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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 13, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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level words like that are chosen very carefully and they represent news. the story is obviously still unfolding. there are more protests tonight in cairo as we speak. we will have more tomorrow night. you want to keep it here. murder in benghazi. president obama vows justice will be done after the horrific killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya. money out the window. bank robbery suspects hurl cash during a high-speed police chase. baby guz. what duchess kate has been turning down sparking pregnancy rumors. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with firing back. in response to deadly attacks in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three diplomats, an elite group of marines has been sent to ramp up security in libya's capital. this as the obama administration responds to criticism from republican rival mitt romney while investigating whether the attacks were specifically coordinated to take place on the anniversary of 9/11. nbc's tracie potts has more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: march rarks here on capitol hill, the senate approved a resolution honoring the victims and calling this attack unacceptable and unjust find. a nation in mourning as the bodies of four americans including ambassador chris stevens arrive home. flags are at half staff in d.c. overnight, a vigil for the victims across the street from the white house where president
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obama condemned the attack. >> there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. none. >> reporter: now two navy warships are being positioned off libya's coast awaiting orders. mr. obama told libya's president last night they must help keep americans there safe. this morning in cairo, the site of a second attack, teargas was fired on protesters. president obama says the u.s. is waiting to see how egypt responds. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government trying to find its way. >> reporter: protesters are upset over a video that criticizes the prophet muhammad. mitt romney criticized the response. >> instead when our grounds are attacked and being breached, the first response of the ute v united states must be outrage.
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>> the administration sent mixed signals to those who attacked our embassy in egypt and mixed signals to the world. >> reporter: the world waits to see who will be held responsible for the death of a diplomat. >> reporter: even some republicans criticized romney for jumping in while events were still unfolding. mara. >> right now there are reports of protestsers storming the u.s. embassy in the yemeni capital. once inside the compound, the mob brought down the u.s. flag and burned it. witnesses say security forces have opened fire on the crowd. well, when it comes to what many see as mitt romney's missteps in the aftermath of the attack, last night on "politics nation," they spoke about what romney needs to do in response. >> before you make statements, get your facts straight. at night with the crush of other events going and i'm sure people running in and out telling this is happening, that's happening,
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let's get a statement out, they did it wrong. they didn't get their facts straight. he should take it back and he should express condolence to the diplomat's families and the people over there. he should make it right with the american people. >> lean forward with the reverend al sharpton and "politics nation" weekdays at 6:00 on msnbc. new census bureau focuses inn come and poverty paint a bleak picture. median household income dropped 1.5% last year to just over $50,000 a year. that's over 8% lower than in late 2007 when the recession began. in contrast, income for the wealthiest 20% of americans went up 1.6% last year. 2011's income gap between the rich and the poor grew to the widest in more than 40 years. while the proportion of americans living in poverty did
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not rise in four years, the 46 million people in poverty remained at the highest level in the 53 years since the census bureau began keeping that statistic. apple's new and improved iphone has arrived. the 5 will be in stores on the 21st, coming with a laundry list of new editions. nbc's jay gray got a look. >> reporter: the skies did not open up. by all reports the earth is still on its axis. the tech universe has a new shining star today. >> today we're going to introduce iphone 5. >> reporter: with that all the rumors shifted to reality, when the 5 made entirely of aluminum and glass made its debut. apple says the most powerful advanced smart phone ever created. >> it is really easy to make a new product that's bigger. everyone does that. that's not the challenge. the challenge is to make it better and smaller.
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>> reporter: engineers say the 5 will run on higher speed lte networks and equipped with the a6 processor it will operate at double the speed of the 4 and 4s, a longer lasting battery, and a better camera. >> we did see this stuff leak out beforehand. it's an impressive product. >> reporter: apple hoping the upgrades will change the current picture in the ultra competitive smart market. android is now the most used operating system and samsung has grabbed the lead in sales. >> i think last year the iphone 4s saw the iphone falling behind the competition. this year they've caught up. i'm not going to say they surpassed the competition. >> something apple hopes to change starting friday when the company will begin to take pre orders for the 5. jay gray, nbc news, san francisco. now, here is your first look at some of the other news going on around america today. in los angeles it was take the
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money and run and then throw it out of the window. a pair of suspected bank robbers tossed out wads of stolen cash while being chased by police. when the thieves were finally captured, one woman dove into the truck to try to get a piece of all that currency. police quickly surrounded the truck to stop a mob seen. in new york city it tease hairdo 15 years in the making, you're looking at the guinness world record holder for the tallest mohawk. 8'6". it stands atop the fashion designer from japan who says it takes the style left two hours, two cans of hairspray and one can of gel. after six weeks, the panda at the san francisco zoo is starting to open his eyes. it will take three more weeks to open them fully. in mean time the zoo is taking suggestions on what to name them. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to
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meteorologist todd santos. i can never get enough of baby animals. i'm not discriminating. i'll take any of them. something in common with him. it felt like six weeks to open my eyes this morning. at least seeing a few things out there, including a little activity in the central atlantic. nah dean is a tropical storm, 70-mile-per-hour sustained winds moving northwest at 16 miles per hour. it's that large blob of red. it will start turning to the north later today, could become our eighth hurricane of the season here in the atlantic. not a threat to land. we call them fish storms. did want to mention that considering a lot of folks talking about that. a quick look across the eastern u.s., quiet across the east coast. in florida we had the front pushing across florida. there is a cluster of showers and thunderstorms not expecting that to see tropical development next couple days, but showers for south florida today and activity across the central
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u.s., we'll continue to track them eastward as we work into the afternoon. that will include chicago, eventually towards indianapolis and st. louis. it may take both those areas into late this afternoon to get into those showers. we'll talk about that coming up. temperatures and cool numbers for a few of us this morning. >> todd, thanks so much. waiting on the fed. why so many people are saying no to bank accounts. the end of blissful ignorance at mcdonald's. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, a coaching legend calls it quits. move over tebow, there's a new pose in town. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm mara schiavocampo. florida found only 207 noncitizens registered to vote, and the state is rolling back its so-called voter purge in an agreement with civil rights organizations. republican governor rick scott
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had claimed there were 2600 ineligible voters. at new york's kennedy airport, a ring of 18 airport truck drivers and security guards were arrested accused of helping to steal more than 100,000 mini liquor bottles from arriving american airlines flight. the name of that investigation, operation last call. new pregnancy rumors are buzzing around duchess kate middleton while she and prince william. she turned down wine in favor of water. gi joe is the top toy of the last century. transformers is rated second. lego building blocks were in third and barbie finished fourth. here is your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the christian science monitor reports russian president
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vladimir putin says he's grateful to mitt romney for calling his country the number one geopolitical foe of the u.s. it strengthened his reserve for a missile defense shield. sarah palin said mitt romney needs to step up attacks on president obama. she said romney needs to be, quote, severely aggressive. minnesota congresswoman shows michele bachmann's support in her re-election campaign and finds herself in a virtual dead heat, leading jim graves by two points, 38% to 46%. the florida pizzeria owner who gave president obama that big bear hug said if asked, he would campaign for obama. he argues conservative protests have backfired. rapper 50 sent has announced his endorsement in the race for the white house.
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despite supporting george w. bush in the past, he said he's going to vote for obama. "saturday night live" announced jay farrell will take over from fred arm son in the key roll of impersonating the president. the show prepares for its season opener this weekend. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. and now here is your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,333 after adding nine points yesterday. the s&p was up three and the nasdaq gained nine. taking a look overseas, the nikkei nudged up 35 points. in hong kong the hang seng lost 27. stocks ended wednesday pretty much where they started as caution set in ahead of the fed's big announcement this afternoon. markets ticked higher early in the day after germany's high court cleared the way for europe's central bank to prop up spain and italy's cash strapped
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economies. those early gaintion quickly faded as investors shifted their attention to the fed. many investors are banking on ben bernanke to announce a fresh round of stimulus. apple got a 1% boost out of the launch of the iphone 5. chesapeake energy is buying breathing room from its $14 billion debt load with the sale of nearly $7 billion in assets. the parent company of airbus and v. e, europe's two biggest defense agencies are in talks. the number of u.s. families without bank accounts grew by 821,000 between 2001 and 2011. that means nearly 10 million americans, a little more than 8% of the nation's population don't have a checking or banking account, mostly because they don't have enough money to open and fund one. finally, say so long to eating guilt-free at mcdonald's. the fast food chain will list
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calorie information on menus in more than 14,000 restaurants and drive throughs beginning next year. the phils spear the marlins. the o's walk off. redskin fans now have a pose of their own. twin blasts by one bomber helped the yanks keep pace. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. nice! [ female announcer ] colgate total fights 90% more plaque germs. i'm in. [ female announcer ] colgate total. less germs. healthier mouth. i'm also a survivor of ovarian a writand uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better.
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with the you con huskies, head coach jim calhoun is calling it quits. here is nbc's fred roggin. good morning. we'll get to baseball in a second. we start with news out of connecticut. legendary college basketball coach jim calhoun will announce his retirement. since 1986 the head coach, he won three titles. he's had a rash of health issues over the last decade, leaving with over 800 wins. assistant kevin holly will take over. baseball, the race for the a.l. east looks like it will go down to the wire. rays and orioles tied at two in the ninth. one aboard for nate mcclouth. it's a game winner rbi single. the orioles win 3-2. could the yankees keep pace? oh, yes. granderson, 13's time he's done that. yanks won it 5-4, remaining died with baltimore for first. tigers inched closer to the top spot in the central. prince fielder got clearance for
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takeoff in the seventh. detroit beat chicago 8-6. they're a game back. don't look now, but the phillies are back in the play-off race. left for dead, the phils were major sellerses at the trade deadline. jimmy rollins with the go-ahead homer, beating the marlins 3-1. rangers have been in the hunt since opening day. a victory over the indians. adrian beltre making a late push for mvp, his 32nd homer. rangers win 5-2. forget tebowing, that's a thing of the past. a new pose called griffining, born on sunday when robert griffin was seen celebrating from the seat of his pants. now everyone is doing it. everyone is griffoning. that's your first look at sports. i'm fred roggin. >> griffining. good to know. here is meteorologist todd
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santos with the weather channel forecast. hey, a beautiful day for everybody. going to be playing outside, getting football in at least with some friends. did want to mention areas where you may be dealing with showers for the morning commute. a lot of activity to your north. a few lightning strikes, chicago, down to st. louis, better chance for showers to get into your area. more your afternoon commute. there is a look at temperatures across the area. 60s across the northeast coast. 74 in orlando. again today, a lot of south florida, especially down towards west palm, miami, better chance for showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. of course, you see other areas including dallas by later this afternoon. new orleans, a slight chance for a thunderstorm. another opportunity there tomorrow. there's a look at friday. northeast corridor still remaining quiet. during the late night hours friday into early morning saturday, a few showers pushing into new york, portions of long island and southeastern new england. the sunshine returning. billings, your temperature starting to head upward. when you look towards alaska,
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we're seeing a few chances for showers down toward the aleutian islands. dry in fairbanks. there's another even sillier jessica simpson controversy and a strong new entry for strange celebrity baby names. we'll tell you who "people" magazine named the best dressed woman in the world. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. oh, nice hands! chest bump. ugh! good job, man. nice! okay, halftime. now, this is my favorite play. oh! i'm wide open. oh, fumble. fumble. don't want to fumble any of these. [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. it's up... and it's good! good?! they're grrreat! hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow.
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where's my man george w. bush? >> president bush has decided that eight years was enough. >> he's hiding out? >> he's done. >> bush nicknamed you and called you stretch. >> he called me stretch which was remarkable in terms of how
5:27 am
he came up with that. >> you're a tall human being. >> i'm a tall man. >> but he also called you dancing man. >> yes. >> and i thought it was kind of interesting. i have a clip of you when mary j. blige was on the "today" show ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we love you, buddy. tonight jimmy welcomes actress emma watson, actor tony danza and iron chef michael simon. that's "late night with jimmy fallon" on your local nbc station. it's time for your first look at entertainment news. get ready to argue. who is the world's best-dressed woman? according to "people" magazine it's gwyneth paltrow. what about fashion icon kate middleton? she was named the woman with the
5:28 am
best classic style. actress emma stone for best red carpet style and rihanna for taking the most fashion risked. tmz says cops spotted michael madsten was arrested for dui. 31-year-old soup model aid am ma lima gave birth to her second daughter, see anna. levi johnson's girlfriend had their second daughter, named breeze beretta. similar son is now under fire for showing a photo of her newborn maxwell in a string bikini. can we go back to "people" magazine's list for a second? i find gwyneth paltrow is little
5:29 am
boring. >> maybe if they're comparing her with kate middleton. >> i think rihanna is a great choice. gwyneth paltrow is a little dull. jessica similar simpson's baby girl -- >> if they can run around naked. i'm mara schiavocampo. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. good morning. we begin with breaking news from yemen where witnesses say hundreds of demonstrators have stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen as you can see. the a.p. reporting protesters made it to the embassy grounds but have not entered the building. the mob reportedly broke through the main gate of the compound and reuters is reporting security guards opened fire in the air and there are casualties on both sides. this story is just coming into us. we'll be filling in the blanks as we go throughout the show


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