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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 25, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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foreign policy and our own education nationsummit. present obama issued a warning to i ran. >> many iranians wish to enjoy peace and prosperity alongside their neighbors. just as it ri stric the rights of ittings own people the iranian governmencontinues t uta in damascus and support terrorist groups abroad. time and again it has failed to take the opportunity to demonstrate its nuclear program is peaceful. >> mitt romney also discussed foreign affairs today including iran, this morning at the cln alia. >> today we face a world with unprecedented challenges and complexities. we should not forget and cannot forget that not far from here, a voice of unspeakable evil and hatred has spoken out, threatening israel, and the entire civilizedorld we come together knowing the bitterness of hate is no match
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for the strength of love. >> joining me now for our daily fix, chris cizilla, msnbc contbutor andanaging editor of post and jeffrey goldberg, national correspondent ffto,id the president talk tough enough to iran to quiet the critics, including israel's benjamin netanyahu that he has not been ugh and consistent enough on his policy towards iran? >> the language was sharp and not in front of apec or domestic ameran di. in front of the united nations general assembly. he didn't shift policy there. he didn't say he's moving away from decision to confront iran before it gets a nuclear weapon, rather than a nuclear weapons capability which is what netanyahu nt nenyahu wants him to say i am going to stop iran before they approach having a weapon. he didn't do that. >> bill clinton was onmorning joe" today discussing this very issue. let's play a little bit of that. >> it looked to me like just
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again frombserng t pdeas reluctant to have one meeting in a u.n. schedule where normally he'll have 15, because of the nearness of the campaign. >> this is the whole questionf whether or not president obama shoulde meeng right now with the lears wre gre henhe world stage. he is not having any meetings at all. was this to avoid having to meet with prime minister netanyahu or president morsi of ypt? >> welt -- >> equally difficult in a political year. better too nothing tn thins se i think it had to do a little bit with morsi, didn't want to be seen -- the campaign didn't want him to be seen as meeting with the lus mim brotherhood president of egypt and not the prime minister of israel. remember he had an hour long phone conversation with netanyahu last week and they did cover grnd. ba erthi point not to see anyone, rather than just one prime minister or president and get everybody mad at him.
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>> a lot of politics in this. would you explain to me why if the president wanted to say that his schedule was too busy to meet with these world leader why did he go one ." >> because there's a lot of politics in this. jeff has it right, better to do nothing than something. i hate to say that, probably true internationally and in politics it's true in terms of domestic policy and we've seen that play out in this campaign. as he's done letterman, leno, sat down with "people" magazine, and mitt romney has done plenty of these things too. this is not a barack obama or mitt romney thing. >> i'm just asking about the timing. >> what they' trying do is reacindependentoters who havet t m u y and they think they may get them and female voters, get them through "the view." the timing makes it look more like he is focused on campaigning first andoremost than being president first and forest and has opened h up to cdeerismro
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republicans about,ou know, how do you have it time on your schedule to do a midday talk show and to not sit down with some of these people. i just return to jeff's point, it's because he understands that any meetings here areraug tact a exactly six weeks away from a very contentious election and he doesn't want t go down that road. you can debate whether that's the right or wrong thing for the president to do but it is the political thing that is being done currentl about ohio, because "the washington post" on your battlegrounds you've moved ohio into the obama camp leaning obama because of the lead he's opened up there and that's obviously critical, the president going there tomorrow. we've seen. mitt romney and ry wer tre just yesterdayp. >> >> just going to says the romney/ryan bus tour. we've spent time thinking about this whether to do it or not. ohio has been a central
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battleground and swing state in the last three or four elections. a poll among lely voters tha has mitt romney down eig poin. trinlin t state, all the polls, obama is way, internal polling has obama ahead in the mid to high single digits. today ohio does not look the same as florida, for example. florida looks like a true toss up. colodoksik as. nevada. ohio, by the numbers does not and i would say and we've talked about this, without ohio there are scenarios mitt romney can be elect elected president in terms of winning 0 electoral votes. needshi o n td a way in some combination of wisconsin, iowa, michigan or pennsylvania. >> before i let you go, jeff, jump in here a well. paul ryan s spoken out on that incredible missed call at the end of the ckers/seawks . nfs sgytand by the call, at least roger goodell
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is under a lot of pressure. this is paul ryan in cincinnati. >> going to start off on something that was really troubling that occurred last night. did you guys wch tt packer game lasni i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs -- >> he went on to make a point, critical of president obama. but let's stick to football for a nd jeff, you know, you and chris cizilla, this is what's got everybody talking for good reason. enough already. >> this is a matter maybe for the united nations security counl. jennings had his human rhts olated for the nfl to snd up aay thllulstand, we have eyes. it's like i don't want to equate this to ahmadinejad saying in front of the u.n. saying iran's nuclear intentions are peaceful but there's a credibility gap
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here. >> going to believe m or your lying eyes, right,ris? >>t' aemblin because i think if you look at products that have been developed from a public relations perspective over the last few decades none has been better developed than the nfl and his remark may be apple but it is a remarkable how it's grown into the dominant sport thou m ming perspective. i just think at some point here they have to say, this is a bad pshg r move and cut a deal. >> let's hope before the weekend. thank you very much. thank you, chris cizilla, see you later, jeff goldberg, thank you very much. joing me in new york, dan ey campaign.s you were watching the game. what do you think? >> watched it with congressman ryan in cincinnati and had the same reaction he did. everyo in the room that were watching it were stunned. >> and in watching the united nations today and the president, the pside laiutgh line saying that containment is not an option, that time is not
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unlimited with iran. does that satisfy you and your past criticisms of his policy on iran? >> it's a version of what he said before as jeffrey said. nothing new. if you look at the president's speeches over the year, president 2009, 2010, 2011, he cites the biggest challenges facing america and the u.n. and world, he said in in 2009, cited the raeli/. en peace process, citedyria l euas in disarray. there is no progress on the israeli/palestinian track. distance between the israeli and u.s. government today. iran closer to a nuclear weapon than has eve been in recent years. and syria you have some 20,000 syrians dead andssad sti i po hng t power. there is a sense that there's an unraveling going on abroad and the president citing these doesn't mean we're making progress. >> speaking to iran, his point,
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e administration's point, you cannoteliver the kdf g akou when you reach 20% on this percentage of your enriched uranium fuel, that a little ambiguity is big thing that iran knows and israel knows and the rest of the world kns that the united states is tnget iet a weapon or capability of getting a weapon. >> first of all, i think there's a balance. you need to strike a balance. what many including governor romney and congressman ryan and others around the world have said you have to be specific about this capability point. that you have to be able to alth iannd the world that just building the weapon or getting close to building the weapon, is not the red line. having the tools at their disposal, that they would be easily assembled is a big problem and muste stoed because if they have the tls aem onasy assemble a weapon, it will have the impact that the iranian leadership wants. it will enable them to establish
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some set of region in the back their terror proxy operations throughezbollah and hamasimtyowm to just put pressure on friends and adversaries of ours and that's unacceptable and drawing that line does not mean you have to say at this specific moment at this specific level of enrichment we will do yrz. anopay that there's enough to criticize in what happened in libya, for instance. the initial response and the fact that the video was blamed when clearly there were other issues according to the senate committees that have taken testimony. meheweno t mitt romney aha ere our ambassador was, did not know who had died, why didn't he at that moment say when america is in trouble and we have an unknown situation, let's just take a deep breath, we only have one prident, there will be plenty ofime to
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ea is because he has since made some arguments that, you know, many people on both sides say have made some reasonable points, but he really is taking a beating because of tha initial leap into action. >> sure. i think theeactn t reaction, was disproportionate. at the end of the day he criticized a statement that came out of the administration, that the white house ultimately distanced themselves from. the idea that he's at fault for criticized -- >> dan, ite of ass ofr n embassy under stress. >> sure. >> trying to prevent a situation from getting worse. >> it came out of the press office of one of our largest embassies in the world, in the largest arab country in the middle east. >> before the protestsstarted. >> well, but they also resu thatterft the protests had started, the protested had seized upon the embassy they reissued it and the white house felt compelled to
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disavow the statement means they ultimately agreed with governor romney. but i think what bogged down, to be honest -- >> let'set pastthat >>e teacnd c back to the things the president talked about today, iran. again, close to a nuclear weapon. supporting terrorism around the world. syria, up in flames. the president calling the step down, assad, seemingly nowhere ra fnghi oln. wn let's take a step back and evaluate where we are in the world. there's a sense things are a little mess? >> do you think the american people want a third war? this is a question that the president obama responded on "60 minutes." is governor mn rlly epoo wh iran right now and open up a regional war? >> so governor romney has not advocated military action and any suggestion that he has by the president or his surrogates is a mischaracterization. >> what would he do on iran. >>hatoverr romn's er, is a weak posture in
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the region makes war more likely. let me be specific on that. if we continually broadcast as we have over the last several years that the military oion is the -- is something the u.s atee communicated through our defense secretary, other senior officials in the administration -- >> they said it's on the table. >> no one believes that because they've repeatedly spelled out how disastrous it would be, bad for america, wouldn't wipe out chyre opposed to h military action. they say it's on the table but no one believes it's on the table. we're not saying the military action should be used. but we are arguing that the threat of military action should be credible so it focuses the iranian leadership on reaching some dipmatic sotion so if ththre o marct credible you increase the likelihood of a diplomatic solution. you increase the likelihood that the iranians choose to freeze and stop their program, their nuclear program, race to a nuclear weapon rather than risk
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military action. by theresint and his senior oati that military oio action is on the table but doesn't have a lot of teeth to it doesn't give the iranians incentive to get off the course they're on today. that's his point. you raise the likelihood of israel takes aion or some you are so reticent to convey that the military option is credible. it's really -- it's the message we send, rather than the action of a military operation. >> we're going to have to leave it there. let'sope we get this all relved at some pot let nf >> sings. >> thank you very much. >> take care. good to be with you. >> up next, what can the u.s. do about iran. still ahead, the woman who has th whole world's economy in her hands. my interview with imf chief christine lagarde, this is "andrea mitcll reports" only on msnbc. most of the pain i experience is in my knees.
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president obama's warning to iran satisfy israel and the critics of the president's foreign policy? nnoblun meormer baor three administrations most recently the obama white house. he's a middle east diplomacy analyst for msnbc and with the washington institute. so dennis, what about the speech today and the criticism you've heard from dan senor that the president is cmuniti wesslmin the military threat off the table by privately communicating and signaling that we really, really don't want to go to war? >> well, i don't think he did that in today's eech. i don't think he personally has done it. he has made it car the ctisreioot containment, meaning we will prevent an iran from having nuclear weapons, not simply contain and live with it if it gets it. that has an implication if
1:19 pm
diplomacy fas. number two, there's been a dramatic buildup in terms of our lflitary forces in theersi avwori battle groups in the persian gulf. the question is, is iran under pressure to affect their behavior? obviously the president has succeeded in putting together a coalition that has put iran over enormous pressure economically, military, says and said it again today, that he would like to give diplomacy a chance, but he also said that time is running out for that. i think what you heard from dan senor was a difference, not on the substance, but on the question of messaging. >> right. ssingmpntaunk t question of th iranians also have to believe that we're prepared to use force. my own sense is they are misreading this president. this president if difsy fails, will be prepared to use force. he wants to give diplomacy a chance to succeed not only because it mes sse, t bee tndthe day,
1:20 pm
there is no military answer to this problem. there are military means that can be used to set it back. iran has the know how and engineering capability to rebuild what you destroy so you need a context if you're going to use fce, where the rest of worl is prepared maintain severe economic sanctions on iran so that financially, and from a material standpoint it would be very difficult for the iranians to reconstitute. maintaining that context is e tth iranians see ing to use the context exists that may lead them to realize they need to look for a way out. >> one of the questions is you're going to have a rationale response from iran in terms of these sanctions have been very fective in erms it of the om imsf economy, but iran is still proceeding with its program, not paying attention according to most analysis to the fact that economy is suffering. they're not backing down.
1:21 pm
what will it take then to get the ayatollah to make a dierent decision since it does rest inis h n ahmadinejad's hands. >> that's true. there's two elements here. one is an element of time which, of course, is problematic because you need time for the impact of the sajions to sin in a way that the supreme leader cides tt cost even ecic ioohse views it. number one. and then you need to be credible in terms of the use of force so that he realizes that he's not going it to find a way out, if diplomacy doesn't succeed he will not only pay the price nswell.c butn mar the supreme leader's most important objective is to die in office of natural causes and the ones that threatens that the most are the united states. he does no, not want a military confrontation with us but he's hoping if he lasts aittle lo w chaeur o posture. i think he needs to understand we're not going to change our posture and what he heard from
1:22 pm
the president today at the u.n., wathat we are not going to live with an iran that has a nuclear weapons capability. we're going to prevent that. that is the most essential objective. >> ambassador densross, our analy analyst, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> education nation, what is true grit? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. time for the entrepreneur of the week. andr is the fourth generation owne oos wach tanks. you'll find his family's hand made wooden water tanks on rooftops, they are shaped with half century old tools. he says you don't throw out what works. you just build upon it. for more watch your business nb sy in 7on ♪ keys, keys, keys, keys, keys. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ]
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. we have proven that sending a lot of money to failed schools to pay the same teachers to do the same things will not make any differce theeal key ieahi in drawing the best and brightest to the profession, giving them the right incentives, promoting the very best, helping our students have discipline in the classroom, insisting on the participation of parents. >> mitt romney with brian williams at our education nion mm da if mot the answer to our education problems, what is? in his latest book "how children kuk seed" paul tough confronts
1:26 pm
the issues at the heart of today's debate. he joins me from education nation. great to see youagn. s t with what we learned today that national s.a.t. reading scores for the class of 2012 have declined to a 40-year low. what is your diagnosis of the problem and how can your approach to teaching character -- charaer has a dient ditinr analysis -- how might that help in this crisis? >> i think thoses.a.t. scores are a big deal and it's importanthat they're falling as much as they are but in reality the skills that are at least as importa as q.,s rt wt we measure on those standardized tests are character strengths and the educators and scientists that i'm writing about are trying to define those character strengths and trying to draw attention to the way tha they predict success for kids. >> how wouldou change t w kireta? ta me about character and
1:27 pm
what you describe in your book of how grit or toughness or stick to it, coming back from adversity, how can that be taught a translatedo a er of learning and absorbing information? >> i think we were a still at the experimental stage with a lot of these character strengths. i write in the book about grit quite a bit and grit is this idea as a psychological trait, veed b tschis university of pennsylvania named angela duckwor and the way she defines it, it is perserance in pursuit of a passion, when kids are able to learn that they can pick themselves up and try again, yst just on test scores sts o but in more important long-term goals like college persistence. one of the ways that i think kids learn grit is by learning how to fail. i think that'sind of
1:28 pm
counterintuitive with us both with our kids and teachers and scols. but when schoo d'tiv k rty ea how to fail productively, i think they deny them the opportunity to learn these character strengths. >> let's talk about where this is being applied, kip and riverdale, some of the examples here in the city? >>. >> yeah. there are these t schools in llaton approach re to teaching character. infinity is a charter middle school, serving a mostly low income population in west harlem. riverdale is one of the most exclusive private schools in the city and together they have developed this list of character strengths, working with them optimism, and at kip they have actually develop a character report card, no the calling it a character growth card, that esra sgtoukids on allev of times a year. and i think the point behind the
1:29 pm
character report card is not so much you don't g held back for not having enough curiosity, it's not sort of a strict report card b a way for teachers and parents and kids to talk about acter. caon t t we do l know from the research is that a lot of kids don't think they can change their character, they don't think they can change themselves in any kind of profound way, and when they hear theessage that actually these character trenstrengths are malleable, they can get better it makes a hug differce. bec reinforcing. paul tough, thanks so much for helping explore this with us. we've just scratched the surface, to be continued. great toee you again as part of our continuing series on this. and up next, she's got the weight of the world's economy on her shoulders. thxcve interview with france's christine lagarde next on "andrea mitchell reports." [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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she is arguably the most
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powerful woman in theworld, a rock star of international finance. francis christine lagard she's thfirst woman to lead the internatiol monetary nd se aba crisis now centered in europe. i sat down with her to talk about the crisis and how it could also threaten the u.s. recovery as well. >> do you think that we will face another crisis, such ashe meltdown that firstreta al this? >> i would like to note that for the first time in the last six years, we have had a better summer and we have had a better september, if i may say, so i think we need to keep that momentum and theoput the americans really need to focus on both the short-term issues and the long-term destiny that they see fors themsees and the compatriots. >> what is your message to american politicians about the gridlock that has plaed our cotry terfinp with budget solutions?
1:34 pm
>> if i was to sort of give a piece of very humble and modest advice, it would be focus on the very dear consequences that uld sult from the fcal ifactulyesngn 4% deficit reduction, good news, but very bad news, contraction of about 2% of gdp which brings the u.s. growth based on our forecast tzero. this isomething that is very, very ou >> sat t politicians around the world, and here in the united states, and you see refusal to come to terms, to mak tough decisions, refusal to even negotiate. what are the possible consequences of this? >>ore isisco and i just would hope that decision makers can actually come to terms, show a spirit of compromise in order to avoid yet another xri mice.
1:35 pm
crisis. isn lewrsndhad enough othe everybody is looking for something that is better for households, better for enterprises, and better for people. >> your athe first woman managing director, the first woman to lead this national institution, and a woman athe ad gl finance. what is that challenge in terms of just the gender politics and being a path breaker? >> i have to do my job like everybody else, let face it, andf c ing, you know, a different dimension to the table, the better because i think differences take us further. so i have to do the job. i should not threaten. i should be humble and remind everybody else of the fact that ho d i together. and finally, it's giving me sort
1:36 pm
of an additional responsibility because i know that a lot of other women, younger women, but also sometimes much more senior women, look at me and say, we can do. e ca . so do it. if we haven't done it, then our daughters and grand daughters will be able to do it. so i've got to do a good job. >> a lot of talk in our country and around the wld among women of having it all, prominent ck t academia and wrote memorably about not being able to do it all. you raised two children. you've been married. you have -- >> and divorced. >> but youlso ran a major at secret? firm. >> i think you cannot have it all at the same time. i think you can in a way have it all as long as you can afford to be patient and not have it all
1:37 pm
the same time. yols have to be -- you have to accept that there will be nurse, delay, along the way and be reasonable with it. so this concept thatou could have it all at the same , have youid aup professional, be a perfect mother, a perfect spouse, be beautifully and socially accepted, this just doesn't work. it's a matter of managing time. managing your own expectations. managing expectatis that otrs he abt yoand r yo and be humble about it. >> even now, with all of your wer and prominence, do you find that there are men in finae or in governmt who treat you in a pni ah yeah. >> really? >> of course. >> oh tell us who.
1:38 pm
>> now i don't want to embarrass them. the best defense when that happens, is to -- is a very good and solid sense of hor. because at the end of the day, they are human beings as well. they have wives, they have daughters, and they should feel how silly it is to operate that way. so, you know, when i was in natial schronized swimming thcoacd sahe is tough grit your teeth and smile. i do that very ofte i've done it a lot in my life. the smile you have to share it with somebody else. and i think humor, a good sense of humor, triumphs over many other gs idi maoism >> you tal about synchronized swimming. we've just come through the olympicsnd really absorbed the lessons of competition and sport. what did that experience teach you about discipline, about being competite, teamwork?
1:39 pm
>> all o that. know, teamwork, never give up. it's all about work, it's all about practice, it's all about training. acceptance of defeat. synchronized swimming is a particular sport because you are ranked and judged by a judge who ll ge y kno gras ds. soou have to accept sometimes injustice and unfairness, you have to swallow it and get on with it and go back to the pool and swim again. all that, yeah. >> as young french girl y you came to the united states for the firstime aha en >> uh-huh. >> what did you learn about america? >> it was the in the very early '70s a lot of freedom, a lot of free spirit and flower children of the late '60s and arrived here in aociety that was much mo, yoknow-ou comply. you had to do things the way it had to be done. not as much as sort of free spirit about the american society in those days.
1:40 pm
>> you traveled across america. >> yeah. >> afterwards and -- >> on a greyhound bus. >> what was that like for a twaaz --oung frehrl when i look back, my mother should never have let me do it. but yes, i traveled the united states of america for two months on a greyhound bus. you could in those days buy a single ticket and b on a bus as long ayou wt ty ste, intesting people, went from martha's vineyard to san antonio, villa south carolina where i had friends back up to utah and across again. it was fascinating. it's an extraordinary country. >> what will hapn if greece were til? hnsth global economy if part of the eurozone ends up breaking off? >> i don't think the eurozone will break up. i really don't see that. i don't believe in that. i think that the europeans are much t serus andus ab t overall project,
1:41 pm
sometimes i wish they were more focused about an -- the practical steps that it takes to actually consolidate and unionize not in the sense of tradens b w a stronger european union, but believe they want their project to leaveon, it might be longer, more cumbersome, more laborious than we wish it was, but they will get there. >> is there sti tk o contaken from europe spreading to this country? >> contagion from what's happening in europe to the united states, it's a source of uncertainty. the unid states, if they're going to be such a strong economy initse w relatively limited trade with the eurozone in particular, but with strong financial ties between the finanal players, it's that part of the landscape that needs to be addressed i
1:42 pm
think as a priority in order to d offend you when an american politician says we don't want to become like europe, very disparaging. >> it doesn't but i would suspect there are europeans that would say we don't wt to be like the united states of america. teincinating mosaic ts own chemistry, social compact, that binds its citizens together. >> when you took over the imf it was a difficult time, difficult transition, after the scandal, the sex scandal of dominique strauss-kahn. wh w the bigst chage in inheriting an institution that had been so shocked by a scandal? >> turn the page. move on. make sure that everybody was focused on the mission, you know, to ser the global economy, to assist in financial il and to be focused again. but there was extraordinary
1:43 pm
staff. you know, in retrospect i think it could haveeen worse but we just went through it, closed that chapter, and moved on. >> germany has anga merkel, e ukad magether the u.s. has prominent women leaders, hillary clinton, would france ever be ready for a woman leader? >> i should hope so. >> thank you very, very much. >> thank you. >> and up next, putting education firstn glo e. sah brown joining us next right here on "andrea mitchell reports." want to try to crack it? eah, that'thy to do it
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and ringing the bell at the new york stock exchange today, former british prime minister gordon brown, now the u.n. special envoy for global educion and his wif sarah brown, who haveether brought toge a wgef rnatnal businesses to launch a global coalition for education and joining me now here is sarah brown. welcome. >> hi. >> great to see you.
1:47 pm
the problem is enormous 61 million children around the world do not even have primary education. how do you meet your goal you anurba , with the united nations of educating every child some. >> well, it's a big target. and seems at first sight quite insurmountable. there's a promise from the united nations that all the member countries made to get evy single child into school by the end of2015 aha s us tears to go. but we're going to tackle it in different ways. we have government commitments as a big set of meetings coming up tomorrow at the united nations with the big education first launch with the secretary general and with gordon as the new special vo inhheig non-profits all around the world in those locations and the business community coming on board. >> the big new piece is the business community. you have really mobilized and you and your husband have traveled the globe for years and know these people. what a theseoments at ihe al
1:48 pm
>> what can business do? >> they're willing to do? >> i think business is prepared to step up to the plate. the businesses they work in, people ty employ and their customer base everywhere and we see this in the united states. you've had the big education nation push which you've been part of this week wkiomprove th opportunities in education and really create a ladder of opportunity and you see that in america. if you go to school and you work hard at school, the next door opens for you, the next rung is there. and we want to see that even in the poorest, mostemote parts of the world. you n'tanoeehi at all missing out on the opportunity to go to school and to work hard to see they've got the pathway on to the next stage. businesses will play their part in that. businesses will commit to their own programs, but also collectively they have a big voice together. anwhen business leaders get vement leaders then things can start to happen. >> and you have the ngos, nongovernmental organizations, as part of this partnership. so you can leverage those
1:49 pm
communities of self-interests, really,ecause it's in the interest ofusesses to he tt eteororces and better economies surrounding their placement around the world. >> it's in the interest of absolutely everybody and i don't think any of us want to have on our conscience there's a child in the world who doesn't have the opportunity to go to school, learn,et a schlu g e vaccinations from the school nurse. that's what we're all engaged in. every single individual has a part to play whether they're a senior business leader from the likes of accenture and chevron and western union and big businesses we're famiar with here in the united states througho a schiln a schoolteacher in any state in anywhere across america, who can play their part adding their voice, maybe contributing to a local ngo, maybe twinning schools with each other in africa. all kindsf things we can do. sicab tnid nally there is a nations, a lot of frustration in the united states, some of it is
1:50 pm
politics but some of it is the ineffectual nature of the u.n. to respond to crises such as syria. can th u.n. really be used as a vehicle for change in education? >> i think it can. ihink bi- t secrary general wants to commit his second term to seeing education as a pathway through. i think also is one of those things that opens up so much. so it does open up pathways to better economic prosperity and alsoathways to peace, too, whwe dra w see around the world. there's always a degree of bureaucracy in the big institutions but the education piece comes with a big heart and a big drive through. and also gordon has a position with the envoy wheree can go erations.ihe from united nations to enisco and others without getting immersed in the bureaucratic ways and the little bits of red
1:51 pm
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♪ which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours. i'm in sh a hurry to tell you the news. there a story bubbling up th t scoro campaign still going on. his own campaign staffers can be seen on the video making tomahawk chop gestures and make native war advice tolizath enhee defee. brown has not cfirmed or denied it but here's what he said. >> this is the first time i'm hearing it, but i know we had a lot of rallies. so i don't know what you're specifically referring to, but if ye sang tt, certain 'somhing i condone.
1:55 pm
it's somethingly something that if i am aware of ill, i'll check into it. but the real issue here is and the real offense is the fact that professor warren checked the box. she said that she was whe, a en ced b sg she was native american and then she changed her profile in the law directly once she attained her tenure. that's quite offensive to native americans and something thathe should releasen her records. doubled down a commercial and i for the live of me can't figure out why they're debating this in massachusetts and why he's debating this. >> what i would add is that elizabeth warren within 24 hours ha her own ad whh est adarin campaign doesn't want to just leave it out there, they they're concerned enough to have her respond to camry to say this is how it went down, i didn't ask
1:56 pm
about my native american heritage. i agree with you. at a time like, there it does not seem like an -- >> one issue to quickly button this down because we opened the show with this. barack obama has tweeted nfl fans on both hands of the aisle hope the nfl referee lockout is over soo that's the tweet two the president. we have to leave it ther bntd, chris. that's it. i'm andrea mitchell. my colleague tamron hall will be next. yes, you do! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. is that... whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counlor here. he's tually right... tsccote see cascade complete pacs work like thousands of micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more households use cascade dishwashing detergent than another brand.
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[ man ] out! your kind is not welcome here! nor your odd predilections! miracle whip is tangy and sweet, not odd. [ man ] it's ev she speaketh the truth! [ crowd gasps ] [ woman ] reverend? ♪ can i have some? ♪ . hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "newsnatn" is following the reactiono preside oba'ee sp, speech that defended american values and issues a warning to its enemies. after weeks of being accused of not putting a hard line on iran and its nuclear weapons and being blasted by republicans to no agreeing to a


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