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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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telling us about fast and furious may be entirely wrong. two weapons found at that point scene of agent brian terry's tragic death were allegedly bought by a manuel known to agents. trance subsequent and drug user who purchased them with cash. the report states that the man was a fast and furious suspect. but that the guns in question were not allowed to, quote, walk over the border into the hands of drug gangs. in fact, "fortune" reports atf agents were aware of at least 20 suspects who paid cash for 650 guns. the problem, the story says is with prosecutors who wouldn't charge suspects because of terribly weak gun laws. the magazine says of atf agents they seized weapons whenever they could but were ham strung by prosecutors and weak laws which stymied them at every turn. in conclusion, the report says one irs special agent attached
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to fast and furious provides this withering assessment about the political sound and furry that now surrounds fast and furious. republican senators are whipping up the country into a psychotic frenzy with these reports that are patently false. but still today less than an hour ago, congressman darrell issa was asserting the attorney general and whi house have been involved in a conspiracy to cover up an operation that went badly wrong. something the ranking member of the oversight committee strongly objected to. >> why are we steamrolling on matter of such gravity? in my opinion, the answer is plain and simple. politics. i believe that when history looks back at this moment, this will not be a pretty moment for this country. >> that in today's political fever, the nra has written a
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letter saying it will issue a black mark against any member of congress who won't find the attorney general in contempt. handful of democrats fearing the wrath of the nra have indicated that they may join speaker boehner's ranks. but why is the nra involved in the first place? because this case was never about a dead agent but a conspiracy theory promoted by conservatives that claim the obama white house wanted to take away americans' gun. >> very clearly, they made a crisis and they are using this crisis to somehow take away or limit people's second amendment rights. >> sadly for mr. issa the only thing that's fast and furious would appear to be his own sense of paranoia. let's get right to our panel now. "washington post" columnist dana joins us live from washington. here in new york, jonathon altar, columnist for bloomberg view and msnbc political analyst.
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dana, have you just come from this hearing. it has been testy, vociferous. >> it is a small room. it can overheat quite quickly. they started out were w the pleantries but quickly turned into really a food fight. unfortunately i left as they were taking out the mashed potatoes. it is -- very tense. unlimited debate in that room. it will go on for a while. it has been all laid out. they are going to proceed with this regardless of what the facts are as presented in the report. whether or not they were fair with the investigation. they will have the contempt vote and then nothing will happen. just another day of theater. >> did anybody mention this bombshell report in "fortune" magazine? >> no but they mentioned the democratic committee report that said there are 100 errors of fact in the majority report. the democrats accept that something was wrong with this gun walking program.
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there was a problem that issue whether they had to do with how the gun laws were in the first place we can accept there was a problem without saying that this should be a problem for which eric holder who didn't know anything about this is held in contempt. >> you read the article in "fortune" magazine. what's it -- how does it strike you? >> first of all, a triumph of journalism reporting facts amid a sea of politics, speculation. >> we -- >> haven't been able to verify the story. you are saying -- as you read it, it is impressive. >> you can tell when you read -- when somebody has taken six months, team has taken six months, my belief is that nobody should utter the words fast and furious or comment in any way on the story until they have read the facts as laid out in this article. because they will change their minds, including democrats and liberals, on almost everything they think they know about this story. so on -- on the democratic side,
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this didn't start in the bush administration. there was nothing to start. there was no gun walking program. even that is a lie. they say establish it with e-mails and government reports and investigations and all the rest. there was no such program. there was one rogue atf agent named dodson who on his own started a little -- you know what he did? he went on cbs news and accused atf of something that was patently false which is having such a program and to cover up the fact that he had gone rogue. and cbs news bought this without checking out the story. that then kicked off the whole thing. darrell issa completely ignored all of the facts. was just interested in the politics. if you want to know what happened in arizona, you want facts as opposed to just spin and politics, read this
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"fortune" article. >> dane a we heard congressman issa repeatedly say openly that there was some kind of conspiracy on the part of the white house, the obama administration to deal perhaps with assault weapons or to cutback on -- americans owning guns. is there any evidence for that notion? >> no. >> what's the white house done in your recollection to suggest that that would be true? >> well, he was pressed on this in the hearing today. and he sort of backed away from that saying he had no evidence of this. he was -- suppose merely asking questions. now, the -- obvious thing they came coming back to is if there was something wrong here, why didn't you bring the head of the atf to testify publicly? why didn't you bring the -- the -- people from the atf phoenix office where this operation was going on to testify publicly before rushing
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this into a contempt vote before the whole congres >> we know the reason for why he didn't. between want to play you something elijah cummings said on issa's investigation specifically. listen to this. >> i think basically the attorney general had come to a point where -- you know, he is saying where does this end? exactly. not asking for an end to the investigation. he is trying to get -- okay, what -- am i going to -- going -- >> yeah, right. not keep moving the goalpost the stadium. >> mr. cullings, congressman cummings, saying they are not just moving the goalpost. they are moving the whole stadium. >> issa investigation is a joke. i mean, a complete farce. >> that's not what congressman issa says. he is grand instant standing that committee. >> all you have to do is read the -- some of the fool facts and you will recognize this is a presents toterrous -- hung it all on the -- their main witness is the only person in this whole thing who is truly at fault. if you get -- tray to get to the
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bottom of it as "fortune" did. what this does show is there was bad management and at the justice department and at the atf. unwielding bureaucracy is at the route of a lot of this and shoddy journalism on the part of cbs news. so there's plenty of blame to go around. as for the -- administration's reaction, it makes it seem that by claiming executive privilege they have somehow done something out of watergate. this has been claimed many times by many presidents, including ronald reagan. >> this is -- first time the president -- >> this is not such a dramatic thing for them to do. these administrations, right or wrong, do not want to set a precedent of sending over all of their internal communications because once they do it one time, the next congressional committee will say you sent it over in the naurs investigation. give us all of your e-mails. they turned over thousands of documents but knew nothing would
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satisfy issa. it is no a fair-minded investigation. it is not investigation at all. >> okay. dana, it is not an investigation. is it a witch-hunt, as congressman cummings says it is? >> right. a couple of the democrats on it is rules committee made that allegation today. and -- issa spat back that those are the democratic talking points. one mistake the -- justice department made was in sending a letter on early on to chuck grassley. that was false. apparently not knowingly false. that gave him, you know, a ft in the door to press ahead with this. but what it turned out in the end is what the -- committee is demanding, whole issue for this contempt of congress citation has nothing to do with the program itself. what led to this agent's death. it is all about what happened afterwards. it is this coverup that issa is allege which by definition is not about the program itself. >> indeed. thank you both. next, representative rangel
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national rifle association, most feared lobby in the united states, put democratses on notice. saying that any member who opposes the contempt vote against eric holder should
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expect trouble come election day. needless to say nra threats command a lot of attention on capitol hill but why does the gun lobby care so much about penalizing eric holder? we are joined live from washington by one of congress' most senior members, congressman rangel of new york. >> what you said is so disgusting, so un-american, so threatening to the fabric that makes this country is as great as it is. the gun lobby has a -- those people that wanted to destroy this presidency by any means possible. and the fact that they can -- connecting this vote with that your wanting to have these dangerous weapons in the hands of so many americans and then to discredit the attorney general, what a bad connection. believe me, we are going to lose
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some democrats, lot of us may believe we are just after -- have to walk out of this thing completely, just to show displeasure with the way this is being handled. >> at this very moment, sir, we have been watching pictures of the committee as it continues, this discussion about holding the attorney general in contempt. what do you make of the way the argument has been going with accusations of a witch-hunt placed by people like congressman cummings and chairman issa disanythinging th -- dismissing that as a talking point? >> the republicans have been honest to the extent that they have said early on from the very swearing in of this president that their mission was not to cooperate with him in new means possible. i had no idea that they would mean destroying the character and principles of the
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constitutions just to get rid of president obama. but clearly, when they first started with the debt ceiling, where they gentleman are a fized full faith and americans credit, then they come back now and attacking the attorney general, the things that people have to believe in while they are suffering. you and i know the only reason they are doing this is to distract from the fact that they have no programs, they know what they hate but they have no idea what to present to the american people. >> sir, in defense of chairman issa, he says he's upholding the constitution because he believes that there is a conspiracy by the president, by the obama administration, to in some way introduce laws, none of which we have ever seen, none of which the president ever mentioned, yet, chairman issa believes that the president has a plan that will in some way curtail gun ownership in this country and he says that he's upholding the
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constitution by this. >> well, i have more confidence in the intelligence of the american people. i remember hearing the chairman on the sunday talk shows where clearly no matter how many different ways the -- he was asked, as to whether or not he thought the president of the united states was involved in any of this type of conspiracy, the answer was no, no, no. now all of a sudden he's making up convoluting -- any type of accusation and -- and the fact that it is going to be a party vote which shows that republicans are locked and lined, not in search for the truth but -- not in search of finding out why president bush started this program in the first place, but by embarrassing the democratic party and democratic president. so no matter what he says, i think it is clear that -- not
4:18 pm
only is this a partisan move but i think it is dangerous to the fabric of constitution. >> at the same time, sir, there is a transportation bill that could release at least a million workers to be employed. there is the issue of student loan rates that are expected to double from the first of july. and yet, the concentration of republicans appears to be in pursuit of the attorney general for contempt. what's that tell you about their concern for ordinary suggest sense in this country? >> and then at the end of this week, another adjournment, another district working people, another lack of an opportunity to try to get people to work. to be able to say that there's hope for america that republicans and democrats, we may be partisan but for god's sake, don't sink the ship. don't sink what america believes in. just because of partisan
4:19 pm
reasons. no. i really think that they are holding america hostage and i only wish the solid votes -- the -- those -- the church, the synagogues, the spiritual leaders because only the poor and disadvantaged of -- are going to suffer by this indifference. middle class is going to suffer theost because they are holding on by their fingernails right now to be able to take care of their families. those who made us get in a this position are the ones that are reaping these tremendous profits. it is wrong and i hope the american people speak out against it. >> congressman charles rangel, thank you for joining us. congratulations, again, on your primary. >> thank you so much. >> mitt romney on a money grab from manhattan to k street.
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ryan's great grandfather started this business. it survived family drama, near bankruptcy, and strikes. it is about to be passed to the family's fifth generation. we are back with mitt
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romney's dash for cash. if anyone is payers it is mr. romney. back to new york in two days of frantic fund-raising. after a finance event earlier today in the big apple, romney is perhaps moknotting house bow tie to a $50,000 plate dinner at their penthouse in georgetown on k street. the corridor of lobbyists. not to be outdone by a $70 million complex built out of a former ballroom at the pierre hotel. what's on record is the most expensive private home in the country. avenue magazine this month, quote, i thought it was underpriced. file that under things mitt romney supporters say. i'm sure all participants are eagerly anticipating lower taxes under a president romney and good for them. today's events are expected to
4:24 pm
raise some $2 million for team romney and will need it will new polls tonight. quinnipiac's poll out this morning shows the president pulling ahead in ohio. leading romney 47% to 38% in the buckeye state. that eight-point lead, surge from the president from a two-point margin last month. in pennsylvania the president tops romney 45-39%. down in florida, the president edges romney with a four-point lead, 45-41. that's a reversal from romney's single digit lead will last month. all of that is on top of a new nbc "wall street journal" swing state poll. the president holding an overall eight-point lead in a dozen battleground states. 50-42. all sending the romney camp into mitt may call a mother. the much anticipated dine with
4:25 pm
donald event set for tomorrow is being postponed to an undisclosed date. perhaps an undisclosed location. ouch. no word if the donald is invited to the event tomorrow. donald, we hope up didn't spend a day on the tanning bed for nothing. stay with us. the day's top lines are ahead. is it done? [ john ] no. ♪ were you just... no. are you supposed to be driving that in here? no! yo! teresa here? ♪ no. so is it okay if i stay out just a little bit longer? so...okay... so no. did mom say we could eat all that? [ john ] yes. [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no," it's nice to finally say "yes." the new line of oscar mayer selects. the tastes you love and no artificial preservatives. it's yes food.
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being postponed to an
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from mitt's facebook problem to the ghost of tricky dick. here are today's top lines. your papers, please. >> i believe health reform was the right thing to do. >> if obama care is not constitutional the first 3 1/2 years of the president's term will be wasted. >> what does that mean he looks like a president? you know who didn't? this guy. looked like a buggy driver. >> the world champions miami heat. >> the election came down to a kevin youkilis joke. >> give mitt romney credit.
4:29 pm
he is a job creator -- in singapore, china, india. >> couple of times wondered whether i was going to get a pink slip. >> facebook pages have a like button. romney's facebook page has you like that, then i like that, too, button. >> what exactly are you accusing the president of here, governor? >> i don't know. >> the emerging discussion and discovery of the plumber's activitytwater gate -- >> that's a record number of watt are gates. passing the previous watergate record holder, richard nixon. >> i earned everything i got. >> throw around the term watergate so much at fox, oh, my god! >> 5-3 decision with sonia sotomayer allowed to vote only after she showed her painers. >> justin bieber and celina gomez. >> i don't know much about the
4:30 pm
bieber ♪ baby baby >> i somehow got that backward. actually, miss gomez of texas has helped mr. bieber of canada, justin, when you perform in phoenix, remember to bring your painers. >> in georgia ask say yes to the brown thrasher. why can't south carolina s no to the brown guatemalan? >> are you doing okay? >> do you live in the white house? >> i do live in the white house. >> let's get right to our panel w. msnbc contributor and "washington post" editorial writer jonathon capehart joins us right here in the studio. from the nation's capital we are delighted to have with us msnbc political analyst richard wolffe. john, it appears that there's some confusion about the planned dine with the donald and romney event. we understand that romney's now postponed that n that. i mean, does come any feel on the day such anna december identification health care reform comes down he rather not be with a clan like the donald.
4:31 pm
>> well, when you put it like that probably not. but -- look, i think the haven't u at the pierre hotel, the penthouse which, you know, full disclosure i have been on to on a couple of occasions is spectacular. >> mix with and expect nothing less. >> i'm here to report. it is a spectacular venue. i'm sure the owner is wildly wealthy. would have to be. and as a romney supporter. why donald trump would say yes he would do a dine with the donald event and then not go through with it, it could be that the romney campaign does want to be seen with him and could be they thought better of it which would have been -- which would be great. and mae this portends, you know, maybe the disappearance of the donald from mitt romney's. >> you think so. richard, we have just learned the president is actually heading to colorado on friday to tour fire-ravaged areas and obviously thank fire fighters who are doing a tremendous job. our hearts go out to all of
4:32 pm
them. it also -- it feels like a smart political move as well following the supreme court decision and what many people, i guess, 60% of many -- polling suggest in the in-trade betting people suggest it will be negative for the president on the individual mandate. >> yeah. look, i cannot take them seriously. there are so few people that trade in that stuff it is meaningless. the fires are anything but meaningless. devastating and been going on a long time. there are advantages to being an incumbent sxwn president. you can project presidential power and authority and it is a role for president in times of natural disaster. we saw what happens when a president doesn't fulfill that. that was president bush after hurricane katrina. and you can -- even if can you not do much about the natural disaster itself there is a reassuring element and element of command and control a president can bring to this situation that will make the news and by the way, of course, it is about that eight to that point colorado is one of the states where romney appears to
4:33 pm
be struggling after three months of improving numbers, his negative rating is back up to its all-time high of 39%. i have to put this to you. is this a case that -- with romney, the more the -- they get to know him the less they appear to like him. >> sure. we have seen -- we have seen this before. yes, poll numbers were improving over the previous few months, we saw that during the primary season that the more people got to -- got to know mitt romney, the less they liked him. now that he has the field to himself, it is just he and the president going up against each other. plus, you have those -- bain attacks and negative ads from the obama campaign against mitt romney and his experience at bain. they appear to be working and sort of reminding people who might have been squishy in terms of their view point on mitt romney that there may be a reason why i don't like this guy. >> sure. richard, mr. romney's fellow republicans are sharpening their line of attack on the president over his immigration move.
4:34 pm
although i wonder if it is a particularly wise one. take a listen to this, richard. >> if the president insists on continuing to ignore parts of the law that he doesn't like, and simply not enforce the law, the primary remedy for that is political. now, if it is bad enough, and it is -- if there are shenanigans involved in it, impeachment is always a possibility but i don't think at this point anybody is talking about that. >> that was arizona senator -- is you have to forgive me for a moment p.m. i'm learning things about the american government to impeach someone don't you need grounds for doing so? >> right. well -- i -- as a -- an older immigrant, speaking lou newer immigrant let me explain a couple of things. there was an impeachment thing that happened during the clinton years. as we -- didn't turn out too well important the republicans. they managed to lose seats in what should have been a good
4:35 pm
time for them in a mid-term election. so politically, i love -- you know, the senator, good senator says talks about impeachment and says of course nobody is talking about impeachment. apart from me just now. let them play with it and let them flirt with it if they want to go ahead and do -- let this one run its course as fast and furious has. then they are on to a political loser here. they are. >> isn't that another indication that this is a witch-hunt? they pursued the attorney general. now they talk about throwing out impeachment. i mean, there's no grounds for any of this. yet, it continues to be a topic of repeated conversation by many republicans. >> yeah. there is. look, if democrats are taking this approach that no president from the other party is at all legitimate, then they could ha grounds after 2000. instead they worked with president bush. both before 9/11 and after 9/11. you have a party that has
4:36 pm
consistently seen this president as being ill legitimate even though his electoral win in 2008 was very significant. you know, this is part of a continuum for them. and if they want to drive share of the latino vote, even lower than 29, 25% as it is now, then go ahead and do this. take him on this policy and go for impeachment over it. please. >> to that point, rush limbaugh has also expressed some disappointment in mitt romney's position on immigration law, what we know of it. take a listen to this. >> ladies and gentlemen, yesterday, mitt romney blew it. yesterday was a warning, i think. yesterday was a red flag for the romney team. romney team was not ready for prime time on this illegal immigration arizona decision. if romney's response yesterday happened in a debate without it have been a big win for obama. >> hard for us to say but that was a fairly excellent
4:37 pm
ex-position of truex exposition there. >> yes, it was. rush is right. the problem that mitt romney has had dashes personly on this issue is that he's not talking in specifics. it is all -- president obama is bad. president obama's policies are wrong. presidt obama's policies, i will overturn them but never says what he will put in their place. on the immigration law, he's mute. when the -- no matter what the supreme court says tomorrow, you know, mitt romney will be mute on what he would do differently. especially if the supreme court rules that the health care law sun constitutional, the next -- logical question is -- well, then, what are you going do? mitt romney does not have an answer for that. even that. >> thanks so much. stay with us. coming up on "hardball," chris matthews with more on the "fortune" magazine's piece that says the fast and furious investigation is built on a bed of lies.
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without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners
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by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. if you are one of the millions planning to take to the great american road this summer you are in luck. the price of gas continues to fall. from the high of $3.92 a gal none april to $3.38. indoes trin siders say it may dropven further to around $3 by labor day. it is worth remembering that back when prices were rising, republicans were lining up to blame the president. >> since this president has been president, the cost of gasoline has double glad gas prices have double. >> this president will go to any length to drive up gas prices and pave the way for his ideological agenda. >> gas prices are skyrocketing. >> especially feeling the impact
4:42 pm
of rising gas price which is have doubled under president obama. >> gasoline prices have doubled. >> our times don't seem -- hard times don't seem to be over. >> where's speaker boehner today? eric cantor? mitt romney now that the price has gone down? are they out? congratulating the president? having blamed him when prices went up? still with us, jonathan capehart. richard, can you explain why they suddenly lost their voices on the issue of gas prices? have they simultaneously developed laryngitis? >> you know, i -- what they have simultaneously developed is a love of polling and focus grouping that gave them a message that worked at one time. it is tactical. everything they are doing, romney campaign, republican party, and they have this short-term tactics in terms of how they play politics. there is nothing sustained about it. no longer argument. if you were going to be logical you have to say to the president's agenda had succeeded. they could say that. of course, they won't.
4:43 pm
other thing is the media has fallen into that trap repeatedly. at the time the republican leaders were saying those things, that very developed message, con sis at any timely repeated, there were endless numbers of stories saying how terrible gas prices would be for the president and numbers were down and prospects as a result were bad. i haven't seen nearly as many stories citing the uptick in the president's fortunes as a result of lower gas prices now. >> john, to that point, the economists have been saying for decades that no president controls commodity like gas. the fact of the matter is it goes up and down depending on supply and global factors. does this explain why even mitt romney is now kind of removed gas prices from his stump speech. >> sure. can't talk about high gas price it is the gas prices aren't high. if the american people can go to their local gas station and say i'm paying -- >> mitt romney goes around the world, country, saying the president has gone around the world apologizing for america when he never did. why can't he go out and say that? >> i mean, maybe even for mitt
4:44 pm
romney there are some things he can't. you know, listen. richard raises a very good question or maybe you just did. the fact that you just did, the fact section that the president of the united states has no control over oil prices, no control over gas prices. and the republicans want the american people to believe if you drill now, drill everywhere, that gas prices the moment you say okay, mitt romney as president the gas prices are going to fall forever. that's just not it is case. if you did a drill here, drill everywhere, the earliest you will get a drop of oil out of the ground is maybe 12 to 15 years. with what the republicans are trying to do is soothe the american psyche over high gas prices by saying we will drill when the would -- there's no correlation. american people feel -- would have -- not have felt any relief. they are feeling relief now and not a drill has been done in terms of the republicans. >> indeed. mitt romney ham terse president
4:45 pm
for not doing enough to tap as jonathan said, coal, oil and gas. what would gas prices look like under a romney presidency and do you think that he believes he can control that? >> well, if he does then he has no business experience to speak of which undermines his main premise for being elected president. the reason the gas prices have come down is because the global price of oil has come down. that's actually not a good thing in one sense because it has come down because people think global demand is going down, global economy is slowing. you know, the problem for the republican argument, it is that there isn't enough oil in america underneath america to affect the global price, demand and supply issues of just -- are just too big. what happened over the past few years, america extraordinarily is an exporter of energy and largely because of things like shale oil but because of natural gas. nose are global economic trends
4:46 pm
that mitt romney should appreciate and if he learned anything at bain. i suspect he knows full well that there are global issues at play here. he just chooses not to talk about them because he thinks that will work for him politically. >> wonderful. richard wolffe, thank you. next, a picnic at the white house. bain and the boys and girls are invited.
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the president is in a pitched battle with mitt rom my and the republicans in a bitter and polarized election year. the ruling his health care law is expected tomorrow and contempt vote looms against his attorney general. so what better time than now to host the white house picnic? welcoming members of congress from both sides of the aisle. who better to let us in on the politics thanning the silver fox
4:50 pm
himself. the loudmouth luke russert on capitol hill. gentlemen, it appears there will be something to celebrate at the picnic. the house has followed the senate in passing a transportation bill that could create over 3 million jobs. luke, what happened? >> how about that? >> unbelievable! >> america's birthday coming up on wednesday. a week before republicans and democrats said hey, lady liberty and uncle sam, here is a wonderful birthday present, a jobs bill. that's both sides agree it is. has to do with the nation's highways and transportation projects. essentially republicans and democrats got about half of what they wanted. republicans were not able to get the keystone pipeline and transportation bill but they were able to get a permitting process of less environmental red tape. democrats weren't able to get everything they wanted. but they were able to sort of get keystone away from it and also get the bill which they say will make things steady and in place in terms of the money going out until 2013. so people will have an incentive
4:51 pm
to hire workers to do the highway projects they need to happen. >> luke, just -- luke, just to be clear, this hasn't passed yet. this is just a deal you believe has been reached. is that right? >> tentative deal that would be very surprising if it were to go down. >> okay. >> most likely possibly definitely going to happen by the end of the week. if they don't do it, i sincerely think you will see congress below 10% the first time in almost a year. >> can i ask luke a question real quick? the speaker, will they be for the picnic. >> yes. we heard they will be at the pick in. mr. issa has not answered the question. eric holder will be at that time picnic. that's what i want to see. >> i have a source at the justice department with the initials pete williams who tells me that eric holder, the attorney general, intends or plans to be here tonight. may solution to the whole thing is this. super soakers on the south lawn, squirt guns at 20 paces and they can settle this thing like gentlemen. congressional picnic will be
4:52 pm
deemed a success. the odd thing about the ironic thing about this is congress is leaving for a week-long recess next week. they are going to go all night on this, an appropriations bill. they will have to stop work on that, recess the house of representatives so they can come down here and attend the picnic. it will be the same thing again tomorrow as they race to beat the clock on this and student loans that are still on the docket because of a congressional baseball game. i asked jay carney, with the president going out and bashing congress at every chance he gets, republicans in congress, why bother with congressional picnic anymore? maybe they can get together in a three-legged race and work things out that way. >> you are mocking those grand members of the house of representatives and it is entirely justified. thanks so much. >> take care. >> we will be right back to clear the air. are so amazingly,
4:53 pm
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air. today in a place once marked by routine acts of murder and violence, there was a handshake just handshake, that something that many of us never thought would ever happen. in northern ireland just a few hours ago her majesty the queen, shook the hand of a former terrorist. one-time commander of the i.r.a. martin maginnes. he's now the deputy first minister. the transformation coming as a result of the good friday agreement which was signed in 1998. that agreement led to the formation of the new northern ireland aseem sxwli decommissioning of arms by paramilitary organizations.
4:57 pm
that agreement might not have happened without the intervention and commitment of an american president. it was bill clinton whose ancestors who chose to commit time and resources to the peace process. it was he who asked george mitchell to chair peace talks that led up to the good friday agreement. i don't think i will ever forget watch president clinton's reception in belfast and dublin. even as the sworn enemies came to reach a peaceful agreement. it was profound and withstood the test of time. president clinton did not stand to benefit personally from supporting the peace process in northern ireland. he wasn't going to score points against his republican opponents by urging terrorists to lay down their arms. 4,000 miles away. but he did so because it was the right thing to do. that's why today of all days, the houses of congress should hang their heads in shame.
4:58 pm
will is a transportation bill that needs to pass. there are student loans rates that will double unless they take action. but more than that, there is a country that needs its elective representatives, not to focus on defeating a president but on serving the people. and if a member of the royal family and a former terrorist can come together, then is it really too much to expect the same of congress? i don't think so. thanks so much for watching us at this new hour of 4:00. it has been a bit after time shift but we appreciate it. chris matthews is here right now with "hardball." stay tuned. fast, furious and fiction. let's play "hardball."
4:59 pm
good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with a shocker. you know the story of thousand the u.s. government agents allowed guns to go to the cartel. the nra and entire american right? well, according to a new report from "fortune" magazine, not the nation or "the new york times," "fortune," it didn't happen. the u.s. government never used a taicf ledding the guns reach the bad guys in mexico. which raises the bigger question, then why is eric holder and the obama administration failed to kill the story? didn't they learn from the charges against john kerry if you don't knock down a story, it knocks you down. our guests tonight are matt miller and msnbc political analyst david korn. help me out here. it is great to have you on tonight. how did i and so many of our viewers and so many people in the country believe for the last 18 months t


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