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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 13, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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we have now heard from four of the eight alleged victims who were accusing jerry sandusky of sexual abuse. this witness today, victim number 10, also went on to testify that sandusky later apologized for issuing that threat, said he didn't mean it and said that he loved him. love this had young man. but we've heard similar things from other witnesses. we've heard him threaten to send one young boy home from the outback bowl in texas. we've heard today victim number seven talk about how the -- when he tried to avoid getting in situations, being in situations with sandusky, where inappropriate touching could take place, eventually, the invitations, sandusky's invitations to football games, to other sporting events stopped. he said, i was very confused by it. i thought i had done something wrong and was very, very upset
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by it. that's one of the themes we're getting now as we're hearing testimony upon testimony, tale upon tale of these accusers sort of the cumulative effect of these stories all sounding very similar for the most part, all sounding pretty much the same. it's going to be hard to seep how the defense will be able to mount a defense to discredit all of them. tamron? >> john yang, thank you. now let me bring in veteran prosecutor kathleen kane, a candidate for attorney general in the state of pennsylvania where this trial is taking place. thank you for joining us again. as john yang just reported, another young man telling a story very similar and if true, as heartbreaking as the others that we heard yesterday. they are piling on. how does the defense fight back against this? >> the defense is going to have to try and pull each witness's testimony one by one back off of their conspiracy theory that
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everyone got together and they're going to have to do the best job that they can just to pick out inconsistencies. it sounds like that the prosecution is having blockbuster days, that the witnesses are strong and the witnesses are coming across to the jury as very credible. >> you point out that they will have to find inconsistencies in these stories here. but one of the boys, for example, today says the incidents happened in 1990 and 1999. the stories tell a similar pattern. other than saying that the motivation is money here, which we've already heard from the defense, how do you pick apart these stories? >> you really don't. you do the best that you can to minimize their impact before the jury. one of the reasons why the defense attorney probably isn't doing tough cross-examination is because the witnesses are so strong during direct examination, he doesn't want to give them the opportunity to retell their story again before the jury because repetition is
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the art of learning. he wants to minimize the impact on the jury. >> another focus today, the interview that jerry sandusky did. honestly the surprising interview with bob costas over the phone. let me play a little bit of that interview to remind people how he answered a critical question from costas. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> kathleen, the talk is whether or not sandusky will take the stand. if that's your client and he answered the question the wayet did that night, do you put that guy on the stand? >> i would never put him on the stand if i was the defense attorney. look at the delay he has in answering the question. look at the way that he repeats
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the question to give himself time to figure out what the right answer is. and then, tamron, if i said to you did you rob the bank last night and your answer is well i was at the bank and i like money but well no, i didn't actually rob the bank, that would be some consciousness of guilt on your part and the jury can take that into account. if you didn't rob the bank you would say heck no, i didn't rob that bank or heck no, i didn't do you anything sexually to abuse these children if that was the truth. >> we obviously will wait to hear what the defense, the case they put on here. but there's a report from kakdtv in pittsburgh. they've obtained documents indicating that the former penn state vice president schulze kept a secret file with allegations regarding sandusky and sex abuse. gary schulz one of the officials at penn state. also in hot water as a result of what's happening here. is something like this likely to end up in court, as well, that
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there's a possible secret file of all things, kathleen, on allegations? >> sure, absolutely. if that does exist and if the facts are as stated then that will help the prosecution's case against sandusky because it will show that them knew that there was sexual activity occurring and that they did nothing to stop it. it will also be damaging in the case against curly and schulze and it may possibly open the floodgates into more arrests. >> there's a report out of the testimony that came down on tuesday that some of the jurors were actually seen drying their eyes when the man known as victim number one talked about the allegation that he was assaulted and forced to perform sex with secretary. you've got jurors wiping tears, kathleen. >> it's very upsetting for everyone. every time a child testifies as to something so heinous, it's
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heartbreaking for everyone. that shows that the witnesses are having a real impact before the jury. >> kathleen kane, thank you so much. it has been a rough day for the head of america's largest bank, jpmorgan chase. jamie dimon faced two hours of reasonably tough questions at a senate hearing about his bank's recent $2 billion plus trading loss. he apologized for that will huge loss, insisting changes have been made so it won't happen again and said senior executives responsible would probably have some of their pay taken back. as for how it went down, dimon said a strategy dined to reduce risk back fired and morphed into something else. he was questioned regarding that. >> when you reduce a hedge or hedge a hedge, isn't that really gambling? >> i don't believe so, no. >> so, this transaction that you said morphed, what did it morph into, russian roulette? >> it morphed into something i
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can't justify. it was tools risky for our company. >> and dimon's highly anticipated appearance got off to this start you're seeing there. those are protesters interrupting everything going on right before dimon started speaking. they were led out of the hearing room by capital police who say the six demonstrators were arrested. you see them there in cuffs. joining me now is "time" magazine assistant managing editor rona who oversees the magazine's business and economic coverage. not the fireworks we saw with eric holder yesterday. not the fireworks people were expecting when you talk about the fact that can no, this was not taxpayers' dollars. if this bank had been smaller, taxpayers could have been on the hook for this kind of risky behavior. >> what this entire situation underscores almost four years on from the financial crisis, we still haven't figured out how to regulate the institutions. not only are banks like jpmorgan
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too big to fail, they're too big to mr. when you look at jamie dimon who has the reputation of being the best risk manager in the business and his institution can make a mistake like this you see we still have a huge problem on our hands. >> back to the, i guess maybe the tone, i think people were anticipating something stronger. this was in a report today regarding some of the senators on the banking committee who questioned dimon. this is not to say they were soft on him, but they've received a total of $7.9 million in campaign contributions from the financial industry including dimon's bank since 2008. and, of course, this is led bid democratic senator chuck schumer, receiving $5.6 million of that. i'll ask you, does that have the appearance of an impact on what he's asked and how hot the seat is for jamie dimon. >> i think the numbers tell the tale. you hit the nail on the head. another fact is that in the run-up to all the discussion about financial regulation and
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as the dodd-frank reform act was is being crafted, all of the regulators in washington had a chance to consult with members of the financial industry independence advisers average people. 93% of those meetings were with the financial industry. that means it the average joe got about 7% of airtime. >> you bring up dodd-frank and dimon was asked about it. he's opposed to the regulations. let me play what he said. >> what we set up was a system with more and more regulators. we don't know who has jurisdiction over many of the issues we're dealing with anymore. >> so that's obviously a brief portion of what he said. they don't know the who has jurisdiction over anything anymore. >> again, we're talking about complexity here. one of the reasons that the system is so complex is that the financial industry has lobbied to have a lot of loopholes put into dodd-frank at the heart of this particular case. there are a lot of people that are talking now how we need to make this more simple. there's even calls to go back to glass/steagall, the only 1930s
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act that separated investment banking and trading, the risky part of the business from commercial lending which is the more plain vanilla part. you'll hear a lot more about that in the weeks and months ahead. >> not the fireworks were expecting but maybe some of the answers needed to piece this all together so it doesn't happen again. tomorrow, president obama is expected to frame the presidential race with a brand-new speech on the economy. now, it can't come soon enough for some well-known democrats including james carville who says the president needs to change his message. >> when the white house, the campaign talks about the progress being made, people take that as a signal they think that thing are fine. people don't feel that or believe that. >> here's a question. north dakota voters is can reject aid measure that would have done away with property taxes. we'll explain why they made that decision and would you make the same? it's our "news nation" gut check. and join our conversation on twitter. a lot of you have the already started tweeting us 11 minutes
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now to decision 2012. just one day before president obama's expected to make a major campaign speech on this economy in ohio, veteran democratic strategist james carville who coined the phrase, it's the economy stupid, says he's worried about the president's re-election campaign. carville and two other democratic strategists warned that middle class voters are not convinced the country is head in the right direction and this morning said he's worried the obama camp is sending the wrong message. >> when the white house and the campaign talks about the progress being made, people take that as a signal they think that thing are fine and people don't
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feel that or believe that. >> joining me now radio talk show host michael smerconish, and with us again, lynn sweet of the "chicago sun-times." michael, i want to play what mitt romney said just a short time ago. he's prebut thing the president's speech perhaps trying to steal the thunder from the speech tomorrow. >> i think you're going to see him change course when he speaks tomorrow. and where he will acknowledge that it isn't going so well and asking for four more years. so instead of three years and he's out, he wants four more years. my own view is that he will speak eloquently but that words are cheap. >> we would expect romney to say the words are cheap. are you startled by carville saying there's time to correct this message here? >> no, i think he's absolutely correct. i think where i would disagrees with carville in terms of the messaging is not so much that the president's message is wrong, i think they have too many messes. if you were to say to me and i
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pay close attention to this, what exactly is the message they're putting forth in the campaign, i'm not sure what it is. i've heard three or four different things about mitt romney that they want to take hold, three or four different things they're trying to portray for the future. i think what he needs to do tomorrow is stand up and explain how in a polarized world how in a world where he's the president but the republicans continue to control the house he can nevertheless advance his agenda and what that agenda will be. enough of the backward look. >> has he not said that or are you saying that he needs to stick to that one message, don't talk about student loans, don't talk about firefighters and teachers who need work? is he supposed to keep one sentence and stay on that? because exactly what you're saying we heard from him last week. we've heard from him regarding congress and what is called obstruction from republicans. >> no, i'm saying something i guess slightly different. look, i have nos confidence in the ability of this president to
2:17 pm
be able to ever function with this house and if this house is re-elected, then i fear we're on a path for more intransigence from the gop control of the house. what i'd like to hear him say, what will he be able to do even if they continue to be ob sti nant in their opposition to his agenda. that i haven't heard. >> what can he do if they continue their position, michael? >> that's the $64,000 question because if they continue to fight him at every turn, i fear things aren't going to get better. you know, i maintain that there's a huge funk monitoring my words very, very carefully. there's a funk that has set in in the country and much of what plagues us is psychological that, people who can be effectuate change in this economy aren't doing so because they're afraid to pull the trigger. he's got to restore hope for the future with some tangible examples of how things will get better. >> "the washington post" wrote it this way.
2:18 pm
is it time for democrats to panic? that's what a growing number of party loyalists are wondering amid a rough couple weeks in which president obama has been buffeted by bad economic news, their own gaffes and signs that the presumed republican nominee is gaining strength. tomorrow he's got this big speech in ohio you have your recommendation what he should do. if we don't hear this line, what then, mike? >> i don't think anybody should hit a panic button. if this campaign were a ball, it would be a fastball. there's no way to predict which way it's going to bounce. there are going to be a dozen different significant issues that will come up in conversation between the two of us between now and november. there's no way we can predict what they be. so no, there's nothing conclusory to be drawn right now. it will take a number of different directions. >> i know you've got to get to the radio. lynn sweet, let me show what carville said, as well. he says the voters are very
2:19 pm
sophisticated about the character of the economy and know who is mainly responsible for what went wrong and hungry to hear the president talk about the future. they will nope we are in a new normal where life is a struggle and convincing them that thing are good enough for those who found jobs is a fool's errands. basically he's saying there's too much looking back what tim pawlenty referred to as whining and complaining. that's not the language carville used but he's saying you have to look ahead if you want the middle class, people who live in chicago like you and i did to feel better here. the middle america out there, if you will. >> well, what's remarkable about what carville said is that he said it. he certainly has multiple chabls into the campaign and to the democrats in the white house to say what he wanted to say. but here is what is interesting. the obama campaign has a communication challenge. they have got to somehow tell people what they have accomplished or else they walk
2:20 pm
right into the romney buzz saw that he's been there for three years and done nothing. he has done stuff. read any of his campaign speeches and you know, you do one read, you've got the summary there on jobs and banks and reforming wall street. it is a mouthful though. and he has stuff, he actually does have stuff looking ahead. the challenge is to get it out there and have people absorb it. for example, to everyone listening, how many of you know if you get a paycheck every week, you have more of your own money to keep because of president obama? i never think they ever communicated that as strongly as they could. that's money in your pocket right now, tamron. >> we have new numbers in as far as wall street, and who they're giving their money, too. romney and sis super pac, $37.18 million, obama and the super pac, $4.8 million. that's wall street money we're looking at. i'm more interested in what first read is talking about regarding the romney message that essentially they are trying
2:21 pm
to run out the clock here. we like to say that no one pays attention this summer. they're saying that the romney team plan is we're going to talk about what we want to talk about and to whom we want and not talk about the rest. so the michael's point is the president needs to be more pointed, more focused. meanwhile the romney team according to first read is they want to sick to this one line and run the clock out like having the basketball and dribble ling and you notes you don't have to move. you have the ball in your possession. in some ways they see that. >> well, and that's not a bad strategy for right now. things are fluid. that could change. right now, the challenge of the romney campaign, however, is to see if they can expand their base. you don't necessarily do it by just saying his one message which is obama is bad, hasn't done this. the other thing is for all their message discipline they also
2:22 pm
have the help of the super pacs who are out there being critical of obama, big ad buys and all these battleground states, things a lot of people may not see if they're not in the battleground states. there are still multiple messages coming out from the romney campaign. he also, on the other hand, look at the resources that obama has romney does not. he not only has the chicago-based obama campaign with its messaging surrogates, fund-raising but you have parallel messaging going on in the white house. tons of government surrogates talking about obama's accomplishments. the challenge of the campaign is to say how do you package it up so people understand their argument that they want have done things. obama says in every speech that we're not looking back, we're not relitigating the past. he said that last night in philadelphia. we're looking to the future. it's just that i could see carville's point. there's a lot to be said. there's probably a much better way of saying it.
2:23 pm
>> thank you so much, lynn. greatly appreciate it. the big speech from the president in ohio tomorrow around 1:45 eastern time we're being told. coming up, the u.n.'s head of peacekeeping says syria is in the midst of a civil war. plus new comments from the secretary hillary clinton on day, one day after she's accused russia of shipping helicopters to syria. >> we have repeatedly urged the russian government to cut these military ties completely. >> plus, spike lee's prediction been president obama's re-election chances. what spike said is just one of the things we thought you should know. first in today's money minute, here's a look at wall street. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person,
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he won over his opponent jesse kelly 52 to 48%. back now to decision 2012 as democratic strategists warn president obama's losing his way on his economic message, will he look to the past or future in this major speech we're expecting tomorrow? reuters reports obama is not likely to unveil new ideas to create jobs according to democrats familiar with the preparations. instead, he will make the case that he needs four more years to undo the damage left by george w. bush. joining me now senior political editor mark murray. if that is the message, james carville and a few other democrats may not be too happy.
2:32 pm
>> well, tamron, it depends how you took that memo from james carville and stan greenberg. one of the points they were making is what barack obama and the democrats seemed to do is look forward to the future and say who has the best ideas to making the economy better to improving it in the long-term. and so i wouldn't be surprise fundamental that is what is what president obama talks about tomorrow. the only guidance we have from the campaign is he's going to contrast his vision with mitt romney's economic vision. we've seen that before. president obama talked about his economic vision in a speech in kansas in december 2011 and before the associated press news editors in april of this year. and so i don't know if it will be anything different but what would probably be different is that mitt romney would be the focus rather than republicans and the republican ideologies president obama is talking about in the previous speeches into for clarification, the carville letter and the remarks, do you
2:33 pm
believe they're being misinterpreted, that this was not a is warning that the president's message is not resonating with middle class americans? >> my take is you can't say the economy is making steady progress. a lot of people, despite all the economic numbers out there, still aren't necessarily feeling a lot of progress. instead of talking about any type of progress that's been made since 2009 or 2010, you need to talk about how you are going to make things better for people, not how you already have but ow how in 20 13, 2014, the economy will be better than it is now or in 2008 or nine. >> let me play what the president said last night against tim pawlenty was on and his response to the case the president at least is making now. >> it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff, and then just as you're sitting
2:34 pm
down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> nobody wants to hear him whining and complaining what somebody did or didn't do four or five years ago. he's the president. we're not going to elect him because he got a participation ribbon. >> strong words from pawlenty. but the reality, does the message resonate with the independents? those are the people we say matter at this point, the people at the base will follow who they plan to follow here. doesn't the past at all matter or is that seen as whining to independents? >> the past does matter. actually president obama, one of his biggest challenges is going to try to make people remember where this economy was and where this country was in 2008 and 2009. and talking about the debt, tamron, you can't say that there is this $1 trillion deficit and not mings what the drivers were and some of the biggest drivers
2:35 pm
in the current deficit have to do with the bush tax cuts, the economic downturn and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so that, of course, president obama had a stimulus. of course, he and his administration have spent money but the biggest drivers of that deficit are those things i just mentioned to you. >> you hear and i describe it as a talking point because you don't just hear from pawlenty. anyone with an "r" near their name keep saying you can't bring up the notion of the years before, you have to talk about your record. how does this re-election team for the president avoid being boxed in so that that is not seen as he's just bringing up the past? >> what you're seeing is incredible message discipline from republicans. they are basically saying that everything is occurring right now whether it's the economy or the deficit, president obama owns it. it's actually the democrats and the obama's campaign to argue that to be able to make their point that they inherited a very tough situation, that they've actually managed it and that thing are getting better.
2:36 pm
stan greenberg and james carville would say probably not to make that point but to be able to say that here is how what i'm doing right now is going to make middle class live better for you. >> to your point, part of what you just explained would be something that a few of the heavy hitters in his party don't want him to say. obviously we know that the republicans will describe it as whining and looking back. so it will all hinge at least some of it on this big speech tomorrow. we'll see what the president has to say. thank you, mark. a new war of words. if you can describe it as that has erupted between the u.s. and russia over syria. russia's foreign minister today defended his country's sale of arms to syria and accused the u.s. of supplying weapons to the rebels to fight against the government. senator hillary clinton doubled down on her accusation saying that russia is sending a new shipment of attack helicopters to syria. >> obviously, we note because they confirm that they continue
2:37 pm
to deliver, and we believe that the situation is spiraling toward civil war. and i would emphasize that the united states has provided no military support to the syrian opposition. none. >> nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us live from cairo. we heard secretary clinton say spiraling towards civil war. there are others who say it is a civil war. at the daily briefing, the is press secretary reiterating the words that the u.s. is not supplying weapons to the opposition and the administration's position is clear on that, richard. >> the united states isn't supplying weapons like guns and helicopters. but it is supplying communications equipment that the opposition in syria is using to coordinate attacks. so to a degree, it depends 0 how
2:38 pm
you define weapons. there are other countries namely saudi arabia and qatar that are supplying weapons to a degree with u.s. and turkish blessing. other countries making their own decisions. russia, however, is supplying helicopters and there have been many videos and this is indisputable showing russian-made helicopters firing into syrian cities killing civilians. so one russian says it's supplying helicopters only to be used for peaceful purposes, well those are not being used for peaceful purposes. >> as i mentioned also in addition to that, russia's foreign minister which is a big part of the back and forthing is replying to the accusations by saying that the u.s. is supplying the rebels. so i guess i'm asking you, what should we be looking for next here. these comments were made while the russian foreign minister was in iran. >> well, i think what you want -- what the united states is trying to do is embarrass
2:39 pm
russia to try and push them into a corner to make it difficult for russia to continue being one of the only states in the world that is continuing to back the bashar al assad regime by showing that it is directly supplying what is becoming one of the most important weapons for syria right now, which is helicopters. throughout this 15-month conflict, it has been mostly a ground war with syria using artillery, using thanks to invade different cities and towns to try and push out the rebels. but as logistics get more complicated for the syrian government as it runs out of loyal troops, it is increasingly relying on helicopters and helicopters are a cheap and fast and efficient way to create an enormous amount of caslties especially when you're just firing from the air noor civilian centers. >> and quickly, richard, there's reporting of, again, more attacks, including in damascus.
2:40 pm
what can you tell us about this latest report out today? >> there are now regularly attacks in damascus. we've been told there are different fire fights in three areas from damascus. there have been intense fighting in the town of haifa closer to the turkish border. a few days ago, the united states was warning syrian troops had been encircling firing onto the town. now troops have entered the city sending rebels into retreat and having about 2,000 refugees according to turkish officials crossing over the boarder from syria and taking refuge. turkey. there are now 30,000 syrian refugees in turkey alone. >> richard engel with the latest on what's happening in syria. thank you very much. a massive wildfire in colorado is only 10% contained. some evacuees have returned to assess the daniel. he but first, there is a lot
2:41 pm
going on today. here are some things we just thought you should know. comedian don rickles controversial joke about the president has been cut from a tv broadcast. he referred to the president as a jarnt that was supposed to be a punch line to one of his jokes at an event honoring it actress shirley maclaine. the network tv land will air the edited version that have event but the joke will not be included. a spokesperson for the comedian saying the show was simply long, too long to be aired in entirety. director spike lee says president obama is not a lock to win a second term. speaking to gq, he said many people are unhappy with the president for suffering from a weak economy. spike lee hosted an obama fund-raiser back in january. formerly secretary of state colin powell is apparently on the top of the latest pop music trends. on cbs this morning, mr. powell gave his very own take of the
2:42 pm
hit song "call me maybe." >> hey, i just met you the. and this is crazy, but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ >> and a horse owned by the romney family is competing for a place on the olympic dessage team also known as horse ma lay. stephen colbert could not help but poke fun at it. take a look. >> so kids, run out and get yourself $100,000 hanoverian and start peoffing to the sound track from cocktail. ♪ oo i want to take you to bermuda, bahama, come on pretty mama ♪ >> whoo! hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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hour, greed is good as gordon gekko famously said. perhaps that's yet wall street continues to shower mitt romney's campaign with cash. plus, karl rove puts on his swift boat's captain cap as he leads the good ship romney. now back to tamron. >> hundreds evacuated by massive wildfires in colorado may be allowed into their homes later today to see what's left of their properties. colorado's governor has declared a state of disaster and president obama today promised the federal government was ready to provide personal help and grants. nbc news correspondent miguel almaguer is in colorado. how much of this fire has been contained? >>. >> reporter: good afternoon. about 10% of this foo irhas been contained. fire officials hope the number will grow throughout the day and hoping to up the number closer
2:47 pm
to 15% by the end of the day. they have been making progress. this blaze has now charred more than 46,000 thousand acres and today, it is still active, still burning in several directions but crews are attacking the blaze by the air here. that's the best way for them to reach these remote rugged areas where the fire is continuing to burn. me know time just across state lines in new mexico, the governor there declared a state of emergency. more than 200 structures, more than 200 homes have been completely destroyed and more homes are threatened in that neighborhood. so firefighters all across the west who are battling some 18 blazes in nine states certainly have their hands full today. the bad news? the temperatures here are high. that makes it difficult for firefighters on the frontline, good news, it's not as windy as firefighters thought it may be. wind gusts are just around 10 miles hour. that will help certainly at least in the air attack. >> that would be a little good news there after so much bad
2:48 pm
news. it seems in this wildfire season. miguel, some of these people might be allowed back in their homes. is it an in and out situation they can an assess and feed to get back out? >> hundreds of people have been let home yesterday, more today. there's a checkpoint these folks have to go through. what many residents are talking about tonight, there's going to be a very large community meeting where firefighters will likely give out addresses of homes that have been burned. so many of the evacuees have no idea if their house is standing. later on this evening, they may get a better idea of what has been destroyed and what is still standing. there are some evacuees being able to come back home while others wait, watch and worry. >> miguel live for uses in bellview, colorado. thank you. the wife of george zimmerman makes bail after being arrested on perjury charges. 25-year-old nicole zimmerman was booked in the same jail where
2:49 pm
her husband is being held for the murder of trayvon martin. she's accused of lying about her and her husband's finances during his bond hearing back in april. last week the judge revoked zimmerman's bond and sent him back to jail. the man charged with shooting and killing three people near auburn university is set to make his first court appearance tomorrow. the three-daman hunt for des month leonard ended yesterday when he turned himself in to u.s. marshals. police say he opened fire after a dispute over a girl, killing three people. take a look at this end to a police chases in texas over the weekend. shows an toddler being thrown from the vehicle and somehow, the child walks away with only minor injuries. police pursue the vehicle after an alleged carjacking. officers say the toddler's teenage parents were in the suv. they were taken into custody. that child is now with relatives. our "news nation" gut check
2:50 pm
is up next. north dakota voters overwhelmingly reject a ban on property taxes fearing it would increase other taxes. if you will had the same choice, what would you have done? it's our gut check. you can join the "news nation" on facebook at
2:51 pm
♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays]
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join the "news nation" on our twitter page and time now for the "news nation" gut check. here's a question. would you pass up the opportunity to ban property taxes? that's exactly what voters in north dakota did when they reject aid constitutional amendment on the measure last night. now, opponents of the property tax ban said it would send the state into chaos and lead to other types of tax increase buzz hose in support of the ban say north dakota can find other revenue and point to the state's more than $1 billion budget surplus to back up their claim.
2:54 pm
despite the failed ban, north dakota lawmakers say they understand the frustration of homeowners. but what does your gut tell you? would you have voted to abolish property taxes? go to to cast the vote and take a look what we're saying about yesterday's gut check regarding the principal of a new york city school rejecting plans for children to sing the song god bless the usa. the principal said "we don't want to offend other cultures." do you agree with the principal's decision to pull the song? 27% of you said yes. 73% of you said no. i think the favorite suggestion of the song was james brown living in america. that's someone said that's what the kids should sing in james brown costume. that does it for this edition of "news nation." tomorrow, we'll bring you live coverage of that big speech from president obama on the economy
2:55 pm
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at good afternoon. it's wednesday, june the 13th. here's what's happening. ♪ why does wall street love mitt? his common touch? >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> out of touch. >> finally time to have a president who is in touch with what's happening in america and i am. >> i like being able to fire people. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> you didn't make those cookies, did you? that came from the local 7-eleven bakery or whatever. >> no, wall street knows mitt's one of them. >> what's the eb rate i've been paying, probably closer to the 15% than anything. >> i think the current system is rigged in favor of the wealthy. >> not familiar with what i said but i stand by what i said whatever it was. ♪
2:59 pm
>> we begin with mitt romney, candidate of the common day trader as he shores up his key constituency big business fat cats and wall street financiers. in just a couple of hours, he will be courting a finance reception in cincinnati. this after his midday business roundtable in washington. look at that, romney's base, a bunch of well fed men in suits feeding at the trough. romney began his remarks with a rare statement involving some elements of truth. >> this is a critical time for the country and i think a choice is before us as to what kind of america we're going to live in. i think this election is a watershed election which will determine the relationship between citizen and enterprise. and government. >> citizen and enterprise and government. yes, very well said. unfortunately though, though he was in town, jpmorgan chief jamie dimon could not


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