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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it's a group obama last addressed as a candidate in 2008, promising to pursue immigration reform from his very first day in office. >> reform that finally brings the 12 million people who are here illegally out of the shadows, requiring them to take steps to become legal citizens, putting them on a pathway to citizenship. that has to be one of our priorities. and i say it now, and i will say it after i'm president. >> of course, comprehensive immigration reform never happened. and last week, the president announced he would use executive authority to allow many young people in the country illegally to remain here to stay. yesterday, romney, making his own pitch to the group, did his best to prevent the president from running up the score with latino voters. >> he'll imply you don't really have an alternative. i believe he's taking your vote for granted. i've come here today with a very simple message. you do have an alternative.
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>> now, romney's tone was a striking departure from the rhetoric of the rublican primaries. still, he didn't answer directly how he would handle the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. >> some people have asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own long-term solution that it will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure. i'm going to address the problem of illegal immigration in a civil and resolute manner. we may not always agree. but when i make a promise to you, i will keep it. >> mark murray is nbc's senior political editor and joins us now. and mark, yesterday mitt romney's speech, that to me, it struck me as the tone the romney campaign wants to have. serious, in control, appears like a leader, not making awkward jokes, not trying to make awkward interactions, saying here is the alternative to barack obama. i'm not going to give a lot of specifics here, but i look
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serious, somber, looks like i know the challenges ahead. >> luke, in addition to him talking about immigration, he also focused on the economy, too, the issue he thinks is going to be his trump card in this election. but what really struck me was the change in the tone. mitt romney in 2011 and much of the 2012 republican primaries and also remember in his first presidential bid in 2007, 2008, sometimes use illegal immigration as a weapon to kind of hit his republican opponents, as well as kind of establish his conservative credentials for a guy who is a massachusetts governor. yesterday we saw a rhetoric from him we certainly didn't see during the republican primaries. >> not at all and while light on specifics, there were a few items we surely didn't see in the primaries, which are nicer to immigrants. let's take a listen. >> our nation benefits from moms and dads and their kids all living together. i'd realoe indicate green cards to those seeking to keep their families under one roof. i would staple a green card to the diploma of someone who gets an advanced agree in america.
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anyone willing to stand up and defend this great nation through military service. >> a little bit of the dream act there. you have a little bit of a bill that mr. cantor is talking about, about trying to keep tech degrees here in the country. interesting stuff. >> it was. but it focused more on legal immigration, rather than what you end up doing with all the undocumented immigrants in the country. and, of course, the biggest criticism that's coming from romney's speech is that he really didn't answer the question to the president's executive action from last week on what do you do with these young latinos who might be pursuing a college degree who would be serving in military, and -- since he wasn't able to say what he would do as president, would he end up reversing that, it was something that actually a lot of people were kind of questioning, that he didn't give a big answer to that. >> and he still has been saying, in fact, it wouldn't matter, because his policy as president would supersede it. new poll out, pew poll,
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barack obama, 50%. who do you trust handling the economy, mitt romney, 49. barack obama 41. who do you trust to do a better job handling social issues, barack obama, 52. mitt romney, 36. that to me is sort of a microcosm of the campaign right there. the obama campaign saying we're so much better on everything. mitt romy, economy, economy, economy. it's reflected in the polling. >> luke, good news for both campaigns. the obama campaign dealing with a tough past month, still ahead. even though it's incredibly close. it would be actually sending panic signals if all of a sudden we saw some national polls like pew showing the obama campaign behind. but then the good news for the romney campaign, the economy continues to remain the trump card. for the obama camp, they need to make the economy just an even draw. to make it where those poll numbers -- it's 45% to 45%. but with mitt romney having the slide advantage there, that's his path to the presidency.
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>> looking at those numbers, i want to see suburban women voters. that's going to be it. last but not least, a few things going on today. this week, rather, mitt romney holding a -- quite a swank gathering out in utah. the all-star romney retreat with bundlers, paul ryan, carl cove, tim pawlenty, bob mcjond donald, john mccain, eric cantor. >> all about maintenance. we saw mitt romney raise a considerable amount of money in may. the obama campaign is bracing for the fact romney will raise more money in june. and where this money is coming from isn't the small donors, not coming from people giving $1,000 to the romney campaign. this is coming from people writing up to $75,000 in checks. some of it going to the campaign, some of it going to the republican national committee. others going to the romney victory fund. and these folks who are attending are all the campaign's big bundlers, people writing the big checks. one thing we don't know and we have talked about this in the past, we still don't have a full list of the romney bundlers, something that george w. bush,
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john mccain, barack obama have all done in past presidential elections. what. >> do we expect from the president today at the conference in orlando? >> we saw him. how does he answer to latinos about why he wasn't able to solve comprehensive immigration reform and get that passed? he's going to get a very enthusiastic welcoming, particularly from the announcement he gave last week. but it will be interesting to see what he says, why he wasn't able to accomplish comprehensive immigration reform in his first three-and-a-half years. >> mark murray, thank you so much for joining us. jury deliberations resume this morning in the child sex assault trial of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. this as nbc has learned sandusky's adopted son matt was ready to testify that he was molested by sandusky when he was a foster child in the sandusky home. nbc's ron allen has been following the trial in bellefon bellefonte, pennsylvania and joins us now. ron, what's the latest update? both sides have rested. how does it look going forward? >> reporter: well, let's start with the matt sandusky thing. that was a huge bombshell that
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dropped here in this town. he apparently hired a couple lawyers who went to prosecutors in recent weeks and said -- and told them he was ready to testify against his father. jerry sandusky. if he ever took the witness stand. of course, that didn't happen. but this is significant in a number of -- for a number of reasons. because there are still many other criminal matters to come. there are many legal matters to come, i should say. there are two penn state administrators who face criminal charges as an internal penn state investigation. so all that could weigh -- matt sandusky's testimony, his allegations could weigh in all of that. here, the jury is beginning again, and they, of course, will not hear that. here they're beginning again 9:00 this morning, and should be under way, if not already, soon. jerry sandusky is here with his wife. the attorneys are here. last night they went until about 9:30 last night. they have 48 separate criminal charges to weigh through. so they've got a lot of work to do and there's every indication they're taking this very
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seriously, of course and may go through that very, very methodically. so this could take time. everybody trying to read the tea leaves to see what this jury is going to do, how long it's going to take, and of course no one really knows. yesterday, last evening, they did ask for two -- the testimony of two witnesses. one of them is mike mcqueary, two hours of testimony. mcqueary, you'll recall, is a former assistant football coach who as a graduate student back in 2002 said that he witnessed, heard, saw some evidence of jerry sandusky in a shower with a young boy. what that means, are they focusing on that, on something else, we don't know. but, again, the jury is back in deliberations, and this goes on until it goes . luke? >> ron allen in bellefonte, p.a. from the sandusky trial. thank you so much for joining us. tensions are rising in egypt as officials postpone the announcement of the country's presidential election results. tens of thousands of mostly islamist protesters gathered in at that rear square, demanding reinstatement of the parliament dissolved by the high court last
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week. joining me is eamon mohadine. third day of protests, what is the outlook for democracy in egypt? >> reporter: well, right now, it depends who you ask. but according to the protesters, a bleak assessment. it is in some ways a game of brinksmanship. the election commission has delayed announcing, and that has heightened attentions here, because the muslim brotherhood, their candidate and their supporters feel the military counsel is in cahoots with the presidential elections commission to try and steal this election. on the other hand, you have the former prime minister, jaffe who served under mubarak declared himself the winner. adding a great sense of confusion. the presidential elections commission being tight-lipped hearing appeals about irregularities and claims of fraud. but so far, no indication who the official winner is, despite
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both candidates claiming they're the victor. >> thank you so much from cairo. from fast & furious to immigration and health care. from the eric holder grilling to hot-button issues like health care. it's shaping up to be a sweltering summer on the hill. the strategy session is up next. mitt romney and president obama duke it out over immigration. could romney cut into his lead with hispanic voters? first a look at the pre's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. a little florida travel. ♪music plays throughout
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the decision to invoke
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executive privilege is an admission white house officials were involved in decisions that misled the congress and have covered up the truth. so what does the obama administration hiding in fast & furious. >> instead of creating jobs and helping the middle class, congress republicans are focused on this politically motivated fishing expedition. >> a long, simmering fight between attorney general eric holder and house republicans is an all-out war. john boehner promises a contempt vote in the full house next week, and both sides are digging in for a battle. >> senior adviser of the young guns action fund and former spokesman for house majority leader eric cantor. and democratic strategist doug thornel former press secretary for chris van holland. welcome. it was said in the "washington post" about the eric holder versus the house republicans, quote, holder is playing to lose
9:15 am
if the gop will let him. no republican or conservative commentator should even raise it. the public tunes out when something becomes just another partisan squabble. why isn't this more obvious to the gop leaders? you used to work for a gop leader, brad. is this distracting from the economy? >> not at all. and i think you need to step back and look at what we're dealing with here. good politics isn't about payback. but this is about a border security agent who lost his life. and probably lost his life with a gun that was purchased by the united states government. and there are serious questions here. one of the top responsibilities of congress is oversight. and it is their job and their responsibility to get in and look at that. >> you as a democrat, do you like this, doug? are you able to say there's no jobs bill, this is simply a partisan payback issue for 2008? >> well, today marks 100 days since the senate passed a transportation bill. bipartisan bill that would create about 2 million jobs. it's sitting, collecting dust right now in the house. we've got student loan interest rates that will going to go up. house republicans haven't acted on that.
9:16 am
several job provisions that the president has sent house republicans. they haven't acted on it. now, i agree with brad that we definitely need to get to the bottom of this. and the administration has complied, they have turned over thousands and thousands of documents. they have sat for multiple hearings. there's no evidence of wrongdoing. this was a program started under the bush administration that eric holder ended. and he's complied with almost all of their -- >> how much is this -- >> i don't think it's red meat at all. i think if you were asking a political strategist, should they go forward on this, there would be a big mix of opinion on that. this is their responsibility to do. and they're taking the appropriate steps forward and they're going to look at it. and if doug wants to talk about things collecting dust, i would look at the 30-plus jobs house republicans have passed sitting on harry reid's desk. >> 30 talking points. >> jobs bills are little more than talking points. >> none of those create jobs. and republicans know that. >> let's talk about a theory that nancy pelosi had on the eric holder situation. she said this yesterday.
9:17 am
>> don't forget, they're going after eric holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states. this is no accident. it is no coincidence. it is a plan on the part of republicans. >> doug, is that an overreach right there? they're going after eric holder because he's going after voter suppression? >> they're going after eric holder, because they want the to embarrass the president, they want to cause political problems. and that's what republicans have said for a very long time. and if you remember, this whole strategy of ting to undermine the president and not do anything to strengthen the middle class began inauguration night when republicans, including eric's old boss, gathered at a fancy steak joint and basically plotted as to how to oppose the president every step of the way. and they have done that. and this is just part of a larger strategy to undermine him and not do anything on jobs and not do anything on the middle class. >> this is simply about a border
9:18 am
control agent who lost his life and answers and eric holder can provide them. either eric holder is incompetent or not telling the truth. >> i think he's turned over the documents and republicans know that. they're just trying to keep this going. it's just like the solyndra witch hunt they've not going where there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. republicans know this is a politically manufactured controversy and trying to score points. >> another big controversial issue coming to fruition today or next week, the health care ruling. richard murdoch, a senate candidate in indiana posted some videos about potential responses to this ruling. sadly, they all leaked out and he had a response to whether or not it was struck down. let's take a listen. >> we've had our brief moment of celebration because the supreme court ruled that obama care is in fact unconstitutional. but don't sit back and think the fight is over. while the supreme court has done what really none of us thought would happen.
9:19 am
they ruled obama care constitutional. now the fight has moved from the courts to the united states congress. the united states supreme court has done what none of us expected. they found an answer to the health care issue, which basically led them to no decision at all. >> speaker john boehner sent out this memo to house republicans about the health care law. quote, if the court strikes down all or part of the president's health care law, there will be no spiking of the football. brad, how big of an issue is this for the gop not to look like they're trying to be excited over a supreme court issue keeping a somber tone. is that going to be a problem for the rank and file. ? >> i don't think it's going to be a problem and nothing they're excited about. this is an issue important to people. health care. a serious issue. i think what speaker boehner is referring to, he learned a lesson from the previous congress. you remember the day democrats passed this unconstitutional health care bill, speaker pelosi held a victory parade outside the raburn office building. you remember that. >> yeah.
9:20 am
well, it's interesting. first of all, murdoch is taking more positions on health care than mitt romney, which i didn't think was possible. so the other thing is, let's also -- let's step back and think about what we're talking about on health care. if this is ruled unconstitutional, if it's totally scrapped, we're talking about seniors who are going to have to pay more for prescription drugs. we're talking about kids who now covered because when they didn't have it -- with the pvious health care system. we're talking about small businesses who have tax cuts now who can pay health care for their workers. i mean, we're talking about kids with diseases that they couldn't get coverage. now they have it. so this is -- this is serious. and i do think that what we do know is that if it is scrapped, republicans aren't going to do anything about it. >> are you going to -- >> they're -- >> they're not going to replace it with anything. >> there's a lot of different provisions important to look at and popular ones. preexisting conditions being one of them. buying insurance across state lines being one of them. what i can tell you republicans won't do is repeat the mistakes of of a previous congress, which
9:21 am
is overreach, ramming through a bill on partisan grounds and doing something so large they don't know what's in the bill. >> well -- >> step-by-step process, and incremental progress that helps people navigate through this complex health care. >> you know, first of all -- they rammed through their budget, which would dismantle medicare and dismantle medicaid. i think there is no evidence that republicans are going to do anything on health care. except take us back to this system that we had before. and maybe they liked that. >> doug fornell, two passionate individuals. the nation's biggest banks waking up to bad news this morning. the market rundown. plus, would leaders be more willing to compromise if their own paychecks were on the line? but first, today's trivia question. the clintons had socks, the bushes had barney and the obamas have bo. what animal did president john quincy adams keep in a bathroom
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driving the markets here and abroad. moody's decision to downgrade 15 banks and financial institutions. among them, bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs and jpmorgan. cnbc's becky quick is here joining us for the market rundown. and this is big news for a friday, becky. >> it is, luke. you take a look at these 15 institutions that have been downgraded, it's a major issue and major problem for some of them, because by being downgraded, it's more than just the embarrassment. it's more than just having to deal with the markets. it also could raise borrowing costs for some of these banks, too, because if you've got a meier credit rating, you're able to do things like putting up less collateral for some trades you're making. as a result, they're going to
9:26 am
have to put up more money and that could hurt they're revenue. for most market watchers, wasn't a huge surprise. morgan stanley was only cut by two ratings instead of three, so as a result morgan stanley shares have been trading higher yesterday. overall, though, it tells people exactly what a lot of people had already expected. these banks are in a position where they're not going to be making as much money as they had before. you've got nervous investors running every time they get a headline that comes out of europe that scares them. banks are left profitable. and, you know, today, luke, we're looking at a friday where we're opening 70 points after the dow dropped yesterday 250 points. it's all about europe at this point and headlines scare people and that's one thing we need to remember as we head into a weekend. >> it keeps a lot of capital buttoned up and not into the economy. becky quick, thank you for joining us. come up, no budget, no pay. can a bipartisan group of congressmen strong-arm leadership into passing a budget before october 1st. and lebron james finally
9:27 am
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let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. here are some other stories we're watching this morning. afghan officials say taliban militants have killed at least 18 people in an attack at a lakeside hotel north of kabul. the insurgents reportedly killed the security guards and stormed inside, taking aim at guests who were eating. afghan security forces battled with the taliban attackers for 12 hours, eventually killing all of them. an update on yesterday's twitter outage. the company is blaming a cascading bug for bringing down the site for at least two hours. the company says the issue is now fixed. and we're free to tweet. miami heat fans are
9:31 am
rejoicing today after king james finally got his crown and brought him the nba title. the heat defeated the oklahoma city thunder 121-106 in game five of the finals last night. the heat lost the first game but then won four straight leading to immense sorrow in cleveland this morning and even washington, d.c. i would argue one title for lebron in cleveland would have equalled five in miami but he chose the easy way out. no budget, no pay. that's a new bill, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to push through the house. e premise? hold lawmakers to a simple work ethic. if you don't get the budget passed each october, then you don't get your salary. joining me now, lead sponsor of the bill, congressman jim cooper, democrat of tennessee and co sponsor, republican congressman reed ribble. they're joining me now. they're part of the fix congress now caucus. welcome. thank you so much for being here. >> good morning, luke. >> good morning, luke. good morning, jim. mr. cooper, i'll start with you. no budget, no pay.
9:32 am
essentially if congress can't get a budget by october 1st, you guys don't get paid. and you had a great quote. you said we'll have engaged the most powerful lobbyists on earth to get it done, namely our spouses. they will get angry if we're not paid. talk about your bill. >> well, that's right, luke. the idea is very simple. no work, no pay. and the idea is very powerful. because congress has not been held responsible for its collective behavior. we've really not passed a budget appropriations bills on time in like 14 years. you just talked about how 15 banks have been downgraded yesterday. america could be downgraded very shortly if we don't get our work done on time. the deadline is october 1st, and this is one of the laziest congress's in history. we only worked seven days in may. we're barely working more than that in june. no highway bill. other essential pieces of legislation are not being passed. so it's time to take action. >> mr. ribble, obviously this is a bipartisan measure. do you think you could see
9:33 am
bipartisan ideas in a large-scale budget? obviously democrats like to see a revenue increase. >> well, yeah. i think it can be done. i mean, the house has spoken. we've -- i was in congress, i'm a freshman member. i was in congress about 110 days when we passed our first budget. my second year, we passed it again and we passed it on time. and so on the house side, as far as the budget goes, we've got it done. but the senate has enacted. i think historically, if you look back almost every time there's an election year, it's not 100% this way, but almost every time there is an election year, the senate and house doesn't come together with the budget. and jim spoke a little bit of the appropriations process. we're not even getting our appropriations bills done on time. and so jim and i and others, both republicans and democrats, have decided we want to fix this. and we're going to start to apply pressure and coming on your show this morning will help, because the american people will begin to speak up if they hear about it. >> realistically speaking, what are some areas of agreement that you guys could come to in this
9:34 am
type of bill? i mean, could you have significant entitlement reform? could you have revenue increases, or could you have some smaller things that might be beneficial to the citizenry? i'll go to mr. cooper. >> we really need to have everything on the table. i like the simpson/bowles approach, but it's got to be hashed out by congress. and it's not enough for the house to do its thing and the senate to do its thing. we've got to come together as a congress and take responsibility. because we live in the greatest nation on earth. we've got to keep it that way. and right now, we're dangerously close to not only losing our credit rating, but other forms of national weakness. so it's time for congress to get its act together. congress, according to most experts on a bipartisan basis, has really never been this broken. so let's fix it, and let's fix it now. we've got a few weeks left in the session. really only 23 days left, according to the congressional calendar before the election. we've got to move fast. >> can i ask you, where do we fix it, though? where can we agree? both of you, where can we find something we can take home and sign into law?
9:35 am
>> i offered two months ago the simpson/bowles budget entitlement reform and taxes. it's got to be done -- we've only got 38 votes in the house. >> mr. ribble? >> i think you'll see it here in a few days, maybe. there has been a conference committee working on the highway bill and transportation bill. we've made quite a bit of progress over the last 30 days. i think -- might be able to get some things wrapped up maybe this weekend if we need an extension, we'll get it. but i think there has been a lot of progress made on the higay bill, done in a bipartisan fashion, both in the senate and in the conference committee. and i think you might actually see some things happen. but it does take pressure and it takes a certain dent of will by members of congress to say the american people are more important than these political careers that people have been protecting and it's time to move some things forward. i know as a freshman member, i'm pretty frustrated with the process and the pace. but i also recognize the founders set up a system that requires us to move toward
9:36 am
consensus, that means we have to start by talking to one another and stop demonizing ideas the other side has. >> i'll pose this question to both of you, and mr. ribble, you can go first and mr. cooper's opinion. how much do you think of grover norquist's tax pledge has to do with the gridlock we see today in congress? >> i think it's overstated. the fact of the matter is, members of congress are going to do what they have to do to get this situation rectified. obviously, we can't move at all until the senate passes something as it relates to a budget. and if they would just pass one, we could at least begin to talk about it together and try to find out where the common ground is. but i think the no tax pledge has been a little bit overstated as far as how much power it has on capitol hill. >> mr. cooper? >> luke, i think the only oath of office that anybody should take is to the constitution. because we owe our duty to our nation, to our people, to the greatness of this nation. these other pledges really just get in the way. and when 95% of one party has pledged to take a huge thing off
9:37 am
the table, that makes negotiations extremely difficult. so let's put our country first. we must do that, because america is slipping, and slipping badly. and congress is part of that unless we fix congress. it's really a question like a veterinary medicine. how do you get the animal to take the pill? it's got to be strong enough to work. it's got to be tasty enough for them to swallow it. will congress swallow this? and right now, the leadership of both parties in both houses is against our proposal. we need a ground roots -- grass roots effort here to build support for this so we can get it passed in this congress. >> well, i suspect you'll have a difficult time this congress, but perhaps 2013. jim cooper, reid ribble, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks, luke. up next, our friday political panel. obama and romney go head-to-head over immigration. and the real story behind the romney camp and florida governor rick scott. and there's a new voice for american latinos. check out for the latest on the issues impacting
9:38 am
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9:42 am
i would be very interested to see the g.i. bill fight in today's congress. the fight for hispanic voters continues today as president obama heads down to the battleground state of florida to address the national association of latino elected and appointed officials. his speech comes one day after mitt romney spoke to the same group and took some shots at the president. >> tomorrow, president obama will speak here. of course, that's the first time he spoke in here since his last campaign. he may admit that he hasn't kept every promise. and he'll probably say that even though you aren't better off today than were you four years ago, things could be worse. he'll imply you don't really have an alternative. i believe he's taking your vote for granted. >> let's bring our friday panel. senior editor of the national review and columnist. david drecker and jill zukman former spokesman for transportation secretary, ray
9:43 am
lahood. on message, trying to appear as a somber leader and came further to the middle than he was during the primaries on the topic of immigration. he said this about military service and illegal immigrants. let's take a listen. >> i will stand for a path to legal status for anyone who is willing to stand up and defend this great nation through military service. those who have risked their lives in defense of america have earned the right to make their life in america. >> ramesh, is this a winning proposition for mr. romney here? >> i think so. i think it's hard to make the case that citizenship should be off limits for people who served in other military. i think president obama preserved wiggle room for himself and now beginning to exploit it. although he still hasn't quite worked out the details. >> not a lot of specifics and no answer to as to whether he
9:44 am
would repeal the orbit. >> seems like he's playing catch-up. he's behind the president when comes to reaching out to hispanics. the president made a ground-breaking announcement last week about getting citizenship for kids brought to this country. you can't really argue with what romney said. but to say that the president is taking hispanic voters for granted just seems a little bit like opposite day. >> david, how does this play, do you feel, in the latino communities in these swing states? because to some degree, maybe i'm late to the game, president obama is a little late to the game, just coming out last friday on the issue of immigration. mitt romney now coming to the middle. do people see through this at all? >> i think they do. i think that for latino voters in states where turnout can matter, i think there's been a lot of disappointment with the obama administration for not making immigration reform a higher priority. i think what the president did last week was very smart politics. i think it was well received. and if governor romney had not
9:45 am
responded the way he did, it could be deep trouble for him, because of the latino vote in states like colorado and nevada and virginia. and possibly arizona. so we always knew that governor romney was going to have to evolve on immigration, to use that term, and get to where he's headed. the question is, can he shrink the margin with latino voters from where it is now to where he's at least at 30 or 35%. i really think he needs to do that in order to have a chance to win in november. >> the obama campaign is out with a new commercial regarding the immigration policy, trying to keep the issue going. let's take a listen. ♪ >> i think the action the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long-term solution. >> yeah, so we let that trail off, because he went on for another 30 seconds. and we're still not completely sure what he said.
9:46 am
>> ramesh, how big of a problem is that for mitt romney, just saying that, well, i would come up with a plan that would supersede whatever the president has done. >> well, i think the ad is totally inside baseball. people are going to be, oh, seven days to come up with a policy, and a sound bite that's acceptable to the press is just no actual voter i think is going to care about that. >> jill? >> i don't know. i think it kind of reinforces this idea that you're not exactly sure where mitt romney comes down on certain issues. and that's been -- the thing that has dogged him for years. that he's willing to say one thing and willing to say another, depending on the circumstances. and i think they're trying to underscore that notion. >> and one thing the romney campaign has wanted to do, get another surrogate out there, that's what we heard, a possible earlier selection. and david drucker had an interesting article about rob portman and what it would mean to mitt romney in ohio. we have an nbc poll up there, shows obama with portman, 47%.
9:47 am
very fascinating stuff. >> yeah, i think that in the old way of looking at vice presidential candidates is that, can they win you a state, can they make you stronger in a particular region where you might be weak. and i think because politics in this country has become so nationalized, that's the old way of looking at it. what i did was take a look at rob portman's political network in ohio and can he get them to do things for somebody other than himself? and even if rob portman is not on the ballot, a number of conservatives and republicans i talked to in ohio, including in those key rural areas where romney is going to need a high turnout in order to beat the president, the message i got was rob portman has a lot of credibility. he's got credibility with the tea party faction, he's got credibility with your rank and file republicans, and rural republicans. he can can get them to go to work for governor romney, even if he's not on the ticket. and that's why i think he is such an asset for the governor in ways that many people might not think about. >> i would love to see the numbers between those who are opposed to kasich but respect
9:48 am
portman. an interesting subset there. trivia time. we asked what animal did the president john quincy adams keep in the bathroom of the white house. i blew this one. i guessed it. i remember reading it in one of those books in elementary school. the gator was a gift from the lafayette and lived in the east room bathroom. that's how you win the state of florida. keep a petal gator. we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. r ] when this hotel added aflac to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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let's bring back our panel. senior editor of the national review, david druker of roll call, and jill zuckman. interesting story that developed the last three days. apparently bloomberg reported that the romney campaign instructed rick scott not to be too optimistic when he was talking about the economy in florida. if you look at florida unemployment going back to 2009,
9:52 am
it was 9.2%, 10.8%, 11.4%, 10. 9%, 9.4%, now it's down to 8.6% which is a number that would be more beneficial to the president. the romney campaign denied they said anything about tampering how the economy looked. a spokesman for romney said many governors have brought new ideas and fresh approaches to their states and governor romney frequently praises them for their ability to overkcome the president's policies. how does a republican governor and mitt romney come out and say, this is the policies aren't working, it was all the governor, not the president. it's a tough line to walk. >> it's also tough for the democrats to say these republican policies are a disaster when these republican governors seem to be doing pretty well. when a lot of the argument in the swing states from democrats
9:53 am
has been kov kasich in ohio is a disaster, governor scott is an extremist. things are going pretty well. >> it must be hard to say don't take too much credit, don't get too loud and proud. >> taking credit for good things, putting blame to the other side. >> jill? >> this is a true political conundrum. how do you separate what a governor has done from what a president has done? when you're voting you're looking at that unemployment rate and you're thinking how do i feel today, do i feel optimistic about the future, and you're thinking about the person at the top of the ticket. so ultimately i think that if people are going to give credit for things getting better in florida or getting better in ohio, i think it goes to the president. >> david? >> i think this is really nothing more, although it's interesting, but it's i think nothing more than a new party leader coming in trying to enforce message discipline. i think what the romney campaign wants to do is keep a national narrative going that things
9:54 am
aren't good nerf, that the president has made it worse, dampened the recovery, and only by replacing him will things get better. they're trying to ensure that these republican governors stick with that message. i would say if there's any republican governor in america that the romney campaign can afford to get in a fight with it's rick scott because nobody likes him in florida. >> shameless plugs? >> jake tapper at the new republic website has a review of the new aaron sorkin show. >> jake tapper, tv reviewer? >> it's an entertaining review. >> i did not know he was that talented. jill? >> two of my friends have new books out. david mariness by fe of barack obama and manuel's book on marco rubio. >> senator orrin hatch has a big
9:55 am
primary on tuesday. happy birthday to my father. he's 79 years old as of yesterday. maybe the country's greatest sales and marketing professional ever. >> chuck is back monday with tennessee congressman marsha blackburn. coming up next on msnbc, chris "jansing & co.," she will speak with former new mexico governor bill richardson. special thst anks to the rundow team. the goatee is back on monday. enjoy the weekend. the heat is over with as we go through the weekend in new england but we're still watching very hot conditions in the desert southwest to colorado down through texas. one of the bigger stories that could develop is a tropical system may develop down in the gulf of mexico so the chances of rain in florida are pretty good over the next couple days. have a great weekend.
9:56 am
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9:58 am
good friday morning. i'm chris jansing. right now the president is on hiss way to florida. this afternoon he'll give a speech that could be critical to his re-election because he'll be addressing a conference of latino leaders in the battleground state of florida. mitt romney addressed that same group yesterday solve softening his tone on illegal illinois gration. he left out a phrase he's used
9:59 am
in the pass, self-deport. but he again didn't get specific responding to president obama's plan to stop deporting many young illegal immigrants. >> some people have asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure. >> well, a new poll shows the president has a big lead along hispanics among the battleground states. hispanics supported him 2 to 1 in 2008 and he's hoping to shore up that support again today. joining me now is the anchor and managing editor of hdnet's dan rather reports and "time" magazine's correspondent michael shearer. mitt romney's argument really is that the president is going to take your vote for granted and you have to have -- and do you have tn alternative, me. do you think


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