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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 11, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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last night was pure domination. we are down to four teams in the baseball playoffs, and one is detroit thanks to justin verlander. highlights on this friday edition of "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. it's funny, we made no mention of the nfl game last night involving a team that won the super bowl two years ago. that's probably because the new york giants are -- 0-6! they're horrible! i'll tell you how horrible later in sports. plus, in an impromptu concert from paul mccartney, we had some interesting comments from jennifer aniston about a "friends" reunion. but we start with breaking news, just moments ago we learn the winner of the nobel peace prize. the coveted award is going to the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons.
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that's the watchdog overseeing the destruction of syria's stockpiles with the united nations. the $1.25 million prize will be presented in oslo in december. you are seeing video from the perception just moments ago. we also in terms of our top story going to washington, d.c. where there appears to be at least a little bit of progress between lawmakers on the shut down and the debt limit with the white house. for 90 minutes last night, president obama met with house republicans at the white house, primarily to discuss the gop plan to avoid possibly defaulting on national debt for the first time in our nation's history. both sides seem open to at least a six-week extension of the federal government's borrowing limit. however, the meeting ended without a firm plan in place. but at least the language was a little bit nicer yesterday. republicans called the sit-down, quote, useful and productive. the white house sd simply it was, quote, a good meeting.
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negotiations continued through the night, but lawmakers are still unable to agree on how to end the shutdown. republicans want to extend the debt limit while continuing talks over the shutdown. democrats, however, are saying no deal until the government reopens. as we begin day 11, the damage done to the republican brand is actually reaching historic levels. a new nbc/wall street journal poll finds just 24% of americans have a positive view of republicans. that's an all-time low for this particular poll. meanwhile, 21% have a favorable view of the tea party, also an all-time low. 53% blame republicans in congress for the shut down. 31% say it's president obama's fault. and more americans are blaming republicans now than at any point in the shutdown during 1995. overall, 60% of americans would replace every single member of congress, republican or democrat, if they had that opportunity.
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well, week two is coming to a close for that federal health care exchanges, but there are plenty of glitches. by many accounts, the rollout has been called a problem. users say the website repeatedly crashes and kicks off potential customers. the new a.p. poll found three out of four people who tried visiting the page online had trouble signing up. officials say the website was designed to handle 60,000 users at the same time, but more than four times that number have tried using it as certain moments. now for months experts raised warnings that the site was not ready to go live, but the obama administration still pushed ahead. >> i think everybody is shocked who has been watching this from the inside at how bad it really is and how bad the computer programming and software and code in architecture is. >> every day's going to be better e and by the time we're done in the six-month period, millions of folks will have insurance. >> the white house is so far not
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saying just how many americans have signed up for the insurance. well, his name is synonymous with corruption in detroit, and now former mayor kwame kilpatrick will go to prison for 28 years. kilpatrick was convicted earlier this year on two dozen counts, among them racketeering and extortion. nearly 20 detroit officials from his time as mayor have been convicted of corruption. he resigned from office in 2008 after lying under oath. and he also approved an $8 million lawsuit to cover-up a possible whistle-blower lawsuit. how about this one? things kind of a mess with the death of ariel castro in an ohio prison. prison officials say the serial rapist did not commit suicide but rather was attempting auto erotic asphyxiation when he died. there was no suicide note or any intention of him to harm himself. he was found hanging from a bed sheet last month, but late last
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night the coroner disputed that report by the corrections department and insists it was, in fact, a suicide. also according to the review, guards missed several required checks on castro's cell and may have falsified records to cover it up. well, most of us never heard of edward snowdan before he leaked those classified documents for the nsa, but the contractor was on the cia's radar years before he started spilling secrets. a stunning report in "the new york times" says snowden's manager filed a report about him in 2009 that slipped through the cracks. according to "the times" the supervisor noticed a change in his behavior and suspected he was trying to break into classified computer files. the supervisor wanted snowden sent home. those concerns were apparently not addressed. the internal reports were never forwarded to the nsa or to the
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agency's private partners. four years later snowden leaked numerous classified materials. the state of new jersey appealing a judge's decision that had cleared the way for couples to participate in same sex marriages there beginning in two weeks. the case hinges on the fact that the state allows civil unions but not marriages. now governor chris christie wants the supreme court to weigh in on this issue. it's become a pretty divisive one in the gubernatorial election between the republican incumbent and that woman there, democratic challenger barbara bono. pennsylvania and new jersey are the two states in this region that do not recognize same sex marriage. some sad news for new jersey politics, a day after a pretty tough debate, new york mayor cory booker is dealing with the loss of his father. cary booker was dealing with parkinson's disease. according to the new york "star ledger" he was among the first african-american executives and active in the civil rights in
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the 1960s. with less than a week to go before the election, booker canceled all campaign events for the day. cary booker was 76 years old. sticking with gubernatorial politics, there's a boost in the race for virginia's politics. douglas wilder is throwing support between democrat terry mcaulla. wilder says the fact that mcauliffe has never held a position in office is a plus. he is leading the race currently eight points. washington's first talks over the debt limit gave the markets, i would say it's an understatement to say, it gave them a bounce. 323 points to the upside in the dow. that's the second best day of the year across all markets. we are now back above 15,000 in the dow and inching closer to 1700 in the s&p. steve sedgwick is live for us this morning. good morning, steve. >> yes, the markets are doing
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exactly what you expect them to do. if we get a deal, there's a risk on environment. if we don't get a deal, then all bets are off and the market continues to fall. we have a strong session with the dow at 323 points to theup side. the s&p is only a couple points from record territory. 98% of companies are up, big names including netflix and facebook. indicators were quite low as well. corporate earnings include jpmorgan. and talking of jpmorgan, the second largest provider of money market mutual funds has taken out of its portfolio the coupon bearing bonds, which are due to maturity between october 16th and november 6th. they are warning just a tiny bit about default. they believe this has low probability, but they are taking precautions just in case. and fitch has turned around to say most money market funds can't cope with the u.s. situation, as long as it doesn't
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lead to a run like we saw in lehman's in 2008. >> looks like your professional mentor is having an impact in the marketing world. we'll just take a look at ron burr gundy pitching for dodge. >> she's got it all, including 25 mpgs highway. what? mpg, mpg's? 25 mpgs. i'm saying it right duh it just doesn't sound familiar. >> i mean, steve, he's got the hair that you and i don't have, obviously, but it's making a difference for dodge, correct? >> yeah. it really is. as you say, professional mentor, he has many bound books as well. i liked his description of the glove box, which comes with standards to fit two turkey
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sandwiches, 70 packs of gum and 20 rolos. according to consumption, this is the web interest that shot up 524% on the back of this as well. so will ferrell, the legend of ron burgundy, having a big effect on the dodge durango. >> he looks at the truck with a couple hundred horsepower and rates the horse next to him as one horse. of course we are talking about it. steve, have a great weekend. let's get to twitter now, and today we thought it would be good for a little caption contest. check out this picture of governor chris christie and shaquille o'neal. i don't know what that smile says. what do you have to say about it? let's get creative here on this friday to kick-start us. #waytootall. still ahead on "way too early," the giants looking for their first win in chicago. they didn't get it.
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just look at eli. he always looks sad even when he's happy. we'll do highlights next. if you can name the one person you would like to see in a surprise concert in times square, you might say paul mccartney. well, that's what he did. we'll also check on weather when we come back. i found this talk, offensive, completely offensive. it was -- i made the point that it was offensive, and it was something that was thrust upon me, it was not something that i voluntarily entered into. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food.
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one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. a live look at times square, 5:44 a.m. eastern time on a day like this after a thursday night. i always drive in at 4:00 and see people still out at the
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clubs. >> shady characters. >> if you take 48th street across, you get stopped because one club is flooding the streets afterward. >> go to the clubs and go out and then just come to work. >> that's what you do? >> maybe i have done it a couple times, i won't admit it. >> you won't admit it or you just did on national tv. >> i'm not sure what i did. >> barnicle's clubbing and he doesn't look any worse for wear. >> that's a different topic. >> let's get a shot of barnicle. >> did i take a shot of barnicle? i'll have to watch it back to see. it didn't rain too much near new england. new england is looking good this weekend. as far as the midatlantic goes, different story. we are getting drenched. harrisburg, pennsylvania, four inches of rain yesterday. and it's still pouring from philadelphia down to the southern tip of jersey and delaware. that's where the rain band has
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set up and that's where it will be much of the day. from trenton northward, don't expect a lot of rain. south of there, philly got hit with heavy rain. d.c. on the southern end of this with more showery-type weather. the baltimore area, to philly, wilmington, delaware, harrisburg, more heavy rain today and more airport delays. how does the weekend forecast shape up? southeast, by the way, is looking gorgeous. three beautiful days in a row. the middle of the country, a little more interesting. we got some thunderstorms today going through kansas city and minneapolis with a cold front. finally temperatures where they should be instead of 80 in minneapolis. you'll be down around 61 on saturday. but still nice, not too many problems. chicago a few storms. if anyone has bad weather on sunday, it looks to be the texas area with heavier rain. the midatlantic finally clearing out, even d.c. looks like you should see a return to sunshine. this big coastal storm has been bad for some but not for everyone. >> thank you, bill. have a great weekend. we'll hit sports, the tigers and a's, winner take all, game five of the alds. no score in the fourth inning. we are used to seeing this with
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miguel cabrera who takes it deep. two-run shot. that makes it 2-0, tigers. that honestly is everything they needed. that guy right there, justin verlander, an absolute gem. a no-hitter into the seventh. struck out ten in eight innings. and then joaquin benja comes in to close it out. >> smith hits a high fly ball to right field. in from right comes torre hunter. makes the catch and the detroit tigers are going back to the american league championship series! >> ah! ah! ah! ah! >> some sort of, like one of the new zealand rugby dances or something. anyway, it's always weird when they celebrate on the away field. i feel bad, obviously, for
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oakland because they had an awesome season. 3-0 was the final. now the tigers head to the alcs for the third year in a row. they head to boston, they have a long flight for game one on saturday. so shower up and get ready, boys, you're going down. the nlcs gets started tonight, dodgers at the cardinals. i'm sniffing the dodgers world series with boston. eli manning, interception, pick six. this is interesting, the bears quarterback jay cutler had a couple touchdown passes brandon marshall was mad about last week, but the lead was cut to six in the third. look at the chance for a comeback. that would be a no. that would be an interception. eli's third pick. by the way, 15 interceptions, it's the same amount he had all of last year.
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basically the worst six weeks of any quarterback in the nfl since 1991. they lose 27-21. the chicago bears are now 3-2. finally, how can you tell that someone grew up in the 1990s? >> whoop, there it is! whoop, there it is! >> he's humiliating some high school kid, but it's fantastic. of course, that call is fired by the miami bass group tag team. their song was number two on the billboard charts in 1993. it reminds me of my favorite strikeout call. >> strike three! hey, hey, hey!
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ha ha! >> he got caught up in the moment. coming up on "morning joe," another day of embarrassing poll numbers for house republicans. we'll talk about how they could impact negotiations. and jennifer aniston talking about a "friends" reunion or lack of a reunion. we'll be right back.
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at the top of the show we talked about a new jersey judge's ruling to allow same sex marriage to begin in two weeks. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that new jersey voters are in a strong favor of this and 61% believe christie should drop his appeal to the supreme court and 59% believe he should override the veto of same sex may remember. let's go to mr. louis at the cooler. >> sometimes social media can be a total waste of time, but if you're a fan of paul mccartney, it paid to be on twitter. he detailed a pop-up concert in times square an hour before we took the stage. ♪
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>> now, mccartney performed songs from his new album due out next week. he's incredible at the tender age of 71. he goes and just crushes it. i was at a concert three months ago with joe, and he performed for over three hours. he's an incredible performer. it's good news/bad news for the "friends" reunion. jennifer aniston said she would get back together, but fans don't want to see them ten years after the finale. she also said she was not committed to the show at the beginning because she was involved in several other pilots. "friends" won six emmys and were nominated 63 times. aniston won an emmy for best lead actress in a comedy back in 2002. now, john stewart's railing against governors refusing to
5:55 am
accept federal funding to expand medicaid, and he knows just who to blame. >> these governors and legislators who refuse to accept federal dollars to expand medicaid for people like that nice lady, all but three of those 26 states they represent already take more money from the federal government than they contribute in tax dollars. they are already burdens on the systems. i believe they're referred to by those republicans as moochers. moocher states. and if statehood was health care, mississippi and missouri would be rejected as having that as a pre-existing condition. so you may be thinking to yourself, so what are these uninsured people doing for health care? well, republicans actually had that covered in the last presidential election. not sure how that worked out. >> well, we do provide care for people who don't have insurance. if someone has a heart attack, they don't sit in their apartment and die. we pick them up in an ambulance and take them to the hospital and give them care. >> historical footnote is right. >> can't beat jon stewart.
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>> louis, do you want to see a "friends" reunion? do you remember "friends"? >> i do remember "friends." and i would like to see that. >> right after barney, you watch a little "friends"? >> i'm young, brian, that's right. >> it's been confirmed. and i'm old, that's right. thank you, louis, have a great weekend. still ahead on "way too early," your most creative captions to that photo of shaquille o'neal and governor chris christie. "morning joe" just moments away. business: do more with less with less energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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let's solve this. so a friday morning caption contest. governor chris christie and shaquille o'neal. a little photo op. now we have responses for the caption. natalie? >> well, roe said, look at me, looking up to an obama supporter? yikes. way too early to be way too tall. and john said, how is the weather up there? and jack said, hey, it's the guy from the soda shack. >> do we have one? >> we do. >> those are real? >> those are


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