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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 26, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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cats, dogs, all claiming victory on the supreme court's immigration ruling monday. that threw out much of the state of arizona's controversial law. but kept its most controversial element, the three sections that were struck down requid immigrants to carry immigration papers at all times, ban illegal immigrants from trying to find work and require police to arrest people wount warrants. but the section that everyone focuses on, which allows law enforcement officials to ask people stopped by police to show paperwork proving they're in the country legally was upheld by a unanimous 8-00 vote. president obama said in a statement, quote, i am pleased the supreme court has struck down key provisions of arizona's immigration law, at the same time i remain concerned about the practical impact that remaining provision. arizona governor, jan brewer, hailed the court's decision, saying the most important part of the law had been preserved.
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>> the heart of senate bill 1070 has been proven to be constitutional. arizona and every other state's inherent authority to protect and defend its people has been upheld. this is the day that we have been waiting for and make no mistake. arizona is ready. we know that eyes of the world will be upon us. >> that 8-0 vote was because elena kagan recused herself on the case. mitt romney was in arizona for a fundraiser yesterday, issued a brief statement about the court's ruling. he said nothing about whether or not he agreed. writing only that president obama had failed to provide leadership. a traveling spokesman nick gosha was reportedly asked for more clarity on the position. >> . >> this debate is spun from the president failing to address this issue. so each state is left and has
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the power to draft and to enact immigration laws. >> we've governor again each state has the right within the constitution to craft their own immigration laws. >> later on last night romney told a room of about 200 supporters, i would have preferred to see the supreme court give more latitude to the states, not less. and there are states now under this decision have less authority, less latitude to enforce immigration laws. you remember in february during the republican primary, romney offered support for parts of arizona law, specifically the one that requires companies to check the immigration status of their employees. >> i think you see a model in arizona, they passed a law here that says, that says people who
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come here and try to find work that the employer is required to look them up on e-verify. the question that was asked, right course for america is to drop the lawsuits against arizona and other states that are trying to do the job that barack obama isn't doing. >> that was at a debate in arizona on february 22nd, four months ago. romney said if elected president, he would finish building a fence along the mexican border and add border patrol agents and punish employer who is hire imlegal immigrants. the immigration ruling not the only big decision handed down by the court yesterday in a pair of 5-4 votes, the justice addressed issues surrounding campaign finance and the eighth amendment which deals with crucial and unusual punishment. one case involved citizens united, the ruling in 2010 that opened the door for corporations to spend unlimited on elections. the court refused to reexamine the issue and instead struck down a montana ban on corporate
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political cash. it reverse as ruling from the state's supreme court that rayed concerns about the heavy-handed influence asserted by special interests. in a separate decision, the justices ruled that laws in 28 states violated the constitution by mandating life sentences without parole for murderers under the age of 18. the decision will not free anybody from jail, but it could lead to new hearings from some 2,000 prisoners sentenced as juveniles. the courts highly anticipated ruling on president obama's health care law is now expected on thursday. the last day of this year's term. turning to business in a major blow to the eurozone's recovery efforts, moody's has downgraded 28 spanish banks. they made the change, fearing the spanish government was not capable of providing a sufficient amount of support to the country's financial system. let's take an early look in the markets as we get all up in your business. we turn to cnbc's steve sedgewick live in london.
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>> the moody's story is interesting. it's basically expanding on the idea that there's a doom loop going on, a virtual circle of doom and debt going on in spain. i.e. the spanish banks by sovereign debt in the market, but need support from the spanish state. you've got this circle going on and on. moody's is saying enough is enough. we're really concerned with about this situation. added to the fact we're concerned about the housing bubble in spain. which has gotten extraordinary housing bubble where you've got over 1 million unsold homes and all the debt associated with it. a real concern in spain. elsewhere the demise of the eurozone economy is adding to the fact that commodities and products around the world are falling. u.s. gas prices fall what we've seen is a 14-cent decline in the last two weeks alone in u.s. pump prices. an average gallon of regular gasoline is now trading at the lowest levels since in january.
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and has fallen around about half a dollar in the last couple of months. so that's a little bit of respite for hard-pressed consumers. >> steve, i've got to ask you about this orbitz story that's been making news this morning. orbitz now apparently steering mac users, users who use apple mac computers to more expensive hotels, because they find people who use macs spend as much as 30% more a night on hotels. anything wrong with this? is this just a company using data to make smarter choices for consumers? >> i suppose on one side it is worrying about what they know about you. it's no surprise to any viewers that mac purchasers spend more money on their computers, they spend more money on their hotel rooms. mac users are 40% more likely to book a four or a five-star hotel than pc users and they stay for longer in the more expensive rooms as well. i'm not sure whether it's kudos to own a mac or a pc on this
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basis. a lot of information used by companies to target advertising. >> interesting story. steve sedgewick live in london. nato powers gathering for a rare emergency meeting after syria shot down a turkish military plane late last week. syria said it acted in self-defense after the war plane entered syrian air space. turkey frame the incident as a hostile act. turkey claims syrian forces fired at a second turkish jet conducting a search and rescue mission for the missing plane. despite tensions, bod sides have refrained from syria's threats of military conflict. "the new york times" reporting that a network of activists in southern turkey are assisting the syrian rebels by smuggling critical supplies across the border. according to the "times" report, the activists are providing communications gear and money as a reward for syrian military defectors. the violence on the ground continues with new clashes reported in the suburbs
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surrounding the syrian capital of damascus. in one of several locations around the country where armed rebels are fighting against pro government troops and militias. the fighting continues. still ahead, president obama hears the boston boos at a fancy fundraiser when he touch as nerve for red sox nation. lesson learned, mr. president. plus stephen colbert receive as gift from the comedy gods, when a member of the united states senate mistakenly releases all of his potential responses to the decisions from the supreme court on health care. that and a check on debby's path when "way too early" comes back. all free men, wherever they may live are citizens of berlin. and therefore, as a free man i
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it's 5:43 in the morning. a beautiful shot from the top of our building here as the sun rises over new york city. let's get a check in weather from bill karins. bill, good morning. >> amazing we can be so trin quill in some areas like the northeast and the rest of the country is full of extremes. in florida, 20 inches of rain fell yesterday alone. south of tallahassee, many small towns and communities have never seen this much rain. the storm of record was fay down there, now they're going to remember debby for decades to come. too much water, too fast. florida can handle water, we still have problems this morning, the town of live oaks, is doing evacuations because of the river through attorney and northern portions of florida and southern georgia, getting the
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worst. the debby will be on the move the next two days. 48 more hours of this, by thursday night, the storm should be going out into the atlantic. two more days of these flooding rains. the heat has been incredible. it was 105 in denver yesterday. it's tied your all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in the city. the 100-degree club included all of oklahoma, louisiana and texas. but the heat is going to spread, it looks like it's heading for areas like chicago and the mid-atlantic thursday into friday. we're talking chicago could be 103 on thursday. chicago's hottest temperature ever is 105. it could come close to that. >> 103 on thursday, from phoenix across the country. all right bill, thanks so much. turning to sports, president obama is one of the savviest sports fans ever to occupy the oval office. but the commander-in-chief made a mistake when he poured salt
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into the wounds of white sox fans who saw kevin youkilis shift to the red sox. >> i want to say thank you for youkilis. [ crowd booing ] >> i'm just saying, he's going to have to change of color of his socks. i didn't think i would get any boos out of here, but -- i guess i should not have brought up baseball. i understand. my mistake. my mistake, you got to know your crowd. >> yeah, they don't mess around with their baseball there. how about the little maniacal laugh. so how did youkilis do in his first game with the white sox? hitless in his first three at
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bats. eighth inning, bounces one up the middle, his first hit as a chicago white sox. he went 1 for 4, the twins beat the white sox. nationals facing the rockies on a hot night last night. marco scutaro's at-bat against steven strasburg gets scary at coors field. >> it sounded like it hit his bat. or was that the helmet? >> strasburg drills scutaro in the helmet. with a 95-mile-per-hour fastball. scutaro stayed down for a few moments, got up, walked off under his own power. strasburg visibly shaken as he waited to see if scutaro was going to bounce up. strasburg gave up two runs in the inning, lost his second decision of the year. the nationals lost 4-2. scutaro, thank goodness, is okay. college baseball, arizona taking on south carolina, needing one more win to claim
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the college world series title. top of the ninth, game tied 1-1. brandon dixon smokes one down the leftfield line. robert going to come around from second to score, arizona takes the lead, they tacked on a couple more to make it 4-. but the gamecooks loaded the bases, grayson greiner at plate with a chance to do some damage. but he flies out to end the game. the wildcats get past the two-time defending national champion, south carolina ga gamecocks and win their first college world series title since 1986. perfect record of 10 wins and no losses. they steam rolled through the college world series, congratulations to the university of arizona. fresh off their nba title championship, the heat took to the streets of miami yesterday to celebrate with their fans in line with previous heat celebrations, it was an understated affair. flames, all kinds of stuff.
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no mention was made of the other six or seven championships the big three announced they were going to win when they first arrived in miami. first-round action at wimbledon, venus williams trying to rebound after a second-round loss in the french open, but he struggled against elena vesnini, a the earliest loss for venus since 15 years ago, he first appearance at wimbledon. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," political battle lines drawn over the immigration issue with the supreme court's decision on the arizona law. we'll talk about the implications for november and look ahead to their big decision expected to come on thursday on the president's health care reform. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch jon stewart's take on the political pandering in front of latino leaders. ♪
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we told you at the top of the show, the supreme court struck down three disputed sections of arizona's immigration law, but voted to young hold the provision which allows police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop for other offenses. if you want to sound smart
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today, tell your friends, according to the department of homeland security, an estimated 470,000 illegal immigrants currently live in arizona, it makes up 3% of the country's total immigrant, illegal immigrant population and ranks arizona fifth among all states behind california, texas, florida and illinois. enough of the real news, let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch "the daily show" take on some presidential campaign pandering. last week, president obama and mitt romney spoke separately at aonference for the national association of latino elected and appointed officials, an opportunity for candidates to make their case to the community. jon stewart now breaks down the pandering. >> now the greeting at these events is everything. you never get a second chance to make a first impression. first up, mottny. >> i come to you as a candidate for the united states of america. >> ooh. not so sure that was a plea for
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unity so much as a guy addressing a room where he's not sure everybody speaks english. are you comfortable? your chair-o? let's see obama's open. >> it's good to be back at naleo. [ speaking spanish ] >> now i know why the economy isn't doing so well, you spent the last three years doing rosetta stone tapes. [ speaking spanish ] >> goal! >> we mentioned this has been a big week for the supreme court, the most anticipated ruling coming thursdays on the president's health care bill. as expected, politicians across
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the country preparing their responses. some -- well some more confidently than others, in indiana republican senate candidate, richard murdoch tried to get ahead of the president's decision, by prerecording responses to all possible outcomes. fortunately for him, those responses all mistakenly posted to youtube. >> well the supreme court has done what none of us really thought could happen. they've ruled obama care constitutional. we now know that obama care came down as a split decision. the supreme court struck down part, but not all of the health care bill. >> united states supreme court has done what none of us expected -- they found an answer to the health care issue which basically led them to no decision at all. >> stephen colbert rushes to mr. murdoch's defense, putting out some responses of his own. >> my only criticism here is that the only options murdoch prepared for, were overturned,
5:54 am
not overturned, half overturned and no answer. what about all the other possibilities? i mean i think we've got to be ready for anything. jim. >> the united states supreme court has done what none of us have expected. the mandate has been struck down, there's been another recount, and george bush is president again. >> today the united states supreme court did what none of us expected -- sad news from washington, as the united states supreme court has committed octuple murder-sewer side, leaving only clarence thomas to rule on obama care, he has remained silent. the united states supreme court surpriseded many analysts today when justice samuel alito announced he will be stepping down from the bench to become the bass player for iron maiden.
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today the long awaited decision on obama care came down -- excuse me, excuse me, i said nobody in the break room. get out, out. >> iron maiden reference, you don't hear that enough. for his part, we should point out mr. murdoch's office said as the boy scouts say, be prepared. he said he fully hopes the supreme court strikes down obama care. still ahead on way t"way to earl early", your tweets, texts and emails are up next.
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we asked you at the top of the show what you were doing up. our producer has some answers. >> twitter, one response, i must be a fan, sitting in my car listening to your show on sirius, because no electricity here in richmond. >> wow. richmond, virginia, dr. danny, that is a level of commitment. i don't think we've heard before, no electricity in the house, goes and sits in the car. no electricity in the house, goes and sits in the car and listens. dr. danny, perhaps you're the one who needs to see a doctor. how about one more? >> we have jamie. those weren't boos you were
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hearing behind president obama in boston. they were saying "youk, youk." >> i hadn't thought about that. by the way, it's derek jeter's 38th birthday. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> boston i just want to say thank you for youkilis. [ crowd boos ] >> i'm just saying he's going to have to change the color of his "sox." i didn't think i'd get any boos out of here but i guess i should not have brought up baseball. i understand. my mistake. my mistake. you got to know your crow


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