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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this "the daily rundown." >> you're in a town which usually means vacation, but chuck hard at work. what issues do we expect to dominate the summit in the next two days? >> well, the two big issues, of course, the greece vote. and nobody knew exactly how this g-20 when it was scheduled -- everybody knew in the last three weeks, including folks at the white house, that the greece revote, if you will, was going to take place literally the day before things started. so nobody was quite sure -- there were two different agendas being prepared, if you will. obviously now it's the one of not having to deal with a crisis in that respect. there's still concern. president is going to fit in a new, we've learned, a new one-on-one meeting with chancellor angela merkel. because obviously there's a lot of asian countries here. the united states plus european countries. there is some stuff that can get done. but you're going to hear the
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same things you heard over the weekend, which is this is a european problem, and the europeans supposedly have the ability to solve it. that's at least what you heard yesterday. >> and chuck, obviously this is president -- >> european's responsibility to solve this. >> we're not going to send checks to europe. we're not going to bail out the european banks. >> sorry about that, luke. wonderful satellite here. that's okay. a little hot potato here between mexico and the u.s. >> it is. and that's going to be a lot of what you hear now that it appears greece has given the european leaders the ability to do this. i think if dwroogreece had done, it would have been a different tone and conversation here, luke. >> question i was getting to, obviously this is president obama's first meeting with vladimir putin now again instituted as the president of russ russia, the first meeting after he had that conversation with medvedev which he said this is going to be my last election will push any of these issues off into the next go-round.
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but talk to us about the significance of president obama meeting with slat mere putin today. obviously syria is going to have to be some point in the discussion. >> both syria and frankly, iran. simultaneously with this g-20, you have the p5 plus 1 talks. syria is front and center. putin is unpredictable. and there is no rapport -- president obama clearly had a personal rapport with dmitry medvedev. he wasn't the guy in charge of russia, i think. any expert on russia would tell you that, in many cases he was the chief deputy to putin. the president and putin have met one other time. it was when the president made his first trip to russia as president in moscow. it was a very tense meeting when those two met there. the issue with putin is he likes the world stage, and he wants to be seen as a super power again.
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and in ways, it will be interesting to see how he handles these asks from the president. when it comes to syria, one has to do with this potential plan that would allow russia, perhaps, to become president assad's new home, if the russians will participate in this plan that would somehow ease assad out of power, if -- if not easing the entire regime out of power. so there's a lot of delicate conversations going to take place. and with putin, it's just always unpredictable. >> and chuck, the president's trip to mexico obviously comes on the heels of a very important announcement that happened on friday. a lot of mexican immigrants in the united states. the president's executive order saying not to deport these -- these immigrants here who came in, under the age of 16. how is that playing in mexico, and is the timing purely
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coincidence? >> when it comes to the g-20, it is a pure coincidence. but i think one thing folks ought to realize, it's a reminder of why incumbency matters and the power of the bully pulpit. look at how the president was able to change the conversation. it was a horrible three weeks for him politicly. and in one fell swoop, put mitt romney on the defensive in some of his -- in his first major campaign swing, if you will, of the general election. here's how romney handled the immigration questions over the weekend. >> the timing is pretty clear. if he really wanted to make a solution that dealt with these kids or illegal immigration in america, this is something he would have taken up in his first three-and-a-half years. >> mitt romney said he would veto the dream act. if he's elected president. veto it. during the republican primaries in debate after debate, he talked about how he would just send the 11 million people home. he's been clear. he's not dpb to a solution here. >> luke, two quick points. when you're attack the process,
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it means you're losing the policy debate. that's what we have seen from the republicans. but they only have themselves to blame. marco rubio put out his version of the dream act, and it was crickets among a lot of republican leaders, including mitt romney. who still wouldn't say over the weekend whether he supported the rubio version of the dream act. they had a get out of their box free card. they failed to use it. and they almost handed the white house this easy political decision that they made on friday, luke. >> chuck todd, live from cabo. work hard, play hard, my friend. good to see you. we'll see you in a half hour or so. don't get too comfortable. mitt romney continues his bus tour today through a half dozen battleground states the president won in 2008 which the romney campaign hopes to put in play. this weekend it was like an open casting call of potential running mates firing up small-town crowds on the trail. and this morning, possible number two gets to try out in wisconsin. live in janesville, wisconsin,
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traveling with the romney campaign, also happens to be the hometown of representative paul ryan. and peter, a lot of interesting individuals getting on this campaign bus. paul ryan, tim pawlenty. any idea who might have a permanent seat on that romney campaign bus as the number two? >> it's a good question. we've been trying to get that answer, but without some success, of course. recently there's been a lot of conversation that the vice presidential choice may come sooner than later as the campaign -- the romney campaign recognizes the need for a surrogate to help them fund raise in the new climate that exists in politics these days. a short time from now, as you noted, the representative, paul ryan will be here. the senator from the state, ron johnson, the rnc chair as well as scott walker, the popular governor of the state among republicans. but over the last several days, we have had a chance to see many of these vice presidential candidates moving through this sort of merry go round, as it were. kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire was there at the start of what they're calling the every town counts bus tour. following that, we had visits
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with tim pawlenty, the former minnesota governor, who seems to get along really well with governor romney and his family. he was fired up when we saw him. and yesterday leaving the bus tour was senator rob portman from ohio who many people say is a very likely potential vice president candidate in this situation, as well. although some people have acknowledged his past history as the bush budget director could haunt him. one name you didn't hear was senator marco rubio. even if we haven't heard that during the course of this or seen him during the course of this tour, governor romney would have walked out of his hotel room today in this headline in "usa today," marco rubio, the fast-rising american son. and a lot of people we have spoken to, luke, have said rubio is the guy they're looking forward to. i think what's most interesting, there was a lot more anti obama sentiment at these events than really pro romney or pro any one of his potential vice president candidate senses. >> interesting report, peter
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alexander live from janesville, wisconsin. thank you very much for joining us. as chuck mentioned earlier, pro bailout candidates are claiming victory in greece today, saying voters want to stay on the euro single currency. cnbc's becky quick is here with more on that and the market rundown. becky, what does this mean? >> well, luke, the immediate reaction was one of some june lance from the markets. we saw green arrows immediately as people breathed this sigh of relief that, yes, greece decided they want to stay in the euro. and the markets thought that was great newsel until they thought about it for, oh, i don't know, maybe an hour or two. at this point, it looks like the dow is actually going to open lower, maybe down by 50 points. the as reality begins to sink in, people realize that even though greece has voted they want to stay in it, we have a series of guests we talked to this morning who point out this doesn't make any of the problems going away. it doesn't fix anything in the near-term or in the long-term. and that greece is still going to need an awful lot of help, and even with that help, there's not a lot of hope that they can turn things around and really
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make things stick without some major changes to their economy. that's what markets are focusing on already. and if you were looking at spain, the yield on the ten-year in spain jumped this morning. that's a huge concern, because people say we went from worries of this greek exit straight to a spanish panic. and it looks like the ten-year there is yielding 10.71% and that's significant because anything above 7% is seen as completely unsustainable when it comes to borrowing costs. so people are looking to the next step. we hear from the fed, they start a two-day meeting tomorrow. and the next question, luke, is going to be what the central bankers can do to offer any relief. >> going to be interesting to see what happens there. becky quick, thank you so much for joining us. up next, president obama's trip south of the border comes immediately after his decision not to deport young people brought to the u.s. illegally. how will friday's executive order impact the race for the white house? we'll go live to obama's campaign headquarters next for
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that answer. plus, who is in charge? the military grabs power in egypt hours before the presidential election results were announced. and. and still to come, the still unanswered questions about the watergate break 40 years later. but first a look at the esident's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha.
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the president is in mexico today for the g-20 summit, but back here at home, the talk is about the president's new immigration policy to give some young illegal immigrants the chance to stay in the u.s.
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friday's announcement the is putting the romney campaign on the defensive. ben labolt is the national press secretary for the obama campaign. he joins us this morning. good morning, ben. >> morning, luke. >> romney was asked whether he would repeal the obama executive order on immigration. let's take a listen. >> my anticipation is, i would come into office and say we need to get this done. on a long-term basis, not this kind of a stopgap measure. what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago. if he felt seriously about this, he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate. but he didn't. >> i'll pose the question to you there, ben labolt. president obama had huge margins in the house, a filibuster approved senate for the first two years of his presidency. why not push the dream act through in the first 100 days? why was it done just -- or some variation of it done this past friday? and by executive order? >> well, it came up for a vote. look, the president for a long time has been committed to comprehensive immigration reform, and he's been committed
9:15 am
to the dream act. the fact is, it came up for a vote in congress. this is legislation that originally had a republican sponsor when it was first entered into congress a decade ago. and we've seen republican instruction. it didn't pass. so the administration has been taking actions where we can to deal with immigration reform. we have offered prosecutorial discretion, focused on criminals. nearly 0% of recent deportations have been focused on criminals. mitt romney may not have taken a position over the weekend but during his primaries made his position clear. he said he would veto it. said his immigration policy was self deportation for even those young people who came to this country through no fault of their own. and he really is the most conservative nominee on this issue in a generation. >> but ben talk about the politics here. is it a tough, tight rope line for you to walk when you're trying to appeal to working class voters in places like ohio
9:16 am
and pennsylvania and then trying to get the latino vote in places like nevada and florida? do you worry this move, especially by executive order, will alien ate any of those independents in the ohio and pennsylvania states that could be upset about this? >> well, the president did this because it makes our immigration policy more fair. and more just. and i think people realize that these are young people who were brought to this country through no fault of their own. we were determined that they're not criminals, and they pose no threat to our society. in fact, they want to contribute to our society. and boost our economy. to work here in the united states. it's not a permanent fix. congress needs to take action on that front. we did see one republican senator sponsor legislation on this. but the republican leadership certainly didn't rush to embrace it. mitt romney certainly diplomat didn't rush to embrace it. so the president took action. >> i want to talk about what has been the prevailing conventional
9:17 am
wisdom inside the beltway, and take it for what you will. but there has been a lot of criticism as to how the chain has been run in chicago. i want to talk about what mark halperin said on "meet the press." >> the president is searching for a message, a restart, reframing. he he's done that before. i suspect he'll have to do it again. he's not settled on what he wants to talk about, a second term or simply what's wrong with mitt romney. >> i'm going to couple that with what al hunt has talked about in bloomberg. the title of the article that came out yesterday, "the obama campaign needs an intervention." the central challenge the other democratic consultants say is a compelling narrative for the president and campaign which they describe as unusually insular and arrogant. he went on to say the campaign has a mystical confidence in its organization. ben, why are all these democratic consultants saying this? what are you guys doing wrong? >> well, it will come as no
9:18 am
surprise to you, luke, we don't believe the presidential elections are determined by the ups and downs of the weekly cable news cycle. if they were, in had 2008 we probably would have lost the campaign 25 to 50 times at some point during that campaign. the feeling around here has always been this was going to be a close and competitive election, given the historic challenges that our nation faced when the president came into office. and the president gave a speech last thursday about breaking the stalemate between two economic visions and ultimately, we think it's those sorts of questions that will decide the election. do you believe we should continue to reward the wealthiest with special breaks? that that will trickle down to the middle class? that we should remove oversight for the big banks and polluters and that the market will take care of the rest? if so, you should vote for mitt romney and the republicans in congress. if you believe that we should build the economy from the middle class out by investing in education, taking control of our energy future, continuing to revitalize the manufacturing
9:19 am
sector, which will allow america to out innovate and educate the rest of the world so we can restore economic security for the middle class, you should vote for the question. those are the sorts of questions voters will have in mind on election day. >> ben labolt, concise, sharp messaging coming from the team obama campaign. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. still ahead, winning over wisconsin. some serious cheese head star power is greeting mitt romney's bus tour as it rolls into the badger state. can scott walker and paul ryan help romney flip wisconsin from blue to red? plus, it's down to the wire on the hill. if congress doesn't act really soon, federal student loan rates will double. but first, today's trivia question. and this is really easy. who is the youngest person to ever serve as president? tweet us the answer at @"the daily rundown." the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." our trivia writer had a good weekend because that's an easy question. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. mitt romney is hoping to capitalize on governor scott walker's win in wisconsin. when he visits the badger state for the first time since the recall election. wisconsin's ron johnson is a romney liaison and joins us from janesville, wisconsin. good morning. thank you so much for being on the program. >> morning, luke. how you doin'? >> good. first question i want to get to has to do with immigration. governor romney said this yesterday on cbs. >> would you repeal this order if you became president? >> well, let's step back at theish you've. these kids brought in by their parents, there needs to be a long-term solution. >> would you repeal this? >> it would be overtaken by events, if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a
9:24 am
long-term solution. >> would you leave this in place while you worked out a long-term solution, or would you just repeal it? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> so senator johnson, governor romney would not say whether or not he would repeal this executive order. do you think this executive order issued on friday by president obama should be repealed? >> well, first of all, luke, it's a real shame, because president obama actually had two years when he came into office where he had total control of the government. if he was really serious about solving the immigration issues as opposed to just making it a political issue, he could have done it in the first two years. plus senator marco rubio has really been doing some very good would she. he's been reaching out to democrats in the senate to come up with a dream act that actually would work. and rather than wait for that process to play itself out, president obama issued this executive order, which is a short-term solution. and unfortunately, what we really need is a long-term solution. so this is all about politics.
9:25 am
it's very unfortunate. we could have actually worked toward a real solution in a very bipartisan way, because, you know, really, we want to solve this problem. but you really do need to do this legislatively, working through congress. president obama himself -- >> senator johnson -- obviously -- we're in an election year. and obviously any type of controversial issues aren't going to be taken up on either side. but the question is, would you support repeal of this executive order today? >> well, luke, first of all, i disagree with you. if you actually had leadership, if president obama were showing real leadership, he would work with congress where there really is -- there's a gaining consensus to actually fix our immigration problem. there really is. but you have to do this legislatively, and that's a real shame that president obama is unwilling to work with members of congress to fix this problem. >> okay. but i'm unclear on your position. would you support repeal of it today or no?
9:26 am
>> i think it's going to be a moot point, because i think as soon as governor romney is elected, we'll work toward a legislative solution. and i think events will just take over. and i don't think we're going to have to worry about repealing this. but -->> yes, sir. >> the bottom line is, we could work on the issue right now, because marco rubio has got a good proposal he's working on. >> it will be interesting to see what he says about that when those plans come forward. i want to ask you about this. june 11 lpth, casey hunt from "associated press" wrote, quote, romney keeps secrets unless law says he can't. the republican presidential candidate refuse to say identify his biggest donors who bundle money for his campaign. he often declines to say who he is meeting with or what he is doing for hours at a time. he puts limits on media access to his fund-raisers and resists releasing his tax returns, making just a single year public after facing public pressure to do so. when you ran for senate in 2010, you gave to the public five years of your tax returns. why shouldn't mitt romney make
9:27 am
five years of his tax returns available to the public? >> my understanding what governor romney has done, he's pretty well followed what past presidents in terms of presidential elections and that's a decision he has to make. and the vote kers decide, based on what information he produces. but the bottom line, we need to take a look at what this election is about. and it's really about the failed policies of this administration versus governor romney's ideas about an opportunity society, putting america on a path of prosperity, utilizing the free enterprise system versus relying on growing government. that's really what i would like to talk about, luke. >> senator johnson, you've been a liaison, obviously, for governor romney talking to conservatives within congress. some of whom have been very skeptical about governor romney, especially after that etch-a-sketch moment came a few months ago. do you feel comfortable that mitt romney would actually go through the cuts suggested in the ryan budget, which totals in the trillions of dollars over
9:28 am
time? >> listen, i'm sure governor romney fully understands the financial problem this nation faces, and he's 100% dedicated to dealing with it, and leading on the issue, as opposed to what president obama has done, where he's basically a pundit. he's proposed four budgets now, president obama. he has yet to propose any solution for social security or medicare. his last two budgets were so unserious, they have gotten through three rounds of the united states congress. president obama has been unserious about facing up to our fiscal situation. governor romney, i think, is dedicated to actually leading on the issue. i'm 100% convinced he will. >> all right. we'll leave it there. senator johnson from wisconsin, thank you so much for joining us. enjoy the rally. next, we'll get a check in from chuck traveling with the president in mexico. plus the watergate legacy in the tail of the tapes. the remaining mysteries from the mother of all political scandals. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention
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here are some other stories we're watching this morning. in egypt, the islamist candidate is claiming victory after the first free presidential vote in egypt since the fall of hosni mubarak 16 months ago. the military is making it clear they had no plans to cede power. the generals issued a decree setting strict limits on the president's power. after a week-long recess, congress is getting back to work. they have a full agenda, including student loan interest rates and the highway and bridge construction program. we should note, unless congress acts, the interest rates on federally subsidized loans will double on july 1st. as a congress nool nal reporter, the gridlock looks to be certain until the bitter last day before july 1st. so june 29th or 30th. 40 years ago this week a team of burglars broke into the democratic headquarters in
9:33 am
washington, d.c.'s watergate complex. that scandal brought down president nixon and changed the face of presidential politics in this country. let's go back to nbc's chief white house correspondent and host of this show, chuck todd, traveling with the president. and he's in los cabos, mexico. chuck, you've taken a nice look back at this watergate scandal and probably learned a lot. >> you know, i have. and that's what's great about having the opportunity to do this on the show, because there's a lot of stuff that we did for nbc, and then ends up on the cutting room floor, and it's stuff that is just amazing history, amazing perspective from people still alive, including one of the burglars. first to sort of wrap-up, it was 40 years ago yesterday that we had the most famous break-in american political history. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> that's, of course, how watergate ended. but the biggest political scandal in american history began to unfold 40 years ago, on june 17th, 1972, when five men
9:34 am
were arrested after breaking into democratic headquarters at the watergate complex. one of those men was eugeno rolando martinez, a cuban-born cia operative told to look for evidence tying castro to democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern. today at age 90, martinez regrets what he did. >> the whole scene was a stupid mistake, one after the other. how could i feel proud of it? >> martinez and his fellow burglars were being supervised from this command post in room 723, an old howard johnson's turned dormitory to make sure nobody was coming on the sixth floor of the watergate where the dnc had its headquarters. democratic operative r. spencer oliver's phone was the only one the burglars successfully tapped. oliver says nixon's men used information from the tap to sabotage the democratic primary and ensure george mcgovern's nomination. >> it was a major coup by creep
9:35 am
and nixon within the democratic party to destroy it and divide it and to nominate the weakest candidate. >> at the time, the white house tried to dismiss the break-in as a third-rate burglary. but "washington post" reporters bob word ward and bernstein tied it to a massive cover-up that had begun before the burglary. as senate watergate hearings began, john dean said nixon knew about the cover-up. then another bombshell. the revelation of a secret white house taping system. after a long battle, the supreme court ordered nixon to turn over the tapes. one crucial tape had an 18 1/2 minute audio gap. what nixon actually said on that tape is the last remaining secret of watergate following the 2005 revelation of deep throat's real identity. four decades later, watergate still casts a cultural shadow, a scandalist nothing until the water "gate" is attached to it, even in the world of sports. the reporters who exposed
9:36 am
watergate say the scandal revealed a president obsessed with keeping power at any cost, but its impact has lasted a lot longer. >> a massive campaign of espionage and sabotage, covert, illegal, unconstitutional. >> watergate implanted a cynical bomb in american politics that probably will never go away. >> and, in fact, former senator gary hart, of course, at the time was george mcgovern's campaign manager. and i interviewed former senator hart about what his memories were of watergate. first i want to share with you sort of his response, if you will, to some of these allegations that it was a big conspiracy and that everybody was working -- the republicans were working to help mcgovern. here was his response to that allegation. >> i know that was a theory, but if you were on the inside, it certainly didn't appear that way to us.
9:37 am
there were some dirty tricks going on, i think, against senator muskian in new hampshire. what impact they had on his -- on the ultimate outcome, i don't know. but as i said before, there are a series of candidates that appeared and then went scoop jackson and -- and then senator humphrey himself. i don't know that dirty tricks were going on against them. so there is a theory of -- that the nixon people wanted mcgovern to win. but i don't -- i don't think it was that well-constructed. >> well, this is the way our spencer oliver remembers it. as you know, we had a little bit from him in my package, but i wanted to play this longer part of the interview that i conducted with him, because he actually says that among the things that were overheard on those phone taps was his plan. at the time, he was actually working to try to get terry sanford, a former at the time north carolina governor later
9:38 am
would become a north carolina senator. he was trying to get harry sanford the possibility of getting the nomination at a broken convention. and it all was about preventing george mcgovern from agetting ay delegates from the texas state convention which was controlled somewhat by a nixon friend, governor john conley. here's what spencer oliver said about it. >> i was standing outside the room, and my friend bob schlagel who was later chairman came out and said, well, it's a surprise, but thief they've decided to give mcgovern one-third of the delegates to be fair. i said who in the world in that room would have wanted to do that. and he said well will davis is the state chairman and that's what he thought we ought to do. of course, will davis was a state party chairman who had been appointed by john conley was still the state party chairman. so if they listened to this on the phone, and they realized what we're trying to do, and
9:39 am
their major effort is to try to ensure the nomination of the weakest democratic candidate against nixon, which i think everybody conceded would be mcgovern that year, they certainly would have acted. >> so, luke, have you got all this straight? this is what spencer oliver believes happened. he was calling up all of these state chairman, getting their numbers on the delegates. he believes the nixon folks realized there was this plan to stop mcgovern, was going to stop mcgovern in the state of texas and lo and behold, what spencer oliver believes to this day is that nixon, getting this information, didn't tell former governor john conley at the time, still a democrat, who eventually, of course, switches parties. says, hey, you've got to guarantee that mcgovern gets some delegates at the texas state democratic convention. so quite the -- >> there was a wild, unknown part of this larger story. >> exactly. tomorrow i'm going to have a longer -- i'm going to have a longer conversation with
9:40 am
woodstein and it's a fascinating talk that i think folks will enjoy. >> well, class will be in session tomorrow with professor chuck todd on the watergate scandal. i as a student of history really appreciate it. i know our views do too. enjoe mix mexico while you're working. our political panel will be here next to kick off the week. what is romney's next step in the immigration debate, and who is on top? plus, the looming health care ruling from the supreme court. could today be decision day? but first, the white house soup of the day. i've got to pronounce this right. ciappino. good italian dish. i'm a big fan. and don't forget, you can always follow the show on facebook. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. zack brown, take us out, baby! ♪ knee deep in the water somewhere ♪ ♪ blowing wind through my hair ♪ if i can't do it? what if i can't lose the weight?
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we go from our main engine start. we have our main engine start. and ignition. and liftoff! liftoff of sts-7 and america's first woman astronaut. >> daily flash back to this day in 1983 when sally ride blasted through the ultimate glass ceiling, becoming the first american woman in space. since that history-making flight, dozens of female astronauts have followed sally ride into space, and right now, high above us, china's first woman astronaut is in orbit. hopefully she's watching "the daily rundown." mitt romney repealed and dodged questions on whether to stop deporting younger illegal immigrants and framed the president's announcement as a purely political move. how will this debate play out with hispanic voters in november? let's bring in our monday panel. politico's lois romano. maria theresa lumar, and david adla of go pack.
9:45 am
guys, i want to start out with this first romney nonanswer and whether or not he would repeal this order by the obama administration. let's play what he said yesterday. >> well, it would be overtaken by events, if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution with a legislation which creates law that relates to these individuals, such they know with their -- what their setting is going to be. not for the term as president but on a permanent basis. >> david, i'll go to you first. i asked senator johnson on the program earlier whether he would support a repeal of this order, he wouldn't answer the question. mitt romney seems not to answer the question. why can't republicans answer the question about whether or not they would support repealing this order today? >> part of the problem is it gives false hope to these 800,000 new immigrants that are now going to be here in the u.s., that there is going to be jobs for them. and this president hasn't been able to create jobs. one. two, it is bad policy. it is bad policy, because there is no guarantee that it's going to be long-term.
9:46 am
so a new president could come in and change this policy. and so it's almost no hope for young immigrants, and bad policy. and what governor romney has said is that he wants to work with congress on a long-term solution. and certainly, you have people like marco rubio, senator kay baily hutchison, people like jon k kyl, all who have said -- >> right. eventually. but no one will stand -- they say we don't like the policy. but they're not calling for its immediate repeal. >> well, it's not a long-term solution. >> so -- >> what we're advocating is a long-term solution to this problem. >> maria? >> in all fairness, the president has tried a long-term solution. the dream acts with was voted down in the senate. and it was both democrats and republicans who voted it down, in all fairness, by five votes. short of him not being able to act unilaterally, he is providing a two-year reprieve. he's not guaranteeing jobs. he's saying we're going to allow you to come out of the shadows
9:47 am
and provide you the ability to walk the streets safely without being prosecuted. persecuted. for a lot of young people who for every -- every piece of their body to feel american, this creates a national conversation of what the merits are of the dream act. and it actually forces congress's hands to ensure they do pass it. there's not going to be a president now that's going to say you know what, we're going to repeal 800,000 young people who believe themselves to be american. so he's put it forward. >> and lois, immigration was not at the forefront of the political discussion over the last month. and now, obviously, it's leading the weak here out through this election. pretty smart tactical move by chicago, which had been dogged with three weeks of being viewed as performing terribly. >> well, they needed to look decisive on something. and that's what they chose to do it on. they needed to take the initiative. as you say, they're being criticized across the board. i think it was a smart calculation on their part. i think the reason that romney's not responding is because it's another political calculation. they need to secure their base,
9:48 am
and they know it's a very hot button issue, just like obama did it because he was trying to secure his base. and it might not -- in the end, it might not matter to romney. i don't know that he can get the latinos back in his camp. they might be thinking let's just play this out and let obama take it. >> interesting to do that. i want to play a little sound from bill crystal about mitt romney on this issue of immigration. >> this is a big problem for romney and he needs to take the lead on this. in my view, embrace marco rubio's dream act, pass in this congress over the next two months. this is what i'm for. >> why not call up speaker baner and sboehner, and say i was working with congress from the campaign trial and trying to get something substantive done. >> well, it still has to pass through both houses of congress. and harry reid has been has bee problem on getting good
9:49 am
legislation passed. legislation that comes out of the house. >> immigration reform tomorrow? >> well -- you'd like to think that. you would like to think that. >> bipartisan immigration tomorrow. >> and harry reid won 9-10 the latino vote in the last vote and continued the leadership in the senate and reid is not the problem but the tea party congressional members in congress that are going to be the biggest obstacle. >> a lot of interesting divides in congress if that went to the floor. thank you. we'll be back. health care with the panel. up now, trivia time. we asked who was the youngest person to ever serve as president? teddy roosevelt. he was just 42 when he assumed the presidency after mckinley's assassination. president kennedy was the youngest elected president at 43. we'll be right back. of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors.
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let's bring back our panel.
9:53 am
all right. let's go to health care. lois, mitt romney said this about health care yesterday and what he plans to do. >> well, i will continue to describe the plan that i would provide which is number one to make sure that people don't have to worry about losing their insurance if they have a preexisting condition and change jobs. number two, to let individuals buy insurance on their own if they want on the same tax advantage bases that companies do today. >> does mitt romney want to be talking about health care here? >> oh, no. he didn't want to talk about it at all bringing up the massachusetts situation and how the president modeled health care reform off the massachusetts plan. i think the problem they have got right now is ten days away or less from the supreme court ruling on whether to uphold the health care reform bill and so i think think the cam pane needs a mess and because a number of people will lose things, preexisting conditions will no longer be covered if they throw
9:54 am
it out and the 26-year-olds on parent's plans now. so i think they're trying to figure out -- this isn't going to be over with the supreme court. they're trying to craft a message to move -- >> ironically, this whole idea of repeal which republicans have wanted for so long on the health care issue could be politically damaging to romney forcing him to take a position on a lot of these issues. >> well, it allows him to articulate our vision, many of the things he just talked about. but it also allows small business owners who now won't face huge tax increases of obama care, the job killing -- >> keep them on their parent's plan until they're 26. >> those things have been fixed and added to legislation. had the president wanted to do a bipartisan health care bill this could have been addressed. >> leave it at that. shameless plugging really quick around the table. >> great book out on marco rubio. his book is pretty good. but on the rise of marco rubio.
9:55 am
>> we are right now running a campaign thanking the president for passing the dream act through the executive act. sign the thank you card. >> i'm sure. signing the thank you cards. >> keep an eye on new hampshire state rep, florida, senator flores and colorado rep ramirez. >> got them all in there. this is it for this edition of "the lady rundown." chuck will join us tomorrow from mexico. next, "jansing & co." here's a look at the business travel forecast on this monday. i'm meteorologist bill kearns. we'll watch that area. but the big story is the heat. chicago, 97 degrees.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
in mexico right now at the g-20. big topic, what's going on in europe? it's going to be crucial to president obama's re-election bid and something mitt romney's trying to use to his advantage, too. i want to bring in david korn and pierre bacon. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so the president's got a lot on the plate today between greece and the euro zone, egypt, russia. peter baker put it this way, david. even the world's last superpower has only so much control over events beyond its border and its own course can be dramatically affected. what happens today for the president's re-election potentially? >> everything beyond the borders is a potential bomb for the obama campaign. i mean, most people believe that even though it was a conservative party that, you know, seems to have prevailed in greece in the elections that's good


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