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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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iday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the cloud over the conclave. in a major development today, the pope amended roman catholic church law allowing cardinals to move up the date to start selecting a new pope. the move comes as news broke that britain's highest ranking leader is stepping down. cardinal keith patrick o'brien resigned after "the observer" reported several priests filed complaints accusing him of unwanted behavior and
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inappropriate contact. more than 10,000 people have also signed a petition asking that los angeles former archbishop mahoney recuse himself from conclave. the demands after thousands of documents released last month reveal that he was directly involved in covering up priests who abused children. all of this comes after last week's bombshell report by the italian newspaper that says an internal 300-page report uncovered an underground gay network at the vatican. claudio lavagna is live for us in rome. so far the vatican attempted to dismiss much of what's developing and breaking today. >> reporter: well, and tamron, this morning, people sense and feel the anticipation. there in the vatican press room, they had a big announcement to make and packed with hundreds of journalists from all over the world. he said one big news, we got two.
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as you mentioned, the pope decided to change the cannon law that sets the rules for the conclave to move up the conclave set to start sometime between march 15th through the 20th. well now the cardinals can decide to move it up and maybe start as early as the first days of march. on top of that, of course, we got told -- we were told by the spokesperson that pope benedict xvi accepted the resignation of cardinal o'brien. when we asked he was not allowed in to the conclave, he said that's not for the pope to decide, it is only a decision that a cardinal can take. cardinal o'brien did take that decision and made it public shortly afterwards and published a statement saying that he didn't want all the media attention on him and even offered his apologies to those he may have offended due to his failures. well, this sets an important
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precedent. i mean, never before a cardinal renounced to his right to participate in the conclave. the election of the new pontiff. the highest moment of any cardinal in the catholic church, of course, due to a scandal engulfing him. of course now all eyes on mahoney of los angeles. he's said that he will come to rome to vote anyway despite the scandal that engulfed him, accused of covering up abuses by priests. he was meant to oversee in the past. let's see if the cardinal's decision will change his mind. tamron? >> thank you, claudio. more now on cardinal roger mahoney blasted for the handling of sex abuse allegations back 30 years. on saturday, a three-hour deposition in a case of a priest that may have abused up ed chin the '90s. joining me now is james salt,
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executive director of catholics united. one of the groups that protested this weekend. thank you for your time. as we understand it, the cardinal tweeted out or communicated via the internet he is in rome and plans to participate with the conclave. what is your response so his defiance? >> well, we believe that cardinal roger mahoney's calling on him to recuse himself is a crisis of leadership in catholici catholicism. >> tell me more about your organization and mission. as we understand it, the cardinals believe it is their responsibility to god and to the church to participate in this. why is it so important for mahoney in your opinion and that of your organization to recuse himself at this point? >> well, we believe that cardinal o'brien set a precedence that he should follow. the grave impediment is that he perpetrated, cover-up of ped feel yeah and we believe that's a great impediment.
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catholics united is a network of thousands of social justice catholics who want the church to be a relevant voice in the public debate. instead of celebrating the future, just distracted by the sins of the leaders and general lack of accountability. >> we know that for example cardinal bernard law in the last conclave, there were people that wanted him to recuse himself given what was happening in boston. he did not. how difficult or at least what kind of an adversities have you come up against when attempting to get mahoney to recuse himself? >> frankly, there's a culture of insular leadership that is not open to the voice of the laity in this helping manage the affairs of the church and not just roger mahoney. cardinal law won't be voting, over the age of 80. archbishop of kansas are accused of covering up but in the instance of mahony joined by
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cardinal george will be voting and we feel that's a grave scandal. >> this is a quote from cardinal mahony's blog, been stripped of the public responsibilities as a part of the punishment for the allegations which included allowing a priest to flee to mexico after he was accused of molesting children. according to the information on record, the priest was told that he may be in danger as a result of families turning him in to police. so in a sense he was tipped off, if you will, that families may go in and turn him in for these allegations of molesting the children but mahony today said i can't recall a time such as now when people tend to be so judgmental and even so self rye house is. no quick to accuse, judge and condemn and often with scant real facts and information. whatever happened to the norm of giving others the benefit of a doubt until hard evidence was proven elsewhere?
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>> the record is clear that he perpetrated acts of cover-up in his diocese. that is beyond question to this point. but moving forward, the catholic church needs to be more accountable especially to the voice of laity governing the affairs of the church and focus less on the issues of sexuality such as the opposition of gay marriage and contraception and what can unite us and acting on behalf of climate change or the world economy for the needs of the people. these are the issues to unite catholics to celebrate the rule of the catholic faith in the public debate. >> if the cardinal does not recuse himself, do you believe that the church missed an opportunity to i guess go to the next chapter even if you can with such allegations still pending in courts both civil and criminal perhaps one day? >> absolutely. you know, frankly, the sex abuse scandal is the stain of the church and it's something that the next pontiff will have to
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address first. what better signal to christ's love for the world could the church send than for the cardinal to use the tens of thousands of dollars to fupd the trip to the vatican and give it to the victims. that's more in line with the teachings of jesus. >> thank you. >> thank you. congress returned to capitol hill minutes ago but are they doing anything to avert the cuts that you know take effect friday? we'll ask congresswoman moore. plus, the supreme court takes up the voting rights challenge this week. should voting laws of states with a history of discrimination still be subject to federal oversight? we'll talk with south carolina congressman james clyburn. a veteran of the civil rights movement. and the website the onion just a short time ago issued a rare apology after brutally insulting oscar nominated child
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welcome back. now to the latest on the sequester and the question, who bleeds the most? our first read team writes both sides are assessing and considering the strategy. president obama made a case to the nation's governors at the white house. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of
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compromise. to do so democrats like me need to acknowledge that we're going to have to make modest reforms in medicare if we want the program there for future generations but we also need republicans to adopt the same approach to tax reform that speaker boehner championed just two months ago. >> we'll soon hear from house speaker john boehner. we just heard from homeland security secretary janet napolitano talking about layoffs of border patrol agents and warned, quote, i don't think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country. the senate is back in session. it will gavel to order after a weeklong recess. the house returns at 5:00. joining me now, queen moore of wisconsin, member of the house budget and financial services committee. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. our first read team says both sides are laying the groundwork
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to see who bleeds the most after march 1st. after the spending cuts, who holds the negotiates upper hand? bottom line, both sides here, they don't know how it plays out but you're banking on the other guy or gal losing the most here. >> well, i can tell you one of the things i feel very concerned about, tamron, is that people seem to be oblivious to the austerity this will cause. i've heard many commentators, many members of congress and folks even on your station msnbc like the "morning joe" say, oh, you know, these are only 3% of the total budget, it amounts only to that much, and so, you know, this is a runaway train that's running off track of where the american people need to be and where our economy needs to focus. >> so if that's the case -- >> during this time of recovery. >> the president speaking earlier to the governors.
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speaker boehner. seems to be all talk and no action. if this is the sunaway train that you and the president and speaker boehner said we face, why aren't there any meetings scheduled today? >> i can tell you. i'm not on the negotiating team but i can tell you that i think democrats are poised to carry this thing over the finish line. i don't think we're the problem at all. i think the president has talked to us a variety of times, for example, about the modest or changes that may need to come in the area of medicare. and i can as a democrat i can envision how we can do that. delivery of service as we have it now is -- is inefficient. if you go in to a hospital room you will see the doctors swipe -- use the bar code to swipe a band aid or to swipe a bar code. to charge what is -- a cover of "time" magazine, ten times the
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value of a pill so i think there's changes to be made to this program. i don't think democrats are the reason we're not able to bring this to the fore. >> right. your state alone, for example, the white house released information on how states will be affected individually here. perhaps people will be able to understand when it's right in their backyard but your state, 8.5 million for education. 120 teachers enaide jobs at risk. 3,000 civilian workers could be furloughed. >> that's exactly right. you know -- >> bottom line is here those numbers are as you point out the white house says right numbers but what do you tell the people, the teachers, the civilian workers who may as a result be laid off the job? not so much of who's to blame but what's next here? >> well, i can tell you that i stand ready as their representative in the 4th kon congressional district to end
2:17 pm
this. but again, as a member of the minority party, i don't get to bring a bill to the floor. and as quiet as it's kept, the president isn't a member of the house of representatives either. and he can't bring a bill to the house. only speaker boehner and majority leader cantor can bring a bill. and yes, while everyone, my governor, for example, says, oh, we won't be affected that much. we don't have a really big defense force and as you pointed out 3,000 civilians will be furloughed or laid off in the defense industry in wisconsin. $10 million will be lost for disabled children. and i mean, you know, a half million here, a half million for juvenile justice programs, senior feeding programs -- >> right. >> -- women, infant and children programs. you name it. it's a death by a thousand cuts. and i don't think that democrats
2:18 pm
in the house are -- we're waiting for a bill and waiting for the house of representatives to give us an opportunity to end this stalemate. >> congresswoman, thank you for your time. hoping to talk with you soon on this issue. >> and you know -- >> i don't know what just happened but i'm sorry. she had another point to make and we have to move on. awkward but it's live. joining me now, carrie woodruff-brown or politico and strategist chris kofonis. our apologies to the congresswoman. chris, the bottom line is you heard her say this is not the faults of democrats. she believes. as your party believes, that speaker boehner dropped the ball here. he is not making the next move. the republicans have not put up a proposal and they're not prepared for a vote here. >> well, you know, it's pretty clear that the republicans have come to terms with the fact they want the sequester to go through and the question i guess becomes
2:19 pm
how much pain is there going to be? if you look at where the cuts are, i mean, the problem i think here and what the american people need to be aware of, it's indiscriminate cuts. you have to do across the board equal cuts. >> that was the whole point here. that was the entire point of the deal that was reached between the president and republicans and that it would be so brutal and unfathomable we wouldn't get to this point. here we are. >> root canal politics usually doesn't work and right now the republicans sit there and wait and to see how much pain there will be. the problem they have and looking at a calendar, march 27th when the continued resolution expires and talk about funding the government and they start losing leverage right there so you have a lot of pain growing and you're going to start seeing some real pain across the key states in education, defense, health care whatever it might be. and then you have the continuing
2:20 pm
resolution being negotiated. they'll lose a lot of leverage on that but they're counting on a different reaction clearly. >> carrie, let me play some of the gop governors this weekend on the sequester. there's a lot of buzz over the fact there's not a united i guess speaking or talking point if you will from republicans and let's play a sampling of these governors. >> the uncertainty of sequestration is harming the states and our national economy. >> the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. and now here we are a week away. find another way to do it and get it done. >> arizona, too, we have ratheon and got the federal government over there. in my opinion, not doing their jb. >> i think there should be a limited government but i don't like random changes. i didn't do across the board cuts. politicians say 10%. i didn't do this. >> carrie, how do thank you change the game if at all with the comments of reasonably
2:21 pm
popular governors in their states? >> i think the white house likes the clips played on loop for a week or so. that's what they're looking for is an idea, seeing more republicans break away from the leadership, just republicans and congress and certainly outside of washington saying we just need to get this resolved in any which way and see republicans say we should consider taxes. folks over there earlier today ticking off the names of republicans saying they're open to taxes and i think every time you see a break from that line, that, you know, no new taxes, you see the white house put it on blast because that's part of the strategy of dividing and isolating republicans. >> it is interesting putting it on blast. you have a lot of republicans who the strategy is, bob woodrow and the op-ed saying that the sequester was the white house's idea. quote, obama personally approved of the plan for his negotiators
2:22 pm
jack lew. you have senator mccain and many others using this as a way to your point to put the white house on blast. let me play what they said. >> there's a bob wood row piece this morning that gives the tick-tock of who really the idea for sequestration was. >> woodrow says it was president obama to promote the sequester. >> he has a great piece telling the president, basically, he doesn't use these words but the president has amnesia about this. >> the white house said there's never been a question that the president seeking revenue was expected from the very beginning. woodrow's piece implied that was not the president's focus with the revenue. bottom line, you both answer this. is this exactly what the first read team talks about that we're at the point of all rhetoric and reaching and pass march 1st? nothing will happen and both
2:23 pm
sides seeing who bleeds first and focusing on bob woodrow and who liked the idea first and not a deal and whether or not a meeting is taking place tonight, tomorrow or 72 hours? both respond to that. >> i'll take that up. covering this stuff, you know something's happening when people aren't talking to the press any longer so as long as you're seeing all of the people that should be in a closed room talking out in front in the cameras, sending out press statements, yesterday, sunday before the deadline, usually see the engagement at the principle level but instead the white house was doing -- talking to reporters about the impact. that's part of the strategy and then you saw mcconnell and boehner respond through the media and a point that at this point there's nothing happening and no expectation things will get moving any time soon. >> chris? >> well, you know, this whole argument about who had the sequester idea first is silly.
2:24 pm
what's it matter? we are here. fix the problem. when you have -- i think the president is going out there and the team making clear there's consequences that they have other ideas. when the republicans don't offer alternatives, it tells you all that you need to know. silence is loud in this circumstance. i think we are going to go over. i don't see any way out of this unless there's a last minute reprieve. but it just -- i think it frustrates the american people immensely and the democrats prepared for a blowback if it's as painful as we believe. >> thank you. greatly appreciate it. you have any final thoughts before i wrap up? i don't want to cut you off like the congresswoman earlier. thank you both. >> thanks, tamron. >> thank you. coming up, money and access. "the new york times" reports that donors who raise or contribute at least $500,000 to the president's new originali originalizioriginalizganizing for action group is given special access to the president.
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2:29 pm
2008 really promised to shake up things and reduce the influence that special interests end up having and of course there are many things to follow through. they did not accept money from lobbyists. they didn't accept money from political action committees but as the "the new york times" article makes clear, the organizing for clear, the outside group that's really going to be the campaign apparatus for president obama's presidency right now, the old campaign group, they're going to give access to president obama, people pony up a lot of money and that raises some questions on whether that's contradicting a message he campaigned on in 2007 and 2008. >> we have a clip of february 2007. the then candidate barack obama. let's play it, please. >> the cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests who have turned our government in to a game only they can afford to play. they write the checks. you get stuck with the bill.
2:30 pm
they get the access while you get to write a letter. they think they own this government. but we're here today to take it back. >> so what response have we heard from this organization, the president, on how they explain this, mark? >> tamron, we haven't gotten a response back. essentially, the argument is that the people donating money, they are going to -- they will have voluntary -- you will know who they are. they have to report and there will be a small army of -- small donors also contributing but, tamr tamron, a big contradiction is this is something president obama said he wanted to get rid of. you go back to president clinton, george w. bush, they gave access but president obama promised to be different and this is something that his campaign rhetoric doesn't match up with this particular outside group. >> all right. mark murray, thank you very much
2:31 pm
for the first read today. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up, what secretary of state kerry is hoping to accomplish on the first overseas trip as the nation's top diplomat. here are some things we thought you should know. how did the first lady end up announcing the winner for best picture? hollywood reporter says harvey weinstein and producers worked out the deal. she was attending the national governor's association dinner. stepped out and made the big presentation. and look at this. check out how iran's media photoshopped the first lady's dress. on the left, the actual gown she wore where she shows her shoulders. on the right, the first lady with a higher neckline and sleeves. the picture part of several negative reactions to "argo"
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welcome back. on wednesday, the supreme court will take up a challenge to one of our nation's most significant laws. the voting rights act. the justices will hear a challenge to a key provision allowing the justice department to block state election practices that make it difficult for minorities to vote. section 5 of the voting rights act requires all or parts of 16 states with histories of voting discrimination to seek approval from the federal government for voting changes among them, south carolina. joining me is congressman james clyburn, a veteran of the civil rights movement. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. first of all, you know, i guess i think a lot of people -- i don't know, maybe they don't know history. maybe they didn't grow up in places like texas like myself and you with south carolina here. don't understand the significance of the voting rights act '65 and what is at issue still here today looking
2:36 pm
at the 102-year-old woman of miami standing in line for six hours and the president showing her in the state of the union. what does it mean to you to have the supreme court hearing this now? >> well, i would hope that supreme court will really once again reinforce what the civil rights act is all about. i don't think it's any question especially after having watched events last year that there are forces at work who would like to turn the clock back on the gains that have been made because of the 1965 voting rights act. all we have to do is take their own words. you got the leader of the house of delegates in pennsylvania saying very clearly that the reason for making the change required voter i.d. was to ensure that mitt romney wins the state.
2:37 pm
now, if you are doing things to make sure that you affect the outcome of the election, i think all the supreme court needs to hear. and i think that we can show that in many other places, as well. and so these new laws may be good. all we're saying is let the justice department take a look at what you have done, determine the impact of what you have done and then if it's okay, then the justice department says it's okay. but then let them decide if it's not okay. the voting rights act really applies to all 50 states. section 5 applies to all the parts of 16. and that's simply to review what you have done to make a determination as to whether or not you were fair. >> right. do you believe that there would be this fire in the belly of those who believe the law is still necessary and should --
2:38 pm
it's still needed in the society. have we not seen some of the tactics in the general election where you had democrats who were accusing republicans in many states of attempting to suppress the vote, perhaps if those events had not taken place in the election that we wouldn't see the fight back or the push back here? >> well, that may be true and it's not just democrats. they're saying so in their own word. look. i believe that most people in america understand the most important thing to our society, most fundamental happens to be the vote. and the vote should be unfettered, the vote should be transparent. and when we have things that may work against transparency, then i think it's something we ought to take a hard look at and i would hope that the supreme court will reinforce this once
2:39 pm
again. but having studied history, having taught history, i know that if a thing has happened before, it can happen again and we have seen the supreme court take backtrack on these issues before. >> congressman clyburn, thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. afghanistan's president is giving u.s. special forces two weeks to leave a key province accusing them and afghan forces of torturing other afghans. the wardak province has been the focus of counter insurgency efforts. officials have rejected the allegations and say they're talking to afghan counterparts to clarify the ban. secretary of state john kerry just arrived in germany on the first overseas trip as america's top diplomat. before leaving in london, the secretary discussed the civil war in syria. kerry urging the opposition leader to reconsider and attend
2:40 pm
an upcoming meeting on the crisis. >> i want our friends in the syrian opposition council to know that we are not coming to rome simply to talk. we are coming to rome to make a decision about next steps and perhaps even other options that may or may not be discussed further after that. >> annabelle, what was the reaction to kerry urging the syrian opposition leaders to attend the upcoming meeting? >> well, as you know, we haven't had a response but as you know that old expression, all roads lead to hoem rome, i think on this trip for secretary kerry is true. the center piece is the talks in rome on thursday and attended by the head of the opposition syrian national coalition. currently threatening to boycott them. we'll see how he responds to that call from secretary kerry.
2:41 pm
he insisted this morning here in london at that the meeting in rome is not just another talking shop and hopes that will convince opposition to attend and he says there would be progress to use the words. he said he's determined. the syrian opposition will not be left dangling in the wind and he was asked what the steps might be, if the u.n. comes in line of the eu position of the help to rebels but he would not divulge. it's a busy, busy week in rome, tamron. >> thank you. greatly appreciate. and several fans and stars have come to the defense of child actress quvenzhane wallis after she was brutally insulted by the website the onion. the site since deleted the offensive tweet. now apologizing. we'll tell you what the onion
2:42 pm
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welcome back. a rare apology coming from the satirical publication the onion. someone brutally insulted 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis over twitter with an offensive term. now deleted tweet went out and many, many people saw it. everyone seems afraid to say it. but that quvenzhane wallis is kind of a blank. right? the company says those behind the tweet will be disciplined. joining me now, toure co-host for "the cycle." in the apology, steve hannah, i know you are steamed up. as you should be and everyone should be. it was crude and offensive and
2:46 pm
not to mention inconsistent with the onion's commitment to parody and satire, however biting no person should be subject to a comment mass ka raiding as satire. miss wallis, you are young and talented and deserve better. all of us at the onion are deeply sorry. they said that the individuals will be disciplined. >> i hope disciplined is fired! because there was a mean spiritedness about this tweet. absolutely nothing funny. >> no way to call anyone that word let alone a 9-year-old child. be fired. >> you can never use that word in comedy and be funny and with a 9-year-old, it is disgusting. gross. tasteless. on top of that, seth mcfarland made a sex with george clooney in the course of the night with quvenzhane and why is she sexualized and spending the moment and the family cover her eyes and ears from this comment, that comment? doesn't anybody notice the
2:47 pm
preciousness of a 9-year-old girl who's the star of an extraordinary film having an extraordinary performance and they -- the weird thoughts pop up for people? but, you know, i mean, it is also like this is the russian roulette nation of twitter that anything can be blasted out to hundreds of thousands or millions of people very easily, very quickly. >> right. >> you can just ruin your reputation via twitter. >> big ups to window pierce. one of the stars. he was one of the first to get on this. he demanded that the person not be hidden and the anonymity of the onion, we should know the person to say such a thing to the public. >> sure. >> this wasn't said in private. the onion back in 2011 tweeted out screams and fires inside the capitol and people outraged and a spokesperson said this is satire and how it works and in response to 7 million people upset. why do you think this time around they issued when's described as a highly unusual
2:48 pm
apology? >> it's quite obviously not what they're trying to do. it was just gross. just disgusting. pointless and un-funny. this is not the way that satire works. quvenzhane is having her moment of her life. the night of her life. the career moment of her life. maybe going on to more but this is the most incredible thing happening to her ever and maybe the most incredible thing in the next few years. can she have her moment without the onion bursting in and sharing it, right? she looked so happy last night. >> she is wonderful. i've met her mother. interviewed her. great kid and family. >> can the onion sort of not pile in on her moment? because they don't deserve this? >> a publication pointed out this morning i believe when i first saw this around 7:00 a.m. that over 500 people had retweeted that comment. >> yeah. >> before it was deleted. >> the world was furious about this from the first moment.
2:49 pm
as soon as i saw it, i was like -- what is this? my initial inclination was to not give it anymore attention. >> an mine, as well. >> people said, no, we are going to ride on the onion because we have to because sometimes -- >> we wouldn't have the apology. >> comedians go over the line once in a while and then want to hide behind. sapphire. comedy. this is not comedy or funny. why you put that word in the same conversation as a precious, innocent 9-year-old girl. >> especially in that -- >> sweet, loving, having the moment of her life. brain dead. >> good for the ceo steve hannah who said it's crude and offensive and not satire and put the end to the people that tried to defend it. >> the end of the career of whoever said it. >> thanks very much, toure. catch toure and the gang of "the cycle" at the top of the hour only on msnbc. i love that they had to say that. come right after me.
2:50 pm
coming up, a lot of people talking about the decision from the new ceo at yahoo! to eliminate the company's homework option. yeah. what does your gut tell you about this? a lot of folks are steamed about this. what does it say about the new ceo? coming up. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious!
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time now for the "gut check." workers and families reacting to the news of yahoo! the new ceo is demanding that employees who work from home must start reporting to the office or quit. well, the news came down in a memo friday. the company reportedly says the move will improve the quality of work while helping the bottom
2:54 pm
line and many employees say they were hired with the assurance that they could work from home. joining me now, lisa belkin. thank you for joining me. >> great to be here. >> i was stunned. i guess, i don't know if it's stunned but just in some ways surprised how passionate people were about this. this hit a nerve for people who don't even work at yahoo! >> huge. for people that don't work at home. >> right. >> yeah. we've changed the way we work and this is a threat to that. this is people saying whoa, whoa, wait a second. we're going backwards. >> especially given that this is an internet company, you know, when you think about it. and marisa myers, a powerful woman, a new mom coming back to work soon after giving birth and maybe identify with moms who struggled to balance, you know, raising the kids and finding a job to allow for the flexible schedules we talk about that. >> i think that's some of the
2:55 pm
reaction. she never claimed she stood for the championship of women working at home or never said she was a champion of women. but we somehow expected when she was named as pregnant, first woman to lead a fortune 500 company pregnant and we expected different. >> what was your gut reaction to this? thumb's down for you? >> huge, huge thumb's down. >> based on what? >> it is not just people like to work at home. you should let them. there's a ton of data that says all studies say you are more productive, people are more productive with flexibility, if they have control over the way they work. doesn't mean every single person is but it means in general that should be the default. you should look at a job and find the flexibility in it. and if there were people at yahoo! not working the way marissa mayer wants them to, that's a case by case problem and not a ban on anyone to do
2:56 pm
it. >> well, as we understand it, yahoo! believes it will save money for the company and help them become a stronger company but maybe weaken the workforce as a consequence. we don't know. we'll see. >> will lower morale. >> what does your gut tell you? do you think yahoo!'s decision is a good policy? that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. thank you for joining me. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. [ cash register dings ] [ male announcer ] wow. a brave choice. okay, focus. think courage. think shaun white. think how perfect they'll be for outdoor crafts. mr. white. [ male announcer ] they're good for circulation.
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