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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at bashir live, and coming up next, it's "the ed show" with ed schultz. see you tomorrow. ♪ good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. we're not shut down and we don't default. let's get to work. >> i have one thing to say. you better work. ♪ >> i think we would be better off if you were elected. a lot better off. >> you're fired. >> my concern was the president in his first term pushed through things on a partisan basis. ♪ work >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> that's who the republicanses are! >> is there any party that wants to say i told you so? >> look, i'm with the republicans. >> their agenda to concentrate the wealth to empower the corporations. >> corporations are people, my
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friend. >> to depress the wages, to favor the rich, is still in full throttle. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> still in full throttle. >> i made a number of mistakes personally in things i said. >> 47% of the people -- >> i wish i could fix those and go back and relive history. but that's not going to happen. >> you're fired. >> i want to see america succeed. ♪ america america >> we've got to get this country going again. ♪ from sea to shining sea >> you're fired. >> the fabulous experience. i can't tell you how wonderful it was. ♪ >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we thought we would put out the old file tape for memory. because it seems like everything these guys are pushing right now is what america rejected. mitt romney lost the election. but this is all about election denial. and what's all this talk about the president won't negotiate?
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president obama brought some conservative media people over to the white house for an off-the-record meeting. you know, like charles kraut hammer. there's a righty that would never warm up to the president or any of his policies. so you mean to tell me that the president is willing to go face-to-face with people who are critical of him but can't face down these guys when it comes to doing a deal? i don't buy that. i have been in some of those off-the-record meetings with the president. he does say stuff. i'm curious about what he said to conservative media. is he trying to win them over? no, he's just saying, here are the facts. well, the president is out meeting with all these different groups. the breaking story at this hour is that president obama is now meeting with house democrats at the white house about, of course, the government shutdown. and everything else we're going through. maybe the debt limit is going to get a vote. who knows. we're keeping an eye on the stakeout camera, if anybody comes out and says anything. we, of course, will take it here, the remarks live, on "the ed show".
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i have said it once and i will say it again. we are headed for default. meanwhile, one tea party senator is trying to say, no, we're not going down that road. he doesn't agree with me. >> there's zero chance that the u.s. government is going to default on its debt. it's unfortunate that people have conflated this idea of not raising the debt ceiling immediately on october 17th. >> yeah. >> with somehow defaulting on our debt. >> i love that sound bite. because we've got an absolute out of him. a zero chance of default? that's on record, senator. i think that this senator from pennsylvania is totally clueless. he doesn't know what he's talking about. he's a politically naive and bought and paid for member of congress. he's just there to make sure -- making an effort to ease the fear that the market crash isn't going to be as bad as it probably will be when we do default. of course, he's protecting his buddies on wall street. nice try. tumory is in denial if he thinks the departiers won't tank this
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country to put it on obama's legacy. they have had no problem shooting down the government and obstructing president obama on everything. and all this talk about negotiation, where is it? where is the responsibility from the right to negotiate? take a look at who the democrats are dealing when you talk negotiation. >> it's pretty clear that president was re-elected. albuquerq obama care is the law of the hand. this isn't some damn game. >> let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that. let's love people. >> i'm sure there are people here who think abortion is okay. i don't want to make you sick, but i've brought an abortion to show you today. >> i don't think it's nice to call anyone crazy. >> hell, no, you can't! hell, no, you haven't!
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>> continues to refuse to negotiate. the country is going to default. >> it's the path we're on. >> it's the path we're on. how do you negotiate with folks like that? even just today, i don't know if he just was trying to make some news, get into the news cycle or running the mouth again. michele bachmann is talking about impeachment. we could impeach the president and the house if we wanted to! she told some right-wing talker that. the thing is, they look for any opportunity they possibly can to tarnish the president. so with a cast of characters that they're dealing with, we should not be shocked at all, liberals. we should know better than anybody that we're headed for default. house republicans have done nothing. they have done nothing but obstruct president obama and harness the middle class with hardship. and they have done absolutely nothing to make us, the american taxpayers, believe that they won't default. that we can take them at their word, that they're really
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willing to negotiate and deal. house republicans, you see, they have voted down every jobs package that's out there. the american jobs act. they don't want anything to do with that. they've gone after voting rights as of late. they've gone after women's rights, all over the country. they're out to privatize the big three. medicare, medicaid, social security. ryan was writing about that today. they want to take your health care away from millions of americans. i mean, they relentlessly protect tax breaks from corporations and dish out decision and the wealthiest americans are the ones that benefit. house republicans have also voted to raise student loan interest rates. there's no end to it with these folks. so what makes you think that we're not going to default, because they said so? on a morning show? john boehner's republican house hasn't done a thing to help the middle class in this country. all they do is obstruct, sabotage, any kind of progress that the president of the united states has made. these guys have done nothing to help 42 months of private-sector
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job growth. now, our next guest on this program is discovery channel host, mike roe. and i am a fan. what this guy talks about is what we touch on on this program. you might know him from his show, "dirty jobs," or from "the deadliest catch." roe is a supporter of some very honorable things, like creating good middle class jobs and improving america's crumbling infrastructure. he even has a website, mike roe to create trade jobs like plumbing and construction and welding. and i have to admit, i was somewhat stunned when i saw mike roe on stage with mitt romney last fall in the midst of it all. roe actually touched on some central themes that we hit here on "the ed show." >> people with dirty jobs, skilled tradesmen, they represent a fairly modest part of the population. but think about the results of what they do, and think about
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the degree to which we all rely on it. i don't know about you, but i'm an addict. i am addicted, hopelessly addicted to paved roads, to cheap electricity, to indoor plumbing. right? these are things that i'm a big fan of. and these are the things that keep society moving. >> mike, i'm on board, brother. big-time. unfortunately, republicans don't support much of what mike roe is saying. they vote against student loans. they vote against any jobs bill that's out there. they vote against infrastructure. they -- the facts are very clear. republicans vote against all progress that the democrats have put on the table. so since we have this theme tonight of talking about negotiation, i thought maybe i could negotiate with mike roe, because you know whark i think he is the perfect independent that the democrats have to win over. he's got the working man hat, he's got the sweatshirt. you know, he is the perfect
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independent that we have to convince that it's their fault! it's these -- these are the guys who don't like the middle class. these are the guys that are causing the shutdown. and you know what, if we default, you know who is going to hurt the most? the very people that mike roe is talking about. the middle class is going to get hurt. the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the welder, the electrician. all of those middle class guys. where do you think this economy is going to go if we don't pay our bills? i'm going to ask him in a moment. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. does the republican party have anything to offer working class americans? text a for yes, b for no to 67622. go to our blog and leave a commend at we'll bring the results later on in the show. now let me convince this guy that i'm a real fan. let me bring in discovery channel host, mike roe. mike, i'm so close to buying that ford f-150. i'm so close.
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>> got to get you out of that me ata. >> you make me a believer and i've been a chevy guy for a long time but i'm real close. so let's reverse it. what were you doing on stage with mitt romney? i've got to ask you that. >> look, first of all, put yourself in my place. i'm sitting here, coming to the irrevocable conclusion that i am dressed today exactly as i was on that stage those many months ago. what are the odds of me in this same hat and this same shirt? >> nice to meet you. >> it's humiliating and chilling. but thank you for having me. >> oh, come on. >> i'm talking about my outfit. >> you are the classic american that is going to be hurt, number one, but the shutdown. number two, by default. and i don't have any confidence that these guys are going to come to an agreement. you're -- you are the working guy in america, you probably hunt and fish. you're the -- you're the perfect guy that the democrats have been fighting for. what policies have the
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republicans put on the table that would get a guy like you to say, you know what, i'm going to stand on stage with mitt romney? >> i don't know. thanks, first of all. it's not a totally inaccurate assessment. but a slightly more accurate version is i'm a fan of everything you described. you and i grew up not far apart in the chesapeake bay. so you know, i grew up with crat tradesmen and farmers. i've tried really hard to take the initiative that grew out of "dirty jobs" and keep it as nonpartisan as possible. i get it, it's a tricky, sticky wicket in this environment. my wish fulfillment the in life was not to share the stage with either mitt romney or barack obama, although i wrote them each an identical letter. i was looking for access. i was looking for a place to talk about the definition of a good job. the changing definition of alternative education. and trying just, you know, have
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a conversation. of course, doing that in a political season is insane and might be insane to do it now but we're trying. >> i think you are where america is. >> i do too. >> i think if you look at the approval rating of congress -- by the way, it's now down to 5%. >> nice. >> single digits. >> in case you missed that most recent poll. want to bring up up to date on the polling there, mike. 5%. so i think a lot of americans are where you are. i'm a partisan guy. i'm mad at republicans. i think they've -- they have hurt people for political gain. the very jobs that you talk about, the welders, the electricians, the plumbers, the kinds of things we really need to help build infrastructure in this country, they haven't supported. and they've been clear about it. and it's going to take -- i think to change this country for us to reach out and grab a guy like you and make you realize that this partisan thing, it's not good. nobody likes it. but there are absolutely here. >> everybody is talking about reaching out and grabbing something. you know? it's very grabby. right now.
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everybody is screaming. everybody is upset. and everybody is trying to figure out exactly what cap to wear. what team are you on? you know and i did bill maher's show. and everybody said how can you sit next to that guy and have the conversation. i do o'reilly's show, get the same thing from my buddies on the left. what's for sale is the definition of a good job. i spent nine years, worked in all 50 states, and 300 different jobs and everybody i met said the same thing. the single hardest thing to do right now is technical recruitment. recruitment in general. finding people who are enthused about learning a new skill and truly working their butt off. i know it's old-school. but there is a real crisis going on that is truly nonpartisan. and it has to do with the willingness of rebooting and going through a kind of reverse boot camp, which i think we have to do. >> now, my answer to that, and i
5:14 pm
have statistics to back that up. those butcher, baker, candlestick maker, plumbers, electricians, construction workers. they've been depressed. depressed wages by corporate policies for the last 40 years. there's been an attack on laborer, there's been an attack on unions. even trying to take away people's voices in the workplace, when someone can go and fight for a good wage. i think if wages weren't depressed, i think we would be filling the void that you're talking about, about those jobs that are very necessary for us this country and our economy to move forward. >> look, it's a fundamental philosophy, it's a way of thinking. kevin costner said the same thing in "field of dreams." if we build it, they'll come. some will come, some won't. some will show up to actually build it, right? so without saying who's who and what's where, the work has to get done. and there's an argument to be made for labor. but, look, labor and work are different. all right? the definition of a good,
5:15 pm
meaningful job doesn't start with what your union tells you to do or not to do. it starts with your sense of self. and your own sense of work and your own sense of meaning. you get to define all of those things. so i just feel like for a long, long time, the notion of a job began with the notion of an opportunity. and you made of it what you would. today, in my opinion, there seems to be an expectation about what should happen. what is the bargain, and what should i expect. and so we're colliding. >> well, we're colliding because i believe government's role is to set the table for opportunity and help people reach their potential. and so student loans are very important. student debt, very important. what we're doing to young kids in this country and our educational system does not lend itself to the kind of skills that you're talking about. and i do agree with you that you build it, they come. you pay, they'll be interested to go down that road.
5:16 pm
>> true enough. >> i mean, so -- so this attack on wages, this attack on labor, and i do agree with you. there is a difference between labor and wages. >> and work. >> but -- and work. but they're all connected. and when you have a political system that is attacking wages and shipping jobs overseas, the talent pool for the things you're talking about is going to get squeezed, especially when you're trying to put it on students to load them up with debt. they don't buy into this thing. so look, we could talk for hours. >> let's do it. let's talk for hours. because i like you and i feel like you're making headway. i feel like we are too. and i think it's a much needed conversation. the problem is, you and i aren't in washington to go do a deal, to keep us from defaulting. i think you and i could do a deal. >> let's do that. how do you feel about being vice president? i don't want to be presumptuous. >> if that happens -- if that happens, i would probably go over budget on jet fuel. because i would be going to every hunting and fishing place in america. >> $1 trillion in student loans.
5:17 pm
you're right, no joke. >> it is no joke. i think the dream of owning a home in america, the dream of having that ford f-150 pickup truck -- you know, there's -- and i've had new cars in my life and new trucks of the even at my age, there is something really neat about having a new truck. there is something really neat about a guy working for 20 years, oh, honey, i've got that -- that's america, isn't it? >> i can make a call. i can have one in your driveway before you say holy crap, i'm cancelled. >> before i'm cancelled? >> i just say things. >> no, i'm -- i'm just trying every time slot here. on msnbc. mike, good to meet you, thank you. later in the show, we'll have some more romney wisdom. >> running for president is a fabulous experience. and by the way, if anyone that is watching gets a chance to run for president, do it. >> exactly who is mitty speaking to?
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we'll have the new 2016 insights. but first, howard dean joins me to talk about some of the most pervasive republican lies about obama care. that's part of the trenders. up next. stay with us. little q and a for. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins.
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5:22 pm
i would strongly support using it again if we a vihigh-value detainee. >> this could go on all day. >> the number two trender. dog run. >> did you hear the one about the dog who finished a half marathon? >> boogie got loose on the course, ran in the pack and finished the race. >> a lost dog found his way to the finish line at an indiana half marathon. >> i don't know if he was prescouting the race. you know how racers check the course out. >> i found out later that, you know, he was all over facebook. >> tell police he is the world's first dog to complete a half marathon without assistance from a human. and today's top trender, brown noise. >> the american people have spoken very clearly. they don't want the government shut down. they do not want america to default on its debts. but they don't want obama care. obama care is the flaw of the land and it must go away. >> congressman paul browne gives his expert advice on obama care.
5:23 pm
>> obama care just spends too much taxes, too much regulation. it's going to destroy the quality of health care in america. it's going to push us into a total economic collapse of america. and obama care is going to destroy everything that we know as a nation. >> you obviously hate obama care and i was intrigued. ♪ i'm joined by dr. howard dean, former governor of vermont, former chair of the dnc and founder of democracy for america. dr. dean, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks for having me on, ed. >> absolutely. we've got in that one sentence, we've got totally destroy health care quality of america. total destruction and collapse of our economy. is anything these guys are saying about obama care the truth? >> no. it's ridiculous. it's silly. and it's a little disappointing to have doctors talk like that. i mean, doctors are supposed to be scientifically based, care
5:24 pm
about what the facts are. i don't think these guys have any idea what the facts are. in fact, i bet they couldn't explain obama care to you. they voted on it. >> exactly. and, you know, 9 million people have checked out health since october 1st. doesn't this prove there is a need for what has been passed in this country and the more these numbers add up, the more ridiculous they're going to be? >> well, yeah. i mean, i wouldn't go so far to say 9 million people prove they checked it out, prove it's going to be needed. because i am fact-based. but i truly think that given the numbers of uninsured people, given the numbers of people who are banned from health insurance, because they have preexisting conditions, given the number of modest income hard-working people who can't get insurance, this is going to be something that's going to be very good for the country. and incidentally, very good for barack obama, the democratic party. the republicans have taken this enormous risk, and i think one of the reasons they're fighting so hard and willing to shut down the government and kill the economy over this is because
5:25 pm
they know that when obama care really does get kicked off sometime around january 1st, when people start really getting insurance, republicans are going to be remembered as the people who try to kill that program and they're -- they're not going to be remembered kindly because of it. >> so you think they know they're on the wrong side of history and they've just dug in too deep and this is their last resort. >> i think that's part of it. the other thing, i think some of the people in congress are just completely out of touch. but that's true most of the time. >> how outlandish is it, howard dean, for a doctor to go on tv and say that it will totally destroy quality of care in america? how irresponsible is that? >> interesting thing, this guy is running for the senate in georgia. there is another doctor running for the senate in georgia who said he counselled couples when they wanted to be fertile to have a glass of wine and relax. i don't know where these people get their mds but i think maybe in the state lottery or something. >> howard, what about default? do you think that this country is going to default? i believe that we are. i don't think that the republicans have given us any
5:26 pm
indication that they would do anything that would help this economy, and i think that they're going to let us go over the cliff and default. a lot of it has to do with the president. i would like your thoughts on that. >> i think if they do, that will be the end of the modern republican party. this is -- you know, today it came out that the -- that majority of republicans have a negative opinion about the republican party. these guys are committing suicide. i don't get what they're doing here. and even the moderates are so terrified. yesterday there were about 22 republicans, which is enough to put the debt ceiling over the top and get a clean bill passed. today they're all running for cover and hiding under the bed. they must have got the word from the koch brothers or something that we're not going to fund you anymore. it's stunning what i see happening in the republican party. this was a party that 40 years ago helped pass civil rights and was very good on the environment. it's just disappeared. >> well, in this orchestrated attempt after the election, obviously covered by the "new
5:27 pm
york times," extensively over the weekend about what their plan was to bring us to this point oh. how much of a -- where are we a year from now? do people remember this, in your opinion? >> oh, they can't forget this. you know, it's interesting, because the numbers for the republican congress are now at the say same low the day they were the day bill clinton was impeached. bill clinton picked up seats as a result of that. and you know, i think it's going to happen again. i think if the election were held today, the democrats would win a majority in congress. and every day that goes by, that majority that democratic majority gets more cemented as a possibility. >> okay. howard dean, always a pleasure. thanks for joining us on "the ed show." thank you so much. >> thank you. still to come, the ghost of elections past, present and future. rise this week. >> i can't be perfect. i mean, i just am who i am. >> i am who i am. and i'm not going to change.
5:28 pm
>> later, the refuse renld jesse jackson joins me with his take on the breaking news on the shutdown. president obama meeting with house democrats at this hour. what does it mean? plus, ted dead or in jail nugent. he is alive. and we'll have -- he's alive and well with a new message for you, america. but next, i'm taking your questions live on "ask ed live" here on msnbc. we're right back. need a spoon, dear?
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talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. thanks for watching. time now for "ask ed live." love this segment. we love hearing from you. love your questions. and our first question is from carmen smith. why are the gop acting like they won the election? well, it's a strategy. there's no question about that. they're faking it. use the sports analogy, it's kind of like that football coach, he goes in at halftime, his team is getting the crap
5:32 pm
kicked out of them, but somehow he's got to make that team think they have a chance of winning this thing. and that's really where they are. i find it ironic that the republicans really are looking for a little bit of hope and change. next question is from brandon. he wants to know, do you think the republicans want us to default on our debt just so they can say it happened on president obama's watch? >> absolutely. president obama is the key figure in all of this. they can't stand him. they want him to be a failure. they want him as a democratic president and the first black president to go down in history as a total failure and a man who will have part of his legacy is the only time we've ever defaulted on anything is when obama was in the oval office. this is a big part of the equation, no question about it. and it's all based in the hatred being spewed by the tea party. stick around. rapid response panel is next.
5:33 pm
i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. mixed results on wall street. the dow gaining 26 points, the s&p climbing barely a point. the nasdaq losing 17. oil prices fell below $102 a barrel. the lowest point in three months. mortgage applications rose 1.3% last week, due to more people looking to refinance. and shares of men's warehouse spiked after the company rejected a $2.3 billion takeover bid from rival, joseph a. bank. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. h more than any government shutdown. vo: reckless. rep. blackburn: people are probably going to realize... they can live with a lot less government. vo: destructive. rep. bachmann: this is about the happiest i've seen members in a long time. vo: the government shutdown is hurting veterans, seniors, and our kids. now tea party republicans are threatening... an economic shutdown. refusing to pay our nation's bills. endangering american jobs. tell them to stand up to the tea party.
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5:36 pm
people have been talking about me running for president in this state since 2010. they also know i was going to do it in 2012, i said i wouldn't and i didn't. and the fact is, after 2017, i'm going to be looking for a new
5:37 pm
job anyway. so as we go forward, i'm going to continue to do my job the best way i possibly can. and i am not going to declare tonight, christine, for you or for anybody else that i am or not running for president. you know what, the people out there in new jersey don't expect me to. what they expect me to do is my job. >> no, he's not going to declare there. he's saving it for "the ed show." new jersey governor chris christie flirting with the idea of running for president. thanks for watching tonight. this is "the ed show." this man is behind closed doors with senate republicans in washington today. who invited him, and why? christie won't say whether he's running because the people of new jersey expect him to do his job. well, you know what, chris christie vetoed legislation to increase the minimum wage. christie attacked unions calling them, quote, "the problem." christie threatened to take a bat out on a 76-year-old female legislator. they'll probably put that in the republican platform in the next
5:38 pm
national convention. and they gave -- and he gave record tax breaks to new jersey's largest companies. you know, i don't think chris christie has done his job at all. new jersey is ranked 41st in the country with an unemployment rate of 8.5%. but, of course, by republican standards, they would say that's pretty lousy. but in the midst of the tea party-led government shutdown, even the more radical republican hopefuls see an opportunity to sell themselves as the voice of reason. christy isn't the only republican governor whose positioning himself to become the next star of the party. case in point, wisconsin governor, scott walker. walker nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back in an op-ed in the "washington post" today. he wrote, our state face the big problems. we were at a turning point so together the legislature and i worked to fix the economic and fiscal crisis, holding wisconsin back. walker fails to mention that the
5:39 pm
state has actually just been borrowing more money. walker doesn't mention rejecting $4.4 billion in federal medicaid assistance. walker promised to create 250,000 jobs in his term. well, you know what, he didn't mention the state would have to add 160,000 jobs in 16 months to meet that goal. they're way behind. o wait a minute, it's the recall's fault. walker definitely doesn't mention slashing education by nearly $1 billion and attacking unions, middle class workers. the sad thing is, the tea party extremists in washington give these radical republicans a chance to look reasonable. joining me now, our rapid response panel, author liz winsted, the agree owe contributor, maxwell and joan walsh, joan, there's some battling going on right now. what do you make of christie behind closed doors with senate republicans today? >> i think it's very interesting. you know, he did make news at
5:40 pm
this debate. he is running for president. it was practically a declaration. so christine, you made news. you got the story. he was so condescending to her, i couldn't believe it. but anyway, he's running. and i think barbara buono, she made some really good points and the only one person on that stage is running for governor. he's running for president, she is running for governor. and he is going to make up for the simple fact he was not cruel to president obama and did not reject sandy aid. that is going to doom him with the electorate. i to not believe he can get through a republican primary. but he's got to go far right, attack poor barbara buono's gay daughter, veto planned parenthood, because he's running for president. everything he does is about that. >> you think he's behind closed doors with senate republicans telling them you've got to do a deal, i know, i've dealt with obama. it doesn't hurt you? >> no, i really think he should be saying that. but we don't really know. i think he's setting himself up
5:41 pm
for the big pander. like joan said, he has to win a primary so right now good approval ratings in new jersey. so he could be competitive in a general. but the primary is first. we all know what that looked like. and we all know how that damaged mitt romney in 2012. >> i disagree. i think he is saying that, because he doesn't want to be the only guy that compromised with obama. if he gets in behind closed doors and says do it, it's not that bad, then guess what? he has a whole bunch of people who when he's primarying -- >> that's a good point. >> won't say, he dealt with obama. he's going to have to deal with other guys running for that job too. >> so he's counting on collecting the reasonable independents if they're still out there. right? >> well -- >> but they don't vote in republican primaries. you know? that will be useful if he were to get to a general election. >> what about scott walker? >> is he kidding me with this i've done it right? no, you were recalled because you were doing it totally wrong. i think it's actually hilarious he would, you know, lecture democrats and the president on
5:42 pm
how to negotiate with the other side of the aisle when all of those things he was listing as his accomplishments, he didn't use democrats to pass any of it. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> all right. shutdown talk. let's now turn to ms. frustrated, liz winsted. >> i can't believe you're booking me on your show. i need whiskey. you look at these two goons. and stop comparing them to the crazies. it's like they're like raydon in your basement, you don't smell them but your house could blow up. instead of my house is on fire bachmann types. it's like sophie's choice. the government is shut down, the good news is these people aren't destroying it anymore. if you get walker or chris christie, it's the government is open and their horrible policies get put through. what do you do? >> right. joan? >> you scared me by saying you believe we're headed to default. you rattled me. i've got to say, ed. i can't argue with you. but you know, i am very concerned. and why like this talk about a
5:43 pm
six-week, you know, extension as some kind of compromise. because i don't know what it gets us. >> you're vernal going to get to medicare, medicaid, social security, them attacking all the earned benefit programs that americans have worked all their lives for. that's what they're after. >> right. >> and this deadline to deadline is just getting them one step closer to it. i do believe we're headed for default, because they want president obama to be to their base the broken man who couldn't do the deal. >> seriously. it going to be -- they're going to whittle things down to basically, medicaid, medicare, social security is going to consist of a loaf of bread and bucket of leaches, see you later. >> and the fish don't always bite. >> that's right. >> what is the best play for the democrats right now? the president is meeting with house democrats today. if you look in the twitter world, you're seeing that everybody is excited on the liberal left, because the democrats are actually sticking together! >> yeah. know, the problem is, we're
5:44 pm
dealing with default. so democrats are responsible when they take office and they're governing the country so they don't want a default. so you're in a -- between a rock and a hard place. if you negotiate, then you're pandering. you've already negotiated already, right. we're at $986 billion. that was already a huge shift. >> yeah, they took their numbers on the sequestration numbers. boehner says, okay, i'll do this deal, goes back, can't get it done with his caucus. >> can't get anything done with his caucus. and the only thing that's going to let us see the emergence of more moderate republicans is to call their bluff. the only reason that they can hang tough, because they really do expect the democrats and the president to compromise and bail them out. and he can't do it. >> i don't mean to scare you, but we are going to default. i believe it. they have done nothing to make us believe that they would be an honest broker. and do what's right for the country. if you just look at their behavior. >> right. >> on everything. >> right. >> not some things. everything. >> every single thing. they are like spewing camels. and it's disgusting. >> and john mccain gets all this
5:45 pm
credit for not filibustering. but then he goes ahead and votes against the same clean cr. they all vote against the clean cr. they did us the kindness of allowing it to be debated and passed with democratic votes. >> joan, zero lena, liz, great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >> thanks, ed. the nuge is back. if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. >> oh, mr. cat-scratch fever, lands on his feet. he's got a new message for the country in tonight's "pretenders." ♪ ♪ what's new pussycat ♪ whoa my mantra?
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5:50 pm
the nuge is still very much in action. this week, he's endorsing literacy test enthusiast and proud xenophone tom tangraino and using the release of endors candidate. he's using his newest album as a platform for hate, as expected. he says the american people will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of man kind. ted nooe knew jept wants to talk about dumb? this patriot needs to look at the man in the mirror. >> i tell you this right now. if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. >> i said hey, obama, you might want to suck on one of these, you punk.
5:51 pm
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welcome back to "the ed sho show". this is a story for those who take a shower after work. federal workers are off work for the ninth day. a low-rated right wing radio host thinks it is a racist plot by president obama to stick it to the whiteman. >> have you noticed that the only people being shut down or evict rd white americans? i'm serious. please tell me how all those welfare people living in federally-owned housing complexes are still there during the shutdown. >> well, i think this guy needs to open his eyes. people of all races and ethnicities are feeling the effects. wealthy people are not going to feel the impact. what they're going to do is park
5:56 pm
their money on the sideline. this shutdown is forcing cuts on public assistance, food, housing and education. it's poor people who are really going to be hurt on this, especially if we default. reverend jesse jackson is organizing rallies asking lawmakers to shutdown the shutdown. >> a lot of people are hurting. when we conduct polls, do you support youth being on parents insurance to age 26, they say yes, do you think there should be competition between the states for insurance companies, yes. i'm for health care but not obama care. that's like an omelet without eggs. that's absurd. >> so they have gained a lot with the american people by confusing them. >> we're on an anti-obama
5:57 pm
hatred. the affordable health quacare a whether you're in mississippi, it's an affordable health care act for all americans. >> they want to get rid of it. it was a crutch to get where we are now. what's going to happen if we default? >> well, you'll lose jobs, and people who lose their jobs can't pay their house note, condo, can't go to the hospital, in the same places they're closing hospitals now and they're closing post offices now. plants are closing. it will only make life worse for those at the bottom who have no cushion. >> what will desperate people do? >> they'll do desperate things. most poor people are not black, brown or white. they're female and young. everybody really is south korea.
5:58 pm
the attempt to put a safety net beneath whichis a moral issue. >> the confederates? >> oh, no doubt about it. >> you said this was the rebirth of the confederacy? >> you have the poorest states sending billions back to washington for medicaid. it's confederate. it's not just health care act. it's anti-voting. it's well's rights determination. it's the whole range of infrastructure issues that made america great. >> how's the president doing? >> doing very well by standing up and not bowing. how much more sane can you be?
5:59 pm
50 million americans are malnourished. that is a moral imperative. >> where do we go from here if there's a default? >> well, america will lose its credit standing in the world. >> what will be the social reaction? do you really think people would take to the streets? you think that things could get so desperate in this country that there would be a social reaction? >> there will be and there must be. the sweetner, if you're not working but you still get a check. that's like a sweetner trying to dampen protests. we have a right to expect our government to function. and no group such as this element of the republican party has the right to stop the functioning of our government to increase insecurity and to reduce our standing in the world. whether we should be focused on


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