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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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investigators say there is not apparent evidence of drugs or alcohol? so what happened? with romney's vp pick expected now between the conventions we're looking at some potentials to who are not making the short list or are they? and asking why not? it's our deep dive today. good morning from washington. lots of questions, huh? it's monday, june 111, 2012. three days after six words set off a political firestorm, the obama campaign is still trying to contain the damage. >> the american people are smarter than that. they understand the president called the press conference to say that because of the storm clouds rolling in from europe and elsewhere we need to undergrid or economy. >> the private sector, we need to accelerate job creation in the private sector. >> by now we've heard the line hundreds of times. on friday, president obama tried to be upbeat about private sector hiring versus the public
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sector. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> republicans pounced as the feeding frenzy grew. the president responded to a shouted question later in the afternoon for a walk-back. >> it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. >> mitt romney saw an opportunity to do what the president did in 2008 when john mccain announced that "the fundamentals of the economy were strong." turning obama's fine line into a bumper sticker burned into the minds of voters. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? >> the romney campaign has not let up releasing this web video today. >> we have seen layoffs, cutbacks. >> when it's all said and done,
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i'm making $200 a month. >> the private sect ser or is d fine. the private sector is doing fine. >> republicans you a duauditione romney's number two mocked on the comments in front of a conservative audience in chicago. >> i'm delighted to see all of you out there there the private sector are doing just fine. >> it is an outrage to have the president of the united states stand up and say to hard-working governors, republicans and democrats around this country that state and local government hiring is moving in the wrong direction and we're to blame. >> the private sector is so foreign to him, he might need a passport to visit it. >> most dangerous kind of gaffe is one that plays into an opponent's narrative. team romney has been trying to build the narrative that the president doesn't understand the economy right now. it's the obama campaign that looks like they've been caught
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off guard and everything they try to do to push back seems to be digging a deeper hole. that said the obama campaign is trying to prevent this firestorm from derailing the president's economic message and becoming a week-long story or even a tipping point in the campaign. it is june. there is no tipping point to this point. the super pac priorities usa is up with their third aid going after bane this morning and attacking romney in a $4 million spanish language buy in four states. look at this ad that's airing in florida. >> also tell my story, i'm also unemployed. >> the obama campaign is lunching an effort in michigan touting rescue of the auto industry. a michigan poll last week showed a dead heat.
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the president will be talking about michigan's initiatives for rural communities. the obama campaign is trying a bait and switch in trying to draw attention to these comments that romney made at the same press conference he attacked the president on friday in iowa. >> he wants to hire more government workers. he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. he did not get the message of wisconsin? >> david axlerod tried to seize on romney's remarks on sunday. >> i would suggest he's living on a different planet if he thinks that's a prescription for a stronger economy. >> and the obama campaign is out with a new web campaign this morning talking about romney's reign as governor. >> it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. >> turn governor romney's tenure of local government was cut.
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not as clean, larger class sizes. >> the man did not care. he didn't care what was going on in our communities. >> the question is, in an economic climate where voters are looking for someone to blame, are tire wadire warnings public sector cuts a good form of attack? wisconsin's scott walker, listen to this. >> i know in my state, our reforms allowed us to prospect firefighters, police officers and teachers. that's not what i think when i think of big government. >> romney took some friendly fire from both walker and indiana governor mitch daniels who warned him he just can't run as the anti-obama and think he's going to win. >> i just hope he takes a page out of president reagan's playbook in 1980, where it was not only a referendum on the failed policies of president carter at the time, president reagan laid out a clear plan.
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>> the american people will demand to know something more. he better have an affirmative and construction message, one of hope. >> by the way, mitch daniels has been consistently critical of romney on this point for almost six months, folks. i think it's time to scratch mitch daniels off the vp list. this morning another guy who took himself off of romney's vp list has done it again. former florida governor jeb bush said romney put himself in a box on immigration in the primaries. the question is "how you get out of it." folks, look at your twitter feed this morning with jeb bush, replace jeb with clinton. jeb bush not exactly on the romney talking points this morning. if you didn't know who the commerce secretary is, you will after today. commerce secretary john bryson being investigated in a felony hit-and-run case in california
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after crashing his lexus into a buick on saturday in san gabriel, california. after leaving the scene, he drove into the car again that he hit the first time. and then drove to rosemead where he crashed into a second vehicle. authorities found him alone and unconscious, he was admitted to the hospital. according to the commerce department, he was released from the hospital early this morning. drugs and alcohol don't appear to have played a role in the crash. we'll continue to bring you more details on this story as they come in. all right. if you don't have enough news from weekend, here's more. spain has finally agreed to get a bailout from its european neighbors, $125 billion bailout. it's a sign that things are finally beginning to stabilize in the eurozone? that's a question people are wondering since we are just about 20 minutes from the opening bell, let's get to the market rundown now. becky quick is here.
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talk to me about this spain bailout. is this sort of one of those things, spain finally agreed and the markets will be sort of breathing a sigh of relief? >> yes, absolutely. at least that is the knee-jerk reaction to this, chuck. the dow will open up by about 90 points this morning. this is a relief rally due entirely to that, that we are not walking in this morning after a long weekend and saying, my gosh what will happen to spain today? this is a knee-jerk reaction and not as strong as it had been even earlier this morning. earlier this morning the dow futures were up by 125 points, maybe more. some of that euphoria has come back down address people as peo question what does this mean over the long-term. in the past, european moves have been too little too late, they have to the stopped things and the bailout of the bank does not change the situation on the grounds in terms of spain's economy. right now the unemployment level there is about 24%. they are looking at a decline in
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the country's productivity in terms of its gdp and how it's been doing. that's expected to drop by 1.7% that means property value also come down again. unemployment levels will probably rise. none of this will fix that greater situation it is certainly a good first step. but there are a lot of people asking questions about what happens next. and what this means for europe overall and there are a lot of concerns that still exist on that front. >> let's clarify something with spain. this is not a debt issue, ala greece or some other countries, ireland and portugal. this is an issue where the banks basically nobody can get a loan in the country of spain. >> yeah. go figure. when you're looking at nearly 1 out of every 4 people being unemployed, it's making the banks very nervous to give out more money. by the way, they don't have more money to give out. a lot of them, the little banks around the country, they owned property, that's where they have gotten in trouble.
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when you have massive unemployment problem like that, people don't pay on their properties. we think we have a housing crisis there, you should see over there. they need to shore up the holes in the banks now and make them whole. it's a different situation, but you could think of it as a mini t.a.r.p. going in and taking care of the banking system. a lot of people said this needed to happen along time ago. >> thank you, becky. up next, let's go behind the scenes of the campaign strategies. crisis management if you will. obama and romney are neck and neck. every move counts these days. which candidate has the upper hand in the daily war of words? and the latest on who is shelling out money and where right now. plus a rare public appearance by former congresswoman gabby giffords campaigning for her potential successor what her husband mark kelly is telling us about gabby's future in politics. all that coming up. first a look ahead at the president's schedule. he's doing a bunch of local
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. well, we've seen the ad wars and it's june. for more, i'm joined by steve mcmahon, and kim alfano.
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i want to share one antidote. i watched my oldest child react to seeing a negative tv ad. >> a little focus group? >> little focus group. i always tried to keep her away from politics. she sees it's an obama attack ad on romney, she says i guess obama wants more people to vote for him. she got it. she's eight. but she did seem to be moved by the ad. she then complained to me why she can't vote yet. what was among the mistakes made other than uttering the private sector is doing fine? is there anything they could have done better in reacting post that comment? >> i don't think so. the president walked it back right away. that was the thing he needed to do. the smart thing to do. he put into a broader context. you knew as soon as those words were uttered, it would end up in
9:16 am
many campaign ads. the obama campaign understands they will see that all over the place. a web ad came out yesterday. i think axlerod was terrific over the weekend. >> when it comes to gaffe control, some people say it's just june. >> not anymore. >> john kerry, when he said i was for it before i was against it, that may have been june or or even may. at this point in the campaign. it just lived forever. >> absolutely. this is one of those things that is so core to the narrative that romney is trying to create. it's sort of at the end of a series of over-arching messages that romney is trying to create and trying to combat. >> he didn't say the economy is doing well. >> i said the economy is not doing well. >> he was talking about the private sector in terms of government, but it's the one
9:17 am
line -- >> the big picture is it's a window into a soul. that's what they're trying to project. i think he's sort of -- as we used to say that romney was sort of stepping in, he's sort of stepping into this narrative that they have been trying to create. it was just too convenient and too perfect. after a week of really bad news, that was a terrible way to end it. >> it's like i'm not concerned about the very poor by romney. he was trying to say there was a safety net, but it didn't matter. >> that's right. kim is right about what the obama campaign is trying to avoid and what the romney campaign is trying to do. if you look at the poll numbers and ask who is on your side and understands the challenges you face, people don't say mitt romney, they say barack obama. it goes for creating jobs and every other problem that the middle class is facing today. >> i want to play a couple ads for you guys. i will play two of them here, back-to-back. first here's an obama campaign
9:18 am
attacking romney. this is the one my daughter focus group, we were watching nats/red sox. >> how did she rate it. >> i won't say. here is the obama ad against romney. >> it started like this. >> i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. >> but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. in 2008 barack obama said -- >> we can't mortgage our children's future on a mountain of debt. >> now he's adding 4 billion in debt every day. borrowing from china for his spending. every second growing our debt fasters than our economy. tell obama stop the spending. >> all right. that second one, that's a crossroads ad. kim, you talk about the obama ad. steve, you talk about the crossroads ad. >> the problem they have, it's somewhat effective except it was so long ago. the problem is this election is
9:19 am
in the here and now. people are living in this economy now. they can talk about it, but after a while people just are living right now. the economy is not going to get better they are not going to -- >> you think romney's record is irrelevant? >> not irrelevant, but it's a heck of a long time ago. and he can come back with 4.7 unemployment -- >> 47th in the nation -- >> doesn't matter. 4.7 unemployment, worked with democrats, we got it done. i have a lot of money, you have a lot of money, the economy is not good. we win. >> on the debt issue, there seems to be a bit of a split inside the republican party. do you hit the president on jobs or on the debt. >> right. i think that -- i hate to be giving them advice, but i think that the debt issue, when you start in 2008, you are reminding people about what the president inherited. there were stimulus measures supported by republicans,
9:20 am
stimulus measures proposed by george w. bush that got us started on this spending spree. but this spending spree was to stop an economic from collapsing. i personally think they're better off politically if they're focusing on the economy. people are experiencing, you know, great challenges, but they understand the president is on their side. at the end of the day, it's an argument that will work for the president. >> i want to look at ad spending. 11 states, colorado, dmroor, iowa, michigan, new hampshire, new mexico, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania and virginia is where ads have been running off and on. obama campaign, 7.3 million. crossroads gps, 3.8. parties usa, a little over a million. romney, a little over a million. planned parenthood, 500,000. hispanic tv ad spending. the obama campaign has spent well over $1 million. the super pac will spend another million. the romney campaign has not even gotten to 200,000 yet.
9:21 am
>> right. they just got started on it. what it shows is a bit of panic on the obama campaign side it should be a slam dunk with numbers like they're seeing tsht it should be a slam dunk and it's not because of the numbers. >> this about ambivalence or enthusiasm? >> it's about enthusiasm. if you see mitt romney take up, say, the new dream act that is coming out from rubio -- >> you say if -- >> if he does. >> a lot of people have been waiting for weeks. >> i think you'll see a plan come from him. there's going to be -- >> he likes to fire people. it started with his landscaping crew, the hispanic community understands that obama has 64% in the hispanic community. they're doing this to lock it and grow it. the obama campaign is running
9:22 am
positive. the super pac is running negative it will run together. if you are spending money on your slam dunk thing, you have a problem. all right. up next, tea party tempers heat up in texas. and gabby giffords hits the campaign trail. can she keep her former seat in the democratic party? and former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is just about out of time to make a plea deal. will he do it before the trial starts today? >> first the trivia question. who was the first u.s. president to be born in a hospital? the first correct answer.
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jerry sandusky will be hearing opening statements today. the former penn state football coach is charged with 52 criminal counts of abuse spanning more than a decade. the trial suspected to last several weeks unless there's some sort of last-minute plea deal. gabby giffords attended a series of campaign events over the weekend in support of ron barber who is seeking her old seat in a special election in arizona. giffords attended a concert with 800 supporters saturday evening and toured a phone bank where volunteers greeted her with cheers. gifford's husband had this to say about her recovery. >> i can tell you, when somebody
9:27 am
hasn't seen her for a few weeks, they can see an improvement. she is getting better. that doesn't come by accident. it's through hard work. david dewhurst took some heat over the weekend speaking at the texas republican party convention. the lieutenant governor was booed when he criticized ted cruz. dewhurst and cruz will meet off in a runoff for the senate nomination on july 2 1st. and "good morning america" co-host robin roberts reveals she has been diagnosed with mds, a disease of the bone and blood marrow, once known as preleukemia. she received the news more than a month ago and her doctors have given her a good prognosis. romney could pick his running mate any time now. any time we should take a deep
9:28 am
dive into the vp stakes. we have a look at risks and rewards of some of the top names floating out there. you may be surprised by whose stock is up and whose is down. and why some quality names are not on the short list. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation.
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♪[music plays] purina one beyond. food for your cat or dog. we have breaking news on the developing story involving commerce secretary john bryson. his office released a statement saying secretary bryson was involved in a car accident. apparently what caused the accident was a seizure, and that at the hospital he took medication and was treated for that seizure. he has since been released from the hospital. he is on his way back to washington. he does not have any public events scheduled for today. and the office also wants to let us know that the reason he was driving and not anybody with a security detail is when he was at home his security detail was
9:32 am
not with him, which is a regular secret service practice when it comes to some cabinet secretaries when visiting home. not every one of them, not those involved in national security, but some of the others. secretary bryson, again, apparently had a seizure that was the cause of the accident. he was in the hospital to treat that seizure and he's on his way back to the office and back to work today. the air was thick with vp buzz at the conference this weekend. they all made appearance appear. today we look at the top picks and the long shots force vice president. to do that we looked at the candidates as if they were stock options. if you look at it that way, the two most expensive picks would be ohio senator rob portman and florida senator marco rubio. they are seen as the front-runners. as for portman, he says rubio
9:33 am
could be the guy. listen to what he said. >> i think he has a terrific list of people. couple of them are my colleagues. marco rubio, john thune, paul ryan. i think he will have a long list to choose from. >> so, who is a little overvalued as a stock right now? we put new jersey governor chris christie and bob mcdonell on that list. the conventional crowd loves him, but geography hurts christie's chances. then governor mcdonell who some republicans say could become an easy target for democrats who want to push the war on women, mainly because of that virginia bell that required pre-abortion ultrasounds who is sneaking up on the list, tim pawlenty, he is getting more buzz inside the campaign than others might think. louisiana governor bobby jindal and south dakota senator john
9:34 am
thune, who is higher on that list. conventional wisdom has kelly ayotte, paul ryan and susana martinez pegged about right. ryan should be seen as the leader among that group. what about the long shots in here's a few names you may not have heard much about the north dakota senator, john hoven as a perfect match. >> i think he and vice president hoven will have a real good chance. >> that's what i was going to ask. who do you think he should choose? >> proven governor, outstanding senator, heartland of america. what do you think? >> any way, why hoven? unemployment in north dakota is down to 3%. lowest in the nation. hoven has state-level experience
9:35 am
and brings congressional experience with him as well. we know the romney campaign would love to find a two-term midwestern governor, that's why pawlenty sits high on the list. condoleezza rice could be an interesting pick. her ties to the bush white house tend to overshadow the rest of her resume, being an early proponent of the iraq war could make her an easy target for the preside campaign. and then there's fedex founder and ceo fred smith. has been mentioned a couple cycles in a row, though he has no political experience but has loads of business experience. received two purple hearts. thought of by some who fear he might be on the conservative wing who fear he is too much of a social moderate. for more on the vp stakes, i'm
9:36 am
joined by reed wilson. you have your own top ten list. take me through it. >> kelly ayotte, mitch daniels nine. bob mcdonell in the number eight spot. i feel like that's the list of sort of the long shots. you get the plausible alternative in john thune. the wild card, let's not forget over the last 30 years or so -- >> you have a wild card, you won't say who it is. >> someone not on the list. >> that's a great hedge. >> basically that's the field. >> that's the field that everybody is free to take in. then the five guys who are really closest to the top. portman, pawlenty, ryan, jindal and rubio. you said it -- you hinted at it earlier. pawlenty's stock is rising. he's closer to the campaign than people have -- than conventional wisdom holds. is he getting serious consideration. the interesting thing about this, north carolina is the audition spot. everybody is going to north carolina to give their big
9:37 am
speeches, paul ryan and -- >> of course donald trump. >> is he a wild card? >> sure. i think in our list we say the on the bubble spot, fortunately not donald trump. but, you know, portman headed to north carolina this coming weekend. paul ryan and tim pawlenty were there last week. >> interesting. you guys put daniels in there. we basically are eliminating him this morning. is that rough on our part? >> i think at this point, mcdonell -- mcdonell's stock has fallen the most. he was up in the top spot early on in the process. but the problems he's had with his own state republican party pushing him so far to the right has been -- has limited his options. >> there's been a lot of -- it seems as if the romney campaign allowed word to leak, hey, they could go early. they could pick early. they're trying to make a case. it seems this could be one half
9:38 am
feeding the media beast. what are the upsides of going early? >> it's about fund-raising. it's such a starkly different landscape than we were in four years ago these candidates are spending more time raising money, vastly more time raising money. >> essentially you need more principle. >> as someone put it last week, this doubles the number of principals you have to scoop up money. at a time when money is the driving factor in the battleground states and in the ad dawrs, that iswars. >> there is one guy going through the roof, that's marco rubio. >> he is the biggest name out there. the thing that surprised me about this, republicans are very informed by this sarah palin experience. after she was picked, the whole idea of her as a reform agent was drowned out by the amount of coverage of the local alaska issues. >> you say they're so informed
9:39 am
why is rubio consistently so -- >> but he is oversold. he is the hot pick. >> i'll say this, if the romney campaign, if they don't pick rubio, they better have a good reason not to. the base will want answers. they are in that box. it's a tough place to be. up next, forget the vp spot, is jeb bush secretly working for democratic campaign? what he is saying now about the republican party. and soup of the day. a different one. the beauty of lentil soup is you can put any meat into it. that's what today is. leftover turk question from somewhere, turning it into lentil soup. you can always follow the show on facebook. you are watching "the daily rundown." we recommend you poke us. we don't even want likes, just give us some pokes. c'mon dad!
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. jeb bush is making news this morning, but probably not the headlines that the romney campaign wants to have out there. let's bring in luke russert and the senior editor of national review, columnist for bloomberg review. it is alt a bloomberg breakfast that all of these headlines are being made. let's see, where to begin. jeb bush said this this morning, mitt romney is in a box on immigration. needs to figure out how to talk better to the hispanic community. he said ronald reagan couldn't get nominated in this republican party. jeb said some of these things before, but usually when caught by a reporter on the side. he knows what he's doing. he's having a sit-down with
9:44 am
every reporter living in the new york city media market. this is akin to bill clinton doing what he did to barack obama the last ten days. >> that's right. it's lucky for governor romney that it is not actually the same thing as bill clinton talking a couple things are going on here. i think jeb bush does believe these things. and he decided he made a miscalculation -- >> he wishes he ran. >> he wishes he had run and he has come to the conclusion that he lost his chance and he will not be able do it in 2016 or 2020. so say what you think. >> he is playing to this, of course, the talking point that the obama campaign has, these republicans, this is not the same republican party. barack obama talks about ronald reagan couldn't get the nomination. so jeb bush is on that talking point? >> the cynic in you could say he's looking ahead to the future
9:45 am
and thinks he could run. if romney were to lose, he laid out a map of what could have gone wrong. sending signals to the party. this is not what's working. that's a risky gamble and won't win you a lot of friends, but why not speak what he thinks at this point. >> i joke this morning on twitter, replace jeb with bill, replace romney with obama, and would have a full-fledge fire sale. >> there's a lot to say about anne's point. this is genuinely what jeb bush believes. we all see the demographic trends. he is providing a road map for the republican party which we think will happen in 15, 20 years when texas becomes a swing state. >> the problem with this theory is the praise for his father's tax increase in 1990. that is not part of any intelligent strategy for the 2016 nomination. >> but that's a different issue than immigration. >> but he said that in the same meeting. if you're saying this is all part of the -- >> but that's a son defending a
9:46 am
father as well. >> george w. bush did not do that running up to the 2000 race. had he done it, he would have had a much harder time getting the nomination. >> want to switch gears slightly here. team obama ended the week on defense, starting the week on defense. our crack research staff here, mr. brower realized when john kerry made his i voted for it before i voted against it line, it was made early, but it wasn't june. it was in march. it was in march he said it. it lives. >> it lives to this day. >> that was a full -- what are we looking at? eight months before election day. >> what they may have going for them, i don't know if you can say what romney said as a gaffe, what he said about police officers and firefighters, but they moved quickly to curb it. two small things. >> the thing that struck me
9:47 am
about romney, like a lot of his stuff. when he has a moment, something to pounce on, he overcranks it. he overcranks it. this seemed to be a moment of overcranking saying, hey, we don't need more firefighters. wait. you're supposed to be talking about government. not firefighters or police. >> when you're on capitol hill, republican leaders get asked about this question, they say we don't have the money to keep funn funnelal off to these private sector unions. team obama, when they made the decision to clarify the comments the second time around, just come out and say i was talking about corporate -- the corporate sector has done really well recently. separate corporate from private. if you say corporate, record corporate profits are going up, that's easy to understand instead of saying we know the economy is not doing well it could be doing well. it gets lost. >> the whole thing seemed to get lost. when we come back, we'll talk
9:48 am
about that, plus the week ahead. trivia, woe asked who was the first u.s. president to be born in a hospital? the answer? jimmy carter. he was born in a hospital in 1924. >> what? >> not richard nixon? not kennedy? all right, mr. what? you are watching "the daily rundown." progressive keeps finding me new ways to save me money on my car insurance. you're sure to save it forward. i see you're a healthy eater. you qualify for a healthy eater's discount. oh, my gosh! thank you. you're welcome. dropping off the shopping cart discount. why are you doing it? because of the hundreds i saved at progressive. and that's when i told her about progressive online! [ all chuckling ] all right, look busy, the manager is coming. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude...
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let's bring back our panel. ramesh, comment on this mitch daniels quote. talk about people, surrogates going off message. i'm still searching for the times that mitch daniels has said amazing things about mitt romney. >> it would be a huge mistake for republicans to misread wisconsin as some kind of great harbinger. i don't see it that way at all. not even clear that governor romney will be that strong in wisconsin. >> that's what he said about wisconsin. earlier he said the romney
9:52 am
campaign can't just be anti-obama, something daniels has been saying for six months. does this fall into your, he wishes he had been running for president, a la jeb? >> i think everyone knows that gr dani governor daniels wishes he had been able to run for president. but i don't think anything of the things he said are as unhelpful as other things people have been saying -- >> governor daniels is a political pundit. >> if you look at it in a literal sense, you can't say what happened in wisconsin is going to go forward around the country. republicans saying, let's double down on having tough austerity measures. how does that play in a place like nevada? how does it play in a place like ohio? didn't do very well in ohio when
9:53 am
it was on the ballot. >> there seems to be a line on this stuff a little bit. but at the same time, in a tough economy and the fact that private sector workers don't have pensions anymore, but public sector workers do. that's where there's the disconnect and why it's harder for democrats to create sympathy for public sector. >> it's been that way for a while. that's why we have to keep our eyes on the next battlegrounds. it's all about small municipalities. it's no surprise. i think there is something smart that daniels could have been doing here, which is to keep republicans in wisconsin with their eye on the ball. they won this one. it's not a bad idea to remind them they're going to have to work in november if they want to do it. >> and looking at tv advertising and the battleground, what's struck me is the lack of messaging and focus on the republican side on hispanic media markets. kim tried to spin it away as
9:54 am
saying, no, this is the obama -- we're up to $2 million in spending on the obama side on hispanic media. it was less than $50,000 as of last week on the romney side. >> that's right. and republicans talk about the need to reach out. but the most obvious and simple way of reaching out is by actually talking to the people you're trying to get to vote to you. that's not happening right now. >> seems part of it, the romney campaign only wants to talk about one thing -- economy, economy, economy. they know that immigration is -- >> they had to go to the right on immigration. >> it was the only consistent conservative position he had. >> why not go out and get george p. bush, marco rubio, barnstorm the country -- the fascinating thing about the dream act. if harry reid held the senate conference, tough passed. >> that's an unshameful bit of interesting tidbit.
9:55 am
shameless plugs. >> my colleague has a great piece about why does everything have to be a gate. scandals had an interesting name, used to. >> i know. ramesh? >> over the weekend, michael baroan's examiner column wrote about a race in california. it was interesting. >> always teaches us something we don't know. mr. russert? >> the house is in recess. that's my -- so that's my shameless plug. and the other is for the washington nationals -- i was there. it was a sweep. best record in the n.l. east, two games up. great time to be a nats record. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you right back here tomorrow. coming up next, chris jansing and company. we'll have the latest on the accident of commerce secretary john bryson.
9:56 am
it was a seizure that caused him to have three car accidents in five minutes. i'm meteorologist bill cairns. a lot of humidity is going to add showers and thunderstorms to many forecasts in the southeast. a cold front moving through the great lakes. showers and storms in detroit and chicago. we're also watching showers in seattle and plain old hot in phoenix. good morning! wow.
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i'm chris jansing. this morning. both campaigns are outswinging with brand-new videos attacking each other over, yes, the economy. after barack obama said the economy was fine and mitt romney said, we don't need more firemen, policemen or teachers. >> he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. did he not get the message of wisconsin? the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. >> overall here, on nowhere to hide, given this report. >> the private sector is doing fine. where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. the private sector is doing fine.


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