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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 19, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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and the overall narrative, that the romney campaign and governor romney still has is a very wealthy man, you know, from bain capital, from private equity that doesn't necessarily connect with the average voter. that's not going to be negated with a bus tour. >> i want to play a clip of romney in pennsylvania over the weekend. >> when i was governor, arnold schwarzenegger, fellow republican, came to my state, put a billboard up in my state, trying to poach jobs from my state to go to california. a picture of him in a t-shirt flexing his muscles. said, come to california. what am i to do? i put billboards up in this state. and had me in a t-shirt flexing my muscles. it said, smaller muscles but much lower taxes. come to massachusetts. all right? >> we all looked at that and said, okay. he looks kind of loose. actually telling a story that people can relate to, but is it
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really that good or are we just setting the bar so low for him? >> who knew it would be easier to make mitt romney look laid back than it is to make barack obama look competent. that's the -- >> now, now. >> that's the challenge of this campaign right now is, you know, mitt romney is a successful ceo who has run a large state. turned around the olympic, turned around businesses and his corporation and barack obama has only run the united states of america. that's it. >> talking points now. i'm asking about the strategy of going out on this bus tour and whether or not it's helped him, and i don't think that most of his campaign staff would acknowledge that that's why they did it and they needed a little help looking a little more like a retail politician. >> well i think that -- the real reason mitt romney, you've seen campaigning in this seatings this week and in these places is because this presidential election is going to be won or lost with lunch bucket america. americans who go to work with their names on their shirts.
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they work hard for a living. the economy's not really great for them right now. they're not happy with barack obama's leadership and probably voted for barack obama last time. i think that's why you see mitt romney focusing on these states in the heartland, like michigan today. ohio. that's where the presidency is going to be decided. these folks who have seen the economy get worse under barack obama and they maybe supported him last time but not this time. >> the auto industry is doing well. unemployment is lower in wisconsin than the rest of the country. not to sayre they're not battleground states, but you mentioned, chris, you brought up the whole idea of bain capital, and frank rich makes the point that, barack obama should nuke him. that's essentially the headline. that everybody went after him afterwards for bain. he got complaints from cory booker and the dplants complain ed rendell. in fact, if you want to win, you
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need to go negative early. are they right? does barack obama's campaign need to define mitt romney before he has a chance to redefine himself? >> partly right. i mean, i think the -- you know, the challenge with especially negative advertising, for consultants, it's such an attractive thing because you enjoy making those ads, but the catch is you've got to be smart about when you do it. and i think when it comes to governor romney, the most effective ads are the ones that reinforce a pre-existing narrative. when it comes to, i think, governor romney. it's not just simply bain. more so, his flop flops, in particular, his lack of core when in comes to key policy and key positions and key vision. i mean, he has changed his position so much he doesn't know where he started. i think that's a powerful attack. bain, i think, kind of feeds into that, but in terms of defining your opponent, you absolutely have to do it. >> go negative, in other words, you have to find a core of truth?
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>> correct. >> in something that the people can see. there's a long history going back even before television of negative campaigning and ads. let me bring in presidential historian alan lickman. always good to you have on the program. >> thank you. >> go way back. i was fascinated reading this. 1828, adams, quincy adams. e accused of cock fighting, drunk drunkenness -- >> yes. >> and compared to thomas dewey, hitler and the nazis. >> yes. in fact, in that campaign jackson's opponents put out something called the coffin handbill. a handbill with coffins on them claiming it represented all the people andrew jackson had murdered. accused of being anadulterer.
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he blamed negative attacks on her death. >> would you agree, obviously, we weren't dealing with cannibals in that race in 1838. that is not true. to be effective does there have to be a core of truth or at least identifiability for the public when do you a negative campaign ad? >> absolutely. it's going to ring true with the american people. if you look at the most famous negative ad, the 1964 daisy ad directed against barry goldwater. >> i'm sure most people know it. let me play a little clip of it and then i'll let you continue. >> sure. >> -- eight, nine -- >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one --
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>> these are the stakes. >> that ad, it's worth reminding people, ran once, and yet we're still talking about it. frank rich says, lbj's campaign could take the high road and the damage was already done. right? >> right. didn't resonate with the people because goldwater wasn't looked at not just as conservative but as radical and he had delivered very loose talk about the use of nuclear weapons. this idea of goldwater being the warmonger had some resonance. did it change the campaign? absolutely not. lyndon johnson was 20 points-plus ahead in the polls, wire to wire. there's no evidence that negative ads change the course of a campaign. elections are decided by the bigger issues. mainly by how well the party in power has governed the country. and lyndon johnson had governed the country very well with his
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war on poverty, the civil rights act of 1964. he was seen as the legacy of the -- of the administration of the martyred john f. kennedy. that ad had no impact whatsoever. even the famous willie horton ad back in the 1988 campaign between george h.w. bush and michael dukakis didn't change anything. bush had already moved ahead in the polls, and he was running on the record of the ronald reagan last four years, peace, prosperity, breakthroughs with the soviets. that's what counts. >> part of what's interesting about the dukakis ad is that it was run by an outside group. >> that's right. >> and we have talked a lot, chris and brad, about the influence of super pacs in this campaign, and obviously, you know, legally, anyway, the campaigns don't have any control. so it's possible that their ads will be a lot more negative, and i'm wondering, brad, do you think, could there be another
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daisy-type ad? another willie horton-type ad in this campaign cycle? probably from the super pacs? >> well, there certainly could be, and you know, the super pacs are left with little choice but to run contrast ads on opponents because it's not like they can have the candidate come and stand in front of the camera and talk for a super pac ad. then have to be independent. a terrible campaign finance system limits how many money can go candidates. you see super pacs ron contrast or negative advertising. it's a sad commentary on the state of the law today. i think you could see something that is, you know, a race changer coming from a super pac this year. it's not the -- the candidate has no obligation to tell you only things that are good about his opponent. he, of course, needs to tell you his shortcomings as well. comparison shopping. >> chris, i wonder, contrairy t what alan said. in the daisy ad, linden enlyndo
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ahead 20 points. do you think right now is certainly neck and neck and could continue to be up to election day. could there be an ad or ads that are game changers? >> could be. if you have a race that stays really close. you can really have one ad that comes out and is, becomes that defining ad. adrenaline shot to someone's brain that people remember and start talking about. especially in this 24/7 media age that we live in. and the reality is when it comes to super pacs, they only operate in the one area. negative advertising. their whole reason to exist. and so i think if this race is close, the stakes and pressure on these super pacs to come out with a more defining ad will grow and grow. so there's a chance you'll see that. >> and we're also watching, i want to let people know, in michigan, those watching a live picture of mitt romney's campaign and this bus tour. alan, another point that frank
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rich makes is that, you know, people always have this human cry about these negative ads, as they did about the bain ads against mitt romney. but people always have a human cry against pornography, yet it seems to be a thriving business, in perpetuity. so me thinks we don't protest too much, or what's going on here with people's complaints about negative ads, and could they move the needle in a close race like this? >> i don't think so. there's no historical evidence. of course, the consultants are going to say that, because they make millions upon millions of dollars upon these ads which are predominantly negative. negative ads, i don't really have a problem with them. so long as they are accurate. here's the big issue -- you are not going to build a foundation for governing on negative ads. you've got to have something else. you also have to have your vision for the future. >> what if the candidate has something else, but the super pacs have the negative ads?
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i mean, we're looking at hundreds of millions of dollars they have to spend. i don't think they're going to be warm and fuzzy. that was certainly not the case in the primaries. >> no. the super pacs are going to fill the airwaves with negative ads. that then behooves the candidate to build a mandate for governing. to tell us what you're going to do over the next four years. otherwise, the victory could be very much of a victory that's second terms for barack obama, if he wins, notoriously difficult. we saw with mitt romney. we don't exactly know what he believes. >> brad,shaking your head. >> they think it's only campaigns and ads that count -- >> well, alan, if advertising didn't work, coca-cola wouldn't do it. wendy's made its market share with the world's worst, longest negative campaign. where's the beef? against mcdonald's. parts is parts. they ran for a year and a half each. madison avenue has proven that comparison shopping is driven by
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comparison advertising. politics is not different. we shouldn't expect it to be any different. >> what do you think, chris? >> absolutely, it's different. >> they're both kind of right. there's a structure reality to politics in terms of when a race happens. the overall state of the economy. unemployment rate. big, structural factors that both races have to operate in and help define the race and help define perceptions of voters. let me tell you, i say this as a former academic and a consultant, advertising and republican negative advertising i've seen it work. i've seen it move the needle, and if anyone thinks that in particular in this race with super pacs potentially spending a billion dollars, that that is not going to have an impact on key battlegrounds, i'm sorry. it is. that is the cruel reality of politics that we now live in. >> it is a fascinating conversation. more to come, gentlemen. chris, brad, alan, thank you all. a defining moment of this campaign will surely be the debates and a casting call
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answered by john kerry. he will play mitt romney for president obama's debate preps. obama's chief strategist, david axelrod says kerry is an expert debater with a fundamental 34569erry of a while range of issues including massachusetts. he did get good reviews when he debated in 2004. kerry also helped the late senator edward kennedy defeat mitt romney back in '94. meantime, mitt romney has not yet picked anyone to play the president in his mock debates, but he's had plenty of practice. he was in 19 gop primary debates.
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attorney general eric holder and republican congressman darrell issa are set to face-off later node a critical meeting 0en that botched "fast and
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furious" anti-gun running operation. the attorney general is expected to turn ever internal justice documents related to the program and the two have been battling over this for months. issa warns if holder doesn't give the information he'll move ahead with a contempt of congress vote tomorrow. congressman peter welch is a member of the house committee on oversight and government reform. good morning. >> good morning. >> the attorney general requested this face-to-face meeting with congressman issa to try to resolve this issue. what are you expecting from today's meeting? >> ideally they'd reach an agreement and understanding's this is essentially becoming a political spectacle and agenda. the goal of oversight, get to the bottom of what happened and hold people accountable. if this were a real investigation we would be going back to the bush administration and the bush attorney general. that's when this "fast and furious" started. attorney general holder is the one who unwound it. secondly, hold hear been very cooperative. testified eight different times
10:18 am
before congress. third, every time mr. holder has provided ream s documents, mr. issa changed the request, changed what he wants and keeps moving the goal post. >> you say that what you need, you already have, that this is just an ongoing set of political harassments? >> well, it looks that way to me on the basis of the fact holder has testified as i mentioned eight time. he's basically opened up his files and mr. issa has constantly changed what heats requesting. also, the big question, why doesn't the committee want to go back to the bush administration which this operation started? so you're isolating it, focusing your attention on the person who actually unwound the operation, who is not the initiator of it. no evidence whatsoever mr. holder was involved. it raises a question of political motivation. >> the rolling stone headline, talking about this, says the gop is at war with the attorney
10:19 am
general. do you think that's true or a little bit of hyperbole? >> a little bit of hyperbole, but a political battle and intended, i think, to discredit mr. holder. it's intended to discredit the justice department. and you know, oversight is an xroid narply important function the government has. and mr. issa has a lot of power as the chair of this extremely important committee. i strongly support having access to as much information as we legitimately can request, but there has to be some restraint. like way prosecutor. the awesome power requires judgment and restraint and it can't be used as a fishing expedition for political ends. i think we're at that point right now. >> is congressman issa serious? if the doj fails to provide the subpoena documents, do you think he'll move ahead with a contempt vote? >> i think he might. he's got the votes on the committee and it become as political deal. unfortunately, everything is so partisan.
10:20 am
if this is put before the committee on a republican majority the likelihood is mr. issa will probably get a contempt citation and probably get the vote, if he wants t. what do you make of this national border patrol council representing 17,000 of the agencies non-supervisory agents called for holder's resignation yesterday. what do you think about that? >> you know, actually i don't understand what their rationale is. there's an enormous amount of heartbreak because the "fast and furious" operation again, began in the phoenix office under the bush administration. and i'm not accusing president bush of knowing what was going on, but that's when it happened. one of those guns that ran across the border was used at a time when one of their agents got killed and there's an enormous sense of loss among that community and i think that probably is part of it, but there's no evidence whatsoever that attorney general holder had anything to do other than to try to get to the bottom of it in that operation.
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>> we'll continue to watch this today. big meeting coming up. congressman peter welch, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. i don't know if you've seen think, but the "new york post" has exclusive new photos off john edwards and his mistress, of course, that's rielle hunter. at a beachhouse in north carolina. i guess that's a no. over the weekend. they're in the paper just as more details are coming out from hunter's new memoir in which he describes elizabeth edwards as "crazy. a witch on whehe'll whose had constant rage." hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills.
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professional boxing from fraud and corruption. more young people are insured thanks to the president's health care law. the department of health and human services announces today that more than 3 million americans ages 19 through 25 now have health insurance through their parents' policies. that's up 11% in just a year. mitt romney took the wheel on a mississippi riverboat tour yesterday. looked comfortable at the helm with wife ann by his side. and politico got ahold of a musical line jurp for the republican national convention. kid rock is playing the last night in tampa. lynyrd skynyrd and tracy atkins also will perform. the democratic side, skipping the convention altogether. joe manchin, earl ray tomblin and nick rahall. president obama is very unpop lir in their states. and the five romney boys will all be together on conan.
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[ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. you do a lot of kayakingno. whoooa i'm in a river. what are some good kayaking words? like...rapids? look, i'm going through the rapids. ok. i'll take it. new offers in new places so you can try new things. sync your american express card with facebook, foursquare, and twitter to find savings. that's the membership effect of american express. women, so much for a romney/rubio ticket. a report this morning florida senator marco rubio you just on everybody's short list for vp hasn't been vetted yet by the romney campaign, which could be a strong indication he didn't make the cut. now, rubio's senate office are and top political adviser had no comment to nbc news. rubio wasn't saying either on cnbc this morning, although he
10:30 am
did seem to mount a defense to the criticism he doesn't have the experience to be vp. >> i won't discuss the vice presidential process out of respect for governor romney. i get new experience every day. issues that i have not dealt with as a state legislator. however, some of these things we're dealing with isn't rocket science. >> 64% support the president's new immigration policy. another poll shows a big jump for the president by latinos. bringing in "usa today" susan page and ken vogel. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, chris. >> let's start with the talk about rubio. i thought, susan, that maybe it seemed a little more likely after the president made his move on friday kind of as a way to counter it. what are you hearing about the possibility of rubio as vp, and did i hear too much when i thought maybe he was trying to explain away his lack of relative experience on cnbc this morning?
10:31 am
>> you know, i interviewed rubio the other day about his new book and he basically refused to engage on the kwef the vice presidency. but i am surprised i think definitely a scoop there by jonathan karl, because we assumed, rubio, a favorite of the tea party movement, can heb republicans reach out to latino voters, we thought at least on list. i'm a little surprised. let's hear what the campaign has to say about it maybe later today. i hope they come back and confirm, deny, whatever they'll do about this report. >> kennedy's not on the list. is this a surprise? >> absolutely would be a surprise. i think all of us assumed looking at his relative strengths that he's from florida, he could help whip his folk, he has a bit of foreign policy experience, where mitt romney is lacking, would make him an obvious selection or at least put him on the short list. i don't think we can necessarily rule at the possibility that he may still be 0en that short list and there may be early stages of vetting going on without his
10:32 am
knowledge. in other words, doing the baggrounding before they go to him and request documents detailing his finances and personal history and the like. so i wouldn't be surprised to see this, the veep sticks circle bag around and include him again and a lot more speculation until mitt romney actually choosing a nominee here. >> and producer adrian -- thank you, adrian. if rubio doesn't end up on the romney ticket, can he help them win still or do you think it's still a possibility? >> i mean, i think he can definitely help them. it's florida, florida, florida. especially with cuban-american voters in florida. maybe can't help with other latino voting blocks in florida, an election much closer than people thought, could definitely help romney. >> against a lot of social media buzz if not picked let alone just be on the short list. i read something on facebook. he's the big pick on facebook? >> it's not exciting to like a
10:33 am
u.s. senator on facebook. he has over 273,000 fans. the best engagement out of the other nominees on the list. he is a social media domino. >> and susan mentioned the book. actually competing book, one by him and one by brook porter. what don't americans know about marco rubio. >> his grandfather an undocumented immigrant for a time. technically it's true. he returned to cuba, ran out of money and went back to the united states. an immigration judge said you're not a refugee. you cannot get your immigrant visa. undocumented at that time. >> and secondly? >> secondly, actually, in april 2006, florida lawmakers were being criticized for not putting foster charon with parents and said what about the idea of expanding it to include gay couples? he said these are some of the most disadvantaged children in the state and shouldn't be part of a social experiment. >> susan, talking about the book a minute ago. we know what a book helped to do
10:34 am
for a young unknown senator, relatively unknown, named barack obama. will this book do the same for marco rubio? >> a great comparison. i don't think we've seen a figure in american politics rise as fast as marco rubio since barack obama. he's 41. he doesn't have to run for vice president. we to run for president in 16 years and only be 57. someone who will be around a long time. he's someone with a lot of promise and that's why people are paying so much attention to him. >> and you know, let's say that if rubio is-of-does not become the vice presidential nominee and there are a lot of other people who you could make an argument for. does mitt romney have to do something to shore up the latino vote? at least, suggested by george wilford, he would need to get the same 31% latino vote john mccain got to in order at least hope to win in november? >> i think in key states he's going to have to do better than
10:35 am
that. places like florida, colorado, nevada, where we see the contestant, hispanic vote. >> how does he do it? >> certainly picking marco rubio would be one way. short of that, he needs to ramp up over the summer, come up with a better answer when asked whether schae ports the president's executive order. so far we haven't seen him. we've seen him go at the process of it suggesting that an executive order is temporary. he would like to do something more permanent but hasn't actually said whether he would repeal the executive order or continue it. that's a problem and i also think that just -- hispanics have been a reliable, democratic voting block when they haven't been is when there has been a realconcerted effort to reach out on the karl rove positions on it. in the last few years republicans largely turned away from that position. it's going to be tough for mitt
10:36 am
romney. >> are you surprised he doesn't have a answer? it happened friday. asked five times by bob schieffer on sunday and then asked on fox again and still didn't have a real answer. are you surprised that the campaign hasn't formulated something a little clearer at this point given the stakes? >> you know, i think ken make as great point, because we haven't heard from mitt romney on whether he'll, would leave this policy in place as president. that might go a long way to reaching out to latino voters but put him at odds with core republicans who have extremely strong feelings about immigrants who are here illegally, whether they're children, young people or not. so it may be one of those situations where he is trying to pivot from the primary process to the general election and figure how to do that without reallyaple alienating two impor blocks. >> thank you all for coming. good to see you. day two of jerry sandusky's
10:37 am
defense and the big outstanding question is, will he take the stand? defense testimony began with character witnesses who defended sandusky's reputation. which was battered by eight witness whose said he abu abused them. and roger clemens acquittal or perjury charges is good for the game. it took jurors ten hours to clear charges that he lied to congress when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs. >> all you yeed media guys that me and followed my career -- i put a lot of hard work into that career -- and -- so -- again, i appreciate my teammates that came in and all the e-mails and phone calls. >> the yankees new york jederek
10:38 am
jeter is happy for his former teammate and that we can move on. and spying on his gay roommate out of jail. da roone ravi spent 20 days out for good behavior. in 2010 tyler clementi committed suicide days after the incident. and max page otherwise known as little darth vad sir waking up in his own bed after open heart surgery. he played darth vader in a super bowl volkswagen commercial. he had his seventh surgery. >> if this goes worldwide, go worldwide, because everybody does so much for me. i just want to say, thank you. you guys are so good. you are the best. come on, let's give them the force. >> doctors hope this will be his last major surgery. >> and microsoft hopes it has a game changer on its hands with a
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newly unveiled tablet computer. jackie deangelis is live at the nasdaq with what's moving your money. what's the buzz? how is this tablet different from all the others out there? >> good morning. what he know, the new tablet named surface. two versions. lighter one slarp to the ipad and a heavier device competing with the lightweight laptops we call ultra books. the microsoft tablets run on the mu windows 8 software. 10.8 inch screen and detachable keyboards and kick stands to set them up on the table and type away. no release date yet. don't know about the price either. wall street not seeming to be impressed with microsoft the offer, at this point. >> interesting. help on the way for frustrated credit card customers. tell us. >> an online database allows consumers to track complaints. the site goes live today letting users see what type of complaints have been filed against any bank that issues credit cards and search by zip
10:40 am
code and see how banks responded to other people's claims. the database may be extended to include mortgage, student loans and bank accounts. no doubt, helpful to consumers. >> cnbc's jackie deangelis. thank you. for the first time in a decade, tiger woods is not the highest paid athlete. t newest list, five, tennis star roger federer. $52.7 million in a year. number four, lebron james of the miami heat. $53 million. highest paid basketball player. a lot is endorsement, of course. up next, tiger. $59.4 million. down $16 million, though from last year. boxer manny pacquiao. die say that right? why can i never get his name right? don has no idea how to pronounce it. he's not talking in my ear. second with $62 million. not the highest paid. two fights, heavyweight champ floyd mayweather brought in,
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the brita bottle with the filter inside. big headline. latinos are no longer the largest group immigrating to the united states. a surprising study out today showing asian-americans are now coming to the u.s. at a faster rate than any other group. msnbc's richard lui is here looking into this. what's behind it? >> surprising new numbers. you wouldn't think it necessarily here, chris. we found asian-americans are now the face of new immigrants. not latinos. according to a new pew research study, the number of hispanics fell to three in ten as you look at the top here. in 2011. in terms of new immigrants. asians make up four in ten in the current number. almost doubled in that same a lot of time from a decade ago. so who are asian-americans that make up this group? depends on the study you look at. the united states lists 53
10:45 am
countries in its asian group, from turkey in the west to the pacific islands down here in the east. yes, india is considered part of the asian and asian-american. now, regardless of country of origin, the study shows a clear majority come here for better family life, jobs and futures. and when they get here, they say the u.s. is indeed better than their home country, when asked that question, except when it comes to moral values. despite their concern over moral values, they don't lean on conservative traditional stances. on homosexuality, for instance, should be accepted at the general public, with abortion, skewed with the general public. more supportive of it than not. do they vote? take these views to the voting booths? u.s.-born asian dos. three in four are foreign born and they are far less likely to go to the polls. when they do vote, they do go
10:46 am
left. 50% identify themselves at democrats. 63% voted for obama in 2008. their appears to be also some dissatisfaction according to this study, as a lesser number approve of the president's job today. now, here's where the asian-american vote will count. of the nbc news to sss-up state the four to watch, where asian-american pop langss are high enough to swing the outcome. >> look at the numbers in nevada and virginia. 8%, 6%. wow. >> big numbers. >> thanks, richard. i want to bring in chair of the asian-pacific islander american vote and non-partisan voter vocalization group and i guess the most obvious question is, you know, we've gopt this tight presidential race, numbers of 6% and 8% in virginia and nevada. how critical potentially could the asian-american vote be? >> it can make a huge difference. right? you saw it on the board there. in neff nevvada neff and virgin.
10:47 am
unprecedented happening and on the rise. seeing they're enjoying a political sophistication they've never had before. enjoying expanded coalition. they're about three times the number of candidates from the community running for congress. which can make a big impact on the balance of power here on capitol hill. >> do you think that's what is behind the number of only 48% in 2008 voted? because that -- what's it going to take to get more of them to the polls? and obviously, the democrats would like to see that, given that they tend to skew that way. >> yeah. they do tend to skew that way. i mean, i think all the polling would show that still both parties haven't really reached out to this community very much. so there's still a level of engagement that can happen. i think, though, even though folks are not registered or haven't been voting at much, there's still this conversation within the community. people especially over the course of the last ten years during their weekend gatherings
10:48 am
with their families are talking about how their wages are going down and how unemployment is going up. and this conversation is one that they're going to probably try to make a voice around at the voting booth. >> is it startling? barack obama has asian-american outreach program. correct? >> he does. he does. and actually has spoken to the community on several different occasi occasions, but i think throughout history what we've seen is, this raucous with the community. having more leaders appointed to senior positions within the administration. therapy in the halls of congress. there's a whole new kind of awareness starting to sprout up within the community, and i think that you're going to see that translate into more thrill activism. >> and i'm curious about if more people start going to the polls if there's is indeed an opening for mitt romney, we've seen that at least historically they tend to vote democratic. but it was fascinating to me looking at what richard says.
10:49 am
given their feeling about america's moral values and focus on the family and frankly that they're among the most educated and highest earners, and many of those high earners tend to skew republican, is thas vote, those non-voters, up to this point, who are up for grabs? >> no. there's an argument to be made. there's no question about it. and you know, about one therpd of asian-americans now are undecided. so, again, there's a conversation that could be had right there. there's no question that there tends to be a lot of affluence within the community, even though for every spelling bee champion thousands are struggling to pay for college. there's amazing amounts of diversity within the community. what's fascinating, though, when you look at communities in nevada or in florida, or in virginia, it's not exactly a monolithic. right? the filipino-americans, for example, in nevada ar strong block. the korean-americans or vietnamese-americans in virginia, indian americans and chinese americans across the board. these are all different diverse
10:50 am
communities that make up this asian-american community. >> yeah, unlike the latinos, who speak different languages. that may be part of it as well. at least all the ones who are recent immigrants. fascinating stuff. toby, great having you on the program. >> great. thanks for having me. this morning a group of roman kacatholic nuns are kicki off a bus tour. specifically congressman paul rhine today's tweet, "great des moines register lede 2347 iowa, even the nuns talk politics. ♪
10:51 am
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lucky to be alive. olympic proposal ann tyson on broadwa waway down to the wire. sneaker-style controversy. adidas cancels a sneaky with a shackle-like ankle cuff on it. critics say it closely resembles a symbol of slavery. adidas denies the suggestion was
10:54 am
linked to slavery. incredible x-ray photos taken of a teenager's brain after accidentally being shot in the head with fishing gear. it entered just above yasel lopez's right eye, through the back of his skull. doctors say he's lucky to be alive and is recovering. ouch. on a much lighter note, what could be more special than rahn income the olympic torch relay? well, getting engaged in the middle of it. he handed a flame to the guard and approaches proposed to his . she said yes, he continued to run. and starring for six nights only. tyson says nothing is off limits. neil patrick harris responded, mike tyce sn headed to broadway in a one-man show directed by spike lee? sweet gold with comedy. now i have to host the tonys again. best actor. right? >> yes. >> that wraps this hour of krch
10:55 am
kr chris jansing and "jansing and co." hi, everybody. next hour, can mitt romney get in this? attorney general eric holder comes face-to-face today, that's the plan. can the meeting contend for holder? the botched "fast and furious" operation? republican congressman joe walsh is my guest and asked for holder's resignation. and sleepless in salt lake. how the mormon church has been keeping up in response to all the questions ar mitt romney and the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. aspirin, really?
10:56 am
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and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. good morningeverybody. i'm thomas roberts. mitt romney trying to gain ground in crucial swing states while losing ground with a growing group of voters that could put president obama over the top in november. mitt romney is in his home state
10:59 am
of michigan where president obama remains slightly on top in the polls. meanwhile, the reaction to the president's executive order for younger illegal immigrants has put romney at a national disadvantage. nearly two-thirds of americans supporting the president's policy decision forcing romney into an corner on an issue he doesn't want to discuss in detail. >> the president i think made a mistake by putting out there what he called a stop gap measure, but i can tell you that those people who come here by virtue of their parents bringing them here, who came in illegally, that's something i don't want to football with. it's a political matter. >> and when it comes to vetting, reports of surfacing this morning senator marco rubio is not in contention to be paired with romney, though that report has not been ent dentally confirmed by nbc news, and top political advisers are not commenting on that story. however, senator rubio continues his audition for


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