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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 26, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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popular league in the country afford to have this go on for another week? it's way too early for thi good morning. this is the show that snows are you anxious to have the real host back so you can get rid of this replacement. we'reorking on it. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. you can e-mail meays tweet me. i want to know what you're doing up at this hour. or text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your ptr 26.ssion for this wednday, toelou about including president obama speaking before the u.n.'s general assembly and warning iran that the time for diplomacy is, quote, not unlimited. plus ann romney on leno last night telling jay about the
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thriftess of her suph sban thlite in the show. first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. and we begin on the campaign trail where exactly one week out nowrom the first presidential debate. and there is brand new polling this morning from three key swing stas twiai roncerns inside the romney campaign. of likely voters, president obama now leads mitt romney by 10 percentage points in the state of ohio. that's a doue digit lead in the state no republican has lost and then won the presiden. thpresen ne psn florida. that is absolutely a must win state for romney. mr. obama now opening up a 12 point lead in pennsylvania according to this poll. that's a state, though, republicans have all but written off. those numbers echo polling from the "shington post" which gav thsi aht pnt advantage in ohio but p him up only four points in the state of florida. ohio in particular shaping up as
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a critical battleground. mitt romney spending his third consecutive day there. president obama will be in the state this morning. today's "new york times" reporting that aidot romney say the republican candidate and paul ryan will campaign together now much more often in the coming weeks. according to the report, the move underscores concerns that mr. romney is not generating enough excitement on his own and need mrs. ryan t fire up the pporters. you'llee he din an evident as caaign stop yesterday outside dayton, ohio. >> wow. that's quite a guy, isn't it? an romney/ryan, romney/ryan, romney/ryan. there we go. that's great. thank you. >> meanwhile congressman ryan a big green bay packers fan vented about that call on monday night football. went on to compare the nfl's
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reemrefs, yes, to the obama administration. >> i got to start off on something that was really troubling that occurred last night. did you watch that packer game last nig? i mean, give me a break. i half think that these refs work part-time for the obama administration in the budget office. trying to pick the winners and losers and they don't even do that very well. unlike the seattle seahawks last night,e wa toeshi victory. >> vice president joe biden meanwhile has beenle holding mock debate sessions with chris van holland and campaigned yesterday in the state of virginia, keeping romney's comments about the 47% in his line of attack. >> he attacks the 47 the american people who he says paid no federal taxes. and he attacks, he, romney, attacking someone on taxes?
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atike me attacking someone for being passionate in politics. >> also yesterday here in new york city, president obama addressed the united nations. the general assembly there. the president strongly condemning the anti-islamic ren th mide east, but he he also says it did not justify the attack on the united states embassy. >> i know there are some who ask why don't we just ban such a video. and the answer is enshrined in our laws. our constitutio protects the right to practice f spee. cchaplre going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. and we must agree, there is no ol.ech that justifiesdl >> in the last couple of weeks,
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he pointed out those are probably not the result of a video and were coordinated. he also delivered in his remarks a stern warning to iran ove its nuclearmbition. >> let me b clear. suroipmacy and we i believe there is still time and space to do so. but that time is not unlimited. we respect the right of nations to access peaceful nuclear power. but one of the purposes of the rness that power for we make no mistake, a nuclear-armed iran is not a challge that can be contained. it would threaten elimination of israel, th security of gulf nations, and the stability of the glol economy. >> the white house came under so f for nchin a face to face meetings with foreign leaders here in new york during the urn gener.n. general assely. the white house says he did meet briefly with the new president
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of yemen. but no major talks with other worldleads. to ten abl wl hear from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad for the first final before his office expires. a final deadline has come and gone that would have allowed todd akin to remove his name from the senate race in miouri yedaten ae off approached, the man who made national headlines with his comments on legit mate rape kicked off a statewide bus tour and vowed to stay in the race.h comments on legit mate rape kicked off a statewide bus tour and vowed to stay in the race. >> over the period of the last number oweeks, a number of ople have askre quitting? there are other people that want to replace you with someone else. i don't believe that that is really my decision. the decision was made by the voters of the statef missouri to novembe a tsrpose going reinai mccaskill. >> the democratic opponent
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marked the deadline by launching a new tv ad, she had been holding on to these to make sure he was goingo stay in the race. for the first time now, senator mccs stl seing in remarks. >> todd akin. on march 18th, he said he didn't like social security. on september 3, todd saide wantto ash minimum wage. on april 21, said he would eliminate student loans. and on august 19, todd akin said onlyrain oigs are legitimate. what will hay nt? enol in that state has senator mccaskill leading by about five points, but very close there in missouri. now to business. thousands of protesters clashed with riot police yesterday in madrid, enraged by aterity nnedayor 2013. hikes that will
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security forces blocking demonstrators trying to surround the parliament building. police firing rubber bullets in to the crowd at times beating protesters back with batons. let's get an early look at e rket with geoff cutmore live inon fus. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. increasingly i think pictures from europe are going to look like demonstrations. this is the ugly side of austerity. we have the snish out on the streets in madrid effectily sty.estinggain furer budget announcement today expected to bring us further reductions in pension payments. new green taxes. and other attempts to raise revenue possibly through trading transactions on stocks. is i a about rajoy trying to find this 13 billion euros he needs to save from the budget this year. and that budget target is
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slipping and the people don't like the austerity that's already coming down the pipeline. so it looks like things will get even tougr. and just keep yr eyen ge to a w because we have a national strike in that country and we've already seen armored cars moving into the capitalthens to prepare for possible discontent. so we continue to see politicians here wrestling wh budgs,ut the people not happy about the consequences. back to you. >> sounds like madrid's only the beginning. geoff cutmore live in london. thanks so much. still ahead, the nfl officiating disgrace that has moved from the sports pages to the front page after the prs los the g tw nsgo o a bad call made by replacement refs, players and fans and everybody says we have reached the breaking point. we'll have the latest ahead in sports. and stephecolbert considers statement made by mt romney in the wake of his we's ergen pledi a t cin
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september, we've been spoiled. sunshine and dry. low humidity. and now the rain is returning. and it looks like a lot of the cloudsill connuehto e upcoming weekend. people start getting the pull continues and apples and a lot of those fun things will have to dodge raindrops. as far as this morning right now in cleveland, rain moving in fp interstate 80 heading towds youngsto,ain fyou. it won't last that long, but definitely bring the umbrella. many other areas of rain through the ohio valley, too. down around areas around cincinnati and lexington, ao dealing with wet weather. so as far as the forecast goes, it won't rain all day. pe'lr sa le off per o . down through maryland and delaware, some showers have raced overnight through new england. the next shot of rain will probably be later today through areas of new york and d.c., more for the eveningide home than this morning. but a lot of clouds out there, definitely not the sunshine and blue skies we've all gotten ud
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ale w weather from kansas city through st. louis, southern illinois is once again dealing with stormy weather. and the southern portion of the country should be warm and dry. a strip from oklahoma right through the ohio river into new england that we'll be dealing enouhe uing offet he weekend, a lot of us on the eastern seaboard will have to deal with clouds and on and off rain. >> sounds like a good morning to check with your airport before you get out. we turn to sports now. the n york papers. america's shame. ane t the new york "post," has a referee with a seeing eye dog. it front page ws. 70,000 or so voice mlo the office of the nfl after the disputed call monday night gave the seahawks a win they shouldn't have had. on the heels othat call which
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followed a particularly problematic week, the nfl released a statement yesterd sayingn part in is a broad nsncy of officiating can and should be improved. how to accomplish that is a critical issue vatting the two sides in this negotiation. we are prepared to make reasonable economic compromising and we will invest more money in officiating as long as it ensures long term improvement. recent struggles have even begin the presidential candidates a little common ground. be in tweeted nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the lockout is settled soon. and romneyeighed in ler on cnn. >>tououo a those referees in the nfl? would you order them back to work? >> i'd sure like to see some experienced referees with nfl experience come back out on to the playing fields. >> paul ryan called those refs out day. are yoglad he did th? paul was very angry that the
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green bay packers he believes won and the referees took it away from them. >> joining us by phone, sports editor from edge of, dave, thanks for waking up so early on this. >>reato. nowos. i didn't sleep. just stayed up, got the phone. >> that's the pressure of being on "way too early." you can't sleep at night. dave, walk through for the viewers who haven't followed this as closely as somf us deep in the sports world, what is at stake, why can't we just get thes twork? >> it's until believable. you see the fog over the iue on the cnn question that you aired where they asked mitt romney would you order them back to work. there no ordering them back to work. they're not on strike. ey a being locked out. that's the fsthing to e ose locked the doors to the stadiums from the nfl official referees. they cannot get in. they have offered to work while negotiations te place. and what is separating them is
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joke. this is a $9.3 billion a year business. and what it would coo ge e ree b to work would cost $62,000 per team per week. total cost, $3.3 million a year for a $9.3 billion a year business. they are not sepated by economs. they are sat truly by ideology. and i mean the owners have decided that it is their way or the highway. and this lockout is a very drastic tactic for what frankly amounts to a few thousand dollars, what amounts to the amount that aypical n tea d ben cushions of its couch. >> i was going to say, they make more than that in beer and popcorn concessions every week. do you players have any recourse here? we saw some members of the packers now publicly coming out in radio interviews and tweet saying this isoutrageous, we may have to do something amatikee kr plnd protest until they change this. what can the players do here?
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>> it's interesting because the players are the ones with the only power to end this here. like if i could organize 10 million fans to boycott the nfl, it wouldn't make a lick of difference because nfl owners bl subsidies, luxury box and television money. so there is no real economic pressure from fans. but if only 64 players, the offensivand defensive captain of each team, held press conference and said we are not going to takehe field until this is seled, iul b settled faster than an r sgchlt 3 40-yard dash. >> wel let's hope so. appreciate you waking up early to baseball now, the braves facing the marlins. nih inng br dman. present freddie freeman connects. braves win 4-3. and they clinch a spot in the postseason. this comes a year after the
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braves terble ap fof teplayoff spots in the national league now locked up with only that final wild card spot the yet to be determined. as and rangers, in the tenth, tied at two. gets all of thione in the upper deck. me winner.ome rro t as now two games up on the an gels for the second a.l. wild card spot. orioles were shut out by the blue jays, but the yankees failed to extend their lead. they lost to the twins. yankees lead over the oes res 1 1 games in the division. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama widens the gap with mitt romney in new polling from three battleground states critical to the republican's chances. we'll kick around t red flag numbers. and when we come back here, we'll huddl aroun the water olo w n romney tell jay leno her husband is a cheap skate.
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we told you a new poll number out today shows president obama leading mitt romney in the swing states of pennsylvania, florida and ohio. gaining ground in ohio has been a focus of both campaigns this week. president obama releasing a new ad there and romney holding e.icntout if you want to sound smart, tell
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your friends mitt romney has outpaced president obama's fund-raising efforts in the state of ohio. over $6 million donations have gone to mitt romney, but as we showedou in theollhis in ry tiny ten points now at least according to this poll in ohio. let's gather around the wat cooler to watch ann romney sitting do with jay leno. mrs. romney shared some secrets of her 43 year marriage to mitt, n wth an estimated quarter of a billion dollars. ? would you say he's frugal or cheap? >> cheap. >> cheap? really? >> yeah. do youant to know what he does when we leave the house? ynoae- off the hotater e turns off the hot water heat sner. >> when we come back, he forgets that he's got to tn the hot water heat other and he says cold showers are not that bad.
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>> talk about the significance of if he gets elected being t first mormonpresent. >> w yknow love the fact that we have the first african-american president, that that means to me that we're leaving prejudices behind. i would hope that if mitt were ected would see more of the same. that prejudices areeit behind. >> i thought you said you'd like to see more of the first african-american president just to see -- >> no, get it right. >> if elected as first lady, what would your issues be? >> you know, of course ms, more awareness, breast ca, mor awareness. and if i have another disease between now and then, more awareness to that one. >> over the weekend, a private plane carrying mrs. romney had to make an emergency land manage denver after smoke was reported in the cabin. last night stephen colbert t ro'seactn >> on saturday, ann romney's
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plane had to make an emergency landing after an electrical fire broke out on board. i'm happy to hear she's fine. mitt used in this close call to present a bold id he yav fire in an aircraft, there's no place to go exactly. there's no -- and you can't find any oxygen to get in because the windows don't open. i don't know why they don'to that. but it's a real proble it is aealprm. foe tht explains why burger king doesn't have a fly-through window. >> i would eat there about if they can it. still ahead, why are you awake? your cabin presse tweets, texts and e-mails are next. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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