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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 18, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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more or less in sync with the ongoing plan for the bailout and keep greece within the euro zone. if it hadn't gone that way it would have been more instability and affect the markets in europe and affect yoour markets here. both the obama and romney campaign struggle every day to get their message, narrative out and i think they have seen in the last few weeks with this world of twitter and international financial ties that they can be blown off course very easily by something small like a story about a dog on a roof of a car or something big, you know, a financial meltdown in europe. and it's very hard for each campaign to stay the course that it wants to stay on between now and november with all the stuff going on around it. >> yeah. as stuff happens with an incumbent, you have different visuals. here you have the president meeting with putin and meantime, perry, mitt romney shaking hands in wisconsin. got the bus tour. does he kind of it easier time as the challenger, though, because, frankly, he doesn't
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have to solve anything? >> i think -- i don't think that he does, no. if you look at friday, for example, mitt romney felt like he was having a great week and then on friday the president makes an announcement on deportation. takes a news cycle. owns it. when you're the incumbent, whatever you say is the news and you have a big advantage in that sense. obama owns everything happening in greece, in london. here, as well. a huge advantage in terms of shaping the narrative when you're the president. >> did he miss an opportunity yesterday, perry, mitt romney, i'm talking about, asked about the economy. specifically if he would stick with the grover norquist pledge. >> i do feel that way. government is big and getting larger and there are those who think, well, the answer is just to take a little more from the american people. just give us a little more. and there are places that have gone that way. california for instance. raises taxes. more and more and more. and the more they raise this taxes, the deficits larger and
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larger. the only solution to taming an out of control spending government is to cut spending. >> perry, he was unable to name a single loophole to close to pay for that. so, doesn't he have to get specific at some point? >> i think that interview showed two issues. he's not said yet, three days yet, if he's for or against the deportation plan the president announced. you have to speak about the issues that are happening. you have to give your views on them. the tax policy the same problem. i mean, romney's running, got to be more clear what he's for and against to win this election. >> mmpl in wisconsin. a state not voted for a republican for president since 1984. does he think with the recall there that maybe he can win or is this more about trying to drain obama's campaign resources in a state where the president won pretty big in 2008? >> we are kind of in the shadow boxing phase of the campaign where each campaign saps they're
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going to be working probably hardest at deploying more resources in states than they will and trying to get the map settled and convenient for mitt romney on the bus to make a stop in wisconsin and see if he can sort of draw obama in and force him to spend more money and more time in wisconsin, they'll give it a try. whether he'll do that in september and october is whole other matter but right now it's sort of like a faint. i'm going to throw a punch here and see what happens. obama's doing that, too, with some key states. you know? things will focus, you know, more narrowly as we get closer to the election in the fall and i have to say in reference to what perry said, a moment ago, i mean, mitt romney's still when he's campaigning at some point, you know, may not have to get all that specific because what he's counting on is getting people angry at the president and the economy. he wants this to be a referendum and doesn't want it to be a
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choice. >> anger at the president -- >> whether there's pressure on him for him to get specific. bob schieffer did a good job yesterday. >> and maybe to like him more and maybe what the bus tour is about. also in iowa today. let's go to peter alexander who as often he is is with mitt romney. let's talk a little bit about what he hopes to accomplish here and this bus tour, is it about sort of getting out there and not being the guy that he's been criticized for being, which is not very relatible to the average person? have you seen any shift in his campaign style, peter? >> reporter: chris, first of all, what david said i think is right on. this campaign is hoping in some ways to avoid specificity, an effort just to make it be a referendum about president obama. here today in wisconsin, yesterday, when we were in ho, day before in pennsylvania and before that, new hampshire. what we have witnessed more than anything is anti-obama crowds. more than they are pro-romney crowds.
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he is riling up the troops as it were about the message to get this president out of office. how this president has failed in an effort to try not to attack president obama personally saying he's a nice guy but in over his head and the line they've been focusing on. i think mitt romney and the team traveling with them over the last 72 hours plus is he's as loose as we have seen him recently. he was traveling with his wife yesterday and two of his sons. four of his grandchildren with us, as well. he brought them back to the back of the plane yesterday and told a funny story about the 4-year-old grandson and how nate said when he saw his grandfather, he said, dad, have you beaten president obama yet? he was trying to be loose and show that relatible side and very much what he's trying to accomplish here but in conversations with those closest to him, it is very clear that this process, the fund raising he doesn't care for. i think he's frustrated by the inability to break out of the
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bubble and people to really get to know him. there was a moment chris we should add yesterday that took place in troy, ohio. john boehner there. mitt romney was there, all of them with their wives and went in to kay's burgers for a moment and in an image and moment that i think people view as a metaphor for their criticisms, mitt romney as a potential president and john boehner walked in, romney said, so, are we going to order here? boehner said i'll take care of the ordering. romney said, if i take care of the check? boehner said, i'll take care of the check, too. i think those would say this guy is walking right in and would be an automatic pen for the republicans and this for them was a metaphor of that. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you very much. let's bring in adviser carrie heeley. it's good to see you. good morning. >> thank you. >> let's tack about the specificity issue which is yesterday in one of the rare
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sunday interviews he did, he wouldn't get specific on immigration, on what kind of loopholes he was going to close in order to avoid raising taxes, and frankly, he hasn't talked a lot about his record as governor of massachusetts. why do you think that is? >> we talk about governor romney's record as governor of massachusetts every single day because it's a fantastic record. and there's been so much distortion of that record in the current campaigns that are being -- the ads that are being issued by the obama campaign. it's really stunning. so, we have been out there talking about the substantial growth that went on during the time that governor romney was in office. and jobs. the full employment that he left massachusetts with, 4.7% unemployment rate at the end of his tenure there. and the extraordinary turnaround he had -- >> but still job creation. >> that number is distorted. we started 51st as a result of
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the internet bubble burst right before governor romney took office and over the course of time in office we moved to 30th in job creation and during that time, over 48,000 jobs were created so governor romney's very happy to place his record of job creation and lowering unemployment next to obama's record of higher unemployment and hemorrhaging jobs any day of the week and one reason to get on the bus tour to go to the areas most neglected by the obama administration's economic policies. and really talk to the people and it's great that attention is being focused on these small towns. the name of the bus tour is every town counts and governor romney believes that and loves getting out and talking the people and motivates him to turn the economy around. >> let me ask you about what else is going on, on the political side of this. he picked you as a running mate
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once and you're elected separately. it is not both on the same ticket. but he's been out on the campaign trail with paul ryan, scott walker, rob portman. there's been talk auditioning the guys as potential vice president candidates. do you think they have what he's looking for? what insight can you give us? >> i think we're fortunate on the republican side this time around to have an incredible number of strong candidates and could be wonderful vice presidents for this country so governor romney is out there working with surrogates in all of these states. he's hit six states in the last -- or he will have hit six states by the end of the bus tour and happy to speak with all of them. i think he is welcoming for someone to bring extra expertise to the office and be ready to step up in the event that they were ever required to and we are fortunate to have many, many
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wonderful choices for vice president. >> do you think there's an area he needs extra expertise? >> i think governor romney has an incredible background to be president of the united states. he's been successful in the private sector. he's been successful in turning around the olympics and been an incredibly successful governor. and so he has a full range of experience. but most importantly, he has the economic experience the country needs right now. we have 23 million people right now unemployed or stopped looking for work because they're so discouraged. and governor romney's record of being able to create jobs both in the private sector and the public sector are what this country needs. >> kerry, thank you so much. appreciate that. let's go back to the vice president question, david. we mentioned that he's been out with seemingly everyone this week. are these try-outs? if so, what's he gauging? crowd reaction? fund raising ability. his own personal interaction
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with these guys? >> probably doesn't want to be outshined by any of them. listening to the lieutenant governor, sounded like she was going to say he would give everybody a pony, as well. i mean, i don't want to not answer your question, chris, but when he says, poor mitt romney, came in at the end of a bubble. i mean, what did barack obama come in at? he's -- she says unemployment is hemorrhaging. unemployment has gone down. he's created more jobs under bush. i don't want the sound like an obama spokesperson but to have her do that spin is just -- >> well, yes. she talked about going to places where, you know, the economy is hurting. under barack obama, perry. but, you know, he was just in ohio with john boehner and if the unemployment rate is lower than the national average and auto workers there happy with the way things are going. >> wisconsin where he is today, romney, also unemployment is lower there nationally, as well.
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one thing about the vice presidential tour i should say, he's also getting time to spend time with the candidates. they're riding the bus with him, as well. he can talk to them in a one on one way. he doesn't know a lot of them super well and he can talk to them and get to know them better before he attaches to them for the rest of his life. >> perry and david, good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> thanks, chris. reporting this morning that new jersey's governor chris christie is generating buzz as a possible keynote speaker at the republican convention. whoever gets that spot, obviously, will be angling for 2016. unner,marathon r
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riding another super sized super-pac check to influence the elections. $10 million on top of the $30 million he's already donated to gingrich and romney super-pacs and expected to shell out up to $100 million. let me bring in the co-editor and founder of the conservative christian blog. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you were with the other conservatives that met at the hotel in las vegas this weekend. i wasn't there but the sense -- >> which was fabulous by the way. >> thank you. the sense i got from reading the reports on it was that there's still a lack of genuine enthusiasm for mitt romney except as a vehicle for beating barack obama. do you think that's a fair assessment? >> well, there are -- people who really love romney and romney-ites out there. for the most part, obviously,
10:17 am
the conservative base didn't support romney in the base. are very excited about defeating obama so that probably translates to, obviously, people not being so much for romney as against obama. that's just a fact right now. i don't know if it changes. it could change. that's where it is right now. >> what would have to happen for it to change? >> i think, you know, romney says that he's really converted over and he's a true conservative and if that's true we'll see. over time. who's he going to choose for the vice presidential pick? what policies to enunciate and put in it platform at the rnc platform. >> but there's a big skepticism you would say? >> i think that amongst americans in general there's a skepticism of any politician speaking. whether it's obama or romney. if it's a politician, you really have to double check to see if it's true. >> politico says the star of the show wasn't there. we're talking about scott walker
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who they describe, this is politico writing, as the standard by which activists plan to now judge all other republicans. do you agree with that? and if so, why? >> i think to a certain degree that's true. i don't think every republican completely agrees with his tactics. some may think he's too hard. i don't. i think he did a great thing so i would say maybe 60% right. >> one of the things you talked about is for convincing conservatives is who he picks for a running mate. there's buzz about this right now because we have been talking in this hour about how he seems to be auditioning vp candidates traveling around the country on the bus tour. who would conservatives support? who would you like to see? i can speak for my wife and maybe some others but we like mark rubio a lot. i don't like some of the -- even some of those that i've heard
10:19 am
about. tim pawlenty is to me just another political insider. so, i wouldn't be thrilled too much about them. but, you know, i think mark rubio is probably the best pick. i would not want to see jeb bush, not another bush. >> not another bush because -- just because they're a bush? >> me personally i think the idea there's a political family that every time you turn around one of them is running for something, i don't like it. >> bill collier, interesting conversation. thank you very much. we appreciate you taking the time. mitt romney discovers wawa convenience stores. politics now next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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president. >> it was a very powerful trip and, you know, it was one of the times when we traveled today and we were, you know, we didn't have any money and sleeping on floors and -- >> yeah. >> you know? we were traveling hard. >> she also talked about giving her daughters a sense of normalcy and the new white house gardening book. be the barack obama, the story" comes out tomorrow. reviewers suggest the meat is in the details of the president's young life. >> if he can reconcile why can't the congress and the country and so much polarization? and new jersey governor chris christie gracing the cover of "newsweek." he says he could be talked in to being romney's running mate. from new jersey to pennsylvania, where mitt romney trying to curry favor with the locals visiting a popular convenience store. >> you get them at wawa's. i went to a place called wawas.
10:24 am
i know. it's a big state divide. we went to wawa's. >> meantime, the president's spent father's day playing golf. unofficial white house reporter says it's his 100th round since taking office. in wisconsin paul ryan on the stage. we have not yet seen mitt romney. we expect him to show up any minute now to the right, obviously, you see some applause to the architect of the conservative budget plan. and if you read only one thing this morning, in this wedding season, my must read is a hilarious by also honest take on what to say and more to the point whatnot to say in a wedding toast. feel free to add sending the worst wedding toast you have heard. it's up on our facebook page. ger results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them.
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president obama is getting a major boost after announcing to stop the deportation for 800,000 young illegal immigrants. a new latino decision poll finds
10:28 am
49% are more enthusiastic after friday's landmark decision. a 27-point jump from january. and the decision has put some pressure on romney who five times dodged questions on what he'd do with the president's new immigration policy. >> would you repeal this? >> it would be overtaken by events if you will by my placing a long-term solution. >> i won't keep on about this. would you leave this in place while you worked out a long-term solution or would you just repeal it? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that but my anticipation is to say we need to get this done on a long-term bas basis. >> i'm joined by chip saltsman and goldy taylor. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> do you think, chip, that mitt romney missed an opportunity to show some leadership?
10:29 am
does this kind of -- i don't know, reinforce the knock used in the pry theirs? shouldn't he be answer to question that in a straight forward manner? here's what i'm going to do as president. >> yeah. i think he'll do that and had a great opportunity on sunday to do it and probably hearing it tuesday or wednesday and this is an issue to deal with a lot as governor. the federal government's lack of leadership on this issue has cost the states because the state haves to deal with this every day because the states are the ones using health care dollars and education dollars to take care of the illegal immigration. he probably has the answer he wants. >> then why didn't he say it? >> i'm not sure. as you know, i'm not involved in the romney campaign. obviously, i'm for him. support him. i think he would be a much better president than barack obama but i think it's a great opportunity because this is an issue, especially the president's decision 140 days out. you look at the decisions that are political and policy. and this was probably not bad
10:30 am
politics because it changed the discussion of a couple of weeks which is bad for barack obama and now one sunday show where governor romney doesn't quite get the answer he probably should or wants to get out and then now that's a conversation we are having. >> republicans are accusing the president of playing politics with the decision. let's play a clip of john mccain on "meet the press." >> obviously, a way to divert attention from the bad news of the president for three or four weeks. i think that's very clear. what i would like to see is marco rubio and others are coming up, democrats and republicans with a dream act i think we could negotiate on. >> wasn't about politics. first of all, this is a decision made by the department of homeland security to allow the discretion to focus enforcement on criminals, people who pose danger to communities. >> goldy, was this a blatantly political move? >> 141 days out, every move is a
10:31 am
blatantly political move and i don't care if the person in the white house is democrat or republican and if you're in the white house for the last three and a half years you have to think and look forward how do you keep the job? and keep doing the job if you think it's the right job to do. i think it it is political but i think it's the right thing to do. look. if republicans had gotten together with this president and the democratic congress on the dream act and gotten it passed that was a comprehensive solution that answered those people who are in this country through no fault of their own, albeit illegally an giving them their chance at the american dream. i served side by side with young men and women who did not have their citizenship in this country but served in the same armed forces that i did. and i believe that they deserved it. unfortunately, we are giving them the citizenship posthumously. after they have been killed in battle. that's most unfortunate and i think it's political but the republicans had an opportunity
10:32 am
back when the dream act was on the table to pass it and make it law and make us a, you know, a community of compassionate people. >> even if, chip, there's politics involved in the decision. i think goldy makes a good point of everything's political at this point. >> especially at this point, no question. >> does that matter? if you're a college student who's graduating and wants to find a job and make a contributi contribution, does that matter? look at the new poll. >> yeah. no. there's no question if you're a young latino that's here illegally and you hear about this you're more enthusiastic to vote for the president. looking at this policy, is that the end of the day when you start out by saying illegal immigrants and then give them a special status or a special favor. that's getting most people very upset. and i think you're right. there's solutionless out there to make sense but i think the first and foremost is say let's do it the legal way and step one and broke in to the country. i have always said this.
10:33 am
if you knock on the door and ask me to come in, i'll invite you in for a glass of lemonade. breaking in the back window, we have a much different discussion and where we have to start out with illegal immigration. >> the question is, you know, there's another whole question of whether or not this is the best way to deal with this. i think the way michael steele put it this morning on "morning joe" is this is a big band aid on a big wound. does he have a point there? >> he does have a point. that is band aid on a very, very large wound but i won't indict a 5-year-old to break in to anything let alone this nation. we have got to come together with a solution. yes to secure the border but at the end of the day we are at a net loss. people are not coming here in the midst of the worst economic downturn of down times and we are hurts yourselves. right here in georgia we have crops rotting in the fields because we don't have the kind of labor necessary to do the
10:34 am
picking. this is reminiscent of the same kind of discrimination towards migrant workers in the 1915 to 1970 and african-americans moved north and the fruits rotted in the trees in florida. we have got to come together with a better solution that doesn't hurt states like this one economically. >> great conversation. thanks to both of you. a critical meeting of world leaders at the g-20 summit today. lots going on. voters in greece voted for parliament members who support a bailout for their failing economy. another significant vote in egypt where the muslim brotherhood candidate is declared the winner even as military moved. and the conflict in syria, president obama scheduled to begin a meeting right now with russian president vladimir putin for the first time since his re-election. just days after the administration accused russia of providing weapons to the syrian government. chuck todd is in mexico where the group of 20 nations is
10:35 am
meeting and i guess to follow up on the theme that goldy taylor said, chuck, is there anything that isn't viewed through the political lens right now? how important is what happens there at the g-20, potentially to the president's re-election efforts? >> reporter: well, i think the biggest, obviously, is how to get europe to deal with its problems since that impacts our economy and what happens to our economy impacts the political environment which, of course, impacts the presidential election. that's the most direct thing. i think what you had here is a lot of including the u.s., obama administration was -- you had sort of two plans on how to deal with the g-20 depending on how greece voted. greece voted the way they did, president since added a one on one meeting with the german chancellor angela merkle. she waited until the results were known in greece. i believe she was the last leader to show up because of that. obviously, this is now all -- it's always been in germany's hands. there's been a joke that the
10:36 am
single most important person to the president's re-election hopes lives in germany, meaning it's merkle. you have that meeting. you brought up the putin meeting. that one is going to be sort of just odd body language. everybody's expectation is simply for some sort of awkward exchange between the two. number one, putin has not been as chummy with president obama. they met one other time when putin was prime minister and medvedev, the former russia president and now prime minister, you know, putin and him switched jobs and seen as a lieutenant and there's an expectation of awkwardness. what the u.s. is hoping to do, can they convince putin to help deal with the situation in syria? what they'd like to do is for him to help lead a way, provide a safe haich, if you will, for assad to leave power. in some form or another. they believe putin would have the credibility with assad to do
10:37 am
that. >> if we look at the other side of that, look, it's helpful to get putin to do that. what's in it for him looking at the reality of that happening? >> reporter: well, that's the thing. but putin, number one, he likes to be viewed as a superpower and wants russia viewed as a superpower again so there's sort of playing to his ego by basically saying, hey, you are the only one to solve this problem. they kind of hope that maybe that is one way in thin convincg put on the do this and there's other ways. obviously, putin's got his opinions on what the situation with the negotiations having to do with iran's nuclear issues, when's going on with europe's economy so all of it is a balancing act and so that's what -- it's unclear what putin wants in return but maybe not having the world pressure him motivates him to help on syria
10:38 am
and playing to the ego that he can solve the problem here and look like a hero to the world community. >> chuck todd in mexico for us, thank you, chuck. always great to see you. also making news this morning, florida prosecutors expected to release six jailhouse phone calls with george zimmerman charged with the murder of trayvon martin. the calls show how he instructed his wife to hide money appearing he didn't have enough to make bail and the judge revoked the bond accusing him of misleading the court. a surprising twist as the defense begins the case in the child sexual abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. his lawyers apparently plan to argue that the 68-year-old suffers from a rare psychiatric disorder that results in inappropriate emotional behavior. today, prosecutors dropped a misdemeanor account of endangering the welfare of a
10:39 am
child. eight witnesses testified in compelling testimony that sandusky abused them. the question now is whether he'll take the stand to refute the charges. wildfires in northern colorado are forcing yet more evacuations. a highly destructive fire consumed at least 181 homes. the most in state history. local authorities are now focusing on looter who is are targeting victims of those fires. and unmanned air force plane returned this weekend after spending 15 months in orbit on a classified mission. the x-37-b test vehicle landed. very cool. after conducting undisclosed experiments. the plane looks like a similar vessel. another mission is set for later this year. wall street and main street breathing a sigh sigh of relief after the sunday election in greece. we have what's moving your money. looks like staying in the european union is greece but
10:40 am
this is not like a long-term solution. right? what's the impact? >> absolutely. hi, chris. well the impact may not as profound many thought. while it's a win for the center right democracy and easing fears of the sudden exit of the euro. greece may have issues paying this summer. so it's far from out of the woods at this point. italy and spain facing mounting debt problems themselves, so despite the election, the euro zone crisis is far from over and hangs over the u.s. markets. >> microsoft out with a big announcement this afternoon. the buzz is about a new tablet to go up against the ipad? >> absolutely. that's right. the thought is that microsoft will unveil a tablet, running on windows 8. says likely an ereader with barnes & nobel and xbox live. this would be microsoft's attempt, of course, to enter that competitive smas and try to compete with the ipad and we
10:41 am
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yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. just want to show you what's going on in wisconsin where the new rising star of the conservatives is scott walker after the wisconsin recall vote. he's introducing mitt romney there to the right.
10:45 am
the chairman of the rnc on his left. if romney says anything that goes off of his stump speech, we'll, of course, let you know if news is made there. meantime, investigators are waiting for autopsy results in the death of rodney king to see if alcohol or drugs were involved. he was found at the bottom of his swimming pool on sunday. richard lui covered that story in 1992 an i think it's instructive to remember what rodney king meant sort of in our social historic fabric. >> many people talking about this. he was found dead at the california home around 6:00 a.m. with no signs of foul play according to a preliminary police investigation. officials believe he drowned. autopsy results will be available within 48 hours. events before his death are unclear at the moment but a neighbor said she heard an emotional person over the weekend in that area. now, king's notoriety started with this video. four l.a. officers beating king
10:46 am
in 1991. he was hit more than 50 times with bah cons, left him with a skull fracture, a broken eye socket and facial nerve damage. on april 29th, 1992, a verdict and all-white jury acquitted three. a fourth was a mistrial. l.a. erupted. 150 fires, 2,000 injured. 55 died. damages totalling a billion dollars. some shop owners took up rifles on roof top s protect their store. and then reginald denny was pulled from the truck and king said these famous words. >> can we all get along? can we get along? can we stop making it -- making it horrible for the older people and the kids? >> king struggled for years and
10:47 am
unemployed, paroled robber in 1991. later in rehab after driving drunk and in 1995 in jail for knocking his wife down with his car. last year looked better. a new book coming. reaction to king's death is widespread. reverend al sharpton led a march protecting nypd stop and frisk policy yesterday and called king a symbol of anti-police brutality. king's death reminds us of how far the nation needs to go. chris? >> thank you. i want to bring in the reverend jesse jackson of the rainbow push coalition. i'm moved every time i see those words, that famous quote played so many times. can we get along? i guess to the quote that richard just said, are we in a much different place than we were in 1992 when he spoke those words? >> in some sense. the problem is worse. there's two dimensions. someone that rodney king was the
10:48 am
victim, not hero. the hero was the white photographer who filmed it. and the act of conscious took it public. that was a redemptive moment and denny beat to death by blacks who reacted to the verdict, blacks saved him from them and he was taken to the hospital by black doctors saved his life and nechb that crisis you had blacks an whites trying to get along. rodney king came to symbolize the brawl, ugly police brutality and cover-up and when the beaters walked free that was an eruption. much like trayvon when the killer walked free, thus came the global protests. >> i think you would agree he was a reluctant symbol. politicians and lawyers trying to make a dad in to a symbol of civil rights and he had problems
10:49 am
over the years. what do you see as his significant -- >> he's a counter cultural hero. we have been protesting for a long time police brutality and race profiling and cover-up. as a matter of fact, that's how johnnie cochran became so prominent in l.a. winning the cases in l.a. he began to symbolize. because it was on film. it was on film, went viral and those doing the beating got an all-white jury and walked free. that was more than people could take. >> it's always good to have you on the program, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this.
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today's tweet of the day comes from "the new york times" reporter julie bosman. quote, johnny had other mistresses, too. rielle hunter says in her new book. pardon the interruption. surfing dogs and beatle
10:53 am
birthday. web simpson clinched a major title and had an interesting moment during his interview with bob costas. >> birdies turned it around for you today. >> yeah. that was kind of a difference. i got off to a slow start and i knew that -- i knew that -- i knew -- >> always something to spice matters up. >> yeah. enjoy him out. in san diego, surf's up but not for humans. dogs hang ten or something like that. in the seventh annual surf dog competition. judges look for confidence and a long wave ride and a strong sense of fashion. big birthday for an ex-beatle. paul mccartney turns 70 today and no sign of slowing down. the former member of the fab four wowed crowds recently at the diamond jubilee concert and set to perform at the opening ceremony at the london olympics
10:54 am
july 27th only on nbc. that wraps up this hour. i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. hey, thams. >> thanks, chris. hi, everyone. the wisconsin voters get a trifecta of power. scott walker and paul ryan on board. polls say while walker took the recall, president obama still looks good to take the state in november. the president is attending the g-20 summit where syria, the greek elections and the euro zone finances take top priority. and jerry sandusky's sexual abuse trial resumes this morning. is his defense planning to promote a mental illness defense? why court watchers think that could be so. we'll have that and much more right after this. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪
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10:58 am
an effort to oust him from office. by afternoon rolling out of wisconsin and on to iowa. this morning, though, he is looking to capitalize on the wisconsin recall route. he's appearing alongside governor walker in janesville and with a man who calls janesville the hometown and congressman paul ryan. it is a town that's still struggling with an unemployment rate higher than the state's average. right away, romney hit the president about the economy. >> people in this country are having a hard time. these are challenging times in america. and because of his failed record his campaign's having a hard time deciding what to talk about. because think'd like to talk about the economy and they'd like to talk about his record but they know that last time the campaign slogan was hope and change. this time they're going with we hope to change the subject. >> peter alexander following the romney campaign in the six-state bus tour and in wisconsin where
10:59 am
i believe mitt romney just took the stage. peter, fill us in. >> reporter: yeah. he did take the stage a short time ago. the vice presidential debate right now, the question of who to select as the vice president, paul ryan is here, this the city of janesville is his hometown and notably when the introductions were made, the governor out state, the republican that won the recall a few weeks ago, scott walker, made the introduction of governor romney. not paul ryan. you would think he would hand the microphone over to mitt romney. after the discuss of defeating the mayor of milwaukee trying to gain the governor's seat. thomas, we have really witnessed this sort of public try-out of normally a secretive process. the vetting process, if you will, taking place in plain sight. this campaign swing, the first traditional campaign swing of the cycle. six states over five days beginning in new hampshire with the senator of that state, tim


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