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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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yard gunman as he hunted for victims. the fbi released this surveillance video taken last monday morning. you see an armed aaron alexis, casing the hallways and running down stairs. federal officials also gave a better insight of his moments -- his movements and activities in the days before the shooting. officials also think they've uncovered why alexis attacked. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff joins us. looking at this video and knowing lives were lost and watching this play out is the most eerie and stunning and almost indescribable. we know how this ends at the end of this video. >> it is and it's even more powerfully upsetting when you hear what the fbi had to say a little while ago. that this was alexis was in the
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words of fbi special agent parlave, a delusional individual who believed that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequent electromagnetic waves. he acted alone and didn't communicate with anybody about his intentions to do this. but the fbi did discover some writings on a computer or -- in which he wrote something to the effect of low frequency attack is what i've been subjected to for the past three months. to be perfectly honest, that is what i've been subjected to. that is clearly somebody who was mentally unstable. who -- there were multiple indicators of that he was the mental health was deteriorating
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and we're learning how far the deterioration was is going to be why didn't somebody catch this? was there ways somebody could have reported thd to the navy. >> the fbi said before releasing this video, that aaron alexis hunted down people. here's what you see, him enter the building behind a individual unbeknownst to the person that aaron alexis is behind him. >> one thing important to point out, according to the fbi, he did not target anybody in the navy yard that day. he didn't know anybody. he was just shoot gs randomly. the only other additional clue that might help people understand what happened here is the fbi did say that on the friday before the attack, the attack having been taking place on a monday, he was -- there was a routine performance related
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issue that was raised with him by the contractor that he was working for, the company, the experts. and we didn't hear a lot of detail about what that was, but it does suggest that maybe something that was said to him on that friday might have helped push him over the edge. but the fbi agent parlave says there is no one event they believe triggered the rampage. >> thank you very much. that video just released by the fbi. we are also following senator cruz all for nothing talk-a-thon. senate voted in the past hour to move forward with the republican house spending bill that avoids a government shut down by defunding obama care. they are expected to strip the defunding provision and kick it back to the house. he referenced everything from nazis to star wars and
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criticized both by republicans and democrats as nothing more than a publicity stunt. >> most americans could not give a flying flip about a bunch of politicians in washington. who cares? almost all of us are in cheap suits with bad hair cuts. this is life and death. it's a little bit like the world wrestling federation. >> obama care is a far less intimidating foe than those i have discussed with a possibility exception of the moon. nef vil chamberlain who told the british people, accept the nazis, yes they'll dominate the continent of europe but that's not our problem. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. i do so like green eggs and ham. thank you, thank you, sam, i am. >> senate rules forced cruz to
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end his talk athon at home when he received a smaterring of applause. >> the hour of noon has arrived pursuant to the order -- [ applause ] the senate will be -- the senate will be in order. >> a short time later senator john mccain took to the floor to speak against the reference about appeasing the nazis. >> i do not begrudge senator cruz or any other senator who wants to come and talk as long as they want to as long as they can depending on the rules of the senate. but i do disagree strongly to allege that there are people today who are like those who prior to world war ii didn't stand up and oppose the atrocities taking place in europe. >> now because of senator cruz's stunt, the question remains if
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the house can respond to the revised bill in time to avoid a shutdown. kelly o'donnell joins us. that is truly -- it's interesting senator cruz said this is not a team sport. this is life or death. for people who may be shut out after a shutdown, this is real life. when you see the senator doing green eggs and ham and antics, you do wonder if this is reality based or a publicity stunt for himself. >> it can be judged many things by different people where they are on the spectrum. if you're talking about 21 hours of being on floor. there were hours upon hours upon hours of substantive discussion of the health care law and his point of view on that. and of course, maybe he was punchy and tired and understood that some of the funnier or lighter quirky clips would get attention, that was there too. part of what happens now is that cruz is basically saying he's made his point and hopes that the american public those who do
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not want to see the health care law move forward will be energized. so this was not so much about what was happening in the senate but about galvanizing support on the outside. that clock has now run out and the senate shifts to trying to get something done. all of the senators voted to take first step to get to the real work of dealing with the government shutdown and the issue of the health care law, may or may not be a part of it. democrats do plan to strip it out. we'll see a few of these stop signs in the road where key votes will happen. will he come back and talk some more? maybe. i am say that when we saw him right after his remarks after the marathon, he didn't want to talk about the lighter things, wanted to stay on message. i asked him this question. >> i hope that this filibuster gave the american people an opportunity to express their views and to engage in this debate. the american people are being hammered by obama care, the biggest job killer in this
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country. at this point i very much hope all 99 colleagues in the u.s. senate will listen to the people. that is not likely but i can maintain hope. >> good political theater has its place, there's irritation about slowing down the clock. cruise himself said the biggest votes ahead of the senate should not be done over the weekend but perhaps on friday when as he put it more americans could be paying attention. we'll have to see how it plays out. there's irritation, weariness and conservatives like what he did and democrats anxious to put it behind them and get down to business. they want to preserve the health care law and keep the government open. the feeling right now, tamron, seems to be that keeping the government open is possible, not quite as dire as we had heard but there are a number of steps still to play out when you mention the house, one of the theories for republicans was to
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get cruz off the floor and move things up. so that house republicans could get maybe one more swing at this. is there an alternative they could come up with to try to get a little bit of what they are looking for when it comes to the health care law while keeping the government open? stay tuned. you were right in the thick of things yesterday and we'll be with you here through the rest of the week. >> the question is someone would say the thick of exactly what was i into. nevertheless, what i'm trying to figure out when rand paul had his official filibuster, the social media lit up, hash tag, rand paul. you had people galvanize, some of the libertarians supporting his effort. wendy davis in texas, again, social media, phone lines lit up. and she became a national sensation. even from conservatives here, it doesn't seem -- and i know we say it depends on your perspective, i've seen and you can correct me if i'm wrong here, very little support for what we witnessed yesterday,
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which was the unofficial talk-a-thon from senator cruz. >> much narrower band. a much narrower band of support. the drone issue, really united far to the left democrats who were concerned about government overreach as well as far to the right libertarians. there was a real coming together with wendy davis in texas, you're talking about the issue of abortion. that can inspire people on all sides to come together. even for americans who have questions and doubts about the health care law, aren't sure about it. he was not necessarily the figure they were going to get. i can tell you being in the chamber in the wee hours, there were members of the public and tweet and conservative outside groups supporting him but it was not the same level with rand paul and wendy davis. >> kelly o., thank you very much. joining me live, bob casey of
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pennsylvania. thank you for your time. >> thanks, tamron. >> in his post talk athon interview, he would hope the senate would listen to the people. in pretty much all of the polling i've seen, folks do not want to see the government shut down in a debate linked to defunding obama care. who has been -- which people does senator cruz want you to list to? >> i'm not sure. i'll tell you what i hear back in pennsylvania, people say to me in both parties, they even say it in a sound bite, work together to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. that's what i hear over and over again. the way you get there is by figuring out a way to make sure the government can operate and make sure we pay our bills and work on job creation and strengthening the middle class. i'm not sure what population is weighing in with him but i know what i hear in pennsylvania
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across the board. >> what do you believe is motivating senator cruz here? >> oh, i don't know, i think you would have to ask him. i'm not sure i know. what i'm positive about is what's happening over the last couple of days and what will continue to happen is not good for the country because every day that we're not focused on job creation or strengthening the middle class or dealing with debt, instead of having an idealogical exercise here by -- from members of the house and members of the senate, in one wing of one party, every minute we do that we're losing time on job creation and losing time on building -- >> losing time to talk about tax reform and immigration reform. the list goes on. there's no shortage of things we can throw in the pot. moving to the immediate issue of government funding here, kelly o. is reporting that the situation does not seem as dire as it did. are we heading for a government shutdown in estimation? >> i sure hope not.
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there are people here willing to push us over the deadline and over the deadline the next one which is the deadline on paying our bills. really talking not just in a speculative way but talking in a very serious way about having the fg default in its obligations. i think it's pure madness to do either but most people think that tends to be better for the country, purely to make an idealogical point. we should have debates about job creation and debt, that should happen all the time. we should not put the full faith and credit of the united states on the line or shut the government down to somehow prove a point that some group wants us to prove on the landscape of american public policy. it makes no sense and i think both of these exercises, this and the next one leading to the deadline on paying our bills are
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very dangerous for the country. >> senator casey, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate you joining us. >> who is ted cruz? a look at the senator's path to washington when the dallas morning news wayne slater. and new information on how the somali terrorists may have carried out the attack in kenya including reports that they rented out a store to hold weapons and hide the weapons in. we'll get a live report from nairobi. no handshake, no meeting between president obama and iran's new president despite both saying they are ready to engage. the question is, what is next. you can join the conversation on twitter and find us at tamron hall and at "news nation." of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪
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right now investigators including americans are helping search for evidence and victims in the collapse mall. forensic teams are working to determine the nationalities and identities of the terrorists that have been killed. meantime, an american survivor who was inside the mall is back home with her family and described the terror she went through during the attack. >> all of a sudden there was this explosion and everybody like hits the floor. and we hear machine guns and then ten seconds later or so, we're still trying to crawl out. it was an explosion. >> you just feel so helpless, you know. >> nbc's atia abawi has new information. how the terrorists may have planned this attack. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, there, tamron. the information is very murky
2:19 pm
coming from the government. in fact the government themselves interior minister said give them time to investigate. it might take a week or more. but there is information leaking to the media, unconfirmed reports of course but tler kenyan officials saying and talking about really how the terrorists were able to get inside the mall. there is much talk about whether or not they possibly rented a shop within the mall that they were able to stock pile weapons which could also explain as to why they lasted so long. there were a dozen or so terrorists fighting the kenyan defense forces but as you mentioned, they are investigating at the moment with help from the americans with help from the brits and canad n canadians and israelis and interp interpol, this is an international investigation to determine what occurred and the nationalities of terrorists, whether there were americans involved of somali origin or whether it was an inside job here in kenya or across the
2:20 pm
boarder from somalia. >> "the new york times" reporting that the building's blueprints may have been studied down to the ventilation ducts and this may have been rehearsed there. when do we expect to get more information from authorities in kenya at least as they piece this together as you pointed out, there's still so many questions right now. >> there are so many questions left unanswered, tamron. the government really hasn't been giving us answers but we don't think they have the answers just yet. there were reports in the local media from kenyan officials on background who did not want to be named saying exactly what you did, that they possibly had blueprints and could have been planning for weeks it not months. there was one report stating that the terrorists had access to the room where they were able to watch cameras throughout the mall. see where their victims were and the kenyan defense forces were.
2:21 pm
in fak fact, some of the six kenyan forces killed, it's said they were killed from professional sniper shots. so it shows that these men knew what they were doing, possibly even woman involved. they knew exactly what they were doing. it was a complex attack and possibly could have been planned out in a span of several weeks, if not several months. >> thank you very much. thank you. a question marks today over the state of u.s./iran relations after a much anticipated handshake between obama and rowhani failed to materialize. white house officials say they were open to an informal meet and greet between the two leaders but the encounter proved too complicated. in his speech before the u.n., rowhani said he's open to holding talks with the west but lashed out at western sanctions that have crippled iran's economy. >> translator: these sanctions
2:22 pm
are violent, pure and simple. our national interest make it imperative that we remove any and all reasonable concerns about iran's peaceful nuclear program. >> ali joins us from tehran. i want to follow up from yesterday, the sanctions and hardship for people in iran and how this may expedite or provide a path for diplomacy here. >> everybody here wants america and iran to have better relations because they know it's going to affect their life. over the last two years when america's imposed crippling sanctions on iran, the economy has crumbled. as i told you yesterday, inflation at 40%, youth unemployment at 29%. the cost of every day goods has gone up to 70, 80% in some
2:23 pm
cases. this isn't about big issues for iranian people but bread and butter issues, putting food on the dinner table. the only way to resolve this is getting rid of the sanctions and coming to some sort of nuclear deal with the united states -- out on the streets talking to the iranian people. this seems more like atmospherics rather than real substance. not much has changed. there's a new tone but same old differences as before. that worries people a little bit. a small indication of that is that people were really anticipating a handshake, a meet and greet between the two presidents and it didn't happen and the iranian currency lost 5% across against the dollar. >> the question is what is next. we know secretary kerry is to meet with his iranian counterpart at the united nations tomorrow. this is not to be dismissed as being a less than significant move though, ali. >> it's hugely significant,
2:24 pm
tamron. i mean there hasn't been a meeting of this level in at least six years and you can take it back decades to talk about when american and iranian officials of this level have sat down and spoking to each other. just the fact that they'll be sitting around the table talking to each other at this level is very significant. the iranian foreign minister who is educated in the states spent most of his adult life in the united states, speaks perfect english, will be able to speak english with kerry. that is a huge thing in itself. there's been a huge communications gap between the last negotiating nuclear deal. also the americans have indicated that the foreign minister is somebody they could possibly do business with. there does seem to be a thawing of tensions between the two of them. but as i said, this atmospherics at this stage. the proof in the pudding will be in the meetings in the p 5 plus 1 in germany and iran to see if
2:25 pm
they can come to some sort of understanding and deal, which they've been unable to do before. this is also a force with dangers as well. there have been deals before when rowhani was chief nuclear negotiator and stopped enrichment but the hard liners in the country said you're going too far and deal is not -- not a ripe time for a deal. and we saw what happened to recently. it's a etender stage and we hav to see what happens. >> live in tehran, thank you very much. still ahead, attorneys for the company michael jackson's mother says is libel for her son's death have started presenting their closing arguments. how aeg live is trying to convince a jury the company had nothing to do with hiring dr. conrad murray. plus, military fashion crackdown, preparing to tighten the rules when it comes to how female soldiers can wear their
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and get the inside knowledge. attorneys representing aeg live are wrapping up their case today hoping to convince jurors they are not responsible for michael jackson's death as closing arguments resume. the lead attorney is refuting the jackson's family's claim the company negligently hired dr. conrad murray and failed to supervise him leading to the singer's death. putnam told jurors, aeg tried to talk jackson out of letting dr. conrad murray treat him. >> make no mistake about this. it was mr. jackson, not aeg live, that chose dr. conrad murray. you've seen the evidence. aeg live didn't choose him. on the contrary, they tried to talk mr. jackson out of it. they told him there are great
2:30 pm
doctors in london. >> now, as the jackson family attorney delivered his closing arguments yesterday, it was the first time in the nearly five-month long trial that a dollar figure was placed on damages sought from aeg, 85 million to each of jackson's three children and 35 million to katherine. that's on top of the economic damages also being sought according to an expert witness. michael jackson stood to earn between 1.2 and $1.6 billion. joining me now, legal analyst lisa bloom. listen, whatever people may think of michael jackson here, this is a case surrounding a man who was a father, a brother and had his fans. and this comes down to for this civil trial, it's about dollars and money. >> that's what all civil trials are about ultimately, the dollar amount at the end of the day. michael jackson's family would say it's about so much more, your terrible concert promotion,
2:31 pm
that he was fragile and adidded to prescription medication. aeg knew that and railroaded through the whole situation with dr. conrad murray. aeg denies that as you saw. that was an important part of the argument. they say we weren't responsible for this. it was michael jackson who chose conrad murray. let his side take responsibility for that case. >> but they were the ones doling out the check. >> that's correct, they were under the contract with michael jackson that was negotiated. it was never signed with dr. conrad murray but it was a verbal agreement and still legally enforceable. >> that's a part of the argument, dr. conrad murray was motivated by this amount of money he was receiving from aeg to essentially give michael jackson anything to keep him going to make the show go on. >> we know dr. conrad murray was hey mess and from his involuntary manslaughter trial and conviction. he was taking $150,000 a month,
2:32 pm
a huge amount considering his practice was losing money and he was going into bankruptcy. he's been found legally responsible for michael jackson's death. that helps the plaintiffs in this case, the family. that's been established by a court. now they have to say who's responsible for dr. conrad murray. >> because this is a civil court and we learned from the o.j. simpson trial, another high profile civil cases, the threshold or the bar is very different here. >> yes, it's lower. >> it's just preponderance of the evidence. we hear about proof beyond a reasonable doubt and it's much easier in 51% of the evidence favors the plaintiff and 49% goes to aeg, the plaintiffs can win and the dollar amount can be huge because michael jackson was a high earner, one of heightest earners in the entertainment industry. >> incredible, lisa bloom. we appreciate you back on with us. still ahead on "news nation." >> mr. president -- i'll tell
2:33 pm
you i would be perfectly happy if not a single story coming out of this never mentioned my name. >> more on senator cruz's background and what led to this all nighter. what about his past? what are the clues that could have led us to really not be surprised by what went down last night. guys, i'm driving. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom. and with a turbo engine that gets 35 hwy mpg. you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row? i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron. jc: ron... exactly... vo: right now get the 2013 passat for 0% apr for 60 months with optional down payment match of up to $500.
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[ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. and now there's ocuvite eye + multi. an eye vitamin and multivitamin in one. welcome back. in the u.s. senate, the senate voting in the past hour to break off debate and move to consider the house passed bill that would avert a government shutdown next tuesday by defunding the president's health care law. that allowed ted cruz a's 21 ho verbal assault if you're counting. mark murray, last we spoke, i said is ted cruz the next sarah
2:37 pm
palin. meaning that when everyone lined up to buy her books and now on outs within her own party. ted cruz clearly on the outs with his own party but still going strong. i don't know when advertihis bo coming out but he's angling for something. >> that is a good place to put it, if the objective is to know who ted cruz is to boost his 2016 fortunes, still three years before that next presidential context, mission accomplished on that front. if it is to actually ingrashiate himself with fellow republicans as well as later down the line sponsor legislation with centrist democrats, i don't think that's his objective. but there are folks in this new media age where you can become a united states senator and become known overnight and certainly the last 24 hours have allowed ted cruz to become a household name, at least those of us who
2:38 pm
talk about politics constantly. >> in past ted cruz, the government shutdown or potential government shutdown even ted cruz -- almost said tom cruise -- in reality, people don't seem to care much about a men in i think he said cheap shoes or something. they do care about a government shutdown. does it appear dire that this is where we are heading? >> you know, i think that on the one hand we've been down this path before and these type of government shutdowns had been averted but we're starting to run out of time. the next big vote that occurs in the united states senate after today's vote will be to cut off all debate. that will take place on friday. and folks are saying that it's likely the senate doesn't get the legislation back to the house of representativeses until send. then you have 24 hours until the october 1st deadline. time is of the essence.
2:39 pm
if republicans say we wanted you to delay it for one year instead of de-fund it, that would go nowhere an we would be back to square one. >> you live, eat, sleep, drink this. when you look at the calendar and there's always a stalemate, i don't want to sound too down on this. it doesn't look like the time is there. >> it would have helped rpz to have this play out earlier and allow more wiggle room right now and term that is often used is, when the democrats hand it back, john boehner to house and republicans, they might only have 24 hours to act and that's not having a lot of options. >> we'll speak with you tomorrow. thanks a lot, buddy. >> we want to take a closer look at the junior senator cruz. it seems he's a likely candidate in 2016.
2:40 pm
he has made headlines with pretty hard charging comments. >> i don't know if mr. hagel has received funds directly or indirectly from foreign sources, from extreme sources. >> there is no more important regulatory reform we can do than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> i think president obama is the most radical president we've ever seen. but i think an awful lot of republicans fail to stand for principle and contributed to getting us in this mess. >> if standing for liberty and the constitution makes you a wha whacko, bird make me a proud whack bird. >> the author of bush's brain, always a great pleasure to talk with you. the first question i have, ted cruz is seen as a likely
2:41 pm
republican presidential candidate. but it never follows with exactly who other than the tea party which as we well know cannot get you to the white house exclusively. >> it can't. i was with ted cruz a couple of months ago in iowa where he met with a group of pastors and absolutely dazzled these pastors who were important in places like iowa among social conservatives. their somewhat different than tea party voters with fiscal issues. social conservatives that ted cruz is trying to appeal to. he thinks that if he can consolidate those two factions on the right of the party and has a chance to become the gop nominee in 2016. >> behind the scenes is he telling people or even when he joined the senate, was he saying intimately this is what he wanted? is he a part of the story line he wants to be president here? is that what he's saying behind closed doors? >> well, he is saying it to some
2:42 pm
people behind closed doors. i remember when he was running for senate, again and again and again we in texas saw him talk to crowds and say i'm not going to washington to make friends. i'm going to washington to shake things up. and he has succeeded. he hasn't made many friends in washington and the only question is whether this is a successful strategy for pulling together enough votes in a republican primary. it looks like a long shot but that is the goal. before he ran for the senate, he was a potentially a candidate for attorney general here in texas in 2011. he switched places. but during that time, i talked to big dollar donors in texas who said cruz made it clear to them that not only did he want to be attorney general in texas, but he intended to run for president of the united states and be president in 2020. this is part of a blue print all be it a long shot.
2:43 pm
>> aa blue print but he pointed out he wasn't there to make friends but doesn't seem concerned as being a legislator, his record is nonexistent. he's had enough time to be on the floor for 21 hours. >> i'm guessing a year from now, year and a half from now, his legislative agenda will still be nonexistent. he is not the type of candidate who is going to get friends as mark said earlier allies and colleagues to get things passed. that is not his goal. every time he can tell the tea party constituent, tea party voters and conservative members of the whacko bird caucus as it were, that i don't have friends up here, i'm going against the grain and not part of pork and doing it differently. i'm fighting for you against obama, that's a vote for him among those voters. >> real quick, i'm curious, you talked to personal friends, you've got college roommate who said at one point or alleged
2:44 pm
that ted cruz didn't want to study with people who dnd adidnt attend harvard or princeton or yale. what motivates him? >> ted cruz motivates ted cruz. when he worked in the policy shop in the bush election campaign here in austin, one of the things that was well known among his colleagues other policy development researchers was that if somebody important was around, and visiting the campaign, ted was gone. he was away from his desk, meeting that important person and letting them know not so much about george w. bush, at least these people tell me, but telling these people who had important roles in the future a lot about himself. ted cruz, including his academic and intellectual background. >> wayne, we always learn so much about our great home state of texas when we talk to you. wayne. see you soon. thanks. still ahead, new information and outrage from parents in one
2:45 pm
pennsylvania school district over the resignation with a top administrator who traded disgusting racist text messages about kids and teachers. we'll have more on this ongoing investigation. we'll be right back. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list.
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despite outrage from parents, they have approved a resignation in pennsylvania. it drew years from parents who wanted to see the men fired outright. coatesville school district richard cuomo and director of athletics jim denato both submitted resignations earlier this month and being investigated by the da, one of the men suggested all black children at the school should have the "n" word as their last name. joining me now, michael, the
2:49 pm
fact that they sent text messages and said kids should have "n" word for the last name. i don't know what the debate is. >> it is so bizarre, we're used to children getting in trouble because of social media, not used to administrators texting one another, using the "n" word 14 times in one conversation. it's sexist and vile. there are many surprises and one is when the texts first came to the attention of the school board, school board was willing to keep these individuals on the payroll and in their jobs and then a local newspaper called the daily local they got wind of the story and broke the story. all of a sudden it became a huge controversy and last night more than 1,000 taxpayers showed up and said, don't give them the easy way out. don't let them resign. fire them.
2:50 pm
the school board decided they weren't willing to do that, allegedly because they don't want the cost of litigation and so these two individuals are now gone but they left without being terminated. >> i guess if they applied for another job, the story, let's say the employer doesn't google them and look it up, they can say they resigned from their prior place of employment instead of saying they were fired? >> you're correct. it is getting such notoriety it will follow them. now it's in black in white for everybody to read. you put your finger on something that concerns me about this case, it makes you wonder how much circumstances never rise to this level but bad actors are passed along in the process instead of terminated. >> listen, they used work phones and we pointed that out because it's a work phone and adds to the ridiculousness to this, but
2:51 pm
it would have been just as egregious if they used their personal phones as well. they are teachers and you like to believe when you drop your kids off you are trusting your kids of high moral standard. i think that adds to the disappointment there. >> you're right about that. the use of the cell phones is the way in which they got tripped up because it was an i.t. person working for the cool distri school district involved in an upgrade, took a look at these things and blew the whistle. >> a topic i wish we did not have to discuss but it's out there. our gut check is up next. for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school,
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the u.s. army is rolling out a strict rules regarding tattoos and women's hair styles. mik, i understand this new tattoo rule would mean incoming soldiers would have to sit down with unit leaders and
2:55 pm
self-identify each tattoo. >> even medical records are kept on each tattoo because if they have tattoos that are offensive or obscene or sexist or racist in any way they have to be removed or altered in some way to remove the offensive part. it's not so much that there are new rules, it's just that the army is going to start enforcing the old rules. over the past 12 years as the army has been in engaged in wars in iraq and afghanistan they were not enforced as strictly as they usually are. the only new rules for tattoos are no tattoos below the elbows or the knees, but, for example, it used to be a tattoo would be no bigger than your hand but you see these tattoos coming out of the war zone, the entire body has become an ink canvas. >> what about women's hair styles, i get the discussion on the tattoos but hair styles? >> that's interesting too. there's also been a lackness in
2:56 pm
enforcing the army regulations in terms of women's hair style, their makeup and even their fingernails. you see some women in uniform who have -- you're asking me, poofy hair dos for example, or even braids that could get caught in machinery and lipstick and makeup has to be attuned with your own skin color. no purples, no hot tamale reds on your lips and men's fingernails can't go beyond their fingers, caught me at a good time. women's fingers can be a quarter inch. but some women in uniform are fudging a little on the rules. they are looking good but it's not what necessarily what the army wants. >> okay. that's safe to say i won't be in the army, my poofy hair and what is it hot tamale red lipstick, have to leave that at home. >> the fashion maven that will
2:57 pm
go down in history there. it's a pleasure. what does your gut tell you? do you agree with the restriction on tats and grooming? go to to cast your vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. "the cycle" is up next. ♪
2:58 pm
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