he is among the 1% she thinks should be reelected. hatch corrected the mistake at the convention himself. he saturated the meeting with supporters. nearly won the nomination racking up 59% of the vote. a shade under the 60% he needed to avoid going on to a primary itself. he served two years and helped reform the system and the "wall street journal" called it the reform and the model for the country. a compelling personal story and survived a plane crash and in a
9:33 am
sign this was not 2010 anymore, he is refusing to embrace the tea party label. he is supported by freedom works and he said he is not the tea party candidate. with me now is republican candidate. why does oren hatch deserve to be fired? >> good to be with you. senator hatch served a long time in the senate. i was 2 years old when he was elected. our national debt increased by $15 trillion. you pointed out that over the year he advocated for issues like no child left behind and the individual mandate and the run up in entitlement programs that led us here. it's time for new leadership. this is a man who voted 16 times to raise the debt ceiling and created entitlement programs and holding up the balanced budget amendment while passing
9:34 am
legislation and the other makes it impossible to balance the budget. >> we might have an audio issue, but if you hear me, i guess i would ask you -- okay. apparently you have lost audio and you can't hear us. we will take a quick break and be right back. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards. ♪ we continue to have an audio problem with our friends in utah. as soon as we get it hooked up and back, we will get him back and finish that interview. in the meantime, let me bring in the panel. representing a romney campaign supporter, i believe. are you on the payroll yet? >> just a supporter. >> democratic strategist and former dem tee director and my friend from "the washington post." let me talk about this larger trend and i will start with you. it seems an economic downturn parties have to give the voters
9:38 am
somebody to blame. democrats say hey, they blame the rich. republicans have come up with their own version of a class warfare. they are between your job is not safe, but the workers have pensions that they can get fired. it seems politically to be working. >> it's about mathematics. we can't afford the systems of government that were built and conceived in the 1950s that are bankrupting the states and localities and the country. it's really a matter of mathematics. >> it's more to sell because people feel anxiety and feel they don't have a protected job and don't trust government and it's an easier thing to sell and let's cut the tensions? >> does the climate in which this debate is playing out where people are looking at government and large growth in government, does that frustrate conservatives and independents in this country and probably even liberals? sure. if you look at the fact in
9:39 am
wisconsin, look at the union members who once scott walker took away the compulsion, dramatic drop off of being in the union. what does that tell you? the political industrial complex that comprises this agenda for the unions, not necessarily the workers. out of step with the current times in this country. >> the democrats will defend a government which is unpopular and the workers against a majority of the populous who don't have pensions anymore. when life was private sector life gave you a pension, you might have felt more sympathetic. the public doesn't feel sympathetic. >> it shouldn't come as a surprise. we know the state budgets are in a different place than they were four and years ago. the president himself talked about the need to belt tighten and on the national level and
9:40 am
upset some people including people in his base. the states, change needs to happen as well. the budgets are not sustainable over the long-term. tuesday was a tough day, but the base is energized and excited. what happens between now and november and can they keep that excitement up? >> i will let you come in and gather your thoughts. i got to go back. >> and mr. bloomquist, my apologies for the technical difficulties. i understand you can now hear me. >> i can hear you. good to be with you. >> the second question i was going to ask why you think senator hatch should be fired. part of representative democracy is if the voters are unhappy and a group is unhappy, you are trying to encourage your representative to move and change positions. senator hatch has done that.
9:41 am
what's the beef now with conservatives? senator hatch, can't he say i hear you. i hear you. you are upset about this? guess what. i'm now against this or for this. what's wrong with that? >> it's a little bit schizophrenic. he is going to his last term with no elections left. if you look over his history, he has been all over the map. we are looking for leadership to address a littleme address entitlements and fixing the issues we face. i have done that at the state level and the private sector and we need people to let. i don't think he would lead. >> you said you will live for this, what are you implying? the last term, they don't have to deal with the problems? >> we had a generation of
9:42 am
politicians who kicked the can down the road and delayed decisions that need to be made. it's not hypothetical to people in my generation. we are actually going to see the debt and can no longer afford the debt payments on this unprecedented debt. it's time for leadership and people who will take on the challenges and do so fearlessly. i have done that. learn about our campaign. we really feel like we are in good shape here. >> do you think he is just -- he shouldn't be serving because he is too old? is that part of the issue here? you keep bring up 1976. is that what you are trying to imply? not only has he been there too long, but she too old to serve? >> overtime, washington, d.c. changes people. senator hatch went back in 1976 on a platform and 18 years is too long for anybody to serve. going for the 37th through 42nd
9:43 am
years, what is he let out on that resulted in a change in the course of this country in the right direction? i can think of a lot of things. he had razor technologies here in the state and i don't believe he will do anything drvifferent than what we has done. there is a time when you have to move on. >> is the campaign agreed to any debates with you? this is a big part of the ad campaign. are you debating a cardboard cut out? >> we are barring a playbook from senator hatch himself in 19 sfwhix 76 when he issued a challenge. he doesn't want to debate. you talk about the caucus and he spent $6 million in 18 months trying to stack the caucuses. we have two debates with
9:44 am
theigatthe ga delegates. he doesn't want to debate. he agreed to one and on a friday morning in salt lake city. that's it. if he's not willing to debate the record, we will. that's what we are doing tonight. >> we will be listening to the debate and not necessarily watching it. i appreciate you coming on and dealing with the technical difficults. you were patient and got up early. >> thank you so much. >> trivia time. we asked when was the last time a sitting congressman was on the republican presidential ticket? the answer and i'm surprised this wasn't easier. 1964, barry gold water was the republican presidential nominee. there were not a lot of people wanting to be his running mate. william miller was a congressman
9:45 am
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let's bring back the panel. so nia, you had four minutes now. this battle to me is like let's have yes, we know labor took a big hit. they have been taking hits for 30 years. that story, it is more of this adjustment here where i feel -- san diego and san jose things
9:49 am
jumped out at me. maybe pensions was the wrong math to use. when it comes to these issues, it's turning into a wedge. >> the wisconsin folks didn't want to mention pensions and labor stuff and run up to this. i think there a lot of teacher who is have been laid off and a lot of public sector workers. i think republicans have to be careful here. some people in the states that are hurting because of some of these cut backs and it's certainly a bipartisan effort. you see folks in california and governors from new york dealing with the issues. we will have to see how far romney will take it in terms of really bashing. >> i want to go back to something here. most of these jobs and you
9:50 am
you're never going to make as much as you might make in the private sector, but weeg make it up to you on the back end. is that deal just gone now? is that what we're -- >> seems to be gone because a lot of these jobs aren't necessary. with technological changes and shifts in our culture, frankly the need to run a leaner, more efficient government is a modern parable of our time. the cost of the upfront payment to their quemployee is one thin. in we wis, the requests and reforms were modest. saying put 5% toward unemployment, 12% toward health care costs. we probably all at this table and collect tyly workers everywhere who are not in government do that already. these are basic structural reforms that show that leaders taking tough choices are going to be rewarded by people who recognize -- when people are
9:51 am
elected to do what they say they're doing, they're doing what they're saying. the two takeaways, mechanicis mechanicismswise, a. b, if you take structural challenges on, the american people are ready to stand with leaders who are doing that. that's a big lesson for this fall. >> i want to ask you about that. what labor should do. you know, some -- should some unions basically be saying, look, we'll negotiate a whole bunch of things. we'll get up front. on one hand i heard one labor union say, well, by pushing walker into a recall, some will say, do i want a political fight for two years but should labor unions say, you know what, we don't want to risk losing more and be more up front saying, okay, we'll make more connecticut sessions? >> we know the reason governor walker was recalled were because
9:52 am
the cuts were so dristic in wisconsin. to the point you raised, these workers are not people without faces. you have teachers who aren't getting pensions. i think you have to be careful how far you go on that front which is a point you raised. the reality is state budgets are not sustainable is so there have to be change. you look at the auto bailout, that's a place everybody had to take a haircut. we know there have to be changes on all sides of how government is funded. >> i want to jump to something. jeb bush, and i want to play what he said. he talked about what he might do in the future but in doing so, nina, he started talking about how maybe this was his time. >> here's what he said. >> have you made a decision that you do not want to be president? >> i've not made that decision although i think this -- there's a window of opportunity and life for all sorts of reasons.
9:53 am
this was probably my time. although, i don't know, given -- given kind of what i believe and how i believe it, i'mot sure i would have been successful as a candidate either. these are different times than just six years ago when i last ran. >> boy, there's a lot unpacking in what he said there. he confirmed what i had heard from a lot of his closallies. he did view 2012 as the time. for all sort of reasons. lernlly, he couldn't make that work. it had nothing to do with his brother. that's the -- ultimately one thing i had been told. what about what he said, he's not sure he could have gotten through the primary. >> he's want sure the republican party is the republican party it was six years ago. he's come out and -- >> he's said things like that before. at the arizona debate he says, i was a conservative -- >> he's too moderate. i think it shows republicans are bullish on this race now.
9:54 am
i don't know that they were a year ago, six months ago but all of a sudden this looks like a race they can certainly be close in and certainly excesstive and may even win. >> do you think jeb could have gotten through the primaries? >> i'm want playing what if you with. >> come on! he's saying immigration. how lethal is his immigration stance in a republican primary? >> i've had the opportunity to work with a lot of great governors. i know governor bush. he's ace terrific leader. if he chose to run for president, he could run for president and he didn't. he made that for a variety of personal reasons but he'll be strong for the candidate. >> okay. >> i think governor bush has a distaste for the process and that's why he didn't ultimately run. who knows. the fact is he didn't run. mitt romney did. he won the primary. >> if his last name was smith do you think the bush brand is why? >> i think he has other
9:55 am
challenges. immigration, look how conservative had to get. two, he went out and applauded the president on education. he's been aligned with him on education issues. that's something they would have tied to his neck, unfortunately -- >> i don't think he physically touched him. >> no, no. >> there were no hugs. >> shameless plugs. >> i am going on vacation. my family vacation is starting this saturday. >> that's my shameless plug. >> that's a great plug. undisclosed location. >> that's right. >> my friend, phil cox, josh robinson, paige hon at rba, they put together the money and get out the vote operation in wisconsin, record for them. congratulations to a great team. >> rga gets overlooked, rnc has been -- >> my alma mater. >> a lot of romances on the obama campaign. my sister recently got engaged to robin frankel, former deputy speech writer, so always in the family. >> love is always in the air. >> always.
9:56 am
>> thank you all. that's it for this edition of "daily run day." tom, ron barber running for gabby gifford's sheet. up next, chris jansing speaking to bernie sanders. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and on small business saturday bothey remind a nations of the benefits of shopping small. on just one day, 100 million of us joined a movement...
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good morning, i'm chris jansing. what's going on with the economy? there are mixed signals. right now a congressional committee is talking to ben bernanke about it. the dow is up again today after it jumped 286 points yesterday. making that the biggest day of the year and putting the dow back in the black for 2012. five days after that disappointing jobs report. it all comes as politico reports there are a dozen senators in secret talks about how to avoid going off the fiscal cliff. a group of bipartisan senators trying to make a deal


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