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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 25, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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5:30 a.m. here in washington, d.c. 16 months after millions of egyptians forced hosni mubarak to step down, the head of muslim brother hood is set to take over the new president. the announcement of mohamed morsi's victory was met by widespread celebration in tahrir square. he was trained by an engineer in the united states and becomes the arab world's first islamist head of state. he took in 52% of the vote against egypt's former prime minister. the transition still faces hurdles, including long-standing tensions between the brotherhood and the nation's secular rumors. the army seized new control over the legislation and sharply limited the reach of presidential power. nbc's reporter is in cairo. good morning to you, sir. the first question is how much is this really significant considering there is still very much a standoff between the
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muslim brotherhood and the military about how much actual power this democratic government can have? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, luke. in fact, there is no doubt there will be a lot of questions in the coming day as to how much power this incoming president has, but you're talking about the importance of it. on one level, it is extremely important. for the first time in generations, in decades here in egypt, egyptian voices mattered, and those who were divided about whether to participate or not, at the end of the day, you had about 25 million egyptians who believed in the process. they went to the polls. and at the end of the day, their voices did matter in electing a president who comes away from the military, comes away from the traditional power establishments in this country. so on that front, it is a historic moment. on the other front, though, it is what powers will this president have? as you mentioned, the military retaining key powers, including the ability to declare war, legislative powers, the national budget. and many people think that the new president, who was born out of this revolution, should use
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his mandate to challenge and regain some of that democratic power away from the ruling generals. >> ayman, morsi is an interesting guy. he was an engineer, lived for some time in los angeles. how much trust could the american government have in someone like him? >> reporter: well, you know, in this sense, it is very, very early to assess what kind of trust the egyptian people will have with the muslim brotherhood, and more importantly, the international community. you know, the egyptian military has been warning powers, particularly washington and others, that the muslim brotherhood should not be trusted entirely, you should kind of drift feed democracy a little bit into their hands. so, their real test is not going to be can the muslim brotherhood led by morsi as president, try to regain, try to rebuild that trust? they've already made a lot of information takes. they've changed their minds about a lot of things over the last 16 months, and that's eroded a lot of the confidence people have, and more importantly, has eroded a lot of the trust people have in what the muslim brotherhood says.
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>> nbc's ayman mohyeldin, thank you so much for joining us. a developing story this morning where dozens of syrian military officials and officers have reportedly defected to turkey, including a general, colonel and 33 soldiers. this as turkey presses for nato action after one of its military jets was shot down by syria over the weekend. straining an already tense situation in the region. turkey's president says the f-4 was testing radar inside turkey's border when it briefly crossed into syrian territory. 15 minutes later, the plane was shot down without warning after turkey says the jet already returned to international air space. turkish officials are dismissing speculation that the plan was running a spy mission. the search continues for the two missing pilots. secretary of state hillary clinton called the attack brazen and unacceptable. turkey has backed international plans to transition syrian president bashar al assad from power. nato is expected to meet about the incident tomorrow.
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it's a big week for president obama's white house, which is bracing for major rulings on health care and arizona's immigration law, on top of the congressional battles over a jobs bill, highway bill and student loan rates. the supreme court could hand down its ruling on president obama's affordable care act as early as today. get ready for that. leading voices from both parties addressed the potential fallout on nbc's "meet the press." >> i think it's a huge defeat of the supreme court to strike any part down, even the individual mandate for the american people. just this week, several million kids got their health insurance. i think there's going to be a real uproar against a politicized supreme court. you know, here they're making political decisions. this is a clear constitutional issue. the interstate commerce clause of the congress dictates that this can happen. it's going to energize the democratic base, and that is important for the president. >> the health care law as
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currently structured is discouraging job creation and expansion of business in america, and so that issue will continue to be faced if the law is upheld. and if the law is overturned, republicans, hopefully, we have the majority, and president romney will have to come up with an alternative, a way to replace what obama care does. >> meanwhile, the nation is also awaiting a supreme court decision on arizona's immigration law that among other things, allows law enforcement to ask people stopped by police to provide paperwork proving they're in the country legally. senator marco rubio says he understands why arizona took the step, but suggested the greater responsibility lies with the federal government for not protecting the border. >> arizona has an all-out border problem there that's not just about immigration, it's about security, and its legislature, frustrated with inaction from the federal level, reacted with this law. what i've said is i believe arizona has a right to pass that bill. i understand why they did it, but i don't think it's a national model and i don't think other states should follow suit.
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for example, i don't want to see a law like that in florida. immigration is not a black-or-white issue, a yes-or-no issue. it is complicated because it has a deep human element. these are human beings who find themselves here undocumented, but the vast majority of them are here in search for a better life and opportunities for their children. >> president obama has scored major political points with latino voters after he announced the u.s. government would block the deportation of young, undocumented immigrants who had some high school education or military experience. the "usa today"/gallup poll last week shows 82% of americans approve of the decision. according to another poll, the president had an overwhelming lead amongst hispanic voters in the race for the white house, leading 66%-25%. mitt romney was quick to dismiss obama's plan as an election ploy, but democrats have fired back, suggesting the republican nominee barely has any plan at all. >> the fact is, the president
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has done what we should do, and that is address the fact that these kids have been living here for most of their lives, they know no other country but this one, they want to contribute mightily to the nation, they want to serve in the military. the president's deferring action on deportation. if mr. romney wants to come clean with what he's going to do, he ought to do it, but you gave him last week multiple opportunities to say whether or not he would veto this. he wouldn't answer it. he asked the question rhetorically at the conference, wouldn't answer it again. also this week, congress will begin more work on a jobs bill that is still lacking bipartisan support, and the president will try to push through the highway bill, funding for construction projects included in that. and across the country, that money runs out on saturday if no agreement can be found on some $6 billion in subsidies.
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also there there's a student loan bill that needs to be figured out by july 1st. $6 billion needs to be found to keep student loans from raising to 6.8%. that has to be done by this weekend. hence, it will be a very busy week on capitol hill. will there be agreement? nobody knows. republican congressman darrell issa is defending the house oversight committee's decision to hold u.s. attorney general eric holder in contempt. issa said the justice department could help end the standoff by providing more information about the botched gun smuggling investigation known as "operation fast and furious." the congressman said there is no evidence the white house was involved in a cover-up but suggested the administration should be more forthcoming, especially after some of those weapons were found near the scene of a shoot-out where a border patrol agent was found. >> you can't play liar's poker when you're looking for who killed somebody, when you're looking into this kind of a crime, and when you're looking into the cover-up. remember, it was deny, delay and recuse. that's what we've been dealing
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with since february 4th of last year. there cannot be executive privilege over criminal cover-up or a cover-up of a crime. lying to congress is a crime. we have every right to see documents to say did you know, when did you know, what did you know, including even the president. >> just a few months away from the spotlight of the presidential campaign, texas governor rick perry agreed with issa that president obama shouldn't use executive privilege to keep documents private. >> i mean, with watergate, you had a second-rate burglary, and now you have a president who is using his executive privilege to keep that information from congress. if that's not nixonian, then i don't know what is. >> later on in the week, the house is expected to vote on the committee's recommendation to hold attorney general holder in contempt. could come on thursday, which could also be the same day the
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health care law decision from the supreme court comes. as i said before, busy, busy week in washington, d.c. "jeopardy!" host alex trebek is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a mild heart attack over the weekend. sony television, the studio that produces the long-running game show, says the 71-year-old was admitted to cedar sinai medical center in los angeles. trebek was also hospitalized in 2007 for a heart attack. trebek is expected to recover in time to start taping "jeopardy!'s" 29th season in july. he has hosted every season since the show went on the air, and he'll be there for the 30th. that's what i predict. still ahead on "way too early," big papi is the last man standing after the red sox left yet another member of the 2000 world series championship team, but will it be enough for boston to salvage this season? that's ahead in sports. questionable. plus, an a la carte of nasty weather as tornadoes strike the midwest. tropical storm debby looms over the gulf and sweltering heat
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beautiful morning shot of washington, d.c., our nation's capital. why are you awake? e-mail at show at it's supposed to be a decent day, i suspect, here in washington, d.c. clear out some of that haze, get some nice sunshine going for you. but you know what? honestly, we need the rain here. it's been so freaking warm. >> yeah. >> let's get a check on your weather now from nbc meteorologist bill karins. am i going to get some rain here? i've got these bamboo plants that don't need a lot of watering, but i always forget to do it, so they need some natural watering. >> it was 118 in kansas, they're not crying for you today. >> we're not in kansas anymore, bill. >> yeah, exactly. we had little bit of everything this weekend. let me first take you over the weekend to south dakota where we had a storm chaser get up close and personal with a tornado, of all things. it wasn't a big, huge tornado, but it was very beautiful in the wide-open fields. this is where we like to see them. thankfully, it didn't do too much damage. we go from tornadoes to fires. the fires that have been
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spreading through the west, out of control lately. it's been so hot, so dry and so windy, we're just getting more and more fires. they're uncontrollable. and the firefighters, they just had more than their hands full. i mean, just the fuel alone that they have to deal with is just incredible in these conditions. then finally, oh, yeah, we have that tropical storm down in florida which yesterday just pounded florida. about 20 tornadoes were reported, numerous reports of a lot of flooding, especially at the high tide cycles with the storm surge, and this storm, debby, is going to be with us until saturday at least in almost the same exact location. and that means historic flooding is possible in florida. right now, one band of heavy rain is heading to i-4 right over top of orlando. the center of the storm still off the coast, in a weakened state, only 50-mile-per-hour winds right now. the storm, as i mentioned, will do the slow infant crawl to the northern portions of florida over the next five days. it's very rare to have a system do this. it's literally just going to stall out and stop here. we're talking saturday at 2:00
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a.m., finally making landfall. thankfully, when storms sit in the same spot, usually they don't get all that intense, so this shouldn't become a hurricane. it will likely stay a tropical storm with bouts of tornadoes and a lot of flooding, especially in southern portions of georgia and north florida. oh, yeah, that heat story? that 114 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded in june there, and it's been three days in a row of 100s in denver and today it's going to remain. the heat is incredible from the intermountain west down to texas. luke, we're going to be 103 today in denver. denver's like the new phoenix. this will be their fourth day in a row of 100-degree heat. >> oh, my goodness. and all these named tropical storms this early in the season. it's going to be a busy hurricane season come august. >> this is supposed to be my time off! august and september is supposed to be my busy time. >> oh, my goodness. bill karins, thank you so much for joining us now. we appreciate it. and let's go to sports! let's get east coast bias, new york-centric. mets are hosting the yankees in the finale of the subway series. starting pitchers r.a. dickey and cc sabathia, could be an
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all-star game starting lineup, were supposed to be the story, but the offense took over. bottom of the fifth, david wright slaps a ground ball into the inside of the left field. r.a. dickey, the pitcher comes around from second with a hard slide in to home. he's safe. mets 5-2. one inning later, runners on the corners for ruben and they tie at 5. neither sabathia nor dickey were around to get a decision in this one. game still tied in the eighth. robinson cano crushes the pitch 450 feet over the wall and barely misses the home run apple out there in center. that would stand as the game-winner. yankees win 6-5. they've got a 2 1/2-game lead in the a.l. east. total juggernaut. the red sox are still near the bottom of the a.l. east, but boston's longtime third baseman kevin youkilis is suddenly finding himself on a first-placed team after he was traded to the white sox
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yesterday for two players and $5.5 million. the so-called greek god of walks tripled to right-center in his last at-bat for the red sox in yesterday's game against the braves. after sliding in safely at third, youkilis was lifted for a pinch runner to a roaring ovation and showed the fenway faithful some love with a tip of his helmet. he's expected to debut for the south siders tonight against the twins. there is no better way to go out. with youkilis gone, only big papi and david ortiz remains from the red sox curse-breaking championship team of 2004. others have retired or moved on or lost their life fortunes on a failed video game company. after beating the braves 9-4 yesterday, the red sox record stands at 38 wins and 34 losses, which is kind of amazing, considering all their injuries. they are 5 1/2 games off the a.l. east lead. mike barnicle sleeps in somewhat peace. the orioles welcoming the darlings of baseball in the region, the washington nationals to camden yards, which is now the battle of the beltway.
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eighth inning. o's down 1-0 until this pitch is hammered to deep center field. that will get out of there for a two-run homer that puts the o's on top. a man on first, breaks for second on the pitch and it's weeder showing off the arm and gunning him down. orioles hold on to win 2-1 and they don't avoid the sweep as they won friday. i was there and i threw down my barbecue in disgust! coming up at the top of the hour, the obama administration's cautious optimism about the results of the election in egypt. we'll talk about their newfound power in the arab world's most populous country and then we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch a clip of hbo's new drama that's described as a rocket ship exploding on the launchpad of nasa. the fiery reviews when "way too early" comes back. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up.
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we told you at the top of the show that mohamed morsi has been recognized as the president-elect of egypt after receiving 52% of the vote in a runoff election against ahmed shafiq. the election came 16 monthshosn as head of state after 30 years in power. tell your friends that the
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runoff vote to determine the first freely elected president in egypt's history yielded a voter turnout of only 51%. hawaii was the only u.s. state to have a lower voter turnout. tell more americans to get out and vote. enough of the real news. let's gather around the water cooler to watch reaction pouring in to hbo's new drama i the newsroom," created by aaron sorkin. it premiered to historic reviews. it featured a news man played before jeff daniels whose job is thrown into turmoil. >> sorority girl, just in case you accidentally wander into a voting booth one day, there are things you should know. there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that we're the greatest country in the world. 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant
5:55 am
mortality, 3rd in household income and number four in exports. we lead the world in only three categories, number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real and defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of whom are allies. none of this is the fault of a 20-year-old college student, but you, nonetheless, are a member of the worst, period, generation, period, ever, period. so when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, i don't know what the [ bleep ] you're talking about! >> the review in "usa today" says "aaron sorkin's "newsroom" buzzes with talk and big ideas. calls the show corny but inspiring. and in the new republic, it's called a "snoozeroom," an empty critique of cable news. the review in "the miami herald" was far less kind. glen garbin writes "the newsroom is an epochal failure, a program destined for television's all-time what were they thinking
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list. not since nasa's first vanguard rocket blew up on the launchpad in 1957 will americans see anything crash and burn on television with such hellous spectacularity. why are you awake? your ranting tweets, texts and e-mails are next and "morning joe" moments away. look at them strapped in, the cockpit that is the "morning joe" rocket, which never blows up. what's with you?
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at the top of the show we asked you why are you awake? john tower has your answers. what do we got? >> we got a vicky, writes, what is this, take your child to work day? where's willie? >> come on. willie is 37 years old. i'm 26 turning 27 in august. you want youth, vitality, leaders of the new score are upon us. bryce harper, lebron james just won his title. get hip. love the kids born in the '80s. all right. we have to go. "morning joe" starts right now. >> we have in the white house now the president of the united states, the leader of our nation, who has not put out


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