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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 30, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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lot of hurricane katrina, i'm done. >> so there are a lot of major concerns in the city of slidell, where the residents were forced to leave their homes in the middle of the night. and we'll get a full report from our gabe gutierrez who is in the region. we have that for you coming up. we turn to the major story of the day. and it is mitt romney's big day, ahead at the convention. the former governor will deliver his much-anticipated speech, accepting the gop presidential nomination. the romney campaign says this speech will provide a clear vision of the romney presidency. he will speak from the stage built for him today, this moves him closer into the cloud of delegates. he will be expected to do a walk-through coming up in the next hour, and it all follows last night's acceptance speech
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by romney's running mate, paul ry empathy gap, with the recent polls showing that president obama holds a 22 point advantage on who people care about more.
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melissa, let's starts off with you, is this a good assessment? >> yes, i think that is right. i this i it is a tough line for governor romney to walk. he has to seem to have empathy, a man of the people. that is why they built the stage out into the delegates to make him look like he is not re moved, far away. a nice piece of stage craft. the other things, he has to do that maintaining his story line. his story line is i'm a fixer, i'm mr. competent. i came in, i fixed the olympics, right? this is what i do. that personality line, is not sort of the guy with empathy, and caring, it is a little more removed. he has to walk both of
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understandable, talks about a smarter trade policy, and a variety of other things that are going to help our economy grow, starting day one. so this is a first chance americans will have to get a preview into the first 100 days of the romney presidency. and you can tell you from the hoarse throat factor, coming into the convention, people are really excited. >> phil, one thing, calling people up, to get people inspired and to get behind you, do you think mitt romney has done that so far, especially since given the fact he has been running for the last five years? and if this is all about performance, image, and the exposure of this, hasn't america already seen what they already
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need to know about, what mitt romney already is? >> so thomas, no, the answer to the question is definitely not. r
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afr charlotte, andll come ebate back together and see where we are. but i like our chances with
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respect to intensity right now. >> phil, let's talk about the voters, the empathy factor, the americans believe president obama understands the plight of the american people because he has lived through it. and has lived the american dream, somebody who you think can rise up from -- where mitt romney has this plutocrat battle. >> i think the reality is, president obama has lived the american dream, but so has mitt romney. that is the genius of freedom in america. the reality is that mitt romney's success is something we should celebrate as a country. and we have a decision in front of us that says do we need to make hard choices about stop spending money we don't have? curbing in entitlement systems that are broke -- >> but how do you bring up the
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plutocrat narrative, of course he has done well, no bones about it. he wants to run away from it, by not talking about bain so much, how do you break that plutocrat story? >> when mitt romney was running bain capital, one of his partner's kids disappeared in new york city, he shut down the entire company and moved to new york on a search and rescue mission that went on for four days. it was not something he took credit for, or championed. but shows the character of mitt romney, somebody who cares about others, has empathy for others. >> phil, that is empathy, but it was reported he was in his 30s when he did that. and that was the first time that he ever saw a bad neighborhood. when he moved to new york. it is in the book, and also it was written about in rolling stones, the first time he had
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ever seen a downtrodden neighborhood. there were bad places, oh boy. he was in his 30s. >> i think it is silly to say that mitt romney has not had exposure to lots of different countries and places in this country. a long, hard fought -- >> did you read the book mitt romney? >> i don't read -- >> you don't read. >> i know the real mitt romney, i worked for him for two years and had a chance to see him do lots of things behind closed doors, to tell me this is a man of kind heart, character and conscience, who will do good things. >> i agree with you, about the kind heart and conscience, but i will say that as much as that is a story about somebody who cares, it is also a story about somebody who is empowered to shut down a company.
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and that is kind of the disconnect for ordinary americans, that you would show your compassion by being a person to with enough resources to shut down a whole company, it is not a sympathy question. it is not whether or not mitt romney can have sympathy, it is whether or not he understands the struggles ordinary americans are facing right now. and like -- not a judgment on him as a human being, but on the campaign as a political strategy, being able to get to discourse across, i think that the strategy thus far clearly seems to not work. >> hands down, tonight will be a big night for mitt romney, and a lot of people are excited to see how he comes out and addresses the crowd. phil, thank you so much, thank you, and be sure to stay with msnbc all night for live coverage of the republican national convention, and the prime time coverage with our team. now coming up, we'll take you to the aftermath of
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hurricane isaac, and what is going on there. we'll speak with a lot of people on what they're witnessing there. that from mayor landrieu, and the pumping stations, up to 15 inches of water remains there. the deputy mayor joins us to talk about it. good to have you with us here, and i'm glad to have you here. explain to all of us the major concerns in and around new orleans. is it still the surge of water? >> in our area, yes, outside the levee there is still water. the big problem is loss of electricity. we have about 157,000 residents still without power. and that is our biggest concern right now. >> sir, we know that there are still lots of people as you point out, without power, and today, the mayor there, mitch landrieu talked about patience. when we talk about the patience,
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do you have any idea how long with people will be without power? as we watch the search and rescue missions, they continue to go on. >> again, the teams are working hard. i think there are about 1100 energy people out there working, it all depends on what the damage is. they're doing their assessments, and working as hard as they can. our citizens have been patient. it is pretty warm down here in new orleans during august, and without electricity and air conditioning it can be a little uncomfortable. but we're not having complaints. our citizens are listening to us, doing as we ask. we couldn't be more proud on the way they're handling this thing. >> sir, when we talk about the preparations, they are looking at shelter. do you know about the needs that you're preparing for, how many beds will you be able to provide? >> what we have is 250 beds for those that need medical assistance, those people that you know, at home, that are --
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without electricity that need that. we're going to do about 250 of those. and we're working on 400 other needs, of what we're doing now. because again, many of our citizens are going to weather this out. again, if energy does their job and gets things back up quickly, they don't need to leave their home. most people want to stay right where they're out. ride it out as they did for the storm. >> sir, thank you for joining us very much. joining us now, gabe gutierrez who has made his way to the h d hard-hit area of slidell, traveling in plaquemines parish, and joining us now. so gabe, what are you seeing now as the rescue efforts continue? >> reporter: well, hi thomas, we have been here throughout the day. it seems as if they can't catch a break. it has started to rain once again. we have new information passed along from slidell police. they say that actually 145
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residents have been rescued. it appears right now everybody that needed to be rescued has been rescued. right now they're taking residents back and forth to their homes to get items. and right now, we're in the subdivision where you see plenty of standing water. police do tell us at some -- at the deepest parts of this area, there were about six feet of standing water. they rescued about 45 people this morning, overnight, in the palm lake subdivision, and about 45 people in the old town subdivision. but now again, this is a situation that seems to be improving. the water had been receding very slowly. and we are told that this was not due to any sort of levee breach, just heavy rains overnight overloaded the pump station here and basically flooded this entire area, thomas? >> gabe gutierrez, reporting from slidell, louisiana, thank
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you, also washed the coast of alabama, but mostly spared. dolphin island was among the hardest hit areas, low-level flooding and power lines, the big concern. robert bentley expected to visit the coast today. and in mississippi, three tornadoes ripped the roofs off homes, and more at the bottom of the hour. we'll bring you a live report from mississippi. >> even if she can't had a hamburger at the woolworth's counter, she becomes the secretary of state. >> it was a huge night for condoleeza rice as she wins over the crowd at the rnc as the gop tries to show case the diversity at the convention. next, why republicans are not accurately reflecting the
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a little girl grows up in birmingham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant. but they have her absolutely convinced that even if she can' woolworth's counter, condoleeza
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the convention, they made an effort to show case african-american voices. but african-american support for the gop continues to be low. joining me now, it is good to see you. it is good to look at the optics of this convention. it certainly is a show case for diverse cases, women, minorities, but many african-american women consider themselves to be conservative, when we look at social issues. however, it doesn't necessarily transfer to gop support. >> yeah, thomas, good to see you, too. and that is absolutely right. there are polls that show a significant percentage of african-american women show themselves to be conservative on a lot of issues. there was a gallop poll in 2009 that showed a third of african-american women showed themselves to be conservative. when you look at gop party support, there is a little bit of disconnect, because only about 3% of african-american
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women are republican. a little more progressive on issues like jobs, education and health care. so it seems to be not so much the issue of the message, as the messenger, and what a lot of people in the community will tell you is that there is a perception problem, the perception that there is racially coded language and tactics often used. you can go back to recent things like the birther controversy, where a lot of african-american women feel there is hostility to the community. a lot of issues, they feel are they courted by the party, or do they feel like the party has ceded that vote to the democrats. >> as we look at the candidates, how have they performed with the african-american candidates? >> you know, we heard with the poll that mitt romney had zero percent support among the black
2:23 pm
voters, in 2008, john mccain got support, but was up against the first viable african-american candidate for president, who did in fact become the first african-american president. so prior to that, what we've seen going back to 1984, is about 10% of the vote going to the republican candidate. george w bush got about 11% in 2004, and so we've seen about 10% going pretty far back. something i have seen in the numbers, bill clinton got 83% of the black vote, pretty much each time he ran, which was the lowest of a democratic candidate since 1984, and he is often talked of as the most famous presidents in the african community. but some of his peers didn't do as well as they thought, so that is just a side note. >> after the convention wraps up, it will be interesting to see the diverse faces that come out and support him.
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i often think people are
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from the gulf coast, mandatory evacuations along the area where officials say a dam is in danger of failing. this is located in southwest mississippi. but officials in the state say they are concerned about the flooding. live, here macomb, mississippi, where the dam is located. i understand that it received some of the highest levels of rainfall, almost 11 inches. explain what we're seeing now. >> reporter: well, right now, they're actually going to plan some type of controlled breach near the dam to help some of the stress and water that is collecting right now in the lake. it is a 700 acre lake, taking on more water. and because of the water that was brought into the lake because of hurricane isaac they're now planning a type of controlled breach. as you mentioned at the top, about 60,000 people are under a mandatory evacuation order, going from kentwood all the way to robert, louisiana, which is south of here. and that is the reason -- the
2:32 pm
ordered that evacuation is because there is going to be about a 90-minute window that if that dam does breach, or if there is a type of structure damage to the dam, they have about 90 minutes to get out of harm's way, before the communities are inundated with water. at this point, the governor of louisiana is planning to fly over and assess the situations here. he plans to update us in about a half hour to see what the situation is. in an earlier press conference, he said there was a type of breach, no imminent danger, but they're planning to do that in a half hour or so. we'll get that update. at this point it is a very fluid situation. the state police here are blocking off entrance into the dam area right now. so we're going to try to make our way around this area in a little bit to get a better vantage point, so right now they say there is no imminent danger,
2:33 pm
but there will be a type of controlled breach that happens soon. >> have they provided shelters or information where people can go, with the mandatory evacuations before the breach potentially happens? >> reporter: yes, several schools around here obviously, in the hammond area, and also kentwood, those areas down south are opening right now. we have been trying to get into the shelters to try to see how many people have actually evacuated. we don't have a clear number of how many people are deciding to leave at this point. but obviously they want everybody to leave as a precaution, because there could be a high potential for danger if the dam breaches. >> now we're looking at rescue operations taking place in slidell, louisiana, this has been going on all day since the area was affected by so much water that has poured in, taking a lot of people by surprise.
2:34 pm
rescues have been upwards of about a hundred people, animals as well. we've heard of many trying to get them out as they can. the water is not going anywhere. it has not re receded. and back to the republican national convention, paul ryan accepting the nomination for vice president. today, political fact checkers are pointing out many of his assertions, saying that they were misleading. nbc political editor mark murray joins me from tampa to talk about this. ryan's statement about the president to act on simpson-bowles. i want to remind everybody what he said last night. take a listen. >> he created a new bipartisan debt commission. they came back with an urgent
2:35 pm
report. he thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing. >> so mark, explain, how accurate is that statement? well, thomas that is a bit unfair, the reason being that paul ryan was a member of that simpson-bowles commission and voted against the recommendations. and had ryan voted for the recommendations and convinced his colleagues, the house republicans also on it, it is likely that those recommendations would today be law. he said he vote d against it because it didn't go hard enough on the reforms with medicare, but the reality is that paul ryan voted on the same simpson-bowles, he criticized president obama for not trying harder. >> that is because they were supposed to be a super majority among the 18 on the panel, correct? >> reporter: right, you needed 14 of 18, they ended up getting a majority, not a super majority. but if you added paul ryan on the committee, on the
2:36 pm
commission, it likely today would be law. >> all right, let's go to the point that he made about the closing of a gm plant in his hometown of janesville, wisconsin. take a look. >> right there at that plant, candidate obama said, i believe that if our government is there to support you this plant will be here for another 100 years. that is what he said in 2008. well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. >> all right, so mark, what is the >> reporter: well, the context is that that plant ended up closing effectively before president obama took office in 2008. and so allies of president obama said there is nothing that he actually -- >> mark, thanks so much, it is
2:37 pm
going to be a big night, that is for sure, for mitt romney, in his part of the acceptance speech, romney is expected to talk about his mormon faith, a subject he has not addressed frequently on the campaign trail. but it is a subject that ann romney and paul ryan talked about in their speeches. >> when mitt romney and i fell in love, we were determined not to let anything stand in our way. he has tried to live his life with a set of values centered on family, faith and love of one's fellow man. >> mitt and i also go to different churches, but in any church, the best kind of preaching is done by example. and i have been watching that example. >> joining me now to talk more about this is reporter for the political website, buzz feed, who just wrote an article. a lot of analysts have been
2:38 pm
wondering whether the three ms will come up in the speech tonight. money, mormon, and massachusetts. one thing that leads us to believe that religion will be discussed, is that key members will talk about it at the speech tonight. >> yes, he actually -- the candidate himself will talk about his faith. this is an issue he largely avoided on the campaign trail. and i reported at "buzz feed," part of the memories were so strong, that the romney family didn't want to talk about it so much this time. now, with nomination in hand, mitt romney's aides tell me he wants to make that part of the convention. and he will talk about it in his speech tonight. >> he didn't win the iowa straw poll in 2012, so some of that feeling may remain. however, he does want and need to embrace this. because this is a fact, his face
2:39 pm
being so pivotal, and it is not going away. >> absolutely, and these are the most humanizing and sincere issues in his life, serving as a missionary, a bishop, helping people who struggled or needed food or other resources. i mean, these stories are humanizing, important anecdotes, and i think we'll hear about that tonight. it is a big moment, and also a big moment for mormonism. >> does it open it up to questioning, regarding military and deferments and college, or being a missionary. does that open him up for questioning that he baptistized his father-in-law, who i
2:40 pm
understand he brought him into the religion? doesn't it open it up to ask questions and target why it is such a compass in his life? >> reporter: well, of course, one of the reasons that mormonism has not been a big issue in the campaign is that romney has refused to talk about it. if he talks about it, there will be questions about his faith. but at the same time, i think that the romney campaign is betting on the idea to accept mormonism as it has other religions into its main stream culture. there will be other questions, he will probably have to deal with them. but at the end of the day he will make the case that his faith is just as legitimate as other religions, there will be questions. >> the truth will set you free. thank you. >> thanks for having me on. i think there will be some heart, and it will also show,
2:41 pm
you know, his sense of purpose and why he is doing this, why he is running for president. >> and that is the new hampshire senator talking about mitt romney's big speech tonight. more of david gregory's press pass interview with the senator up next. but first, a lot is happening today. some of the things we thought you should know. this is one of the must-have items at the republican national convention. the romney iphone color coming in several different styles. despite the price tag, they have been flying off the shelves. and michael douglas in talks regarding the role. it regards the summit between the soviet leader. no word on who the producers may consider as their russian leader. the first lady of the united states, michelle obama.
2:42 pm
>> appearing on david letterman last night, the first lady, michelle obama says she has not watched the republican national convention but encourages everybody else to do so. she spoke about healthy eating, kids's camp, and dogs. >> now, when you and the president and the family travel, have you ever thought about strapping bo on the roof of the car? >> only the best for bo. bo is used to riding on air force one. it is a little different. produs to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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2:46 pm
mitt romney's speech tonight, accepting the gop nomination. and we have been talking throughout this hour about that speech and what mitt romney needs to say. now, some special insight from a woman who romney was said to have considered a possible running mate. nbc's david gregory meets us from outside the convention center. hi david. >> hey, thomas, this is really a big day at the republican national convention. all the speeches build up to this hour tonight, mitt romney's hour. speaking to this hall and they hope a very sizeable television audience at a critical time. this is a necessity for romney to speak about himself and the country. but the biography we talked about all week is so important. he has really got to impress that at times on certain sections of the country, a much more skeptical public. people who don't know him.
2:47 pm
or if you look at the polling, people thinking about his image and the inability to connect. in the press conference with the senator from new hampshire, somebody who spent a good deal of time with governor romney, that is where i began my questions. >> i want to talk about romney, because for all that has been said here and however people judge this convention it really does come down to his speech. and so much of this is about biography, you know him, you campaigned with him. what do you think american needs to see about him? >> well, first of all, starting with ann romney's speech, when he talks about himself, his role as a father, his family, he will go off of what ann said. her speech was terrific on tuesday night. it will go together on what we hear personally about him tonight. and we'll also hear obviously from members of his church, and this side of him that he has been more private. and i am looking forward to it.
2:48 pm
>> so more about him, who he is, and what he brings to this job, other than okay, here we go. >> i actually think it will be both, i think there will be heart, and it will also show his sense of purpose and why he is doing this, running for president, why he is so worried about the country. and the personal side of what will drive him. so he will certainly talk about the head part of it, thinking about his experience, and why he is the right person to serve as president right now in troubling times in our country. and also, i think juxtapose his record and his ideas with the president's. but i think some of the personal side will come out as well. >> there are elements of the party and the platform that focuses on social issues like abortion, particularly on the republican platform, with no real room for exceptions, even though nominee believes there should be an exception for rape
2:49 pm
and incest. how do you think the democrats will argue regarding social issues as they try to reach out particularly to women? >> well, i'll say this, i think there is wide room in our party for diverse views on those issues. and again, i think that is demonstrated, our nominee, and many in our party who have their own personal views on these issues. and we respect that. >> how much diversity? you don't think a presidential candidate in the republican party could be pro-choice, do you? >> well, i have a question for you, david, how many pro-life speakers will speak at the democratic convention? i know that there are many members of our party who spoke here who may have different view points on those issues, but i think it is more of a litmus test on the democratic end, but really, when we talk about women voters, as we have talked about before, i'm the mother of a seven-year-old and a four-year-old, so i think focusing on those economic issues. what opportunities are there
2:50 pm
going forward, if our economy stays where it is right now under this presidency, what happens in the future with the debt to the children? what are we passing on? and then those kids getting out of college. i talked to so many of our friends with kids of college age that you really worried about this idea of when their kids are going to college and getting out. they're unemployed or under-employed. they have a great degree, but what opportunities do they have to use it? i think they are the fundamental issues driving this election. >> why should the american people, the independent voters believe that the republican party has really moved beyond where it was? paying for -- you know, two wars, which a lot of conservatives believe amount to spending, tarp, of course, extended under this president. bailouts for the banks, all of
2:51 pm
these things, prescription drug bailout -- >> i think the evidence of that is the 2010 election. so many -- so many of us ran, including myself, and you know what? i have acknowledged that when we look at the debt, this is a bipartisan issue, that republicans spent too much and democrats spent too much, you will hear paul ryan talk about it. >> yeah, but he voted for all of those things. >> here is the thing, when you look at leadership, look at what paul ryan has done, when you have reed in there, at least he put forth ideas, you can criticize it. but where are the ideas on the other side? so i think that type of leadership, you heard it last night. we won't duck the tough issues, you heard it also in governor chris christie's speech. that is the key, i think people are looking for honest, direct answers, and saying there are tough challenges. we're going to acknowledge them and what we're going to put forward is real solutions. and you can see david's full
2:52 pm
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welcome back everybody, two years ago, the supreme court handed down its decision on the citizen's united case. that ruling made it possible for corporations and unions to pour millions upon millions into political campaigns. yesterday in a read it on line chat, the president suggested he would support presidential action to undo the court's ruling. the president wrote "over the longer term i think we seriously need to consider mobilizing the constitutional amendment, assuming the supreme court doesn't revisit it, even in the amendment process falls short it can shine a spotlight and help to apply pressure for change." now the gop opposes any law that
2:56 pm
would weaken citizens united. super pacs are playing a big role in this cycle. more than 230 million have been spent by outside groups made possible by citizens united. a majority of that money, about $200 million has been spent to support mitt romney. so what do you think? should there are a constitutional amendment to overturn citizen's united? that will do it for this edition. don't go anywhere. the cycle comes your way next. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest.
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