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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 15, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we will see you again tomorrow night. . good tuesday morning. right now on "first look" -- overnight more dry ice bombs found at l.a.x. one exploded and another found underneath an airplane. the senate may be getting close to a deal to reopen the government and avoid default. tom hanks and sandra bullock team up for chop sticks. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we begin with breaking news. a frightening discovery at a major u.s. airport.
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three dry ice balms at los angeles international airport, one of which exploded. one of them was underneath an airplane at a gate. two others were found nearby. there are no immediate reports of any injuries or damage. at least four flights were delayed. law enforcement sources tell nbc news they do not believe there is a terrorism leak. late sunday another dry ice bomb exploded in an employee bathroom. in new york a wanted al qaeda suspect is expected in an american court today. al libi arrived on u.s. soil saturday where he was arrested. he had been held and interrogated. he is one of nearly three dozen men under indictment for the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in africa. three remain at large and one died awaiting trial.
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today the 49 year old will go before a federal judge ahead of his trial. the nsa is reportedly pouring through millions of contact lists from around the world. the washington post reports it intercepts hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts you likely use. in fact, during a single day last year here is what the post says the nsa collected 445,000 e-mail address books from yahoo. 105,000 from hot mail and 23,000 from unspecified users. the paper reports the nsa analyzes the contacts to find possible links to terrorism and other criminal activities. the nsa says it is not interested in the personal information of ordinary americans. edward snowden provided the
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secret documents to the post. in the words of one top u.s. senator today could be a bright day meaning a deal could be on the horizon. harry reid and mitch mcconnell met on monday. they say they are closing in on an agreement to prevent the nation's first ever default come thursday's debt ceiling deadline. >> i'm very optimistic that we will reach an agreement that is reasonable in nature this week to reopen the government, pay the nation's bills and begin long term negotiation to put our country on sound fiscal footing. >> i share his optimism that we are going to get a result that will be acceptable to both sides. >> despite what is billed as tremendous progress they are not there yet and the nation is not happy about it. a new abc news washington post
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poll finds 74% of americans disapprove of the way republicans are handling the crisis. 61% of americans disapprove of democrats in congress. that is up five percent from two weeks ago. tracie potts is live with the latest. good morning. so are things looking good for a deal in the next 48 hours? >> reporter: they're looking better than 48 hours ago, that much we can say. what we expect to happen take is this, some sort of temporary deal coming out of this small group of lawmakers who have been trying to negotiate. it is expected to include a temporary budget to get people working and get the government to end the shutdown and also temporary borrowing authority likely through the middle of january in exchange, rolling back that medical device tax that republicans didn't want for two years. the big question, can they get this through the republican
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controlled house. some lawmakers say public opinion polls have made a big difference. >> i've said this from the start, the only way we get the republicans to the table is if the national polls showed they were way out of step with the american people and thank goodness the american people are weighing in. >> reporter: so we wait to get the full details later taoday. house leaders will hold up their open discussions until they see what the senate has come up with. >> all right. going right town to tdown to th. undercover agents posing as filmmakers convinced the king to travel to belgium and then was arrested on criminal charges stemming from a 2009 hijacking
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of a belgium ship. he's one of the most notorious and influential leaders in so he he mali pirate network. there is surprising new rev ligss about health of george w. bush. nbc news as confirmed a report that the former president's heart problems were much worse than previously reported. and he was, quote, very lucky that he caught them. the 67-year-old received a stent over the summer to open up blood flow to a heart chamber. sources familiar with the former president's medical situation sell the national journey his coronary artery was 95% blocked. and now for your first look at business, we turn to better that cool bertha coombs. >> futures are pointing to a higher start and yesterday markets reversed course. wall street is watching washington closely. investors are optimistic on word there may be a deal. a new poll finds older miles per
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hours accept that they may have to put off retirement. some 82% of people over 50 say it's likely they will work for pay in retirement, nearly half expect to quit working later than previously thought. on average now, that's at age 66. and for the first time, macy's plans to open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. the move is an effort by traditional brick and mortar stores to keep up with online retailers who offered early black friday deals in recent years. so right after that pumppumpkin pie, back to the mall. turns to sports, a fly to left center that the cardinals can't catch. and then a shot down the line to bring ellis home. puig tripled off the wall in right field to score gonzalez. and ramirez playing with a cracked rib hit a blooper into
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short right and crawford raced home from second beating the throw to the plate. los angeles 3-0 over st. louis. the cards lead the series 2-1 with game four tonight. during the game, a guy in a bear costume and dodgers jersey got up and was dancing on the it tuggout, but security ended his fun real quick. monday night football, san diego's philip rivers threw one touchdown pass to keenan allen for the early lead against the colts. reggie wayne made career catch 1,000, only the ninth player in nfl history to reach that milestone. the chargers kicked four field goals including one in the closing minutes, s diego with a 19-9 win. turning to hockey, mike green tried to hit but his target moved to the side and he flipped over on to his own bench. wild rides in utah as extreme mountain bikers raced on narrow paths down 1500 foot
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cliff. an amazing 78-foot back flip won the best trick award. and in australia, from buffalo gals and their daredevil tricks, they ride buffaloes as horses and they have trained them to perform acrobatic jumps through fiery hoops. it's even more impressive when you take a look at it through a rider perspective cam. >> where did you find that? >> i don't know where they pull this stuff from. incredible video out of kansas. storm chasers captured a severe storm that produced a land spout tornado, it was about 15 miles from dodge city, kansas. it brought with it heavy rain and hard hitting hail. and now for a look at our national weather forecast, bill karins is here. what's my weather education for the day? >> it's like a cousin of a regular tornado. when you think of the tornado like the big ones that go through the plains, those are with super cell thunderstorms. these are land spouts, they're much weaker and typically don't
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do a lot of damage. >> so distant relatives. >> yeah, like the big tornado would be like you're just a land spout. so let's talk about what's happening this morning. the midwest has gotten nailed yesterday and now it's just pouring. this is the type of storm with gusty winds, cold air behind it. winter is not far away. snowing in rapid city once again this morning. but the rain is spreading all the way from northern portions of the country from minneapolis down along this front, tropical storm moved inland yesterday in the pacific, some of that moisture is being sucked this morning and it will drench texas. texas has gotten decent rains and expect another inch or two at most. mostly south of dallas, north of san antonio, austin included to shreveport and little rock, those have the best chance for rain. eastern seaboard, another nice day. not quite as sunny, but still warm. temperatures in the low 70s for many spots. florida in the 80s. but for the east coast, this is
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another storm that goes up into canada. doesn't really spread to the east coast. so we'll have to wait maybe to thursday for wet weather. >> we'll take a couple days of wet weather. coming up, the latest numbers on the new jersey race for senate. and fallout from glitches. plus a look back at one u.s. president's battle of the bulge. [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves
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now time for your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. it's the last full day of campaigning in new jersey. voters head to polls tomorrow in a special election for the u.s. at some. and cory booker may be starting to sweat just a little bit. a new poll shows the newark mayor leading steve lonegan by just ten points. while still outside the mar begin mar begin of error, it's town from a 16 point advantage he enjoyed over the summer. >> north carolina could be the next battleground for marriage equality.
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a county official will accept applications for same-sex marriage. it's unclear what impact it will have on the state's constitutional amendment banning those unions. more republicans are calling for health and human services secretary cakathleen sebelius t resign over the glitches and now one prominent democrat is also wanting heads to roll. robert gibbs says it's embarrassing. >> i hope they're working day and night to get this done. when they get it fixed, i hope they fire some people that were in charge of making sure that thing was supposed to worg. we knew there would be glitches, but these are glitches that go quite frankly way beyond the pale of what should be expected. and what's old is new again. new research is old on the diet of president howard taft. america's most portly president. doctors put him on a low fat, low calorie diet and told him to avoid snacks.
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it's a regimen used quite frequently, but didn't work so well for mr. taft. his weight fluctuated between 255 and 350 pounds. and that is your morning's dish of scrambled politics. joining me now is bob franken. bob, good to see you. >> good morning. i will avoid any smart aleck comments about the president's weight. >> you're a heavy weight, so that's a good segue for us. >> that's it, i'm going on a diet. >> i mean that in a political pundit accepts. so let's talk about this supposed deal in the works. senate republicans are working on a bipartisan deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, but tim huelskamp called republicans working on that plant the surrender caucus. so how is this likely to play out in the house? >> well, that's a real good question. and the answer is we don't know. this could be a real test of the extremists in the minds of many people, hard liners, who are not getting anything out of this. if they still have the clout, it
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means the speaker john boehner will have to dweel with the democrats which will antagonize the tea party members even more. so this could be a real drama playing out before all of this is done. remember now, we still have to get this past the senate. >> right. when it comes to the debt ceiling, we've come down to the wire like this before. what would the consequences be of not reaching a debt ceiling deal in the next two days? >> the immediate consequences, practical cops defenses would probably be almost zero. that is to say there would only be the projections based on obligations coming up. but the psychological damage would be very real and that psychological damage would translate to immediate major problems for the world economy. >> i'd like to switch gears here to this libyan terrorist who is in new york as we reported he's facing pending criminal indictment trial. could this be the beginning of a new way of hamming terror suspects that does not include
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guantanamo? >> actually, there have been a couple of other instances where people who have been charged with terrorism have been tried in u.s. courts. there was one in kentucky very recently. part of the problem is that the ones who are being held in guantanamo bay have not really had any adjudication of the charges against them. they have all been hug up for the longest time, by which i mean many, many years. in the case of the one just arrested in libya, he's been under in-tidictment in new york since 1998, so it's logical that he would have been tried in morning. >> all right. bob franken, thanks so much for your time. coming up, the 911 call from a woman stuck on a draw bridge. you can see her right there. and, yeah, it's that time of year again. pumpkin regatta is coming up. way has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate
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and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. for the first time, we're hearing some of the 911 calls made when a florida woman found herself hanging from a draw bridge. >> i'm happeninnging. we need a big ladder. i don't know how long she'll last. >> she's holding on tight on to the beam. we neat to get somebody out here. >> she had just participated in a cancer awareness event when she passed warning signs on to the bridge. the rail company has not decided to charge her with trespassing.
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british police say they foiled a major islamist terror plot, at least four men were arrested monday across the uk. officials say they plan to attack public areas of lon top a done armed at guns. a 6-year-old boy crowns while on a carnival cruise ship. the company does not have lifeguards on duty and require parental supervision for children under 13. talk about a close call. take a look at the bottom left of your screen. a speeding driver as you can see there narrowly misses hitting a massachusetts state trooper. it happened in an active construction zone. that driver was later pulled over. the am pumpkin regatta has wrapped up in maine. the ten day event includes carving pumpkins, eating and weighti weighing pumpkins. and in california, a pumpkin
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weighing nearly 2,000 pounds took top honors at the world championship. that's about 30 pounds shy of the all-time record. its owner takes home $25,000 this prize hone. two hollywood a-listers had big fun on a british talk show. you'll get the pun in a second. tom hanks and sandra bullock relived a bit of hanks' film past. ♪ >> and she did it in heels. coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for first buzz. but first, a little bit of morning trivia for you. which iconic tv show premiered on this date in 1951? was it leave to beaver, i love lucy, the three stooges, or father knows best. we'll have the answer when "first look" returns. verizon innovators are combining a network
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before the break, we asked, which iconic tv show premiered on this date in 1951. the answer is -- i love lucy. the six season series began with an episode titled the girls want to go to a night club. and now it's time for first buzz. richard, what you got? a little weight loss and social media? >> yeah, since we're all social media users, stl a report that came out of byu that shows that those who look at pictures on either pinterest or instragram of food start to lose their appetite and start to lose weight.
5:28 am
>> what? >> every time i see these pictures, i get hungry. >> i want to eat. >> but it did you look at it 60 times. >> no. >> yes. if you look -- >> so you're fooling your body you're full because you're staring at food? >> yeah, if you look at that picture of the doughnut 60 times, you'll get bored of it. you don't want to seat it anymore about that. >> i will be staring at pictures of candy all day now. speaking of food, this year thanksgiving and hanukkah found on the same day. extremely rare. so it's being called thanksgivukkah. not expected to happen again for 77,000 years. so a lot of people having fun with this. reminds me of the seinfeld thing. and then you have great video. >> this is tether ball. this is real. don't make fun of my video. this is eli the bear. eli was an orphaned 15 pound cub
5:29 am
in 2010, he's at an animal park and he has some skills. >> who would compete against him even if they could? >> he eats up the competition. "way too early" coming up next. one national monument remains closed, the world war ii veterans memorial in washington, d.c.. there was a big protest rally at the memorial yesterday. sarah palin was there, as was the guy who started this whole lockout, texas senate ted cruz, who demanded an answer to will question. >> let me ask a simple question. why is the federal government spending money to erect barricades>> let me ask a simpl. why is the federal government spending money to erect barricadesquestion. >> let me ask a simple question. why is the federal government spending money to erect barricades to keep veterans out. >> i think it's because of you, right? we learned it from watching you


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