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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  July 3, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> every candidate who seeks the nomination. barack obama had it locked up back then. going to israel demonstrates solidarity and commitment and a vision for u.s. there. back four years ago when candidate obama was there, he had a two-fold vision. accelerate the peace process and confront iran. with diplomacy, a lot of big sticks and a lot of big carrots. the carrots have not worked out, but the sticks are starting to work. they are tougher and more international and one of the things is he is a candid and forceful and factual evaluation of the policy. the obama administration makes the case that it works steadily on sanctions and they are tougher than they were and beginning to have a color effect on the life and the way the
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government views the ability of sanctions to change their behavior. romney will have to confront that. >> there two things at play. one is the reality of putting your plan out there and differentiate yourself as a candidate, but the optics as well. >> very much about optics and as major said, showing commitment. remember this. mitt romney is only going to israel for two days. he took a week long trip to afghanistan and jordan and israel. this is more just about showing commitment and optics, that's right. when we talk about president obama being weak on these issues, the one thing i would point out is that the obama administration has shown strength in other ways and building up resource through the persian gulf to clamp down on iran. >> he did very well with the jewish vote in 2008. 78% to john mccain's 21%.
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as a practical matter, are there enough donations and enough votes in place? this is like ohio and florida to make a difference. >> the jewish vote will be for president obama, but it is in flux. most of the constituencies that were for president obama are in flux. >> there has been leaking of support. >> everything is in flux. even the reliable may not show up on the same numbers and the same percentages. there is a fine granular assessment of that by the obama campaign. how can they get there and work these things through. for romney i don't think he sees jewish voters as a big upside, but every part he can take away or move more persuadable in his perception is a net gain. will the israel trip do that for him? probably not, but he has to make
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it and as erin pointed out, two days is about a lot of hand shakes and grip and grin pictures and establishing within the context before the republican national committee, we are here and will be solidly with israel and you can draw your own conclusions. >> is there a possibility that there is bad optics. you have the donor and he said his passion in life is israel. he committed $10 million to the pro romney super pac. a lot of people have talked about the influence. what do buy for $10 million. he didn't obviously get a lot out of what he gave to newt gingrich s. there an opt cal problem? >> i don't think there is. i don't think many voters are paying attention to individual donors who are giving to super pacs. maybe more of what this trip is
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about is also because mitt romney lags behind in terms of foreign policy. part of that is the fact that president obama has been president for almost four years and giving big security briefings every day. he has an experience that mitt romney as a one-term governor does not have. this is about bolstering the image before he goes up in the debates. spar there a little bit of a risk? the one place we see that consistently barack obama surpassed shim in foreign policy. by going to israel it opens the way for suggestions that he is in a little bit over his head. >> romney will have to say things about the iran situation and the mideast peace process. what would you do that's different or bring the sides closer together or establish something that would be different from what the president is trying to pursue.
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one quick observation. i wrote at the time and i believed that there was an investment he was making. he kept newt gingrich alive. newt gingrich stayed on the plank with rick santorum and never gave the voters in the key primaries the direct one on one. sheldon adeleson kept newt in the game and she investing in romney now and i believe he was back then. >> is there an answer to that which is what you said. barack obama was there as well as what candidate dos. they go to israel and it has nothing to do with sheldon anderson. >> that are is the larger coninstruct. it always happens and always will happen. for romney in the sense that foreign policy will become important in the dialogue and will be important only on the edge. it will be embroidery on the
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larger economic themes. it has to be credible. any time you go on a stage, it has to be new inside and what your foreign policy is. >> most people would agree and you can disagree, but i think most people think that foreign policy is only relevant on the edges perhaps of the economy unless something happens. unless something like we are seeing military exercises in iran and unless something blows up. >> that's right. we have not seen very much at all happen throughout president obama's first term. that meant that mitt romney did not have to talk about foreign policy at all it. has been a tiny part of his strategy and not part of the strategy at all. whenever something does happen and the example is when north korea test launched earlier this year. at that point mitt romney put
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out a statement blaming that on president obama for not being stronger on national security measures. it's a fly by the seat of your pants strategy for the romney campaign and not something they focused on at all. >> if something will be an issue, what do you think it's going to be? >> for example, syria is continuing the slaughter of innocent civilians who are trying to get rid of the regime and find a future for themselves. russia and china are not helping. mitt romney said they are the number one geopolitical and some disagree with that. does romney said if i were president i would do something different and have a different approach and we would solve the problem. in the debate that i comoderated on foreign policy, mitt romney said if i am elected, iran will not possess a nuclear weapon.
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if president obama is, they will. they cannot obtain a nuclear weapon if i am president. if president obama president obama is reelected they will. that's something you measure a campaign about and if you become president, measure your success against. if romney makes those statements, they will be around him for the campaign and during his presidency if he is elected. >> do we have that shot for the nea and joe bides en coming as well. there is a huge crowd there. the national education association. the nation's largest teacher's union. it also lost huge amounts of membership. it is interesting to me. presidents traditionally have gone to address the nea. it would make sense in an election year. do you think the president is sending biden because he thinks i have got the teacher's vote
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sewn up or they are not as relevant. >> they are very relevant. i don't think the teacher's union blames president obama for the state budget cuts that has so many teachers being laid off. the stimulus for 2 1/2 years kept many teachers the payrolls because federal government allocations reached the states and they were translated into saving jobs with teachers. they have since expired. the president would like more. this doesn't seem to me to be optically or in the way of a relationship to be any slight. the vice president is not bad. >> let me ask you quickly. do these kinds of gatherings, do they matter, do you think? i wonder, erin, we talked so much about how the money may favor and the advertising favor mitt romney and barack obama's
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ground game and the support he has with more traditial forms like the union member who is go door-to-door and run the phone banks and get the elderly people. do these things matter or is that kind of all very 20th century? >> they may matter some, but remember the white house is getting requests for the president and the vice president and the first lady to speak all across the country. all kinds of gatherings. will they matter? sure. to the memberships who are there to listen, yes, they do. >> erin, great to see and you thank you very much major garrett. you stayed later and are heading home to your family. do you have have power back yet? >> we do. >> we are relieved. happy fourth of july to both of you. the july 4th celebrations can be canceled because of the heat and thunderstorms and power outages. more than two mlion people are still without power in dealing
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in the midst of this campaign heated summer, there is no martha's vineyard for the obama family. they will not be coming to the 28-acre waterfront estate where they have stayed for the past years. another day in paradise for mitt romney and family, but the vacation is sparking speculation that political business could get done as well. one of the favorites among the vice presidential contenders and
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scheduled a couple of high profile events for later this week. nbc news campaign is following the romney campaign. any chance portman will stop by for a jetski and vetting? garrett is frozen. we will get him on the phone. let's bring in the director of virginia center for politics. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i keep track of your crystal ball list. rob portman tops your list of running mates. there has been so much talk about how this is a different process than it was for john mccain. he had issues with picking a running mate who he didn't know
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well. would showing up at the family vacation and spending a little low key time together be a way to vet or are we looking for something to talk about on the third of july? >> we are reading tea leaves and i don't think mitt romney drinks tea. there not a lot of leaves to read. we always do this guessing game. nobody but a handful of people have a clue what's really going on. it's a great game and the only thing that matters is the mitt romney picks. they will judge him on that basic decision as we do all candidates. >> chris cristy is on the list and marco rubio and paul o rhine and he had something to say on cnbc this morning. let me play that.
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>> this is an election with one voter. mitt romney. he gets to decide who he thinks will be the best vice president and the person best prepared to serve with him to turn our country around. >> is it going to be you? >> i doubt it. >> do you have a good sense to any of us about what may be going on. it has been pretty clear on republican leadership that they needed to try a different tactic? >> they certainly want to do it differently. that's obvious. the result will show they have done it differently. that's because mitt romney and john mccain couldn't be more different in how they approach decisions. mccain made and makes decisions by the seat of his pants as with the sarah palin pick. mitt romney is a careful planner and how he has done business all of his life. that is what the vetting process
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is doing. i bet you that vetting process is microscopic whoever gets picked will have earned it. it will be a very difficult process. top questions will be asked about every aspect of life. it won't be a lot of fun. >> i have been doing this network for 15 years and i never heard that word used. that's interesting. let me bring in garrett after skype froze up. what are the chances or are they letting everybody know? he may show up for a little barbecue on the romney compound. >> internet connection is not so great, but the chances are not terrle. we expect to see at least two of the short listers. the senator from new halfer will be marching in the fourth of july parade and in the state later this week.
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speaking at the gop event. tim pawlenty is his wife. they sealed the deal and took him up here to get to know him. it's not outside the rlm of possibility that the nominee will get similar treatment at some point this week. i can tell you so far it's all about the vacation portion of this. something like 30 romneys with all the grandkids. ice cream outings on the small estate and quite a bit of activity out on the water. there was a couple of great photos of romney and ann romney out on the jetski cruising around and make the most of a couple of down days. >> we have to microanalyze everything and one of the questions was does ann always drive? is this like a strong woman.
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we are reaching here. >> i have seen romney driving the bigger boat himself, but that's a good question. we will see who is behind the wheel today. >> professor, here's a guy who every poll has shown americans don't frankly like as much as they like barack obama. they may like some of his policies and even republicans are not crazy about him. how important are optics like this? >> it makes some difference. the water is cooler, but the pictures are designed to warm them up. he had an image as an auto ma ton as a candidate. certainly to the extent that they can surround him with his spse and sons and daughters in law and grandchildren, it tends to make him more personable. elections are about factors like partisan identification and war and peace. most of all the economy.
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that's what drives the presidential vote. we elected plenty of people who were less than likeable. >> the idea when we learned that the president is not going to go to martha's vineyard as he has for the last three years. should we be surprised given how bizzy this campaign season is compared to others and how important fund-raising is or do you think he wants to present the image that i'm in washington and in charge and running things? >> when you are president, there is always camp david. it's a nice spot. you don't need to go to the vineyard. in obama's case, it is a wise decision. we only have one president at a time. he is going to be president. it is a major advantage. you have to take ownership of bad economic data. use it. be in the rose garden making announcements and in the oval
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office making decisions. not in martha's vineyard hobnobbing with the elite. >> happy 4th, larry, thank you. >> same to you. >> the world of science is buzzing with anticipation waiting for a big announcement tomorrow in switzerland. rumors are after three decades, the elusive god particle is discovered. it's a small particle that has never before been detected, but explain several unsolved mysteries about the universe.
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bush was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. they are forming a partnership in south ka hair an africa. be happy if you are cooking in your own back yard because my must read is from "time" magazine about america's grouchiest dirtiest family restaurants. wait until you see who made the list. we'll be right back.
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the airwaves in nine states. >> what our president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing jobs to countries and president obama fought to save the u.s. auto industry and outsourcing versus insourcing. >> the campaign hopes it will highlight differences between president obama and mitt romney. so far the campaign season, we heard middle in the way of specifics from either side. that's the criticism. here's an opinion piece from politico. what's been left out in the missing campaign policy debate. let me bring in democratic so linda lake. good morning to both of you. >> hi. good to see you. >> let me ask you, politico is not alone in criticizing this campaign. give us your context. four months before the election, it's different than campaigns
10:31 am
past or should we hear more about what they will do moving forward? >> i have a slightly different view. i think as an incumbent, you have plenty of specifics. you don't have to look for what barack obama believes. he lived it. he saved the auto industry and reformed wall street and passed health care reform. you don't need to ask him where he stands. he acted on them. in terms of mitt romney, he has lots of specifics, but specifics on both sides of the issues. he was for things before he was against them. on two sides of health care and two sides of job creation and two sides of immigration, it appears. he's got lots of specifics out there. they just contradict each other. >> do you think that the bigger responsibility is on romney as the sitting president has a record and mitt romney in a lot of areas frankly is an unknown
10:32 am
quantity of voters. >> in many ways, i disagree. in the campaign when you are running against the incumbent, your goal is to make a referendum on the incumbent. has he delivered or done his job? the romney campaign is to keep as vague as possible and keep as many options when he becomes president. for the president, he has lived out his ideals and they haven't worked? the president has been unsuccessful. the unemployment rate is above 8% and they have economic anxiety. for the romney campaign, keep it vague and keep the president's record. it has not been good. >> let me read you a quote." neither candidate is approaching the e dekz in implications in a way that facilitates bipartisanship. there is virtually no discussion for the need of a long-term
10:33 am
agendaa that emphasizes tax reform and fiscal prudence and economic growth. in terms of more specifics, do you think we will start hearing once we get to the conventions or wait for the debates? when do you think the american people start focusing on the specifics? >> i think that it's a very interesting time. right now i think that they are more focused on the specifics because the american people think the country is in deep trouble. they want to know what their candidates are going to dobout it. they want to know what mitt romney's solutions are. we are finding that the candidate who critiques and critiques is failing. you have to offer your alternative. the barack obama alternative is obvious. he spend four years implementing it and said this is where we are
10:34 am
heading. mitt romney is unknown and he tends it favor extreme policies he took in the primaries and doesn't want to appear to flip flop or he favors policies that are helping the rich and ceos look at his record. those are not specifics he can sell. that's why he is not talking specifics. barack obama needs to make this a choice. that's why you see the ad he put up. >> it is interesting that we had an agreement that eric fenster said this was not a tax. the health care plan, agreeing with the democrats and president barack obama. do you think that's part of the problem? these kind of things like is it a tax or -- it becomes talking points as opposed to more specifics about what's going on in the economy? >> i think all campaigns have a variety of talking points that get ignored. in the last campaign, president obama campaigned against the
10:35 am
individual mandate and really hammered hillary clinton on her support for individual mandates and came out and passed it as part of a law. what he meant is this is not a tax. this is a penalty. by the way, if you define it that way, john roberts should have declared it unconstitutional. one of the things mitt romney wants to do is repeal obama care and that is popular with a segment of the population that is energized with the supreme court decision. that will help republicans. getting on the whole thing about specifics, the specifics change as things change. what people are looking for is leadership capabilities and can you leave the country. they have what president obama has done. by and large his approval rating is well below 50%. around 46 or 47% that. is a big problem for him coming into the election. >> thanks to both of you.
10:36 am
what is your view? does the affordable care act include a penalty or a tax. here's what chris christie had to say this morning. >> i thought all along it was a tax. i don't think it's a tax or a penalty. it's both. >> regardless of the term, we want to look at the bottom line. how will it affect americans in the pocket book. richard louie dug into that. >> at the heart of the penalty versus tax argument, the 1.3% of americans that the office estimates will not buy insurance this. group is not too worried about the term, but the penalty it may cost. that depens on how much they make. for individuals and their incomes where they are less than $9500, it is zero. above that they start to max out. they will never go greater than 2.5% of income.
10:37 am
$50,000, you are looking at $1,000 in penalty. the question then to those who are not going to buy insurance, which is better, the penalty or the plan? those are the penalties and here are the costs from the kaiser family foundation. employers wanted the plans and about $2200. if you make 100,000 or less, it's probably cheaper to go with the penalty. the non-employer plans have $4300. if you make $200,000 or less, for context though, a broken leg, the medical costs can be from thousands to tens of thousands. exemptions are not just on exemptions. the amish are exempt from participating in social security. mennonites also do not have to pay the penalty. american indian tribes also do not have to pay in a
10:38 am
controversial law. speak of the fight, many want opponents to stop battling. democrats and independents saying yes, we need to move on to more personality national issues. independents at 51%. more than republicans in the poll. the poll finds that republicans want to keep the fight going on, but they are more energized to vote because of the court's decision by a margin of 2-1. >> very interesting stuff, thank you very much. also making new this is morning, a set back for firefighting efforts out west. the fleet of planes has been grounded after a crash killed a crew number and injured five others on sunday. it was being used to fight fires in colorado, montana and south dakota. barclay's ceo bob diamond stepped down. it has political implications for the romney camp. diamond wants to hold a fund-raiser in london this
10:39 am
month. they said diamond will not be hosting. >> today a $2 million expedition gets under way to search for amelia ehrhardt's lost plane. a group of scientists will search an island where they think the plane went down. one said he has evidence including a photo of a possible plane in the water and artifacts from the 30s found in the area. a pennsylvania high school is taking a new approach to raising money. the learning center put itself up on ay for $600,000. the winner would get naming rights, school goodies and a pizza. the winning was supposed to end and the listing is no longer on ebay. i don't know if they have a buyer or a they up and took it down. >> what happens when two kids try to swipe the olympic torch? we will tell you when we go down to the wire in 15. no escape from the office, mandy
10:40 am
drury is here with what's moving your money and a new survey that finds we are checking our smart phones. >> yes where i was in bed on the blackberry. i am one of many others. a new survey fines that 50% of those with a smart phone are checking their work e-mail while in bed and 69% won't go to sleep without checking their work e-mail and more than half are checking while on family outing and 38% check at the dinner table. that's a big no-no in our house. almost half said they have no choice but to stay connected during the off hours because the customers demand it. >> in new york the numbers are much, much higher. >> i would imagine, yes. >> age-old question. what do you want to be when you grow up? they will now test that in
10:41 am
kindergarteners? >> a new digital tool to test academic and behavioral schools will target kids in consistenter garden and they developed the act exam and started testing in the fall and could be available to schools from 2014. what this is trying to do is track students's career interest and academic performance and progress fors various goals and follows them from kindergarten through high school. it sounds like a good idea because we have a skills gap and many other countries and the goal is to try to identify and address the gaps in the schools that you need for the workforce one day. >> i like to think that a 5-year-old wants to grow up to be a firefighter or a rock star, let them. think that for a couple of years. happy fourth of july. >> you too. bye-bye. >> before you crack open a cold one, consider this. the beer institute ranked the
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those who are sleep deprived want faty and unhealthy foods. sleep deprivation can lead to obesity. >> staring down the barrel of a trillion dollars and automatic defense budget cuts. lawmakers are talking compromise. democrats and republicans are looking to form working groups to avoid the massive cuts to the pentagon. let me bring in congressman adam commission and the ranking member of the armed services committee. good to see you. good morning. >> they thinks for having me on. >> talk to me about the working groups and why they may make a difference. >> that's all discretionary spending. transportation and housing. it is set to have that trillion dollars kick in for the next years. both democrats and republicans are concerned about the impact on vital programs and the economy.
10:47 am
we are trying to work on the solution. this was all triggered by the control act last august to get the debt ceiling raised. we are trying to find a solution. the sequestration is not good for our economy or national security or the infrastructure. we are working to find a solution. >> your republican cnterpart buck mckeon is demanding that the senate vote on a house plan that was approved in may. how likely is that to happen? >> the problem with the house plan as i understand it is limited to one year and more focused on defense than the broader plan. the better solution has been talked about having a democrat and house senate to find a solution. part of the issue is it can't just be spending cuts. the reason the cuts are being triggered is we surrender found at least $1.2 trillion in deficit savings over ten years which is required by the budget
10:48 am
control act. that doesn't just have to be spending cuts. we can raise revenue and there a variety of options there. it's my position and the position of many that revenue has to be part of the equation and the house plan is just savings. we want a balanced approach. >> we're look at everything because so many, not just the president is up for reelection. does that make it more or less likely? >> it makes it more difficult. these solutions are not easy. they don't want to raise taxes in the short-term. if you are talking about raising revenue or spending, neither is popular. yes, that makes it more difficult. i want to emphasize even after the election it will be difficult. these are hard choices. our economy is sluggish, but we
10:49 am
have a $1.3 trillion deficit that we have to at least begin to get under control in the future. that's a tough combination of choices. we need leadership and politicians to step up and move us forward. >> adam smith, good of to you come on the day before a holiday. thanks for talking with us. today's tweet of the day comes from environmentalist and blogger. hot enough for you in washington, d.c. has record temps and record storms and no power. is it hot enough to get congress to act? she inudes a link to the "washington post" column on global warming. to a little girl who saw flames reach her home as her family pulled out of the driveway, this isn't just a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams didn't just arrive at these fires with cold water and checks to help the grown-ups start the rebuilding... they also brought thousands of these teddy bears for kids. people come first. everything else is second.
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where's the fun now? night guys! [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] venza. from toyota.
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. let's go down to the wire. an olympic sized swipe in the torch relay. two kids managed to breech security and get their hands on
10:53 am
the torch. police quickly ushered them away. a sure sign the olympics are getting closer. 4700 gold, silver and bronze medals are under lock and key in the tower of london. right now all eyes are on wimbledon and one line judge had a painful front row seatment walloped in a 118 mile an hour serve into our face. she was able still to rule a fault. a sight you would normally hopping along the highway. officials cut into traffic and tracked down the owner. they found a cool way to make music. the only instrument is empty bottles of glass or plastic. they all quit their day jobs they are so successful. this wraps up this hour of
10:54 am
jansing and company. i wish they could play that. happy 4th. >> that was a great talent they have there with the bottles. coming up, millions remain prisoners to mother nature's heat wave with no electricity. those that are suffering and so many power lines it sent crews into overdrive and so many people. how long will they have to wait for power? penn state, what did joe paterno know about jerry sandusky's abuse of young boys. joe paterno might have been more instrumental in a cover up achl new conservative term on issues like voting rights. that and much more at the top of the hour.
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>> the heat is on and mother
10:58 am
nature is not letting up. millions sweat it out with no electricity, millions prepare to hit the road for fourth of july. heat warnings are posted in 16 different states. many are planning to seek relief by getting away, but 42 million will travel tomorrow and while they are not getting relief from the heat, gas prices are down about 22 cents over this time last year. people in the atlantic will spend time cleaning up after deadly storms, over a million people are sweltering without air conditioning. tom costello has a lot more and joins us from the hard hit area of bethesda, maryland. >> we could have picked any number of neighborhoods and so many look like this. a massive tree shredded and down in the middle of a road. this is four days since the storm. take a walk with me over here. another tree fell on this house.
10:59 am
you can see blue tarp is hanging from the side. look at the size of the tree that was cut in half right here. power is down in this neighborhood and so many more in the greater washington, d.c. area. it is thought in the entire zone of affected states, 1.3 million people are still without power and some of them may not get it back until the weekend. total death toll thought to be about 22 or so. the mayor of d.c. is asking president obama to declare a state of emergency and the crews in washington, d.c. are overwhelmed with work and the cost of the clean up is expected to rise dramatically. we are expecting yet another hot day here in the washington, d.c. area. temperatures in the mid 90s and high temperatures and humidity. that's not unusual in july. the state and the communities are used to having electricity and air conditioning that people escape to. when you have


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