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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 12, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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years old. nbc's national correspondent michael isikoff joining us. mike mcqueary allegedly testifying what he saw in the shower. >> reporter: mike mcqueary took the stand in this case and recounted that shower scene in february of 2001 where he walks in and says he sees jerry sandusky with a young boy skin-on-skin smacking sounds and arms around the young boy. sandusky and the young boy are startled. mcqueary could not barely process what he saw. goes back and calls his father and the very next morning calls
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coach joe paterno to tell him what he saw saying it was something sexual, something wrong, something perverse. >> michael, what do we make of the fact of the people who testified today. as i pointed out, the young man who originally went to police and this testimony followed by mike mcqueary. those are two big witnesses on the second day of the trial. >> reporter: absolutely. there was a witness this morning in some ways a bigger bombshell witness than the one yesterday. got very emotional as he recounted what he said jerry sandusky did to him. broke down sobbing when he was asked to describe in clinical detail exactly the nature of the sexual acts that he says jerry sandusky forced him to do on multiple occasions. many times in the basement of sandusky's home when sandusky's
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wife, dottie was upstairs. on cross-examination, joe amendola did score some points. did point out there were inconsistencies in the witness' story. he denied any oral sex had taken place. in his initial interview with children and youth services, the witness did not mention that. he said he was embarrassed by this. he had difficulty talking about it. it was hard for him to grapple and process. unquestionab unquestionably, amendola did make headway in raising questions because of the inn n inconsistent statements. >> all right, thank you very much michael isikoff. let me bring in catherine cane.
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thank you for your time. let's talk about the breaking news right now. mike mcqueary on the stand recounting the allegation that he witnessed jerry sandusky sex alley assaulting a boy in the shower. >> it sounds like the first and second day of the trial, the prosecutor has had blockbuster days. the witness was very graphic and emotional and effective in front of the jury. mike mcqueary, who everybody waited so long to testify is a big witness. >> i'm sure you heard michael's report that they pointed out
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testimony with inconsistent statements. what did he tell his father and family friend after the incident and what he told the grand jury wednesday they started the investigation into the case. >> it sounds like the inconsistencies between what was testified to in the grand jury as well as the preliminary hearing may not be material inconsistencies. much of the time, some witnesses will forget a small fact or something that doesn't go to the element of the charge. that is for the attorneys to weed out. so far, mike mcqueary's testimony in the preliminary hearing and grand jury have been materially consistent. >> let me ask you about the motion filed by sandusky's team. they brought up something called a personality disorder. the goal of a person suffering from the disorder and letters
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presented in court yesterday, what they describe as love letters that sandusky written to one of the victims. the goal of the person suffering from the disorder would not be to groom or consummate a relationship, but to satisfy the needs of a psyche belated by the disorder. bottom line, they may introduce here his contact with children is some kind of personality disorder. what do you see if that is part of the defense here? >> there is no doubt it is a personality disorder, but it is called pedophilia. that is not a legitimate defense in a child sexual assault case. it is not an affirmative defense. it is not accepted by the law as whether it goes to the guilt or innocence of the person. it will be up to the judge to decide whether it is an acceptable medical condition and if it is, he may allow it to go before the jury. it is not a defense to the crimes. it is really just an excuse. really, when you look at the
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testimony of the victims, there is no excuse. it may explain away the letter, but that letter is very consistent with the testimony. it shows that sandusky knew that he was wrong, that he knew it was for sexual gratification and he was continuing to try and keep those victims within his circle of trust and try and control. >> kathleen kane, thank you for your time. we are following breaking news on capitol hill. eric holder wrapped up a heated exchange with lawmakers on the committee over leaks on the national security committee. one called for holder's dismiss dismissal. these were reported in articles after government programs, including drone attacks, were made public. >> i think you are missing the fact that this is a very big deal and you are handling it in
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a way that it is suspicious. >> you leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. >> we have pete williams joining me from washington, d.c. what did mr. holder say in respon response? >> what the attorney general said by using two u.s. attorneys in the area, the investigation is already started. they are moving for quickly. he said the fbi has already done at least 100 interviews of him and the director of the fbi with a special counsel, you have to find the person and get them staffed and get office space. he said the point here is to get moving quickly. now republican members said, look, in the bush administration, a special counsel was brought in. pat fitzgerald was brought in to investigate the investigations that someone leaked the identity
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of the cia agent. the two that he has chosen have experience in these cases. here is what he said. >> they are good lawyers. they are tough prosecutors and they are cut out of the mold of pat. >> you are not going to change your mind. >> they are cut out of the mold of pat fitzgerald. what is missing is a sitting u.s. attorney. nothing was done differently than regards to these people. >> some of this was going on in the senate judicial committee. there was a proposal to call for a special counsel. senator diane feinstein said she would oppose it. the democrats on the committee said so today. she said that a fight over this would simply delay the investigation into the leaks themselves. >> all right. a lot of hot rhetoric there, pete. i greatly appreciate you coming
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on. is jeb bush back tracking? he is explaining his statements from yesterday where it appears he criticized his own party for being too partisan. plus, going rural. president obama is making the rounds. we will look at going rural and going local. another big story to report. florida and the justice department are suing each other over that state's push to purge voters from the roles. >> this is protecting the rights of u.s. citizens and not diluting their vote by non-u.s. citizens. >> what they are saying after the break. you can join us on twitter. you can reach my pa page @tamronhall. hey, it's me water. uys, check this out.
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and now to politics. is jeb bush backing down from his comments? during a breakfast yesterday, he said his father, george h.w. bush and ronald reagan would not fit into the republican party as of today. he said, quote, they got a lot of stuff done. reagan would be criticized for doing what he did. one blogger known as aceofspades said it is nonsense. jeb bush said the political system today is hyper partisan. both sides are at fault. joining me now is mike at
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smirconish. michael, let me start with you. is that a backtrack? >> no, it is an expansion. i think he was right on both days. he is correct. a man who had that smackdown with the nra. a man who also did indeed read my lips. he did raise taxes. there is no doubt that bush 41 would have a difficult time. so, too, would ronald reagan, competing in this republican party. i think it does exist in both parties. the national journal has documented the hyper partisanship that exists in the senate among democrats and republicans. >> i appreciate you saying he expanded on. the reality is michael, that ronald reagan would not fit in
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the republican party as it is today. that's what he said in his initial comment. grover norquist called it bizarre. one blogger saying a steaming pile of nonsense. then we get the follow-up twitter. why isn't that a backtrack? we talk about the troubles of the party today. >> because in the follow-up twitter, he doesn't retract any of those statements. he expands upon them. i don't hear where he is taking back anything that he offered. the fact it is coming from jeb bush makes him upset. >> he does go on both sides are doing this. at the time, he was focused in -- we were talking about women's issues. we might relate to each other as a woman and some of the things apply to men. he was talking about the problem in his quote/unquote family.
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not his biological family, but his party. >> i think michael is right. he did not retract anything he said. just because he expanded it doesn't mean he is taking back what he said. jeb bush is still consider ed a contender. many say jeb bush may be the v.p. pick. he knows when to endorse and when to say something in public. when to write an op-ed in a major national party. he picks his battles carefully. he knew what he said when he said my father and ronald reagan would have trouble in the party today. i don't think he is taking back anything he said yesterday, tamron. i think he knew what he was saying when he said it. >> i think to be fair on that point he was not back tracking,
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but i'm curious, how do you explain the remarks from conservatives. you have joe on this morning. he was so mad that republicans, michael, had turned on jeb bush referring to him as a rino. he hit something. there was a lot of parking back at jeb bush today, michael. >> there is no way the party can sustain itself. the republican party on the track it is now riding on. when you look at the demographics in the country and attitudes in the country. tamron, something that happened here that is cause and effect. there is a spike in independence registration. "ds" are not up and "rs" are not up, but "is" are up. >> obviously, a.b., that does
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enable the party to increase the latino vote. you take the line of some of the things that were said on the right. we will continue to talk about the fact that the latino vote is very important to both parties here. >> jeb bush hopes the republican party will move quickly to attract something to the latino vote. his favorite pick for v.p. is senator marco rubio. it is not being taught tauted b republican leaders. they are not doing anything about the economy to try to appeal to the group. jeb bush wants to broaden the represent party. the demographics are against him.
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jeb bush knows unless they reach out to other groups, they will demographically narrow and ultimately lose. he is urging them behind the scenes to come up with something. when you ask republicans at the highest levels and i have, what are you doing? it is almost the middle of june. when will you come up with something? they don't have an answer. >> you have to talk to your listeners. you talk to people from around the country. president and mitt romney going rural and local. we have a map showing romney hitting the country on the bus tour and then president obama focusing in on -- i don't know if it is middle america anymore. it is people being hit hard in the economy. michael. >> it is a rural issue, but it is a result of technology. this is the most sophisticated campaign for the presidency. you think of the front page story a couple of days ago. they are not just going into big
2:20 pm
markets and spending dollars. they are narrowly focused. they know where the votes lie that they need to win in the electoral college. this is a result of that strategy. >> michael, thank you. a.b., i'll let you get the last word on this as michael goes back to his worldwide audience. a.b., here we are in the summer -- is a.b. still there? >> i'm here. >> i didn't see you anymore. we have people getting ready for summer vacations. what about the strategy of the president giving interviews of local television and romney hitting the bus trying this before the end of summer and the big guns come out. >> both campaigns are worried about every single vote. they are worried that people in the communities are disengaging from the process and not paying attention and may not vote. both are thinking this is
2:21 pm
furtile territory. even in small communities that are suburban rural that mitt romney is not the champion in the middle class. i think they are looking for extra votes. >> a.b.stoddard, thank you. coming up. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is a republican and democrat and independent. >> what kind of issue is it? florida purging voter roles is sparking a showdown with that state and the justice department. we will look at both sides of the fight. plus, a revealing conversation between former president bush and his granddaughter, jenna. it is a cute interview and it is something we thought you should know. >> they have been comparing your
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socks to that of justin bieber. >> bieb? is he a sock man? nicholas brand wanted to start a window washing business. his wife made a kilt for him to wear. he wears that kilt and be went door-to-door. now he has more people for his business in the pipeline. for more, watch msnbc. follow the wings. ♪[music plays] ♪[music plays]
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roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. now to florida where the stand your ground law is being debated in a public hearing in orlando. the hearing is the first of several led by a task force created to review the law. the parents of trayvon martin are at the hearing. martin's mother said she is not against guns, but the florida law needs to be changed. >> my 17-year-old son was unarmed. you need to review these laws. >> that task force was pulled together by florida's governor. if mitt romney is elected
2:26 pm
president, nbc says he could be the least transparent president in a generation. what evidence of that do they have? we will point out some of the things listed. plus, we are just getting the video of congress member gabrielle giffords voting in the election to fill her house seat. and australians can finally close a chapter in its history regarding a baby that vanished 32 years old. this is our news around the nation. check out "news nation" tumbler page. including that picture of me being mic'd up. talk about t atte ntion tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you and your money deserve. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, that means taking a close look at you tdd# 1-800-345-2550 as well as your portfolio. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 we ask the right questions, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 then we actually listen to the answers
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♪ wait. ♪ happy father's day. ♪ ♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays] transparency problem? if romney wins the election this year, he could very well be the
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least -- the least transparent president in a generation. romney is refusing to release the names of his bundlers, the big donors for his campaign. the associated press points out that romney keep s quiet over wo he meets with and refuses to release all of his tax returns. we have mark murray joining us. you have been able to get a response from the romney campaign. this is coming up at an interesting time. he is hitting the road on the bus tour which should give media more access to him. >> when you talk to republicans, they say that there is transparency with the romney campaign. they have the f.e.c. reports that if somebody donated $250 or more, you can see it in those reports that the federal election commission. tamron, that is the bare
2:31 pm
minimum. that was the thrust of the article that came out yesterday about the transparency or lack thereof. they are doing the minimum. only what the law requires and nothing beyond that. that raises questions how a mitt romney presidency would operate. would they release the bundler lists as george w. bush did and president obama does. would they release the logs as the obama administration and obama white house has done. those are relevaatevant questio. >> he talks to the media and recently he compared his approach to governor chris christie. romney's reply was they want to hang you with the details here. this is very interesting. we saw something like this from
2:32 pm
sarah palin after what she referred to as the "gotcha" interviews about what she read. that was an effective strategy to a specific point. you end up in a debate and you cannot walk off the stage. >> the romney campaign is stating that the economy is the overarching issue. voters only want to care about where they are in the economy and nowhere else. so they can actually avoid questions like this. say this doesn't matter. this is distracting from the main issue of the campaign. it is a legitimate question. i would not be surprised when mitt romney goes on the bus tour starting this friday that the reporters covering him ask him questions. for example, why not release more tax returns just the 2010 and 2011. he has been able to side step because he only has been asking a speech here and there and he
2:33 pm
does a fund-raiser with limited interaction with the press. i think we are about to reach a stage where that is going to end and it will be a challenge for the romney campaign. can they continue to keep their discipline focusing solely on the economy when they start receiving a lot of these questions that they might not want to answer. >> quickly, i have to ask you about secretary bryson. he is taking a leave from his job as he deal was a health issue, at least according to his office. >> that's right. it came out yesterday. his office saying that he suffered a seizure after the hit-and-run accidents. now he is actually taking a leave of absence. that will leave the deputy commerce secretary in control of the reins there. president obama hasek bryson's health in his thoughts. >> mark murray, thank you very much. now to the escalating legal
2:34 pm
battle between florida and the federal government. there are now dueling lawsuits. the justice department filed the lawsuit after florida sued for access to a homeland security database. florida said they were examining about 180,000 potential non-citizen voters. about 2,700 of them have been able to produce proof of citizenship. state records show 86 non-citizens have been found so far. here is what governor scott richards had to say. >> it is simple. >> joining me now is judith brown. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> the bottom line, rick scott says our voters are eligible to
2:35 pm
vote here. you have the showdown of lawsuits. what is the argument of what he is saying? obviously we have been covering this. this is not the only state. florida is one of many where we have seen democrats and many others describe as very suspicious actions taken right before november. >> it is important to understand this right now is a showdown around democracy issues. what the governor has decided to do is to violate federal law. federal law says you cannot purge people this close before an election. so you have the governor on one side saying he doesn't care what federal law says. then you have the united states government on the other side saying they are going to stand up for the right to vote. it is also important to put this in context. we are talking about what the state is going to do is burdened citizens. they are put citizens on the list. we have 91-year-old world war ii
2:36 pm
veteran. born in brooklyn, new york. he is on this list. we know this is more about voter suppression. >> let me play what governor scott had to say. let's play it. >> i asked for the database which we're entitled to from homeland security to make sure they are not on our voter roles. they have not given it to us for nine months. justice is saying we are doing something wrong. this is not a partisan issue. this is protecting the rights of u.s. citizens and not diluting their vote. >> judith, is this a partisan issue? >> he is making it a partisan issue. >> in what way? >> he is going after voters. when you look at this list, 87% of the people on this list are voters of color.
2:37 pm
about 60% of them are latino voters. this cannot be divorced from the voter i.d. laws that were passed and the bills that the republicans have been passing to make it harder to register to vote. he is right. this should not be about right or left republican or democrat. he should stop. he should be on the side of united states citizens and pull back from violating federal law and purging voters. >> he also claims that 100 non-scitizens have been found s far. including more than 50 who voted in recent elections. those are some of the numbers from their side of the argument. the state's side of the argument. the "miami herald" points out almost 87% of those on the list of eligible voters are hispanics or blacks. >> what is important to know is the department of justice in its letter to the state said if there are non-citizens on the
2:38 pm
list, there are laws in place already to make sure they are prosecuted. they actually said refer those cases to us. we'll take them to the united states attorney's office. the bottom line is, don't burden u.s. citizens who want to participate in the election just for your partisan gain, governor scott. at the end of the day, people should be allowed to vote instead of making it harder to register and vote. we need to make it easier so we have as much participation as possible. >> judith, thank you for your time. congress member gabrielle giffords cast her vote in the special election to fill her seat. a win tonight in arizona would stop some of the parties bleeding. first, there is a lot going on. here are things we just thought you should know. hundreds of people lined up today to get a signed copy of
2:39 pm
michelle obama's book on gardening. the first lady spoke to a crowd at barnes & noble in washington. it traces the story of the vegetable garden on the white house lawn. and george h.w. bush celebrated his 88th birthday today by sitting down with his granddaughter jenna bush hager. he spoke about his love of colorful socks. he was asked about his socks and bieber? >> they have been comparing your socks to that of justin bieber. >> bieb? is he a sock man? i never see him. i don't know what he does. >> have you ever heard his song? >> no. how does it go? ♪ baby, baby ♪ baby, oh >> i don't think i like it. >> you like it. the new photo of golden girl
2:40 pm
betty white visiting the white house was released today. the 90-year-old actress. she was not on the official schedule. a white house official says she made a courtesy call and got a tour while she was in town. giving money to your favorite lawmaker is now possible with a push of a few buttons. the federal election commission has approved a policy of allowing contributions through a text message. supporters say it will encourage more grassroots giving where giant corporations are giving millions to fuel super pacs or really rich people. those are the things we thought you should know. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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i'm martin bashir. coming up, mitt romney plays softball with his favorite reporters and starring in the absurd. while, congress tries to avoid the swift boat strategy. that is coming up. back to tamron. thanks, martin. developing now, former arizona congress member gabrielle giffords just accompanied her hand picked successor ron barber to takeover her seat. his opponent is republican jesse kelly who almost lost to giffords when he ran against her in 2010. how important is this race nationally? today in "the hill" newspaper, josh limping out punctuated by a damaging jobs report and a gap
2:45 pm
by obama. democrats are easier for a win to stop the bleeding and demonstrate that momentum is still on their side. joining me is the executive director of "the hill." thanks for joining me. some of the poll s show up by o 10%. talk about the implications. >> this is a good boost for them. republicans have spent a lot of money to put it in play. president obama's numbers are not good in arizona. if they win, it is a good psychological boost for them after the economic comments last friday. it would show the congressional
2:46 pm
democrats are able to survive what could be a tough national environment come november. >> it would be a boost for democrats. what would it do for republicans especially looking ahead to november? >> there are real warning signs for republicans with the election. it is a tough race for them because it is the context of giffords and a lot of goodwill toward giffords and former director. one of the things democrats are run on is entitlements. they accuse jesse kelly of being extreme of social security and medicare. what you are seeing in the districts, the ads that you are seeing, you will see them from congressional democrats across the country this election year. so, if democrats can win this seat and if they can win the seat comfortably, expect a lot more of the medicare and social security and republicans want to cut entitlements playbook. >> what has been the response,
2:47 pm
josh, to congress member giffords? we saw her accompanying barber. how has that been received each those who are not her supporters? >> there has been a lot of goodwill, tamron. what is amazing about the race, this is an off-year election. there could be record turnout in the district. the giffords resonated with a lot of voters, even those who disagreed with her, voted for her when she was a congress member. a lot of that goodwill is spreading to her hand picked replacement of ron barber. we are seeing the turnout that was high in wisconsin and the unique situation surrounding this election. it is setting records here in arizona. >> josh, thank you so much. i appreciate you talking with us today. thanks, josh. >> thanks. the girlfriend of boston mobster whiteybulger gets jail
2:48 pm
time. bulger's long time girlfriend has been sentenced to eight years in prison for helping him stay on the run. the couple lived as fugitives for 16 years until they were caught up with in santa monica last year. a raging wildlife has turned deadly. a 62-year-old woman in colorado has been killed when the cabin was engulfed in flames. firefighters have started to make progress in battling the fires. more than 130 square miles have burned in both states so far. hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes. investigators say lightning sparked the fires. and australian coroner confirms that a dingo did take a baby who vanished in the
2:49 pm
australian outback. the mother has always maintained that a wild dog took the baby. the case got international headlines and inspired a movie you probably saw starring meryl streep. the boy who plays the mini darth vader in the popular super bowl ad, he is said to undergo heart surgery this week. max was born with a congenital heart defect. the 7-year-old will have surgery on thursday. and up next in the gut check, outrage after a school principal pulls this song you are listening to, "god bless the usa" from a kindergarten graduation. in its place? a justin bieber song. now the bieber song is out to. now the question is should the
2:50 pm
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♪ you know you love me ♪ you know you care ♪ and i'll be there ♪ you are my love that is teen hearthrob justin bieber in mexico. the reports say more than 200,000 screaming fans packed to see the biebs sing. that brings us to "the gut check" today. a new york city school has scrapped plans that would have had kindergarteners hear that
2:54 pm
song after pulling "god bless the usa." some political and community leaders are demanding the song be added back into the program. reaction is mixed. >> america is a great part of us, especially after 9/11. there should not been any reason why the kids cannot sing it. >> justin bieber is more of a kiddie song. >> lee greenwood, the singer and songwriter is weighing in. quote, i think the principal is confused with allegiance and worship. a religious belief that says you cannot do that is out of place. no word yet on what song the students will sing. you can tweet us your ideas of what the kindergarteners should
2:55 pm
sing. my pick is "wind beneath my wings." should they pull "god bless the usa" because it will offend somebody? thank you for joining me and my team. i'm tamron hall. tomorrow, what went wrong? jamie dimon testifies on capitol hill on the $2 billion loss last month. up next is martin bashir. [ female announcer ] if you care for someone with mild to moderate alzheimer's, you'll also care about our new offer.
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no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. let it run its course. >> and teachers, cops and firefighters.
2:59 pm
>> we need more firefighters and more teachers. did he not get the message of wisconsin the american people did? it's time for us to cut back on government. >> he said you want to cut firefighters and teachers. did you understand what was going on in the communities? what do you say to that, governor? >> that's a very strange accusation. teachers and firefighters are hired at the local level and also by states. the federal government doesn't pay for teachers, firefighters or policemen. that is absurd. >> it is time for us to cut back. >> absurd? >> of course. >> of course. >> of course. >> of course. >> i'm not familiar precisely with what i said, but i stand behind whatever it was. >> we begin with some strange claims on the campaign trail and


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