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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  June 8, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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something on the fiscal side as well. >> talking about the kick in the pants for congress. there has been, i think, nudging of the ankles -- kicking in the shins, perhaps, but kick in the pants, today is the official kick in the pants. josh, play a little video from this moment in greek parliament. you know there's a lot of tension in the eurozone right now, bus this obviously, an eruption from one of the far right members, who is actually slapping down one of the liberal members. taking -- physical action against her. this gives credence to the theory that europe is uncontrolled right now, and that, requesting some sort of bank this week we think they are. how does an american president sort of straddle the line between not alienating europe and also distancing himself from looks to be chaos in the making if not actually in effect? >> a line he's trying to walk in the press conference today. he needs to put pressure on
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european lead toers take steps to resolve those situations and laid out repeatedly what the steps may be and at the same time seeing a fight on a talk show like you saw there was a reminder of sort of what can happen if austerity bites and a country falls apart. you've got the guy doing the assaulting there, a neo-nazi member of the far right party who had now been elected to seats in the the greek parliament and as a result, chaos going on in that country. >> ben and catherine, talk how this affects 2012 and really how the president and mitt romney the presumptive nominee use this as an election year issue, because on one level, europe is both handy for the president. not within his control. on the other hand, can't seem to be out of control. he has to seem he is shepherding the american economy forward, regardless of what's happening in europe. likewise, mitt romney has to acknowledge the european crisis but can't really let president obama off the hook, as it were.
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>> not just a matter of appearances. a huge impact on exports and growth the next several months and obama's re-election that way. also a policy disagreement between austerity and spending, not sure how much that plays into the american election, how much american voters care or understand. but i think obama is trying to use europe as a case study why he didn't choose austerity. >> germany is taking the austerity position. that's the powerhouse over there. that's where we want the strength to be, and yet the policy position is the antithesis of what obama has been saying, spo it really give him a difficult arm to straddle. >> big government, the nanny state has created this. justin, i wonder, from your perspective, in terms of, you know, how the president deals with that, and how he tackled it in the press conference, former president clinton sort of wait
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the out this week and said, look, you want another europe happening in the u.s.? go with the republicans. those are the policies that are going to create the crisis that you see in europe over here. president obama was asked a similar question. asked specifically about president clinton's positions on it. sort of a convoluted if not -- not an incorrect or factually inaccurate answer but didn't have the same sort of -- it was -- did not have that clintonian sound bite magic. take a listen. >> if you are engaging in too much austerity too quickly and that unemployment rate goes up to 20% or 25%, then that actually makes it harder to then pay off your debts, and the markets, by the way, respond -- when they see this kind of downward spiral happening. they start making a calculation, well if you're not growing at
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all if you're contracting you may end up having more trouble paying us off so we're going to charge you even more. >> here -- so, again, not factually inaccurate but not a compelling message in the same way clinton said, look, republicans, europe. americans, obama. >> right. i think the way obama wants to use this is draw contrasts and the sharpest and best is in fact the united kingdom. chose the austerity path, nair a double dip recession. sounds like that's the heart of it. i think the president will eventually get there. coming back to ben, i'm not sure i see much of europe having mitch affect on the economy. there are risks and cloud the outlook for future years but given we're only a few months away from the election. >> you don't think it will have a market effect on the u.s. economy why not use it as a model? saying the clintonian strategy. this is what you get if the put
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these policies in place and forget about the specifics of our growth tied to european growth? >> absolutely. partly used as an excuse. that's the story you just described. there's an element of truth to that, just an element. he's drawing the contrast, seeing romney talking about obama as being european. that's the story he'll go with, i this. >> important as well, though, that we understand, we're forgetting so much of the cause. european crisis and the problems with the euro came from the global financial debacle that created the problem here at home, and if we forget that and talk about, oh, it's the european nanny state, well the scandinavian social democracies are doing pretty well when you look at europe. that's not the problem. the problem was the global financial meltdown that has to do with the same wall street issues we've got here and the lack of financial reform. so they need to make a contrast. it's not nanny state europe. it's -- it's global financial devastation.
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>> a great point. it's fiscal, it's financial, and it's europe -- it's a single currency. they're the heart of the problem. >> that's not the argument you'll get from mitt romney who wants to pin this all on obama. >> obama the socialist. >> obama talking tab with clarity. muddling through and coming from a place they thought they were cheerleading a recovery and wrestling with how do you kind of explain away and excuse a much weaker economy than expected? they haven't quite figured out how do t. to that point, the rnc has a new ad out making a point sort of zinging the president on his use of the word head winds to describe the american economy. take look at that really fast. ♪ >> those two things are huge head winds in terms of growth. >> we've got in head winds. >> there will continue to be some head winds. >> just like last year, still facing serious head winds. >> our economy has been facing some serious head winds.
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>> josh, are you not allowed to say the word head winds? is this taboo to acknowledge what we've gone through? >> not until now. republicans have a talent for taking things democrats say and making them into bad words. head swinds just a kind of political jargon shorthand for all sorts of problems slowing down the economy. things that are difficult to explain. as we saw from obama in the press conference today. no distrop justin. he sounded like an economics professor, sitting there, not a president campaigning for re-election. that's a bit of a problem. head winds is a way to boil down complicated ideas into something that's palatable in a ten-second sound bite and an attack ad. >> fair enough. we've had all of this discussion what the root of the economic problems in europe are. it's hard to package that in an ad let aflown a press conference or vice versa. coming up, loose lips sink ships. a recent spate of national intelligence leaks, will it affect the national security about rat is? we'll take a look. that's next on "now."
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since i've been in office, my attitude has been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks and speculation. >> that was president obama a short time ago responding to a question about the leaking of confidential national security information. the president says it is "offensive" for republicans to suggest that the white house purposely leaked classified information. senator john mccain made that accusation last night. >> you have to ask yourself whenever these leaks take place, who benefits? who benefits from it? and when you look at the book that they are excerpted from,
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they all go serve to make the president a steadfast, steely eyed, sitting in the oval office deciding who lives and who dies, on this kill list. >> joining us, michael hastings from "rolling stone "and moon. lights at a little place call the buzz feed. talk about this, michael. the president clearly has his backup, the accusations about the white house leaking very sensitive information relating to everything from the bin laden kill mission to the drone attacks to krish warfare. worth noting john mccain tweeted a few minutes ago if there wasn't a problem in the obama white house why did secretary gates tell the national security adviser to shut the f up? >> step back and look at the obama administration came in promising to be the most transparent ever. if they wanted to keep it all
12:13 pm
secret they could have done that. instead tried to maximize, rolled out the red carpet for all reporters to give them these leaks and waging a war on whistle-blowers. to be totally clear, i'm a big fan of leaks, give it to me at buzz feed. keep it coming. >> give you a call. i don't know. i think there are two things to unpack here. one is the bin laden thing which clearly getting mileage from that. no administration is immune to wanting that. the cyber warfare thing is a totally different ball of ax, as is the kill list. what i thought was interesting is mccain is saying, of course the white house wants to paint the commander in chief as sitting there steely eyed making the decisions. i actually think that the white house probably didn't like at at all, the notion that the president sits down with a binder and picks out young men and women who are going to die. >> you know, i think if you look back to 2009, this goes way back to the beginning of the administration. afghan policy.
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every come a months a big foreign policy win and a story how the president strode manfully into the room add was the central personal player in this decision. it just is -- mccain has a point. a long drum beat of the drama on the "new york times" article. >> i think the bin laden kill is stoelgtsly different from the kill list. >> you may not be a swing voter. >> clearly not looking for people's heads on stakes. >> the kill list was driven. everything we know about the drone program, by investigating reporting. that kill list story was excellent reporting at the "new york times." the way they framed it, ben exactly right. frame it as, obama is in control. i think i've written one of those foreign policy stories where obama walks into the, you know, oval office -- but i really think that they were forced -- the media and civil liberties group forced their hand on the kill list and finally said, okay, we're going to give it out to you.
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now, coincidentally it happened to be during an election year which makes the president not look good. >> the cyber war. sputniks and israel and iran. i write about it in my 2010 book. this is not a new story. talking about leaks and carrying on, all i have to say to that, judith miller/valerie plame. give me a break. >> there's a reason they're doing this. rice? talked in the last segment about all that obama can't control. he can't control europe. can't control congress. he can control foreign policy. that's an area they would like to shine a light on because he can act unilaterally, without foreign or congressional leaders blocking him. when you have this little good news as obama has these days that's a story you want to get out. >> a couple things here one, from the journalistic point of view there are a number of books written and published now. there's essential an arms race to get your lead out before anybody else's. i think there is credence to the
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notion that the "new york times" has very good reporters, and that when it comes to something like cyber warfare that we're engaging in, this is sort of in the ether. a top-down league versus a bottom-up, a mounting evidence and someone inside the white house gives some off the record confirmation is very different than saying, this white house is leaking classified information for partisan benefit. >> and the favored recorders getting the stridefully manful storiened and those digging it and wind up having the white house go after their sources in way no white house has to this degree. >> that makes me much more uncomfortable. the attack on whistle-blowers is extraordinary and upsetting. the liberal constituents as well as others. >> and there's a value to these. i mean, the warrantless wiretap program, we know about that because of leaks. we know about the drone program, because of these leaks.
12:17 pm
there is -- as reporter, what do you, try to get the low-level people, mid-level people to tell you the things and then put pressure other than the administration tra way. it's been somewhat efficient. >> return to the idea this has been political football. quote/unquote, buy partisan people in congress to investigate this. dianne feinstein for one, language not as clear as senator mccain. to the valerie plame scenario, when the tables were turned, a very, very different reaction. >> and a white house staffer went to jail. i don't think that's -- you know, if that is the comparison, a very serious thing. >> and even, you no. pointed out to me, lindsey graham before we went to war in iraq, woor going to war in iraq because of information we had. argue that compromises our national security interests far more than the room in which -- >> a cia agent was a -- >> the argument is one that, like when is actual damage being done to foreign policy goals? the problem, the national
12:18 pm
security apparatus constantly makes the claim every piece of information will -- occasionally it's true and the challenge, fig whir it is true. when, the vast majority of cases, it's not true. >> it is not the last we will hear of osama bin laden and not the last time michael hastings will make a plea for insider information. happy to give awe platform to do so. after the break, what happened when the big dogs go off the leash? is bill clinton channeling links? think about that. ♪
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engineering [ bleep ] i make a mistake i want to share with the american neem was mistake. that waep way question have an honest conversation. >> including the current spending level. i'm very sorry about what happened yesterday. i don't think i should have to say bad things about governor romney personally to disa agree with him politically. >> newt gingrich and bill clinton. two men from two parties who seem to have cart blanche when they go off script, or do catherine? i love talking about bill clinton. i miss him. it's great to be able to talk about bill clinton again. a lot of debate how much he's helping team obama and how much he's hurting team obama. certainly with white working class voters, he can exit a way nobody else does. on the bain stuff and bush tax cut stuff, two big weapons in
12:23 pm
the obama arsenal, he's sort of undermyroned the mission. >> and good at avoiding the nuanced arguments, making the great sound bites. the down side, when he delivers a sound bite that no one bothers to examine what the substance was top to say that venture capitalists or private equity firms have a role in our society is -- is a statement woe probably a probab we would all agree with but a blueprint for driving a political economy is a different story. i get what they're saying. the sound bite republicans are saying, it will tell, i must admit, my non-intellectuality reaction to that was. >> gut reaction? >> hillary must be running in 2016 and bill is taking carriage of the wall street -- >> a whole separate shishgs think, whether or not hillary's running, ben, but almost sort of beside the point. you know, the echo chamber
12:24 pm
you're familiar with decided that bill clinton said something that was counter to -- something on your head. counter to what the president believes, you know, we have a lineup of republicans who have said, as bill clinton said, as bill clinton said, as bill clinton said, and now the romney campaign set up a romney twitter account at billclinton, underscore -- how potent it is. >> also said the economy is in a recession which is not technically true and certainly not the message the obama people want and twitter, really, these big new media companies, god bless them. sure have a lot of power. the idea they get to decide whether you are you're allowed to make fun of a former president. >> backers, maybe, that's like connecting dots that maybe don't exist. >> in 2004 bill clinton published his book during the campaign. 2008, people with, hillary's campaign, thought we should send bill clinton to africa. she doing damage to us. get him out of the country.
12:25 pm
the president, god bless bill clinton, we all love him, but he has a very conflicted relationship with president obama. this part of it secretly on some weird, profound level that wants obama to lose so then he can have like, the legacy of the best democratic president post-world war ii and i think that's part of it. >> on that ego level, bill clinton that wants to save this thing. the white knight and save the democratic party. >> that's part of it. bill clinton goes off message. we love to write about and compile all the hypothetical ulterior motives. what's happening, bill clinton could be a terrific surrogate. the thing he said this week that didn't get attention, enkansas laenkansas encapsulated the situation in europe. european-style austerity. a simple message people can understand. not what we focused on, but once we shake off the rust. used to hanging out with bono.
12:26 pm
not used to having his words parsed by the like s of us. >> a good perhaps strategist for team obama in terms of how to deliver the message in a concise fashion. coming up, house speaker john boehner and eric cantor expected to speak on capitol hill in a few minutes. we'll bring you the latest in this round of partisan fisticuffs. that's next. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. the republican party is presenting a united front today while the democratic party seems to caught in a circular firing squad. mitt romney moments ago seizing on the remarks the president made earlier today. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? i think he's defining what it means to be detached and out of
12:30 pm
touch with the american people. he want another stimulus, hire more government workers. needs more firemen, teachers, policemen. did he not get the message ofs with? the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government -- >> justin, surprisingly, mitt romney is making hay -- republicans make hay out of any comments regarding the economy when it comes to the president. mark halperin, inimitable mark halperin, not only do republicans this romney might win this, democrats are getting spooked. the economy, we've been talking about. the job numbers last week, comments about the bush tax cuts and the debacle that's lining up to be and of course the health care law, the supreme court may overturn the individual mandate. in terms of economics, what is romney's strongest message? >> what we're going to see, romney talking about levels. talk about the level of the economy. the level of the unemployment
12:31 pm
rate. 8.2%. bad economy. a slump. on the other side, democrats talking about changes. the unemployment rate is down two percentage points. every single talking point between now and then, i guarantee you're hear level, changes. trying to predict election winners, scientists, changes predict who wins elections. so the fact that he's brought the unemployment rate down, the fact the stock market is rising, the fact employment growth is positive, all very strong for the president. >> he's got to figure a way to carry -- talking about head winds and a rhetoric around it and convince the american public that we are headed in a positive direction. >> the economy, and in a dead economy obama has, thit say it the president has created jobs, as we avoid congress, but the more jobs created, 3.5 plus million in the three years, than in the entire bush administration. quoted in the "wall street journal." dropped taxes, cut taxes. everybody's doing great.
12:32 pm
no. job creation went down the toilet. the housing crisis. go through all this and republicans are proposing the same economic platform that got us into this mess. i'm not hearing the democrats make that argument. but you've got to reduce it to sound bite -- >> you just heard obama make it's the private secretary sir going great. reminded me so much of mccain the, fundamentals of the economy. you know if you look to the k w nuance, a point. what his people were trying to explain after the fact, what he was trying to say. if obama gets burned by this, there is perhaps justice in t. wasn't a george w. bush looking at his watch moments that defined him as being out of touch from that point on. it's obviously the message romney is trying to push with his press conference and taking that one snippet. >> when the president says something positive, he's attacked. says something negative -- and i want to talk about we got beat talking about fund-raising numbers for the first time romney and the rnc outraised the
12:33 pm
president and the dnc. is it a good thing to trumpet that then? the reverse psychology is make supporters feel there's, the stakes are high. >> trying to get supporters to hit the panic button. the fund-raising hasn't been as emotion emotional. he's the president of the united states trying to stay even with last time around and the thing missing, a sense of panic and personal investment. >> the big funders too. his super pac is lagging miles and miles behind republicans. a lot of big donors, haven't believed, maybe they will now obama has a realistic chance of losing re-election. the news in the last couple of weeks and the big number from romney today could start to change that. >> you know, the question of money in the race overall is -- it's a tough one to answer, but jonathan in "new york "magazine an interesting point. a major story of the campaign is turning out to the large fund-raising example from the gop. one of the things to do with a financial advantage force the
12:34 pm
other party to spend money it doesn't want to spend. obama doesn't need to match romney the spending to win michigan. gets outspent $10 million to nothing, he could lose the state. >> the philosophy with the soviet union, and look what it did to them. i'm with you. the big givers on the democratic side sitting on the sidelines. they're there. they've got the money. but i'd like to think that the whole conversation about this amount of money to spend on a single presidential race should infuriate left, right, center. the little people going, our votes are going to determine this election. not -- >> the citizens united, yeah. the citizens united decision that opened up these floodgates of corporate cash is something the obama folks mention a lot, that the president talk and. the left is angry about. you don't see a lot of people on the right angry about that. it's benefiting this time around and they stand poised to outspend obama. i don't think anyone would have imagined a few years ago.
12:35 pm
>> worth noting eric cantor just said in a joint press conference with john boehner, are you kidding? the president said the private secretary sir doing fine. justin, this is going to be something we hear about again and again and again and again. the notion, an out of touch thing, which was, i think, largely mitt romney's purview until now. here's a guy that doesn't understand the real economy. now that's used, republicans are great at flipping an argument the democrats have been using on -- >> obama is pretty good at that, too. >> the private economy, because the upper 1%, the ceos, big corporations, are sitting on billions in cash. they are doing well and you haven't heard the republicans define the private economy as citizens who are out of jobs. citizens who are going to be affected by the austerity push, and you've got to flip that around and go, all right. who are we talking about when we talk about the private economy? >> the real point the president wanted to make is, the public sector has been a huge drag on the recovery, and this is something we've simply not seen in a u.s. post-war recession.
12:36 pm
what happens? a recession, try and get a lot of public sector hiring. hope it's going to get it going. pulled back. lost 1. jobs in the last two years. put them back, as 7% unemployment rate today. >> the point obama was trying to make saying the private economy is doing fine. nuances lost in the news cycle but that was exactly what he was saying. >> the sound bite, the private sector is doing fine and that will be replayed over and over again. just in terms of coalescing around the message and getting the frogs in the wheelbarrow to paraphrase john boehner. we've talked a lot about whether through fund-raising what have you, jimmying up the base, getting them excited, feel there is an irony in the fire. i thought it was interesting. we've talked ad nauseam how difficult it's been for mitt romney to lock down conservative -- the conservative base. the further right wing elements of the party. the young people in the party. president obama, there's a net roots conference and a net roots nation attendee said, i thought he was more to the left than he
12:37 pm
is, speaking of obama. disappointed he's not but i'm going to wholeheartedly support him because there is no one else. the question, can that sort of least/worst option translate? can that turn into decent attendance at the polls? >> force romney to actually define a plan. read romney's documents, it really is like bush, the bush era. >> justin, work shopped it for them. >> fewer details how it will be paid for and what he's going to actually cut. the politically difficult thing to have to do. >> absolutely. run against the bush record. and the bush record, was really a deadful record to the economy. average jobs growth under bush. 11,000 a month. 69,000 and call it disappointing today. >> and that was a boom period? >> fair point. that number is never touted. the legacy of bush is a tricky road for the president to walk
12:38 pm
down and so far people are tired of hearing about george w. bush and beginning to blame the president for the economy itself. relevant fact toioids. and coming up, how soldiers are dealing with the ravages of war. we will discuss it, next. [ kate ] many women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. free-credit-score-dot-com'sur boargonna direct you ♪ts ♪ ♪ to check your credit score before it gets too late ♪ ♪ and you end up strapped for cash ♪
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by the end of the summer, 23,000 u.s. troops will be leaving afghanistan. it's not certain whether 26-year-old bo will be one of them. taken captive almost three years
12:42 pm
ago. peace talks and negotiations for bergdahl's release. the story is the focus of america's last prisoner of war. an article personed by michael hastings for "rolling stone." he says will america leave a man behind? talking before the program went live about the fact, bowe bergdahl's sto bergdahl's story is underbroadcast. >> it's a surprise. if we had a man behind enemy lines, captain chured by the ta a household name. because of unusual circumstances surrounding the capture, that hasn't happened. the unusual circumstances, bizarre, we detailed in the story, not in the charlie sheen interview, but in the -- the, you know, section where we go in-depth about bergdahl. a young kid. 23. went over there, saw a bunch of horrible things and decided to walkway.
12:43 pm
he left his base, and thought he was going to walk into pakistan. but instead he was immediately captured by the taliban. that's created a contested status of him within the military, where officially he's in good standing but a very sensitive and difficult subject to talk about. >> you make the argument that the reason it's not more discussed is because he is a bad example for anybody who wants to end the war. which is to say, he's sort of the last peg in discussions between us and the taliban? >> right. there are element it's within the pentagon who do not want to make the trade for bergdahl pap trade on the table harks been on the table for one american sol jr. forefive taliban detainees in guantanamo bay. in the pentagon, a bad precedent to make this trade and, b, once you sort of make such a high profile trade, the war's over. we know from statements from general allen and from mip sources within the administration and the pentagon, that there's a resistance to sort of actually winding this war down. >> well, in terms of the
12:44 pm
tradeoff with the taliban, john mccain saying, railing against the exchange saying they're the five biggest murderers in world history. speaking of the taliban fighters we would be trading, effectively trading for? >> effectively, john mccain lost his temper. >> his typical cool. >> also in a top secret classified briefing where this exchange happened and leaked to me. thankfully, for those -- >> again, again, glean for the leak, michael hastings, live. >> no. i think, look, this is -- and you know, in all seriousness, bergdahl's mother and father ginny and bob bergdahl spent the last three years in silence. there is been praying every day to bring their kid home, and they are at a point of such desperation, because he was still in captivity. that's why they went to the press. why they talked to me, to try to bring as much attention to their son's cause as possible. it's -- i think, you know, as americans, whatever the reasons
12:45 pm
why he left, a soldier who signed up, who was made this sacrifice, it would be a great thing for the country to put efforts in to trying to get this kid home. >> and lower level exchanges are going on. you talk a little about it in the article. that's something american people aren't aware. >> we're swapping prisoners all the time. releasing afghan prisoners all the time. doing these sorts of deals all the time. the difference, such a high profile. >> has his publicity helped his case? bet iroff? more likely getting him back now that it's gone public or not? >> either way is a risk. a risk his parents weighed. bringing attention to the cause, do you get it on the white house radar as a high priority, on the state department's radar? on the pentagon's rathdar? it's risky. your son is still captured. >> the government seemed to decide now -- >> it wasn't the government -- >> it's not a story. look, this is not a story the
12:46 pm
pentagon want to tell. you know? >> and then you mentioned one of the factors, the discomfort here, because of the, what happened that led him to leave the base. and you know, i do want to pivot and move the conversation to the subject of soldier suicides which is -- a staggering statistic out today. basically, in the first 155 days of the year there have been more soldier suicides, the number of soldier suicides exceeded the number of combat troop deaths in afghanistan. the toll that it's taken on the men and women that are fighting overseas it is staggering isn't even -- i've used that word once, but it is dramatic and not something we talk about, and bergdahl is a result of the stresses placed and soldiers. >> whether than say he's not patriotic, this or that. young men in very stressful situation. extremely stressful, they have different responses. some tragically take they are
12:47 pm
own live, some go on rampages and kill civilians, as we've seen. and he made the decision to leave nap said, the suicide numbers are horrifying and just a symptom of these repeated deployments and putting these young guys in these tough situations, and war we've been fighting nearly 13 years. support for the war down to 27% nationally. down ten points from may of 2011. coming up, a monarch, a governor and a beauty queen. we'll find out who really wore the crown this week when we ask, what just happened? that's next. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness,
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there's will be no triple crown winner this year. i'll have another will not be running in tomorrow's belmont stakes. that wasn't the only crown up
12:51 pm
for grabs this week. it's time to look back and ask -- what just happened? >> the events i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. >> reporter: amid the pomp and circumstance of the queen's jubilee, american dynasties returned to the fore. the king was back. >> one of the tea party meshes claimed that 78 to 81 members of the democratic guac is were members of the communist party. this is not the 1950s. at least joe mccarthy could skate on the fact one or two living communists were walking around. >> whose throne did he really sit on? >> extending tax cuts? >> i don't have any problem extending all of it now. >> even bill clinton came out with it. >> listen to former president clinton. >> former president clinton. >> obviously, president bill clinton gets it. >> reporter: facing mutiny from subject it's, governor walker fought to keep his crown. >> neighbor could impact a neighbor, worker didn't talk to worker. he start add civil war in this state. >> courage is on the ballot
12:52 pm
tuesday. >> we've got to plan. our opponents don't have a plan. attack me. >> reporter: his challenger, tom barret, suffer a defeat. >> under the usa as we know it just happened. >> reporter: no. seriously. he had a really, really bad night. but as they say -- heavy is the head that wears the crown. no matter which head. >> actually, many of my students don't know that i'm second lady of the united states. you know, it's a community college. they're working. wait a minute. let me go back. >> or how questionable the crown. >> we do know who the vice president is. >> this is so bad. >> i don't know anything about politics so i don't know. >> world peace. >> i mean -- >> reporter: remember this? >> our education over here in the u.s. should help the u.s. -- or should help south africa and should help the asian countries. >> reporter: with so much turmoil in kingdoms across the land -- one was left to wonder.
12:53 pm
could there be a savior in the wilderness? >> i met a guy yesterday. seven feet tall. yeah. handsome, great, big guy. seven feet tall. >> the biggest in these parts. hey, everybody! >> okay. if a crown was to be -- if were you to crown someone this week for winning the week, ben smith who would it be? >> actually going to give to the without spokesman. the first to leak classified information to hastings. >> he is a crown that leaks to the press. >> that never happened. tommy, we love you. aun drandre the giant. >> and in absentia, yes. >> i'll have another, checking out. you guys can in vis nhave this nonsense. >> we'll find out at 1:00 why not another. >> foot injury. >> an equine expert. >> josh. >> give it to scott walker.
12:54 pm
good news. everybody else seemed to have bad news. bill clinton, the cory booker walk of shame. the only guy that triumphed and got somebody positive out of it. >> much to the chagrin of some of his constituents. thanks again to josh, catherine, michael and ben. that is all for "now." see you back here monday at noon eastern. joined by glyn thrush, perhaps with a hat. nicole wale wallace and bethany mclean. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. good afternoon. thanks can umming up next, following the breaks news from belmont. i'll have another is scratched. a press conference is be to start. we'll carry it live. also the battle over national security leaks and jobs. joining us, chris matthews and intelligence chair mike rogers from the hill, and congresswoman cathy mcmorris rogers on her new role as the romney campaign's point person. and producer jerry wine feldtfi
12:55 pm
here. all next on "andrea mitchell reports." time for your weekend forecast. i'm meteorologist bill karins. heat is on in the middle of the country. temperatures soaring near 90 degrees in many places. chicago, kansas city, denver. the east coast a nice weekend. after showers and storms in new england on saturday. sunday look goods there. heavy rain possible in the southeast sunday afternoon. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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12:58 pm
"andrea mitchell reports," triple crown hopes dashed for i'll have another. i'll have another won't. we're live in bellmont where trainer doug o'neill will hold a live press conference about the injury that is keeping the kentucky derby and preakness winner from making a run for history at saturday's belmont stakes. plus, the world where national security leaks. president obama denies congressional accusations that his aides leaked details about top secret programs. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong. >> and breaking today, another flap over jobs. >> overall in private secretary
12:59 pm
hear been doing a good job creating -- creating jobs. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. n. our "daily fix" this week, mitt romney has shown he can outdistance the president in raising money. so is the president trying to regain momentum today calling a quick news conference to attack congress? >> there's work to be done. there are work toers ers to do . let's put them back to work right now. if congress decides despite thaum they aren't going to doing it simply because it's an election year, then they should explain to the american people why. >> joining me now, chris matthews. host of msnbc's "hardball." talking about leaks and this jobs thing. this jobs story is just breaking. mitt romney jumped all over the president. let me try to give us all the context. the context is in the terrible


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