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you're watching our t.v. broadcasting live from central moscow six in the morning here thank you for joining us now struggling homeowners traveled for miles and queued for over twenty four hours to get free advice being offered by a mortgage advocacy group in washington d.c. they say the government's aid program has failed them and despite talk of an end to the financial crisis more than three hundred thousand homes are still repossessed every month in the u.s. . these are the faces behind the crisis we're waiting and hoping and praying to but we get inside to get help everybody really help you know to help us where we lived before you know the desperate voices of those who have reached the end of the line or am i too am what time nine thirty nine thirty last night when did you sleep you're. right gondola nichrome naomi lawrence took several
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buses from florida eighteen hours then arrived to the washington d.c. convention center thursday morning waiting thirty hours to get in oh you've been our boy it's hacked and we don't have no place to go and bathroom. but they waited anyway for a chance to restructure the mortgages on their homes all part of the save the dream tour good you need to go all the way put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america earth or natca this is a look at foreclosure activity around the united states during the last year the height of it came in march of this year but never once did it fall below three hundred thousand homes in a month everybody here has tried to work with their lender and it's failed c.e.o. bruce marks calls himself a financial terrorist and with the help of many volunteers works with people to help them they get counseling and meet with lenders to come up with an affordable mortgage or to lower their interest rate or both not everyone qualifies but
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everyone is at least promised an answer the where in adjustable rate mortgage and that rates to sleep going up and it's this and believable not the targets people with nowhere else to turn my more dish basically is out of reach so i'm actually. choosing whether to keep or pay more. so there are also targets studios of big banks who they say caused this crisis by protesting outside their houses putting furniture. on their lawns they also protest inside the capitol even though congress wants to pretend that there's no crisis out there and repression obama wants to pretend that. the fact of the matter is it's just as bad and it's not getting better deborah phillips told her daughters it was president obama they were here for they think they're here for the white house that's all they've been talking about saying obama but. i guess that we're not trying to let them understand the struggle
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a struggle shared by everyone here in varying degrees we've been struggling with paying our bills we had to take our son out of private school and i'm actually doing it for my dad he can come here i'm from. family members passed away and that's why we. went over a thousand miles higher than it started a last hope in an economy still in peril reporting in washington christine for south r.t. filmmaker and blogger danny schechter believes the thousands are simply rejected from president obama's mortgage aid program as the banks have too much say on who qualifies. i was in atlanta with a not. for closure effort to try to help people and twenty five thousand people showed up there they've been showing up around the country precisely because the government programs are not working something like five hundred thousand people have been thrown off the government program because they don't meet various
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criteria as a consequence only a small relatively small percentage of those facing foreclosure are being helped at all and when we say helped means that their mortgages are modified either the interest level is reduced. in some way the terms of payment are made more affordable for people but by and large the services the so-called mortgage servicers who work with the banks are really controlling the process the government is not imposing rules here they're not really offering debt relief to people as they do to people in other countries so we have a situation where the foreclosure crisis could lead to a million new foreclosures this year and there's plenty more coming your way on our t.v. this hour president mahmoud ahmadinejad claims iran has a new adversary to fend off find out who it is later this hour.
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but first roaring engines and hard rock music are shaking the crating in city of sevastopol as an animal international bike show gets into gear and this year's festival however had an unexpected guest revving up the action artie's got the nuts out of was there for us. one thing can be said for certain about the russian prime minister he certainly knows how to make an entrance arriving at the bike show that is taking place in the ukrainian region of the crimea just outside of the ukrainian city of sevastopol the russian prime minister made his entrance like all of the other people here did on a bike a bit earlier wasn't the first time he was seen any public on a motorcycle and. that it was an experience that he very much enjoyed the so thickly because of course the bike is very much associated with freedom and the free journey that most bikers do experience when they take to the road and of course everybody here very excited to hear that they greeted with cheers they at
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least reacted responded to everything that he said all of the wishes that he showed up on them and it thanked them for inviting him to this great event this annual event that takes place in the ukrainian region of the crimea. is the most democratic means of transport there are of course some high points. today but o'mahony bikes widely available and it's possible to say soon. is the most adventurous and if. so most important gives the owner. a sweet feeling of freedom so without any exaggeration we could say that the bike is a symbol of freedom. every year by this around the world you're driving down to spend a few days in the crimean sun by the lake just have some fun enjoy each other's company and this. was one of those shared that freedom and joy with that of course
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in the city she touched upon many prominent issues of course thank you and first of all the training the government you for making such a thing as the bike show possible making us ability to happen of course congratulating everybody not only with this event but with the uk. day of the russian navy which the craniums and the russians according to general be celebrating together of course the russian black sea fleet its station just a few kilometers away from here on the black sea in the city of sevastopol and maybe a raid is scheduled to take place on sunday morning so a great event most of the people here will actually move over to the city of sevastopol to watch the parade to take part in the festivities all in all a very happy occasion but you know it was in the making his mark left just the way he came on a bike. but no matter how much russia's prime minister enjoyed is they in the saddle the sunglasses and all in black local made way for more sober atar as
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vladimir putin got down to business with ukraine's president the leaders met for talks in the way to show of the ever improving relations between the two countries and afterwards the prime minister also met up with journalists following his trip and a subject that interested going needed the most but in their putin's meeting with the spies involved in the recent scandal. and the u.s. . and what did you talk about with them. you will say you sing karaoke with them. we did sing but it wasn't karaoke strictly music what songs. a song from a soviet spy movie i'm not joking i'm serious we sang. on the beach it was an attachment at the meeting she was there because you're a little these people do you know in russia. i'm sure they will get good jobs and have interesting. and in
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a few minutes seeking inspiration from the installation. project we did take a walk on the wild side finding out how. to get. and. that's in a few minutes but first iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad has accused russia's president of turning against tehran and joining the u.s. to spread lies about its nuclear program ahmadinejad also insisted terror and wants to continue with friendship with moscow russia joined its western allies last month in imposing additional sanctions against iran for failure to disclose the full content of its atomic program. from moscow state university of international relations says with his latest statement iranian president is simply trying to score points with the radical population of the country. i think that
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behind such aggressive rhetoric there is a dinner just desire to unite the section of the iranian society he relies on this section is not conservative but rather militaristic and i'm a dinner doesn't reject any tools to reach his goals he blames western countries russia blame some arabic countries for conspiring against the islamic republic but the next time he could say that everything's fine in relations with his partners. for several years i'm a degenerate has been using the same tactics of aggressive rhetoric and despite all the protests on the streets of tehran he is still in power but the methods he uses in foreign policy helps him to stay in office because. women in estonia suffer the highest gender pay gap in the entire european union the native survey says they earn an average of thirty percent less than their male counterparts and with most politicians turning a blind eye to the problem women are often scared to speak out against inequality.
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today the sun is shining. it's a break from a hard working life learning money to raise her son but as a single mom she has to sweat it out in the factory just to bring in the meat a pay packet just. it's thirty three degrees celsius in the workshop but our employers don't care if you try to stand up for your rights they'll point you to the door if you don't like it here you're free to leave it's very hard to find a job here in a stone you therefore put up with working in slave like conditions estonia has one of europe's worst pay gaps between men and women the studies say women get paid seventeen percent less than men on average but in a stone year it's as much as thirty percent people think that we don't have the problem. they're very problem and. and the problem that people don't have their gender lenses how to say this when there is an equality going on. it goes much further than wages so segregation in the economy means women
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often remain in lower paid jobs like health care and education while men dominate the more lucrative private sector experts say that's not just infer that it's bad for business if for example a concrete to woman feels that she cannot do the job or cannot take up the career that she would lie and she she has a talent for that and of course this is the same human resource loss to the economy the answer appears to be an ethnic dimension with the stone is large russian minority receiving low pay the merest ternium counterpart and ethnic russian women come out bottom of the list it's a structural a show in the labor market. that. a russian speaking we mean the they are perhaps working in the sectors where the pages where the wages are especially low and this where of course increase. the pay gap even more
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but in a city or gender stereotypes will be identified as one of the root causes of inequality ingrained attitudes of what to see as the proper roles mon women should passed down through generations the government says it's trying to weed them out but it's going to take time. i would submit. the problems there is no point of. hiding the problems that your country faces it is a lengthy process and. and they started to show people to not change overnight are all good though it's simply a case of double standards. in the national team i think if our prime minister was paid my salary even if he didn't have to pay the you. i don't think it would last him a week. children and parents are enjoying the summer sun behind me but for many estonian women it's a rare luxury and with gender stereotypes dying hard it could be years before
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stoning women catch up with their male counterparts tom barton artie stoney i'm. and now it's time for a quick look at some other stories from around the world german police say at least eighteen people have been crushed to death in a stampede at the love parade music festival in the german city of duisburg it happened when police tried to block a tunnel to prevent overcrowding despite the situation being described by authorities as chaotic the festival continued its one of europe's largest techno music events attracting fans from all over the world. the u.s. and south korea have started a large scale naval war games in the sea of japan earlier north korea warned that it was prepared to use its nuclear deterrent to stop the military exercises this is the latest in a series of threats from the communist nation and tension between the north and the
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south have intensified recently over a report that the blame for sinking a southern one ship in march. ships have been returning to continue operations on blown out of oil well in the gulf of mexico earlier tropical storm bonnie had four screws to leave the area it's estimated that the do a back effort to drill a relief well up to ten days in april the deepwater horizon rig exploded causing the largest ecological disaster in u.s. history. an international landscape design festival is taking place for the fifth time in central russia the event brings together designers and architects from around the world to exchange ideas and inspire each other to even greater achievements sorry furthur want to seek inspiration. all these this installation set a hair the landscape projects first of all quite fascinating all made from natural
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materials as he pointed out the one just behind me here the sort of like structure is one of those completely made of wood and able to have people go up and look at it and get involved with but the other thing quite a few years throughout the festival we've also it's the fifth year that it's been running so there's a section of the shows all the old installation say people can come and have a look at some of the installations from the previous years and then the ones from this year is well spread out now it's got a strong environmental fame that the artists are focusing on. better to explain the artistic vision than the art themselves who can hear from the know what that is worth from one installation it's called the temple of water the meaning. water from the drain pipes from the earth we've got this water mixed in there so when we take a bath we wash ourselves in the. water at the same time. with. projects called. this labyrinth is made from and supposed to reflect the spiral
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path of human being so you can try to go through this doorway. and you drop into the piece which reflects crisis in your life then you are supposed to get out of that and more leaving the library you feel like you've resolved the crisis in your home because architects also involved in this project lots of the installation of this actual structures another actual curator of this first of all the killer is an extremely famous russian artist he was a pioneer of russian video art and an extremely high caliber of art as an architect we've contributed to this event giving no people the chance to come and see these arts and architects concerts and understand some of the things and just explore and have a bit of fun we've been looking around the certainly plenty on earth so you have plenty of people to do all the installations and collect if you're able to touch them in the case go. behind me actually climb up. in the main candidate itself they
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have workshops and they have people not thanks on hand to those people in giving lectures as were about three hours out of the city but it's a two day still plenty of time for people wishing to get a bit of sunshine and have the feel of and coach it's coming down. and up next on our t.v. a nato military committee chairman says the alliance views moscow as a strong strategic partner and not a threat or an enemy washer interview. during his visit to moscow coming up in a few moments. joining
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me today. who is the chairman of the nato military committee as you may know nato was established as an alliance between countries to defend against outside threats with me today to talk about the possibilities of a future between russia and nato as well and the direction nato is taking so thank you for joining us and the pleasure really a pleasure the first question let's get right down to it anders fogh rasmussen has called on russia to join the new anti-ballistic missile defense project now in your opinion what could make of this an attractive option for russia well i believe first of all that. and the alliance have a common interest to protect them. to the proof
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of. destruction and their means of delivering including ballistic missile this is one of these threats so there is i believe. in general to an interest. to protect themselves from this. i also believe that the new let's say u.s. approach the so-called feast approach to missile defense is also potentially attractive because it's focused on spiral development so looking at the trip as the manage which is always been one i think of the classical strong position by russian side we have to take care of the threat as diminished so in this progressive approach as the threat to desist from
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develop this seems to me attractive to russia but we have to be clear here the regional patootie a possibility but still does love the world will also the allies the alliance himself is not yet decided if he's going to bargain this you don't cooperate on a such sensitive issue if you don't trust so that's what i think should be attractive to most but we need to develop this we're not there yet we are not there yet we need also in the schools to teach patients understood now nato's secretary general has mentioned that there is an increasing threat of missiles attacking europe can you specify any of these threats or is there anyone in particular that is singled out to this moment that we're worried about what is clearly we know that the reason. generally speaking both looking from russia and also the european aside for the land side is clearly from the south generic
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and the reason an emerging threat and there is a certain country in the south and we know what we are talking in particular which . can be a matter of a concern so. i think protection the people. of the alliance hold. russian people from a potential potential threat. and it's important you mentioned unity there is cooperation now in two thousand and ten between nato and russia do you think that this cooperation is stronger than what has been in the past i think it does have the potential to become stronger because we have gone through a period of difficulty and when you manage it if you manage to good through the difficulty then if you reached it then.
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you have and you know the munition to do it so i think normally when you go through difficulty and then you emerge other difficulties then there is a much solid base for moving forward now russia's permanent representative at nato has said that there's been a certain lack of unity among the alliance members and that that was sense that the russian nato council on the subject of partnership with russia do you think that there's anyone actually trying to undermine this partnership between the alliance and moscow or is anyone trying to get in the way of this this newfound friendship now first of all. and that's a real good thing is a dear friend of mine so i can speak very frankly because with a friend whose big frank is a senator and you like to. give a touch of a call over to the state and so it's time to i mean it's colorful no i don't think so it is through. in the meet the russia council we are twenty nine hundred
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different. we have four different sensitivities but in all true honesty none of the twenty nine i or none of the twenty nine certainly none of the twenty. putting obstacles is it common geo political sense that we have to try to work together to have a solid relation this is good for us is good for russia. and i hope we'll be able to see concrete progress in the near future now in the past a bone of contention if you will between russia and nato is nato expansion towards the east and recently ukraine has dropped its intentions to try and become a member of nato do you think becoming a member of nato is becoming a less attractive or do you think. what do you see on this front in the future.
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i mean i would like to chill you would you say because i don't think it's the right way to put it. middle is not an expanse you need so again it's need to is an organisation of free mission willing to share together certain value and first and foremost the value free democracy they want to protect them and it was through to be a that across to the side of atlantic. the atlantic charter which was written in one nine hundred forty nine well before the open door poised clearly said we are. not going to lines in which any european member who share these values in the freely choosing to be part of these alliance it can contribute to the value of the land is welcome so there is nothing to do with the expansion to the east to the north to south to the west we are an organisation in which any nation willing to
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abide to these values can we will and when i say any i see any. european nations. beat small medium and even their life even very large do you think that do you ever see russia as being a member of nato at some point i respond to a question with a question would you no i do put. in because they're planning to as thomas friedman said is flat and when he's fled. and as things change who knows what the future will bring thank you very much for taking some time and speaking with us today.
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every month we give you the future you understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. on our g.
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yes. yes yes yes yes least so he. is. right. about the song from loans student. loans on t.v. . if
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. you're watching live from the russian capital six thirty in the morning here and these are the headlines a u.s. government initiative to help struggling homeowners. with three hundred thousand. every month. riding haya rush is a prime minister's savile's an. international. ukraine. is still.


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