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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  July 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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summer, you can recover from. t agn, ts wle ntrorsy eso wheer mit romn fliplops wheer 's trusorth wheer htell the uth. itlloeoheharaer sue. e demrats and some of the media are building up a very good case ainst him. look, ann romney said in000 that mt sits h tim betwn tholymcs a bai wh mitmsel lef i1999 he sd ioing to part-time and i'm going to have input in investment decisions and h.r. decisions. so if you don eve needhe s.c. linghey contdict the mney emsees conadicd thr owlinend y? caus the dn'tanto be ggedith e tsouing. the obama campaign hasn't done much right this season so far, but this is one area where i think they have been very effective. >>arolhis isometnghat thebama re-ecti cpaig has en tkingboutor awhi butt see tave h fevepitc lgely thi
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becae thmedi the h be a st ofrossgf th ads ter o med rlly picking up on the story. certainly the boston globe investigation -- >> the journal. >> vanity ir ao h an inepthortfit of porte on theffshe caan isnds uff. thquesonis, y ow, how muchf th d you think is being driven by the white house, how much of it is out of their hands at this point and is just sort of in the her? i tnk ty'rerivi it. the oma cpaig has had a plann ple foover yea th're the rume ption o the ograrigh w. theye just breaking down mitt romney's resume and you know, this is not over. i was in chicago this week for a few days, and they feel like any day at ty'realki abo thisnd authecono i a grt daforth. it onloing tetore innse d itntertinge arealkibout ts no it fls le we' i t ll, t th summer, and it's getting little nasty. i think the risk comes for both sides with romn, it's what the
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gornoras talngout, it ts ahi tst iss and how ng c you stain the atcks. th t present,tet tha is he at ctainoint magi his own bra by being so negative. >> on that note, i feel like the folks who have been really delivering -- who have rlly en surinbainn th he been srogas orampan spespele. theresint hielf hort tri t at lea remn ove e fray the "joual" aoluty disputed in an editorial romney's claim that he was out of bain when these decisions were made. that's the "wall seet journal." >> the whi hou did n wte e "vity fai pie. erere extordiry estis raed ithatiece the's tremendous amount of obfuscation from the romney side. this is ultimately gog to be a bigger question thanhene sied o frobain it's rlly tubli tha is - n oyhat rney h
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ouourc souch of his money, but that when he's essentially been running for president for eight years, that he hasn't made any attempt to either clean thi up or to - o no elain . >>t aoes,en, he art of e qstio abo prate equynd how poo romn's rponshas en o this at ihink is amazing is he could ve sort of neutralized all of this if he had sd look, you know wha private equityis somemes iolveshutting antssomemes invves yingbusisses somimest inlvesouourcg o fshong owhater yant toall b th's busess and inderandowusins workandort nipped it in the bud. instead, he's used this weird timeline of '99 to 22 when all the bad stuppen, wast ther >> rht. it a pduct of e romy campgn'sttem t kp ts incriblysile. the primy, t se domentwere kicngrounn therima andhe cpaig wod ner enge i them directly. the republicans opponents were shopping them around but they backgrounded reporters, tked portsut o wringbout
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it. ey kt evythi ver abract thers a sayg i y're explning youe losi. th clely bieve it theyave t explained everything. in a presidential campaign that's not an option. the heat sometimes gets so hot, you have to explain, you have to enga. whheyave suceded i doinisushi ahe exanatn in theumme and ll,hen eyould he de it lt ar. >>ow y'retartgo s repuicanqueson st of at'soing onnd howhey are handling this. politico has a fairly extensive rost of prominent republican strategists saying you guy a going toave tacklth. jonaan bnste in t ashiton st" ys d repuicanforg to t romn? i ink he genec republican candidate and i have no idea whether the media and the obama campaign will learn anything that makes him look worse th that. it's just that we usuallyave a ocesthataneasseis rty athater i outhere has obab bee uncered and m nosureat'she cas thisme. cal, wt doouake of that >> tnkhis is t big qution howong can rney sustain -- he keeps trying to
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change the subject, obviously, as you mentioned in the beginning with the vp pick, how long can he sustain not anerinthesquesons, becae it' vy carhat t obam camign n goi to letp o th. thes stoes a beiritt by varus ns olets buthe obama campaign seizes on them immediately and holds conference calls and puts out ads and web adand we had polithbc showg th thi iss i gaing me tctioand cuing ioroey's enomi gume inerta k sng ates so ere' no reantll for the white house in their view to let up on it. >> i think it's amazin i thought this was such a glimpse into the romney hi. aenio uamedomne aisor saysll ts hu andryrom the beette whoet to sitn eideles an't goi t affe wha we' gng to and our plan which is what. the talk, the e-mail that was sent to in-boxes last nigh gornorrendl, abo mi's picseem to m le a etty trapare bido try
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d chge t diogue >> nqution the's chae coi ric wille thnomie. shs prchoi. you would have an uprising- >> hue and cry from bedwetters. >> more than bedwters tnk carade two veroo poin. 's n goi top. u capicte an ad cing up on reasiou tesith geor romy beioted tt you can't just release one year because it could be a fluke. it's a great ad in the making. but on the other hand, i think carol also made vyood int ou a ts aack may beurti theesidt'srand ittlbit, to thi our suprter wt litt bitoo far with the felony business. >> glen kesler in the "wasngtopostsaysou gs ca dierrounith s.c. filis buhe saylo,f soone nted t me a crinal case w qbble wh ciens.e. docentsn 11, mneys a presidential candidate, filed a public financial disclosure form under pain of perjury.
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if romney lied on this form, that would be a felony. >>ow, b i'm not sur it es u wl to sing. 's oyfheress say, but >>what inrestg, ty're callg it- the resrect this term swift boating. has anybody noticed this? aype of ndacy moerin inveedy trigh i'm amad anydy ohe rht uld nt tesurct ts te but i've seen it in connection with these attacks on bain when we are dealing with very legitimate and open questions. >> apaul bela pnted out and earlherom one se thesle, butlint wast ruing o itewer. rackbamaasn'unni o remi ight romn is running onbain. that is his ace in the hole. >> but the swiftwater analogy is a gd one. whohn rry faid tdo tt mney g tdo. corontt rhtno sp t bleeng, somthin
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desive to mehisssue ou >> andaybe don't keep mentioning condoleezza rice. capitol hill plays its own version of the hunger games. we will examine the new fight overoodtamp wn le ruert ins e coersaon, xt. people have doubts abt taking aspirinor pn. butheyaven expienc exa stngth bayeadvaed airin in ft, ia rent svey, 95% peoe o trd itgree thatt reeved theiheadhe ft. today for a special trial offer.
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he ks waed but ey c be allyexnsiv
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the people that we are talking about here, you know, are poor. many of them areorki po. th're yingo pu foo o e tae f the falies thesaren peoe tingo abe th sysm or gam the syem. ese e pele w areust yingo geby. tha was representative jim cgovern calling on house
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republicans to stop a plan that would prevent millions opeople from getting food stam. the proposal coun'tome at woe ti forany of e tion wking po. sie20, t numr ofeople reivinfoodssisnceas arlyoubl a n stas a 45miion. at i one o of every seven americans. nbc's luke russert joi us now from washington. luke, it is always great to see yo espiallso o a iday my iend >>ood afrnoo ex. w ar you dog? >>'mgo. luketells what gng on e hse bill aenatill ssedith birtisan support aims to trim $4.5 billion from the federal food stamp program. the house bill aims to trim a much me seabl amnt, $15 llio tells a ttleit aut t poticaopti of is. ll, look aiculral legiatiois aays interesting on capitol hill because you have a bevy of competing interests. you have dairy farmers, you have syruparme, co farrs, at farms, erythg in betwn. hover,80% othearm bill rtai to foo stps.
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ey fl unr tireconf thagrilturdepament in here,ou he aot o consvatives on the right that have said look, these food stamp programs, they are too big, too bloated, they create a culture of dependency, w nd to cut th andhrin em. u alhave lot of libals o sano,ouavebvioly se the dire enomitime liv ineopl are dende on tseood smpsecau th are actually in real need of sustenan, we can't cut them. so we have a far right and far left approach. then youave this st of dera in theiddl wch saysok,ou kw wh, rhapthe ogras aittl o g, w shod tmit. at'shatou s i the natebecae tt wld me ito tha thentirill wh althesothe imptanthing that pertain to the farming industry can go forward, but it looks like rightnow, the house gop leadership in order to avoid a contentious foright o hang a tse dfere regial ieres pitgain ea oth asell a loong ke ty wto takunch aw fro schl chdren are justoingo notllowhis llo go t the floor and punt it, essentially punting what you have will be the status quo an
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another extension like wve seen so much in this congress anotr ieresng tng he is ts bls shat prlemac beuse als costalo ov a tenear riodt cos $969llio that aot o money for conservatives, who like to be able to say we tried to shrink government to have on their backs goininto an elecon. 's a fcinangort of dymic tou see the fd stam fro and cenr oit plaoothpaies, libels aconsvatis. it's ultimately a fight you probably won't see voiced any longer because the gop leadership does not want any contention on the house oor. >>overr rendl. >> lk, i thoht i w intestinthathe ven is bl, gtingutf commtee,as insucti of whatas tappehinkf 're ing to do simpson-bowles or some form of that. you have the democrats in the middle and the democrats got something. they trimm ayirect bsids tormer ther ao dirt ch subsies farrs amore d thepubcansot wt they want, ructi in e
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fo sta proam. and you had chairman lucas, republican conservative, rking member ters,emoctic faer,beraominogetr and etinomewt i the ddlendhere we docrac foshat didn fac ve for the food stamp trim. there were republican votes that voted for the elimination of the subsidies. th's sort of prototype if we ever goi toething done andeal wh t fici the iroc thg aut is en ty we disssinthis bill you h bot sid ging quot to the med sayg w di't get everything we wanted but for this to have the best chance of passing the senate, we took -- we made these concessions wch is aarit yo see on capolll. itointo how uquehis ty of bl is becse you haveoanyiffent riona restandoatte h nsertiver how liberal you are, if you have a district that contains some of these farmers and they're being pinched or hurt, you're going t trynd d
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methg thakes ce o them >> bh sid gav somhingnd that how we' goioove onhe iorta uff. >> at'sood ampl s. >>t thhearof of th asonthis i reay interesting i think topic to discuss is attitudes towards the american social compact, the role of government. are tkingbout tortf hun imptfutti t feral odtamp bil -- derafood smpudge by $15 biion, tt mns 30000 children lose free lunches, two to threeillion people would lose benefits. then there's this narrative that is largely bandied about on the right whicis tse are sort of handts a were ming amerans pendt. ll, 41%foodtamp rticantsive houhold witharnis. the arica sor of mental picture of what happens when you're on food stamps is something that i think is not frequently unpacked enough. i always go bac tohis "rlingste" aicle fro w wes ago wch tks abo at you nd to quafyo ge on t fooamps the prramsren'desied helyou g bk on you
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feet. they are programs last resort. it was written most of the social service systems in the united states futionot to he peoeike e fks profed i thi sto g bac to wrehey were to aoint of pducte stilit but si to ep tmrom stvingr mo ofteo mere rede thehanc tt wilstar. th is e reality of food stamps in america. >> yeah. i think it's very disturbing that so many conserviveseem to objt telfaor poo peop andotor sug coanieand agrausinses. is rllys the difference between survival and destitution dlnuttionor litelly millns oamerans. thit's disacefhe w inhich mosf th csre ing proposed from one side on the backs of these poor pele. >> the narrative that has been sort of established although as lu says, house republicans are sort of bking ayrom hing toe th one tt are cutng
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thfoodtamprogr, iwill be intestioee h it playout. cose,he fm bilxpir sepmber0thohere is mo to come. luke russert, thank you for the intel. have a great weekend. >> be well. take care. get your feet in the sa. i aays on turds an sunds. >fter thebrk,ouourcg ait ju a qstio in t pridenal re bualsohe s. ompicommiee. theashion faux pas that is uniting congress, next. [ ma annncer thiss ru.
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l, iis aeconic luti. today there are 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in this country, and the olympic coittes ouourcg t manucturg of uform to ina? at inot st orages, 's jt pln db. it self-defeating. >> you'd think they would know better. >>finally, something that brings democrats a republicans together. thu.s. ompic tm unorms mberof cgresre trag amecan alete in t 20 gamewille weang uform th lel tha rdsade in chin we s little hits reel from some folks that are outraged. senators gillibrand, israel, brown all wre leers t us askghem takeure l fure uform aade in amica. be whais yr rd o this in2002 24nd 20, canadian company made and manufactured 95% of the uniforms in canada. >> if you'veot tha many
12:23 pm
meers coness eressg outre theve goto beoing sothinbasilly ght the ympicommtee. rmal olyicommieesre criciz foreingincribly corrt. he theare ying to save a buck. the olympics are this festival of camp and they've got these great campy -- >> festival of camp? or thereattamesheorld s evse. the perftlyampy unifms me inhina see like ty're doi it righ jay, wha isour rea o this >> igreeith ben. th ompic committee must be doing something right. first, has anybody looked in their closets lately? most of our clothes are made in china. i nt t sck up foralph laen a say tnkhey' eat-okin unifms. forherets hasnybo hed of ereen bere? if n for the ench weould albe saking with english accents. >> you are getting -- >> i'm all in favor of ese. >> --ide aeldhere >> e rdellould ner wea a ret. undeyingis, ihinkt's e madn chiiecehat has beme stf threat uniter
12:24 pm
here, because you have mitt romney who is a presidential candidate saying on da one, i'm going to take anggreive posteith tines ina s beme ts boeyma for l stsf tngsilin our eric ecomy. it'sn easargeor eryby. yove g ina, y've g outsourcing. the president and governor romney were fighting about this last week when the president made the trade announcement while he was campaigning in oh. d soit-toesnost anytngorite aette to th cmitt andeman ty chan thipoli. so ere'o fig ove a fundg. interestingly, the white house decided to stay out of the fray and their statement is that this is not a government issue, that thecommtee's pvatendhe present allyelies i amicanloth altugh ty coul't s wheer onotis othe are amicanade. tha ilso mor tn - >>ut gernor rendl, worth noting as of 2011, the chinese owned $1.6 trillion of u.s. debt. is iof crse e rlity of ourelaonsh witina. >>ut thers ather alit >>hich is?
12:25 pm
weurche % of tir prodts. it's a muallenefial latiship >> whavelevege, tyave leverage. have we been wusses about dealing with china? soluly. evebodyaid he, coect, is ceptguys ce on it e u. olyicmmite. it theolpics youean wouldt fdne othe manactur i ameca makthe uniforms? >> that horse left the barn a long time ago. >> there are sti clothes nufacturers in the u.s. if i wasestilr methg, ian dersnd. t it's the u. olpics thesareuratetes errobrowsaid thers place, i think i heard of the clothier that could have made the uniforms in ohio. what were they thinking? >> whyoesn't coness talk out gting tseobs bk d priden oba h alrdy en wking -- >> ts i typil, cgresis trag abo is,et w hav mufacringpoli, no interest in the frastructure. they're talking about this.
12:26 pm
but come on, you're head of the olympic commtee. >> let's revit treatt tsf th olyic mmite. youave seha mon r bring delates and the judg. >>soluly. >> stoids it worotinn ma 2010he usocigne a $24 million sponsorship deal with bmw, gm was a sponsor of the 2008 games. in sepmber 20he oc exndedhe snsoripith thugh t2016 gesespi e ft thabpad itsand o the spigf th wor environmental disaster in u.s. history. >> how about we ill make cars in arica. didn't they see the chrler mmeral? thiis a gat inteatiol thin in ldon e scaal ihe marking al wh mcdond's foidshem fro serng chs, anyby eerom serving french fries at the olympics unless they're with fish, in the context of fish and chips. >> think to wrap thiegme up- >> pase . >>e suld pleeo oy buy
12:27 pm
amicanloth. >>ou aakin p.r. nighare. re'soweillrapt u >> nody res at i wear. nobody cares what i wear. >> you are a patriot, though. people want t know -- thipin s men ie, pesylvia. wou youear bet? >> i wou notook good i ret. thas no answersir. >> nowodn't he uld take the fifth. no, not the fift >> you are going to wear just clothes made in america. >> i'm taking the fifth on that. >> i wouldear it. he's liv loo a virgia beac virgia, whe esidt oba ixpecd t speaabou tcono and storg mile css surit latethishour. we will bring you his speech live ahead. next on the endangered specieslist t arica rkerfolling ur convsati a sond o. weill lk lor pns, xt he medicare debate continues in washington...
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under assault by law makers fromcross thecotry, ganid lar is figing ba. th yeart's ging policianantimam. si wha there cling t send bl oight or fac the conquens in noveer. theledg cal fette wages and protections for unionized workers. joining the panel now to talk about the future ofabors dael kz, dn othechoo ofabor sdies andean of e hool ofrofeiona stues niona lor coege. also etor "lar ring." great toave you on the program. we were just debating the made in america scandalngulng the u.s.lymp tea uformut it iaoodegue to the nion unisnd the per of lab in the.s. we kw now in 1983hereas a 20.1% membership in unions across the country. 2011, that's dropped in half basically to 11%. on one in 1f thoge6
12:32 pm
to 3 an a unio te ubouthat dlinen unn mberip. >>wellecli in ion membshipver the las 30 years has a number of causes, one of which is the industrialization that begins in the960s, 197 as the gornorllud to ihe diussi earlr, ithatou haaumbe of industries including the garment industry flee the united states and flee unionization for other places around the globe,mexi,he to iustr wen t mico and her pcess well theame me, you hn asult by t replicarigh nald rgan fir t1100 air traffic controllers, 1981. >> a line in the sand, vis a vis the feder government and uniozed bor. yesabsotely tecli i mafacting, thassat o uonshat begi in e '80but connues righ up t thi day with governor sco walker in
12:33 pm
wisconsin, there's no questio that unions have been treang, t th hav ao beenightg ck. what ieresng ifou looktort of ungeatti attude towards unions, declining unionization rates are a symptom and cause of declining quality of life. youtaren narall apattic. thers nohorte ofwaress or ang at ery day isss suchs ince equaty,ack ofealtre. whatissi irand cognion. ich thout is very telling. you say unions and people think oh, they were good for my parents'eneration but we don't need them now or couedith thearrave tt iery ch furtred onhe ste lel ich nion are the rt of l ofur fisl pblemso whene ha to cut, w wl cu theacksf woers. thas rit. well, that is the narrative that some people are saying but anybody in thearli coersaon w isuffeng s badlthat thereepenng on od smps r the suenan
12:34 pm
ows at t pathy to food and to a stable life and a middle class life is through unions. in fact,henoung peoe are askethey d parcipan and jo unns. we he nberf rect citi exames. ocpyall street was very much a populous movement that involved uons everywhere. right no y hav huneds and ndre ofolle sdent invoednnionummen unns aund e couny. en yng pple asked to be involved and given the pathway to be involved in unions, they do. but i agree, there is a need for braecogtion a yout >> the oth ieresng tng is i you auallook storallytort of clingage ras,ou c trk thtagnion of middle class wages right alongside declining power of the unions. >> thas correct. there hasn't been really real
12:35 pm
crea inages i0 yes. >>nles youe talngbout th verop or%here 'seen hundred, sometimes thousand-fold. it is an important subject, a really very interestingad. "lab risi,he pas and fure o worng pplen eric" thk yofor ur te. >>fter t brk, h time summ inhe ci,nd on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. is the heat getting to the heads ofpotico taka lo bacat wt haenednext
12:36 pm
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12:38 pm
politics hit a fever pitch this week as a heat wave boiled the country. it's summer the city and te to lk ba andsk wt ju haened
12:39 pm
it jy and tt mea ache claakesndumme long. >> having your grandpop live with you. having your great aunt, your uncle. those walls were often thin. i wonder how the hell my parents did . >>heeat wavoto eryo, spaing nty havi, fer drms - >> ian't tlou anying abt thvppress. i ha to meacko yo wit my"mn black" flashlight and erase your memory. >> -- and naked honesty. >> havone othat- hofiel h sau o t ear. thawoul he bee lica. >>hettempts did little to cool heated temperatures and sulky politicians. >> we announced we were going to vote again so ocoursehe dia goesy, wh y. yoknowow ty are. y,y. >> wn mcury ses, s doe indiatio >> ihinkhelymp comtt shld b aamedf themselves. i think they should be embarrassed.
12:40 pm
i think they should take all the uniforms, t th in big pe anburnem. >>xtre hea oft fces exeme mephor >> t esidt'saws hming t on theealtf th amicaneopl but tealt our econy. this nhing short of economic malpractice. >> the truth is chicken noodle soup might be mmm-go f lunc but aealt ce poli, i ismm-mbad. a ashey y, one extme mephoresers another. >> why should i continue to allow barack obama to drive the bus? >> when barack obama got the ke to e bus,t was tpped inhe dit wh tee fla tire we'vchand tres. wee pued t bus o of e dih. mi romy was t takhat s, pbabl a bus made in switzerland or bermuda, he wants to pick up some millionaires and billionaires and shower them withca. th's exaly wt ts mpai is abou mus the ird salog thearm wther mht
12:41 pm
encoage e dpingf to in untted ters >> i do love that music. i have to tell you. >> but remember -- >> that includes obama care and i'm ingoork t rormnd save- >> you ner rllynow what ing neatthe rfac >>t's sh >> i do love that music. >> oh, my goodness. shark attacks. shar attks wn youe shin caro youade tointhat it haro bieve we' onl july >>t is. giv - giv the campaign cycle, the rhetoric, the campaign attacks, we a further along than we thought we would be. >> we e. ilso tught wchin t bert gib cp tt the demoats ve gtenid othe dih methorn 2010 but the it i a isack. a wte hse reporter i should say wating that, bring him back to the podium. >> that's what i'm saying. bobby g. everyone missed him.
12:42 pm
>>olorf. >> roll ti. no, can'remeer wcham. aurn. >> righ not alaba. goveor ndel whos wning the we? o hawonhe ek? the obama folks won this week, mostly because the other side screwed up. this has been campaig of who scre up wors it le aame sh. whcano theoore jobn thcampgn til. tagn,he pntade at e ginng, it' ju. only the people who really love politics are watching. the average american, i bet you if we went into the streets of philadelphia a stopped t fitundreopl asked whats bn catal,al, h ma wld be abl to ideify in capil? >> don kno thi we' a an ilectn poin >> tl me yous. >> in two weeks, not today, but in two weeks you ask americans about bain capital, i think you will find a lot more penetration on that issue. bu i'm n the amecan ople >>hat uld y y? >>aybeot iphilelph. fort waingt. waingt doe't cnt. >> ihinkou'rrigh
12:43 pm
i thk fi. >> i think also, this question of offshore aountand the caym islds a switrlan i tnk the wl hav resonce rhapbeyo the queson o wtain i a wh it es ohattd. i ink a lot of people, a lot of average americans are going to have a hardime unrstaing why mitt mney has ndref milonsf dolls offsre. >> also t tmyman iands d sssank accots vy adedn thmerin iminatn. u a loong le a virginia beach, virginia, where president obama is set to speak in just a few moments. he's expected t address job crtiontax ts a his pn sece mile css - t midd cls. we wlringou h remks ve aad. ovider is different but centurylink is committed toeing a difrentind ofommucatis coany
12:44 pm
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n t nt few nute priden omaillakehe age virniaach,hich theirstfix camign ops 'llake inhetate toda a tomorrow. nbc news white house rresndent mico sponbili joi us --ore spenoinss w. >> iis aery imptantstat nouestn abt it. i was spris to lrn sttingith facts and figures, virginia beach is the largest city in the commonwealth of virginia. we'll start with that and point out ttresintbama w virgiay s pois i 2008 coue,ecomg t fir decrat t w thatate sce j wawearg har slas and ordering by phone in this area behind me in the west wing. there are 13 electoral votes up r grs. hes i a healy -igh mitaryrea ere todor e fit pa of toda t rst o even.
12:48 pm
pele aunderend dow ther cal itideter, virginia beach. then he is in hampton, one of the issues you have already talk about is the so-called defense cuts, so-calle seeste theefen cut undetheseeste und t buet ctrolact,hat reblics ha bee hitng e pridenon ldingp t thisrip histall impoantegio i tiwate notwithstanding the fact that 174 republican members of the house voted in favor of the budget control act, just 66 tinggain itboutear ana ha ag demoatsere sitevly, 955. th ones o othe one i hang a harime unrstaing toda thalinef atta. anyway, later he goes on to western virginia, the roanoke area, perhaps a little bit more red but a lot of people in virginia telli meodayt's rninuer. com baco t wte hse nighandhen tomoow,t's ck o onhead. he'sn glenlen, eri canr terrory, in t richmond area. then he's back up here in northern virginia, we all know the stor there, demoaphilly
12:49 pm
rning bluer a blr, coider aost lid ue. 's gng tbe i ceervie. >> wan to on thi uo t pal. weill t ba tike i a second. in terms of the defense question, governor, governor bob mcnald said virginia is the ho of amica'mitary th pside puturefen buet o coue f radal ts tt ev his o sreta ofefen say wil b devaatinto u.atiol serityof crse ferrg to dealade th rublins. >> mike has the answer to that. the republicans are wghted more healy than the docra inhe ngre. th ansr i get you rr es do, les ha a sison-wlesea thatakes seiblecuts >> when we talk campaign strategy, there are a couple states that were traditionally red that the obama team turned blue in the ltlectncle. they hav tiryes on tho pres. lar par becse o demoaphi sftshat hav happed, mike sd rlie virgiabvioly is one.
12:50 pm
lora isnehat we hear about. arizona, they' trying to put in play as well. >> and north carolina. virginia, though, i partular imptanto th beuse 'shard, mh harr fo romyo w ifbama pic virgia. en y loo at e map ahe diffent ateshathey' tryi t p up, they think they look strong in ohio. florida seems like much more of a reach and that willo t romn. th juseleves t impoancef viiniahichs y yo s hhere todnd tomoow a hav snim tre mo tn awher se. >>igree picks,orth carolina, indiana and virginia in '08. >> they wouldn't play in indiana. >> no chance in indiana. uphill fight in nth caroli. viinia i the bthanc for a hold mi, tel u aittl abo at t pside is expted dcuss inis mark >> 's goi tontie on t eme he taxut theme. 98% tax cut for 98%. he's going to be talking about the assault on the middle class or at least the idea i tte is putng fward tt he
12:51 pm
consers ch meenefial to theiddl ass. viiniather are a lf wrines t rgin. it'sot a relivelow emplmentate, g a conservative govern, conservative legislature, 5.6 i think it was in may, the unemployment rate, obviously mosthree pnts bel the naonalvera, a lot o tt dense endi, ot ofhat dera spenng, dende on dera spenng. viouy nohernirgia wi the ptagondheeder vernnt rht across the river. virginia is to a certain extent dependent on the federal government and federal spending. 's bit of a wrile ere, lile b of condrumor repuicanin tsind tack firsreadyou tkbout the vil nate of rgin,irst readodayaid3 electoral votes so important, a win here plus in colorado enables president obama to surpass 270 electoravotewitht winng orid wa, ohi a vada so thers no queion stas toeaso why the esidt's ing bependg s mh timehereverhe nex t da. >> you know, we dissect the
12:52 pm
president's sort of msaging and campaign strategy this seems like as the gerno sa,ig w wkor the -eleioncampgn, eeciay gin the jsumbehat came o jt aeek o, 8000 bs cated in theonthf junenot good. the narrative has completely shifted on monday, the president started talking about the bush tax cuts. now you have the romy bai attas whhring inhe tax qution t faiess esti. it'slmos a perct sto f the esidt. >>ah. i ink cerinlyou saw ts weekhathe pridens pple ha been here before and there's a welcome to the nfl quality for the romney campaign, just walking ver deliberaty rit ino th trathe oba campgn s fhemroun in, totly chain the bjec fm t disl job nuers. theuestn is howongan he stain it can ey cry thihrou t nomber >> ias amazed how quickly the job numbers did seem to fade and that was a tough e. that is rllyhe cor of mney camignnd h aack ght now. hav't bn rely tking
12:53 pm
abouit a wee we'v been -- you know, the president's campaign is working very well this week. >> also, the romney campaign is doing itself no favors byort of dierin whi ty mht t a mesge o ther wel e. 'll se theris alws nt we, gorn ndel whe we will presumably have a beret for you. thanks again to everyone here. rol, gerno rendl, j a n. 'll ve tbet forou next me. that allor no see you bac heronda at no, 9:00 a.m. eastern. find us at facebook. "andrea mitchell reports" is next goodfternoon tyou. > go ternn,ave a gre weekd. were wtingor pside obamin vgini to te the age i vgini beh. moreacknd for aut bain today and joining me, mark murray, major garrett, susan
12:54 pm
page, jonathan capert and lestolt prevwing "delin andeake you side sya. althatnd me upext "area tche repts >>e areoingoee lotf wars a chae of rutot tomanywashouts. your typical afternoon popup storms across many location ns the country. it will be a very warm weekend, too. temperatures will continue to soar as we go tought th weekd. 90andhe mid 90sromhe ddlef thcouny tohe st cst. hey re dd. huh [ ale nounr ] shod'vesed undu it lls eds theoot, so ey d't ce ba. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. malannocer youe rehed e ag
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our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'mith scottre. delopg rit now on "andrea mitchell reports" how important is virginia? you're looking aa live picture, president obama is about to kick off a twda campgn sng i ttatee wolastimey a comrtab siints > ba inhene. day' dat boi dno li, ar,ants onfi. coi what? just who launched that trial balloon? and new calls for internatiol action in syria after a suscted mascrey gornme fors tt may he ken e lisf0 ople >>plus bh 41nrade asking who the hell is grover norquist, anyway. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily f today, momts om now, tresint isoing to kkff two dsf
12:58 pm
campgninin rgin, in virgia beh. u'reooki at le pture comi up president obama became the first democratic presidential candidate since lbj to carry virginia and both campaigns are vyinforhe ste' 13 eltoravote c's nior polical edit, mark mury, ihereith and nbwhite crespdentkristen welker joins us from virginia beach. kristen, since you're down there, this crowdbvioly waiting for the presiden it's aemoctic prd, milary ea of etideter. theame me, is i sh a crital ste a iis vy cle. viinia haseen gting me anmoreonseativin rent years. >> reporter: absolutely. and the importance of virginia really can'te overated anea. e obaampanhinkt's crialo wningn 20o wh predentbamaakeshe diumhere he will ase h inays past, call on congress to extend the bush era tax cuts
12:59 pm
for folks making less than $250,000,uteilllso tel ome o his cmentwe a exctinoheility mmuny he. the arabou80000 veran o len viinia they a aruci parf winning virginia. the president in past speeches when he has been targeting the military community has talked about the ct that he cald coness pvide t brea for cpani who he tera, he'salled on publ/prite ptnerip for mpans to hir verans heay alstout the fact he's drawn down the wars in iraq and afghanistan, issues that really matter to this community. but by the way,hereas been a biof a sdowampanoing onere toy. gornorbob monne a ott wker hel a ns confencearlitoy, sentlly ausin t pridenof n dng eugh to get the economy back on track in virginia and also talking about that issue of the sequester. of course, ttould b tho tomac buet cs th wou pacthe


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