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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the dream act. and we should take him at his word. i'm just saying. >> the president also eviscerated romney and other republicans who say that what he did last friday he could have done three years ago. >> we should have passed the dream act a long time ago. it was written by members of both paies. when it came up for a vote, a year and a half ago, republicans in congress blocked it. the bill hadn't changed. the need hadn't changed. the only thing that had changed was politics. >> clearly appreciative of the president's words and actions, a
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stark contrast to yesterday when mitt romney addressed the same crowd but with no response to the president's decision and very few details as to what or how he would deal with the question of illegal immigration. >> i will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure. as president, i won't settle for stop-gap measures. >> it's that enthusiasm gap that should worry not just mr. romney but other republicans including florida's senator marco rubio and governor rick scott. out two-thirds of swing state latino voters pulled off until the president announced his new immigration policy say their vote is for the president. latinos very enthusiastic about voting is up 13%. possibly the best speech he's given this year. let's get right to our panel.
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karen finney a columnist for the hill and an msnbc political analyst. ken vogel who is chief investigative reporter for politico and my colleague chris hayes host of msnbc's up with chris hayes and the author of a brilliant new book "twilight of the elite" which we'll be discussing a bit later. thank you all for joining us. karen, it wasn't just an inspiring speech. this president has put his actions where his mouth is following his announcement last friday. >> well, that's exactly right. look, he also knows he is speaking to an audience that has paid close attention to this issue not just for this election cycle, not just since the 2008 election cycle, but for the last ten or so years. this is, you know, he knows that this audience knows the history that it was the tone of the debate in 2005 that drove all of the hispanics and latinos that george bush was able to bring to the republican party in 2004 away from the republican party, back to the democratic party, or into the democratic party, and
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they know, this audience knows very well who it is that stood against real immigration reform. so he knew that in going to this audience when he said, look. it should have happened. it didn't happen. i couldn't wait and here's what i went ahead and did, that they would reward him for that and they would understand the politics of what's really going on here. >> are we looking at a generational change here with latinos? >> that is the number one political fear i think of smart, informed, strategic thinkers on the republican side, that you cannot have a sustainable majority party if it becomes embedded that latinos vote for democrats. as a rule by the margins they've been voting for when they voted for the president in 2008. i think the point karen is really important about tone. people are not dumb. they understand that they are welcome in your coalition or not and politics is part of it and substance is part of it and the deportations were an issue before this -- the dream act, the new directive from the cabinet, but tone matters a lot
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and people saw mitt romney get up and demagogue this issue in republican primary debate after republican primary debate and use the word "illegal" like a sword to cut down his enemies and people understand what that means. they're not fools. >> i thought that republican primaries caused people to swing right for the purpose of the primaries and then pivot to the middle for the general. you're saying he's actually failing to do that with latinos. >> i think he cannot -- >> can't do it. >> he can't unsay what he said and people understand the sub text of using the word "illegal" when you're beating up rick perry for state tuition. >> indeed. ken, i don't think there are enough marco rubios in the world to help romney now with latinos are there? >> well certainly having the support of a prominent latino elected official would be help fowl to mitt romney to have a surrogate who can go into these states who have big latino swing vote populations, but the president is going to win the latino vote by a large margin. what mitt romney needs to do is
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to attempt to eat away at the margins of it selectively in certain key states and if he is able to do that i think it could actually go a long way. i don't know that he accomplished much towards that end in his speech. but i'll also say that for the folks who are really closely following this issue, when the president gets up and says that he would sign a dream act if it came to his desk and blames the senate and republicans for blocking it, folks who really followed the issue and pushed on it were disappointed that he did not invest more political capital in it so for him to get up and blame congress now i think is a little bit disingenuous. >> okay. karen, florida's governor rick scott also spoke sounding like he had been hired by the state tourism board to do so. there were lots of facts and descriptions about how wonderful florida is right now and good on him. but precious little about how he is suppressing the vote in his state in an attempt to favor republicans. >> well that's exactly right. he wants to tout the economy on the one hand and then the romney campaign says don't tell
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anybody. but go ahead with your message of disenfranchising voters. this is part of the fine line if you will that the republicans are going to have to walk in the same way they're walking a fine line on immigration reform. they are trying to disenfranchise voters on the one hand. rick scott has got his own political neck to worry about on the other hand and mitt romney wants everybody to believe even though he keeps going to places to states where, you know, a lot of battleground states where everything is going well and businesses doing well to tell us all that they aren't doing so well. that is going to be a little clash in the party. >> chris, i saw you snorting slightly as ken vogel was offering his analysis. were you supporting his analysis, which is that people are disappointed that the president has taken until this point in his first term to address this issue? >> yeah. i want to be clear. the activists around immigration have been very frustrated with the white house for not pushing, investing more capital in the dream act. let's just be clear about the positions of the two parties. okay? republicans are almost uniformly
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opposed to the dream act even though they used to be for it. >> yes. >> democrats are almost uniformly in favor of it. >> right. >> if in fact it were just brought up for a vote tomorrow the president would sign it. we know that's not the case with mitt romney who said he vetoed it. yes, there is frustration from activists, no question -- let's just be clear about where the party stands. >> absolutely. karen finney, ken vogel, chris hayes, you are too good to let go. stay with us. next the bain of mitt's existence still rears its ugly, ugly head. stay with us. >> of course he is out of touch. he is out of touch in part because he never had the experience of working in the private sector and seeing what it takes to start a small business, how a business decides to grow, when they decide to shrink, when they decide to send jobs overseas. he doesn't understand that. ♪ td boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town [ creaking ]
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we have breaking news of a sort. mitt romney has just landed in utah and, boy, is he glad to be back in the friendly confines of deer valley especially after waking up today and finding this front page story in "the washington post." it appears that in addition to taking away the jobs of american workers, mr. romney's private equity firm bain also played a pioneering role in shipping them overseas. of course the romney campaign is now disputing the story arguing the semantics of outsourcing versus offshoring. however, it is still downright awkward in part of big party mr. romney is throwing for big donors this weekend at deer valley. that's where romney supporters who have given at least $50,000 are now gathering for a couple of days of sheer luxury. it boasts a list of accommodations that's long enough to impress even the most pampered aristocrat, including
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individual hot tubs and signature bath robes. while all of this sounds really nice it probably isn't doing much to help mr. romney's image as a job creating champion of the middle class so let's welcome back our panel karen finney, ken vogel, and chris hayes. the romney family's connection to deer valley as you know runs deep because the private firm was established with a huge amount of money from his mother and father but i wanted to show you what he says about how he achieved success in this life. i think it is quite the revelation. take a listen. >> you know, i've been lucky in things that worked out for me. i feel like a lot of it has been luck. >> isn't that the central thesis of your book which i happen to have read, which is that the idea of ameritocracy and this young man setting up an investment of $10 million, it all came from his parents. >> i admire that he is honest about the fact.
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that is in direct contradiction to his father who is running for president. in an environment in which we all praise ameritocracy so much everyone has to construct a story of it even when it is preposterous. mitt romney actually got up at and said i could have been the haefd the car company but i walked away from it and i went to harvard and earned every dollar i got. this looks ridiculous but it is a deep part of the psychology of the american elite that you write a story for yourself in which you have overcome and you are a success story even when the facts are like tag romney a lot of it was luck and privilege. >> karen, i hear you laughing. isn't the singular truth here that compared with the president's actual -- he actually embodies the truth of meritocracy when you look at his history and the romneys as chris has explained it's just a fabricatio >> barack obama is so out of touch being raised by a single mom and having to work his way through college, whatever.
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he doesn't understand, right, about out sourcing jobs. come on. i mean, to chris's point, so i would be so curious to understand in mitt romney's, though i think my brain would hurt, you know, rationale of the world, how it is that part of being better in touch is having a better understanding as we learned in "the washington post" today about how to make a full business practice, frankly, out of out sourcing jobs. you know, one of the refrains we hear from mitt romney over and over again is i'm going to take these values and practices i learned when i was in the business world and apply it to being president. well guess what? he did that when he was governor of massachusetts and he did out source jobs when he was governor of massachusetts. so, you know, they want to have a discussion about the economy watch out. that's the kind of value system he is going to bring to america's economy. >> right. to that point, the biggest excuse the romney campaign likes to make about bain is that he wasn't there when workers were laid off. he wasn't there when jobs were
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shipped overseas. doesn't this article prove that that is an outright lie? doesn't it show that mr. romney has no leg to stand on when it comes to his record at bain which "the washington post" has so brilliantly explained, shipped jobs overseas for fun? >> well, certainly this is a weakness for him. >> a weakness. >> we saw a weakness in the republicans. >> can you use an adjective that might be a little more accurate? >> actually it's a strength in one way. he does actually have a significant record of private sector achievement and this company was successful. >> he has a record of sending jobs overseas. >> clearly that is the way in which it could be a weakness. and democrats are seeking to use it that way. frankly, it was actually surprisingly a weakness in the republican primary when newt gingrich really seized on it and the super pac supporting newt gingrich airing millions of dollars in ads hitting mitt romney, sort of framing him as a vulture capitalist who put profits over the needs of regular people in the south carolina primary before that and
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mitt romney lost that by a wide margin. i think that was a cautionary tale for the romney campaign and it was also sort of a blueprint for the obama campaign to follow. they're following it now. the super pac supporting president obama is really going hard after mitt romney on this and i think we can expect to see it more fueled by stories like this. >> ken is right about the effectiveness of that attack in a republican primary in south carolina. >> right. >> he is also right to a certain degree which is that mitt romney doesn't think there is anything wrong with out sourcing jobs. >> no. >> that is the whole point. it's not something that he would be embarrassed about or opposed to. the point was he was supposed to go in there and with bain they were supposed to find ways of creating efficiency. if the efficiency was paying workers in china a tenth of what you're paying workers in muncie, indiana. >> right. >> or, you know, outside pittsburgh, then that's what they were supposed to do. there is nothing from his world view to defend about that. he understands the politics of it looked terrible but what he should do is be honest. he should be honest and defend
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the world view that says that's a totally proper thing to do. >> karen, this president has actually made it clear that he wants to introduce legislation that would penalize companies that ship jobs overseas. >> well that's exactly right. think about this. here's the piece that mitt romney can't get away from. this is why they tried to marginalize bill clinton and why they are trying to fight back with everything they can on this bain attack. the most potent argument is the voices and faces of the people, the ordinary americans who look like -- most people will look at these ads or faces and say that could be my neighbor. that could be me. the people who lost their jobs that when mitt romney's company walked away and he had money in his pocket or he, you know, shipped jobs overseas, people lost everything. they lost their pensions, their jobs, and those people looked like every day, ordinary americans. then what do you see? you see mitt romney hob nobbing with the 1% and an elite resort in utah. wouldn't we all love to spend a part of our summer in a place like that? >> actually no.
3:18 pm
>> playing by those rules of the 1%. >> yes. >> where karl rove is in the same room as republican party, you know, committee members and donors? >> let me just say this as a final note. the other thing that complicates the strategy about bain is that there's a lot of democratic eleets, right, in the democratic party. >> sure. >> we've seen them come forward who think there is nothing wrong either. this isn't just a republican way of viewing the economy and that's a problem for the president. as they try to push this message -- >> but the democrats are saying -- >> these folks are big donors. >> right. exactly. >> that is what mitt romney, we see mitt romney in utah, what he is doing is what we euphemistically call donor maintenance. this is something that the obama team has really abhorde as sort of a relic of the clinton age and bush age, this sum educatpp of donors. now they're waking up and realizing hey they need that money too and some of the attacks they continue to level
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are making it harder to raise that. >> very quickly, karen. >> the biggest difference is not a single democrat is trying to suggest that what they do at bain is job creation. that's the big difference here. >> and that is the big difference. our thanks to chris hayes, karen finney, with the big difference, and ken vogel. and of course chris's show is on saturday and sunday. don't miss it. a programming note. starting next week our broadcast moves one hour later to 4:00 p.m. eastern so be sure to join us at our new time. on monday we welcome a new show at 3:00 p.m. called "the cycle" and it features four friends of in very broadcast. do stay with us at 3:00 and 4:00. stay with us now. much more ahead. >> you know, i've been lucky in things that worked out for me. i feel a lot of it has been luck.
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layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. get a free set of sheets when you buy a select beautyrest mattress. hurry, offer ends soon. receipt now the jury is back in deliberations after hearing testimony from two witnesses including former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary. ron allen is outside the courthouse in belafonte, pennsylvania. ron, is this looking more and more as though we'll be going more into the weekend with these deliberations? it's hard to know but is that hoit feels? >> it's impossible to know, m t martin. last night they went until about 9:00. the jurors can make their own rules. they can make their own working hours. they can go as long as they want and everyone out here of course is, yes, trying to read the tea leaves and figure out what might
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mean what and you just never know until they come out afterwards and explain what's happened. we just got word from the court that, a notice that says the jury will be back in the courtroom in ten minutes to deal with the supplemental charge which we are interpreting to mean a charge or instruction from the judge not an additional charge or count or crime. so we'll see what comes of that. it's a very complicated case for the jurors of course. there are 48 separate counts. there are ten accusers and there are four or five allegations that each of those accusers is making against sandusky. so the jury is trying to go through each one person by person charge by charge because they know there will be a lot of this happening. how it will go we just don't know of course. >> thanks so much. do stay with us. the week's top lines are coming up. welcome aboard!
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from an affectionate moment with his wife to those five sons what a week, willard. here are today's top lines. the week in review. >> that's incredible. five days of glorious pancake flipping, river boat riding, and the touch tone purchasing of sandwiches. >> if you really wanted to make a solution that dealt with illegal immigration in america then this is something he would have taken up in his first three and a half years. >> so he did it for politics. >> that is certainly a big part of the equation. >> would you repeal this order? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> the makings of a great leader are people who actually say what they believe. >> he's trying to walk the line ♪ the burning ring of fire >> i believe he's taking your vote for granted. >> about as vague as he could be. >> that's how you say it in spanish. >> hey, guys. warm day. >> an interesting day. >> the story was entirely false. >> it's governor romney's process. >> marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted.
3:29 pm
stop trying to be like yourself and be someone else. >> my dad has legendary pranks. >> i remember one time he threw the gardener down a flight of stairs. this is our time. >> down here it's our time. >> i've got nothing for you. >> sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand. >> do you think literally jump into a jacuzzi of cash in the hamptons? >> this is exhilarating. >> it is the right thing to do. >> as wilford bremly's oatmeal catch phrase. >> i am asking you a question. >> oh, heckling. >> you should spend the afternoon at starbucks. >> i wanted to find a place i could show her my affection. >> the posse. get them romney boys in here. >> they let bankers get away with anything and i can't allow that. >> is one of you a girl being raised as a boy? >> you want to take this one? >> what are big brothers for? >> do you think the president has lost touch? >> that's a question, bro. >> of course he's out of touch. >> it's basically nascar in a velvet top hat.
3:30 pm
>> when they decide to send jobs overseas -- >> we out source the entire call center to india. >> i give him points for honesty. >> we have one president at a time. >> bob, i don't have a political career. >> it's not a lie if you believe it. >> let's get right to our fabulous friday panel. joining us from washington is michelle cottel the washington correspondent for "newsweek" and the daily beast and msnbc political analyst michael dyson joins us live from miami where no doubt he was celebrating with lebron james and the miami heat well into the small hours. and that smile suggests that -- >> absolutely true. >> well, professor, i hope that your head is not too sore because i'd like to start with you. because all the time we hear about the president raising funds with help from all his celebrity pals and what a travesty this is, and then i find this invitation. it's an invitation to a mitt romney fundraiser, the southampton estate of none other than david koch, 50,000 a
3:31 pm
person, $75,000 a couple. tell me, who is out of touch here? >> absolutely. i mean, to beat up on barack obama, who has raised far less from the big name donors with deep pockets, than has mitt romney who has had the koch brothers on speed dial, and adelson and wife and others who are digging into the tens of millions of dollars to support him, barack obama by and large continues to call upon those $50 donors, those hundred dollar donors, the $25 donors and i think to the chagrin of those of us who look at it and say, look. this is the game in town right now. i know idiosyncrasy logicd ideo opposed to this decision from the supreme court that allows the money to wash in but this is the game we're playing right now and big name donors have to step up on the other side. for mitt romney to look at barack obama and say he is out of touch when he is in touch with deep purse strings of very rich people who are controlling the interests of our political future, i think, is quite
3:32 pm
hypocrite call. >> michelle, there are reportedly nine bathrooms at david koch's estate where mitt romney is going to be on july 8th. i'm not sure but i'm wondering if that is as many as the white house in its entirety. >> well, this is good. nine bathrooms no waiting. there is no question mitt romney also suffers from the issue of being out of touch. this is the rap on him during the primary. rick santorum would have been a more populist choice. rick perry with his modest upbringing. this is going to be a continual issue as we go forward, and so of course they're going to try and turn it around and put it off on obama being out of touch. >> right. professor, mitt romney is not bashful to say the least about his record as the savior of the salt lake city olympic games as you know but there is a new article out in salt lake city magazine of all places which says that's a complete myth. now, doesn't this damage one of
3:33 pm
t the -- he said he saved those olympics didn't he? >> it certainly should. you know, again, he's been bragging about being able to turn companies around, absorb them, you know, refinance them, capitalize them, make the dough and move on like a vulture capitalist pure and simple. but now the very predicate for his existence as the commander in chief that i've been able to run businesses great, this is a contradiction of that. you didn't do so well with the olympics. maybe you didn't win the gold medal. you didn't have the bronze or the silver. you didn't even point out. so the reality is that now all of this stuff begins to come forward and, yes. for those of us who are thinking americans we should reflect upon this and say, look. the very basis of his success is now being challenged. we ought to take a bigger look or deeper look at not only his entrepreneurial background but also what it means about his political background as well. that's for those of us who are thinking critically, not so sure that is going to play so well
3:34 pm
among the followers who will probably dismiss this as so much propaganda against their man. >> these are the facts, professor. the romney campaign has released four new ads that are customized for four swing states -- that's iowa, north carolina, ohio, and virginia. and we're seeing some truly dismal numbers for romney among swing state latinos. do you think he can improve those numbers with the speech that he gave yesterday? look at those numbers. >> i don't really think romney is shooting for swing state latinos. he is the candidate of older white guys and he knows this. and in the swing states he has a lot of big targets there. >> sorry to interrupt you but george will over the weekend said unless he does better with latinos he simply can't win this election. >> i'm sure he is hoping that he can nibble around the edges but, you know, those numbers have not
3:35 pm
moved in his favor at all. he is going to have to do a lot more than give speeches if he is really going to try and make inroads there. i mean, this is absolutely a long, tough haul for him. but that's, you know, that's one of those things where i just -- it's not entirely clear what he can do at this point. >> indeed. marco rubio, he is not at mr. romney's gilded retreat in utah this weekend. do you think mr. romney has thrown him under the bus as far as a potential running mate is concerned? >> perhaps so and despite all the pandering of marco rubio to try to prove he is a legitimate conservative who can shore up the ticket because he represents some tea party interests as well as traditional conservativism that mitt romney hasn't been able to snag as clearly and cleanly as he wanted. but it seems that rubio, you know, is going the way of all flesh at least brown flesh at least the flesh of latinos that doesn't seem to matter to mitt romney in an equal fashion as
3:36 pm
some of the rich donors he caters to and some of the interests from michelle kotto's mouth to the ears of those who are listening in terms of who he appeals to, older, richer, whiter guys and not the rest of america and that portends i think a very negative trend in this campaign. i think that he's going to have a big issue that is mr. romney in trying to reach out to them. so i think marco rubio may be the first casualty in the broader hispanic and latino communities that are going to find some stiff winds coming at them from the self-deportation of mr. romney. >> indeed. our thanks to our guests. next another three-day weekend for boehner and the boys. perhaps the best boss in history. stay with us. >> the president says we can't afford to wait. well guess what? i agree with the president. the american people can't wait. we're going to take action. the house is acting. the house is leading. now we need a president that will show up.
3:37 pm
i've pressed all year long for the president and senate democrats to move. ♪ turn me on turn me on ♪ tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and help you handle all of the rollover details. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so talk to chuck tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and bring your old 401(k) into the 21st century. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 according to professor ferguson described as one of the world's finest living historians the west and particularly america became dominant partly because of the protestant work ethic. there is precious little of that work ethic to be seen around the halls of congress these days than despite plenty of pressing issues. a transportation bill, a jobs act, and the need to prevent student loan rates from doubling in just over a week. our guest is a democratic congressman from kentucky and joins us from louisville. good afternoon, sir. >> hello, martin. >> it's nice to see you back in your constituency. i'm sure your constituents are delighted to have you on the eve of the 11th house recess this
3:41 pm
year. wouldn't you rather be addressing the serious and pressing issues back in congress? our job approval is in the teens and this is why. there are 137 days left until the election and i think 30 days of business scheduled in the house of representatives. we have every third week called a district work period back in the district and not in congress. the weeks we're there it's basically only two and a half to three days. it's an outrage and of course the majority party sets the schedule but it is pretty clear they don't have many ambitions -- much ambition to do much except gum up the works. i guess the schedule fits their agenda but it's very unfortunate. >> just so that our viewers can recall quite how good a boss john boehner is can you tell us again that figure, how many days until the election and how much days when you'll actually be required in congress? >> 137 days until the election.
3:42 pm
there are actually 38 days when we're officially in session but eight of those days start at 6:30 at night. so the number of days when we can actually conduct significant, substantial business is 30 out of 137. >> okay. so we give the finest boss in the world accolade to john boehner. there is of course one issue that speaker boehner regards as absolutely essential today and of course that is holding the attorney general in contempt. can you, sir, explain to our audience how he rationalizes his duties? he does nothing for legislation that would create jobs, potentially millions of jobs, but he feels it's absolutely essential that he hold the attorney general in contempt? >> well, again, this is an indication of how skimpy the republican agenda is. this is an outrage and truly an outrage. last friday darrell issa the chairman of the oversight committee finally admitted he had subpoenaed many things that by law the attorney general was
3:43 pm
not allowed to provide to the congress. that was friday. on tuesday, the two of them and others met in a private meeting to see if they can negotiate some kind of a deal so that the attorney general can satisfy the committee's desires and get the investigation moving forward and then the next day darrell issa holds a contempt hearing and a vote. basically the attorney general said i want to give you what you want. issa said i want to hold a contempt vote. anyway, basically darrell issa not taking yes for an answer. >> well done. do you think we should forego the facade and simply journ congress until the election? aside from speaker boehner celebrating negative economic news once a month i am not sure he is contributing anything to the well being of this nation. >> well, i certainly wouldn't want to run on the record that this congress has established
3:44 pm
but, no, we have serious things at stake. in my own state of kentucky, it's about 14,000 jobs are immediately at risk if we don't pass an extension of the surface transportation act our infrastructure spending bill. that expires on june 30th. tens of thousands of students with student loans will get a thousand dollar tax increase essentially if we don't extend the 3.4% interest rate. that also expires on june 30th. we have some very significant actions we have to take or people are going to be hurt. their lives are going to be changed and the economy is going to be further depressed. we've got a lot at stake. we can't afford to stay home. >> congressman john yamuth of kentucky thank you for joining us. >> thank you, martin. >> next the white house on a swing through florida. amanda drury has the cnbc wrapup. >> after yesterday which was the second worst day for equities so far this year we have a nice rally on our hands for the end
3:45 pm
of the week. the dow was currently up by 87 points the s&p 500 up by 10 points and the nasdaq holding in with the gain of 31 points. that is it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. we'll throw you over to a break. ♪ ♪ you brushed with colgate total and you didn't. let's compare. germ party! eww! now the colgate total mouth. nice! [ female announcer ] colgate total fights 90% more plaque germs. i'm in. [ female announcer ] colgate total. less germs. healthier mouth. [ female announcer ] colgate total. syou know, i've helped a lot off people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound)
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3:48 pm
the president has left orlando and is now in tampa, florida where at any moment he'll deliver a speech at what is billed as a grass roots event at a local community college. it is a key battleground state and there is good news for the president in a new quinnipiac poll. he currently enjoys a four-point lead over mitt romney, 46% to 42%. among independent voters in the sunshine state the eight-point lead as it's the president now with a seven-point.
3:49 pm
mike viqueira joins us from the white house. take a look at this from his speech earlier today in orlando. >> in this country, we believe that if you want to take a risk on a new idea, you should have the chance to succeed. and you shouldn't have to have wealthy parents in order to be successful. >> mike, can we say this campaign has gotten very personal? >> i think it has for some time become so. there's no question about it. everybody's expecting this campaign to be of the tooth and nail variety. everyone is saying this is going to be a close contest. however, some of the polls you're citing there, there's something calls a latino decisions poll. that was obama speaking to hispanic legislatures at their gathering today.
3:50 pm
the president enjoys a 36-point advantage in many of these swing states and florida which we know from history and current polling, is vitally important. he enjoys an advantage there, an increase of 3% since they polled in january. the president going to be speaking to his most fervent supporters in tampa. we expect him to call out mitt romney again. we've released excerpts of this outsourcing issue, that story that appeared in the "washington post" today, outlining mitt romney's record of doing so among the companies he invesed in. >> thanks so much, mike. one final reminder. starting monday, this broadcast will be shifting one hour later. on at 4:00 p.m. eastern and we hope you'll join us then and the
3:51 pm
new show "the cycle" starts at 3:00 with some very familiar faces. next, a special clear the air about my exiting friend and colleague, dylan ratigan. ♪ [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios time now to clear the air and if there's always one individual who has to watch the end note of our show, it's the man whose own broadcast has followed this one for the last 16 months, but sadly for us, dylan has decided to take a pause from broadcasting, there he is, so this is the last time we'll meet at the junction of our respective shows. dylan and i have been colleagues and friends for some time. i can remember his work at the reporter of bloomberg and i don't think any of us will forget his coverage of the
3:55 pm
terrible events on 9/11. equally incredible have been our exchanges at this point in the day, so without further adieu, here is one of the more unique handoffs. >> dylan is fired up, chomping at the bit and ready to take us forward. dylan. >> i'll just say it, come out and say it. >> i can't use expletives on air. fluent in french and english. >> only when i use -- >> the way you remove them in that slightly patrician, pompous matter, this is sir dylan. >> i'm not officially an oil barren. >> this one absolutely takes the biscuit. >> can can i use a i use that? >> why are you standing on a platform? >> there's no reason for you to be ashamed of your shortness.
3:56 pm
we're proving that tall and short people can get along. >> stretch, take it away. >> couldn't help but notice the quality of your tie. you look very handsome. >> do you carry a concealed weapon? >> every man does. >> deepak says every man in america carries a concealed weapon, martin. >> i'm thinking, where is he going to take it? >> what about your own recordings? >> i'm not doing anything at the moment. >> you doing anything fun this weeke weekend? >> i'm not doing any music, but i'm hoping to run around the park. >> you've run a marathon. >> i've run two. >> i have not. >> i think that's fairly obvious to most of us. >> while drinking british tea wearing a sherlock holmes cap while pretending i'm british.
3:57 pm
happy st. patrick's day. >> i think martin and dylan were lovers and have since fallen out. >> see that? >> i am not your lever, dylan. >> martin bashir was doing the anchor groove. it was beautiful. >> it's all yours. >> martin, thank you. >> it's a pleasure. and for the final time, dylan ratigan is here to take us forward. dylan, it's all yours. >> here's when i knew, really the first time we worked together on television -- >> you're making me sweat. >> all that lover talk. what was all the lover talk in that edit, first of all? i had a lot to say. it was a profound moment. the final few seconds. >> i am going to miss you and you know that. >> you really have represented i think for me -- >> be careful what you say, dylan. >> the short, the glasses wearing. the --
3:58 pm
>> where is this going? >> you have represented -- an opportunity -- >> and the show starts now! >> no. no it doesn't. this might be the show. i know you have other things to attend to -- >> i do. the reason i'm not going to be on our show is because our middle child has just got the results of her degree and she has done extremely well and we're very, very proud of her, so we're taking her out this evening and that's why i'm rushing off. otherwise, i would stay for the lovely party that's going to take place. >> you brought up an interesting point and we should address it. to what do you attribute the performance of your offspring? >> well, genetics, clearly. >> are you sure? congratulations. you must feel remarkably -- must
3:59 pm
be very rewarding, satisfied and proud. >> i am. but equally, dill ben. you know and i represent the executive producer of our show and the other colleagues, we're all really quite sad to see you go and you know at any moment in the future when you feel inclined to come back, there is a seat just there. i know it's not the guilded seat you currently sit in, but thait there and you will always be welcome on this broadcast. >> i will skype you from my urt. and the show starts now. >> yes. beautiful friday afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. exciting day around here. lots of changes. today, the last time that you and i will be able to meet in this particular fashion for this particular version of this particular conversation.


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