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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 15, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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comfor in knowing that weren't alone. while we may not have had heat in our homes, our hearts have been warmed by the outpouring of support, generosity and love from people all across the nation. people from across the country have joined us, have donated, sent food, and we want to say a heart-felt thank you to each and every one of them. let me say, mr. president, thank you to you, because you have empl fied the spirit of partnership and the spirit of community. i was personally amazed and touched by your phonal calls and attention even during times that were very, very busy. you were there for us. you were there for new york. we thank you, mr. president. together, mr. president, we will not just rebuild new york, we will build back better than ever before. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states.
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[ applause ] >> thank you so much, everybody. i'm going to be relatively brief. i came up here right after the storm, was on the jersey side, and i promised to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said we are going to be here until the rebuilding is complete. and i meant it. so i'm going to come back today, but i'm also going to be coming back in the future to make sure we have followed through on that commitment. i want to thank the outstanding leadership that's been provided by state and local officials. obviously, governor cuomo and mayor bloomberg have done an outstanding job, to borough president moldanaro, thank you
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for your leadership when the folks on this island were going through extraordinarily difficult times. the people of long island who are going through really tough times across the board we've seen cooperation and a spirit of service. for the first responders who are here, the police officers, the firefighters, the ems folks, the sanitation workers who sometimes don't get credit but have done heroic work, we are so grateful to you because you exemplify what it's all about. i'm thankful to the red cross, and i want to thank all the volunteers as we were shaking hands on over there. we had folks from every part of the country. we had some canadians that came down to help out. during difficult times like this we're reminded that we're bound together. we have to look out for each
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other. a lot of things that seem important, the petty differences melt away and we focus on what binds us together and we as americans are going to stand with each other in the hour of need. now, more specifically we are now still in the process of recove recovery. as you can see as you travel around parts of staten island, as we flew over parts of the city and the region impacted, there's still a lot of cleanup to do. people still need emergency help. they still need heat. they still need power and food. they still need shelter. kids are still trying to figure out where they're going to go to school. so there's a lot of short-term, immediate stuff that has to be dealt with, and we're going to make sure that we stay here as long as people need that immediate help.
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that's fema's primary task, and we'll be coordinating closely with state and local governments to make sure folks get the short-term help. what we heard is there's long-term rebuilding required. you look at this block, and you know that this is a community that is deeply rooted. most of the folks that i met here have been here 20, 30, 50 years. they don't want to see their community uprooted, but there's got to be a plan for rebuilding. that plan is going to have to be coordinated and there's resources. i've worked with the outstanding congressional delegation led by your senators, chuck schumer and kristen gillibrand, and working with governor christie and the jersey delegation to try to come up with a game plan for how we're going to be able to resource the rebuilding process. i'm confident, as governor cuomo said, that we're going to be
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able to do it. it will require everybody focus on getting the job done. we're going to have to put some of the turf battles aside and make sure everyone is focused on doing the job as opposed to who is getting the credit or contracts or all that stuff that goes into the rebuilding process. on the federal level, because this is going to be such a big job, i wanted to assign one particular person who would be in charge from our perspective, who would be our point person. fema basically runs the recovery process. it doesn't focus on the rebuilding. for that we've got to have all government agencies involved. janet napolitano has done a great job with respect to dhs, but we thought it would be good to have a new yorker who is going to be the point person. so our outstanding hud secretary, shean donovan, who used to be the head of the new york housing authority, so
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he knows a little bit about new york and building, is going to be our point person. he's going to work with the mayor, the governor, the borough presidents, the county officials to make sure that we come up with a strong, effective plan, and then i'll be working with the members of congress to do everything we can to get the resources needed to rebuild. and i have every confidence that shean will do a great job, so people should feel some confidence about that. let me just close by saying this. i had the opportunity to give some hugs and communicate thoughts and prayers to the moore family. they lost two young sons during the course of this tragedy. obviously, i expressed to them as a father, as a parent, my
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heartbreak over what they went through. they're still, obviously, a little shell-shocked. but they came here in part because they wanted to say thank you to all the people who had been supportive of them. they in particular mentioned lieutenant kevin gallagher of the nypd who -- when they knew that their sons were missing, lieutenant gallagher made a point of staying with them and doing everything he could. ultimately they knew what had happened with their boys and were able to recover their bodies and has been with them as a source of support ever since. that's not in the job description of lieutenant gallagh gallagher. he did that because that's what so many of our first responders do. they go above and beyond the call of duty to respond to people in need.
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so i want to give a shout-out to lieutenant gallagher, but i want to point out the moores even in their grief asked me to mention lieutenant gallagher, and that says something about them as well. in that spir that spirit and sense of togetherness and looking out for one another, that's what's going to carry us through this tragedy. it's not going to be easy. there's still going to be, believe it or not, some complaints over the next several months. not everybody is going to be satisfied. i have to tell you, the insurance companies and some of the other private sector folks who are involved in this, we need you to show some heart and spirit helping people rebuild as well. when i hear the story of the moores and i hear about lieutenant gallagher, that's what makes me confident we're going to be able to rebuild. i'm very proud of you, new york. you guys are tough. you bounce back, just as america always bounces back, the same is
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true this time out. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you, mr. president. >> president obama on the ground in staten island for the second time since hurricane sandy blasted through this region. the president remarking, of course, on the first responders, praising them. many of those people on the ground right now, even though their homes at wunt point in time had no power and even in some cases their homes were destroyed. the president met privately with damien and glenda moore. they're the parents of two small children swept away the night that sandy roared through. the mother got out of the vehicle trying to get help, and while she was beating on doors asking for help, her children were swept away and the president met privately with that family, just one of over 100 people who are grieving because they lost a loved one in this storm. right now we know that thousands or tens of thousands are homeless and thousands are still without power in the region. interestingly enough, the president also noted that hud
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secretary shean donovan would be in charge of the federal response in rebuilding communities. he noted fema is on the ground there for recovery, but so many want to know the rebuilding plan that would be in place, especially for the coastal areas where homes were literally washed away. the president is making his second visit to the new york area viewing the devastation. he was there with the governor of new york as well as mayor michael bloomberg who endorsed president obama the very day that he visited this area the first time right after the storm and before the election. we wanted to bring that to you. in the meantime, we're following breaking news out of tell aaviv where warning sirens have been b blaring in response to bombs. they're mobilized tanks and personnel to the gaza border. the israeli military says they have not ruled out a ground assault on the palestinian territory.
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three israelis were killed today when a rocket fired from the gaza strip hit they are apartment. the israeli defense force says more than 100 rockets have been fired into southern israel in just the past 24 hours. palestinians all fired a long-range missile today that landed just 12 miles from tel aviv. in gaza today hundreds of palestinians attended the funeral of a hamas military chief who was killed yesterday in a targeted attack. the israeli government has claimed credit for this incident, even posted video of the air strike at the precise time that it went down. it took to twitter to warn other hamas leaders to not go above ground in the coming days. hamas responded by saying israel has, quote, opened the gates of hell. last night president obama spoke with prime minister netanyahu about the escalating violence st stressing israel has a right to defend itself and urging him to make every effort to avoid casualties. amin, we saw that air strike,
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and a lot of people believe that was the moment this all escalated. the escalation and we've seen ebbs and flows but about ten days ago is when we saw a significant turn perhaps. >> reporter: that's correct. there are two very competing narratives about what happened. from the israeli perspective they say they've been suffering over the course of the last ten days and really over the last several years indiscriminate rocket fire into southern israel frchlt a palestinian perspective, a different story. the 1.5 million lives here say they live under siege and subjected to random air strikes against israel and also skirmishes across the border between gaza and israel, including one that killed a 13-year-old palestinian boy. that led to the latest round of violence with palestinian militants then firing rockets by the hundreds into southern israel killing three two. palestinian will say when israel carries out air strikes, gaza is aa densely populated area.
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they may intent to target a single vehicle and building. when they care out a strike, it has repercussions on the civilian population and that's exacting a deadly toll. more than 200 palestinians injured, and most of them are civilians. there's no doubt on thursday night it's usually very loud and usually very lively part of this city. it's very quiet and dead. you can hear behind me nothing except the sound of generatorge. electricity has been cut. people are anxious and nervous. they are afraid in the coming days there could be an escalation and possible military invasion by the israelis. on the way into gaza we saw three or four dozen u.n. sfwernlt aid workers and others evacuating for the strip. for them and others here it's a sign the situation will get worse before it gets better. one thing nbc has confirmed is egypt's prime minister will make an unprecedented visit to the
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gaza strip on friday. he's leading a high delegation of cabinet officials to mediate and perhaps broker a truce between the israelis and palestinians but more importantly to express solidarity with the people of gaza who he says are now subject to israeli aggression. >> let me bring in nbc's martin fletcher in tel aviv. martin, senior u.s. officials told nbc news to expect more from israel later today. can you add to that information? >> reporter: well, yeah, the israelis are making it as clear as they possibly can they will do anything it takes to stop the palestinian attacks on israel and to make the southern cities of israel secure. the defense minister said today and he emphasized this, and we will do anything, and i repeat anything to keep those cities secure. the israelis are emphasizing repeatedly from different sources they'll do whatever it takes. when the americans warn that
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israel will do more this evening, they're echoing what the israeli spokesman said earlier. this is a very difficult night ahead. >> and martin, i'm sure you heard our colleague talk about the level of tension and how the expectation of what is next is consuming those that he's witnessed in gaza. what are seeing there? is there a worry this will escalate beyond the point that we are now, which is frightening in itself? >> reporter: it certainly is frightening in itself. the big fear is of a ground invasion by israeli forces into gaza. the air attacks are bad enough and killed 13 palestinians at least. they've injured a couple of hundred, and on the israeli side three israelis were killed today, and about 70 are in hospital. most of them from shock. it's already bad enough. israel's hoping from the air attacks and also by the way attacks from the sea, in that way they will be able to destroy, to degrade, if you like, the hamas capability of
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attacking israel with long-range rockets which puts cities as far north as tel aviv where i am in danger. if they can do it from the air, israel is saying repeatedly -- by the way, they make it more and more clear in a way that i personally haven't experienced for many years. they're saying in all possible ways broadcasting the message that a ground invasion of gaza is imminent if they cannot stop the rockets from being fired. the israeli army is poised with the regular army. they called up reserve troops, and this evening the defense minister gave permission to call off another 30,000 israeli reserve soldiers to be ready for a ground invasion of gaza. tamron. >> thank you very much for the live information. we'll have more in this hour for our audience as well. up next, senator john mccain missed a briefing on the benghazi attack while holding a news conference. well, he slammed the president and susan rice over her potential nomination that doesn't exist at this point for secretary of state.
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meanwhile, mccain is now being criticized for slamming ambassador rice but supporting secretary of state condoleezza rice, despite the intelligence failures under her watch. >> that was an entirely different situation. >> plus, smackdown from the right. governor bobby jindal leads the republican backlash against mitt romney's excuse for not winning. why romney's claim of the president's, quote, gifts to blacks, latinos, women and young voters, might be an official hat hash tag fail. >> i don't think that represents where we are as a party and going as a party. >> new comments from the rnc about why romney really lost. we have new information from their official report, and guess what it's missing? the word "gifts." join our conversation on twitter. you can find us @tamronhall a and @newsnation. ♪
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. welcome back, louisiana governor republican bobby jindal is going after mitt romney after romney was recorded telling donors that he lost election because president obama gave gifts to gain support of women, minorities and young people. msnbc is uncertain exactly when the call took place, but it was after the election. here's what governor romney said followed by governor jindal's response. >> what the president's came pain did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> absolutely reject that notion, that description. i think that's absolutely wrong. i don't think that represents
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where we are as a party and going as a party. >> let me bring in ed rendell, also msnbc political analyst, "the washington post" nia henderson, raul reyes and nbc deputy political director mark murray, who just obtained a copy of the rnc presentation of why they lost. i won't reveal what says. i'll let mark do that. in the meantime, governor rendell, let me start off with you. you have a statement from mitt romney's team and it says governor romney was simply elaborating on what david axelrod had said about the obama campaign's effort to target key demographics, most specifically women. it's interesting because they note most specifically women, when i know you recall ann romney getting on stage saying, we love women! that was the attempt by her and her husband to bring women voters into the fold because of some of the issues so glaring
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regarding the republican party. >> sure. in the last closing commercial was that woman jogging pushing the baby stroller. look, they don't get it. the romney campaign didn't get it. the governor, as much as i add hire him for what he's done in public life, he showed his true color in the 47% speech, and he showed them again. these aren't gifts. when you give young people the right to go to college and pay less on their student loan, that's not a gift. that's an opportunity. that's the right thing, eliminating the middle man. when you give women access to contraceptives, that's not a gift. that's the right thing. that's good public policy. i mean, it boggles the mind he considers those things gifts, any more than if the federal gives relief to new jersey and new york from hurricane sandy. is that a gift or is that a helping hand? >> people compare this to the 47% comment he made again behind closed doors with wealthy people.
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you'll recall he went on to fox news and at that time -- let me play how he tried to get out of the 47% problem he was facing then. >> now and then you say something that doesn't come out right. in this case this is something completely wrong. this whole campaign is about the 100. when i become president it will be about helping 100%. >> the president said he would meet with mitt romney. at one point is a man's word that man? mitt romney has said the 47% behind closed doors and reiterated these comments in a similar form. he may be a great guy and great ideas, but at what point do people accept this was his theory going in and this is why he lost? >> i think we all believe that the 47% comment was a window into what he really believes about the american people and how the country should be run. this absolutely confirming s it
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tamron. there's no question, he was talking about then, the 47% people think they're entitled to things. what are they entitled to? they're entitled to gifts from the government, but they're not gifts. it's really tragic he could think this way. should president obama meet with him? yes, i think in the interest of national unity he should. yes, in the interest of putting deals together with the republicans in the congress. and yes, governor romney does have some additional ideas. >> i guess the question is, does evgeny credibility when you have bobby jindal and others, kelly aayotte saying he was flat wrong. he said with regards to the young people for ins, a forif i haveness of college loan interest was a big gift. free contraceptives, big gift for young college aged womens and likewise of hispanic voters free health care was a big plus and the so-called dream act was a huge plus. does mitt romney even have a future at the table when this is never going away?
2:26 pm
>> well, we don't know if this meeting that president obama talked about will actually ever happen, but -- >> i don't mean with president obama but with his own party. >> i think in this statement and with his loss last week i think he proved he is irrelevant to the republican party. bobby jindal moved quickly to distance himself in striking language from romney, and so i do think he proved essentially that the party is moving on. they're obviously going in a different direction, reaching out to african-americans, reaching out to hispanic americans, reaching out to women. this is something they said they want to do to broaden the party it also proves that mitt romney himself never did that in a consistent way. he never tried to broaden the coalition. he never tried to pick up where bush left off in terms of expanding the base and reaching people where they live. >> maybe not with sincerity. toward the end we did see a different mitt romney regarding the dream act and immigration.
2:27 pm
so at least at the very end in those latter debates he presented a person out loud that was trying, but inside perhaps i don't know. i can't speak to that. we can only play what he said. i want to play governor jindal's response, a little bit of what he said. he said we have to stop dividing the american voters. we need to go after 100% of the votes, not 53%. we don't know from his words if he was angry or not, but we know he was passionate about pushing back. >> as well he should. when we look at mitt romney now, certainly there's no shame in losing an election. there is a tremendous dishonor in disrespecting once again the voters in this manner. people elected mitt romney because they liked his policies. he formed a coalition. for romney to put out this narrative that everyone wanted freebies and the implication -- >> like in the publishers clearinghouse. >> right. i'm waiting for my gift. a big part is perhaps your african-americans and latinos
2:28 pm
want something for free. we don't want something for free. we want to contribute to this country. we want to engage with government. it's so very disrespectful and insulting to the la tonos, for example, in florida who waited for hours to vote. for the people in arizona who waited in the hot sun to vote. and especially considering mitt romney's own father was on welfare for over a year. >> mark, you have to look at the facts of the case. you and the first read team pointed out and we saw it in the exit polling. iowa and wisconsin, to name two, white, older states. so what gifts were those people given, if mitt romney's theory is correct? you also got your hands on information from the rnc on at least how they process the loss. >> right, tamron. look at iowa and new hampshire, and that proves these are states that are older states, much whiter states. president obama still won them. the biggest flaw in mitt romney
2:29 pm
total rationale of losing, this is what politicians and presidents do, they deliver. you tout the health care law. he campaigned on and delivered not only to minorities but to everyone who has a potential to end up benefitting. mitt romney on that conference call was saying, president obama was able to deliver to his voters. well, a lot of people say that's what a politician who wins re-election should do. as far as a presentation giving, he gave a presentation yesterday to gop senators. it contained a lot of exit poll data. it did not say anything about gifts, why mitt romney lost. it looked at it and the things we discussed in the past, the changing demographics in the country. a little bump president obama got from hurricane sandy as well as a lot of voters still blaming george w. bush more than barack obama for the state of the economy. >> it's so interesting. i liked at ohio a lot, and we talked about, governor rendell, ohio. mark, the auto bailout was a big
2:30 pm
factor in that state, and when you look at the overall white vote, the gap in ohio was closed compared to the national numbers. i believe the difference was around 12% as opposed to a 28% advantage among white voters that mitt romney had greatly in part because the white working class people in the state saw the president having their back with the auto bailout. that was not a gift. thaep that's an industry. >> the auto bailout did help president obama in ohio. it is also worth noting that president obama's performance among white voters in midwest states like ohio, like wisconsin, like iowa is completely different than it was nationally and substantially different in states measured by the exit poll. >> quickly, i have to get your comments on what's happening between senator john mccain and a few other senators and the president. john mccain was on the "today" show this morning. he was asked, mark, about susan rice and his already -- i guess he's saying he would stand in
2:31 pm
the way of her being secretary of state. he was asked about condoleezza rice and supporting her during obvious controversial times. let's play that. >> you said opponents of condoleezza rice were expressing sour grapes after an election loss. why is this different? >> because every intelligence agency in the world, including the british, believe that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. that was an entirely different situation. four americans died that didn't have to die. >> so, mark, the double-standard at least as some alleged here, senator mccain does not see it. >> this goes to the whole point that this, tamron, is a lot more about personal than the professional. this goes back to a grudge, obvious obviously, that john mccain has had with president obama since the 2008 presidential election. you mentioned that clip of condoleezza rice. it's worth noting that not only were there wmd intelligence failures in the bush administration, but the intelligence failure to the memo
2:32 pm
president bush got on osama bin laden determining to strike the united states. condoleezza rice was national security adviser. condoleezza rice should have received tough questions in the confirmation hearing for secretary of state in 2005. >> governor rendell, i can't remember which show it was on. someone brought up the point that you have senator mccain questioning the intellect or the ability of susan rice to carry out a job when the quote was he brought the world sarah palin. >> that's true, too. the fundamental point that we've got to never lose focus on is that susan rice had nothing to do with what happened in benghazi, vis-a-vis the ambassador and the three other americans killed. she had no role in that. she wasn't in the decision-making process. it is why this is so totally unfair and as the president said, it's an attempt to besmurge the reputation who has
2:33 pm
served this country very, very well. republicans, don't lose sight of the country facing huge challenges. we can't fight over this stuff when we have to work together to deal with our debt, deficit, investment problems. all of those thin things. it's a distraction. >> there are legitimate questions that the president wants answers to as well here. as he pointed out yesterday, for no those who believe susan rice is an easy target, come together. the fail tur, if there was one, was by the cia and questions about the information given to susan rice. i find that they skirt around that. the other issue brought up regarding this meeting that was supposed to take place yesterday or briefing that senator mccain missed because there was a scheduling error. at the same time he was holding a news conference. this adds to the notion that this is about politics, even though he and his staff indicate
2:34 pm
there was a scheduling error as to why he would miss a briefing on benghazi and instead be holding a news conference. >> you know, i think it is pretty clear that this is politics. if you remember, again, when condoleezza rice was up for confirmation, she did grilled. she only, i think, got confirmed by 85 votes, 15 democrats voted against her. they had legitimate concerns about her in some of the intelligence failures around iraq. but i do think it's going to be difficult if the president decides to nominate susan rice, and we don't know that he will, but it seems that he was certainly coming to her defense in a vigorous way. i don't see necessarily how the republicans are going to be able to stop na nomination. the senate is obviously run by democrats at this point. the senate foreign relations committee would likely pass that along. i'm not sure what they could actually do. i also think they need to be careful about the optics as well. here's a situation where you have the republican party where there are all these questions
2:35 pm
about their treatment and view of women and view and treatment of african-americans and minorities. i'm not sure the specter of lindsey graham and john mccain, who i think said that he felt like susan rice wasn't very bright. >> yes, that was the language he used. >> i don't know i don't feel that's a good position for either people to be in in the republican party. >> raul, we have to have you back on. you're always a great guest. mark thank you for stepping out with us. coming up, live to capitol hill where a senate intelligence hearing on benghazi is set to start. it's one of a couple happening today. none include general david petraeus, but we have new word the general will make an appearance in the next 24 hours. ♪ i am the ghost of cookies past. residue. so gross. well you didn't use new pam, so it looks like you're "stuck" with me. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue.
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former cia director david petraeus is speaking for the
2:39 pm
first time regarding the circumstances surrounding his resignation. the retired general tells cnn his resignation had nothing to do with his scheduled testimony to congress about the 9/11 attack in benghazi. he also said he never shared classified information with paula broadwell, his former mistress. nbc news has obtained this picture of broadwell at an event in late october that petraeus also attended. according to sources this last meeting between the two apparently happened after bro broadwell admitted to the fbi that she and petraeus had an affair. we get our "1st look" at the fbi agent who actually started the investigation that led to the cia director's resignation. this is frederick w. humphreys ii, a personal friend of jill kelley. lawmakers have to wait another day before hearing general petraeus's testimony on benghazi.
2:40 pm
there were questions of whether the former cia director would take part in the house intelligence committee. instead he will appear behind closed doors with both intelligence committees tomorrow where leaders will zero in on all of the information they have been wanting to get from him. let me bring in nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. she's standing by. kelly, there's a new report out today that in the last few days of his tenure with the cia that general petraeus really wanted a time line of events and some other information released, perhaps clarify the cia and the information it had. >> well, they've been trying to piece together information, and petraeus was part of trying to put together a time line. went to libya himself to try to establish some of the facts, and there have been requests from senior members of the intelligence committee for what's known as the trip report from that visit to libya. all of this is going to be, of course, the subject of what's up happening behind closed doors today. we saw on the house side the intelligence committee there receive the top officials from
2:41 pm
the intelligence community. they were briefed and it's beginning on the senate side. what we heard from key members who spoke about the nature of what they were told describing that the initial attack was believed to be very chaotic. there's a different character to the attack as it went over that 7-hour period. we're told that there are new pieces of information that are classified that are shared with the members that are trying to help them get a sense of this. there's been a lot of frustration here, tamron, they have not got answers over the last several weeks. so this is a critical time. also, of course, there's so much attention about david petraeus and his sudden departure from the cia. he will be here tomorrow behind closed doors. the nature of the questions
2:42 pm
intended for him will be about the attack and not about his personal circumstances, but one of the top house members said he intended to ask petraeus if, in fact, he will be talking about those circumstances. was there any connection with the timing of his resignation. they expect the answer to be no and they are separate events even hoe petraeus is in the news for so many things right now. tamron. >> also, he just gave his first interview, not a television interview but over the phone, where he said there's no classified information passed over and his departure had nothing to do with benghazi. we'll have more on this tomorrow. i'm sure it will be an incredib incredib incredible scene. >> we'll talk about the massive settlement over the oil spill. in thuz in the last 25 minutes. two former bp employees are charged with manslaughter. we'll get the latest information on this breaking story. i don't spend money
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the escalating violence between israel and palestinians in gaza. so far at least 13 palestinians and three israelis have died, and hundreds have been injured just one day into israel's biggest air strike offensive in the palestinian territory in three years. joining me now, "time" magazine international editor jim frederick. jim, we talk about this. this is the biggest in three years. the dynamic of that region has changed as we know so significantly. nbc news is reporting that the egyptian prime minister will be visiting gaza tomorrow, accompanied by security officials. this is not just about these two parties. >> that's right. this time in 2008, there were several hundred palestinians dead already. i think the israelis felt much
2:47 pm
more confident trying to smash hamas. obviously, they weren't successful. right now they're talking about re-establishing peace. things are precare yus, and things could escalate absolutely and loss of human life is gravely serious. that being said, i think that netanyahu finds himself with far fewer friends in the region he ooused to have. as you mentioned, egypt with the arab spring and morsi being the president now, he doesn't have as many friends in the region as he used to. same with turkey. it was a closer ally than it is now. i think that netanyahu is feeling some repercussions for some of his more belligerent talk over the last couple of years. >> jay carney commented earlier, they've condemned the rocket fire from gaza saying there's no justification for hamas' violence. he called on those to stop the cowardly acts immediately. our correspondent martin fletcher on the ground has covered that region for decades. he, too, expressed concern over
2:48 pm
the level of what we see now if i can put it this way, the air feels a bit different than before. >> there's no question it could escalate at any moment. at the same time i think at this time in 2008 you saw a lot more saturation bombing. you saw ground forces being prepared for land invasions. all of that could happen. you know, i think we shouldn't assume that it's going to escalate into a full-scale ground war quite yet. >> what about the show of force from israel releasing the video of that targeted attack on the hamas leader. i mean, when you watch this, obviously, we know the message that was being sent regarding this. >> well, that's an extraordinary piece of footage. i mean, it's just chilling and it's crystal clear destruction. i think here you also see there's a shift, and there might be, you know, an israeli turn towards some of the more targeted bombings, some of the more drone-led strikes that you've seen with the u.s. administration. there will be more targeted
2:49 pm
pinpoint assassinations for a better word. >> what are some of the things in the next 24 hours that you are, again, watching for? >> well, the white house response is always key. the white house has absolutely affirmed israel's right to defend itself. i think the egyptian foreign minister's visit to gaza will be key. i think the people that we're watching right now is egypt and egypt's response to all of this. they are a gigantic country that have been a lynchpin of peace in the entire region, and they have a new mohammed muslim brotherhood, brand-new democratically elected but untested government. morsi wants to be as a statesman in the region, but he hasn't faced these crises before. >> thank you very much. we'll talk with you in the next few days on this especially. we have breaking news. moments ago eric holder announced a historic fine against bp for its role in the
2:50 pm
largest oil spill in our nation's history. bp will pay $4.5 billion for the deadly disaster in the gulf of mexico. the company will also plead guilty to a dozen felony charges including misconduct for the death of the 11 men who died in that explosion that triggered the oil spill. two employees also face manslaughter charges, and just moments ago, attorney general holder says this case is far from over. >> i want to be really absolutely clear that today's resolution does not, does not mark the end of our efforts. in fact, our credit investigation remains ongoing, and we will continue to follow all credible leads and pursue any charges that are warranted. >> holder says much of the money bp has agreed to pay will be used to restore the environment in the gulf. we'll be right back with a tense exchange that just took place with some developing news actually in a hearing on the
2:51 pm
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2:54 pm
we have developing news to report before we end the show. we are getting in some video of a heated back and fortd on capitol hill that happened during a house affairs hearing on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it started with congresswoman dana war barber and escalated into a shouting match with other members. here's the video. >> what is clear is that this administrati administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed, read that lied to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> barack obama was no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11th or that ronald reagan was with the blowing up of the u.s. marines in beirut. >> this administration continues to put out things that are just not quite true.
2:55 pm
>> smear, character assassination, judgment before all the facts are in. >> we're getting that video in. house and senate committees will both hearings tomorrow as we reported a few minutes ago. former cia director david petraeus is expected to testify. you see some of the tone and tenor of what will perhaps happen behind closed doors tomorrow. i'm tamron hall. you can watch "news nation" every day 2:00 p.m. eastern time. "the cycle" is up next. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
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i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i'm krystal ball and you're in "the cycle." we're seeing a new hot spot in the middle east today featuring a familiar cast of characters. >> i'm steve kornacki. we know what romnmitt romney har breakfast yesterday. sour grapes. yeah, it was caught on tape. >> s.e. cupp, really, mitt?
2:59 pm
haven't you learned by now if there's any chance you're being recorded, please stop talking. >> i'm toure. i say, mitt, keep on talking. i'm a guy who perfectly predicted the election. 50 for 50. nothing but net, baby. >> all that plus sister similar money campbell is bus. you has a bus, but we have "the cycle"le. congressional hearings kicked off today into the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. lawmakers are looking to uncover exactly what it is that happened that night, how it got to that point, and how the administration acted in the aftermath. >> you have the audacity come here and say why wasn't the


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