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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 8, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. right now on andrea mitchell reports, reset redux. we will go inside of the fallout after the administration brought out a little red reset button four years ago. >> i think that you would say that the more things change the more they are the same. that is not translated as smoothly in russian. and the rnc chair doubles down on the stance this morning on "morning joe" no republican debates on cnn or msnbc if they plan to air two hillary clinton
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films. >> i'm not going to have you moderate the republican debates in the primary. >> why not? >> because there is a difference and because you are not actually interested in the future of the republican party, and our nominees. that is not a slam on you mika but i have to choose moderators that are actually interested in the republican party and our nominees. it is not going to be nbc if they continue to go forward with this mini series. >> on high alert after the newest terror threat, two more u.s. drone strikes today kill at least eight suspected al qaeda militants in yemen. we will talk to the former nsa director michael hayden about the nation's security as the president rallied the troops yesterday. >> here is what those who would cowardly attack our civilians don't get. the united states is never going to retreat from the world.
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we don't get terrorized. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where officials say they saw no utility in having the president meet with vladimire putin over eric snowden and the disagreements over removal of president assad, and so was this maybe lost in translation. >> this is my last election and after my election, i have more flexibility. >> i understand. >> former white house press secretary and msnbc contributor robert gibbs joins me now and you know the back story and you have been in the meetings, and what is the dynamic between
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president obama and vladimire putin. >> i don't think that the dynamic is particularly good or strong. you showed president medvedev who president obama had a very strong working relationship with, and quite frankly, i think that president medvedev wanted to bring russia into the international community in a positive way. i don't think that president putin shares any of those same tendencies, and he seems to thrive off of the domestic political benefit he gets from being veir rently being anti-u.. >> and there are some who say he should go to moscow and confront h him. >> you want to go to the some summit and stop thinking that you agree on everything. >> how refresh iing. >> but i think that the spectacle of, of the relationship of the fact that you wouldn't agree maybe on
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anything and obviously the backdrop of edward snowden, i don't think that it is quite frankly worth the president's time in a world with a lot of international demands. >> what is putin trying to achieve here? >> well, again, he is probably trying to achieve something domestically in increasing his own political stature. i think that he is being exceedingly short sided in the long game of international diplomacy, and i don't think that people will across the world look at this as a constructive outlet. i don't think that they will see what he is doing as moving the ball down the field so to speak. >> i want to ask you about the white house and congress, because the "wall street journal" has a profile today of denis mcdonough and the outreach, and it is very clear that the new chief of staff, the newest chief of staff is really working very hard to try to make deals.
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unclear as to whether it is going to work given the pushback from congress. what if this has happened from day one, from to get go, what if there had been more outreach to the republicans? >> well, andrea, it is a fabulously good e question, and history will have some time to chew on that. i'm -- i think that the one thing that if i know denis and i know him fairly well, he is dogged, and he is a believer in what he is doing. he is not going to be dissuaded into not doing it. he will go the extra mile in making sure that people understand how important it is to him, and i think that he'll have people that will listen on the other side. as you said the sort of $64,000 question, if you will, is to what end. it is clear that you have got some people in the senate that you can work with who can understand compromise meaning both sides getting something, but not everybody getting everything. the question is whether or not you can create any sort of group like that among the house
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republicans that will find some overlap and agreement and take yes for an answer. >> it is clear that one of the things that he did was to go to guantanamo so controversial with dianne finestein and john mccain and that is an interesting saturday trip to guantanamo. and they certainly did come back with a much better understanding, and much less friction with both of them, because there have been areas where finestein was at odds with the white house on some of the intel. >> well, oftentimes just sitting at the table, you can find not just what you disagree on and which you knew before you walked into the room, but this kind of conversation tends to drive out what you do agree on, and you can find important pillars of compromise as the discussions are had, and what denis is doing is very, very smart. >> i want to ask you about reince priebus, because you have been involved in the debate prep and debate negotiations and here
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is the republican chairman and i would say understandably miffed about these hillary clinton films and one is a documentary and another one an entertainment fi film which is, you know, all about -- >> bad idea. a bad idea. >> and a lot of the news people would say including the msnbc news people and chuck todd and the rest of us a really bad idea given the timing, but what is he doing? is this a brushback pitch? >> well, he is doing two things. most assuredly working the e refs. i want to split the two issues, because i think that there are a lot of people who saw the stories about the entertainment divisions in cnn and msnbc to find it unsettling and uncomfortable. i think that though what reince priebus has to be careful of is what got them in a big mess in 2012. if you are only going to do debates in front of die-hard republicans that 100% agree with you, you will end up pushing
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yourself farther and farther to the right. i don't doubt that the rnc should get a hold of the debate process which we did in 2007 and 2008, but if you are going to limit speaking only and debating only in front of people who quote care about building the republican party, you are not going to win any national elections, and that is why quite frankly reince priebus' tenure has not been, the hallmark of the tenure has not been winning national elections. >> that is where you get the debates where the audience is cheering because they were hand picked by local and state parties and you get mitt romney to talk about deportation to play to the crowd. >> that is somebody making a stand and if you look back on it, mitt romney eviscerates rick p perry on the state version of the dream act and calls for self-deportation, and in large measure, the demographic measure of the hispanics was over at
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that point. republican republicans didn't have a chance. and if all they are going to do is to play to base, you have to do debates on a lot of different network networks in front of a lot of people. and look, part of being president is, as i learn and certainly everybody learns that you take questions not from people who just always agree with you, and you have to go out to talk about what the administration wants to do even in front of people who do not agree with you domestically and as we see internationally, and if reince priebus is setting up a series of candidates that will only talk to them, and if they ever do get elected, it is a hard four years. >> robert gibbs, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> as we said, reince priebus is drawing the media battlelines for 2016 and if the national republican committee chair has the way, the primary debates won't be seen oz cnn or msnbc if they plan to follow through with the plans to air two separate hillary clinton films. >> i cannot have companies in
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the business of cnbc entertainment or whoever is it, to be in the business off making what i consider to be a promotional movies about the life of hillary clinton when at the same time we know that her people are gearing up for a presidential run, and then i'm going to bring those people in to depose the kacandidates runng for president on the republican side of the aisle? it is ridiculous. >> and joining me now for the daily fix, chris cillizza and susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa today." thank you both. let's take a look at reince priebus going after mika today. "m n i'm not sure why. >> i won't have you moderating the republican debates. >> why not? >> because you are not interested and you are not actually interested in the future of the republican party and the nominees and that is not a slam on you, mika, but i have
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to choose moderators who are actually interest ed in the republican party and our nominees. >> that is exactly what gibbs was talking about, guys. s susan, you have been through so many of these debates and all of the arguments going back to when jim baker was negotiating for the republicans, and very smartly in fact, and trying to limit the number of debates that his candidates would have to endu endure. what is going on here? >> well, nothing serves a ka candidate better than to go before an audience or questioner who seems to be unfriendly in handling himself or herself well. >> isn't that how reagan used to call, and president reagan used to call on the aggressive reporters, and the sort of outlying reporters just when he want wanted to develop sympathy from the television audience. >> and sarah mcclendon got questions all of the time, because you knew it would be anningan aggressive question, and the president could respond in humor and good feeling. if you want to be the president,
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you should take questions from all comers and be prepared to take the questions from reporters from all kinds of news organizations and democrats should be going on fox for debates and republicans should be going on the outlets that they believe are not so friendly for them and that serves presidents well and candidates well and it is frankly part of the job. >> and chris cillizza, what do you make of what the republican party is trying to do in response to what we, a lot of us feel is a really bad idea which are these hillary films? >> well, a couple of things going on here, andrea, that are not immediate evident but the motivation. the biggest thing frankly is fund-raising. look, attacking hillary clinton in the mainstream media for propping her up which is what he is doing is absolute gold for the republican party and their small donor base who reacts vehemently and with their wallets to that thing. and reince priebus has said previously prior to the whole
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thing that he has said previously 23 debates which is what they were, and 23 primary debates in 2012 are far too many and we need to limit them and the exposure of the kancandidat and yes the publicity of the debates and having the ideas heard, but there were too many. so it is part and parcel of that, too. i would be with you on the separation of the news division and the entertainment division, but unfortunately the average person does not make those distinctions and we struggle with the editorial board of the washington post and the news arm of the washington post which never the twain shall meet. and people don't always understand that either. so that is the rub of you and me included, but i think that reince is at something more creative here as it relates to money raising. >> and i want to switch topics before i let you guys go, because the san diego mayor is in rehab or is in therapy for this week and next.
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but now, susan, new accusations about filner and a wounded marine and other women in a support group, and this is when he was a member of congress and the veterans affairs committee, and he visits this women's support group and women who had been sexually assaulted, and comes on to them. ? unbelievable. he is two weeks into rehab and this is not enough. >> this saul allegation. >> yes, of course, but it is in the face of a series of allegations, by very credible women who say that they were abused by him. he was chairman of the veterans committee, and he was seen as a pretty good advocate for veterans, and he is accused of doing this stuff. it is really, it is hard to imagine that he is going to survive this, these additional allegations about his behavior. >> susan page, thank you for being here, and chris cillizza. meanwhile out in california
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the juiciest stories of presidential campaigning happen behind the scene and only become known when reporters circle back and interview the principles which is true of the 2012 contest stars barack obama and mitt romney and in the
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preliminary rounds the political wannabes against the eventual nominee through a lengthy process. dan balz is the author of "collision 2012, obama versus romney" and the future of electi elections in america. thank you for coming here, dan. >> thank you, and dree ya. >> and the fact that you got so many people to speak to you so openly, and going back over the contours of the campaign and the first question is, why was 2012 so different than past campaigns? >> well, for two reasons. one, this was a big moment in american politics, and 2008 election was historic for all of the reasons that we know, but this race was more important and telling about where we are in the politics. i called it "collision 2012" because it was a collision between the america of 2008 that e lekted barack obama and the america of 2010 that swept the republicans into power, and it was a collision of philosophies
1:20 pm
that were enunciated by governor romney and president obama. and in the end, what it told us about the country is that we are deeply divided and that the election in itself did not resolve many of the questions that were at the center of the debate. >> and do you think that the defining characteristic of this campaign was the philosophical divide or was it the way that the obama campaign used technology and data and ran circles around team romney? >> that is obvious ly important and i think that it is a harbinger of the way that campaigns will be run in the future. if there is a road map to where we are going, the things that the obama campaign did are the things that everyone will go the school on who is thinking of running in 2016. but in terms of what was decisive, i think it is as much the big issues and the big factors in the politics whether it is the demographic shifts, the red/blue divide and obvio obviously the state of the
1:21 pm
economy which got just enough better to make it possible for the president to win. >> and speaking of 2016, you have so much rich detail about chris christie, and how the republicans, leading new york republicans ken langone, a wealthy wall streeter, and invited chris christie to the breakfast and you quote that instead of a few people, dozens. so we sit down, and this is from kris christie who says, if you willing to run for president, we are with you and everybody in this room will raise every dollar you need to have a successful campaign, and kisinger walks to the front of the room and he says that being a successful president is about two things, courage and character, and you have both and your country needs you and they all applauded. that is heady stuff. >> i went up to ask him about the process he went through to decide ultimately not the run, and he told this story in great detail as you can see from what you just read. i said to him at that point,
1:22 pm
well, what did you say? he basically said i was as speechless as chris christie ever is and we know that is not exactly speechless, but he said that i don't think that i'm going to run, but i owe it to all of you to think more seriously about it. and then he began a more serious process which did not lead him to a different conclusion, but a fascinating process right to the end. >> i wanted to play a little sound of chris christie when he endorsed mitt romney. >> i'm pleased and proud to announce that my friend chris christie is joining our team, and i'm delighted to have him here today. thank you, chris. >> i'm here in new hampshire today for one simple reason. america cannot survive another four years of barack obama and mitt romney is the man that we need to lead america and we need him now, and that is why i'm here. >> now you talked to chris christie about that endorsement and talked to both men of course, but you said that you asked him whether that decision was a gift to mitt romney, and
1:23 pm
you using the word "gift" and he said in reply the enormous gift was the next week when i looked puzzled that he reminded me that i had endorsed romney for me to make that decision so quickly and to put myself out there that early was a real leap of faith politically because nobody else was willing to do it. >> i had said that the decision that you made not the run must have been a gift to governor romney and he said no, the gift was next week. he stepped in quickly. he is a decisive person as we know and he decided to get behind romney and it was an important endorsement at that stage of the campaign for mitt romney and i believe ann romney described it as christmas in october when they learned that he would get the endorsement. >> and now as the famous 47% remark you went to see governor romney and asked him about the 47% remark, and he was not really willing to acknowledge
1:24 pm
that he had said it. >> that is exactly right. he said i knew you would ask me this and i did some research and he went to the kitchen counter and pulled out the ipad and found notes that he had made and i said that you had made the count that 47% of the people will not take control of their own lives and he said i did not say that read the words. well, the words are the words. i think that he thinks in his mind that whatever the words were, he didn't mean what it sounded like. and he is still convincing himself of that, and but he also said pretty candidly, look, that was a bad moment. he said at least that was the perception of what i said, we could argue about whether he said it or not, but he said the perception of what i said was damaging, and he knew he had to live with that, but as he said, i had a lousy september, the 47% comment, but he said, i had a great october, and he was referring to the first presidential debate. >> and he brought up the point that he was close to the end,
1:25 pm
election day -- >> i asked him how confident were you on election day, and he said very confident and not 90% confident, but i believed we would win. i had written a victory speech and i had not written a concession speech. >> chris christie is way ahead in a university of new hampshire granite state poll today in the field, and that is a slice very, very early on, and of course, hillary clinton sweeping the democratic field with 60%. you think it is likely that chris christie will run? >> i think it is likely, and he is doing everything he can to roll up a big number this fall in the election campaign as a way to say to republicans in particular and some conservatives who are e weweary him, i can win a blue state and if we are going to win the white house we need to convert wlu states to red. the early polls should be taken with a huge grain of salt. particularly, new hampshire. we have seen those voters change in the last 48 hours before an
1:26 pm
election, sole pos this far out give a little indicator, but nothing to take to the bank. >> well, the book is "collision 2012" and it is remarkableable, and thank you so much, dan balz. >> thank you, andrea. and speaking of henry kissinger, you have to check out stev stephen colbert's chips to punk a guest that cancelled on him. this is too good to miss. ♪ and it goes to the stars ♪ she's up all night to get stoned ♪ ♪ i'm up all night to get stoned ♪ ♪ i'm up all night to get lucky ♪ ♪ all night until the sun >> security.
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president obama vowed to take action gaiagainst sexual assaults in the military. and the senate has not reached an agreement with kirsten gillibrand who wants to take the sexual assault complaints out of the chain of command. yesterday at camp pendleton, the president brought the issue to the front lines in front of the marines. >> our safety is for everyone in uniform and i want you to hear it directly from me, the commander in chief. it undermines what this military stands for, and it undermines what the marine corps stands for when sexual assault takes place within our units. market your business locally
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getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. a lot of programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism, and i think that there's, we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. we don't have a domestic spying program, but what we do have are some mechanisms to track a phone number or an e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. that information is useful. none of the revelations show that government has actually abused the powers, but they are significant powers. >> but today, the new york times in the lead story suggests that the nsa may be sweeping up e-mails by americans who even mention foreign targets under surveillan surveillance. that is a lot more broader and aggressive than previously
1:35 pm
acknowledged by the government or mentioned by the president the other night. and joining us now is the retired general michael hayden and cia chief. this story broke to dday in "th new york times" and we have been each checking with people about it. it is confusing, and this is very complicate and we are not sure just how broad this net really is. >> i have a pretty good sense of how broad it is, but i share your pain when it comes to the specifics that we were described in the article. look. charlie savage is a very good reporter, and it is clear that he took great pains to try to report accurately, and in detail, and he clearly he went to government officials to get clarification, and they did assist him in crafting a more accurate article. that said, it leads you to a belief that nsa is sweeping up all of the e-mails exiting the united states simply because they have a foreign address that they are going to. and that i know is simply not true. >> but they are sweeping up a
1:36 pm
lot more than we knew of the e-mails that included references to foreign surveillance targets? >> well, my understanding, and again, this is a developing story, and -- >> this is without warrants. >> it would be under the fisa amendment based upon the article that came about because of the congressional language in 2008, so andrea, this is another part of the package that was designed to deal with the challenge that a lot of the communications were interested in are not american in nature, but they are in america. because of the way that the internet is literally wired. so what i think that this allows nsa to do is to capture e-mails according to the article exiting the united states, but to capture the e-mails that are going to very specific select foreign intelligence targets, not just anything going abroad. >> this is all coming to light as the president is certainly reflecting a level of discoll
1:37 pm
fo -- discomfort of a broad nature of the telephone metadata program which is under 702 and he had an hour and a half meeting with senator durbin and that meeting last and a hour and a half with a bipartisan group speaking to him about the ways to narrow the number of years that the telephone records are kept or whether some other record keeping should keep place external to the government. >> right. >> what do you as a former intelligence officer think about the discomfort that the comma commander in chief clearly has and that members of congress now have? >> look. i was in the white house, and in late september of 2001 with president bush saying to me, mike, anything more that you can do and i said not within my current authorities, mr. president, and he said, that is not the question i can ask you, and is there anything that you can do, i went back and said,
1:38 pm
yes, additional things to do, and yes, andrea, that is 12 years ago almost, we realized that we were changing the box, because frankly, the circumstance of threat had changed. i continue the believe it was lawful and effective and appropriate, but we can all ing a gree it is different. president obama is going through the same thing. each of the individual steps are effective lawful and appropriate and etch in the "today's" article, mr. savage points out it is consistent with the law, and the question that we are grappling with and the president is gap plg with, although legal, am i comfortable that we are doing this, and right balance between privacy and security. and look, let me tell you what everyone in my old profession will tell you, just let me know where the line is. you tell me your comfort level a and i will make you as safe as possible within the line that
1:39 pm
you have drawn for me. look at the end of the day, we may decide to narrow the box a little bit. and let me give you a candid view from the intelligence officer, and so here is the decision that we will have made as a people. we will have made you a little bit more comfortable, but we have also made you a little bit less safe, too, but i understand that. >> how do you feel about the way that the threats have been publicized aggressively publicized by the administration and announcing the world wide travel alert and also closing the diplomatic posts, and fr frankly being very open when asked about the reasons why. >> yeah. look. i'm quite comfortable having sat in that room having tried to make these kinds of decisions. >> how threatened should we feel about a communication from zawahiri? >> well, actually, if that report is true, it is i know on a stack of other intelligence that stretches back weeks and if
1:40 pm
not months. so you have a real strong body of intelligence about a threat from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, and generally speaking, most folks believe that the threat is in that area. now, what is happening elsewhere that warning between amerikesh and bangladesh, and maybe the islamic calendar ties them together and the night of ramadan and al feeter, and so out of an abundance of caution, they have thrown out a wider net. the main threat is around yemen. one final comment, i was concerned saturday that when the report came out it was based on intercepts, and somebody from my background would reprefer the generic military reports, but sunday, we are getting alleged commentary on alleged detailed
1:41 pm
communication, and that is never good news with anybody with my background. >> because of to sources -- >> exactly. >> general michael hayden, thank you. >> yes. >> thank you. special announce at the zoo, a sue m sumatran tiger has given birth to twin cubs. you can tweet us your possible names. and also, a shark scare where you least expect it in the morning commute. somehow this sand shark made it to the subway yesterday perhaps the effects of sandy. and in honor of shark week, we will show you to the effects off a cat on a roomba. and this brown bear in alaska hitched a ride on a jet ski and no word on how far he got, but nothing is better than the animal story of the month and we had to bring it back, the back petaling bear who managed to
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are you in good hands? [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. she's the first official hand welcoming the kings and the queens and the diplomats to the united states, ambassador capri sha marshall celebrated her fourth anniversary as chief of protocol to set the stage for the diplomatic meetings and being the point of contact for all of the ambassadors here in washington, but after traveling more than 250,000 miles world wide to 42 countries shooshgs se leaving her post at the end of the summer. so what is next for her? ambassador marshall is joining us here at the set. we don't have a protocol person who brought you out and we put you in the green room with everybody else. you have been to so many places and traveled with president obama and secretary clinton and
1:46 pm
now of course secretary kerry. this is the first state dinner. and we have the video of the first state dinner, and that is the state dinner for the indian -- >> this is actual think state dinner for the president of mexico which actually has -- >> great meaning for you? >> yes, it does. it does, because i am first generation mexican croatian and so my entire family in cleveland, ohio, and the entire mexican family is watching this occur and literally, you could hear the eye yeye aka rumba. >> how did you get up so fast, because you do workout. >> yes, and i do the px-90, and i was literally blinded by the flash bbulbs going down, and i y it is not how you go down, but how you get up. >> and little birdie told me that ever since the president
1:47 pm
has joked about that. >> he has. he has. every time we approach the north port coe steps he will say behind me, will she stay up or go down, and the first lady is saying, "barack, leave her alone." and there is a remix that is so f funny. you can get a good laugh. >> and you have been to some of the places that none of us have ever seen. >> well, it is magical and i felt as if i had gone to the heights of protocol when i arrived. it was an honor to be there on behalf of our government and our wonderful president, secretary of state, and to exchange with the protocol that is there at buckingham palace was a real n honor. >> and what about her majesty? >> oh, she is extraordinary. and to be actually, she is really sort of operates the day herself. she is the one who is wearing a watch and she keeps everyone on time, and tracks the day and tracks the various activities
1:48 pm
and moves everyone through it with real precision. it was an absolute once in a lifetime experience. >> now, what are some of the really favorite moments? >> oh. >> buckingham palace surely, but some of the other favorite moments of the places that you have been with president obama? >> well, so many i have to say. and being there the footsteps of history every single day to watch our president, our secretary of state, our delegation enl gauge in the difficult matters at hand and to be a part of that for protocol to be a part of creating a framework for diplomacy to take place has been a privilege for me. >> i have seen how you have tried to introduce the ambassadors who come here from other countries to our world, our history, our culture. including john lewis, and the experience of experience america program. tell me about that. >> well, a wonderful piece of the position of the chief of protocol is to work with the extraordinary protocol corps, and the best of the best is sent to the country, because we ra top post, and so i felt as one
1:49 pm
of the predecessors did, take them outside of the beltway and introduce them to the rest of america, because we are an extraordinary country and i want to showcase the best of america. we took them to atlanta, and congressman lewis spoke to the ambassadors about the civil rights movement and the difficulties of the civil rights movement, and there were other ambassadors who they themselves went through difl difficult times and the south african ambassador related and said thank you for sharing, that and thank you for the experience, because we learned so much from you and other ambassadors who had difficult times and equal difficult struggles they had gone through and learned so much from congressman lewis' experien experience. >> you are a mentor of of course hillary clinton and so much speculation about what next for hillary clinton and what do you think as she, i know, she has not made a decision, so we are not talking about whether she will or won't, but she is position positioned to do it, and a new poll today shows in new hampshire, she sweeps the field, 60% of the field in a crowded
1:50 pm
field. so why would someone who has already gone through the trauma of running for president, and it is a tough race and losing, take that on again? >> well shgs grateful to her an president obama for offering me this wonderful position to become the chief of protocol. and it has been an honor to work alongside her as she was secretary of state. she has been my mentor for many, many years. i've learned so much from her. i consider her a valued friend. i support any decision that she decides she wants to make as she moves forward. >> when we talk about team of rivals, you bridged both divides and there really wasn't a divide. they really worked closely. >> very closely together, absolutely hand in hand. you can see it at the bilateral table. they would exchange notes with one another, whisper in each other's ears. it was very collaborative. >> well, kapricia marshall. we know you're not going too far. we want to hear all about your
1:51 pm
next adventures. happy trails. >> thank you so very much, andrea. thank you very much. >> thank you for your service. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover a hybrid from the luxury car company that understands that one type of hybrid isn't right for everyone. come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company."
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1:54 pm
making headlines in the next 24 hours. chris is back. the russians are coming, the russians are coming. we're not going to moscow but they are coming here to meet with secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel and maybe iron out some of the problems. >> i mean, talk about a fascinating time for them to come, andrea. this meeting coming despite president obama canceling a planned meeting for next month in moscow. oh, to be a fly on the wall there. >> we should also announce that the state department said the first negotiations and the real sitdowns between the israelis and palestinians will be august 15th, next week in israel and in
1:55 pm
the west bank. they're at least getting started with what martin indick will be overseeing. it was six visits by john kerry to try to get these talks started and at least they're going to begin. the commitment there is that they're going to go nine months, not break it off within the first three weeks. thank you, chris. >> thank you. >> for being with us today. see you tomorrow. that does it for us for this thursday edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, jen stocky. follow the show online and on facebook. tamron hall has the next hour. new developments in the fort hood shooting trial after a judge refuses to let nadal hasan's advisors off the case. we'll talk to a military law expert about their options as he continues to represent himself. plus, michelle malkin's website criticizes "ebony"
1:56 pm
magazine's and features black celebrities with their children. we'll talk to the editor in chief. and the fbi has reopened a 50-year-old stolen baby case after ayman discovers the people he thought were his biological parents are actually not. fascinating story. that's all coming up next on "news nation." designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®.
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