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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 9, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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but there's been too much internet death lately. first the untimely demise of google reader last week and now this. attention must be paid. altavista, laid to rest today at the age of 18. good morning, everybody. right now on "first look." the cleveland three held for a decade, they break their silence. new details surrounding the crash of asiana 214. the muslim brotherhood called for an uprising in egypt after supporters are killed. and incredible images in an active volcano. and the new york city summer where everything is made of ice. good morning, everybody, i'm betty nguyen.
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>> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high and my feet firmly on the ground. >> it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. i'm getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely. >> thank you for your support. >> the three women escaped from this cleveland home about two months ago. 52-year-old ariel castro has pleaded not guilty to a 329-count indictment. police allege he kidnapped them off the streets and held them captive in a house of horrors. let's take you to the latest in the investigation of asiana flight 214. new this morning video showing the plane just moments after impact. you can see emergency chutes
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being deployed and later passengers running away from the burning jumbo jet. we're getting pictures of the two 16-year-old victims of that crash. officials are still looking into if one of those victims were killed by arriving emergency vehicles as their families head for the u.s. investigators are putting an early focus on the cockpit trying to figure out how a modern day crew came down in near-perfect weather conditions. >> we're often looking for things that might affect human performance, like fatigue, like illnesses or medication, like health issues. and so we will be looking at all of those things to see if there are any impacts on their ability to perform their jobs. >> the president of asiana airlines was on hand this morning to personally apologize to the families of those two
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victims. he'll also travel to san francisco later today. there is more blood shed in cairo as egypt is rocked by its deadliest day since the military ousted its president. clashes near the republican guard killed at least 15 people and 435 are injured. it further divides those in a conflict that shows no signs of letting up. the white house says cutting off u.s. aid would not be in the best interest of the u.s. but some members of congress disagree. also new this morning, part two of self-proclaimed nsa whistle-blower edward snowden with "the guardian" newspaper. jim joins us from moscow. what's revealed in this interview? >> reporter: good morning. there's nothing more new but more personal and in-depth.
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he recorded on june 6th while still in hong kong before coming here to moscow. in it snowden denies he was a mole or he deliberately intended to sabotage the nsa from the start, saying he had the best of intentions when he joined, but that changed overtime. he was asked at one time what was the tipping point between just thinking about threats he saw and actually fighting against them. and this is what he had to say. >> i don't want to live if a world where everything that i say, everything i do, everyone i talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded. and that's not -- that's not something i'm willing to support. >> reporter: meanwhile, snowden remains holed up in moscow airport restricted transit zone. the deadline to respond to
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venezuela's offer of asylum ran out last night but caracas confirmed receiving that application and that may be enough to move things forward. >> all right, jim, we appreciate it. here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. log jam in the senate has apparently come to a head. as early as this week senate democrats plan to force a vote on numerous issues stalled by republicans. harry reid says he will opt to change rules on how a minority party can wage a filibuster. jon bon jovi was back in new jersey to present a $1 million check for hurricane sandy relief. he met with governor christie in his hometown of sayerville. >> my being here is not political. it's emotional, because i grew up here. i went to school here. i met my wife here.
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and in the days following the storm, when i visited these streets and spoke to the residents, when i -- one thought came to me, time and time again was what can i do? well, there are now two clinton libraries in little rock. hillary clinton was on hand to unveil the hillary rodham clinton library. she read "the very hungry caterpillar" and she unveiled pantsuits, complete with many of hers on ka de la renta pieces she's made famous. $5200 came from milos raonic. vice president biden heads west to attend a memorial service for those 19 fallen firefighters. they'll be in the prescott area.
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that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. canada's largest city endures a month's worth of rain just yesterday alone. toronto had extreme flooding and transportation shutdowns with over 300,000 people without power and at least 1,000 people were also trapped on a flooded g.o. train which serves as major public transportation. meteorologist bill karins is here. fires last week, flooding this week, and now a tropical storm? >> i think we'll be talking about it the next seven, eight days in a row. >> that long? >> yes. just got the new update. storm continues to be weak, unorganized. has 48 hours before it gets to areas around puerto rico and haiti. starting to move through barbados and lower and lesser antilles. the forecast path takes it on wednesday across haiti and dominican republic.
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then it will slow down, stall out slowly through the bahamas through the upcoming weekend. the hurricane has 60-mile-an-hour winds estimated off the florida east coast by sunday. and at that point, the storm could move somewhere closer to the southeast as we go into monday or tuesday. you can notice the latest forecast, all these lines are different weather computer models that show us where the storm could potentially head. notice the left turn toward the end of the forecast. we have to closely watch the southeast coast. also if you're in iowa, mib minimum or wisconsin you'll deal with thunderstorms. later today chicago and the great lakes. >> do you know what can weather any storm? >> what's that? >> twinkie. we'll tell you why. they have a longer shelf life than ever before. just guess how long. you'll be amazed. a major ruling in the zimmerman trial. plus, barack obama's life on the lamb. ♪
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there were two key rulings monday in the trial of george
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zimmerman. george zimmerman has pleaded not guilty in the death of trayvon martin, claiming he shot the teenager in self-defense. sarah, break down these new rulings for us. >> reporter: good morning. late yesterday just before court got out, the judge ruled the trayvon martin toxicology report that shows thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, will be allowed in court. monday afternoon, the defense called tracy martin, trayvon martin's, father to the stand to testified. he denied telling investigators the voice on the 911 tape screaming for help was not his son's. >> i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said, i can't tell. >> reporter: he told prosecutors he listened to the tape multiple times at the mayor's office weeks later. >> basically what i was listening to, i was listening to
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my son's last cry for help. >> reporter: earlier in the day the defense brought back those two investigators to talk about martin's initial response to the 911 tape. >> there's no doubt he was telling us that that didn't sound like his son to him. >> reporter: those cries were front and center for a large portion of monday's testimony as the defense called multiple friends and acquaintances of zimmerman's. >> yes, definitely, it's georgie's. >> the tape screaming on the tape is absolutely george zimmerman, sir. >> reporter: prosecution raised questions about possible bias. some have donated money to zimmerman defense fund. one bought him clothing for the trial. sondra osterman and her husband co-authored a book. >> you would admit you have a stake, don't you? >> a stake. >> yes, in terms of the book. >> reporter: despite prosecutors' objections the judge reversed a ruling regarding the autopsy. ruling the toxicology report, which revealed small amounts of
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thc, the active chemical in marijuana found in trayvon martin's blood, will be allowed in court. and the defense indicated they will likely call their expert to testify about the thc some time today. the prosecution will be allowed to call a rebuttal witness. betty, back to you. >> thank you. and some other stories making news this morning. according to "the new york times," president obama is considering a faster pullout of afghanistan than originally planned. one that would leave no american troops there after 2014. this possible change, of course, comes after recent frustrations with president hamid karzai specifically regarding stalled peace talks with taliban last month. pakistani report details the life of osama bin laden after the september 11th attacks and the failure of the pakistani failure community. and it even has reports of him being pulled over for speeding
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and let go. the death toll of the train disaster in quebec has reached 14 with dozens still unaccounted for. more information is coming to light how that accident happened. the ntsb says the tankers involved have a history of puncturing after accidents. a federal judge in wisconsin blocked enforcement of a new line signed by governor walker who allows doctors lacking privileges for performing abortions. the judge said it had troubling lack and set a new hearing. smoke and ash shot out in mexico's volcano you see right there. it's happened over the past several days prompting four u.s. airline carriers to suspend flights. for your first look at business we turn to courtney reagan. consumers broke out their credit cards in may. this is another sign they're optimistic about the economy. the consumer credit jumps to 8%,
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the biggest monthly gain in a year and shows a willingness by people to build up their balances. barnes & noble ceo says they continue to lose money with nook sales, wiping out profits from traditional books. 7-eleven isn't skimping on slurpees. it's shedding out the cups they hand out on july 11th. they plan to hand out 7 million free slurpees. >> i might be in line for that. rex ryan runs with the bulls and all of your sports headlines next. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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check it out. escape from summer heat. new york city has its first ice bear. minus five is the name, boasting chairs, walls, tables all of it carved from canadian ice and kept at a frigid 23 degrees. it would be nice on a day like this. let's get the latest in sports from my guy right there, my colleague, richard lui. >> monday, what a day from baseball here. tigers' pitcher max scherzer with seven strikeouts but not enough for him to get the win here. this embarrassment does help his team.
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>> down the third baseline. pena hoping it coasts back fair and it does. switcher is going to be out. >> that's beautiful. >> he didn't even try. >> he did not even try. swisher, you know that smile will not pay off. this double off the wall in the tenth and detroit beat cleveland 3-2. cincinnati's joey votto hoping for the homer. gomez leaps, catches and then he thanks jesus. brewers over the reds, 4-3. in pittsburgh, coco crisp with snap, crackle pop. >> nice catch. >> a's beat the pirates 2-1. pirates minor league. foul ball. hang on. cup holder. hole-in-one. >> what are the odds? >> somebody grabs it. no beer there. robert kraft on aaron
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hernandez's murder charges saying, quote, if this stuff is true, i've been duped and our whole organization has been duped. he added, he said to me he wanted to be a role model to the hispanic community. he said we'd given him a second chance and i believed him. he's the most likeable young man. this is all very sad to me. very sad. rex ryan in pamplona, spain, half mile running of the bulls with friends. not all smiles here. scrambling up a wall. >> is that him? >> that is, not very quickly. 1,000-pound bull on his tail. he ran the race sunday and monday. he did it both days. it's not confirmed, but i heard when he got to the other side the tebow'd. >> bad bull. he made it out alive. that's all that counts. for your first look at today's political buzz i'm joined by washington post reporter. >> good morning. >> president obama meets with the black caucus this morning. it's the first meeting in two
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years. why such a strained relationship and what's today's focus? >> it's been a big concern among members of black caucus about jobs for black americans who they represent and their other constituents. and i think one thing the president is trying to do is return the conversation after a few tough weeks for himself, you know, in terms of some of the controversies that have occupied the white house focus. trying to return the change to jobs and supreme court voting rights act and i think president obama is trying to show a road map of ways they can protect voting rights in the future for all residents of the country, but specifically african-americans who might have limited access to polling. >> but for the first time he's speaking there in two years. why has it taken him this long? why this strained relationship. >> again, they're concerned about the president's focus not being as much on african-american constituents, job employment rate is much higher among african-americans.
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i think -- again, the president is trying to return the focus for jobs for all americans, but i think in particular there's frustration the president is not using his office in a way that would accentuate this community. and i think that, you know, there's been up and down in this relationship. i think he's trying to sort of return the focus of, you know, core constituents to jobs and start there. >> david, we appreciate it. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sure. coming up, richard lui is back with bill karins for our "first buzz." tually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter.
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welcome back. time for our first buzz, what is catching our eye this morning. richard, you have one about a die-hard browns fan. >> it's bittersweet. a 55-year-old, passed away on july 4th. here's his obituary. now, he is such a die-hard browns fan. this is what he put in his request in his will. he says, he respectfully requests six cleveland browns paul be pallbearers, so the browns can let him down one last time. >> they're not going to do it. >> they're going to give him a jersey with his favorite flair on the back of it. >> let me down one more time. >> and he wrote a song every year and sent it into the browns. he understands the humor. >> i have one that i think is fascinating. twinkies, who doesn't like them, right? they're making a comeback. they won't die. they went from a 26-day shelf life to now, once they hit shelves on july 15th, their big comeback, they will stay good for 45 days.
5:28 am
would you eat a twinkie after 45 days? >> i may -- >> i think i already have. >> i don't know. do you glow in the dark after do you that? >> your ckryogenetic twinkie eater. >> i have to make up for yesterday. trying to go for the cute animal video. >> didn't work? >> i don't know what they were. wasn't cute. >> oh, yikes, that's scary. >> yes. let's make up for it and show you a 2-day-old panda at the taipei zoo being bottle fed. >> he's a critter curmudgeon. >> that's the daddy right there. >> good sounds. >> doesn't it make sounds? >> yeah, very little. it's hard to hear. >> you made up for it. i'm listening. listening really hard. >> you're not a sloth lover?
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>> i've held a sloth. they're kind of smelly. i'm not going to lie. they're kind of smelly with long claws. >> why were you holding sloths? >> it's a long story. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts now -- >> tomorrow will be another day. we lost people and we lost pour downtown. we lost everything. >> a town nearly destroyed. dozens remain missing this morning as the huge train explosion in quebec still has more questions than answers. also, new details on how osama bin laden lived his life in pakistan. police there actually stopped his car for speeding once. not sure if he got any points on his insurance, but they definitely let him go. and a youtube thank you. we hear from the three who spent years as prisoners inside an ohio home. this is "way too early" for tuesday.


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