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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 22, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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investigation of birth certificates in greece. hacking the hackers, how the fbi busted a black market website that sold everything from illegal drugs to hitmen. the tea party hard liners who so far are not opening their wallets to candidates in their own party defend the house come 2014. more on those stories in a moment, but first, "news nation" following developing news in a shooting that happened outside of reno nevada. in the past hour, investigators gave an update saying they are still trying to figure out what motivated a 12-year-old gunman from opening fire. it left two people and two dead, including a gunman and teacher now being hailed as a hero, 45-year-old michael landsberry was a former marine and member of the nevada air national
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guard. on the "today" show this morning, one student described coming face to face with that child shooter. >> i thought it was because he was aiming his gun right at my chest and i looked at the gun and my chest -- he was going to shoot me. he was telling him to stop and put the gun down. and then the kid yelled out no, yelling at him. then he shot him. >> nbc's joe fry ar is in sparks nevada with more. joe? >> reporter: at the news conference today, police revealed more details about what happened at sparks middle school yesterday. when the student arrived, he first shot one student in the shoulder then had a confrontation with math teacher mike landsberry, ended up shooting and killing him. after that he shot another student in the abdomen before shooting and killing himself. at this point police are not releasing the name of the
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shooter and it's unclear if they are going to release the name of the shooter. they do say they are trying to investigate whether there's any connection between the shooter and any of the people who he shot. they are also trying to chase the origin of the gun that was used, a .9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun, they believe it came from the shooter's home. everybody wants to know why and police realize everyone wants to know more about the motive but they don't know exactly why this happened. they completed preliminary interviews with all of the people who witnessed the shooting. yesterday police told us 20 to 30 people actually saw all of this unfold. every time is mourning the loss of the math teacher, mike landsberry, in addition to teaching math here, he coached volleyball and basketball and soccer. everyone says he was definitely the hero in his actions trying to approach the gunman and take the gun away to buy everyone else more time to get to saver
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ground. back to you. >> thanks so much, joe fryer reporting there. i want to bring in martha bell isle. good to have you back with us. we had an opportunity to speak yesterday as these details were fresh and unfolding, but we're learning more about the teacher jo was talking about, the 45-year-old shot and killed in all of this, truly being hailed a hero and we're learning there is also a coach of volley bowba and soccer. what are you learning about his back frownground and family try get past this? >> reporter: i spoke with his sister-in-law several times and initially they didn't know for sure whether it was him. it took a while for them to figure that out. that was a little stressful and emotional for them. but when they finally learned what happened and what he did, chan da landsberry, his sister-in-law wasn't at all surprised. that was his nature to step in and help where he could. >> it seems that was his
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personality to want to be the person to help bring some temperament to the situation because of his military background and also being a teacher and coach, it was expected to -- he would probably be able to talk to this child. what more have we been able to learn about the child? again, they have not released his name. but his background, especially being the gun originated potentially from his home. >> officials are not releasing a lot of details. most of what we learned we learned from interviewing the students. we had reporters at all different schools and just talking about the family as well, the family of landsberry. we don't know a lot about him but it sounded as though he was distressed there was talk maybe he was being bullied or he called out to somebody, stop laughing at me. we don't know what was going through his mind and officials are not releasing that information yet.
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>> this is a small town, sparks. there is a vigil that's planned for tomorrow. classes are canceled through the week, correct? >> they are at the middle school, yes. >> the vigil itself, that something students are supposed to attend or something for just the families? >> it's -- there's a vigil tomorrow and on thursday night for anyone who wants to come and -- this is rocked the community. traumatized everybody. anyone who has a child in any school is suddenly fearful. this is put on by different churches, they are stepping forward and saying we want to bring everybody together. so anyone can go. >> the healing process and as people try to understand how this tragedy happened begins. an update on two boys there, ones that were shot and injured. they are listed in stable condition right now. martha, thanks for coming on and filling us in on your reporting there. we'll follow your story. >> right now wall street is reacting with gains to today's
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release of the september jobs report, delayed by two and a half weeks because of the shutdown. the dow is up by 64 points right now. the s&p is at a record high of nearly 10 and nasdaq is also higher. green arrows across the board but after the labor department reported the economy added fewer than expected 148,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dropped, a tenth to 7.2%. that's a five-year low. joining me now live, peter alexander and "new york times" reporter katherine van pel. the white house wants to emphasize the positive news in this report, however house speaker john boehner issued his own statement saying it shows the president has more than a troubled website to fix, a weakened a economy, it doesn't seem the relations are improving much after the government shutdown, especially since he's
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attaching the bad economic numbers directly to aca. >> >> reporter:. i think the white house would shoot back. we had a chance to listen to jason furman and he provided what the administration views as the impact of the shutdown fight. and i guess the default debate, now deferred that many americans have blamed on republicans for putting the u.s. in this position and said about the month of october, remember the numbers we learned about today are for september. they are delayed because of the shutdown. more specific to the month of october, the first few weeks already we are being told by the white house that they believe the number for october in terms of job gains will be roughly 125,000 less than it would have been if that in the eyes of the white house, republican led fight had no taken place. and that's the way they tried to frame this argument going forward in many ways and in many ways trying to avoid the
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potential for another fight years from now. >> is anybody concentrating on what can be done for a jobs bill from the white house? i know they want to push back and forth and point fingers but nobody is trying to craft something to move forward with any force. >> reporter: i think you're right. obviously one of the frustrations for the white house, they don't feel they have a partner from capitol hill in trying to go forward with a lot of plans the president has been pursuing. and his effort to build job growth across this country, infrastructure among them right now. this will be among the conversations that take place during the budget talks that are to be taking place already. but obviously the white house has been i guess you could say steered away from those priorities in some ways and wanted to focus on immigration and budget talks and creation of jobs. so much of the focus has been centered on the president's health care law. >> as we look what the
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government shutdown did during the month of october, this is not impacted by that. we'll see potentially what happened in november because of what happened in october and the government shutdown. >> yeah, no, that's certainly the case, once again the number they use, they say the number we see in november for the october jobs report, they estimate will be roughly 125,000 jobs fewer than it would have been if the shutdown and debt ceiling crisis had not taken place, thomas. >> thanks so much. katherine joins us by phone. we apologize for not having that shot up. let me talk to you. the big gains and let's focus on that in the jobs. we have in the services area for business and professional service, transportation and warehousing and construction. what does that indicate to you? >> it indicates first of all that the housing market has been growing. that the growth in housing has tempered a little bit but we are seeing more construction workers going back to work.
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you're seeing gains in areas that have suffered during the recession, some of those jobs are coming back. >> with the gains on wall street, is it expected because the fed is going to further delay tame perring its stimulus programs they are going to still be pumping cash? >> there's a happy medium that wall street economists and traders are looking for. they don't want the report to be too gray because that means you're going to see -- pretty soon. but you don't want to be too because it means the economy is falling off the cliff. it was just lousy enough, basically that it pushes back when the fed is likely to start withdrawing stimulus measures. >> we're just mediocre at this point. thanks so much. we appreciate it. still ahead, new information in the international mystery involving the young girl allegedly abducted by a roma
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more details are emerging. in the cover story a usa today investigation reveals how federal agents used the perpetrators by hacking their way into the mostcy fisty indicated and criminal
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marketplace on the web. facing multiple charges including solicitation of murder of a witness in relation to the site. it first gained notoriety two years ago bringing 1.2 billion in sales in nearly a million customers. donna ledger wrote the story. let's talk about this. your story breaks down how the fbi was able to shut it all down, you describe the dark net, for our viewers not as tech salvy, can you describe how silk road worked? >> it was located on something called the tour browser system. tour started out as what is called onion grounding, designed by the u.s. navy research lab. they designed it as a way to keep military communications secure. it's run by a non-profit. it's open. anyone can use it.
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what the web master of silk road did was he put his site on this tour browser. what tour does, it balances communications through a whole bunch of different servers so that you can't trace who is using the site at any one child, can't trace who is doing the transactions. if someone is selling something on the black market and someone is buying it, you don't know who the two parties are. >> how is the fbi able to infiltration the server to connect the dots? >> the fbi did a really interest thing. they used some very, very traditional crime fighting methods that they always used, things like stings and confidential informants but they also appeared to have done, experts believe that they at some point hacked into the system. they understand how tour works and understand how the website worked and what they did was go into the website's own coding system and find weaknesses. then they exploited those
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weaknesses and kind of take over the computer and make the computer think that they are the administrator of the site. they get the website to sort of talk back to them so they can identify where the servers were. they have to go all over the world to confiscate these servers. the six so far that the fbi has identified, one was in latvia, romania, two in iceland. they were all over the world. >> they are mirrors paying off other mirrors dissecting the signal almost. >> correct. >> to create this trail. it has been described as bizarre because there were all kinds of things to be able to get on there. illegal drugs among them being able to offer and attain, but the most difficult and eye catching is the services of a hitman and trying to take someone out. how were the fbi able to
2:18 pm
categorize the items or offers that were being sold? >> it's so interesting when you sign on to silk road, it kind of looks like any kind of retame establishment that you would find on the web, looks like instead of seeing pictures of books or towels, they have pictures of heroin and cocaine and they also had a services section where you could for example, perfect the service of a hitman or purchase the service of a hacker. they were also selling forged documents like passports and driver's license. one thing they did not sell is the administrator of the site who is alleged to be this ross ol brekt, he did not allow the sales of guns or fake diplomas, that's where he drew the line. >> all right. some standards there at silk road. nice to see. thanks for coming on. appreciate it.
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welcome back. a top prosecutor ordered a nationwide investigation into birth certificates over the past six years as the investigation into a young girl found living in arome ma camp is growing. dna testing shows the couple she was living with are not her biological parents. meanwhile, the charity caring for her says out of the tens and thousands of tips that they have poured in, they are looking into closely eight or ten for a biological match. michelle kosinski joins me now.
2:27 pm
explain what's happening with the roma couple who say the biological mom legally gave this young girl to them. >> reporter: they say she illegally gave the child to her when the child was days old. the couple is still in jail. they may need to stay there for eight to ten months now awaiting trial. they are accused not only with child abduction but also things like obtaining false official documents. they claim that a bulgarian woman gave them the child and they took the child in because that woman could not care for her. they vehemently deny child trafficking and deny they have the child out begging or dancing for money as some of the charity workers have alleged. at this point, police are trying to figure out exactly what they are dealing with. how exactly this couple came to have this little girl with a call out around the world asking
2:28 pm
people, do you know who this child is? if this child is missing somewhere, could this be her? thomas. >> how many leads -- and explain, this could be a little bit nonspecific right now, but they've been able to define certain leads, michelle, that are more exciting to them about possibly connecting who this child really belongs to. >> reporter: yeah there's something about this case that resonated immediately around the world. and police and charity workers say the response has been incredible. it's been about six days since this child was taken by a prosecutor from the roma or gypsy camp. they have gotten more than 10,000 phone calls and e-mails and hundreds and thousands of hits on website and facebook and saying eight to ten of the leads look promising. they are not giving a lot of detail about those. what's interesting it's also been reported that four of those
2:29 pm
promising leads come from the united states. we know that one couple in kansas city, missouri, was asking and in fact they also contacted the fbi saying that their baby was abducted in 2011 and looks strikingly similar, at least from what they could tell from the age of their child and age progression that was done, that they feel strongly there's at least a possibility it could be their child. however, police said in this case here in greece they believe this little girl was living in the roma camp since 2009. those dates absolutely don't correspond. from that perspective alone, it doesn't look likely. we don't know any other detail about the three other promising leads that have originated in the u.s. thomas? >> michelle kosinski, thanks so much. back here at home, today our nbc news first read team is answering the question, how long does the obama white house have to fix the problems with the
2:30 pm website. about a month before the system is negativively impacted. joining me live, political editor mark murray. we all know you only get one shot at making a good first impression, but explain why thanksgiving now becomes this next first impression deadline. what happens if the health care website isn't ready by then? >> thomas, you have to go to the calendar, january 1st is the date the insurance kicks in and starts being eligible on the exchanges where your insurance policy is good for and the white house had always assumed that come october, even the beginning of november, people wouldn't necessarily be buying this insurance because it wouldn't be good until january 1st. most would end up buying the insurance on the exchange come january. pretty much the window between december 1st and 15th. because of that, they need this website up and operational by thanksgiving and have it with no kinks at all and ready to go
2:31 pm
because that's when a lot of demand and a lot of traffic that we saw at the initial stage will be not only to brouz but actually to buy and purchase the health insurance. >> also, the first read team is pointing out when the goeing gets tough in washington, folks start pointing fingers. who's pointing fingers at who today over the health care website glitches? are we hearing that the red flags concerns were raised well in advance of october 1st but steamed ahead anyway. >> you end up getting a of pointing fingers from anonymous quotes, people want to deflect blame. it wasn't my fault, it was somebody else's fault. there were signs that there were issues that were involved. that's one side of the coin. the other side thomas is there are so many people who want t h be able to get this right. i think this is the most important part. . insurance companies have so much at stake to make sure exchanges
2:32 pm
work correctly and getting 'lot of new consumers and customers and you're seeing that government but as well as private industry wanting to make sure this works. and you're going to see almost trying to move earth to get everything set up before that thanksgiving deadline. >> over the last hour though, mark, we understand that health and human services director kathleen sebelius announced zeenst is going to help. >> jeff is somebody who has always been considered part of the president's in his administration's a team when it komsz comes to management. somebody who is very tight, well known the first term with president obama and not a surprise they are having somebody come in who has that type of connections with the white house to make sure that everything is overseen and all of the kinks are worked out.
2:33 pm
>> you guys point out too with first read today, that a lot of this is reminder of medicare part d from eight years ago. any time we try to update the american social contract, there are going to be long problems. >> there's no doubt. actually, getting something off the ground is never easy, never easy in government or never easy in the private sector. but that issue from 2005 from the medicare part d, prescription drug benefits being created and the website wasn't working, there were delays and people were frustrated. now that's seen as a very big achievement from the george w. bush administration. the obama white house, they hope they are crossing their fingers the similar type situation where all of the bugs and problems are month and you move forward and don't look back. we'll see a month from now what the system looks like. that will be a big indication for us. >> thanks, mark.
2:34 pm
>> more and more polls gop favorable at an all time low. just over a year, a year until midterm elections, the national republican congressional committee brought in just $5.3 million in september. that's compared to the democrats 8.4 million. their best september ever and twice as much as august. perhaps one reason why, politico reports several tea party hard liners are not opening wallets to donate and many republicans view the lack of giving as a proverbial middle finger to the establishment. alex icen stat joins me now. you're laughing at that proverbial thing, aren't you? >> yes, i am. >> you called out a few more out spoken tea party congressman in your article, congressman -- wom, michele bachmann and tim graves, all been refusing to comment for your story. is that the goal for the group
2:35 pm
to give the gop establishment the bird? >> well, that seems to be the case. this group of conservatives, they have really been giving house speaker john boehner fits all year. and this government shutdown was just sort of the latest example of that. talking about adding insult to injury. first they are largely responsible for the government shutdown which is badly damaging battered republican party brand. and now after all of that, they are not honing up the funds to help the gop 2014 election effort to maintain control of the house, adding insult to injury and something republican leadership are not too happy about. >> if we look at what the nrcc did, they did weigh in telling you that speak john boehner, majority leader, eric cantor and rest of the leadership team put in extraordinary time and effort to ensure republicans have the resources necessary to go up against the obama/pelosi machine. it doesn't sound they are too
2:36 pm
worried about this. should they be? >> it's still early. we're still a year out from the election and house republicans are still pretty heavily favored to keep control of the majority but losing in the fund raising race and house republicans are doing well but losing at this point. as the year moves on, we're going to see whether democrats continue to beat republicans in fund raising. it could be a concern over the coming year. we'll have to see. >> when you give the bird i always say, it's like you're number one, you're number one. >> new information on the convicted killers who used forged documents to walk out of prison. why one top official is worried there could be more cases out there. it's abundantly clear who's not welcome at thursday's memorial service honoring the late congressman bill young. the sternly worded letter was cents to charlie crist and the phone call the president faced
2:37 pm
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as law enforcement officials investigate how two prisoners escaped from prison. they now believe six inmates escaped using the same tactic. three were successful, including both convicted murderers and they pinpointed a number of suspects who may have been involved in helping the men get ouxt they are also not ruling out the possibility that their mistaken release was an inside job. >> we have today uncovered key facts and now targeted several suspects. there's still a lot we do not know and there's a lot we have yet to prove. >> a lot we have yet to prove. gabe gutierrez joins us live. where are authorities focusing their investigation to get the
2:41 pm
proof they seek? >> reporter: hi, there tom a. significant focus of the investigation is the or ank county clerk's office. what we learned today, investigators have not ruled out that the inmates may have had inside help. we learned the documents were filed by mail, not in person or electronically. what investigators are trueing to determine is whether someone inside the orange county clerk's office may have helped the documents go through the system. a short time the commissioner said the scheme was bigger than we initially thought. six inmates tried it for a total of seven attempts. joseph jenkins, one of the two capture the over the weekend, he reportedly tried it twice. now five of the seven attempts have come from one facility, the franklin correctional institute in the florida panhandle. now, that is where joseph jenkins and charles walker escaped from two weeks ago or several weeks ago rather.
2:42 pm
they were arrested over the weekend after they made the trip from the orlando area to panama city beach. and that is where u.s. marshals arrested them on saturday. we're told they were waiting for someone from atlanta to pick them up. investigators aren't exactly sure who. they are trying to determine suspects by going through a ipad and phone found in the hotel. the scheme didn't come as a total surprise because law enforce. officials discussed it this past summer. still a lot of questions at this point. >> have authorities release the similarities between how this all happened. because the judge who signed off on the two false release papers for these guys was the casey anthony judge and he's come out to say they figured out his name because he was well known and people wouldn't have thought anything about it. does his name appear anyone else? >> reporter: they haven't
2:43 pm
released some of that information just yet. we do know of a case before another official, not that judge. investigators are going through all of those documents trying to figure out what the similarities are. they do say there's been at least six -- seven total cases used by six different inmates dating back to 2009. >> seems pretty sophisticated. gabe gutierrez, thanks, we appreciate it. book of survival from two of the women held captive for a decade in a cleveland home. the attorney for amanda berry and jena dejesus says the two will collaborate to tell their story of human dignity and survival. michelle knight recently sat down with dr. phil for an interview that is set to air in three parts next month. >> toppling in ancient rock formation in utah, one of the men supports the decision which
2:44 pm
accuses them of the scouts leave no trace policy. they have launched a criminal investigation. just in time for christmas, apple unveiling the newest ipad. it weighs own a pound and the company is touting it as the lightest full size tablet in the world. the ipad air will feature much more powerful processor and hits the shelves on november the 1st with a starting price of $500. an ohio cemetery tries to make good with a military family after removing spongebob head stones from a soldier's grave. >> wanted spongebob and that's the only thing going to settle for. >> they were approved to be there then they said no. and the family had to get them gone. should the headstones go back up? it's our gut check. be sure to like the "news nation" on facebook. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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as always, find other twitter page at newsnation. two international hum ab rights groups say they have evidence that drones have killed civilians in yemen. charging the drone strikes over the past four years have been far less precise than u.s. officials suggested. >> it is time to end the black hole of accountability for drone strikes. the u.s. has acted like a hit-and-run driver. >> cannot be 100% certain but we are extremely concerned that these and other killings documented in the report may constitute executions or war crimes. >> today's report follow the u.n. report that came out last week that said at least 460 civilians have been killed by u.s. drone strikes in pakistan and yemen since 2004. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff
2:49 pm
joins us. human rights watch examined the strikes in yemen. tell us about the claims or the research they've done that would say that the u.s. is not telling the complete truth? >> well, if these reports are based on on the ground interviews with individuals in the areas where the strikes have taken place. and there are some pretty gripping and disturbing accounts in both reports, one in the amnesty international, act of a 68-year-old grandmother killed by a drone strike in front of her grandchildren. there's a report of 18 laborers killed in another strike in pakistan in yemen, 12 civilians reportedly killed in a strike in a village there. what's particularly noticed -- worth noting here, these most compelling counts are in
2:50 pm
relatively recent terms those strikes are alluded to in pakistan, took place in the summer and fall of last year. the one in yemen, took place in september of last year. so look, it is very hard to verify the authenticity of these accounts. these are areas that are largely not in the control of the pakistani government in the case of pakistan and often not in control of the yemeni government in yemen. the u.s. does not have a large on the ground presence there, certainly doesn't have any that's o vert in these areas. so you have u.s. accounts which have put civilian casualties much drone strikes in the single digits and at least cia drone strikes and that was a statement that came from dianne feinstein last february. then you have these human rights
2:51 pm
reports accounts which have them far larger, 4 -- 900 in pakistan according to the amnesty international, 58 in yemen, according to the human rights watch report. squaring those numbers is very difficult and clearly there's -- but the key question for the human rights groups is, they want the u.s. to be more accountable about what it knows about these strikes. >> when we're trying to figure this all out and the obama administration wants to defend its use of drone strikes so they try to be as precise as possible. this provides an achilles' heel to that defense. jay carney said the white house strongly disagrees with the contention that the u.s. drone strikes could violate international law. the president defended this action over the summer in a speech. so michael, does this put the administration in a pivoting position back on its heel to have to come back out to explain
2:52 pm
themselves and the use of drone strikes? obviously they are going after targets, enemy targets, never trying to have civilian casualties but that is collateral damage. >> exactly. the u.n. report which you alluded to in your introduction is going to be presented to the general assembly on friday. and there will be a debate on the floor of the general assembly about this issue. there's no question that from the u.s. perspective, certainly domesticically and politically, there's broad public support and support in congress for going after al qaeda operatives with drone strikes. it is not a hugely controversial issue domestically within the united states. but internationally, it is clear this remains a very significant issue, despite the president's promises of greater transparency and greater precision and
2:53 pm
restrictions on drone strikes, there's still the u.s. is going to be on the defensive on friday, at the united nations on an esh yu it doesn't juan to be on the defensive about, particularly this president doesn't want to be on the defensive about. >> much appreciated. here are some things we thought you should know. president obama called french president hollande to promise the u.s. is reviewing its intelligence gathering policies after the french newspaper reported the nsa gained access to more than 70 million phone records of french citizens. the information came from documents released by nsa leaker edward snowden. it's time for the news nation gut check, a family of a murdered soldier is meeting with officials from the cemetery where she's buried over the head stone. kimberly walker's stone is a spongebob square pants. and the cemetery took it down a day after it went up despite giving the approval to
2:54 pm
kimberly's family that they could erect the gravestone. >> she was excited about spongebob, you know, but that was her love and her passion, was sponge bob. >> reporter: kimmie walker's family remembers her as someone always smiling. >> she had this love of spongebob and i think it's because he was such a jolly go lucky cartoon character. >> reporter: when the army sergeant was murdered in february at age 28, her family spared no expense ordering two spongebob squarepants granite head stones, $26,000 for the pair to honor kimberly and her twin sister who serves in the navy. they got atpproval by this cincinnati cemetery. final resting place of such american icons as the real life procter & gamble. a day after the headstones were erected this month, the spring grove cemetery hauled them off.
2:55 pm
>> it is just unreal. we just can't -- we can't imagine -- >> reporter: the cemetery apologized saying the family chose the design with a spring grove employee who made an error in judge. . it does not fit within the guidelines and not approved by senior management and cannot remain here. >> to have to deal with something like this atrocious. >> reporter: rare though the monday umts may be, spongebob is another headstone about an hour away. >> we picked out the headstone and monument and size and everything before we contacted the cemetery. and never had any friction. >> reporter: today cemetery officials are scheduled to meet with the walker family in hopes of reaching a compromise saying they'll reimburse the family and pay for new monday umts. a grieving mom wants spongebob as is. >> we want the spongebobs back and that's the only thing we're going to settle for. >> reporter: set in stone yet
2:56 pm
far from permanent. ron mott, nbc news. >> should the cemetery put the spongebob head stones back up? go to, that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm thomas roberts. "the cycle comes your way next. [ female announcer ] can it get any cleaner? [ steam hisses ] actually... guys! [ female announcer ] can. introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. it gets the dirt that mops can leave behind with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this floor so clean? ♪ steamboost, sir! [ female announcer ] new swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. not just clean, steamboost clean.
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