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so what are we saying this tough new immigration law was to come into force within a fortnight questions are raised in the last about the real contribution the migrants made to what americans don't want to do they know which critics say will mean these talking ethnic minorities places along station they go to challenge from the do you have that. and that's the headlines up next we'll look at one of the key terrorist weapons across the world for decades the kabul special report about how it has developed over the years and the consequences is right next. to my mind i repeat my. homemade explosives slipped across the atlantic into the hands of the ira. the world's first full scale car bomb war was now ready to begin. and the material
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to make the bombs was lying around in every farmer's barn in ireland. sean okello hand was a senior ira bomb maker at the time. my understanding is that the ira was running out of explosives and yet generated great difficulty in getting hold of the military of commercial explosives to get small amounts which could steal from quarries you could buy some of the not could find the money not to was that next night it was probably the biggest commercial for any public government to the ship and the complete manufacture. the british took countermeasures to make it more difficult for the ira to make. simply boiling up fertilizer to make explosives no longer works. but the ira also found ways around those restrictions. and ramped up their car bomb or.
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tommy gorman was one of the ira's top bomb makers in belfast in the one nine hundred seventy s. . tommy's job was to assemble the bombs set the timer before handing over the device to the bomb team who drove the car to its target in the city center. those people who did not think they had that steven are they got someone who was nervous and maybe start to panic if they got held up in traffic but about women well as well you're just as good as man so i know better now. one of those women was marion price i mean i i didn't i didn't drive at the time i was too young and i didn't have a license but i'd been in a car that was laden with explosives them being brought into belfast and we were stopped by the british army and that the time we had the explosives in the door panel of the car. and so on to went to open the door for me and i said to you no no
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no no no i can manage and when i got in the car because i was born a minute he i think he was more interested in looking at my legs than he was with the car. most of the time the i. called in warnings. the ira's aim was economic terrorism buildings not bodies. under their own rules killing civilians was wrong. but planning car bombs is not an exact science. and when the ira. people lots of people die. on the afternoon of the twenty first of july one thousand nine hundred seventy two the ira planted twenty two car bombs in the center of belfast. all time to go off within minutes of each other. bloody friday was the world's first mass car bomb attack. the ira phoned in warnings but one
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bomb prematurely exploded in oxford street bus station. killing six passengers. many others were horribly mutilated. are you ashamed of what happened and bloody friday. was a terrible terrible day there's no way that the security forces could have cared because this the spray of a bomb for everyone. but the slaughter on bloody friday did not stop the ira. the bombing campaign accelerated. in one thousand nine hundred seventy two there were one thousand three hundred eighty two explosions. the ira leadership was now ready to bring the car bomb on to the streets of london . it was our job to go and pick the targets
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and plan the operation. on march the eighth one thousand nine hundred seventy three. for the first time the planet for car bombs. nineteen year old marian price was leader of the bomb team. we went along on the morning that the bombs went off and the driver on the person he was to set the timer they got up at six in the morning they drove to the bombs to their targets and it was planned that by the time the bombs weak wall thought afternoon at three o'clock. leave it all to. marion chose for a spectacular targets including the old bailey courthouse. but the most prestigious target was new scotland yard. peter gurney a bomb disposal officer was on duty that day. and i found the fourth call.
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from the number plates on that did not relate to that particular vehicle the bring time but with so we decided that what we would do we would go into the booth through the rear seat where. you would see that it was packed with exposure. both one hundred eighty pounds of exposure for the pope who was moving forward from exposure but not the initiator we had no idea how long that was the on the cloth what we just decided to do was to take the explosive away from the bomb on the part we're putting barges forward pound bags or explode you have put them on the other saw the road towards the bomb went off with us to go through. the building that had to be of our stories with a notification is crushed or the windows fortune those were what was the significance of this bomb these were the first called bomb used in england. two bombs did explode. the irish war was now on the streets of london.
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marion spent the next decade in prison but over the next twenty five years the ira would explode thousands of car bombs. just one bomb could destroy a small town or blast the heart of a key financial center like the city of london. bomb disposal officer might called was called out to diffuse the biggest ira bomb of all. round about ten twenty seven that morning. tremendous blast from the truck up there in. about three kilograms i exploded. so in a blast wave got ripped all the windows out of the whole area. the ira deliberately planted the bishopsgate bomb on a saturday morning knowing that most of those city offices would be empty. it was
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economic terrorism. shoreditch bishopsgate was around about one billion pounds. imagine twenty times the amount of devastation in city centers around the united kingdom. the ira never won their war in ireland but the british lost theirs on the streets of the city of london. did you think this was going to change the politics of northern ireland when this bomb went off oh no doubt about it and i schall the devastation and realise what a launch those bombs were ushered in eighteen months we were talking peace. at the height of the troubles the ira churned out car bombs as if on a production line. but you don't need a secret army to launch a car bomb attack. even the smallest terrorist cell can
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make a one off fertilizer bomb. in one nine hundred ninety three the same year as bishopsgate car bombers would return to america and strike again at new york's financial district. the target was the world trade center. on friday feb nineteenth a massive explosion ripped through the underground parking garage of the north tower. david williams was the chief f.b.i. investigator. were we walked into the trade center it was kind of like walking into a cave. you hear people screaming in the background rescue
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workers basically you had a crater that was five stories to. the one nine hundred ninety three world trade center bombing was the first major terrorist attack on american soil since the one nine hundred twenty s. on wall street. yes b. i was in charge but local police forces like the new york city bomb squad were part of the team. don saddam was sent into the bomb crater on sunday afternoon forty eight hours after the blast to help a forensic chemist team take samples. but then said we spotted a strange metal fragment crumpled and twisted by the power of the explosion. what was unusual was the damage it was so ripped in twisted i've been to scenes in organized crime where people were killed with car bombs and completely blew a car up but i've never seen the undercarriage blown out into pieces as as i was
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looking at them so i knew that this had to be right next to will possibly the vehicle that would bring such a large vehicle bomb in here and i took my gloves off and as i ran my thumb inside i could feel it like an encryption it was a star shape letters letters numbers numbers numbers and then this ended in the starship and i knew that this was a confidential the number. confidential vehicle identification numbers are inscribed on different parts of a car by the manufacturer to help police identify stolen vehicles. at that point i made a decision and i said to the team we have to take these pieces out of here i know it's against the law it is and i see dawn and you know carrying a stretcher up i'm thinking as i get closer i see that they had a piece of metal on the stretcher i started to raise hell because they were moving evidence before we were up and running with that evidence control center but soon
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forensic teams confirmed. it was now just fifty hours from the time of the explosion and the hunt for the bomb van and the bombers was rolling. and that led to a break in the case and was obviously a great break in the case because we were able to trace the number back as four conall line family owned by writer readily and traced that particular van to jersey city where it was last rented to an individual by the name of muhammad solomon. salomé was part of a small cell of islamist terrorists incensed by america's support for israel. the attack on the world trade center was their declaration of war. salomé was arrested. the trail led to a storage facility packed with bomb making equipment. but the real mastermind the
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bomb maker ramzi yousef had fled to pakistan on the night of the world trade center bombing ramzi yosef was basically the lead explosive instructor. in afghanistan teaching other folks to be teachers of builders of bombs. and you could certainly see a bomb or signature between beirut and the ninety three trade center. solemn a's amateurish attempt to reclaim his cash deposit would end in a record two hundred forty year jail term. but there was nothing funny about useless plan for the twin towers. the bomb van was deliberately parked near one of the towers key structural supports. his aim was to bring down both towers. we got a good blow by sunday night two days after the bombing the slurry foundation would
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have failed it would have allowed some of the hudson river and cause tower one to collapse most likely into tower two causing it to collapse. ramzi yousef was finally captured in pakistan two years later and extradited back to the united states. he was taken by helicopter to the southern district of man at four arraignment and as the helicopter flew by the twin towers one of the agents point out the towers and says they're still standing. grandiose it takes a glance it looks back stoically it says more money and more time and they would not be and he was pretty correct. good is why again in one nine hundred twenty. you so struck in one nine hundred ninety three. the car bomb was back on american soil in every major government building was now
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a target. when i first came to washington tourists just pull up for the white house and take pictures the intent of the capitol was to make it an open place that americans could come walk around drive around it's all gone now i mean this is a city under siege. it's thanks to the car bomb. naively i always thought the threat would come from a. overseas never from the heartland of america itself and in oklahoma the dream of the car turned nightmare. on the morning of the nineteenth of april one thousand nine hundred ninety five. a federal building in oklahoma city in the midwest was destroyed in an explosion. the massive bomb killed one hundred sixty eight mostly government office workers and shocked america. this was born in the usa terrorism.
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on the orders of president clinton dave williams was again the scientist chief investigator. oklahoma city them an effect on you absolutely. some of the things that i saw in the y.m.c.a. which is cross the street from the building and it was blood spatter and there were little children's hand prints and that it was a children's day care center and there was blood everywhere chocolate milk and cookies and teddy bears were fingers in here. and that's terrorism when you come right down to it. so then that first hour my swag my scientific while ask yes was that four thousand pounds of van full was used very simple combination of ammonium nitrate fertilizer
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and diesel fuel oil but one of the good breaks was that within minutes jim norman who was an f.b.i. bomb tech in oklahoma city heard the blast saw the blast got his car and drove down and as he's running up to the belly here someone calling his name and it turns out to be a fireman. and he shows them a rear axle with a differential housing and this looks like it was probably part of the vehicle bomb struck a fortune also on that differential housing is a matrix number which identifies that make model year and owner of that vehicle turns out it was another ryder truck and was rented out of junction city kansas by a fellow with the name of robert cloying. playing turned out to be an alias but f.b.i. agents obtained a detailed photo fit and appealed for information on t.v.
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. and we got a call from the dreamland motel in kansas who said they stayed here. by cross referencing calls made from the room and criminal records the f.b.i. raible to a dentist by a key suspect. we get a hit on timothy mcveigh in perry county oklahoma about eighty five miles north of oklahoma city and he was in jail for of course we're going to call the jail to see if he's still there and it was so funny that the individual that answer the phone there said yeah we have a timothy mcveigh here and it is walking by going for his bail hearing please hold on to. say was arrested just two hours after the bombing as he made his get away it was a routine traffic offense. he was stopped by
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a state trooper charlie hanger for not displaying a valid license plate he was carrying a concealed weapon. mcveigh was a right wing militia fanatic who thought the us federal government were tyrants. it was a cold misplaced rage by one man. but with a rented truck and some cheap. fertilizer. with the same power as an f. sixteen. thousand and. still at eight hundred dollars and there is no way to other potential timothy mcveigh. but the next. vehicle borne improvised explosive device would shake the world.
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into the twin towers. it was truly. explosive device. the united states invaded iraq and afghanistan. but in the. tactical battlefield weapon. militarily the us invasion of iraq was a. just three weeks. three hundred. defeated an army of a half a million seizing a country the size of california. just one hundred thirty nine.
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but this stunning victory turned once coalition forces occupied iraqi cities. former u.s. marine colonel thomas hames served in iraq and is a leading military analyst. what did the car bomb mean for iraq. i think the car bomb changed the basic tactical situation in iraq successful counterinsurgency is based on being among the people close to them when you start bombing and you start to withdraw both government forces the police in iraq and u.s. forces in behind bomb barriers you cut off communication the people the car bomb separated the government from the people and at the same time inflicted casualties
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so it was the other big piece of an insurgency and other words kaminski merican people were losing car bomb can't be stopped time to get out. insurgents use car bombs against any target the u.n. religious shrines police stations and street markets. the blast of the car bomb turned blitzkrieg to defeat. to counter the car bomb the u.s. military has established giant o. joint improvised explosive device defeat organization. with an annual budget of four billion dollars. most of those work is top secret vast electronic countermeasures to jam remotely detonated bombs. but some of it is just good old fashioned intelligence. will we defeat the car bomb for i don't think you can ever say that a car is a commercial entity and you go buy
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a car and then if you want to go get some fertilizer if you've got a few stray rounds of one five five shells such a file and i mean just suddenly you can make a car bomb and so it's not something that you're ever going to be able to eliminate from the battlefield because the components are all there. across the world governments are hardening their buildings putting up barriers defenses against suicide truck bomber. downing street in the white house are turning into fortresses . the car bomb isn't the greatest terrorist weapon. it is in my opinion a car bomb is it wreaks terror in everyone any truck any car any vehicle that drives by you could be a bomb laden vehicle. i could only see it getting more enhanced by any chemical biological or nuclear material yes the vehicle bomb is probably the most
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devastating most impact a terrorist could have an indiscriminate killer. how do we stop it i don't believe we can. there is one sure way we could defeat the car bomb. we could walk. but we won't and we can't. the car is as basic a tool of our civilization as a nice. car is no longer a dream of freedom it's our necessity. but as long as there are cars there will be car bombs. truly a car bomb and it's make your own simplicity and it's perfect invisibility is and will be the decisive weapon of conflict.
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it's the same canary due to its high pitched. this monumental communicated. to trying to sell me. the secrets of the. ninety nine t.
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the train carries away the russian empires gold reserve. to save it from the soviets. five hundred tons of gold. dozens of coverage six hundred fifty millions in czarist rule. the train that is still awaited of the arrival station. a century long way. the mystery of the golden train on. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for technology update on our g.
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the scientists convening in vienna question the conventional medical view that a chinese buyers trade is the head of a major international crisis takes place and sits. at the battle has begun to justify both up. to the serious. of those arms that is called functional integration part down towards closer questions over in france on the contribution made by illegal migrants to the love that americans want to. use for russia and around the world this is also.


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