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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 21, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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injuries. >> i did hear from the local hospital, they received two minors. they only identified them as male minors and they are both in critical condition. then the other person who was killed was a teacher, a popular math teacher and not yet been identified. >> do we know about the amount of students at 7:15 a.m., on the early side before -- >> there were students who were on campus, one of the students who gave us this account was out on the basketball field and watching everybody coming and going and heard a pop and looked over and there was a student with a gun. and his teacher came out and trying to put the gun down. and that's when the teacher was shot and everybody scattered. >> martha, stand by. i want to play sound that the reno gazette was able to get on the scene. >> we were by the basketball
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court. and we heard a pop, like a loud pop. and everybody was screaming. and then the teacher came to investigate, i thought it was a firecracker at first but the student was pointing a gun at the teacher and she told him to put it down. then the student fired a shot at the teacher and the teacher fell and everybody ran away. >> this is the student you were referring to just a second ago. tell us more about the town of sparks and what it's like and the makeup of it, because outside of reno, it seems to be an eye dillic little town. >> it's a little more -- it's a little lower income. it's along highway 80. there are casinos there. it's got a popular rib festival every year and farmer's market. it's a generally quiet town,
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less busy than reno is. >> less busy than reno is. how have community members parents of those inside that school been reacting? what information have you been hearing about that? >> well, as you can imagine everybody is pretty upset and concerned. they put -- they moved the children right away and law enforcement from all over the region has come into town and they are helping out. they basically shut everything down. >> we can see from some of the images here how quickly law enforcement officials dexrended on the scene there. martha, thanks very much. we are expecting a press briefing in the hour from authorities there. we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it here "news nation" also following the vow to fix the problems plaguing the website. the president said, quote, there
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is no excuse. so, some of the people that were around the president in the sound bite i wanted to show you there, included people that have been suffering from health conditions that haven't been able to have proper insurance in the past. now the president also said that there vk nearly 20 million visit to the website so far and half a million people applied for coverage. officials have not announced how many people enrolled and republican reaction was swift, even before the president was finished speaking. ted cruz issued a statement saying, president obama should hear the plaes from the untold number of americans losing jobs and wages and healthcare plan and congress should act immediately to stop obama care from inflicting any more damage on the country on our hard working citizens. peter alexander and capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell. peter, let me start with you. the president insisted that the
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health care law is more than the website. the product is good. the quality of the product is good. but it's just this initial glitch with the website that is the biggest problem and he doesn't want people -- americans to be dissuaded from actually figuring out that they do need to sign up and the best ways to do it. >> thomas, i think for a lot of americans, the problem for this white house is that the website is really been sort of like the bill board for most americans. it's the way they've been drawn into better understand this health care law. what's interesting here and although it's unlikely at least for the moment, it appears possible that these technical glitches could accomplish what the republicans could not over the course of that shutdown strategy where they try to defund or delay obama care. it's possible if the glitches are not resolved that the white house would be forced to extend the enrollment period for individuals and also perhaps delay the penalty for those who do not sign up.
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so it's one other thing to consider as we move forward here. >> kelly, peter makes a great point. if republicans had just sat on their hands and let the rollout take effect on october the 1st and then let the chips fall where they may in terms of the glitches that have seemed to be persistent. they would have had had a better argument for as peter points out trying to improve their standing about any type of delay or any type of improvements on the laws. so where is the president now? there was no discussion about any type of moving of those dates. so the health care website in and of itself, the president says the product is good but it's the way people have been able to access it. what are you hearing on hill, the reaction to this? if republicans had just waited they would have had had a lot ammunition to fire. >> there are certain republicans who believe there was time wasted and they are trying to make up for that by focusing on these issues that will resonate with the public and concerns and
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worries about the implementation of the law and seize on a moment of weakness for the administration where there are these glitches that are being acknowledged and trying to shine a bigger light on those. one of the things we'll find, a battle coming forward, how do they hold congress accountable, part of the function of congress, we should see that begin to play out later this week when there's a house hearing that will look at these issues. there's been tension between the administration and the committee involved here about whether or not the secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius will testify. they are going to move forward with the hearing this week. the white house and administration are saying that the secretary does want to testify but there are scheduling issues. that will play out but that will be the kind of thing that republicans will try to seize on. where are the problems and should individuals be penalized if they can't enroll in time. and looking at questions that they feel are unanswered by the
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administration. so i would say making up for lost ground period for conservatives and republicans who want to focus on what they see are flaws in at least the rollout, if not the law itself. so that will give them new things to talk about and try to forget about that shutdown 16 days we all lived through. >> that's so long ago. we don't even have to worry about that anymore. thanks, gang, appreciate it. i want to bring in our political panel, chicago sun times washington bureau cheat, sweet and michael smerconnish and also the author of deadly spin and insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate pr is killing health care and deceiving americans. great to have all three of you here. the president emphasized today, the health care law is not the health care website. i want to play a portion of what more he had to say about that. >> there's no sugar coating it.
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the website has been too slow and people are getting stuck during the application process. and i think it's fair to say that nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. we're doing everything we can possibly do to get the website working better, faster, sooner. we've got people working overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address the problems. >> so they are going to boost capacity, address these problems. redouble their efforts. but here's the foundational thing about the aca, it depends upon younger people being able to get enrolled, to be able to level the playing field in certain states around certain states for the premium coverage. so when we think about the fact that people can't get on website and now the president is highlighting the old fashioned way of calling a 1-800 line or seeing somebody in person, do you think the under 30 set will be paying attention to that? >> well, i think so. it's interesting that the white
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house turned itself into the biggest call center customer service center. but the real issue with getting the mill enials in is having insurance literacy, explaining the need to have insurance, no matter what your political views. that is what's at issue, not whether or not the website is working this week, last week or the week or next week. and that's the challenge. if you don't understand the need for health insurance, then whether or not the website works isn't at issue and that's the education that needs to be taken on by everybody. it's very risky not to have life insurance and you can have it now. >> i think that's an uphill climb for a lot of people who would look at the youth of today and people who consider themselves to be young, healthy, and untouchable, for them to be talking about life insurance and
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their health insurance and things that are necessary and logical for adults to be concerned about. but it may not get their attention. michael, you've been tweeting about your efforts to try to get on the president did not place blame today. kathleen sebelius was in the front row. do you think heads should roll for this, there is somebody that's going to be a fall person? >> i hope a head doesn't roll for the sake of saying, see that, someone lost their job over this. if there were incompetentance maybe that person needs to lose his or her job. i act for 3 million of the visitors because on a daily basis i've been trying desperately to get on. thomas, i still haven't gotten on. when i called 30 minutes ago, they said now we've taken down the whole system for repair and the only way you can get in is verbally over the phone.
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one thought if i might. the concern that i have, this rattles people confidence in a process that ultimately asks you to surrender very personal information about both your health and your income. i worry that this is going to rattle the young invincibles that you were just referencing with lynn. we desperately need them to have confidence in this system. >> it's a big ask for sure. wende wendell, the president doesn't go into specific, but in your column you write that there are four possible reasons for the current mess. what are those reasons? >> one is that i think the administration thought a lot of states would bill their own exchanges rather than having the federal government do it. they wasted a lot of time and now they have to have an exchange for 36 states. secondly, the administration was late with a lot of regulations and there's reason to think some of them might have been postponed until after the election. and that didn't give a lot of
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time for insurers to make everything work. another is that you just have to set up an account right off the bat and that stimies a lot of people to start with. then finally it's an incredibly complex health care system and complex law. you have so much that has to work perfectly. >> we have a lot that needs to work perfectly and this is a synergy we need to get right. lynn, i want your reaction to what former congressman tom davis said about health and human services kathleen sebelius on "the daily rundown" look at this. >> how do you not send her up to capitol hill to explain and give an update? >> i think -- she can go on the comedy channel -- >> she couldn't go on the comedy channel, that's what turned out. jon stewart ate her alive. >> now we have late word that she will testify before congress as early as next week. do i think she'll eventually --
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that this testimony can help alleviate the potential of having to take the fall? >> yes, it can. but the main thing is getting the website working. that's the end game, whether or not she does gribrilliantly on hill isn't the point if you can't get into >> we have always indicated to the committee that she intended to testify, but that she had a scheduling conflict. michael, what's your reaction to the news that she will testify? >> i'm not surprised. i think she's good on her feet. i don't agree with the characterization that jon stewart ate her alive. i think she's been a competent and longstanding public servient and not the one who built the intracatcies of these search engines. i'm anxious to watch her testify. >> when one specialist says as many 5 million lines of software code need to be rewritten,
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obviously as we talk about trying to get this right for so many reasons and the president has a great connection to this as his legacy of his presidential legacy. if that's the case, is three weeks really enough time to turn this ship around? >> i don't think you really need to look in terms of just three weeks. this is a marathon, not a sprint. yes, they need to get this fixed really very soon. there's no doubt about it. but we have quite a bit of time before the end of this current open enrollment. they'll get it fixed. we have a lot of experts in the country who can fix this. i think they are probably working right now on this problem. >> wendell and michael and lynn, thank you for your insight. i want to bring in democratic congressman from arizona. what's your reaction to how the president handled the admission that there are problems today, that that was certainly not what they wanted, they think it's unacceptable. but that they are redoubling
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their efforts, bottom line and didn't sugar coat it, as he said? >> i thought it was important to hear from the president that we have problems, some of them are serious problems and that it's preventing real access to the health care system and to registration and those provide foder for the opposition and reasons to try to pull the wings off the butterfly that i'm sure my republican colleagues in congress are waiting to do. i think that it wasn't ready from day one. it's not ready now. and i think it's incumbent that that become a priority because there are the uninsured have to be a target population and young need to be a targeted population. those are the ones that they'll try once and try twice but won't persist in the effort to get on the system.
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it has to be fixed. >> one thing we notice today was the president talking about in 1 1-800 line and i called it during the break. there is english speaking and spanish speaking telling people how to get through. tell us about the special problems with health care enrollment in your district, including tucson, large hispanic population now and now there are further delays in the spanish website for aca. i know that they are trying to address that with the 1-800 line but explain what you're seeing for the internet users. >> it's a hard to reach population of people and initially, the website didn't have the spanish capacity that it needed to. the one that went online is having the same difficulties as the english version of it. so that's a group hard to get uninsured, latino population the
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highest uninsured rate of any population. obviously it's a targeted population and this difficulty is preventing and hopefully not for the short term and not the long term, people accessing which would be their first time to be able to have health insurance. >> so this still has major tension in washington, d.c., the aca. i wanted to ask about the other major issue immigration reform. you've done so much work to get this past the senate. has its own bipartisan bill it passed back in june. last week the president was urging congress to take this up, to urge the house to go ahead and make action on what the senate had done. do you expect any movement on that by the end of the year? >> i do. i think a piecemeal approach is not going to be the solution for leadership in the house to say that we have too much to do and can't deal with this issue of
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immigration being the top domestic issue, the most devicive issue we have and opportunity to work on the compromise and go to the senate and fix the flaws that are in the bill and come up with something that is for the long run a piece of immigration reform. yes, i have expectation. we're going to play out unfortunately part of the scenario we saw with the majority in terms of what we're doing with the budget and debt ceiling. and at the end of the day, it still comes down to the ability of our speaker to put something on the floor and mr. boehner does that, i'm very optimistic that we have a good shot at passing something and then going to conference. >> congressman, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> lawyers for the couple accused of abducting a young girl now admit they adopted the girl illegally as thousands of tips come in regarding the girl's true identity. plus -- >> i declare joseph and orville
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to be lawful spouses in the state of new jersey. >> senator elect cory booker officiating the first same sex weddings in new jersey. chris christie dropped his challenge to marriage equality in the garden state. will it be a problem should he decide to run for president? alz always, you can join our conversation on twitter. at newsnation. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. ♪
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in the past few minutes police releasing information on the shooting at the middle school outside of reno in sparks. they have 30 to 40 student witnesses to interview. they are waiting on that information before determining a motive, but we do know one of the boys shot is currently in surgery, the other is in stable condition.
2:23 pm
one witness says he saw a student shoot a teacher before turning the gun on himself. both died from their injuries, another update is scheduled for later this afternoon. we will keep you posted. authorities say they've gotten more than 10,000 calls or e-mails in the case of a blonde girl found in greece. she was spotted peeking out from under a blanket last week as police swept a settlement for drug trafficking. the child is in a hospital while authorities figure out where she came from. the couple she was living with say the girl's mother gave her to them as a baby because she couldn't care for her. the couple faces abduction charges and nbc's jim maceda joins me live from london with more on this. what more do we know about the couple and why is it the police don't believe the back story? >> nice to be with you again. the greek police released the names of the couple today. i won't try to pronounce them, both a 40-year-old woman who has two names, using two names and
2:24 pm
the 39-year-old man, appear to be greek names. they are both roma, formerly known as gypsies and that he claim little maria was given to them by a bulgarian woman days after giving birth, five or six years ago. it's now based on dental checkups to determine that she is 5 or 6 and not 4. they admitted that the adoption as you alluded to was illegal but they denied that she abducted that child. dna test did confirm these are not the biological parents who by the way are now helping police from jail to search for the bulgarian woman who certainly has key answers to this puzzle. the problem is their story has changed five or six times since they were arrested last wednesday. first they said that they found the girl in the blanket right after being born. at one point they said that the biological father was canadian
2:25 pm
and changed the story. there's not a lot of credibility here. what's even more suspicious, is that they apparently registered 14 children as belonging to them, six of them had to have been borwithin ten months of each other and ten of the 14 are still unaccounted for. we know that they are getting about $40,000 a year in welfare benefits and it's unclear whether those ten unaccounted for children really exist in the flesh or just made up names on sheets of paper. >> is the larger picture that authorities think this couple could be part of a larger child trafficking problem in the country or that region? >> well, yes, in the region of southern europe, that's always going to be an issue. and the greek authorities are worried about that. it's why the police have asked interpol to help. the charity, which is currently carrying for the girls says it received thousands, up to 10,000 calls and e-mails now. there are decent tips in that
2:26 pm
but so far no breakthrough. it's really resonating in britain because of the parents of madeleine mccann who commented on this again that 3-year-old went missing seven years ago in portugal. they said today they are getting a lot of hope from little maria's case back in greece. >> jim, thanks so much. appreciate it. still ahead, more on the fallout over health and the potential problems for the gop. what happens when the website gets fixed? plus, two convicted killers back behind bars, now officials are going after the people who helped the two men escape saying there will be more arrests.
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new kellogg's raisin bran® with omega 3 from flax seeds. plus plump juicy raisins. flax seed? who are you? i still got it. [ male announcer ] invest in your heart health with kellogg's raisin bran® cereals. we're about half hour away from a news conference from one of the key players in that battle. same sex weddings have been going on all day. first one at 12:01 this morning.
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>> i hereby declare beth and joanne to be hauflly married. >> glad we stood up and fought and we won. >> and another victory for marriage equality supporters around 9:00 a.m., chris christie withdrew his appeal of the issue. while he's against same-sex marriage, the supreme court has spoken. joining me now is the reporter for "the star ledger." as you were saying, you got to attend one of these weddings overnight, earlier today. we appreciate you being here because i know it's been a long day for you. let's talk first about the governor's decision to withdraw that appeal. obviously remains firm in the fact he is not a marriage equality proponent but not going to seek out a way to keep people from it any longer. >> that was unexpected. everyone was gearing up for another round of hearings in january. before he made that decision
2:31 pm
today, there was a firm commitment to going forward with the override in the legislature no matter what happened. they want victory in both places. now that he has come out with that opinion, that he has dropped the case, there's some discussion now. i think there are a lot of people who still want there to be an override in the legislatu legislature, they want to make this law as well as a court decision but there's some discussion on that today. >> governor christie said he wanted to put this issue on the ballot. so that has changed too. so not really -- i want to put this out there because majority is voting on minority rights, never a good thing. but you talk about the new rutgers poll out that shows a great indication of where the state is going. >> absolutely. the rutgers poll today taken last week, 61% of new jerseyians favor this, highest it's ever been. what's really interesting is that 49% of republicans polled said they favored it versus 37%
2:32 pm
who do not. what's also interesting is that 62% said that they would like to see it on the ballot. and so i think that probably gives governor christie a little assurance that where his position of this being a voter issue. although -- people who want gay marriage, they don't want this as you said. they don't want it to be up for a vote. >> we know that in 2012 we saw all four legislative measures on the ballot, everybody came out in favor of marriage equality. those in three states voting for the affirmative. i think it was in minnesota where they voted no, to the constitutional ban to the state's constitution of marriage equality. what does this mean for governor christie moving forward? he has aspirations higher than
2:33 pm
governor. we know what his campaign could potentially look like. does this give him the proper foundation for those base detractors of marriage equality that will see him as someone who tried to stand in the way of this and went a good fight but it still happened under his watch? >> i think it's mixed. when i talked to political scientists today and some elected officials, i think they feel like that christie -- this was a no-win -- no-lose situation for him. he has staked out his opinion very clearly. you know, he supports -- he does not think of homosexuality as a sin but very clearly said during a recent debate, if one of his children was gay, he would say i love you, i support you and embrace you but a marriage is between a man and woman. that's still ringing out there as he's in a governor's race right now. but already right after his
2:34 pm
announcement of dropping the case, one of more conservative senators, michael dougherty came out and put out a statement saying that, you know, governor, you took away the opportunity to let people, you know, have their voices be heard. you've railed against judicial activist and now you're ak quee he issing to it. i think that foreshadows what might be an issue for christie if he were to run in 2016. the people who really oppose same-sex marriage will say you didn't go far enough. they are going to say that you should have kept up the fight. and they are going to want to know, you know, is he backing off and then if the override is done and republicans jump on board and make this the law in new jersey, legislatively, did he -- they have his approval. so it's sort of a mixed bag but -- >> not a done deal as of yet.
2:35 pm
>> not a done deal. >> we have same-sex couples celebrating the today the opportunity that they have to be married. great to have you here, susan. we appreciate it. >> reaction from maryland congressman chris van hollen as some demand kathleen sebeliuseb reresignation. >> susan, you did a great job. take a deep breath in. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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role in the government shutdown. what will the argument be against the law when the glitches are fixed. republicans have now spent the last four years arguing against the health care law, first during the drafting stage, then at the supreme court then at the 2012 ballot box and most recently during the government shutdown. and they've lost every single time. joining me now live is senior political editor mark murray. this has been a wild one. the weekend though we watched senator cruz was back in the home state of texas and got a hero's welcome, standing ovation. he had this to say about his fellow senators. >> if senate republicans said we're going to stand together united with house republicans in the american people and we're going to stand against the train wreck that is obama care. the senate republicans should have come in like the cavalry to support them. unfortunately, a significant chunk of senate republicans instead came like the air force and began bombing the house
2:40 pm
republicans our own troops. >> mark it seems as it ted cruz has missed the memo on what's going on in the senate. mitch mcconnell said there's not going to be another government shutdown. why isn't ted cruz allowing that message to resonate or has it resonated and he likes to draft a different message in public? >> thomas, i think what you've seen with his remarks, those type of arguments, particularly when you're talking about the president's health care play, play extremely well with the rank in file, the people that show up on a saturday to hear a politician speech. that is what gets people fired up on the republican side. while the republicans, whether mitch mcconnell, john mccain, establishment types are saying that was the wrong strategy to be able to play, they aren't having the same type of reception among the chamber of commerce, among a lot of other rank in file in the republican business community. right now the grass roots and rank in file still has a lot of
2:41 pm
momentum and has the fire, more so than you see in these establishment parts of the republican party. >> we have spent a lot of time talking about the civil war going on within the republican party and we saw this morning former vice president dick cheney saying he felt the tea party was a positive influence on the republican brand. take a look. >> i've got a lot of respect for what the people are doing. these are americans that are loyal, patriotic, taxpayers and they are fed up with what they see happening in washington. i think it's a normal healthy reaction and the fact that the parties having to adjust to it is positive. i'm much see them in the party than out of the party. >> a ringing endorsement from a former vice president. how do you think that will play out on the hill? >> actually, how that comment is playing out is more about what's going on in wyoming than in washington, d.c. dick cheney's daughter, liz cheney is challenging wyoming senator mike enzee in that republican primary. she's really trying to grab onto
2:42 pm
the tea party momentum and fehr ver that you and i were talking about and dick cheney talking about the tea party is a good thing, spending has been very bad. plays into her argument. but dick cheney when he was vice president during the george w. bush administration said deficits don't matter. there is kind of a different view, deficits and debt and spending when you're in the office and out of office. >> mark murray, thanks. appreciate it. we want to bring in congressman chris van hollen of maryland and former chairman of the democratic national committee. sir, it's great to have you. and the republicans took a bit hit politically during the shutdown and now that we have all of the issues and more tangible evidence of the glitches with the website itself, it's galvanized the republican party against the aca and as if to distract from what the law is meant to do.
2:43 pm
john mccain had this to say yesterday. take a listen. >> it's been a fee asco, send air force out to silicon valley and fix this problem. it's ridiculous and everybody knows that. >> this is a large misstep, but do you think there is enough time to as the president sid, redouble the efforts? this is part of his legacy. this has to be frustrating for you and other democrats supportive of the president through this process. >> yes, thomas, it's been very frustrating and upsetting. obviously the current situation with the rollout of the exchanges is unacceptable and the president made that very clear today. and they are doing what they call the technology surge, they are bringing in folks from the private sector all of the experts from the government sector, so it's all hands on deck to try to fix this. it is important to remember, there's huge demand for this affordable health care. there have been over 20 million
2:44 pm
visits to this website. so that does show that the law was very much needed. it's also important to remember as you know, that there are important parts of the law that were in place before october 1st earn remain in place. a lot of protections for kids with preexisting conditions and other patient protections, all of that being said, it's absolutely essential that people be able to access these plans both online as well as through other means that the president talked about today. >> meanwhile we're in this bill big limbo discussion with the debt ceiling debate again and with the aca and open enrollment taking place and issues on the website, do you feel there's a white hot spotlight now directed on health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she agreed now to testify this week before a congressional committee and people will want to see someone acknowledge the problems and own up to them and
2:45 pm
potentially take the fall for it. >> well, thomas, i think our focus now needs to be making sure we get the system up and running. i hope that's what secretary sebelius is focused on. there will be time later to try to do a reretrospective and lessons for the future. but right now we need that surge the president is talking about. we need to make sure millions of americans have the ability to finally access this affordable health care. you were talking earlier about the reaction senator cruz got back in texas. i think the question for the house republicans going forward is not whether senator cruz or tea party republicans in the house have learned the lesson that it was a bad idea to shut down the government. they obviously think that was a tactic that was the right way to go. the question is going to be whether speaker boehner finally decides to stand up to the tea party folks. you saw senator mcconnell saying
2:46 pm
there would not be a shutdown again. they wouldn't threaten defaults on the debts. let's make sure speaker boehner steps up to the plate and says he learned the same lessons. as we go into budget negotiations, nobody should try to get their way or demand their particular agenda by threatening another government shutdown or threatening to default on our debts. >> congressman, thanks for your time. nice to see you. >> thank you. you too. >> two convicted killers are back in custody, there's a search on for the people who helped them escape from a florida jail. we take you for a live report. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe
2:47 pm
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with the two convicted killers now back in custody, police are intensifying their search for possible accomplices. >> there will be more arrests. we'll be backtracking to those who helped carry out this fraud and the long way we'll be looking closely at anyone who
2:50 pm
may have helped harbor these fugitives. >> charles walker and joseph jenkins appeared in court separately yesterday to face escape charges. both serving life sentences and had been in prison since the late 1990s for murder. cell phone video captured the moment that marshalls apprehended him. joining us now is the tallahassee correspondent. someone was forging these documents they used for an executed proper release, roughly about $8,000 to get it done. what more information do you have on that? >> they are still trying to confirm it. it's a tip they received, apparently it was information going around the prison, if you had the money there was someone that would provide the service. they have not been able to confirm that but it is one of the leads they are push suing. >> judge melvin perry, the
2:51 pm
signature that appeared on these documents, pretty well known with the casey anthony trial within court circles. how are they reviewing prison releases to see if there were other people who were able to slip through the cracks and if this is such a larger problem that has happened there? >> well, they are doing two things. they are looking at other early releases to make sure they are proper, to make sure that people who have been let out were properly released and they are also changing procedures in which these procedures happen. the department of corrections in this case called the clerk's office, they checked online, but they did not talk directly with the judge. the department of corrections is now saying if there's to be an early release, you check with the clerk and get the judge to sign a paper, yes, there was night signature and that's my order --
2:52 pm
>> just to confirm, it was the family of one of murder victims that received paperwork about one of killers being released that then tipped off authorities that this guy was serving a life sentence and should never been early release, correct? >> yes, that's correct. they treated this as a normal standard release and when they do so, they notify victim's families, if you have a relative that's been killed by a violent criminal, they let you know when he's back out on the street and that's what happened in this case. so they got the notice. they were obviously concerned and they notified the state attorney's office and asked them why is this guy up. >> i'm sure there's more to come as they continue their investigation. we'll be right back with our gut check. blank canvas. ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother. [ woman #3 ] to show my love. ♪ [ woman #4 ] because life needs flavor.
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powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. first step is admitting you have a problem, president obama says the health care website to rehab. >> it's not just facebook crashed this morning. i saw all the tweets. the military thriller that's strafrpger than fiction except it isn't far from the truth. >> i'm krystal ball, look who's better, dick cheney has a new heart and new book. ♪ >> the website has been too slow and people have been getting stuck during the application process. and i think it's fair to say that nobody is more


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