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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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overnight. >> so there are going to be a range of steps they can take. none of them are going to be a silver bullet that solves this thing entirely over the next week or two weeks or two months. >> the question is, will a detailed plan to address europe's economic crisis come soon enough for the president who acknowledged last night his fate could be decided in the eurozone. >> if you'fewer folks are buyin stuff in paris or berlin, that means we're selling less stuff made in pittsburgh or cleveland. all these issues, economic issues, will potentially have some impact on the election. but that's not my biggest concern right now. >> still, the obama campaign is out with two new negative ads targeting romney's economic record as governor of massachusetts. take a look. >> i'm going to reduce taxes.
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i'm going -- >> as governor, mitt romney did cut taxes on millionaires like himself. but he raised taxes and fees on everyone else. on health care. on school bus rides. on milk. on driver's licenses. on nursing homes. on lead poisoning prevention. on fishermen gun holders. on nurses. >> mark murray, cnbc's political editor joins me now with our first read of the morning. and mark, a lot of stuff going on with obama talking about the eurozone crisis, mitt romney in michigan. it comes on the eve of a new poll from bloomberg showing barack obama 53%, mitt romney 40%. awfully high for the president, his best showing in quite some time. why is that? >> luke, it's one poll. and it's important to note, we don't know what's actually happened. maybe the immigration announcement we saw on friday has moved the needle a little bit. i will say from my reading of this survey, it actually had 33% of the surveyors and is likely voters were nonwhites. that's a little bit higher than
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you see in typical polls where the number is usually around 25 to 26 to 27%. but obviously, the obama campaign is going to take this as good news. we, of course, have been seeing a lot of polls in the last three or four weeks showing a very tight race between obama and romney. >> the big story yesterday was marco rubio. my colleague, jon karl from abc reported yesterday morning that marco rubio is not being vetted. mitt romney spoke about the vp vetting process. want to it take a listen and talk about it on the other side. >> i can't imagine who such people are, but i can tell you this. they know nothing about the vice presidential selection or evaluation process. there are only two people in this country who know who are being vetted, and who are not. and that's beth myers and myself. and i know beth well. she doesn't talk to anybody. the story was entirely false. marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> so after we woke up in the morning and we heard marco rubio
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is not being vetted, it seemed that there is kind of a swell of donors who wanted his name on that list. there is some pressure on the romney campaign. >> luke, marco rubio is a rock star in the republican party. and there is a demand in the republican base that he at least would be highly considered for this. but i will say, my big takeaway from yesterday after two reports came out that either marco rubio wasn't being vetted or being vetted as much as some other republicans out there, and mitt romney having to say, look, he's being seriously vetted, that kind of tells you that maybe rubio really isn't at that top of that list. if you have to go out and tell reporters that you're considering someone, maybe that someone is actually really not being seriously considered. >> and from all of the reports we're reading and from what i hear on the hill, it still seems like rob portman and tim pawlenty are 1a and 1b so far. >>. >> that's right. we have been letting people know about for a while, don't lose sight of tim pawlenty, runner-up four years ago to john mccain when mccain ended up taking
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sarah palin. and pawlenty makes some sense. the guy has been a very good surrogate for the romney campaign. he -- >> blue-collar hockey player,y january gel california christian. >> two-term governor. and also remember, he took -- he decided to take it pretty easy on mitt romney during the republican primary season. he had the opportunity to go after romney on health care, and he ducked at that presidential debate. >> famous debate. prove your manhood from john cain. but could end up in a vp nod of the maybe nice guys finish second, at least. mark murray, thank you so much for being here. a house committee is expected to proceed with a contempt vote against attorney general eric holder this morning. after a two-minute meeting, darrell issa failed to resolve a disputes over the documents in the fast and furious gunwalking program that led to the death of an agent. pete williams joins me now. pete, these are rare, a contempt vote for an attorney general. as far as i've seen, it's only
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really happened about two times in the modern era. talk to us about the process here, and what exactly is it, and what will happen? >> well, we expect the house will probably approve the contempt citation, and the committee -- rather, then goes to the full house. you know better than i what will happen there. if the house does pass this contempt citation, guess what? it's referred to the justice department for possible prosecution. actually sent to the u.s. attorney here in washington. these things usually don't go that far, luke. there usually is some kind of agreement, and there is more time built into the system. the full house wouldn't vote immediately, even if the committee approves it. the stand offis this. what the committee is saying or chairman of the committee, darrell issa is saying, we're going to have this vote unless you give us the documents. and the attorney general is saying, i'll give you the documents if it you'll call off the vote. and the two sides are just not able to agree here. issa says that the justice department basically stopped turning over documents. that's why it's doing this. the justice department said that
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it's made a good, sincere -- good-faith effort here to give more documents than the committee has asked for. and to give a briefing to members on what they mean. and the attorney general says if the committee was really serious about trying to find out what happened in this gun-running operation, it would take the dea deal. the fact it doesn't, the attorney general says, indicates this is political gamesmanship. >> and that will be the question, pete. political gainsmanship a legitimate gripe from darrell issa. if it goes to the floor, it will most likely pass. pete williams, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you bet. the buckeye state has been at the center of the past three elections. and in november, ohio could decide who wins the white house yet again. president obama and mitt romney are barn storming ohio. they made 16 visits there so far this year. and the two campaigns have spent at least $22 million in an effort to win the state's 18 electoral votes. >> manufacturers have started
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investing in america again. including right here in ohio. >> if you want to see the results of his economic policies, look around ohio, look around the country, and you'll see a lot of people are hurting. >> ohio over the next five months, this election will take many twists and many turns. >> ohio is going to make the difference. ohio, i need you to help me become the next president of the united states. >> democratic senator sherry brown of ohio joins me now. thank you so much for being on the program, sir. >> good to be with you. thanks, luke. >> in 2010, bill clinton said these comments at the die owinga community college, i want you to listen and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> the democrats are saying something like this. look, we found a big hole that we did not dig. and we didn't get out of it in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. don't go back in reverse.
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give us two more years. if it doesn't work, you have another election in two years, you can vote us out then. >> well, obviously, they voted a lot of democrats out in 2010. you guys shrunk in number. why do you and president obama deserve some more time, considering the economy has not necessarily grown at the rate of which has been promised before when the stimulus went forward? >> well, of course we want the economy to grow faster. it's all about job growth in our state. but look at it this way. from 2000 to 2010, we lost 5 million manufacturing jobs in our country. we have gained back since 20105 hundred thousand of those jobs, not enough, but because we have done the auto rescue, which clearly saved the state from depression. the auto industry all across my state is growing, is producing jobs. not just in the auto plants, but in the whole auto supply chain. the president and at our urging has enforced trade law in a way that presidents hadn't done since ronald reagan.
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we have a new steel mill in youngstown, producing steel and tires and other products because we're enforcing trade law. i was at the international trade commission yesterday to argue for stronger enforcement. if we pass our china currency bill, which was the largest bill -- jobs bill that passed the senate bipartisanly last year, that will help level the playing field. we're doing better. we've got to do better than we're doing. but ohio's unemployment rate has dropped three points since president obama took office. so we're seeing progress, and we don't want to go back to what mitt romney is offering. >> on your -- your race is interesting, because the gentleman you're running against, mr. mandel, has a tremendous advantage in terms of outside money. if you look at it, groups associated with him have had $8.3 million spent. 4 to 1 money advantage. your outside group is only about $1.7 million. mr. mandel has had numerous gaffes that have been reported by the ohio media. are you at risk of becoming sort of the first big-name politician
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to go down squarely because the citizens united decision? >> well, first, i'm not going to lose. but second, this is -- a perfect example when you have outside secret money, more than $8 million. we figure it comes from the oil companies, because they know -- we figure it comes from wall street, because they don't much like what i've tried to do on breaking up the banks and on consumer protection and all. we don't know. but this is an example where it's entirely money that's kept this race at all even close. it's not that-that close now. but it's all because of outside money. i have -- i'm organizing a group of people online. we've had 150,000 people sign up at to fight back not just against my race, but against this incredible amount of money from billionaires and oil companies and large insurance companies and drug companies that really are trying to buy our political system in a way that gives new meaning to the term buy america. >> one thing that you've been hit with is your failure to pay
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taxes on a condo in washington, d.c., 2006, 2007, 2011. can you assure the voters of ohio that right now you're in good standing with the irs? >> sure, i was late a couple times. i have a 400 square foot condo, costs less than $100,000 in washington, a place on capitol hill. i was late a couple times. i paid the small penalties because it was a small amount of taxes. i moved back in ohio from lorraine to avon and got lost. there is no excuse. but i've always paid my taxes. i always will, of course. >> and last but not least, you pull very well 51% to 37% over josh bandell. obama is 48-42 in our ohio nbc poll. as a progressive democrat, and we have to wrap this up quickly, how do you pull so well in a state like ohio better than the president when you are arguably a lot more progressive? >> voters know i'm on their side, i fight for
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manufacturing,it fight for jobs, i fight for middle class kids and working kids going to college by freezing interest rates on the subsidized stafford loans. i'm fighting for health care. they know what's what i get up and do every day in my state and for my state. >> senator sherrod brown, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. up next, the youngest member of congress who sits on the powerful ways and means committee, representative aaron shock warning washington lobbyists to buckle up. we'll talk to him next. and chaos in cairo, hosni mubarak believed to be near death at this hour, as protesters pour into tahrir square, fighting the military's power grab. first a look at the president's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. no public events scheduled because he got in late last night, 1:30 in the morning. i hope the president is getting a nap, as well as the white house press corps. nap it up. ♪ people living in competition ♪
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yet again, lawmakers on capitol hill are digging in their heels over extending the bush tax cuts, which expire at the end of the year. the white house says the president won't extend the cuts for the richest americans, even temporarily. but republicans are insisting on cuts across the board, and everyone is getting ready for a big vote in the house as early as next week on extending them. congressman aaron shock, republican of illinois and member of the house ways and means committee joins me now. mr. shock, thank you so much for being on the show. >> good morning, luke. good to be with you. >> you know as well as i do that republicans have owned the debt issue since 2010, used it very much to get elected. but if you look at the numbers,
9:17 am
the center on budget and policy priorities said simply letting the bush tax cuts expire on schedule or paying for any portions of policymakers decide to extend would stabilize the debt to gdp ratio for the next decade. the bush tax cuts, ex tenning them would add trills to the national debt. how can you be for debt reduction but extending the bush tax cuts? >> because we know what nearly every economist knows, and that is if you raise taxes in a down economy, it's going to make the recession worse. i think it's why the president was right a year-and-a-half ago after the midterm elections came out and said, look, we need to extend the tax rates as they currently are. now is not the time to raise taxes on any american. i think it's why president clinton two weeks ago said he thinks we ought to continue the tax rates as they are. larry summers, the former economic adviser to president obama has said we need to keep taxes where they are. and now, luke, just yesterday, the senate democrats were having conversations among themselves
9:18 am
about, you know, the fact they think perhaps we should extent the rates for at least one year. >> do you -- but you're for it to be put in forever. >> well, actually, we're not. the republican house position is we need to extend the tax rates as they are for one year, but also put instructions in that extension that in 2013, the ways -- >> are you saying -- are you saying that john boehner and eric cantor are not for the permanent extension of the bush tax cuts? >> that's not the conversations they've had with me. they want to throw the 70,000-page tax code out the window and get rid of all of the special deductions and loopholes and lower the rate to make our tax code more competitive. that was what was in the house past budget. that is what we're talking about in the next couple of weeks. next week, as you mentioned, the house ways and means committee is expected to take up a number of bills, extending the rate, but also putting instructions in there to do comprehensive tax reform in 2013. with -- whether it's president
9:19 am
obama, president romney, we need to have time in 2013 to do comprehensive reform. alice rivlin, who spoke yesterday before the senate budget committee, a democrat, former budget director under clinton, said the same thing. we're not interested in extending tax rates for a year by themselves. we think they ought to be extended, but also have instructions in there to simplify the tax code and do comprehensive tax reform. i think there's actually pretty good agreement among republicans and democrats in the house, and in the senate finance committee that we need to simplify our tax code and make america more competitive. >> you obviously have staked out a position on the economy that seems to be the mantra of the gop. but there is going to be a contempt vote today about eric holder. do you think those types of things -- and abortion votes distract from the message of the economy, which could prove to carry you to victory in the presidential side in november? >> well, i think for the most part republicans have been unified on their message of the economy. i think despite all of this
9:20 am
distractions that the president has tried to throw up, whether it be contraceptives or guy marriage or immigration, the fact of the matter is, the issue remains the same for the american people, and that means our economy is in bad shape, has not gotten better over the last three years and that is why the president and mitt romney are neck and neck right now. look, if attorney general holder is not complying with the government oversight committee requests for documents that they are legally entitled to, then they shouldn't just disregard that or shirk their responsibilities as the oversight committee of congress. but do i think that's going to be the major issue of the campaign or that we should shift focus as that should be our main message? absolutely not. >> but you're not worried that's a distraction. >> well, no. i think -- i think a lot of americans actually do care about what happened in the justice department with the gun-running incident in mexico. i hear about it when i go back home in my district. they say, hey, what's going on with holder, what do you know
9:21 am
the media is not telling us? they want us to get to the bottom of it. >> i want to ask you before we go, sorry to cut you off, but to get you on the record, who do you want to see as vp? >> oh, you know, i think -- there's a lot of good peep in the running. i -- you know, i'm going to be a supporter of whoever governor romney chooses. you know, i really like senator rubio. i think he's a dynamite person to go out and sell our party and talk about what we stand for. i'm a big fan of secretary condo lisa rice. >> you said rubio number one. so put you down as someone is happy the romney campaign is vetting him at this moment. >> i am. >> aaron shock from illinois. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you, luke. thanks. >> take care. the market rundown is next. but first, today's trivia question. both president obama and mitt romney attended multiple undergraduate institutions before receiving their degrees.
9:22 am
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9:26 am
and answers back and forth. market is going to be listening to every word he has to say. but, again, the market at this point is looking for an extension of operation twist. if they don't get it, you could see some disappointment and at this point we're just waiting to see what happens ahead of that. luke, i'll send it back to you. >> becky quick with our quick rundown. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. next, live in cairo where ousted leader hosni mubarak is reportedly clinging to life and tensions are rising over who won the presidential election. the city is a powder keg. plus, daring to dream. democratic congresswoman sanchez, the hispanic vote. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... ...advanced headlights... ...and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima.
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9:30 am
brotherhood candidate muhammad morsi and shafiq both claim victory. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us now, live in cairo. richard, first a question about president -- former president mubarak. he's in the hospital. clinging to life. close to death. how does that play out in the streets, and does it have any effect on the future of egypt's democracy? >> clinging to life, yes. we are told close to death. well, it depends how far you define close. his lawyer told us this morning that he's actually getting somewhat better, that his condition is stabilizing. but his health is in a very serious and grave condition. we've been told by a u.s. source that mubarak could have just days or perhaps a few more weeks to live. how this could play out? el with, this is a very dangerous time in this country. egyptians are still waiting for the official and final results
9:31 am
of the disputed election. as you mentioned, both sides, the muslim brotherhood and shafiq claiming victory. if mubarak were to die in the middle of this process, it would add another emotional element to a very volatile time. but, no, his direct health does not have any impact on the political process this country has moved beyond the mubarak era. but it is -- it is something that could have an emotional impact. >> as of right now, from where we stand, has there been any violence in the streets that would have an impact as the final count is completed? have there been protests that have grown to that stage, or has it been decently contained? >> you're showing images of a protest right now. there was a very large protest in tahrir square last night that was held by supporters of the muslim brotherhood. today in tahrir square, traffic
9:32 am
is moving as normal. so there's no protests there right now. there was one very large last night. but so far, the situation on the ground has been peaceful. the expectation is, however, that there could be clashes after that final announcement is made, and the final election results are supposed to be announced on thursday. >> obviously, it's always difficult to gauge these types of elections. but putting on your prognosticator hat here, who do you think has a better chance, morsi or shafiq? >> reporter: it's very hard to tell. the initial count that was reported by a variety of sources in egypt, arab sources, said that muhammad morsi, the muslim brotherhood's candidate had won. and that seemed to be credible to diplomatic sources i've also spoken to. so leaning toward mohammed morsi. but then shafiq came out
9:33 am
yesterday, his campaign claiming he had won. so he may have other data. i think we're only going to find out how this is resolved once the electoral commission makes its announcement. if if it comes out the electoral commission favors shaf shafiq, there will be many people in this country, however, who will cry fraud and that is what could trigger violence. >> richard engel from cairo, thanks so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. mitt romney is still trying to explain his position on president obama's executive order. easing deportation rules for some young people living here illegally. romney says he supports a long-term solution, but won't answer whether he would repeal the order if he wins in november. mean time, democrats are praising the white house for moving on immigration reform. one of them is congresswoman loretta sanchez of california. and she joins me now. and congresswoman, sanchez, thank you so much for being on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to ask you, obviously
9:34 am
the obama administration had set records for deportations. is this announcement last friday nullify that in the latino community? they now view barack obama as a friend? >> reporter: look, barack obama as president had worked very hard to do what the republicans and congress had asked him to do. continue to fortify the border, ask -- go after employers who illegally employ people. and deport criminals, and get some of this done. and he has. and so now we move into the second phase, a more positive phase that says, hey, let's take a look and figure out how people who are innocent in having come to this country, like these young people, and who are working very hard can stay here. so, of course, the latino community is embracing this and saying it's about time that we saw the second half. the second half, the part that republicans said, hey, we would
9:35 am
be for this if you do these other things first. so, of course, the latino community is happy with the presidents position now. >> mitt romney is running a new spanish-language ad touting the economy. come november, do you think latino voters will make a decision for president based on who can provide them a better economic future, or who provides immigrants a better chance of succeeding in the united states? >> well, because our -- because our country is a country of immigrants, latinos and hispanics are no different than any other group who has come here to the united states. and that is -- that we want the opportunity to educate our children, we want the opportunity to work hard, we want the opportunity to put our ideas into place and own our own businesses. and i believe that barack obama better understands that than
9:36 am
does mitt romney. mitt romney doesn't even want us to be here. so i think that's how the latino community is viewing it. so i believe that latinos will vote heartfully and in large masses for president barack obama in this november election. >> speaker boehner had this to say about the president's announcementses yesterday. i want to get your reaction after we play it. >> but the president's actions are going to make it much more difficult for us to work in a bipartisan way to get to a permanent solution. you know, the president himself said -- the last couple years that he couldn't do this. and so the question remains whether he's violating the constitution. >> there is talk on the republican side of marco rubio coming up with his own sort of dream act that could get a bipartisan vote total through the senate. do you think that this -- do you agree with speaker boehner, this
9:37 am
could perhaps have been a temporary victory for democrats right now, but hurt immigration reform in the long haul? >> look, i'll go back to what i said earlier. the republicans -- and i know this, because i was the chairman of the border security committee when we held control of congress a couple years ago. the republicans told us, listen, we would want to work towards doing something about people here and about allowing immigrants to be here. but before we can do that, you had to fortify the borders, you have to go after bad employers, you have to go -- you have to deport people. you know what? president obama did everything that they asked him to do. and now he's turned the corner and said, okay, i've done that portion. here's the positive portion. let's start looking at people and saying how do we keep them here in this country to help america? to help america. that's the key point. >> and congresswoman sanchez -- >> when speaker boehner says hey, you know, this is going to muddy the waters and this is going to be bad and bad blood between us, i just don't believe
9:38 am
that that's true. >> lastly, very quickly, you're working on a bipartisan bill to try and keep those that have a specialty in science and math who are immigrants here in the united states to fill the open jobs -- the job openings that are needed. start-up 2.0 bipartisan. tell us about how you see the future of that. >> that's correct. i think that we have a good shot at passing start-up 2.0. and what does that say? that says that those people who are here in had america who have been going through our universities that we need, especially in the stem, the science itemnology, engineering, mathematic arenas, let's help them to stay here in america in the new innovation that is america. the new way we compete in the economy. by the way, every time one of those people stays here, the employers put money into a fund that actually goes to help those young people, americans, in our kindergarten through the 12th grade system to get better educated, to get into those stem
9:39 am
programs. so it's a win-win all around. >> eric cantor, before has expressed some sort of support for this type of thing. have you talked to him at all, real quick? >> eric, i think, will be with us. we have plenty of republicans who are looking at this, we're trying to figure out a way to move it through to congress. >> congresswoman sanchez, thank you so much for joining us. take care. >> thank you so much. as chuck says, our hump day panel here next. we're digging into what's behind the republican effort to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. plus, is florida's so-called voter purge really an attempt to disenfranchise democrats? that's next. but first, the white house soup of the day. this one is disgusting. curry cauliflower soup. they play the new hipster song. and don't forget, you can always follow the show on facebook. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ now you're just somebody that i used to know ♪ >> yeah, this is that hipster song that all of the kids listen to now, top 40 hipster stuff.
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your trip begins at plo and all other parties in the lebanon area cooperated completely. and making it possible for us to evacuate the americans and the other nationalses without any incident whatsoever. daily flashback to this day in 1976 when the white house successfully evacuated americans and other westerners out of beirut following the murder of the u.s. ambassador in lebanon. get this. with the help of guerrilla fighters from the palestinian organization. a ship picked up 300 pple and took them to syria where they were then safe. interesting, the plo on the side of the united states. been a while since we have seen that. is florida senator marco ruin ruin owe being considered
9:44 am
as a vp pick or isn't he? mitt romney was forced to address it head-on. >> marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> it's been an interesting day. look, i don't want to talk about the process. i haven't up to this point. >> let's bring in our wednesday panel, msnbc contributor perry bacon. michelle bernard of the center for women, politics and public policy. and jake sherman, congressional reporter for politico. welcome, all. interesting day on the marco rubio front yesterday. we wake up, jon karl, our colleague on the hill, says he's not being vetted. a little dismay from donors. and then about the time the night falls, he is being vetted! what happened, michelle? >> let's say that was a big oops moment yesterday. i mean, most -- i would say most of the american public probably was absolutely stunned to arhea the statement he was not being vetted, made no sense
9:45 am
whatsoever, he's well-liked, personal, given the republican party's image problem with the hispanic community at this point in time, you had to scratch your head and say, why wouldn't you consider marco rubio? and i think mitt romney woke up by the end of the day, and said, man, we've created a huge problem here. >> and on the hill, jake, rubio has got a lot of popularity. that's right. and you saw rubio's supporters come out and say why isn't he being vetted, this is a mistake. now if romney doesn't choose him, which is a ways off, we're going to see people say what was in his background that made him not get chosen as the vice presidential candidate. so that will be an interesting dynamic. >> jon karl, great reporter, no doubt got the information right. >> absolutely. >> you stand with karl. >> i assume rubio was not being vetted and perhaps isn't being vetted. and the romney campaign is very concerned and is everything he said about the experience of the person, not having a sarah palin-like problem. so i actually was very surprised rubio was picked and not surprised he wasn't being
9:46 am
seriously vetted until yesterday. it would not surprise me at all if someone like portman or pawlenty gets the pick eventually. >> another story, the ongoing fight between eric holder and darrell issa. eric holder said this yesterday when he was on the hill. >> i think the ball is in their court. they rejected what i thought was an extraordinary offer on our part. >> ultimately, the documents necessary to cause a postponement appear to be in their possession. >> jake, you've been following this story. what's going on here, and more importantly, how does the leadership feel about this? are they worried it distracts from the economy message? >> the freight train is going full speed. contempt vote happens by noon today we're told in committee. and then it will head to the full house floor. speaker john boehner and eric cantor are very cognizant their 242 members want this vote. they're angry at eric holder, they don't trust eric holder. the interesting dynamic will be whether there are documents that
9:47 am
come to the hill before the vote happens on the floor. there are elements, significant elements within house republican leadership that think this is a really bad message. the economy is struggling. obama's numbers are not where he wants them to be. so why get off message? that's what some people, high-ranking aides and even lawmakers in the house republican conference are telling us. >> you know, luke, when you -- for a different vantage point, when you think about just the damage that has been done over the last year to the gop's brand, this is just another -- adds more fuel to the fire. the economy is in a very, very bad place. we should be talking about job creation. we should be talking about all of the pocketbook issues that matter to americans. and this is just another thing that i think gives the obama administration and the obama campaign a little bit more fuel to go to the american public and say why won't they just do their job? we don't elect members of the congress to come in and beat up on the attorney general and be obstructionists. ask them to do their job and back off eric holder.
9:48 am
>> another dynamic of obama versus congress. >> exactly. >> a fight he has actually won. we'll have a lot more of this discussion when we come back. but trivia time. we asked how many u.s. presidents attended more than one school before receiving an undergraduate degree? the answer is five. john quincy adams, james garfield, woodrow wilson, john f. kennedy and jimmy carter all went to more than one college before graduating. jfk went to prince ton for six weeks and then got sick and went to harvard. smart guy. we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. uncover stronger, younger looking skin.
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let's bring back our esteemed panel. and we have a little bit of news to report this morning. george lemieux is dropping out of the race for the senate seat held by mr. nelson in florida. it's nelson versus mack and connie mack getting the backing
9:52 am
of freedom works and hence why mr. lemieux is probably more inclined to drop out but florida, florida, florida, florida is an amazing state with presidential stuff. interesting poll of quinnipiac but white voters support it 67 to 29. black voters oppose it 56 to 38. is this racial politics do you think, perry? >> not very surprising. what you have seen not only in florida but the country is new pushes for republican governors to sign laws that in their mind prevent voter fraud and turned out in a lot of cases minorities worry they're targeted the most by the laws and not surprised al sharpton rallied against the laws and opposed to these laws but in general, should we make sure noncitizens cannot vote
9:53 am
they'll say yes and not surprised why you're seeing this divide here. >> michelle? >> here's the problem. nobody wants for there to be election fraud anywhere in the country. that's a given. the question is, is this being done because people are genuinely worried about voter fraud or being done because republicans feel that african-americans more often than not vote democratic an could be people -- i think a reasonable question to ask is this just another strategy to somehow have an impact on the votes that barack obama's going to receive in november from the african-american community? we talk largely about the enthusiasm gap within various skro votes blocs. seems to be a strategy to say if we can get the african-american vote lower than what it was in 2008, maybe we have a shot in florida and maybe we have a shot in other states and that's a problem. >> i'm fascinated about these voter i.d. laws because if you talk to republicans privately on the hill, they acknowledge
9:54 am
there's not a ground swell of a problem out there for this. but it's something that sells very politically well. you need an i.d. to buy cigarettes and beer and buy a gun. why not to vote? >> a lot of districts -- that's true. a lot of house districts redrawn in florida. they have a nonpartisan redisstricting committee and they had solidly republican districts like allen west going in a new district. >> doing this from scott. >> this plays w s big. big issue. >> fascinating to see how it plays out. jake, start us off with the shameless plan. >> politico's huddle. my colleague on the capitol hill. >> congratulations. the huddle is better than playbook. don't hate me. my snell. >> "the washington post" she the people blog. i'm a member of it. we have great, fascinating pieces on "the washington post" blog.
9:55 am
i hope people take a look abarry? >> my brother aaron turns 29 tomorrow. happy birthday. >> the last one before you get old as mickey mantle says. >> the congressional woman's softball game tonight. come on out and help raise money for the fight against breast cancer. next, "jansing and co.." . come on down and raise money to fight breast cancer. here's your business traveling forecast. on the first day of summer, feels like in many areas of new england. watching the cold front and relief for minneapolis with rain and thunderstorms. still one more hot day in chicago today at 97. look at the temperatures new york to boston to d.c. mid to upper 90s todayment try to stay cool.
9:56 am
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let me show you something new. come on. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. so you can watch them on your laptop, tablet, phone...anytime, anywhere. cool, huh? yea! yea! what'd you guys think that it would cost? i thought it'd be around $10. it's only $2 per disc. that's a great price. bring in your favorite dvds. see for yourself. -boooom! -boooom! [ host ] sign up at today and get six free movies. that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. good morning. i'm chris jansing. a major new development from the white house. we just got this information and it's happening just as the house committee expected to hold a vote. to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of contempt. president obama we have just learned asserted executive privilege over the documents sought by the house committee and could have a big affect on
9:59 am
the contempt proceedings. let me give you background. congressman issa wanted more documents regarding fast and furious to track guns smuggled in to mexico. >> the position is give us the documents. their position is they'd like to give us a briefing and then documents supporting their assertion that essentially there was no wrongdoing. and then bring it to a close. >> but up until this point the attorney general has bb insisting that he's turned over 7,600 pages of documents already. and called the whole thing political gamesmanship. >> i don't know. i think the ball's in their court. they rejected what i thought was an extraordinary offer on our part. because they have i guess until they decide they have the ability to change their minds. >> and democrats have been defending the attorney general saying he has been reasonable and cooperative. >> i think it's unfortunate that things have got on the this po


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