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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we are following developing news, kathleen sebelius accepted responsibility for the botched rollout of and apologized to americans for glitches that have plagued that website. testifying before the house energy and commerce committee, sebelius called it a quote, miserably frustrating experience, only minutes into her testimony came the first testy exchange as marsha
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blackburn of tennessee pressed the secretary on why the site was still down this morning. >> this is what is happening right now with this website. we've had somebody in the back trying to sign on. it is down. it is not working. who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or your designee? >> we own the site. the site had serious problems. >> who is in charge? >> the question now in charge, qssi -- >> who was in charge -- >> was in charge and up until -- >> at that team, who is the individual? >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> secretary sebelius responded to concerns that some americans have been told they will not be
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able to keep their insurance, despite the president saying that they would. >> individuals have gotten notices that they are going to have their individual insurance policies canceled. they will be able to get another plan, won't they? >> it is t law they must get another plan. continuous coverage is part of the law. >> so -- >> that wasn't the case in the past. >> and she also acknowledged that the two weeks spent testing the site was not enough time. there was concern problems would arise, no one estimated how extensive the problems would in fact be. >> clearly looking back, it would have been ideal to do it differently. we had a product that frankly people have been waiting decades to have access to affordable health care. clearly the testing should have
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been longer, should have been more sufficient. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. we watch hours upon hours of questioning but it seems as if the ball essentially moved to december, when this will essentially be a reboot to see where things stand. basically i'm saying nothing was accomplished and we knew her answers and heard them from the administration before and this is a wait and see period. >> she reassured members of congress again and again that she is confident about the november 30th deadline that is sort the new deadline to get these problems with the system worked out. so the majority of users who go on can get through the experience. that pushes the ball into december when she agreed to come back and give a progress report. a number of members in both parties i spoke to today were very pleased the secretary was here to be accountable and answer questions. some was combative, a lot of it was probably more of a back and forth you would expect to see
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that wasn't particularly heated. she did accept responsibility. she did say that they could have done things better, wished they had done things better. one of the things that is still frustrating many members is the idea that their constituents are receiving these letters, if they are people who don't have employer based insurance or not krntly or medicaid or medicare. someone buying a policy on their own. if they received a notice saying the policy is ending and getting a new policy, in some cases the price goes up, in part because it covers more services. there was a lot about that that was discussed at the hearing today. and secretary sebelius tried in many instances to talk about the things she believes are really positive points about what the law will do. and trying to, you know, kind of get her way through the obvious problems. she made one of those sort of political moves that is sometimes considered an error. she used the word debacle herself, referring to this,
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which was kind of taking the words from the person questioning her. but said she is the one who is accountable. we tried to reach her afterward. >> she made it very clear she's owning this and this is her responsibility to lead in the repair or fixing of the website here. one of the other issues, some of the republican committee members kept hitting on, how many people have actually been enrolled in the affordable health care plan. she said, listen, there's no reliable data, but there will be numbers provided by mid-november. >> and she said she expects the numbers will be very small in spite of the massachusetts example. in the beginning there were small numbers of enrollees, you have to have a certain number to make the system financially work. and that's part of the question of how will this actually go. if people are turned off by difficulties with the system, will that make them less likely to enroll.
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there are many members of congress who are skeptical of that, thinking there must be some information about enrollment. but the administration and her department, they are not going to talk about it until she says they have credible information to share. and she did caution everyone she thinks the enrollment numbers initially will be low but says people have roughly four months of time to enroll when you consider that the system is supposed to be really solidly up and running by december 1st, if in fact they can deliver. >> she also pointed out the time period is much longer than an individual who started a new job with a corporation would have for an enrollment period at an employer? >> she made that point and said an enrollment period has to be limited so that the insurance companies that are participating know how many customers they are going to have and therefore can set prices. the idea of giving people more time beyond that is something she did not seem inclined to want to considerate least today. >> kelly o'donnell. thank you. maryland congressman chris van
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hollen. thank you so much for your time. what was accomplished today with this hearing? >> i thought it was a very important area of the issues. he was pleased secretary sebelius stepped up and took responsibility and said the situation was unacceptable. and recognized that they have a problem on their hands. they have all hands on deck to try to fix it. this was a moment a lot of folks on the hill had been waiting for to have a chance to ask her questions. and i think she handled the situation well. >> the number of people are those who may have to get new policies because their old policy does not fit the criteria for the health care law of what was necessary -- or is considered good coverage here. she answered that question over and over. so it seemed to some watching that were looking for sound bites to be played on cable news or whatever, but not accepting
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the answer or explanation about those few people who may be impacted in that way. >> that's right. you and kelly just went over that really well. first of all, we're talking about the 5% of individuals on the individual market which is always historically been a turbulent market which is one of the reasons we need to have the affordable care act before the affordable care act, people in that market were never guaranteed they were going to get the same policy at the same premium. lots of people got kicked off at the end of the year under the at fordable care act and you'll be able to get another policy as the secretary explained by law, you have to be offered another policy and 50% of those people are going to get a tax credit to help them purchase a better insurance policy at a lower overall cost. so again, i think the secretary explained that well as you indicated, there were some
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people who wouldn't accept the answers even though they were accurate answers. >> this was a opportunity for people at home who were still uncertain about the website to hear from the person leading the way, but is there anything in the hours long hearing today that would make the process better? the website, getting people in all states to sign up for affordable health care. >> as you know, there's some states that are moving ahead on their own and then there are the other states part of the federal system. and some of the states are way ahead of the game, the state of kentucky has been a great example. thousands of people signing up. the administration was brought in the new point person, the one who created that punch list and said they were going to work through the punch list so they can have the system up and running for a vast majority of people by november. as we know, the signup period takes us through march of next
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year -- >> i'm speaking to the point of this hearing. was there something that was productive in your opinion other than -- the obvious airing of the laundry which has been extensive and quite honestly covered from the newspaper to programs. >> no, i have to say i do not think there was anything new and i continued to sort of be intrigued by a lot of our republican colleagues who were all of a sudden so interested or concerned about the fact that people can't get access to insurance policies, that just a few weeks ago they shut down the government in order to prevent from being available in the first place? let's remember that a lot of folks who were trying to play got ya never wanted this exchange to be up seand runningn the place, despite the fact we know 20 million americans have visited the site, that's an indication of the huge demand out there for affordable health
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care. >> i have to ask about the budget negotiating committee convening today, the bar set to be set low as far as what negotiation or ultimate deal will come out of it. what's your assessment? >> well, at the very least, i asked my colleagues to make sure that nobody again threatens another government shutdown or to default on our debt to try to get their way in any of these negotiations. and i hope that everybody on that committee will adopt that principle. number two, there are some things that we need to do because we know they are a drag on the economy right now. for example, these very deep and immediate cuts called the sequester are actually going to result in a loss of 800,000 jobs by this time next year. that's the independent congressional budget office. there's a better way to achieve deficit reduction without hurting jobs in the economy and i hope we'll work together to get that done. >> thank you for your time. let me bring in april ryan and washington bureau chief for
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american radio networks and former health insurance industry whistle blower, wendell potter. and let me first read a statement, the white house is saying president obama has complete confidence in health and human services secretary sebelius after the health care rollout. jennifer, the hill is reporting that behind the scenes obviously the president is sieging, not happy but he is giving kathleen sebelius the room and time needed to make the repairs and it is her responsibility there. >> that's right. she took full responsibility at the hearing today and said this is my fault, i'm going to fix it. we saw democrats really support her. very few democrats asked tough questions of her. most spent their time supporting her or supporting the law, even though republicans spent a lot of time attacking her. interestingly republicans have been calling for her to be fired but did not actually ask her to
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her face today to resign her post. >> wendell, a lot of questions initially people thought would be about the website and why it is not operating as it should. but we heard many republicans go back to this issue of some people will get cancellation letters or have received letters and that they will not have health care. secretary sebelius obviously explained that is not the case. what i'm always intrigued by in the health care industry and insurance industry as if these companies were operating always in good faith, that they were not dropping people because of preexisting conditions and other issues, that folks will now be protected with under this health care law. >> it's a very good point, tamron. in the past, in fact, right now, insurance companies can and do drop you from coverage because you get sick or just because they don't want to continue offering a policy. this has been going on for many, many years. what's going on now is a continuation of what's been going on for a long time.
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congresswoman blackburn, i know her district well, i'm a fellow tennesseen. it encompasses a big rural area and rural residents are especially dependent on the individual market and they have not been able to get coverage they can afford and been black balled because of preexisting conditions. many people in her district especially will benefit. she never acknowledges that, of course. >> you have others doing the same thing, behaving as if this insurance industry has been this pristine organization helping people in need. the whole point for a health care law is because millions of people who deserve health care have not been able to get it. >> that's right. this represents only 5% of the american population. part of the reason is because insurance companies are refused to sell coverage to a big percentage of the country. that's why we only have 15 million people who can get coverage through the individual
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market, either they can't buy it or it's priced too high. >> and april, let me bring you in. the president shortly will be in massachusetts. the very place where mitt romney was joined by ted kennedy in signing the 2006 health care overhaul bill for that state of massachusetts. our first read team and others, mitt romney had bipartisan support. the president does not. here we are four years later this four year war as the first read team has called over health care and the president if you will at the ground zero point trying to not necessarily take away from what's happened on capitol hill today but put the conversation what he believes on track. >> right, he is definitely trying to put the conversation on track. one thing today with stating as you said that he stands squarely behind kathleen sebelius, his embattled secretary, one reason is the politics to do that because he will show a sign of weakness for the system, aca big
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piece of his legacy of his presidency, will show up a bit of weakness if he were to let her go. when you talk about the war, there is a war. and some of what you saw today in the hearing, many of the gops asking questions of kathleen sebelius asked same questions in letters to the administration on navigators. the white house thinks today many of the gops were posturing asking the same questions about the navigators that indeed the house oversight and subcommittee and oversight and investigations committee found that the navigators were fine. it's the politics of politics. everybody is trying to pos tour for this win. >> adding to that, our first read team points out, it's worth emphasizing that the health care war has lasted four plus years. there was the drafting of the law, 2009, 2010. the 2010 mid-terms and 2012 supreme court fight, the 2012
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presidential race and now the implementation part of the battle, 2013. guess what, we can look forward to december when they all go back to capitol hill and get another hearing to see where things stand and i can bet you not everybody will be happy, not even then. >> absolutely. this is going on for years and no reason to think it's going away any time soon. the secretary will come back and provide numbers we've talked about. in january, once these plans actually start that -- to continue its oversight. everyone expects it to be pretty rocky. the insurance plans that people are getting used to. and there's no reason to think congress is going to stop talking about obama care. >> i greatly appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks, tamron. up next, are government security guards ready for the worse? a shocking new report reveals
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many guards have gone without proper shooting training or active shooter training? in just a few hours, the nfl and native american tribe will meet about the washington redskins in the ongoing fight over the name. the owner of the team will not be there and it is of course still refusing to change the name. where is this meeting going? plus -- >> especially if they don't even know or don't ask permission. it's kind of invasive. >> and one woman says hands off my baby bump. a man is charged after an expectant mom called police when he rubbed her tummy? are those charges going too far? it is today's gut check. be sure to check the brand-new msnbc website, go to you can share your thoughts and stay connected with the entire -- e always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks.
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the shooting in which 13 people were killed, has revealed what may be a serious lack of security at government facilities. justice correspondent pete williams joins us live from washington. >> a government audit, tamron, says some of the roughly 13,000 private contractor guards assigned to protect federal buildings don't have all of the training they need on what to do in response to an active shooter. since 2010 the department of homeland security required that the guards receive active shooter training and the government accountability office told congress today it did a spot check of contractors and found five companies who say their guards received no such training, 11 other contractors surveyed said the guards they
2:23 pm
provide did get at least some active shooter training. dh officials testified today at a hearing before house subcommittee that in a case like this, a guard's primary responsibility is to send an immediate notice of an active shooter attack and make certain that employees can get out safely or that no intruders can get in. they say in remote areas where a quick law enforcement response is unlikely, a guard is expected to take further action. but they also said the guard's response could be con strained because state laws limit what can be done by somebody who is not a sworn officer. the government has to do more to ensure guards assigned at checkpoints that use metal detectors have received the proper training. they say at least one contract guard company said that roughly 40% of its 350 guards never got their initial x-ray training. >> that's incredible. as you pointed out there are restrictions or things that would prevent even across the
2:24 pm
board training with these particular guards. so how is this going to be remedied to make sure the facilities are protect the earn the contract guards get the training they need? >> there's nothing to prevent their training. what the people who testified today said that in some states, if you're not a sworn law enforcement officer, there's obviously, you can't arrest somebody, but there's more restrictions and it varies by state in terms of what -- if you have a sen air toshio where there's one guard and active shooter situation, it constrains what that person can do. there's no way around the state laws. but some members of congress are saying that even in spite of those limitations, there still needs to be more fundamental training but what these people are supposed to do. >> pete, thank you very much for the explanation. we'll see what comes out of this. we have a live look at the markets right now. stocks are reacting to the fed's
2:25 pm
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i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. nfl officials are meeting with the -- after yesterday's reported meeting between the team owner daniel snyder and nfl commissioner roger goodell. according to the "washington post," snyder's stressed to goodell he has no intention on changing the name of the franchise. he says in the past he must be sensitive to names felt to be offensive but the final decision is with the team's leader. the sports editor with the
2:29 pm
nation. also the author of the book "game over" how politics turned the sports world upsidedown. anyway, dave, let's talk about this meeting. the team owner not there. so what's the point in the meeting? >> well, the point of the meeting is for the nfl to show that they are actually listening and sensitive to the fact that the choctaw nation and american indian movement have been holding demonstrations and buying commercial air time and want to be heard on this question, they do not want one of the nfl team names to be a slur. i have to say, one of the things putting the wind in the sales of this, one of the reasons this is such a bigger story now than a year ago is precisely the fact that dan snyder will not meet with him. his public relations approach has been so offensive to so many people, that every time he does something like this, it only makes opponents of the name get their dander up more. >> he's the person who can ultimately make the decision.
2:30 pm
i do want to read a statement from the indian nation, we're hopeful that this meeting begins the process of ending the league's continued promotion of slurs. ultimately, though, the step is the removal of the name and to your point, dan snyder has said flat out, that's not going to happen. >> true, the first owner of the washington football team said there would never be any african-americans on the team. you never want to say never. i'm sure you have old stock footage of george wallace saying segregation now. you never want to be the person saying never in an issue like this. i believe the name will change and it will happen because of popular pressure and one basic fact. if native americans were 14% of the population, there's no way there would be a team name called the redskins. if you need mass displacement and geno side to have a team
2:31 pm
name -- >> some of the people were brought down by the law, federal law, that protected people from discrimination and continues to thankfully do so. with this, is there a law that would make dan snyder fall in line as we saw some below the mason dixon line, but to law. >> there is a federal trademark lawsuit going through the courts that would at the very least compel dan snyder to have to change the name because there would be so many areas of commercial life where he would not be able to publicize the name or sell his product. there's this fact too speaking of money. d.c. city council has said that the washington team will never be let back inside the district. currently the team is in suburban maryland unless the name is changed. 23% of d.c. residents said they would like the team more if the name changed. so maybe dollars and cents would be what pushes dan snyder over
2:32 pm
the edge. >> very interesting. we will see what comes out of this meeting. >> wall street is reacting to the fed's stimulus program, comes amid uncertainty of the health of the economy, after it took an estimated $25 billion hit as a result of yes, the government shutdown. right now the dow which started the day at a record high is down 89 points. it was down about 30 points before that fed decision. the s&p 500 which also started at a record high is now down 12 points and nasdaq down 28. any minute now president obama will land in boston and he will give a speech promoting the health care law at the historic hall where mitt romney signed massachusetts health care law. we're live on the ground and what do americans think of the health care rollout? well, we have early results from a brand-new nbc news poll and
2:33 pm
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i would say to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, you're on the wrong side of history. >> that was elliott ingall of new york. president obama about to land in boston where he's expected to try and shift the conversation from those hearings, the president will speak from the very same location speaking of history, where in 2006, then governor mitt romney signed the massachusetts health care law the affordable health care act is modeled after. kristen, we got a comment from the white house that the president still backs secretary sebelius and is confident in her leadership in making these necessary repairs to the
2:37 pm
website. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, tamron, deputy press secretary saying president obama still has confidence in hhs secretary kathleen sebelius, still as you point out trying to shift the conversation and narrative away from those hearings on capitol hill today. he's going to defend the law and also urge patience by drawing parallels to the massachusetts law. i expect him to make a couple of key points, one that the rollout was slow here in massachusetts, 132 people signed up in the first month. those numbers started to grow and swell over time and also going to say massachusetts is an example of universal health care working, 97% of people in massachusetts have health care right now. there are stark differences between what took place here in massachusetts and president's health care law. for one, the obvious, this is a state. you're catering to a much smaller population. massachusetts didn't see the
2:38 pm
number of glitches and problems with signing up. secondly, this health care law was phased in over time. people had a year to sign up for health care so that made the process run fairly smoothly. and then this is a big difference, tamron, there was bipartisan support for the health care law that passed here in massachusetts. it was passed by a democratic legislator, signed into law by then republican governor mitt romney as you pointed out at the top. very different. want to let you know what mitt romney is saying today, he is not going to be here but did release a statement. had president obama actually learned the lessons of massachusetts health care millions of americans would not lose the insurance they were promised they could keep, millions more would not see their premiums skyrocket. and the installation of the program would not have been a frustrating embarrassment. we want to take you inside. people starting to gather, again here at the very same spot that
2:39 pm
mitt romney signed his health care act into law with then senator ted kennedy looking on. very different spirit of bipartisanship, certainly not what we're seeing in washington. >> the president's remarks, 3:55 eastern time. a new nbc news wall street journal poll reveals american's current thoughts on the rollout. 37% think the problems with the health care website are short term technical issues that can be corrected. 31% say the problems point to longer term issues with the law and the overall design cannot be corrected. 30% say it's too soon to say one way or the other. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. thanks for a glimpse at the new poll out. let's discuss the numbers. what picture do we draw from this? >> i think there are two points worth making, one is my colleague on twitter, this seems
2:40 pm
to be a very patient american public. you combine people who either think this is going to be a short term issue that's going to be fixed quickly or willing to wait. that's 67% combined and it shows maybe the public is a lot more patient on the issue than those following the story day in and day out. the second story is problematic, if they don't get the website issue fixed, if they don't fix this rollout, then all of a sudden those 30% of the folks who say they are waiting to see might have a very negative reaction and you can end up having a strong majority against the health care law. i think time is of the essence for the administration. they have a month, month and a half to fix this, the date they set is november 30th. everyone is waiting to see if they are able to make that to get that wave of enrollment they are expecting come december. >> if that is an accurate picture, 67% who seem to be ready to give the administration some time, that is yet again an example of where the american
2:41 pm
people are in stark contrast to the theatrics that we see on capitol hill, especially when you look at this hearing today, mark, where you have some republicans who seem to believe that time is up, that the clock has run out and perhaps always thought that but are using the glitches or problems with this website rollout as their latest example. >> well, tamron, theatrics are going to be a constant on capitol hill, it doesn't matter who's in the white house or in control of the gavel. but our poll had this really interesting finding, there is a partisan division as you pretty much alluded to, where majority of republicans say, this is a longer term problem, not going to be fixed. and overwhelming majority of democrats, 60% said this is a short term problem and plurlty of independence, the people often in the middle are the ones saying, let's actually give this time. it does come down to partisan politics here and democrats are more willing to give the administration some time. republicans are saying, fix this
2:42 pm
now, it's already a disaster. >> can't wait to see more of the poll when you release it out. >> 6:30 tonight. yes. >> coming up, the investigation into the deaths of six people including two kids found inside a south carolina home. officials say the alleged gunman release the four children before the murders, we're live with the very latest from police. plus, the parents of a teenager whose body was found rolled up in a gym mat have been given an unedited copy of surveillance video from the day their son died. police ruled his death an accident but the boys parents believe he may have been killed. we'll have the latest on the story. you can catch my show, deadline crime tonight on discovery id at 9:00 eastern. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family dinner. why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back? 'cause you only have to take one... [ male announcer ] don't be like the burns. just one pepcid® complete works fast and lasts.
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2:46 pm
the 27-year-old suspect released four other children killing the others. but authorities do not know why those kids were spared. last night a s.w.a.t. team discovered the six bodies after police received a 911 call. greenwood county sheriff tony davis has never seen a case like this in 40 years in law enforcement. >> what you see a horrific scene like this, it never leaves you. it's with you day in and day out for the entirety. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from greenwood. what do we know about this? >> reporter: hi, tamron, it's a horrible scene out here. the local sheriff is calling this an execution. he says the shooter was apparently lying in wait for victims and apparent motive was a custody battle over the couple's 7-month-old daughter. as you mentioned, the shooter has now been identified by sheriff's officials as 27-year-old brian sweat of greenwood south carolina. public records search reveals he
2:47 pm
had a prior criminal history that includes charges of burglary and grand larceny. he was out on bond, the sheriff says, and the sheriff also revealed that he did not legally own the weapon he used to carry this out. investigators are trying to figure out exactly how he got that weapon. they also released more details about the discovery. and some of the victims, his girlfriend, chandra, 26 years old, she was shot once in the head. her parents, her mother, melissa, shot three times and stepfather shot twice. two of her nephews also shot. a terrible situation out here. we spoke with a stepbrother of one of the victims and he's just devastated. >> this is just experience you just don't believe, that all of the family members would be gone
2:48 pm
at one time, that somebody could do this to somebody else. >> as you mentioned, tamron, the shooter released four children before the rest of the murders took place. they went to the neighbor's house and neighbor called 91 is. the sheriff said he did not know why they were spared. one of those children is the 7-month-old daughter of that couple. and again, as for a motive, it was apparently a very messy custody battle that the suspect had also discussed on facebook. >> gabe, thank you. police will release video in the case of georgia teenager who was found dead in a rolled up gym mat. that tops our look at stories around the news nation today. a judge ordered that video and other evidence must be released to the family of kendrick johnson. they have disputed findings by the sheriff and coroner that his death was an accident.
2:49 pm
video shows the dramatic end to an high speed chase, officers were trying to pull over a wrong way driver who at the time was going more than 100 miles per hour. he hit a concrete barrier when he tried to change lanes sending a car into the deputy's car behind him. authorities suspect the driver was drunk but the driver and the deputy were hurt both are expected to recover. up next, everyone around here cannot stop talking about this. it's the gut check. a pregnant woman says her neighbor was too close for comfort when he rubbed her baby bump and she's filed harassment charges against him. it is our gut check. [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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you can join the conversation on twitter. send us a tweet, we'll reply, we
2:53 pm
promise. time for the "news nation" gut check. it's something many pregnant women will tell themselves, they feel uncomfortable when a stranger rubs their belly, a woman filed hair asment charges against her neighbor after he touched her stomach without asking. the 57-year-old man touched the woman's belly at which point she pushed him away and called the cops. creator of the blog gorilla mom, thanks so much for joining us. what is your take on this? >> well, i mean, i think that any kind of unwanted physical contact can be considered harassment, it's funnily we're having a debate whether it applies to pregnant women as well. clearly it does. why shouldn't it apply to pregnant women? >> absolutely. we were talking about this, any unwanted touching is a criminal anyway, but them think they get a pass because their intent is to say look how cute you look or
2:54 pm
congratulations and launch in and touch you. >> which is totally weird. when i read about the story, you know, a woman feels uncomfortable that her neighbor touched her and enough to call the cops. the cops say, she's pregnant, she's adorable, how could you help yourself? it doesn't make. it's kind of crazy, the whole debate makes no sense to me whatsoever. >> do you think people don't know the etiquette, maybe they are excited and think they are complimenting you, that the etiquette is to ask someone if you can touch their item tummy? >> i might believe that if it was ever okay in any other situation, ever. but it's really not so it's kind of -- everyone pretty much understands you don't touch another human without permission. >> i was talking with one of my colleagues, i won't name the person, a similar thing happened to her. she has a newborn. when she was pregnant someone went right in, a guy, and
2:55 pm
thought he could rub her belly. >> it happened to me all the time when i was pregnant. and i was in the service industry at the time it was out there. it wasn't cool. it's not comfortable and very strange. i think that this woman was uncomfortable. she called the cops and i think it's fine. the harassment law completely applies. >> do you think, she called the cops and that's her right to do so, trust me, i understand it. but is it more reasonable to say, you messed up here, don't touch me and go away? people are wondering if calling the cops was necessary. >> as an outsider, yes, it would have been more reasonable not to call the cops. i don't know beyond what i read how uncomfortable she was. clearly it was enough she felt she needed to call someone to help her, which i guess, you know, i wasn't in the situation -- >> in pennsylvania, a person can be charged with harassment for an action they take that has an
2:56 pm
intent to harass annoy or alarm any other person. she was annoyed obviously thus calling the police. i think it's crazy people will touch you. we'll see what happens with this case. we love your blog. a lot are fans of your blog. good stuff. >> what does your bump or gut tell you? are harassment charge for baby bump rubbing going too far? we'll put cool pictures up and let us know if you want us to add something to the website. "the cycle" is up next. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month.
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