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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 17, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the "news nation" is following more muslim rage with massive new protests today against the film against mum hamad. it was organized by hezbollah. this was the scene at the u.s. consulate in pakistan where demonstrators jumped over barriers burning the u.s. flag and balgsing u.s. police there. new protests in yemen's capital where extra marines have been sent in to protect the u.s.
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embassy there. new clashes between protestors in jakarta, indonesia. thousands it took to the streets of afghanistan's stap cal today. tod today's events come amid concerns after four more u.s. soldiers were killed in another insider attack sunday by fellow afghan forces. we have all this covered with our nbc correspondents in the region and panl of experts. we begin in kabul, afghanistan. these insider attack seem to indicate a persistent yet very fundamental problem there. >> reporter: absolutely, richard. it's been a very disturbing trend here in afghanistan, and it's been the deadliest year for insider attacks. at least 51 nato service members have died this year alone, up from 35 in 2011. up from just 4 in the years of 2007, 2008 combined as you mentioned, four americans were killed yesterday in southern afghanistan in zabul province. it seems they have been duped by
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the afghan police at a checkpoint. they said they were under attack by the insurgency and called the americans for help according to a local afghan official. when the americans came, they turned their guns on the americans killing four and injuring at least two others. also this weekend two british service members died in almost the same way in helmund province. they were helping a wounded colleague when an afghan police officer with them turned his weapon and killed those british service members as well. richard. >> do we know who these insider afghan forces are? >> reporter: that's the big question that both nato and the afghan ministry of defense and ministry of interior are trying to figure out. they're trying to revet all these forces they've brought in. we have to remember in 2010 nato asked for an influx of afghan troops to help stabilize the security into afghan hands by the withdrawal date at the end of 2014. so with that influx it was more about quantity than it was about
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quality, and now they're looking back trying to figure out who these bad seeds are and the taliban themselves in 2011 said that they would infiltrate the afghan security forces. >> in the evening hours there for us. thank you so much. now to libya. the new government firing the security chiefs pour benghazi today in the wake of last week's attacks on the u.s. consulate there that killed ambassador chris stevens and they're other americans. they have two different versions of that attack. >> the way these perpetrators acted and moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned. >> what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> we're live from benghazi, libya. an fbi investigation now under way there. why the two versions? what are you hearing on that?
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>> reporter: well, they're talking about two different parts of process. on the libyan side of things, they look it from the point of the attack very deliberately in the ways the weapons were used and ammunitions were used. they were evacuated to a safehouse, and the armed gunman proceeded to follow the americans to that safehouse and continue attacking that second location, which was at a very undisclosed area, if you will, away from the embassy or the consulate. the americans are talking more about the protest and the anger that occurred at the moment some of they see gunmen approached. they're not contradicting one another but talking about two different partses of the process. the libyans believe the perpetrators came into the country drawing on the ideology of al qaeda and using the protestors as a cover to attack the u.s. consulate on september 11th. >> what's the situation on the ground right now? >> reporter: well, the situation here remains relatively calm.
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the people we've been speaking to are extremely angered and very disappointed by this. the libyan people by and large rejected this attack. we've spoke to people from all walks of life, civil society and government. they're surprised, disappointed and angry. they say it does not represent libya's interests or the libyan people. there's a march this friday called save benghazi to get the people who fought for the revolution to come out and reclaim the city that many people here forgot over the last several months. the key issue really for the government that's now in place is trying to maintain law and ompl order. this is a city and country that has a security vacuum. in this city alone there are 25 to 30 militia groups, various brigades operating on their own. there's no cohesive security structure, and that made it a precarious situation for the government to establish law and order. >> that's the latest in benghazi, libya. thank you so much. i'll bring in two people with extensive knowledge of the region. we have bobbi gosh from "time."
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he wrote this cover for "time" titled "agents of outrage." we have joe ruben, a former egypt officer at the state department. good day to both of you. bobby, let's reset. we see more violence in the region. what's your thought here? i guess when we look at the map, it covers some 20 areas and countries in terms of the amount of violence that we've seen over the last week. as we are on a monday, is it getting worse or better? >> judging by previous bursts of outrage over this kind of thing, if i had to guess at this point i would say it will slowly peter out. there may be a little spike on friday after friday prayers. more importantly, this incident now goes into the inventory. the next time it may weeks, months, years the next time there's a big spasm of public outrage in the street in the muslim world, they will refer back to this as one of many offenses against their faith. just as during these protests
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they have been referring back to the cartoons. they've been referring to the burning of koran by american soldiers. so this now becomes part of the narrative, part of lore that those who engineer these protests can reach back and play this card over and over again. >> so with the perspective of looking back -- we hear them bobby. where does it sit in the context of list of outbursts you're alluding to here? >> in the grand scheme of thing, after the cartoon and the newspaper that depicted the prophet, 100 died in the muslim wor world. the number of people killed is much smaller this time. it go resonance is because four americans including an ambassador was killed. in the total number of of casualties, this was a smaller incident. this remains on youtube, and it will remain on the internet forever. as i said, people who engineer
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these, who stoke up this violence can call upon this from here to infiniti. >> a situation where it worked for them, if they're the one we're stoking the flames there. the u.s. has repeated condemned that anti-muslim video that bobby alluded to. that doesn't seem to make much difference to the protestors from what we've seen so far. >> thank you, richard. the announcements of having nothing to do with it are clearly important, and they will help the governments in these countries, be it libya, egypt, tunisia and elsewhere saying this is not the american government so they can enforce more stability in the streets. these are very precarious situations for these governments. really, the groups that are active on the street are in a sense taking advantage of a political power vacuum in these countries. they're trying to assert that they can influence the public debate, more extreme religious
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debate is where they want to take this. it's very difficult slog ahead for these governments and these more radical groups. >> bobby, put that together for us. there are 30 groups he were alluding to there in where he's at in benghazi that are basically operating at their own free will. is this the problem we will see going forward post-arab spring where ato come sees were taken dow and democracies are flejingly trying to come together and build a nation? >> there were two genies in the bottle released after the arab spring. the best instincts of ar rab society and also the worst. the best instigts, the moderates, the secular forces, the forces now in government have to find a way to deal with the moorad cal, the worst instincts of some of their people. one of the most -- i don't think you'll see militias everywhere. libya is a particularly bad case
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where the old infrastructure was so badly damaged by a long civil war, you might see that take place in syria. in egypt and other countries and yemen and so on, the security forces exist. they're not great. they exist. they're simply not completely in the control of the new regime, the new governments. the new governments have not yet exercised complete control over these -- over the police forces and militaries and so on. that will take time. they were at loggerheads only months ago, these same police and military were beating up the people who are now their prime minister and minister of interior. >> they have to avoid the appearance of being that they're replacing in terms of command and control. >> yes. >> to you, joel, hatred of the united states in some of these countries just so great, some might say anything will trigger violence against the united states or u.s. interests in the area? >> there are decades of resentment that have built up over time, be it for american support for "the dictator"shthcn
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the region but we can't demagogues it. there are many good allies to the united states in and across the arab world. the administration is trying to ensure it strengthening the allies nin the days ahead, and that's the right approach. >> we'll continue to talk about this in the days to come. up next, with 50 days to go until the election, is team romney relaunching? there's new details about internal dissent within the romney camp over his messages. rahm emanuel takes legal action to end the teachers strike that he calls a strike of joe. congressman keith ellison the first muslim elected to the house talks to us live to talk about the deadly attacks in libya. you can find us @tamronhall and @newsnation. by bright eyes
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politics as the romney campaign pushes back against new reports that it's struggling exactly 50 days before election day. the headline in "usa today," for instance, that red romney hits reset on campaign as he trails obama. "the new york times" writing amid discord, romney seeks to sharpen message. "the washington post" headline reads the romney campaign is in trouble. there's a new report in politico describing disorder within the romney campaign. it features anonymous campaign sources blames stewart stooerchs for the many campaign missteps to date. today babe buchanan told chuck todd that the report is false. >> this story is ridiculous.
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i have been, as you said, in many presidential campaigns. the key to a good one in governor romney is absolutely clear about this, he doesn't want yes people. he wants people who are going to tell him exactly what he thinks. so you have a good table, good strong discussion and a final decision is made by the governor. >> let's bring in our "news nation" political monday for this monday. michael is also an msnbc contributor and jonathan kalikyo and we have amy stoddard for the hill. good afternoon all three of you. michael, i want to start with an interesting assessment from the washington post today. it reads there are two sure signs a campaign is in trouble. the first is that it begins changing its strategy rapidly and erratically. the second is that it begins attacking its strategists fiercely and anonymously. when you look at this here, michael, given this description, do you think the romney campaign
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is in trouble. >> yes, i think they're this frubl, but not necessarily because of the discord. i've been involved in political campaigns on a local, state and national level. never one lacking in discord. they're unique animals. it's a pressure cooker for a definitive time period. you have a lot of egos and it goes with the territory there's a lot of infighting taking place. the best campaign doesn't win with strategy alone. i think that the shortcomings thus far has been more candidate focused. i hear all day long from people desperate to get rid of barack obama as president, but they're not warm and fuzzy about mitt romney. he's just failed thus far to engender passion in support of him as compared to in opposition to obama. >> jonathan, what is your thought amid all of these reports? if you have the ability to say, okay, let's change this one thing, what does the romney campaign need to do today? >> i think the story is overserved a little bit. the really important thing to
2:18 pm
look at here is gallup tracking poll over time. not the ones earlier in the week. when luke at their gallup poll over time, it's been enchanged since april 29th. we've been in locked this five-point race. >> the seven haf day tracking poll. >> exactly. when you're in a campaign and see what's happening under the numbers where fewer people trust obama and his handling of the economy now than back in april, so he's gotten that message forward that he's the candidate of the economy. he has to change and sharpen his message and broaden it to more people. that's what you see now in that campaign. they're not talking about are you better off four years -- now than you were four years ago on the economy, but it's on debt, health care, how we view our alliances in the middle east. they'll have a broader message with sharper talking points in there. >> more details. >> i think it will work over time. >> a.b., the president is
2:19 pm
campaigning in ohio today, one of the several key battleground states where polls show he's currently leading romney. when you look at this, how much do you think that plays into romney's position to change his straench at the same time as they try to hone their message this week? >> romney is only behind in ohio. he's behind the most there. he's behind in all the states where he wants to be ahead. nationally he's behind in the critical battlegrounds. this is not that he's so much behind, but this is a race that romney should be out in front of. he should be the front-runner by now. i think what michael and jonathan are saying is right. he needs to do something with the message. i don't think it matters what's going on with the campaign. the candidate needs to take control and needs to sell a more enthusiastic and detailed vision for what a romney presidency would look like instead of complaining about what president obama has done. he's an unpopular president with an unpopular record, and the public doesn't trust him on the economy. he's still ahead in the polls.
2:20 pm
romney is not affirmatively selling himself. that's why i think he can put out new commercials and talk about immigration today and something tomorrow, but i really think it's those debates. unless he convinces americans of those debates, that he really has the potential to be a reasonable replacement. he's probably not going to win. i think that all the ads have been seen, all the talking points have been heard. he's got to sell himself. >> michael, please react to this. i'll ask about the article that came out about politico about the disorder. we were alluding to how stewart stevens was the focus of the political article, looking at him making very inappropriate decisions over time. it talks about the chaos surrounding his -- romney's acceptance speech and how it wasn't completed until days before he was set to deliver it. in fact, politico said the hasty process resulted in a colossal
2:21 pm
oversight. what's your thought here? >> i wasn't surprised by it. i think the reporting is solid, but i think you could write that kind of a story about virtually any campaign including the president's re-election effort. i think it's part and parcel in what goes on in a circumstance like this. the only other factor we haven't addressed, richard, is this situation in the middle east is normally a trump card for the republicans to thump their chests and be the party of national strength. that model doesn't apply. i think that the president's strong suit is foreign policy in this campaign, and that's a problem for governor romney. >> jonathan, when you look at athi this, is there an opening for the republicans? >> absolutely. the new article that talks about the message, they want to be on top of -- they made the sale on the economy, and now this is an opportunity to start talking about other things, specifically about the middle east and security issues but also about the debt and health care. i think they have an opportunity to broaden out not only to talk
2:22 pm
about the failure of obama on the economy and to present romney on all the other issues. >> a.b., i want to shift gears a little bit. there was an interesting exchange on sunday concerning romney's claim here that the obama administration in its dealings with israel and iran has thrown the jewish state under the bus. david gregory asked been ya minimum netanyahu the question on the governor's remark on "meet the press." >> there's no bus and we're not getting into that discussion. we have a strong alliance and we continue to have a strong alliance. i think the important question is whether does the -- the only bus that is really important is the iranian nuclear bus. >> so a.b., quickly here the issue of benjamin netanyahu and the president maybe not working so well together here? >> it's very challenging one for the president. everyone knows from last week that netanyahu was upset about the fact he wasn't getting a personal meeting with the
2:23 pm
president. they obviously do not have a good relationship. everybody knows that, and the president has to take some blame for that. what is the challenge for mitt romney as president obama is challenged by this situation is that he doesn't insert himself so much into it. he's pushed into backing the prime minister in the rush to war or the ability of israelis to attack iran that could hurt him politically as well. >> thank you so much. michael had to leave a little earlier in this segment. thank you all three for your time today. >> thank you. one year after the birth of the "occupy wall street" movement, how have the protestors changed the political dialogue in the country? plus, hear how house minority leader nancy pelosi answers this question. >> so you could romney basically for -- >> it's one of the things we thought you should know. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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a teenager charged in a bar bombing plot is do you in a chicago kourts this afternoon. they arrested him on friday after a lengthy sting operation. it happened after they gave him a phony car bomb and watched him try to blow it up. they say the teen was inspired by osama bin laden to carry out killings on a mass scale. coming up, china crackdown. the white house hits china with an auto trade complaint. first read says it's good politics, but is it good policy? another magazine publishes topless photos of the duchess of cambridge as the royal family takes legal action. you'll find behind the scene pictures at newsnation.tumbl now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit.
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of the principles of america, free speech, human rights and so forth, and that kind of strength, i believe, as opposed to apology is the right course to pursue in the middle east. >> there's mitt romney talking about his foreign policy would be different from president obama's. he was speaking with telemundo. we'll have more of that interviews on msnbc as well as tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern time on telemund. he said no staffing changes would be made, based on the articles we have been following today in this interview that happened moments ago. joining me now is keith ellison of minnesota. we're going to talk about this issue what's happening in the middle east, the foreign policy front and center right now. he's the first muslim to be elected to congress and he's one of two muslims in congress. thank you for being here today. >> happy to join you. thanks. >> you've been defending president obama against
2:32 pm
republican charges of weak leadership in the region following the arab spring. what has the president done right and wrong, do you think? >> i think the president started out doing a lot of things right. first of all, remember the cairo speech. i think that set out a vision for a more engaged united states in the conflicts that exist there, but also in a respectful -- mutual respect, mutual benefit type of reframing of the relationship. i think that's the right frame, and i've been supporting president obama because i think he's right. in it's not a campaign thing to me. as the middle east changes and as we've seen all the changes occur throughout the region, the united states has to come to a new set of relationships with the region, and i think obama has done the right thing. he has reached out. he has engaged and respected leaders and listened to them and made the u.s. interests clear. that's evidenced by the fak that he called president morsei and
2:33 pm
said as the egyptian embassy for the united states is safe and secure and will be, you have an obligation to safely protect our embassy as well. we expect you to live up to the obligation. since that time morsi has done the right thing. i think the president is setting -- is managing a very difficult situation in an expert way, and again, this is not me speaking as -- in the campaign framework but as a loyal american who wants to see america at peace and security and have its interesting pursued in this vital part of the globe. >> representative senator john mccain said over the weekend that it's the president's policy of disengagement or not engaging with the issues that are at hand there in the ar rab world that resulted in perhaps what we see develop in the last week or so. so has the president engaged the region in the best way to avoid the situation that we're in right now? >> absolutely. i mean, he has -- he had a
2:34 pm
seminar where he invited all the entrepreneurs throughout the region to come to washington. he has engaged on an entrepreneurial level and cultural levels. we have a new -- well, it may be in jeopardy now, but we have a new relationship with the peace corps in tunisia. there are many other examples. he put resolution of the israeli-palestinian conflict front and center within the first hour of his election. he's had trouble with that, but he has tried, which is more than other presidents have done. they wait until the end of their service to do anything. i think president obama has managed a difficult situation in an excellent way. look, i mean, in 1982 our interests were attacked in a brutal way in lebanon. in 2001, you know, president bush on his watch, we had 9/11 happen. i mean, presidents cannot stop or predict events from
2:35 pm
occurring. >> and representative, one of the events we're watching right now is not only from the arab world but what's happening between iran and israel and the debate ongoing. we got this piece of sound. let me show this to you first. >> i believe that the key to policy in the middle east is whether or not iran is going to have a nuclear weapon, and iran is not far way from having a nuclear weapon. the prime minister of israel says he believes they will have that capability relatively soon. that's the most serious foreign policy national security threat america faces, is a nuclear iran. unfortunately, we're four years closer to that than when he took office. >> what's your reaction? >> ridiculous. first of all, i'm listening to people like, you know, martin dempsey who is the joint chief for the united states. he says that we need to have a policy where we are being deliberate, we're engaging on issues of sanctions, but also in
2:36 pm
the area of diplomacy. he says that a war would not be in the best interests of the united states or the region. he says that we should continue to engage. president obama is doing that. he has isolated iran more. he has made the international coalition to force iran to the bargaining table stronger. it's just wrong, and i'm saddened by it because historically, you know, we did not allow either israel-palestine conflict or foreign policy matters to be the stuff of election one upmanship. mitt romney has changed the way on that. president reagan said, look, whether it comes to foreign policy stuff and the u.s. engagement abroad, we don't do that. when you saw the trajy of 9/11 happen, americans came together. we're united around this. all this particular candidate
2:37 pm
can do is eek out a partisan advantage. this is deep shame. >> thank you so much for your time today. keith ellison of minnesota sharing his views today. appreciate it. >> thank you. today president obama got aggressive are china while blasts his republican rival in the process. the administration filing a new complaint over chinese auto parts subsidies that threaten u.s. jobs like in the battleground state of ohio where the president campaigned for a 12th time today. while in cincinnati, the president mocked governor romney about his tough talk on china. >> you can't stand up to china when all you've done is sent them our jobs. you can talk a good game, but i like to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. >> romney dismisses the trade complaint as a political move designed to appeal to voters in the critical ohio battleground. let's bring in the president of the national committee on
2:38 pm
u.s.-china relations. steve, we've heard governor romney bring up this argument in recent weeks, and now the president is responding to that. does this issue of china and subsidies specifically as well as trade policy, we have the currency issue, does that resonate with viewers? do they understand the complexities of that, and will it be something they make a decision upon? >> first, i'm the president of u.s.-china relations, which for 46 years educated americans about china and chinese about america. we're a nonpartisan organization. i sit here today in my personal capacity. i would think this debate how it's handled on china will not resonate with the voters. if you look at the romney ad that ran, that's beginning to run today, which talks about this job loss to china, it says that we've lost a half a million jobs to china while china has gained the similar amount, suggesting a linkage and we
2:39 pm
should brand or we should find china a currency manipulator, and that will fix everything. number one, it ignores the fact that china -- that there have been technological improvements in the united states. that we've had an economic downturn. that automation has occurred, and that china is growing rapidly. that is the majority of the reason for these changes. second, we see -- >> you know, it's interesting here that you bring up these issues, steve, because who would think we'd talk about chindz trade policy. it would be economy, economy, economy in the united states specifically. is this, then, an old scare tactic that some critics say the way romney is approaching this it issue of china trade policy? >> he's certainly seeking to demonize china, and it's bad politics and bad policy. i don't think it's going it to resonate with people. i don't think it's a credible
2:40 pm
argument these job losses have all been to china. declaring them a currency manipulator is going to be -- it going to fix it all. it fails to take into account that since 2005 the chinese currency has appreated 40% in real terms. since obama became president, it's appreciated 20%. in fact, there are a lot of people who were shorting the rmb in the belief that it is already reached fair value and it's going to, in fact, no longer appreciate but depreciate. these are things which it seems -- somebody who comes out of the private equity business the way i do, it seems to not be credible. that kind of ad is not going to particularly resonate. >> thank you so much. wish we had more time to talk about the subject. >> thank you. as president obama talks about cracking down on china, mitt romney is courting the latino vote. less than an hour from now he speaks before the hispanic chamber of commerce in l.a. about how latinos are hurt by
2:41 pm
the economy. in part of that speech he's saying while national unemployment is 18.1%, hispanic unemployment is over 10%. but the obama camp is firing back with an ad that suggests romney is making a grab at something he cannot reach. >> romney only has a few short weeks to overhaul his positions and slow his declining popularity with latino voters. can he cover up his belief in self-deportation with a bold, new wallpaper choice? >> nbc news senior political editor mark murray is here to give us insight to this important voting bloc and we'll continue to walk it in the next 50 days here. mitt romney has the issue of self-deportation. a pretty tricky needle for him to thread, isn't if? >> it's really tough because mitt romney went so hard to the right during the republican primary process. during that republican primary season, mitt romney went after rick perry and newt gingrich for
2:42 pm
being too liberal when it came to illegal immigration. all of a sudden now that we're in the general election, mitt romney is trying to pivot back to the center. as we saw on this really, big, important 2010 gubernatorial race between meg whitman and jerry brown, meg whitman went to the right. in the primaries it's sometimes hard to come back into the center in the general election because you have a record that you built that the other cam panl will exploit. >> elcriticize the president on the issue of immigration specifically, and then you throw in the economy. which should he play to gather interest from this group? the economy is the number one issue. >> that's right. that's the pitch that you've seen republicans make, including mitt romney. that is a pitch that actually should work pretty well because they do have the numbers on their side saying that, look, latinos have this unemployment rate above 10%. even the african-american unemployment rate is incredibly higher, higher than the nation's average. the problem when it comes to republicans is its tone.
2:43 pm
this was something that jeb bush, the former florida governor touched on with the interview of "meet the press" right before the governor conventions saying the tone the republicans have had in immigration battles has damaged the party and hurt someone like mitt romney running for the presidency this year. >> mark murray, thank you so much. police make arrests as "occupy wall street" marks the one-year anniversary. first, there's a lot going on today, and here's some things we thought you should know. there's a new poll giving democratic challenge elizabeth warren a big lead against scott brown in the massachusetts race. the institute says warren now leads brown 50% to 44% among likely voters. house minority leader nancy pelosi making headlines with her remarkably candid thoughts on a mitt romney presidency. here's what she had to say when asked if she'd work well with the former massachusetts governor. >> when george w. bush was
2:44 pm
president and we were in the majority and i was the speaker, we had our differences, we thought, but we also found common ground. there's so many places where we koim together. >> so you could work with mitt romney basically? >> mitt romney is not going to be president of the united states. >> let me ask you -- >> i think everybody knows that. >> and those are the things we thought you should just know. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. [ male announcer ] get investing advice put me at 5 timesd out my greater risk of a stroke, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family.
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2:48 pm
there's not the same amount of presence aacross the kuntz. >> first of all, the centerpiece of their strategy was on physically occupying public spaces. when those public spaces got cleared out, they lost visibility and they had to try to redefine their strategy. the other issue is leadership. they are philosophically opposed to a hierarchical organize structure. they don't want leaders but a more horizontal volunteer-based system, and that's good in theory but it can be very difficult to mobilize an organization with that kind of structure. >> what about the money that has been raised and the money they're using? what do you know about that? >> in the beginning they were bringing in an awful lot of donations from sleeping bags to food to cash. they raised about $800,000. of that they have $85,000 left they set aside for bail purposes. aside from that moving forward, they have switched to an action funding approach. they'll raise money for specific
2:49 pm
actions they have planned, and that's how they're moving forward now. it's not a broad donation strushg. they have a goal and put up a proposal and start raising money for that. >> a one-year update. thank you so much. >> thanks, richard. an october sentencing for jerry sandusky tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. a judge in pennsylvania scheduling a sentencing hearing for the former penn state coach and convicted child abuser for october 9th. sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of sexual abuse and is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. lawyers for the royal family have filed an injunction in french court against the french and italian tabloids that push lished topless photos of kate middleton. it will force them to pull all copies from newsstands and remove the pictures from their website. lawyers are pursuing criminal charges against the photographer. the iphone 5 is not in the stores and it's a blockbuster. at&t says customers preordered more of them than any other previous iphone model setting a new record.
2:50 pm
apple also saying it sold over 2 million units from its website in just the first 24 hours. more than double the sales for the 4s. up next for you, developing news in the chicago teachers strike. mayor rahm emanuel asks the court to force the teachers to go back to work. should they return as the contract negotiations go on? it's our "news nation" gut check. [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪ olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day!
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time for the "news nation" gut check. over 300,000 kids in chicago still have no school to go to today. this morning mayor rahm emanuel and the city filing an injunction to force teachers back to work after they decided to extend the strike. the union says they need more time to evaluate the city's proposed new contract. >> we would like to go back to their schools, to their members, have discussions with them. we will reconvene here on tuesday. >> well, the city is now arguing that the continuing strike is illegal, and that it presents a
2:54 pm
danger to chicago's children. nbc education correspondent rehema ellis is in chicago following the story for us. what's the latest on the injunction filed by the city this morning? >> what we hear is that the judge may take up to 24 hours before he gives a sfons respons this injunction request. that could lead us into wednesday, which is what the teachers union is saying might be the time line of when they could get an agreement and go back to school. this may end up being a wash. look at athe union -- according to the union this particular contract agreement that they presented to their union includes. it's something like a cost of living increases, 30% of teachers' evaluations is based on student test scores. they say they would get new rights to appeal ratings. but the union members are saying it's a 200-page agreement. they don't think they've had enough time to mull over the details of this, of which at first glance they are not
2:55 pm
particularly happy with. they want to take more time. that's why there's no negotiation today, partly because of jewish holiday. they won't go back into discussions until tuesday. if they approve this agreement, they could be back at school on wednesday, richard. >> as early as wednesday. raheehema ellis live in chicago. thank you so much. should chicago teachers return to the classroom even as the contract is still being negotiated? what does your gut tell you about that. go to to vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." you can catch "news nation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. she'll be back tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. don't miss that. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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on this monday in "the cycl cycle", we're 50 days until the election and there's uprising in the middle east. angry protestors are lashing out in afghanistan where we have given 11 years, hatch a billion
2:59 pm
dollars and 2,000 america lives to promote peace. >> this is not all good news for mitt romney either. we'll hear from hi live this hour. >> i'm steve crkronky. told we expect the psychology. >> now the creator of hbo "treme" goes into the heart of post-katrina new orleans. >> there's too much smooching going on in the english language. you're in "the cycle" for monday, september 17th. violent protests have spread to nearly two dozen countries across the middle east, north africa and asia. added to the map are the west bank,


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