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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ty. what's your policy? right now on "news nation," new details about the woman shot dead by capitol hill police and why she may have tried to ram her car through a white house barrier. >> this morning we get the wall street journal out and it says we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. this isn't some damned game. the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. >> if it's not a game, what is it? the battle over the message in day four of the government shutdown, house speaker john boehner demanding the white house negotiate over obama care. the president vowing to veto anything except a clean bill. plus, bracing for karen, a huge part of the gulf coast right now
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preparing for this major tropical storm. we'll have an update on that. i'm tamron hall. quts news nation is following the clues in what caused a young mom to lead police on a wild chase that ultimately led to her death. miriam carey had a history of mental health problems. those who knew her said she was on medication but recently stopped taking them. law enforcement sources say she began to think the government had her under surveillance and she was being stalked by president obama. much of this investigation is now shifted to connecticut where people who live in carey's apartment building were evacuated as investigators along the bomb squad searched her apartment. this morning a 16-hour lockdown of the area was finally lifted. it's now been 24 hours since carey driving a black infinti with her toddler in the seat, hit a secret service officer with the car before taking off
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towards the capitol, going nearly 800 miles per hour. what she crashed her car outside the senate office building and there she was shot dead by police. her 18-month-old daughter was pulled from the vehicle, right now at this hour the information we have is that this child remains in protective custody. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff joins me now. there are questions about the police response but there's not been any real criticism of their actions. >> no criticism but there's certainly going to be internal investigations. we've got the investigations of the woman's background in connecticut, but they are also going to be internal investigations of police response here, as many as 17 shots were fired. she was unarmed. and she had a small child in the back seat. so in a case like this, every one of those officers who fired shots are going to be questioned. now, that said, the rules of
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engagement in deadly force policy when it comes to see kis kret service and white house police, because they are pro tegting those institutions and people in them, there are much more latitude to protect at all costs somebody who might be deemed a threat. some of those policies are not public and for obvious reasons these policies are designed to prevent terrorist acts. whether they apply and how they apply in a situation like this is something that all of the relevant agencies, capitol police, secret service, and the washington police department, which i'm told may be overseeing these investigations, are going to be grappling with. >> what's interesting, michael, we don't often have this it seems every other person and their child has a cell phone. we have incredible video from a close range of her interaction at least at one point with those
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officers with their guns drawn. you are able to get this incredible view of some of the decisions that are made at that split second by those officers and ultimately her racing off in the vehicle. >> right, these are split second decisions and that's why second guessing them becomes a very difficult process and a lot of people will push back on that. there is no clear evidence that anybody -- any officer did anything wrong here. and as one police source said to me yesterday, she may not have been armed but the car itself was a lethal weapon and that had to be considered. so all of these are important factors that are going to be reviewed here, but there certainly are a lot of questions on the table. one thing i should add is the confusion that surrounded this. you had -- i was talking to one capitol hill staffer saying that went out on the radio on capitol
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hill they could hear it, shots were fired. shots were fired. now it didn't specify who was shooting the -- who was shooting those shots but if officers had reason to believe that the woman had a gun or was responsible for the shootings, then that does change the calculus. >> investigators have been focused on brooklyn, speaking with miriam carey's family and estranged husband. her former employer, a doctor is also speaking out. she worked as a dental hygienist who was fired. she grew increasingly stressed by her pregnancy. >> we started out with a pleasant relationship with her in the office. we had a few incidents of her being -- you know, kind of head strong and hot tempered situations but for the most part she was an average employee, came in, did her job and leave.
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>> katy tur has more on what police are looking about her background. some of the information she had stopped taking her medication. what can you tell me about that? >> reporter: we did learn that from law enforcement sources who say family members told them that. we're getting a clearer picture as to what her mental state was before this happened. we talked to a lot of neighbors and they say by all accounts she seemed like a normal person, nobody here seemed to really know her just off exchanges going in and oust buildings. but family members have been speaking to law enforcement officials and they are painting a much clearer pictures. she was on psychosis medication and recently off and also post partum medication. she fell a couple of years ago a month before her pregnancy and after that increasingly was acting erratic. she would be holding her infant
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and wondering around unsure of where she was at. her former employer, dr. barry wise said she was increase will go i stressed out and the pregnancy was unplanned. as for 1-year-old girl, she's in child protective services. the family is trying to get temporary custody of her to figure out a longer term plan. >> katy, i don't know if you have much more about the child. we're at nearly 24 hours and you have a father and next of kin here. any clear idea of why the baby is still in protective custody and not with the extended family? >> reporter: there's not a clear picture about that right now. i know in d.c., the transfer could be happening at any moment. we're not sure how close the father was to miriam or to his daughter. i'm assuming it's all getting worked out and in the process of the investigation right now. but there's no real clear picture as to why they would not
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hand her over to the family. >> okay, katy, thank you very much. in the hours after the shooting, lawmakers delivered a massive show of gratitude to the capitol police officers, two of which were injured. >> join the majority leader in expressing our gratitude to the capitol police. [ applause ] >> the officers who responded to the attack there, the incident were exempt from the shutdown and required to be on duty but they are not being paid. joining me now, michael smerconish, we noted that the officers were on the job and they were not being paid. some people saw that as talking politics but that's reality. this is an example of what is happening where they are put
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their jobs before their families in many cases and in this case they are not being paid. >> you know, i naively looked at that and said this surely will bring about a resolution of what's going on in washington because the optics are horrible. you've got these police not being paid and members of congress are being paid. i said wait a minute, they'll go back to hyper par san gerrymandered districts an sell this to the pop you lus they represent and it will work. and that's what's taking place. every is appeasing their own base. i called it out as i believe it's on stinance on the part of the gop leadership and the house in the way that stands in the way of a resolution. they'll throw red meat out for the troops and guarantee their re-election. it's a losing strategy for a general election nationwide. think about 2016, not 2014. >> you talk about throwing red
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meat. you have this congressman from my home state of texas, randy new bar was confronting a park ranger at the world war ii memorial earlier this week, berating her in front of a group of people. you talk about when red meat turns sour or spoils quickly. he got his come uppance as he was attempting to humiliate this worker. i'll play it again. >> park service should be ashamed of herself. >> she is doing her job like me, i'm a 30 year federal veteran, out of work. >> the reason you are is mr. reid -- >> no it's because the government won't do its job and pass a budget. >> it's one thing to go at it as lawmakers and say who's playing games and who isn't. but he's confronting this park ranger completely for show here and i think people saw it as despicable to be honest with you. >> don't overlook the american flag in his breast pocket. this is a great example of what
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i'm talking about. if you heard what he said when that gentleman confronted him, he laid it off on harry reid. when he goes back to his constituency, i'll bet he can sell that. my argument is that nationwide there are a lot of independence watching who are not buying this and the gop is looking for an escape hatch and better find it soon. otherwise they'll do fine in 2014 but not be able to win a nationwide election. >> back to the capitol police, pete williams spoke with a number of them today as he was getting more details and said many of these officers are now worried that they will eventually be affected by the sequester. and this just continues for them, living under the threat of another missed paycheck. >> you know, the thought i have on that is that it also causes instability in the marketplace, looking behind capitol hill employees, imagine if you were a business contemplating an expansion or maybe you were an international business thinking of coming to the united states. he would be looking at this and
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saying we can't rely on this instability. i'm concerned about the intangibles and ripple effects that can't be calculated. >> and another number to throw in here. according to new information, more than 10,000 federal employees have now filed claims for unemployment insurance in the capitol area since the shutdown started tuesday. >> it's a disgrace. hopefully they resolve it soon. thanks, tamron. >> have a great weekend. the white house agrees to sign one proposed republican bill as the president reiterates he will not negotiate with a gun held to the head of the american people. >> plus -- >> this morning i get the "wall street journal" out, we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. this isn't some damned game. >> words from house speaker john boehner as republicans insist democrats are to blame. there's a new report, gop donors are quote furious with with hold funds as a way to take action.
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and the gulf coast prepares for tropical storm karen. the latest on where it could make landfall tomorrow. we'll get key information on the coast here regarding this storm. and join our conversation on twitter, at tamronhall and at newsnation. ♪
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house republicans held another closed door stratdy meeting to discuss how they'll move forward on day four. john boehner and gop leadership stuck to their message. they will not vote to end the shutdown until democrats give in on obama care. >> this morning, i get "the wall
2:17 pm
street journal" says we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. this isn't some damned game. all we're asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and bring fairness, reopen the government and bring fairness to the american people under obama care. >> president obama quickly responded by grabbing lunch with joe biden. gave brief remarks. >> i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker boehner on a whole range of issues. but we can't do it with a gun held to the head of the american people. >> house republicans will continue to hold votes today and tomorrow to reopen parts of the government through individual pieces of legislation. the white house dismissed those efforts and insisting the house vote on a clean bill that would end the shutdown completely. meanwhile, the white house has also canceled remaining stop of the week long trip to asia supposed to begin this weekend. kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill.
2:18 pm
kelly, i think people who have been paying attention know where each side stands. the question we all can't see if there are any talks happening behind the scenes that seem to be moving forward and everything i've heard from your reporting today, that's not the case. >> not in a formal sense. there are certainly pockets of lawmakers who are looking for an end game while acknowledging one is not evident right now. part of what makes it so difficult if they were to begin negotiations and both sides could agree to that, they would be able to see chess moves down the line. until that point, each side is trying to anticipate the other's moves and trying to manage public expectations and the message war each day. there's a lot happening and a lot of heat, not a lot of light going on. there are complications each day as it goes on that sometimes get in the way of each other's message. certainly republicans have been pum bled by many who say open it up. they are trying to argue their case. the white house as the speaker pointed out, if that quote is a
2:19 pm
real reflection what some in the white house think, that's a pr bit of a wrinkle for them. you've got that going on. at the same time, i can tell you there is more of a feeling that this current shutdown issue needs to become a part of the larger conversation related to the debt ceiling. we've been saying that day by day and it's becoming more and more evident that they are looking for a way, republicans are looking for a way on the house side to see if they can take in the larger issues. now democrats from the white house to the senate are saying, we'd be happy to talk about that, but not until -- the difficulty would be republicans still say they do not see a way for the speaker to bring forward a vote on opening up all aspects of the government without dealing with the healthcare law. that sounds faliar, doesn't it? that's pretty much where we were at the beginning of the week. it was a challenge. once of the differences today is that the house has voted to deal with federal workers' pay, giving them back pay for the days missed.
2:20 pm
while the white house has said it wouldn't do any of that piecemeal approach, it is acknowledging as it did with military pay that it would support that action. so that's giving republicans an opening to say, well, that's a piece you would support. how about the national parks and cancer research at the nih. each side is really elbowing and edging and i know how tiresome it is for the public but i -- >> i think chuck todd did a great job of pointing out, they are picking winners and losers in a sense. they pick who will move forward with funding and it's just ridiculous in many ways but politico is reporting kelly, that speaker boehner told a small group of congressional allies he planned to use the upcoming con influence of the debt ceiling to get a large scale budget deal and trying to think of the next strategy. zachary, who is coming up next to talk about the effects on the economy, pointed out in a second, will stop counting down the shutdown and the clock at
2:21 pm
the bottom of the screen will be how many few days for debt ceiling. >> that's the same reporting that we're doing, that speaker boehner is relying on his close allies in the house who are long time friends and people who are like minded, important committee chairman to get that message out that he does not want to see default. that's always been his public position as well. but trying to steer the thinking away from a focus only on the health care law to broaden it to the other issues. the reality is, there are some republicans who feel they've played out the hand related to the health care law and need to look elsewhere. that is happening and that's where this is angling toward. speaker boehner remains at the center of it and spoke today publicly. as you noticed over recent days, his public appearances are rationed in a bit doing a lot f behind the scenes things we are not able to cover with cameras but the reporting tells us he is working on some way to bring together enough members and especially from his view, enough
2:22 pm
republican members to go along. >> thank you very much. let me bring in the person i just referred to, zachary cara bell, cnbc contributor, normally we would talk about jobs numbers, another thing impact by the shutdown. >> if you go to the bls which does the monthly jobs numbers our site is not being updated because the federal shutdown. people are not going to cry a lot of tears for its absence, it's also true until 30 years we didn't report these things like what the federal reserve did. that being said, how we think about what's going on economically is shaped by the members and they give us insight into what's going on. the absence of them is a real problem if we're going to spend money at the government or private level to kind of move things forward. >> the absence of a major -- i'm looking to the side to see the dow, a major reaction from wall street right now, how does that factor in to i guess the
2:23 pm
pressure on lawmakers to get something done. the dow is up 63 points, we've seen other battles and we're solid in the red. >> two things here, wall street and i think about people in general, there's clear crisis and the world is falling apart fatigue. you say it's going to fall apart too many times and it doesn't, whatever, i'm not listening to that. which doesn't mean it's not about to. there's a degree of just genuine belief that we can survive a shutdown, it's impacting a lot of people and will take off gdp growth for this quarter but that's factored in. but we cannot survive a debt default. wall street is doing fine because if the government shut down for two weeks, it's a hit but we'll move on. if we default on debt, all bets are off and this market will crater. until then, anything that goes on right now, the press conferences, the inside the beltway stuff, i think investors are pretty much tuning out. >> you've pointed out and i brought it up with kelly, in a second this clock at the bottom we've been watching will switch
2:24 pm
to the debt ceiling clock here adding to the anxiety. the reality we already know. we don't need a clock to tell us what's looming. >> i do think it's so inconceivable for so many people that a political class would purposely not pay obligations that we are fully capable of paying. i think right now people are going, there's just no way. you can't imagine that someone will be riding toward a cliff and go, all right, whatever, we'll go off the cliff. >> i think that part of the equation is complex and i think confusing, particularly when you're talking about conservatives are fiscally responsible conservatives and if you are fiscally responsible person you would pay your bills. we all know what that means. if you are concerned about the standing of the country, you're concerned about the economy, these are bills that we owe, not things in the future. >> they are debts we've incurred not debts we need to incur. there's a lot of confusion.
2:25 pm
you say to people, do you agree we should raise the debt ceiling. the perception is i don't want to spend more money, not that we've spent this money, should we honor it. i'm sure if you call people and switch the poll question, we know polling questions determine outcomes and said do you think the united states should honor its obligations? you would have very different poll numbers and the reality is it's being played as don't want to incur more expenses -- the reality is we borrowed this money, we owe it. we'll be on the next countsdown clock by monday. >> that's right. >> still ahead -- >> texans do not want to sit back and watch austin turned into washington, d.c. coming out swinging, wendy davis off and running in her bid to break republican 20-year grip on the governor's mansion. even some democrats admit, she's got a steep hill to climb. just in the past hour, major
2:26 pm
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...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. now that wendy davis has announced shegs running for governor. what are the chances of her winning? perhaps the biggest on at a xal the campaign war chest, hers at 1 million and counting, three months after an epic fight over abortion rights made her az rising star, she announced late yesterday, she's in. >> texans do not want to sit back and watch austin turned into washington, d.c. but state leaders that are currently in power are forcing
2:30 pm
people to opposite corners to prepare for a fight instead of coming together to get things done. i'm asking you to dream of all that we can accomplish together. i'm asking you to believe that the best of texas is yet to come. >> joining me now, wayne slater, writer for "the dallas morning news" and co-author of "bush's brain." it's great to see you again. >> great to be with you as always. >> let's talk about the big announcement, she's capture the nation's attention, but what is the fight ahead for her? >> well, it's a long fight ahead. i mean the odds are against her but it's like a lottery ticket, you can't win if you don't play and that's what she decided to do. the odds are better for than winning a lottery in texas. . in order to win, she has to appeal to a grow are constituency of hispanic voters a population really growing in texas and likely to move texas
2:31 pm
blue in some years in the future but also appeal to women, especially moderate republican leading women in the suburbs who were crucial to ann richards victory in 1990 for governor. that's what wendy davis needs this time and it's not going to be easy. >> you mentioned ann richard, her daughters, cecile richards tweeted out a note after wendy davis made her big announcement. proud to stand with wendy davis, let's get to work. she also tweeted we don't get to say this is enough great news for women in texas. but this weekend, wayne, as i understand it, a number of pro-life organizations planning to run ads going after wendy davis. >> yeah, that's the good news and bad news. the good news is that you energize a portion of the democratic base which hadn't had much to smile about in 20 years, and these are often pro-choice women and folks very progressive and so they are very, very
2:32 pm
excited. but at the same time, there's going to be a general election and if wendy davis is the nominee, which she will be in the democratic party, she'll have to appeal to a more moderate audience. she's not an richards, she was her own persona. i think some people think if i would see wendy davis shoot a dove and lead a prayer, she might pick up more moderate support. >> appealing to moderate women who may vote republican from time to time or see themself as independent, her life story is one that is captivating in itself. she's not ann richards, she's her own person. but in this modern time she represents a modern female story. >> she has in her record some support at the ft. worth city council and senate for business moderate business friendly issues. her story is compelling. she was a teenage single mother living in a trailer park who worked her way all the way to
2:33 pm
harvard law school and successful lawyer. extraordinary story for women, story for texas and extraordinary story for anybody. she's going to play that big. >> just quickly, the money game, abbott has $25 million, her number certainly will build but that's a big gap as well. we know the money counts. >> money does count. texas an expensive state to run television. her people think there won't be any problem with raising $25 million. but she'll probably need $40 million. the question is whether some big donors come through, especially national democrat donors next summer. >> we'll see what happens next. it's a hot one in texas. thank you, sir. still ahead, gop donors speaking of big money, revolting against the tea party led shutdown. one donor telling the daily beast he's embarrassed to be a republican and refuses to raise money for house candidates. will this have an impact? plus, from bad to worse, pennsylvania's governor in severely hot water after trying
2:34 pm
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wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. it's time for the quts news nation post script in washington. it's been a full week of fingerpointing and accusations from both sides of the aisle as a monday midnight deadline to the government shutdown came and went. >> it's time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the house has listened to the american people and pass a one year delay of obama care. >> we will not go to conference with a gun to our head. >> pass a budget, end the government shutdown. pay your bills. >> speaker boehner and his band of tea party radicals have done the unthinkable.
2:38 pm
they've shut down the federal government. >> i talked to the president earlier tonight. i'm not going to negotiate. >> none of us want to be in a shutdown and we're here to say to the senate democrats, come and talk to us. >> it's the tea party shutdown of government. >> my goodness, they won't even sit down and have a discussion about this. >> speaker boehner and house republicans are engaging in silly empty political stunts. >> right now, hundreds of thousands of americans hard working americans, suddenly aren't receiving their paycheck. >> joining me now live, senior editor mark murry, let's move ahead. we'll hear all of the fire on sunday morning programs. what do we know regarding any kind of movement here to end this? >> i think the movement is the same we saw in the monday taj where monday looked like tuesday and wednesday, i know this has been used a lot in the past. this has been groundhog day, both sides and all of the
2:39 pm
movement has been really to kind of get each other. one side united trying pick off any kind of people you might be able to. but there has been almost no movement at all and really what eve seen over the past 24 to 48 hours is the republicans trying to get their base unified. as you heard voices in the senate criticizing ted cruz or say we need to move beyond tieing this to the president's health care law and consider the spending levels a victory for our side. >> but mark, obviously, it's groundhog day, we've seen these arguments and know where each player stands but the logical question i think the language is often, what breaks the fever. what breaks this here? we're going to have a conversation in the second about republican donors saying they may hold back some of their money. who or what has the power to end this? >> i think there are a couple of things to look on your calendar that can end it and really big
2:40 pm
pressure points, one is about a week from now when the paychecks that people who are federal government workers including people who work on capitol hill and seen as essential workers might not be getting their paycheck come october 15th. then there's that october 17th deadline on the raising the debt ceiling. as we get closer you'll see more stuff. but this is all pr theatrics and trying to bolster one side to unify their base. that's what we've seen and i don't think that will change over next day or two. >> you and the first read team point out at least that everyone is dug in and the polling shows that americans are blaming republicans, more than they are democrats, despite that, republicans are at least some believe they are winning this hot mike movement as it's been called with mitch mcconnell and rand paul circulating. let me play what they said. >> i'm all wired up here.
2:41 pm
>> i didn't see an end. i go over and over again, we're willing to compromise and negotiate. i don't think the poll tested we won't negotiate. i think it's awful for them to say that over and over again. >> i do too. i came back from a two-hour meeting with them and that was basically the same view. >> i think if we keep saying we want to defund it and fought for that now we're willing to compromise on this, i think -- i know we don't want to be here but we're going to win this, i think. >> we're going to win this, i think. a candid moment, not candid he didn't know the mike was on. we know this kind of negotiating and conversations happen, but to be privy to it aulsz fascinating. >> there's a fascinating split in the republican party. a lot of established republicans come from swing states, purple states, just a shade red states are thinking this is a terrible
2:42 pm
strategy and idea. when you're dealing with conservatives that come from the rock red states like kentucky, the state that both rand paul and mitch mcconnell represent, voted overwhelmingly for mitt romney over obama think it is fine because that's what the constituents want from them. >> as pointed out, it's the same people who showed up or called in or went online to sign up for obama care in the very state that did not support it. you get this convoluted message. the president himself pointed out it was kentucky where he didn't win but the phones and internet lighting up for obama care. >> tamron, i'm glad you bring up health care. this is what is central. john boehner today when he was talking about the president needs to negotiate, what he said was he needs to negotiate over the health care law. this all comes down to the health care law. you can almost see this is the republican's last stand on health care. particularly as these changes are open and people are
2:43 pm
receiving benefits. that's why this fight is so fast and furious and why you've seen so much activity from the republican side because they know this law is being implemented and every minute and day that goes by becomes harder and harder to overturn. >> i believe it's around 7 million who advivisited the web to sign up in first day and they compared that to traffic of one of the major airlines for the week. the numbers are proof that at least at this point want to go on the site to see what the options are and that makes it more difficult to fight the health care law as it is. thank you, mark, greatly appreciate it. there are new reports of republicans infighting as a result of government shutdown. according to david free lander, gop donors are revolting against the republican led shutdown. one major donor to george w. bush says i have raised a lot of money but not raising any more for house candidates and embarrassed to be a republican
2:44 pm
sometimes. senior political correspondent david freeland joins us now. this was not one person, a one-off. >> no this is something i heard over and over again. i started to dial some of the most prominent donors and they were frustrated and angry as members of congress that also feel they are being led off a cliff by tea party republicans. >> they may say that to you, but many of these donors, particularly the more conservative ones, even after the supreme court said it was constitutional, even after millions of people have gone on here and signed up. >> sure, i think there's a split among gop donors. you have some in the south and west who will continue to fund and encouraging us on. a lot in the northeast and west coast are angry at this. they work in finance and work in those industries and they can see bottom lines of businesses being hurt. >> this threat of holding back the money, is there any
2:45 pm
indication it will have -- will resonate in they way with senator cruz and some of the other power brokers that lead the party right now? >> that remains to be seen. the point as i spoke with there needs to be a counter veiling force and they hope to be that force. >> how do they plan to do that? >> by withholding money and giving money to people that seem reasonable. >> how much money this one particular donor? >> they bundle at different levels, but if you see a lot of dropoff and if you see people sending money to moderate republicans and not to conservative republicans, maybe conservative republicans will notice. it's an interesting article. thank you so much for stopping by. still ahead, gulf coast residents preparing for tropical storm karen. the forecasters say could make landfall as a category one hurricane as early as tomorrow. we'll get an update from the weather channel on this storm. [ molly ] honey. whoa! sweet mother of softness. paws off pal.
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forecasters are getting a better day of when tropical storm karen will make landfall and how strong it will be. it will be the second name d storm to hit the u.s. this year. hurricane watches remain in effect for parts of louisiana and florida while a tropical storm warning has been posted for other parts of the gulf coast. kayla is closely monitoring the story for us. what's the latest? >> boy we have been watching this one and tropical storm karen was expected to come ashore as a cat 1 hurricane but now the national hurricane center backed it down to tropical storm levels but still dangerous. right now we are 240 miles south-southwest of new orleans. sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. and our pressure at 1,003 millibars. the all important question is the track and path and timing. it is expected to come ashore saturday evening in the overnight hours there at 60 to
2:50 pm
65 miles per hour. now, again, this is a little bit less than we were thinking yesterday, 70 to 75 miles per hour but it's still going to have a lot of impact and not a big difference, a few miles per hour when you're talking that high of a wind and going to bring rain ashore monday morning. you mentioned the watches and warnings that are up. we have a hurricane watch for the coast of mississippi at alabama. and you can also see we have a tropical storm watch all the way over into panama city, new orleans also under tropical storm watch in the southern coast of louisiana under the tropical storm warning. how much rain could we get? 3 to 5 inches is what we're expecting over to pensacola. locally 8 plus inches. we're talking storm surge 3 to 5 feet, think of that as high as chest level and that is am the water piles up and we could see danger though. even though it may not come ashore as a cat 1, a dangerous situation. saturday night we expect impact.
2:51 pm
>> we'll continue our coverage on our weekend shows on msnbc. snow in the midwest. tops our stories around "news nation." look at this. expecting blizzard like conditions and looks like they got them. more than a foot of snow already fallen in montana and parts of south dakota, expecting up to 2 feet of snow. a dramatic shooting an an oregon highway is caught on camera. the driver, john allen ii, has three children in the car repeatedly being told to get back in the vehicle. that is when allen, who is said to be in the army, pulls out the weapon you see it there again and shoots the officer and speeds off. the suspect was later found dead. he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, found a half mile away slumped over in the vehicle. the children in the car were not hurt. and yankees thirds baseman alex rodriguez suing major league baseball saying they
2:52 pm
tried to destroy his career and reputation. a-rod alleges selig twried to make an example out of him in the drug scandal. he is fighting a 211 game suspension for his alleged role. mlb called a-rod's actions desperate and his suit was in clear violation of the joint drug agreement between mlb and the union. we'll be right back. ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with tide pods... a powerful 3 in 1 detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. three chambers. three times the stain removal power. pop in. stand out. ♪
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here's some things we thought you should know. pennsylvania governor tom corbett is backtracking after comments he made about same-sex marriage s. take a listen. >> there was a controversial remark made by member of your legal team comparing gay marriage to the union of 12-year-olds saying both are
2:56 pm
illegal which you called inappropriate. >> it was an inappropriate analogy, i think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don't you? >> after an outcry from fellow governors and lawmakers he released a video apologizing to anyone offended. his brother and sister are analogy was his way of trying to highlight another instance where two people would be banned from marrying. it's time for the "news nation" gut check, do you think donors threatening to hold back cash make some members of the gop back down? go to news nation to cast the vote. that does it for this edition of news nation. the cycle is up next. [ male announcer ] for the original salon genius, hair color was as important as your cut. now a breakthrough from vidal sassoon helps stop water from fading away the vibrant color you wish would stay. waterproof it! the vidal sassoon hair color collection
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